January 2016 Newsletter
The Perfect Storm...Let It Snow!

Look out the window. Imagine that the perfect snowstorm is in full swing. We are sitting in our own snow globe created entirely by us. It does not matter if it is 80 or 20 degrees outside, nor if there are palm trees or fir trees. The only thing that is important to note is that this white flaky, frosty, glistening world was created to either make time for play or to make time for work. Feel the power?
The Power of A National Snow Day
All of us, who have experienced the joy of a snow day either as a child or as an adult, can attest to the fact there is a certain sense of glee involved with this forecast. Especially after a warm holiday season. Part of the happiness that we feel at being forced to stay indoors is that it provides us with limitless possibilities to escape the ordinary. Inches of snow magically create time. Snow days provide us with an eighth day of the week. The 24-hours we need to recharge or to take charge in our lives.
We wish for a snow day so that we can sleep more and watch old movies all day. We wish for a snow day so that we can tackle that project we have been avoiding. We wish for a snow day so that we can play with our kids all day. We wish for a snow day so that we can clean out that closet. We wish for a snow day so that we can go sledding. We wish for a snow day so that we can take a break from work or school. To do nothing or to do something...
Sound familiar?
So, the question is, if we need to recharge our own batteries, or create space on our calendars, or spend time with the ones that we love, then why do we need an excuse to do so? Being "trapped" in our homes is out of our control, but what we do with the time we are "trapped" is completely managed by us. Our choice.
Is it snowing yet?
The good news is that we do not have to wait for an actual snow day, especially in Florida or Southern California! We can create our own, no matter what the actual weather pattern is. Making the choice to pencil in and take our own personal snow day enables us to lose the excuses surrounding why we do not have time for ourselves. We can now finish a big project that we started, or we can simply claim the space we need to reflect and daydream and play. This mental health day not only has us seeing white, it also has us tapping very personally into what we most need individually. Let's face it, that eighth day of the week affords us so many possibilities to catch up, or for some of us, to fall behind-whatever that may mean personally.
The perfect storm connects us to our inner child. All the pieces of what we most need at this point in our lives come together in a single snow day. Powerful. Reflective. Restorative. Our personal snow day allows for our personal storms to adjust within us. We get back from our eighth day of the week exactly what we need from it. Creating an imaginary snow globe enables us to finish, or to begin, exactly what we most require. A perfect way to kick off the New Year and an equally great choice mid summer!
Cheers to a stormy day, exactly when you most need it, filled with possibilities. Take what you need. Let it snow!


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