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Tax smarts

Tax law is complicated, but reliable sources can help you get the break you deserve.


Charity Navigator provides the basics on tax benefits and more at its respected site.


Not sure you can deduct? Go straight to top: the IRS. Find plenty of information on the agency's site to help you give and get a break in return.


We're glad you give, but there are many ways you can trim your tax bill. USA Today identified 9 commonly missed tax savings. Claim yours.

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Give yourself a break

If your tax return is giving you heartburn, plan to lighten your 2015 tax load through charitable giving.

Recurring or monthly gifts are an easy way to plan your giving--and tax savings--for 2015.


Just visit our giving page

pick a gift level, and choose how often to give. 


If you itemize and earn in the top tax bracket,

a $100 gift costs only $67 after tax savings. It's a bargain that opens doors to hope and housing at the Day Resource Center for the Homeless.


A plan to give is a plan to save. Do both with a recurring gift to the Day Resource Center.

About us
The Day Resource Center for the Homeless opens doors to hope and housing for homeless men, women and families--our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Our mission is simple: to provide centralized resources and services for transitioning people out of homelessness.