The Portland Loo
"A Unique Solution To A Universal Problem"
The Portland Loo Keeps Getting Better and Better!

The first Portland Loo was installed in 2008 and is still going strong, averaging over 270 flushes per day.  It has proven to be a durable structure that provides many aesthetic, safety and maintenance advantages over other public restroom solutions as described in this recent article Why Portland's Public Toilets Succeeded

Although the first Loo proved to be a great success, we have continued to innovate based on feedback from our customers, and evolving ADA regulations.  Changes in design and materials have made the current product even more vandal proof, user friendly, and low maintenance.

Here are a few examples of recent changes we have made.

Aluminum Door and New Louver Design:We have replaced the stainless steel door with an aluminum door, which reduces the weight and creates less pull resistances. We have also removed the bottom louvers on the door to create a flat surface. These changes have improved the ease of use, while reducing the probability of hinge damage issues, and complying with ADA requirements.
Improved Door Handle and Locking Mechanism:  A simple ADA door handle has been added to the list of options for The Portland Loo restroom. Made of stainless steel, the interior Fixed Door Handle is ADA compliant and features an innovative locking mechanism that prevents the door from locking when the user has exited the unit.  Note: The door can still be intentionally locked by maintenance personnel for maintenance or area closure purposes.  

Hose Reel: This new hose reel is incorporated into every restroom's plumbing closet to keep the space better organized by providing a spot to hang
the hose for cleaning and maintenance.  This is one of a number of changes we have made to the efficiency of the plumbing closet based on feedback from the City of Portland's maintenance staff.  

Although the basic design and safety features will stay the same over time, we expect to see ongoing innovations like these to continue to improve your experience.  If you would like more information on the current features, materials and specifications of the Portland Loo, or have any general questions, please feel free to call me at 503-298-6032 or email me at
We look forward to working with you to determine whether the Loo is the right solution for your community, and how to maximize its utilization and public safety.

Evan Madden

Sales Director, Portland Loo