NSHE Notes
by Chancellor Dan Klaich
June 2, 2015

With the final gavel still echoing from Carson City, it is appropriate to stop and consider the work of the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature.


The word used the most seems to be "historic" and we agree that this time, the adjective fits.


The Session started with a bold agenda and visionary budget from Governor Sandoval, whose leadership never waned during the 120 days of the Session.


The Session closed with the overwhelming support of the Legislature for the Governor's agenda and ambitious revenue plan. Make no mistake, those votes took great courage and the legislators are to be thanked for their support.


We will be presenting a full report to the Board of Regents on the results of the Session at its regular meeting next week. That report and all of the interim legislative reports can be accessed at www.nevada.edu/nshe2015.

For now, it is appropriate to thank our state leaders who made this piece of Nevada history possible. In that spirit, our note today features a letter from Board of Regents Chair Kevin Page and Vice Chair Rick Trachok.



There are always elements of surprise, nail-biting, and hopefully, relief when the 120-day Nevada legislative session ends. Our elected officials have really a very short time to decide the future of higher education, and many other state agencies, for the next two years.

The 2015 session was no different. In the end, however, thanks to outstanding initiative from Governor Sandoval and the leadership of both houses, we are poised to take a giant step forward in enhancing our public education system.

Highlights of the session include a budget that eliminates seven years of furloughs and grants pay increases in both years of the biennium for our faculty and employees; provides bridge funding to Great Basin College, Western Nevada College and the Desert Research Institute; and provides funding to launch a medical school for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas so the first class can begin in 2017, while expanding funding for the University of Nevada School of Medicine as well. Students will benefit from increasing credits eligible to be funded by the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, and new need-based Silver State Opportunity Scholarships.


We are excited at the opportunities Governor Sandoval and the Legislature have provided us. It takes visionary leaders, working together in the best interests of our citizens -- not a vocal minority - to make the tough decisions and invest in our state's human capital. 


And on behalf of the Board of Regents, we want to thank the legislators and the Governor for believing in the great things higher education can do for the state. And thank you to Chancellor Klaich, his legislative team, and the NSHE presidents, faculty, staff and students for their tireless efforts.

Kevin J. Page



Rick Trachok

Vice Chairman