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Celebrating a Solution
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National Recovery Month
September 2012
Left untreated, mental illness and substance abuse pave the way to homelessness. That's why the Day Resource Center celebrates National Recovery Month each September. You can help. 
Change Is Worth It
Change is Worth It
Celebrating a solution

Give us your two cents--and nickels, dimes and quarters--in honor of National Recovery Month, and do it with a creative touch. Design and fill a unique coin bank benefitting the DRC and help us spread the word that Change Is Worth It. Take a photo of your creation and post it to our Facebook page, or email photos to dwolfe@fwdayresourcectr.org. You'll vie for bragging rights like best design and largest total gift.

Recovery Today

Recovery works, and it's worth it 

Millions of Americans have found recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders. Defined as "a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential," recovery works. Learn more during National Recovery Month.

Our mission is simple--to provide centralized resources and services for transitioning people out of homelessness.




Diane Wolfe
Day Resource Center for the Homeless    

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