Off to an Excellent Start!
As the first full month of the 2014-2015 school year comes to an end and midterms and after-school practices start packing the scholars' schedules, we are excited to have many achievements to acknowledge already. Both houses have scholars striving to reach higher levels of academic success and taking on more responsibilities inside and outside the homes. In the midst of this, we want to recognize a few outstanding scholar milestones:

Janaya is our newest scholar.

A few weeks ago we welcomed Janaya (6th grade) as the newest scholar in our Girls Hope home. She is already fitting right in and has particularly bonded with Tylisha (7th grade), who was in her shoes last year. The two have started encouraging each other to participate in activities and take advantage of after-school homework hours.We are thrilled to have her in the house and look forward to growing with and supporting her on her path towards college!

Congratulations, Reana, on NHS induction!

Last week, Reana (11th grade) was inducted into the National Honor Society. She was chosen to give a speech at the induction ceremony for her class and did a phenomenal job. We couldn't be more proud of all of the hard work this accomplishment represents and of the vital contributions Reana makes to Girls Hope and our wider community!
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