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 3nd Quarter 2014

Issue No. 14-3
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Providing quality work is a responsibility that R. C. Stevens Construction Company believes we owe each client we work with. An aspect of providing quality work is understanding the industry in which we are providing design/build or construction services. Working in sensitive facilities such as hospitals and food processing plants requires knowledge of industry specific regulations and building codes. We have learned how to work in settings where Good Manufacturing Practices are important while keeping processing operations online, and how to complete health care projects that keep the facility AHCA compliant following IRCA and Life Safety Standards. Our dedication to quality work is one reason why R. C. Stevens Construction Company has maintained a solid standing within the construction industry for the past eighty-eight years, and will continue to do so well into the future. 




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Associated Builders and Contractors 
R. C. Stevens Construction 
 Company as an Accredited Quality Contractor 

The Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) program publicly recognizes construction firms that commit to, demonstrate and document their actions that support five core values:

1. Quality
2. Safety
3. Employee Benefits
4. Training
5. Community Relations

R. C. Stevens Construction Company is one of thirteen who hold this designation in both the Central Florida and East Coast ABC chapters. R. C. Stevens has qualified for this designation every year since 2003.

For more information on the Accredited Quality Contractor Program; http://goo.gl/5i5qFl

R. C. Stevens Awarded 

The Safety Training and Evaluation Program (STEP) is a merit based safety recognition awarded on an annual basis. This is our 11th year being recognized for our safety on the worksite.

Safety is a vital part of 
R. C. Stevens success and our low EMR rate is proof of our dedication  to keeping our team safe on the worksite.

Safety is a vital part of R. C. Stevens success and that is why it is one of the components of our 

Right Track™ program

For more information on
Right Track™



RCS in the Community


One of the really cool things about 

R. C. Stevens is how involved we are in the community. 


Community is part of our culture here at R.C. Stevens and we are continually reminded by our Mission Statement


We build our business through partnerships by exceeding expectations with performance, training, and education while actively supporting our community.

Governor Scott Declares October as
Manufacturing Month 
Across the nation, the manufacturing industry will be hosting events, talks and social media campaigns to share information on the exciting field of manufacturing.

There is currently a shortage of skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. As the baby boomer generation continues to retire, there have been fewer skilled workers entering the field of manufacturing to take their place. Part of the problem is due to the stigma of manufacturing jobs not being as desirable as other professional occupations. Industry leaders are working to counter the misconceptions through educating the younger generations on how science, technology, engineering and math are all part of the opportunities available in manufacturing. 

One way leaders are getting the word out is through the "Manufacturing Day" campaign. This year, as the campaign has grown in national recognition, several states are taking the day a step further by declaring October as "Manufacturing Month." Florida is one of those states.

On September 17, 2014, Governor Rick Scott signed a proclamation that recognizes October as "Manufacturing Month" with the official observance kickoff day being October 3, 2014.

To find out how your company can be involved with spreading the word: www.mfgday.com
Good Manufacturing Practices
Why it matters to know

To provide quality services to food processing companies, GCs must have a clear understanding of what is important to owners in terms of facility operations. For food processing companies, FDA compliance is their top priority. 

Section 110 of the "Code of Federal Regulations Title 21" (CFR) lays out for food processing facilities the requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This information should serve as a guide to GCs when completing projects for food processing facilities.

The CFR's GMP section covers requirements from facility washdown to details such as shatterproof lighting to avoid contamination of food products. GCs working on projects need to understand what GMP requires as it relates to project design and materials. 

Owners place their trust in the GC to know how to accomplish a project and keep the processing facility within FDA compliance. This task is delicate and complicated, but manageable when GMP are understood by the GC. 

R. C. Stevens Construction Company has served the food processing industry for over eighty years. We started with the local citrus industry and have expanded to working with national beverage bottling facilities and food processing facilities. Our knowledge and understanding of completing work where GMP are important have lead us to be leaders in expansion and renovation of food processing facilities.

For more information on the CFR's section 110 GMP;
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