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Halloween 2014 Newsletter
witch-costume-girl.jpgWhat did the Mommy ghost say to the baby ghost? ... Don't forget to fasten your sheet belt!  Get it? Just a little Halloween transportation humor from QTS!

Please take a minute to enjoy our not-so-scary Halloween edition of Quality Times.

And thank you for riding with QTS and placing your trust in us. From our team to you and your families - have a safe and fun holiday!

Halloween Fun!
While you are walking around - with a bright flashlight and reflective clothing - here's some Halloween trivia to ponder:

The name Halloween comes from a shortening of the holiday's former title: All Hallow's Evening, which was the night before All Hallows' (sanctified or holy) Day, or Hallowmas on November 1.
Halloween originated from a Samhain, Ireland's Celtic festival, which celebrates the end of the harvest season.

Building off the name of the crop-gathering commemoration, the fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia.

The act of carving Jack-o'-Lanterns is a little more spooky than you might assume. It developed from a ghastly Celtic folklore. A drunken farmer named Jack tricked the devil but then he wasn't allowed into either heaven and hell. Stuck in this ethereal limbo, Jack made a lantern from a turnip and a burning lump of coal that the devil threw from hell. So Celts placed Jack-o'-Lanterns with frightening faces outside to scare evil spirits away.

People kept carving faces into hollowed-out turnips, but when the Irish potato famine of 1846 forced families to flee to North America, turnips were hard to come by. People kept the tradition alive by using pumpkins as a substitute.

Chocolate makes up about three-quarters of a trick-or-treater's plunder, according to the National Confectioners Association.

Halloween is thought to have originated around 4000 B.C., which means Halloween has been around for over 6,000 years.

Halloween has had various nicknames through the ages: All Hallows' Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool,Snap-Apple Night, Samhain and Summer's End.

Both Salem, Mass., and Anoka, Minn., are the self-proclaimed Halloween capitals of the world.

Grower John Hawkley grew the biggest gourd at the 41st Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Monday, Oct. 13, 2014. Hawkley won with a 2,058 lb. pumpkin and set a new North American record.

How to choose a transportation company?
Choosing a transportation provider can be a difficult and confusing decision. There are several outstanding providers in Phoenix and while we hope you always choose QTS, here are the top 10 criteria to consider:

On Time Performance

Licensed Vehicles and Drivers - 10 Year Background Checks

Full Insurance Coverage - Commercial Liability

Demonstrated Safety Record

Driver Training Program - including Defensive Driving

Newer Vehicles - Full ADA and DOT Certification

24 Hour / 7 Day Operation - Ease of Booking - Confirmations

Full Coverage in Your Area - Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Reporting

State of the Art Equipment - Stretchers and Wheelchairs

Making the right choice will ensure the most value for your money, and a long and trouble free relationship. Please call us for more information or check with the Arizona Medical Transportation Association (AZMTA).

(QTS is a founding member of the AZMTA.)
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Cory M.
Transport Specialist


What do we stand for at QTS?


We stand for quality. Providing "quality" transportation requires much more than just being a driver. Providing "quality" transportation requires the driver to also be compassionate, empathetic, understanding, respectful, careful and reliable. The list of attributes required in a company to provide quality transportation is endless. Everyone I've met at QTS is obviously dedicated to providing quality transportation.


What is your inspiration or motivation that fuels your passion for providing the best in NEMT service? 


Every proud father will exclaim that it's their family that motivates or inspires them in everything they do, myself included. There is also another reason I am so passionate about providing the best NEMT service, that is because I can relate to what a lot of patients and families are going through at this point in their lives. Years ago my mother passed away from cancer. Prior to her passing we had multiple doctors' appointments and spent some time hospice shopping. This required many interactions with NEMT's. I know at this particular stage in my mother's life (as well as mine) she was very precious. It was essential to both her and I that everyone she encountered treated her with compassion, empathy, understanding, respect and must be careful and reliable. I understand that this may be the hardest time in a lot, if not all, the people we are transporting's lives. This means we need the passion to be the best.


Is there a fun fact about yourself that you would like to share with our clients? 


I'm just a giant, goofy kid. I'll never fully grow up. If I had my way, all my money would be spent on candy and toys.. just kidding about the money part!


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