Missouri Economic Development Council Survey
Missouri Extension's ExCEED Program 
University of Missouri Extension's ExCEED Program, in partnership with DED's MERIC, is interested in learning more about the role of "peers" or "benchmarks" in data comparisons and how you are, or could be, using data in your day to day work.  Currently, most comparisons rank your county against the rest of the state or allow comparison by metro or non-metro status.  We are wondering if a more refined comparison option would make data more meaningful and allow your community to better gauge its status, progress and relative competitiveness.  We are also interested in identifying gaps in data and research services. Economic development is increasingly an evidenced based process that requires the best data and research tools to stay competitive. The questions in the survey are designed to help us identify needs and look for opportunities to create new products and services that meet your needs.   Please respond to the survey no later than March 18th. 
 If questions or if you incur problems with this link, contact Sharon Gulick at the information listed below:
Sharon Gulick, PCED
Director, ExCEED (Community Economic and Entrepreneurial Development)
University of Missouri Extension | 222 Gentry Hall |Columbia, Missouri  65211
Ph: 573-884-0669 or 573-882-8393 |  Fax: 573-882-5127
Email:  GulickS@missouri.edu