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The 3-5-7 Model
Quotes from our recent training in California: 

"One of the best trainings I have ever attended in my 20+ years of social work. thank you for your work and dedication."


"This was an excellent training. One of the best I have ever taken. It is very versatile, highly applicable and easy to understand. I will begin to use this model immediately."

June  2014 




Friday the 13th is often thought of as an unlucky day.  Having a fear of Friday the 13th also has a special name-asparaskevidekatriaphobia (say that three times fast)!  But for the 3-5-7 Modelİ Newsletter, Friday the 13th is a day to celebrate, since Friday, June 13, 2014 is the date we publish our 13th edition!


The 3-5-7 Modelİ Newsletter is one way that we provide you with continuity in the dialogue of the 3-5-7 Modelİ.  Our goal is to help keep you thinking about and aware of the concepts in our framework, so that you can continue to practice and enhance your skills!  We have enjoyed bringing you new ideas, activity resources and book recommendations.  Our distribution list continues to grow as more and more professionals just like you take advantage of our monthly messages.  Don't forget to check us out on Facebook too, where we post inspiring messages several times a week to help further explore the 3-5-7 Modelİ!


If there is something you'd like to see in an upcoming edition, feel free to reach out to us at office@darlahenry.org.


We Do Not Confront Denial in Grief Work 


The more grief to process, the more denial will be present in reconciling those losses. Letting kids do the work requires of us the power of listening and affirming as they tell their stories. We do not need to agree with or restate their words, or challenge their denials or fantasies. Ours is to listen as they tell and retell their story, allowing them to make sense out of it as they move through the events and people of their lives. 


It is an inconsistent process with no logical time progression, but a going forward and backward, in the present, with lots of detours as they untangled their feelings and the understanding of what has happened to them. This empowering work assists them in reconciling many losses and enables them to determine more realistically who will be the more permanent connections in their lives.  


With no time limit for grief, we cannot speed up acceptance of the loss by confronting the denial.  Grieving is an individualized activity that can be determined only by the individual experiencing the loss. On the premise, however, that children and teens want relief from their pain, clarification of life events and integration of significant relationships, will provide the opportunity and activities to explore their lives in a safe way that honors their feelings. As they more clearly understand what happened and who they now are, their denial lessens. The work, especially in making a life book, becomes autobiographical and reflects the value of self and others, as they successfully grieve their losses. 


Taking the mystery out of the Court process for children and youth


Pennsylvania's Office of Children and Families in the Courts (OCFC), created by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, has developed some fantastic resources to help children and youth learn about and better understand processes related to court. 

As part of the work of the OCFC, an activity book was developed to help describe to children aspects of the process including: Why did I have to leave home?  Where will I live?  Can I go to court? and How does the judge decide if I can go home? The activity book is available for download here: http://www.ocfcpacourts.us/children/whats-happening-in-dependency-court---activity-book and is also available for purchase through the OCFC website.    


In addition to the activity book, the OCFC website also includes an interactive guide that describes the people who are involved in dependency court and their respective roles.  A version is available for age groups 0-6, 7-12, and 13-18.  This interactive guide provides a great activity to engage youth in as they explore how decisions are made for their families.  The guide can be found here: http://www.ocfcpacourts.us/children/courtroom-guide



This month, in lieu of highlighting an activity, we'd like to instead provide an easy reference to help you be prepared for working with your children and youth using the 3-5-7 Modelİ.  Many of the supplies that you will need for engaging in activities with your youth are items that can be found in your local office supply store, or even in your own home! Start a box of supplies that you can keep with you, readily accessible when you need them.  Here are some of the basic, most commonly used supplies:

  • 8.5 x 11 Paper, various color/white
  • 8.5 x 11 card stock
  • Markers
  • Pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Camera
  • Small prizes/trinkets
  • Magazines, scissors, glue, paper, markers, stickers
  • Paper plates
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch
  • Craft beads
  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Strips of colorful construction paper cut into 1" x 6" strips
  • Glue
  • Colored construction paper, standard sizes
  • Tape
  • Envelopes
  • Large (1/2 gallon or more) picture
  • Assortment of different sized glasses
  • Index cards
  • Different colors of sand
  • Small containers with lids for sand
  • Teaspoon
  • Stickers
  • Clay or Play-Doh
  • Various sized rocks
  • Empty bags (brown lunch bag size)
  • Variety of beads
  • String for beads
  • Paper clips
  • End roll of newsprint (can be obtained from local newspaper publisher)
  • Bits of colored or hand-made papers (for collages)
  • Candles/candle holders
  • Lighter/matches (for staff use only)
  • Craft pens
  • Bouncy balls
  • Plastic ball
  • Jengaİ game
  • Sharpieİ markers

Consider asking a local craft supply or office supply stores to help you gather the supplies that you need.  Many community groups are also looking for ways to support your work, and would welcome the opportunity to gather these types of items for you!

Welcome to the 3-5-7 Modelİ Family!

We are so honored and pleased to be working with:

  • Alaska Center for Resource Families, Ankorage, Alaska
  • Casey Family Programs, San Diego, California
  • Hamilton Catholic Children's Aid Society, Ontario
  • Mississippi Department of Human Services, Jackson, Mississippi
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