Top honors and bragging rights go to... 

In the Key of "Bee" 

20 teams competed for top honors in the 9th Annual Project GRACE Trivia Bee and bragging rights for Best Team Costumes, Best Team Name, and for Most Enthusiastic Supporters. It was a fun and high-spirited evening celebrating all that's good about being part of a community that cares.

After six rounds of questions, six teams made it to the semi-finals. After a final round of tough questions, the Maine POPS Concert Band's team In the Key of "Bee" (Rachel Taylor, Christina Campion, Vickie Swerdlow) took top honors as the 2016 Trivia Bee Champions! But as they would say in Lake Woebegone, "where all the players are well above average," there are honorable mentions for all who came out for the Bee. 
We appreciate the teams for playing, the volunteers, our generous sponsors, and all who attended - you made this Bee a resounding success for Project GRACE. Everyone's a winner when we pull together to help our neighbors.

Thank you, one and all!

Congratulations, Champs! 

2017 Trivia Bee Champions
In the Key of "Bee" 
Maine POPS Concert Band
Vicki Swerdlow, Rachel Taylor, Christina Campion

Best Costumes 
Fire Bees 
Scarborough Fire Department
Mike Thurlow, Julie Sanford, Jim Butler

Best Team Name
In the Key of "Bee" 
Maine POPS Concert Band
Vicki Swerdlow, Rachel Taylor, Christina Campion

Most Enthusiastic Supporters
Mind Blowing Inteli-gents 
Scarborough Public Library
Celeste Shinay, Jeff Ertman, Tom Corbett

"Bees-knees Bees-niss Buzz Award"
Karen Martin, SEDCO 
for creating lots of positive buzz for our whole community 


Thank You, Volunteers 

It takes a busy hive to host a Bee, and we appreciate all of the help behind the scenes before and after and on-stage, too. Thank you, all.

We offer our very sincere thanks and appreciation to: emcee Ed Cleary for hosting with grace and wit, referee Dwayne Hopkins for keeping us on pace; esteemed judges Cindy Fasulo, Nanci Goudey, and Patty Bolduc (a.k.a. the Scarborough School Nurses) for lighting up the stage with their charm and humor, and for weighing in on answer challenges with aplomb. Our hometown fellas, The Crooners, Vinni Fierro and Paul Andriulli, started off the evening with their golden voices and swinging sounds. If you had peeked 'behind the curtain', you would have found Eric Lehmann running the sound board and keeping us in the spirit of the evening with choice musical soundtracks.

A special thank you to our games hosts, Biddeford Savings, Lori Boucouvalas, Nikki Regan, Stephanie Deroche, and Tracy Kelly. We are grateful as well to SoPo Catering's Jay Gerrish who made such yummy treats, and Camp Ketcha's Tom Doherty, Mary Ellen Nisbet and all the staff for sharing their great space with us!
Thanks also to all of our dedicated volunteers: Bert Follansbee, Robbie Moulton, Dwayne Hopkins, Donna Snyder, Jim and Kathy Elkins, Retta Choate, Dave and Linda Paul, Kate Cook, Betsy Moore, Sharyn Shearer, Julie Bassett, Elaine Tselikis. Thanks also to our official PG-BEE, Sharon Curry and the very "bee-sy" scorekeepers, Mark Follansbee, Scarborough Key Club and Honor Society, and Chevrus students.  Finally, a big thanks to our secret panel of volunteers who draft those tricky questions.


10th Annual Project GRACE Trivia Bee 

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Beekeeper Sponsors  


It's all about bee-ing good neighbors.  
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