Your March 2016 Newsletter 
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Trending Products and Services

Silver Spur Corp supplies full lines of cobalt blue Wide Mouth Packers, Boston Rounds, and Euro Droppers. Available all year round! 

             Repacking Service
What's hot now? For customer convenience, Silver Spur Corp provides repacking. Our custom built robot is able to quickly repack wide-mouth packer bottles in 12-packs so they are face up and ready to be filled. We are also able to repack boston rounds. Contact us for more info.

 Black & White Child Resistant Closures
Trending now! Need closures for your bottles? We carry those too! 

Contact us for more information. 
Want To Browse Our Product Catalog?

We carry the products you need and the caps, desiccants, and dropper closures to complement them. Want to browse our catalog before calling? Visit us online at for a full product list.

Stock Items

Amber Glass Boston Round
Green Glass Dropper Bottle
Cobalt Blue Glass Boston Round
Clear PET Plastic Wide Mouth Round Packers
Aluminum Plastic Multi-Colored Flip-Off Caps
Plastic White HDPE Wide Mouth Packers
Quote of the Month

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."  

- Thomas Jefferson
Industry News

Pole on Cobots in Packaging

"How do you really feel about Cobots in packaging? The anonymous nature of our packaging poll about collaborative robots elicited some interesting feedback..."

Package to Sell

"Aussie Juice brand goes retro for Indonesia." Get a behind the scenes look!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season.


Tara Rao
Silver Spur Corporation

Silver Spur Corporation
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