Scholar Recognition 2015
A Look Back on Their Accomplishments...
Megan honors Maurice, the Boys Hope Person for Others awardee.
Last Wednesday evening in the culminating event of the BHGH year,  staff, families, friends, volunteers, and board members gathered to honor all of our scholars for their hard work and myriad of personal achievements during the 2014-2015 school year. From National Honor Society, varsity sports, and student leadership to innovative community service and participation in the 50th Anniversary Selma March, scholars have shone inside and outside of the classroom as the heart and driving force of the BHGH community. 

Special recognition was given to the top academic performers in each house and Hope Prep, as well as those who eared above a 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 GPA through the first three quarters. The Person for Others Award went to one scholar from each area of the program who has particularly exemplified the values of self-sacrifice in service to others that we seek to help cultivate. With the Youth Opportunity Development Award (YODA), we also took the opportunity to honor volunteers who have made a truly remarkable impact in the lives of the scholars. 

For the first time this year, we announced the launch of  the BHGH Scholar Council and the scholars who have been selected from an impressive pool of applicants to serve as the first set of representatives from the houses and Hope Prep. In the fall, they will take on leadership roles in providing scholar input on the programs, planning community service, and representing BHGH within the community. 

We were also thrilled to celebrate our three graduating seniors-Alik, Michael, and Seth-as they prepare to start college in the fall at Clark-Atlanta University, the University of Iowa, and Washington University in St. Louis! As a group they have been offered a total of $153,920 in potential scholarship support, and we are eager to continue witnessing their growth and success as Collegian scholars next year.
Scholar Representatives and Advisers are excited to be a part of the first Scholar Council.
Javon presents the YODA to Debbie Damery.
Seniors Seth, Michael, and Alik are ready to go with their new college sweatshirts.

Congratulations to All of Our Special Honorees:

BHGH National Academic Achievement Award

  Hope Prep- Raquel


Girls Hope-Hannah


Boys Hope-Shaun



Person for Others

Hope Prep-Destany 

Girls Hope-Tylisha 

Boys Hope-Maurice 


Youth Opportunity Development Award (YODA)

Hope Prep-Andrea

Girls Hope-Mike

Boys Hope-Debbie

3.0+ GPA

Markita, Jamesia, Janaya, Alik, Tylisha, Arionna, Darne, Devon, Raul, Ciara, Mya, John,  India, Deonta,  Ja'Niece, Lawrence, Cody


3.5+ GPA

Shaun, Emani, Brittany, Dominique, Areanita, Denise, Makaiya, Tamika,  Yahcyria, Destany, Hannah


4.0+ GPA
Seth, Teighlor, Reana, Raquel 
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