NSHE Notes
by Chancellor Dan Klaich

April 26, 2016

 Gov. Brian Sandoval has launched a bold new initiative to set the course for Nevada's future. "Nevada's Strategic Planning Framework" is a road map that focuses state government on leadership, public service, and problem solving for the next five years. Governor Sandoval's Strategic Planning Framework represents one of the most comprehensive planning initiatives Nevada has seen in 40 years.

An "Educated and Healthy Citizenry" is one of the governor's four overarching priorities. In fact, he has set forth ambitious goals that NSHE strongly supports and looks forward to helping bring to fruition in the years ahead:
  • By 2025, close the college attainment gap for traditional underrepresented populations.
  • Expand the availability of STEM-focused career pathways and training.
  • Increase the number of educational programs that require internship/work experience program completion.
  • By 2025, 60% of Nevadans aged 25-34 will have attained some form of post-secondary degree, certificate or credential.
There are several other objectives throughout Gov. Sandoval's plan that require key partnerships between NSHE, state agencies, K-12 and our local business communities.

The governor is actively seeking feedback and participation from Nevadans as this plan moves forward. I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. We are all in this together as we work to make a New Nevada.