Savory Institute Update - December 2013  


Need a last minute gift for the holidays?
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Need a last minute gift for that special someone? How about a digital stocking stuffer. The Savory Institute with Allan Savory have just released a new book, "The Grazing Revolution" in partnership with TED. It's all digital with never before seen new graphics and infograms. Let's unite team humanity to restore the world's grasslands.
And it's only $1.99!!!


You can order the book on iTunes, Amazon for Kindle, or Nook. And be sure and write a review once you read the book. Here is the book description:


"Our planet is rapidly turning to desert. Once-lush grasslands, the source of precious food and water, are growing dry and bare. Rivers that used to flow year-round now run dry after the rains. Grazing animals want for food.

What is causing this "desertification" of the earth, and how can we stop it?

In The Grazing Revolution, biologist Allan Savory presents a solution that's as radical as it is simple: huge herds of livestock, managed to mimic the behavior of the natural herds that once roamed grasslands centuries ago.

Tracing his own story of discovery, Savory debunks common misconceptions and provides a vivid chronicle of the process by which he has seen scrubby wasteland revert to robust ecosystems. Our age-old agricultural practices are contributing greatly to the global climate change underway; Savory argues that by re-imagining these practices, we can reverse desertification and save the planet.

Through astounding examples of success, the approach Savory describes in The Grazing Revolution, has received genuine enthusiasm and support from proponents:

"Without question, Allan Savory's work is seminal to our ability to restore the earth's
living systems, " said Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest, and Founder, Natural
Capital Institute. "It is an unusual combination of brilliant ideation and practical
experience backed up by decades of field observations and an intimate knowledge of
nature and science. This is true breakthrough thinking."

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group stated, "Understanding ecosystems and
working with Mother Nature can potentially make a huge difference in protecting the
biodiversity of our planet and help to combat climate change. The work being done by
Earth Challenge finalists The Savory Institute and their partners is a great example of it!"

To learn more, check out Allan Savory's TED2013 Talk "How to fight desertification and reverse climate change."

Year End Message

From our CEO, Daniela Ibarra-Howell

2013 has been filled with great opportunities, new and evolving partnerships, incredible support, and as always, lots of learning, for the Savory Institute. We are deeply grateful for the increasing awareness, involvement, and commitment from our global community, as we work to empower pastoralists around the world to heal the land, and to remove barriers that stand in the way of their success. Read More Here...

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