NSHE Notes
by Chancellor Dan Klaich
May 22, 2014
This month, more than 9,000 students will earn degrees or certificates from NSHE's four community colleges, two universities and our state college. Put another way, that's about the same as every resident of Fallon or Laughlin graduating and entering the workforce over a two-week period.

Chancellor Dan Klaich at UNR's 2014 commencement.

Commencements are the highlight of my job as chancellor. It's no secret college changes lives. It changed my life and the lives 

of my dad, my siblings, and my children. Witnessing the pride and sense of accomplishment each graduate feels as he or she walks across the stage is the fuel that drives me.  While the college experience is noteworthy, commencement pays tribute to the effort it takes to earn a degree.


What our graduates and certificate earners receive at commencement is far more than a piece of paper. It's more than a ticket to a new career. That paper represents knowledge and critical thinking skills that can never be taken away from them.  It's forged by the experience of vanquishing self- and society-imposed limitations. It is a symbol of friendship, sweat, and more than a fair share of anxiety.


At NSHE, we're trying to increase the value of every degree or certificate, as well as help our more than 105,000 students fulfill their dreams of attending their own commencement ceremony in the near future. As part of our effort to create a culture of completion in Nevada, we're developing strategies and policies to help students complete their programs on time. 


Shifting from policies that encouraged student enrollment to those that focus on completion will not happen overnight. In future messages, I will provide a little more insight on some of these new policies.


Until then, congratulations to every NSHE student graduating this month! And, a big thanks to our faculty and staff for helping make our students' dreams come true.

Nevada System of Higher Education