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An MCB Ambassador is recognized and honored by Missouri Community Betterment as a person who has given years of service to a community betterment organization and has gone above and beyond the expected level of participation in a community betterment organization. 

The MCBEF Board has the ability to select up to two new Ambassadors annually. The decision to make this award is dependent upon the Board deciding that there have been worthy candidates nominated during that year. The Board can choose to award none, one or two new Ambassadors in any given year.

Do you know someone you feel deserves this honor?  If so, please submit a  short (two page maximum) narrative description on why the person is being nominated for this award. 


The description should outline the extraordinary services that the nominee has made either to their community betterment organization or to the MCBEF Board.  Please include your name and contact information to assist us if more information is needed.  

Nominations can be submitted by MCB community leaders, partner agencies, MCB staff and MCBEF Board members.

Nominations are due to the MCB no later than July 1st.  Nominations can be mailed to the MCB Office or emailed to  

Teresa Keller.



Christa Atchison

Executive Director


Visit the  MCB Ambassador List to see who has been honored with this award.


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