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Diabetes Newsbeat
Gather Your Family Health History
During the Holidays

Holidays are a great time to learn
about important health indicators

Happy Holidays from the Nebraska Diabetes Prevention and Control Program! During this holiday season, we want to remind you to take some time to complete a Family Health Portrait. This simple tool can help you gather family health information that your
doctor can use to identify risk factors and early warning signs of disease.

Report: One in 10 People Will Have Diabetes by 2035
International Diabetes Federation says 29.7 million in U.S. will be diagnosed

The International Diabetes Federation released a report on International Diabetes Day noting that 10 percent of the global population will have diabetes by 2035. About 382 million people worldwide will have diabetes by the end of this year, and 592 million will have diabetes by 2025. Many of the millions will be living in developing countries.
Diabetes Prevention Classes Planned in Panhandle
Sixteen-week classes will be hosted at several sites in western NebraskaNDPP Logo

National Diabetes Prevention Program classes are continuously starting in the Nebraska Panhandle. The classes focus on healthy eating, weight loss, stress reduction and coping skills, and increased physical activity and lifestyle change. Participants meet weekly for 16 weeks, then monthly for the remainder of the year. For more information about the classes, call (866) 701-7173, ext. 107, or email tprochazka@pphd.org.
Diabetes Doesn't Have to Stop You From Traveling
Careful planning can help you manage diabetes and have a relaxing, safe trip

Heading out of town? Whenever you travel, you know your diabetes goes with you. And while having diabetes should not stop you from traveling in style, you will need to do some careful planning. Here are some helpful tips from the National Diabetes Education Program.
NDEP's Diabetes Travel Tips
NDEP's Diabetes Travel Tips
'Practice Transformation' Gives Tools to Providers
NDEP Resource is designed to help engage leadership, assess health care practice

The National Diabetes Education Program's Practice Transformation resource helps health care professionals and administrators change systems of health care delivery around diabetes. Check out the 'Engage Leadership and Assess Your Practice' section to learn steps effective leaders can take to ensure the successful transformation of a practice into a patient-centered medical home (PCMH).
Holiday Meal Planning Helpful Hints From USDA
VIDEO: Holiday Meal Planning Helpful Hints From USDA
Make Small Changes
for a Healthy Holiday
MyPlate offers new takes
on favorite holiday dishes

We all cherish time-honored holiday traditions, yet we want to make healthier choices when celebrating the holiday season. The MyPlate Holiday Makeover infographic provides ideas to help you make great choices. From baking to seasoning, this resource can show you an easier way to make your meals healthier. The American Diabetes Association also has tips to stay healthy during the holidays.
Please Provide Feedback to Improve Our Website
DPCP is updating its site and seeks recommendations to better serve Nebraskans

The Diabetes Prevention and Control Program is updating its website in the coming months. Please help us by taking a short five minutes to complete our survey about our webpage and let us know what you like about the site, what you want to see more of, or what you think we should change.
People with Diabetes Should Seek Flu Vaccinations
People with diabetes must consider several vaccinations

It's flu season, and people with diabetes are at high risk for serious flu complications. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year. Encourage everyone -- especially people with diabetes -- to get a flu shot. Now is also a good time to find out about the other important vaccines that all adults with diabetes need.
New Year Provides a Chance to Quit Smoking
Tobacco Free Nebraska has a free Quitline for those who wish to stop tobacco use

Quitting smoking is a critical step toward diabetes control. Tobacco Free Nebraska has a free Quitline for people who wish to quit tobacco use. In Nebraska, according to the most recent numbers, 479 tobacco users registered with the Quitline from July through September, with 73 reporting they have diabetes. To learn more about the Quitline and other resources, go to www.QuitNow.ne.gov.
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