The Portland Loo
"A Unique Solution To A Universal Problem"
Who Needs A Portland Loo?

We are working with many different organizations who have identified a variety of different needs and settings for a Portland Loo.  Some cities are upgrading their infrastructure or have tried other solutions that failed (e.g.Seattle Public Toilet Experience). Others we have talked to have not yet taken time to evaluate whether they are really meeting the Public Restroom needs in their communities. 

The reality is that most cities and parks could benefit from the Portland Loo.
It is a modern solution to a universal need, integrating safety features, durability and ease of maintenance into an aesthetically pleasing structure.  Whether you are considering a new bathroom location, or looking to replace outdated structures, here is a look into the different populations that could be served.

Tourists/General Population

Visitors to your city, as well as city dwellers and business people in the community can all benefit from strategically located Portland Loos.  Many families use Loos, as well as bikers, runners, and business people who are in between meetings or on their lunch breaks. In addition, individuals with conditions such as colitis and crohns, benefit greatly from strategically placed Loos.  

And, most cities recognize a need to satisfy late night crowds who enter the streets when the bars close, and are looking for a suitable place to relieve themselves.  Placement in high traffic areas, outdoor markets, and city parks enhances serves all of these needs, while enhancing the walkability of the city, and encouraging people to spend more time there. 

Ultimately, that not only improves their experience but leads to more utilization of public spaces, and increased business for surrounding vendors. 


food_drive_girl.jpgWhile we would all like to eliminate homelessness in our communities, until that happens, the homeless community need public restrooms.  If they do not have access to public restrooms, they will resort to alleyways, business alcoves, or shrubbery, all of which detract from the walkability of your community.  And the safety features of the Portland Loo ensure that the Loo is being used only as a restroom and not for other illicit activities.  Furthermore, the ease of maintenance allows for frequent cleaning and high level of cleanliness/odor reductions, so that it can be heavily used, and still a great place to go for both homeless and the general population. 


Public parks and common areas are often used for music and other events.  In many cases, portable toilets are brought in to service the attendees.  The move in and move
out of these structures can damage the grassy areas, and also create traffic issues.  When Portland Loos are situated in common event spaces, this cost can be transferred from the event organizer and instead be paid to the City or Park organization as part of the usage 

This model offsets the overall cost of Loo maintenance while allowing 24/7 access to public restrooms, regardless of whether an event is taking place. In this way, the move from portable toilets to a Portland Loo can be cost effective, while improving the event goer experience. 

Follow this link to see our success in addressing Portland's public restroom needs. 

Whatever your need, we're here to help.  Please contact us to share with us your unique and common Public Restroom needs and we can figure out whether the Portland Loo can benefit your community.  You can find out more at or contact me at or (503)298-6032.

Evan Madden

Sales Director

Portland Loos