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May 2014

Be a lifesaver this summer: help us beat the heat.
 BEAT THE HEAT             
Taking heat on the street
Did you know summer heat is one of the top weather hazards? It's true, and it's truly dangerous for the hundreds of homeless men, women and children living in camps or shelters nearby. We're here to help, but summer is hard for the Day Resource Center too. The donations we depend on drop to their lowest levels of the year just when temperatures are highest. Help us change that.
Raley Taliaferro, owner of Bear Land Services and director and founder of Give Soles, has joined the Day Resource Center board of directors and become an In All Seasons monthly donor since her introduction to the day shelter last summer. Join her and pledge today!
Raley Taliaferro, monthly donor

Raley Taliaferro was introduced to the Day Resource Center on a summer day last year. Here, in her own words, is the story of how and why she became a leader and In All Seasons monthly donor to the Day Resource Center.


 "(Board Vice Chair) Steve Christian asked me if my nonprofit, Give Soles, could provide steel-toed boots for Day Resource Center clients who were returning to work. He offered me a tour of the center as well. When we visited, it was early summer 2013, and it was hot. The center was packed with people. At the time, I donated monthly to (two other area shelters). After visiting the Day Resource Center, I knew it needed my donation more. What touched me was the fact the Day Resource Center was the only place homeless men and women could escape the streets in the heat of the day. I thought I knew the Day Resource Center through Facebook and friends like Steve, but visiting the center showed me the immediate need."

Mom gets & Amazon gives             
Help the homeless when you buy Mother's Day gifts and more at AmazonSmile. Start your shopping at AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase price at no additional cost to youYou can also honor your mother with a direct gift to the Day Resource Center. It's easy.
GREAT DATES             

Heat Awareness Day May 23

We're kicking off summer with a Beat the Heat bottled water drive-in, and you're invited. Drive in and drop off a case or more of bottled water from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Heat Awareness Day Friday, May 23. Get directions, then drive in, drop off, and help us beat the heat!


North Texas Giving Day

Mark your calendars for North Texas Giving Day Sept. 18. We're planning something special as the sequel to our fabulous first Giving Day last year, so gear up to give!


Breakfast with the Mayor 
Save the morning of Friday, Feb. 6, 2015 for Breakfast with the Mayor. We'll announce a venue for the 7th annual mayor's breakfast soon, but you can reserve a table for this celebration of leadership today. Contact to know more. 
Our mission is simple: to provide centralized resources for transitioning people out of homelessness.




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