January Newsletter

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January 2015 Newsletter
SuperBowl Special Edition
quarterback-illustration.jpg It's a busy time in Arizona, with the ProBowl, the WM Phoenix Open, and of course, the Big Game!

It's also a busy time at QTS, with changes in the healthcare industry, legislative activity, and of course, new vehicles and new faces as we continue to grow to meet all your assisted transportation needs.

And even as we grow, we continue to deliver the excellent service and performance you expect from QTS. The best ON TIME record in the industry, available capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your immediate requirements, and the most professional, and most friendly team around!

Please call us today. Thank you, The QTS Newsletter Team
Study Up for the Big Game!
#2 Largest-Food-Consumption Day of the Year. Super Bowl Sunday is a day to eat...and eat and eat (Thanksgiving is #1). In fact it is estimated that 1.25 BILLION chicken wings will be consumed during the Super Bowl.

20% Antacid Sale Increase. The antacid industry has their own celebration the day after the Super Bowl. See Fun fact #1. At least someone is benefiting from our pain!

0 Footage of the first Super Bowl. Rumor has it, the first Super Bowl was taped over for a soap opera! On second thought, maybe you don't want to share this with die-hard sports fans. It could turn into a pretty dramatic scene.

$12. The first Super Bowl in 1967 cost a few bucks less than an average lunch out these days. If only we had a time machine we could all enjoy watching the game live and in person. We can dream, right?!

120 Balls. On Super Bowl Sunday, they'll have 120 footballs ready for official use. PS. It's someone's official job to monitor this - and we think that's pretty cool.

54 Yards Long. The longest field goal took place during Super Bowl XXVIII when the Dallas Cowboys played the Buffalo Bills. Not bad at all. As a reference, you could stretch 162 footlong hotdogs across that length.

61,946 People. In the game's first year, the Super Bowl had what we now consider the smallest crowd in its history. Hey, that is still more than the number of people who live in Greenland.

0 Overtimes. Since 1967 the Super Bowl has never gone past regulation. What a nail biter that would be! Maybe this year will be the year with an epic extended game.

- thanks to wix.com
Choosing a Transportation Company...

A lot goes into the choice of a transportation company to call:

Choose a company that displays the Weights and Measures sticker on the rear right window and is a member of the Arizona Medical Transportation Association. That is your guarantee that the company is legally regulated to provide passenger transportation. No sticker means no guarantee of inspection, no insurance, no background checks, and no regulation.

Ask about insurance. Choose a company with appropriate liability coverage to protect you from exposure in the event of an incident.

Full compliance with ADA and DOT regulations and recommendations. Choose a company that doesn't take short cuts that could put passengers at risk. It only takes a minute to properly secure a wheelchair or stretcher bound passenger - but that minute could save a life. 

Choose a company that treats their team with respect. Does your transportation company comply with the Department of Labor rules regarding wages and overtime? Does the company offer employee benefits - including paid sick leave, vacations, health care insurance, and a safe work environment. Does your transportation company offer training and regular assessment of employee skills and performance feedback?

Choose a company that delivers on their commitments. If your transportation makes a commitment, do they follow through? Do they show up on time? Do they take immediate corrective action in the event of an issue? 

Make your transportation decision based on total cost of transportation. Easy to reach, professional, values your time and the time of your staff, employs technology to reduce errors and mis-communications, offers on-line access and other options to book, provides you with regular reports on performance, and more. 

Choose carefully - a lot is riding on your decision. Please call us for more information.

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Alex W.
Transport Specialist

What makes our service different? 

Honestly, our happy team makes all the difference in the world! Each QTS driver wants to be doing what they're doing. That being said, it shows in our interactions with clients, family members and facility staff. It also reflects in the attention to detail and the care with which we all operate.

What do you appreciate about the QTS culture? 

QTS is run by an incredible management team that goes above and beyond to ensure that both our clients and team members are happy. Several of our team members have called QTS home year after year and I've listened to several stories from regular clients that are so thankful for the QTS team for taking the time and making the effort to go the extra mile when they were in need.

What is your inspiration or motivation that fuels your passion for providing the best in NEMT service? 

I truly enjoy providing our services. At the end of every day I feel good about my interactions with each client, knowing that for many of them I've been able to make a positive difference. I have an optimistic outlook, and often times I am able to get a laugh or smile from someone, even if they're not having the best day. I know how important that can be, and I love the fact that I get to do it every day!

Is there a fun fact about yourself that you would like to share with our clients? 

This may not be a "fun fact" but I feel that it's relevant. For all our clients feeling ill, unsure of what the future holds and who are afraid of their current situation; I've been there! I'm a cancer survivor and have been in remission for well over a decade. I remember all of the negatives, but now only focus on the positives. If I drive you, be prepared for me to cast a little sunshine your way!  
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