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April 2015
The Health Sciences System (HSS) was established by the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents in 2006. Its purpose is to address Nevada's community health issues through a system-wide effort to integrate and expand the education of health professionals and to foster collaborative research in health and health care.  Through collaboration among the NSHE institutions and a broad range of external partners, the HSS intends to be a catalyst for improvement in the health and wellness of Nevada.  Visit us at:

Emergency Medical Services Student Saves Drowning Boy 

TMCC student, Heather Fisher, receives a commendation for saving the life of a drowning boy. 

An 8-year-old boy who was face down and turning blue, floating in a casino's swimming pool was brought back to consciousness and breathing again from life-saving actions quickly taken by Truckee Meadows Community College's newest hero, Heather Fisher, an emergency medical services program student. The near-drowning occurred on Wednesday, Apr. 1 at the Peppermill Resort Casino, in Reno.


The incident began when Fisher was at the resort with her family, enjoying time poolside. "I stepped out, and when I returned I saw a boy floating in the water, and I knew something was wrong," Fisher said. "I pulled him out of the water. He was unresponsive and blue. You couldn't hear him breathing." Fisher acted according to her emergency medical technician training and performed a head tilt, chin-lift to open his airway and asked people around them to place towels on the boy to keep him warm.


"Between chest compressions, I turned him to his side to help him not swallow and choke," she said. "After blowing air into him the second time, he started to cough. After more mouth-to-mouth, he started breathing on his own, but shallow. He started to open his eyes, so I kept talking to him and asking him questions. I waited with him until REMSA got there."


The Reno Fire Department awarded Fisher on April 9 with a commendation for life saving. More information about Emergency Medical Services program can be found by calling 775-789-5555.

School of Medicine opens new pharmacy in Las Vegas

The University of Nevada School of Medicine announces the opening of its newest patient service facility: a full-service pharmacy located next to its Patient Care Center on Charleston Boulevard, just west of I-15.


Named Campus Pharmacy West, this new facility offers an easily accessible location for patients seeing health care providers in the Patient Care Center. Convenient free parking is located just outside the pharmacy.


"To better serve our patients, the School of Medicine launched this new pharmacy at 1701 West Charleston Boulevard under the leadership of Lawrence Coleman, a highly experienced professional with extensive training in medication management," said Iain Buxton, Pharm.D., chair of the school's pharmacology department.


"He is available to counsel patients with any questions they may have when picking up their prescription medications."

Patients may also schedule an appointment for a review of all their medications and receive a personalized medication plan.


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School of Medicine Residents awarded Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence 

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching award winners were announced in March.


To qualify for the award and establish excellence in teaching, the eligible medical school residents must be on the Resident Teaching Honor Roll for the two consecutive postings prior to March. In addition, to establish the humanistic qualities of the residents, comments from the third-year students taught by residents are critically reviewed by Cherie Singer, Ph.D., associate dean for admissions and student affairs and Miriam Bar-on, M.D., associate dean for graduate medical education.

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Did you know: 
The Nevada System of Higher Education has 150 distinct Health Sciences programs throughout eight institutions with an estimated total of 18,000 enrolled students.
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