A day for giving back

You've given thanks. Now give back. Today is #GivingTuesday, a day when people around the world celebrate the gift of giving. Join in with a gift to the Day Resource Center for the Homeless today.


We'll be chasing the blues away at the 7th annual Breakfast with the Mayor Friday, February 6, 2015 at the Fort Worth Club. This just in: bestselling author Jeff Guinn will be our special guest. His 1997 Star-Telegram story entitled "No Direction Home" led to creation of the Day Resource Center. Don't miss Jeff Guinn at Breakfast with the Mayor: reserve your table now.


Room in the Inn opens hearts and houses of worship to homeless men and women. Contact us to learn how you can bring Room in the Inn to your faith community.

Battered & alone

Give the gift of safety now

Sarah* fled a violent relationship, couch surfing or sleeping in her car until there was nowhere to turn but homeless shelters.


The abuse had been terrifying, but something frightened Sarah more: the idea of sleeping in a barrack-style shelter with hundreds of strangers. Mornings would be worse. Forced to leave the shelter until evening, Sarah would run a gauntlet on the street, alone and afraid. 

It's not hard to see why some women forced to choose between a violent partner and homelessness stay with their abusers.


That's why your help is needed now




Sarah was lucky. She found the Victims Advocacy Project at the Day Resource Center. 


Within hours, Advocate Allison Bowen had placed Sarah in a specialized shelter for women who have been victimized. There, for the first time since the abuse began, she was safe.


The holidays bring hope for Sarah, but many more are hurting on the streets of Fort Worth and in local shelters. Nearly one in four people surveyed in this year's homeless census said domestic violence was among reasons they became homeless.


Danger only increases once homelessness is a fact of life. Nearly two-thirds of homeless women surveyed said they had been the victims of crimes ranging from theft to physical and sexual assault.


Your gift of $100, $250 or $500 helps the Day Resource Center provide safe day shelter and programs like the Victims Advocacy Project that protect our most vulnerable neighbors.


Please reach out now with a gift to the Day Resource Center for the Homeless, and let the spirit of giving brighten your holiday season.  


*Not her real name.

About us

The Day Resource Center for the Homeless opens doors to hope and housing for homeless men, women and families--our most vulnerable neighbors.


Our mission is to provide centralized resources and services for transitioning people out of homelessness. Learn more, then help us make homelessness a season of life, not a way of life.