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Save the Date - February 2013
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 Our featured scholar is Malik, a 15 year-old freshman dragon at St. Mary's High School. Malik has been a BHGH scholar for almost four years and the changes seen in this young man have been amazing. Despite being fairly shy by nature, Malik has always been very curious about the world around him, exploring various activities from sewing to cake decorating to animal club to aeronautics camp. Malik is even in his final stages of getting his certification in SCUBA diving. (Yes, even in Missouri). 


Because of BHGH, Malik has had the opportunity to experience all of these things and so much more. Malik's exposure to new things and people has allowed him to be cultivated over the last 4 years into one of the newest budding ambassador for the program. Now in his freshman year of school, Malik has started the year off very strong with a 3.5 GPA . He is taking more initiative with meeting visitors and offering tours of our facilities. Malik was a star at this year's Evening of Hope program, constantly moving from area to area talking with guests and introducing them to the puppy that was being auctioned. 


Malik is starting to get involved now with the Campus Ministry at St. Mary's because he wants to further develop his spirituality, which is fully supported by BHGH. Malik is one of the many success stories of Boys Hope Girls Hope-St. Louis, Come see him and the rest of the scholars as they continue to bring HOPE to life!



Karisah February 2013

Karisah is a motivated and independent 9th grader in Hope Prep. She has a continued desire to learn and a quirkiness that she is proud of which let her stand out fro the crowd. She love drawing, has published a book of her own poetry and enjoys riding her bike to the local library on weekends.

Karisah's favorite subject this year is Health and her goal for the school year is "to make good grades by paying attention more in class.....Hope Prep has helped me in this area and is helping me think more about picking my college and focusing more on my school work."
Hats February 2013
Volunteer Spotlight


Barb is a Senior Estimating Specialist at Boeing and is one of the most sought after tutors in our Boys Hope Home. She is a regular at the boys house and has been for nearly two years. 
Whether working with Brandon one on one with a special paper or helping Miguel study for a DeSmet exam, Barb is part of the BHGH family. She often bring along an extra snack, and this past Christmas personally knitted hats for each of our boys in their school colors!
Barb - Thank you for going above and beyond! You are truly a Woman for Others! 

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  • Morning of Hope - April 2, 2013
  • Pancake Breakfast at Boys Hope Home - May 4, 2013
  • Women of Hope Luncheon - May 17, 2013
  • Golf Tournament - June 24, 2013
  • Evening of Hope - October 26, 2013


Please contact Jan Wacker, Development Director @ 314-692-7477 ext 26 for further information.

Wish List

With any home there are "honey-do lists" and "wish lists". Below are some items our homes or scholars are "wishing for"
  • Flatware for Boys Hope Home
  • Flatware for Girls Hope Home
  • Twin size sheets for Girls Hope
  • Tupperware type containers for Girls Hope
  • Pot and pan set for Girls Hope
  • Gift certificates for ice-skating at Forest Park, movies, and weekend outings for scholars
  • High quality, durable dishwasher for Boys Hope Home 

Is Success Normal?



Last night I had a phone conversation with Ieshah, our freshman at Milliken. I was struck by how easy and casual was our brief chat. Normal. Almost mundane. "How's your second semester going." "Fine. Classes are hard though. I joined a sorority. It focuses on services to developmentally disabled." "A lot of papers this semester? Are you going to beat last semester's 3.3 GPA?" "Yeah, papers...and the chemistry and math. This nursing program is hard, but I'm staying ahead." "Why haven't you filled out your paperwork for the BHGH scholarship money? I bet the school would like to get paid." [We both chuckle.] "Yeah, I've just been so busy. I'll get to it this week." "Good," I said, "And call me more often. We love you and are proud of you." "okay, bye." 

I hung up, thanking God that she is doing well. Busy and well, maybe a little stressed out. Not in crisis though. Then I thought of the young woman that was buried last weekend.

As a girl, she came to Girls Hope ten years before Ieshah. Her classmates from St. Peter's Catholic School remember her and cared enough to donate $1,100 to help the two young children that were orphaned when she died, apparently just one more of a steady stream of victims of the rampant and senseless killing devastating our community. It's not surprising she made such an impression on those middle school classmates despite their short time together. This beautiful young lady, strikingly similar to Ieshah in may ways, had a disarming smile, a bubbly personality, a quick wit, and tons of potential. She was also, as our mission states, "an academically capable and motivated child in need."

Unlike Ieshah, she insisted on leaving Girls Hope. The team could not hold on to her. For whatever reason, she never adjusted to the caring, structured environment and the high expectations. Or so I'm told, as she left a few years before I joined BHGH. What a waste of potential! She could have been in a sorority, studying nursing, expanding her world. She could have graduated from college and begun her career by now. She could be making the world a better place.

Seconds and inches. Or as my father always said, "There but for the grace of God go I." It strikes me as somewhat remarkable that Ieshah's life is so normal. The scholars of Boys Hope Girls Hope have been thrust into a world that is hostile to their dreams. They've faced circumstances I would never want my children to face. I'm amazed at their resilience. But, because of God's grace, and your cooperation with that grace, they are given a fair shot at breaking the cycle.

I have no doubt that if you're part of our team, you are a life saver. If you can play an even greater part, please let us know. We need you. Our scholars need you. The rewards are incredible. 

Please keep our young people, their families, and our staff in your thought and prayers. As always, thank you very much.

With warm regards,

Brian Hipp
Executive Director

Boys Hope Girls Hope
755 S New Ballas Rd.
St. Louis, MO  63141


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