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We made it!  Together we are completing the 12th month in the 365-day circle of moments that hallmarked 2015. There is something very powerful about the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. Perhaps it is the mental audit that we all seem to do regarding successes and disappointments. What worked for us this year, what did not, and what lies ahead? If we think of 2015 as a circle, with all 12 months lining up and connecting together, then December is the month that represents that "last window of opportunity" to make good on the promises that we keep with ourselves. Upholding those promises seems to imply that we are somehow finishing this circle as we complete this passing year in our lives. Or not...

Coming full circle.

For many coming full circle means returning to the place that we started. I do not completely agree with this. I  propose that coming full circle involves the type of movement, fluidity, and sense of completion that also echoes shifts in our overall balance as well as the ability to embrace imperfection. If we are willing to put our ears to our hearts to really listen to ourselves, this circle of our past year highlights the small steps taken toward our renewed growth, the accomplishments and setbacks we've encountered along the way, and the slightly off centered pace that marks our individual journeys. Balance is all about allowing for and understanding imperfection. 

So, whatever our promises to ourselves have been, or whatever we want them to be in the coming year, NOW is the the golden moment to refresh and reset our course. Allowing for a little imperfection perfectly allows for a greater sense of balance, evolution and accomplishment. Imperfection allows us to stay ahead of the curve!

Begin today to chart your individual "full circle" with the suggested visualization activity highlighted below. It is my wish for you that in the year ahead you are able to use this quick measure of prioritizing goals and dreams so that you can pinpoint what you most value. The foundation toward achieving our goals is to first acknowledge what they are. Utilizing our monthly circles provides us with a window to more easily identify, rank and strategize our choices.

Circle it!

Begin with December 2015. Draw a 
large circle on a piece of paper. Do the same thing each month in the year ahead. Then, at  the beginning of each month, post inside the circle the key words that represent your goals and wishes for that month. Leave an opening 
at the top of each circle so that the ends do not completly connect. 

Each month ask yourself the following. What do you envision your month to be like? What do you want to attract into your life? What do you want to complete and where do you want closure? Where do you need to step outside of your comfort circle in order to achieve what you most want? 

Set the bar where you want's your circle! Then "circle" the top 3 things within your monthly mix that you want to concentrate on the most and list them next to your circle. Make sure to make yourself a priority within this list. This is your success list.
Now identify 2-3 steps that you can take toward achieving each of those goals and wishes during that particular month.

Every month, do exactly the same thing on the first day of the month. On the last day of the month take a look at you circle. Did you accomplish any of the goals and wishes that you listed? Did the steps you identified take you closer to your priorities? What goals and wishes carry over from month to month? Was there a flow of opportunities from the inside out and from the outside into your circle? At the end of  2016, reflect back on your monthly circles. What stands out for you?

There is a reason that the circles that you are drawing each month should not be completely closed. Coming full circle toward that which you most desire does not have to result in an ending or a beginning in exactly the same spot. The openness in our circles allows us to continually be able to start where we are, to move in a progression, to navigate the twists and turns that perfection holds us back from. Our open circles are illustrative of the opportunities that we each have to be our best within and outside of the boundaries that we set for ourselves. Opening the circles in our lives lets light and possibilities in and fears and negativity out. Imperfection is a catalyst to our own growth, allowing us to prosper despite adversity and to more deeply understand and have empathy for the world around us.

The only thing that we have 100% control over is ourselves and the CHOICES that we each make that create the ACTIONS that we take to achieve our own SUCCESS. In this season of celebrations, celebrate YOU!

 Happiest of holiday wishes for all that you most desire,

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