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Our banner cat for the September 2015 Newsletter is CFA's Second Best Cat in Premiership,GP, NW SUAVERE'S DARK SECRET OF PENOBSCOT, a black solid Persian neuter.

(Photo by Larry Johnson)


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CFA White Pages Deadline - Dec. 1

Listings are not automatically carried over from the previous year. You will be listed automatically ONLY if you are a Breed Council Member, CFA Clerk, CFA Judge or Club Secretary (if your information has changed, fill out this form to guarantee that we have your most current address, phone number, email address, etc.)
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We are finally getting just a glimpse of Autumn (and not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned!) Vacations are over and we're thinking about cat shows again. 

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful September!


Outside auditors have completed the annual audit for our fiscal year that ended April 30, 2015. I am pleased that we have once again shown a profit for the year and it was larger than budgeted. We had unexpected expenses this past year due to overtime and additional staff resources aimed at our problems with registrations and the new computer system but those additional resources paid off as we are processing your registrations in a timely manner. Once again we showed an increase in the number of registrations and that additional income helped cover the unexpected expenses. If you have not seen a copy of the audit, check with your club secretary.
At the last Board meeting we changed the rules for kitten scoring which went into effect 9/15/15. We have done our best to get the word out. We sent out a CFA-News notice, sent emails to every club secretary, clerk, breed council member, even posted it on the Blog for the CFA International Cat Show. Bottom line, you now need a registration number, permanent or temporary, in order for your kitten to be included in the count. You can show a kitten without a number; however, it won't accrue or provide points.   If your kitten is eligible to be registered via Ecats, it takes only days to get your permanent number. If you need to snail mail the paperwork, we are turning those around in a week. You can, of course, continue to receive a Temporary Registration Number from the entry clerk. Central Office staff will be checking to avoid inappropriate activity.
Our Executive Director, Terri Barry, was hired in September, 2014, so she has been with CFA for a year now. The position was vacant for four years and we are pleased to have hired Terri. We have seen a number of improvements under Terri's leadership not the least of which has been turning things around in the registration area. This year the Central Office has undertaken a greater role with the CFA International Cat Show as well as taking over management of our Annual Meeting starting with Las Vegas in 2016. Join me in thanking Terri for all she has done for CFA this past year.
The Executive Board meets in person three times a year and the next such meeting will be in a couple weeks on October 3-4. If you have a concern you want addressed, touch base with your Regional Director. The Agenda will be distributed as soon as it is finalized. 
Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
It's hard to believe that it's September already, with the summer fleeting and fall fast approaching.  C.O. has wrapped up the 2015 Annual and continues to assist the International Show Committee with the upcoming International Show in November.   We are also preparing for the onsite October C.F.A. Board meeting.

I would like to take a minute to touch on a few housekeeping items that will assist both you, as well as C.O.  First, keep in mind the new show rule implemented on September 15th that requires kittens to have a C.F.A. registration number or a TRN number to be included in the Official Count of the show.  Please note that also effective on the 15th was that kittens must now conform to the cat requirements for Championship or Premiership.
I would also like to ask you to please make sure to complete all required information when requesting a service from C.O. It is especially important to include your entire address (street, city, state, zip code and country) and your email address. Doing so will assist C.O's ability to complete your request in a timely manner.  We are working hard to keep snail mail within the 10 day timeframe and Ecats within the 72 hours timeframe.  I encourage all of you to use Ecat, if you are unsure or have questions contact C.O. we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.  You may also register your H.H.P. using Ecat.  If necessary information is not complete we must contact you, which interrupts and slows down the processing of your request. 

On another topic, as some of you have noticed, the show packages now include information on the C.F.A. Foundation, and a pdf is also available on our web page for use.  Shortly, information on C.F.A. Mentor/NewBee program will be available, both for inclusion in your show catalog. 
I would also like to welcome Michelle Fergason to the C.O. staff. She is being trained to handle show license and clubs.  April Regis was transferred over to Ecat registration. Marianne Toth will continue with Ecat, general registrations, confirmations, and will assist with phone coverage.  These changes are being made with the desire to continue improving our service to you.

During the last month I've attended the Sacred Cat of Burma show and National Capital.  It was nice getting to meet more of the cat fancy, both exhibitors and your cats.  Outside of last year's World Show, National Capital has been the next largest one I've attended.  It's just nice to get out, meet more of you and learn more about the cat fancy.  If you see me at a show please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Verna Dobbins
Director of CFA Services

When sending in registrations/transfers please make sure to provide complete information.  Central Office needs complete names and addresses for all owners.  We need first name (given) and last name (family), street address, city, state and zip code.  Should there be missing information Central Office will try to contact you by email or phone, should this information be provided.  If we do not receive a response within 30 days your work will be returned.  If no contact information is provided your work will be returned by USPS. 
When sending in your cat name choices please list 2 DIFFERENT name, should we not be able to use the first choice and no alternative is provided your registration will be returned. 
When you receive your registration certificate please look over to make sure everything is correct.  We strive to be as accurate as possible but unfortunately due to varying circumstances we do make errors.  As noted in the rules for registration, corrections without incurring a fee cannot be guaranteed after 6 months from the date of issue.
Should you have any questions or problems please contact our staff at 330.680.4070 or email Carol Bertone at [email protected]


CFA International Cat Show
CFA's largest show with the ability to accept 1,000 entries is scheduled for November 21-22, 2015, in suburban Philadelphia PA.  The show has not only great judges selected by CFA's clubs worldwide, it has lots of extras for both exhibitors and spectators.  Check out the show's website for flyers and more information.

When clubs voted on judges there was a tie for alternates in the At-Large group of judges.  A coin toss was conducted at last weekend's National Capital show.  Peter Vonwanterghem is first alternate and Diana Doernberg is second alternate.

You can help make the show a financial success by sponsoring a ring, a breed, or even the Agility and Education Rings.  Deadline for some of the sponsorships is next week.  Check the website's Sponsorship pa
ge for information on costs and what is still available.  We need your help!

If you have a business that would like to be present at the show as a vendor, we welcome you to check out our vendor web page with information on costs, etc.  Questions can be referred to Verna Dobbins.

New this year as a fundraiser for the show we have a commemorative pin designed by Teresa Keiger and produced by Jan Rogers. The design is a stylized white cat in front of the Liberty Bell, which is one of the symbols of Philadelphia and represents our location in Oaks, PA. We have a limited number of pins and have already sold many, so reserve yours while supplies last. The pins are just $10, please contact Mary Kolencik, [email protected], to reserve your pin now. Mary is working on setting up shipping and paypal which should be ready soon, watch the show's website for details.

Mid-Season Show Rule Takes Affect Today
REMEMBER - Starting today, any show held after TODAY requires the kitten to have a registration number to be included in the show count.  That number can either be the permanent number OR a Temporary Registration Number (TRN) obtained prior to the show. 

Also remember that per show rules, you must obtain that TRN before check-in closes.  You can't ask the master clerk for a TRN once judging starts.  At that point YOU ARE TOO LATE!!

Complete information about this rule, and frequently asked questions about it, are available here.

BAOS at the International Show
CFA International Show - Oaks, Pennsylvania:
The next Breed Awareness and Orientation School is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the CFA International Show on November 21-22, 2015 in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  The school will be held on November 19-21, 2015.  Our instructors are Pat Jacobberger, Ellyn Honey, and Annette Wilson with Gary Veach "In the Ring" handling.  Further information can be found on the flyer.  Plan to attend!  We'd love to see you there!   

Show Statistics
CFA's Largest Shows 2014-2015 Show Season

1 (342) CFA World Show - Purple  
2 (333) CFA World Show - Red  
3 (266) Garden State Cat Club  
4 (262) National Capital Cat Show  
5 (247) Cotton States Cat Club  
6 (232) San Diego Cat Fanciers  
7 (218) Hong Kong Black Cat 
8 (214) October Cleveland Persian Society - Sat
9 (206) October Cleveland Persian Society - Sun.
10 (199) National Birman Fanciers
10 (199) Straight & Curl Cat Club
Data compiled by Monte Phillips from raw data supplied by CFA based on cats present.  Read Monte's statistical analysis of the 2014-2015 show season in the Online Almanac.

Teresa Keiger

The September issue of Cat Talk  is well on its way to the printer. This month, as it's our "Fall" issue, we look at several issues that affect senior cats. We also look at a few recent shows that have been unique in their own ways, Joan Miller continues her Legislative series on Animal Activism terminology, and we begin a series about the ins and outs of producing a cat show.

As always, we are open to story ideas and submissions.  Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
CFA Ambassador Cats
Karen Lane, ACats Committee Chair
Shelly Ducharme after a final in
Iris Zinck's ring
This month, meet  Shelly Ducharme and Frank O'Connor. They breed Havana Browns under the name of Xocol cattery.  They live in Auburn, Alabama and show primarily in Region 7, but also travel frequently to shows in Regions 1, 3, 4, and 6.  They got their first Havana Brown and began exhibiting in 2007.  Their first Championship male, who became their foundation stud, joined their home a few months later and the first Xocol litter was born in 2009.  In addition to their Havana Browns, they have an American Bobtail and several rescue DSH.  Both the Havana Browns and the American Bobtail participate in the Ambassador Cat program.
Red charming a spectator in Deland, FL
Shelly works as a hospital pharmacist and Frank is a retired college professor.  They have always enjoyed talking to spectators and talking about their cats.  Being interactive with the public seems to be a natural product of breeding and exhibiting a rare breed, since most people visiting a cat show have never heard of the Havana Brown, much less seen one.  They found all of that to hold true about American Bobtail as well.  It is rewarding to educate the public about our wonderful pedigreed breeds, and especially to broaden awareness about minority breeds.
While they do not currently have a specifically designated Havana Brown A-Cat, the breed is well suited for this type of interaction with the public.  Most recently, at the Deland show, their longhair American Bobtail, GP Shelbie Simply Red of Xocol, did a fantastic job as an official A-Cat.  He seemed to enjoy it as much as the public enjoyed meeting him and interacting with him.  Shelly and Frank look forward to sharing one of their lovable Havana Browns or their "big Red" again at upcoming shows.
Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

 A list of donors to the Winn Foundation is available here. Thank you!

Winn's New Program: Technician Honor Roll - Winn recently  established the Technician Honor Roll as a complement to the Veterinary Honor Roll. If you have a special Veterinary Technician (CVT, RVT, LVT) you would like to recognize, you now have a way to express your appreciation.  For a donation of $100 or more, Winn will send a beautiful framed certificate and a letter naming the donor to the technician. In addition, their name will be listed on the Technician Honor Roll page on Winn's website. (link to )
Double Your Donation to Winn - What do Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson all have in common? They are employers with a matching gift program for employees who give. Winn has made it easier for donors to check if their employer offers a matching gift program and also to apply for the program. Your donation can have double the impact and you can check your eligibility on our Matching Gifts page. (link to )
Ride for a Winn - Join Winn President, Dr. Glenn Olah, in the Winn Riders for Feline Health Fundraising Campaign. On October 29th and 30th, he will ride 330 miles to help fund our 2016 Winn grants. Follow the Campaign. (link to
Winn/AVMF Scholarship Recipient for 2015 - Ms. Emily Pearce, a third year student from Mississippi State University, was selected by the Winn Board of Directors to receive the annual $2500 scholarship. Learn more about Emily's selection and her cat, Derf, from the press release. (
Winn Event Survey  - We have a short survey determining what type of events and locations supporters might like to attend to learn more about Winn. The survey can be taken here. (link to )
Patriotic Photo Contest Winners - Congratulations to "Ice" (Carol Lott) for Best of Show, C Rothfeld/K Von Aswege/M Ohtoh_ Solo Bashert for Most Humorous, and Vincent Van Gogh (Linda Bailey) for Purple Heart Recognition. View the photos. (link to
Planned giving tip for September - Testamentary donations to the Winn Foundation may reduce State and Federal inheritance and estate taxes.  State death taxes may include estate taxes, inheritance taxes, a "pick-up tax" or a combination.  Estate taxes apply to the property in your taxable estate.  Inheritance taxes are focused on the person who inherits the property.  States with no estate or inheritance tax may have a "pick-up tax" that partially offsets what is paid in Federal Estate tax.  Regardless of the form of death tax, the Winn Foundation is a public charity and donations are deductible to the full extent of the law. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

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Please make note of our new contact information:
Mailing address: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Email address: [email protected]

Will Los Angeles County cat breeders be going the way of the dogs?

In 2006, LA County enacted mandatory microchipping and mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) for all dogs with a few exceptions, including a definition for a "competition dog." Now LA County is considering placing cats under similar restrictions.
In February 2015, the Board of Supervisors approved a motion directing the Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) to draft a cat MSN ordinance modeled on the existing dog ordinance. The rationale for the motion includes the following: the number of dogs entering DACC has been reduced by 60% over the past 40 years; while cat intake was only reduced by 30%; and that a cat is most commonly euthanized because it was feral or an unweaned kitten who could not survive without its mother.
In the draft ordinance, which has not yet been presented to the Board of Supervisors, a cat would qualify for the competition cat exemption if it were CFA registered plus one of the following:
  1. Within the last 365 days the cat has competed in at least one cat show approved by a national registry or the Director; or
  2. The cat has earned a conformation title from a purebred cat registry; or
  3. The owner or custodian of the cat is a member of a purebred cat breed club approved by the Director, which enforces a code of ethics that includes restrictions on breeding cats with genetic defects or life threatening health problems.
Such an ordinance is problematic for both registered breeds and developing breeds as not every breeding cat can compete in events or obtain a title. There are several good reasons an owner might breed a cat that would not be entered in shows or have a title, such as a straight-eared Scottish Fold. In that case the owner would have to qualify for the club membership alternative.
However, problems arise with the borrowed club membership alternative concept also. Not only is the concept of clubs different for cat breeders and dog breeders but it is also different for cat clubs in different cat registries. Furthermore, not every breed of pedigreed cat has a breed club with an enforceable code of ethics. As currently written, how will a breeder qualify for the club membership alternative?
It is already expensive and difficult to maintain a successful breeding program in LA County. There is a hobby license fee that covers cat and dog breeders ($250 initially and $175 per year afterward). A hobby breeder is limited to the birth of no more than one litter per domestic dog or cat and no more than one litter per domestic household in any 12 month period. Breeding in excess of this requires a breeding facility license and may result in other penalties. LA County also limits to the number of dogs and cats that may be kept at a residence without additional licensing.
Complicating matters is the mandatory microchipping requirement that will now be extended to all cats 4 months or older. Owners will be required to provide the microchip number to the Department and the "applicable" microchip company (though not all microchip companies maintain databases). Governmental registration of the microchips is just another method of licensing and cat tax. CFA believes microchipping is a decision best made between the owner and their veterinarian, not mandated by governmental action.
None of this will help LA County with their unowned community cat problems.


Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -   
[email protected]
by Karen Lawrence
CFA Museum Director


The CFA Foundation has created a series of 
advertisements that can be inserted into show catalogs. Use of these ads will be a great help in generating awareness and support for the Foundation and the Feline Historical Museum.   The PDF files for the ads can be downloaded from the CFA web site as these URLs:

It's been a busy month for The History Project. We've added four new complete files for Topso of Dingley (silver tabby Persian, b 1886), Sura  (seal point Siamese, b 1896), Bonhaki  (silver tabby Manx, b 1897), and Ouizero Taitou [ (silver Abyssinian, b 1909).

A new gallery has been created for the cream/cream tabby Persian , and shows cats from 1896 through 1959. In addition, the main photo is of Mrs. Lillias Bloem, a former President of CFA (1957-1966), who bred cream and blue Persians under the Bloemhill cattery name. Photos of her cats have been located and we are in the process of scanning them so they can be added to the gallery shortly.
In addition, we've added details of a new artifact - a bronze medallion from the Cat Club de Paris, France, awarded in 1936. 
Check out our UPDATE page regularly for new additions
by Candilee Jackson, Chair

Committee Updates:
The Ambassador materials have all been centrally located in Central Office in Alliance, Ohio, so that ordering and inventory should be much easier on the CO staff.  We have started mailing outthe new show hall explanation brochures as well as the new handbook.  We have one banner foreach region:  they are 3' x 6' and are made of vinyl for durability.  There are also grommets so they can be put in place easily for higher visibility in the show hall.  Please let me know if your region would like one.  If we find we need 2 or 3 per region, the funds are in our budget to order more.
NEW IDEA #1!  Regions 2 and 6 are experiencing the excitement of pet expos.  Region 2 has one coming up in late September that will feature not only a CFA presence but an agility ring as well!  Region 6 was part of a CATS only expo in Minneapolis in late August that played to a sold out crowd of over 13,000 people.  Twin City Cat Club set up a Sturdi cage, decorated the top and put stuffed animals inside to simulate the show experience.  Since pet expos are becoming more popular, I am asking ALL ambassadors to let me know when there's an expo in your area so that we can plan to have a CFA presence of some sort ... the bigger the better!
NEW IDEA #2!  Thanks to Jayne Wood's observance in Region 7, she has found an ambassador niche that is just purrfect.  There are several newbee exhibitors in her area, and she has been helping acclimate our new friends to the show hall and show procedures.  New friends are beingmade and the new folks are feeling more comfortable in their new melieu.
Region 1   Carol Schwartz - no report
Region 2:  Meghan Noecker, Mary Sietsema- no shows this reporting period
Region 3:  Janis Walkingstick, Harold Bourgeois - no report
Region 4:  Mariane Toth
Sacred Cats of Burma held a wonder summer show on August 22 in Medina, Ohio.  Keeping to its standards of excellence, the club put on a terrific show, with the quality of Birmans outstanding.  Lots of questions from the gate regarding both the breed and judging. Even though the weather was great, the spectators really enjoyed watching the judging and talking to the exhibitors.
Labor Day Weekend was highlighted by the Sternwheel Cat Fanciers show on September 5th in Mansfield, Ohio.  Although the show had a low entry count, the quality of cats was exquisite.  Spectators were excited and enthusiastic, with many questions regarding the judging process.  They enjoyed their visits to the benching area, with many exhibitors showing off their fur children as well as answering questions.
Region 5:  Shari Millar
Three shows in Region 5! Santa Monica Club hosted the big two day SOLD OUT show in Ontario, California, in August. Fierce competition, fabulous potluck, such a great venue! September 5th found Ambassadors busy at the Superstition Cat Fanciers show in Phoenix, Arizona, which despite the earlier rain, was a super nice temperature for September in the desert. This show had it all: relaxing atmosphere, fun and full of wonderful food.   A steady stream of gate came through all day, with lots of cats being picked up by their new owners. The rescue crew adopted out at least 10 cats - these volunteer "Ambassadors"  do a great job for the area. The Hemet show was a wonderful ice cream social in an effort to abate the heat outside. SCAR provided lunches and cookie/bake sale items, always a worthy cause and a good excuse to eat a lot of cookies. The gate at Hemet always is impressive, lots of cat lovers there, and Ambassadors were on their toes, answering questions and heading spectators in the right direction. Overall,a very fun and relaxing show for all!
Region 6:  Candilee Jackson
The summer was a "dry" spell for the MWR, but began the fall rush with a super-duper of a show in Topeka, KS, hosted by the Topeka Cat Club.  The show count was just under 100 with few absentees, but the quality of cats was over the top.  The gate was a steady flow and ambassadors
were busy answering questions, mostly about what was going on in the rings, and specifically how the cats were judged.
Region 7:  Jayne Wood - no shows this reporting period
Region 8:   Takako and Masanari Kojimi
Raptor and Masanari at the Nishinehon show
The Japan Shaded Fanciers hosted a small show on September 6th.  There were not a lot of entries as the show hall was small, and Raptor was not there as an Ambassador.  Just before the show began, the show manager asked Takako to clerk which took her out of being an ambassador which saddened her.  However, Masanari served alone and he was very busy between showing their cat and passing out pamphlets. As a veteran breeder, he had fun explaining about the show and how the judges make their decisions.  Afterwards, he decided that EVERY breeder should be an ambassador!

Region 9:  Natalya Gnatyuk and Ulrike Kneupple
 no reports

International:  Phoebe Low - no shows for China this reporting period
Ambassador Sein Abdul with Hill's Representative in Ambassador Booth.
Cat Advocates and Troupers Society, Kuala Lumpur, Malalysia,  held a lovely show where Pam DelaBar presided as one of the judges.  Ambassadors were present and very busy!

The Cat Fanciers of Brazil hosted a  spectacular show in Cat Fanciers of  Taubate,  Brazil, where Jacqui Bennett had awesome time judging kittens! (below)
Corporate Affliates


Studio 6

Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis



Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 

A very quiet August here with no shows at all. But September is here, kids are back to school, and the shows have begun! This weekend in Cornwall, Ontario, Cats Without Borders in conjunction with Alouette Cat Club is putting on its first show in a lovely facility. A small show, but we have time to relax and chat with friends old and new. Really interesting vendors and a great raffle completed the fun. Enjoyed a great Saturday night dinner as well.

Next weekend another fun 6x6 to look forward to in Cortland, NY. Come and enjoy the show and some early fall foliage. Then it's on to York, PA, for a show that always promises good fun and good food!

Region 2
by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary

On August 15th, the NW region held their annual fundraiser at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, Oregon. Forty-six people attended the potluck, raffle and bingo game. Over $2000 was raised for the funding of CFA Northwest clubs that need a little help with sponsoring a show in the region. The food was good and the raffle items were truly wonderful ranging from fresh peaches to beautifully crafted baskets of goodies. Pam got a break in calling the Bingo numbers when she convinced Kendall Mar that he should do the calling. He is pictured at the banquet. (right)

September brings us the annual Seattle Cat Club/Grandview Cat Fanciers show on September 26th in Longview, Washington. This is a six ring one day show with Agility. Show flier and information may be found at under the show calendar.
Poppy State Cat Club Show

Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director  

What a HOT and exciting Regional Awards Show and Banquet!!!  If I were to list people here that dug deep to put on this great event, I would inadvertently miss a name, so I won't do a list. The quality and quantity of food was the best we have had in a long time at a banquet.
Avaryn Willmann holding her Best Cat Premeirship ribbon. She didn't clear the table so AB Judge David Mare hoisted her onto the judging table with her beaming pride.

After Denver, we all headed to Schertz, TX for a San Antonio Styled show.  The facility was wonderful as well as the count.  I am glad to see our counts crawling upwards as opposed to falling downwards. Kudos to the San Antonio club!!! Avaryn Willmann Granded her Brown Tabby Neuter Exotic and was as excited as her mom and grandmother (Jan Chambers), proving you are never too young to begin showing a cat.  Between Tracy Bayarena and me, we pretty much got all of the rosettes and awards handed out that were left over from the Regional Awards show.  Thank you Tracy.  Please check your award plaques to make sure the right award is in your box, and let me know ASAP for a correction.

Now we are heading back to Denver for Foot of the Rockies Cat Club's two day show, September 26-27th. Accommodations will be the same as the Regional with the hotel being the Holiday Inn Stapleton, using the booking code FR2.  There will be free transportation between the airport and the hotel as well as the hotel to the show hall.  Thank you FRCC for providing this service for us all.
Dinner after the show on Sunday with Jan Rogers, Sheryl Zinc, Steve McCullough, Paula Noble, Toni Huff and Jeff Phipps.

Looking ahead, there will be our FUN raiser in Cleburne, TX October 25-26 with the Region and Front Range Cat Fanciers as the hosts. Lots of raffle items, kitty costume contest as well as a couple of surprise games will round out the two day show.  Then off to Rosenberg for Brazos Valley December 5th for another great Texas show.  We seem to be balancing out the regional shows between the Northern edge and the Southern edge of the Region.  Thanks guys!!
On the heels of Brazos, will be Show and Tell's annual Christmas show in Cleburne, TX. Jan Rogers always knocks it out of the park at this show with great decorations and a fun time.
See ya'll in the show hall.

Region 4
 by John Colilla, Regional Director
We have a Facebook page and are a member of Pinterest, both which provide information about our region. The links are  and
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
  • September 5 Sternwheel Cat Fanciers 5AB and 1 SP
  • September 19 Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers 5AB and 1 SP
  • September 26 Queen City Cat Club 4AB and 2 SP and 6 HHP
  • October 3 Kentucky Colonels Cat Club 5AB and 1 SP
  • October 10 Cleveland Persian Society 4AB 2SP
  • October 11 Cleveland Persian Society 4AB 2SP
  •  October 24 Hallmark Cat Club 4AB 2SP

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
Superstition Cat Fanciers really outdid themselves with its Labor Day
weekend show in Phoenix. Taking advantage of an unexpected open date at
the show hall, the club stepped up and produced a wonderful show in a short
amount of time. The Hemet Feline Fanciers' show is always one to look
forward to, with its fun. relaxed atmosphere. This year's did not
disappoint. Not only was there an ice cream social, the dedicated people
of the Southern California Abyssinian Rescue put together a fabulous
lunch, bake sale, raffle and silent auction.

October brings Golden West's 6x6 on October 3-4 in Palm Springs, CA.
Plan a Palm Springs getaway--beautiful sun, desert and mountains. End
October with the Santa Monica Cat Club show in Costa Mesa at the Orange
County Fairgrounds. Costa Mesa is adjacent to the John Wayne Orange
County airport and is also home of South Coast Plaza. Come in early or
stay extra, be sure to leave time to shop!
Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary
Planning Committee:  Your planning committee is still on hiatus with plans to resume their weekly tele-conferences on September 21st.  
It Takes A Village!
At this writing (9//13/2015), there are only 2 awards and certificates to be located and mailed out out over 400 at the beginning of the project!  There were so many wonderful people involved in the project, too many to list names, but it was not just people, but ORGANIZATIONS as well.  A huge debt of thanks goes to Roeann Fulkerson of TICA, and several breed council secretaries and club officers from ACFA.  
The best thing about this project was not only the honing of the detective skills of your secretary, but the wonderful posts and emails that continue to come from very surprised and happy former exhibitors.    Many were touched in way unimaginable, and a couple indicated they just might think
about showing again.  What started as an endless task became a wonderful outreach to many MWR folks.
Awards/Certificate Project
While the project is down to trying to locate ONE exhibitor, Ruth Ann Cooper, however, the region is aware there are several exhibitors who received certificates but did NOT receive earned ribbons and rosettes.  Without the certificate to go by, your MWR secretary has no clue
as to whom is missing what.  If you are missing ribbons or certificates, please email Candilee at [email protected] so she can rectify the situation.
Topeka Cat Club Show, September 5, Topeka KS
Wicked Chicken deviled egg judges: Kori Walburn, Brizio DiFrancesco, Debbie Hausapple

Left: Wicked Deviled eggs and a brave Beverly Wood
Labor Day Weekend started off just right, with a wonderful show in the Agriculture Builiding ot the Topeka Expo Center.  While the weather was hot outside, it was even hotter:  the "Wicked Chicken" Deviled Egg Contest was a huge hit.  To cap the event, Preston Smith had made wickedly hot deviled eggs with horse radish and jalapenos, and the bet was a five dollar bill to anyone who could eat one, keep it down and show off a flaming tongue afterwards.  The traditional deviled egg winner was Martha Auspitz, while there were about 8 brave souls who passed the wickedly hot egg challenge, including our own Beverly Wood.  She is one brave lady!

NEWS FLASH!!!    This just in from show manager Allene Keating:  
"I just balanced the books. It is unbelievable ! Topeka can have another show !
Thanks to the generosity of CFA Cat Fanciers, the Topeka Cat Club made a little more than what they started with. T
HANK YOU ALL AGAIN for SUPPORTING the show by ENTERING, EXHIBITING YOUR CATS, and for the DONATIONS that made up for the small count ! "
Marsha Ammons at the Peoria show
American Gothic Cat Club, September 12-13, Peoria IL
With the slight chill and hint of Fall in the air, Peoria once again was the place to be in the MWR.  American Gothic hosted a wonderful and well-attended show this weekend, that continues to boast of the biggest and best raffle in the region, according to raffle chair, Cindy Willougby, who set out TWO days worth of goodies for TWO separate raffles.
MWR Brags
New exhibitor, Sharon L Miller, is so excited to have her very FIRST grand!  Congratulations Grand Premier Jamis Nickoli, ("Nicki") European Burmese.  Breeders:  JA Bemis, M Auspitz and N Moses; Owner:  Sharon L Miller, Topeka KS.
GC, BW, RW Slava Better Believe It, aka "BB",  finaled in all 6 rings at the Topeka Cat Fancier's Show last weekend, giving him the last few rings he needed this season for the title "Grand Champion of Distinction."  BB is a 2 1/2 year old brown mackerel tabby Siberian male, and is the first Siberian to earn the Grand of Distinction title.   BB was bred and is owned by Sherrie Phelps, and lives with and travels the country with Lucy Drury.
Upcoming Shows:
Twin Cities Cat Club                   September 26                             Crystal MN
Illinois Feline Fanciers                 October 17-18                             Springfield IL
Indy Cat Club                             October 31-November 1   Indianapolis IN

Twin City Cat Fanciers and Saintly City Cat Club were invited to have booths at the Walker ArtMuseum's Cat Video Festival in Minneapolis, MN. This is the fourth year for this event, which garnered national attention. This year the event was held at CHS field, the new home of the St. Paul Saints. The sold out event brought together over13,000 cat lovers who sat on the baseball field, watching cat videos for over an hour.  Our club decided to interest people in coming to CFA shows by presenting the cat show experience including videos, pictures and a Sturdi cage with top decorations and stuffed cats inside.  Club members handed out $1 off coupons to their upcoming show in Crystal, MN, pm September 26th  and imprinted pens.   It was exciting to see so much interest in the club's display.

Above: watching cat videos at the Cat Video  Festival.
Right: Tom and Loretta Baugh's granddaughter Brenna Lynn Baugh
Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

The Southern Region has a lot to be excited about this Fall!  Starting the month with a successful show at Ocicats International/Maine Street Cat Club in Oakwood, GA, and followed by National Capital in Chantilly, VA, it's a great time to be showing our cats.  Enjoy the time that you spend with your friends and fellow fanciers and savor each moment!   Remember why you started doing this and be thankful to your cats for bringing you together with the best friends in the world who have become your family.  Each show season is a journey, and although the goal is important, the time spent along the way is truly the best gift of all!   
National Capital Photos
Highest Scoring in Show.  See Perry Coleman's show results here.

Just beyond the ticket sellers, the first things spectators saw, cats were available for petting. Cats and owners changed hourly. Shown here are Lisa-Maria Padilla and Diane Castor.
A cat fashion show was popular with participants and spectators alike.


Judge Douglas Myers got into the spirit of things with his stars & stripes! 
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
Today I must report very sad news in Japan to you. (It's 10th September 2015)
Several places in Japan had been attacked for the last two days by the heavy rains of the 18th and 17th typhoons this season. It rained 600mm or more within one day. Especially in north Kanto area, some rivers overflowed above floor level and many houses in river side carried into river. And this heavy rain is continuing and moving the other areas. I know many exhibitors and many breeders live in these areas. I pray for them, their families and their animal partners. Please pray for them with me........

I'm very proud to announce that our Regional staff has determined our Regional schedule. We have decided when to hold Japan Regional show and Regional Award Banquet, but have not other details of them yet.
The Japan Regional show 2016 will be held this coming January 9-10, 2016 in Kobe.
Also Regional Award Banquet for 2015-2016 show season will be held this coming July 23, 2016.

Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner

A One Day,Two Ring Show,
from the perspective of of a CFA allbreed judge.

The first time I heard of this event was when Pauli Huhtaniemi asked me to judge this show. I remember that my first question was, "Are you sure just two rings?" And he said, "and it will be a one day show and entries are limited to 100 cats." "Ahh and you are sure exibitors will come?" "Yes, we will fill," Pauli said.

I have had a longterm experience with the Finnish CFA fancy. They are very active, highly motivated, and know how to run this business. So it was no surprise when I heard that the show was filled within 6 days. Russell Webb from the US and I judged the two allbreed rings. I judged in the morning from 9.00 am to 01.00 pm and Russell took over after me. For me it was perfect. I came in on late Saturday night at the Helsinki international airport and I left the show hall at 03.00 pm on Sunday afternoon. 100 cats (championship, kittens, premiership and HHP ) were easy to handle and with Tuija Aaltonen as my ring clerk we got it done perfectly.

There were 97 cats present. In championship there were 5 grands entered and lot of opens and champions, so that at the very end, with a great cat it was possible half the points needed for a grand champion title. But the quality was not like one would expect for a local affair. It was top quality in all classes! I had a wonderful bi-color Manx as my best cat in championship and for the first time in my live I made a bi-color pointed Siberian my best kitten. With the premiers my winner was a wonderful silver patched tabby and white Persian. The HHP class was amazing, most of them were black and white in different lengths of coat, so that the final decision was not an easy job. My winner was a black and white shorthair in outstanding condition.

I have to point out there were many "newbees" at the show and after a short introduction of CFA, the standards, the show rules and the funny little colored ribbons we started right in time. There were lots of questions to answer before the start and after I finished the ring. Cat Fanciers of Finland have met their goal of reaching new exhibitors with this show, and I'm sure most of them will come to the next event.

The show was held in a smaller town about 45 minutes away by car from Helsinki in a nice old fashioned show hall. Some of the club members took over the kitchen and they served coffee, cakes and a hot soup. When I finished my judging they were close to be sold out and made a good business. I don't know how many visitors were in the show during the day, but there was no doubt about a great gate.

All in all, well done Cat Fanciers of Finland. They show us once again a way to go in a very difficult time and for me it was a little bit like the old days when we had four ring shows on whole weekend.

Thanks to the club and the members for making me a part of this first time event.

Moscow, Russia - 22nd August 2015
Edelweiss cat club - total 95 entries

Edelweiss Cat Club choose a new location: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in the nicely decorated Pavilion 7A - please look well to all picture the foreground as well the nice background materials. Edelweiss Cat Club was pleased to present these well-known CFA judges: George Cherrie & Arie Gronewegen from Netherlands, Michael Schleissner from Germany, Kenny Currle from USA and Irina Tokmakova from Russia. Edelweiss Cat Club proudly presents Martina Litvina, an active WCF judge from Moscow to complete the judge line up for this 6 ring AB CFA show on a warm Saturday in Moscow, Russia, CFA region 9.

Edelweiss Cat Club is thankful for all and every exhibitor on this day, a true commitment towards our club and CFA organization. In critical times of unstable economies, changing currency rates and rising prices - trust is a rare and valuable asset. Trust means to ensure what we build today will remain tomorrow - any CFA club trusts their exhibitors - exhibitor's trusts their clubs to continue to produce CFA shows. But we all need a bit more - we need a strong CFA organization to ensure the rules are everywhere the same and are applied with respect - we need reliable CFA services here, there, everywhere - we need a grateful acknowledgment for all the work and risks the CFA clubs takes in all regions and division - on every weekend!

Please take a minute and look at the current show schedule on the CFA website or at the local schedule to find the upcoming CFA shows in your neighborhood. Build a trust relation today - for tomorrow's common success

International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 

Amanda Cheng and Maggie Kwan staged a successful International Division Awards Banquet in Beijing on August 23.
Congratulations to all the ID winners and our top ID cats:
Best Kitten: GC, NW KITTIES LAND MAIN EVENT, Blue British Shorthair Female 
                      Breeder/Owner: Wenwei Shi
Best Cat in Championship:  GC, BW, NW GETRICHCAT NUCLEAR WEAPON,
                      Blue British Shorthair Male
                     Breeder:  Li Ling Chung, Owner: Bei Xue Wang
Best Cat in Premiership: GC, GP, BW, DW CHUN LAP TREASURE-OF-JAMAICA, Calico Exotic LH,
                     Breeder: Luk Chun Lap, Owner: Yeung Mo Lam
Our Spotlight Award winner is Chun Yip (Danny) Tai from Hong Kong for his multiple years of service to the International Division.  The ID also recognized the first "Star Award" recipients for service to the ID:
  • Aurea Cleide, Brazil
  • Cacang Effendi, Indonesia
  • Francie Chao, Taiwan
    Dancers providing entertainment at the banquet.
  • John Chin, Malaysia
  • Junia Vergilio, Brazil
  • Maggie Kwan, Hong Kong
  • Nuttarinee Satirasilpin, Thailand
  • Pattinee Tangkawattanakul, Thailand
  • Sandra Al-Sumait, Kuwait
  • Yeung Mo Lam, China
Clerks recognized were:
  • Afza Kharmizi, Malaysia
  • Chrissie Chan, Hong Kong
  • Guo Xun, China
The Cat Fanciers' Society of Indonesia had a very successful show at the end of August in Bandung, Indonesia with over 70 Maine Coons competing.

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