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Our banner cat for the June 2015 Newsletter is CFA's Twenty-fifth Best Cat Kitten, GC, NW J

3Janes 2Windy2Believe of Nudawnz, a blue Abyssinian.

(Photo by Creative Focus Photography)


TODAY is the cutoff date for hotel room reservations. After today, reservations will be accepted only on hotel availability and prevailing rates.  Make your reservation here.
CFA Annual Meeting in Toronto
Keep up to date with the latest news about the CFA Annual at www.20105cfaannual.org 

CFA Awards Banquet reservations deadline is JUNE 22

The Winn Foundation
holds its annual symposium Thursday, July 2 from 4-6:30 pm. Registration deadline is June 28, so register now

Cat Shows in the News


If your club receives press from its show, please forward to Jodell Raymond at [email protected]

(photo courtesy Sophia Staples)

CFA Yearbook Advertising
A complete advertising package can be found on the CFA website here

We can design your ad, too! Simply send your photo(s) or high resolution digital images and text along with your order form and payment. You can email everything to [email protected] or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Yearbook AD.

AUGUST 14, 2015.


The 2016 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of May 1, 2014 through April 26, 2015.  You can email everything to [email protected] or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Publications.The deadline is August 14, 2015.

Any questions please contact Shelly Borawski - [email protected] - 732-492-7216

For those of us in the cat fancy, gowns, fancy dresses, and flowers don't mean graduations and weddings.  It's  our own festive celebration - awards banquet season! That time when we turn our grooming skills on ourselves, and try to look almost as good as our cats do! And it all culminates with our CFA Awards Banquet, held this year in Toronto.

Enjoy the festivities and the friendship - it's time to "sparkle on!"



Three of our Regions held their awards festivities this past weekend, two are scheduled for this coming weekend and others are later in the summer.  Many thanks to the volunteers who work so hard to make our Regional awards banquets so much fun and thanks also to those who work on the shows held in conjunction with the awards celebrations.  This was the first year for our new computer system and the end-of-season scoring.  There were a number of glitches and errors which is unfortunate but our staff worked hard to correct the problems.  I know those working on the awards events were frustrated over these issues and we again thank them for their hard work.


June 1st was the deadline for clubs to be in good standing in order to remain members of CFA.  Unfortunately, 27 clubs were dropped due to failure to pay dues and/or submit their current membership lists.  I am sure some of those clubs deliberately dropped out; however, I know there are some clubs for whom this was unintentional.  Central Office notified clubs three times that they were not in good standing, so these clubs should have paid attention to those notices.  In addition, deadlines are on the CFA website and they have been mentioned a number of times in this newsletter.  The website also listed the clubs in good standing and there were reminders for club members to check to make sure their club was on that list.  I realize at times life gets in the way; however, it is unfortunate that we lost clubs due to oversights.


Have you joined or renewed your breed council membership?  Every year we hear from people who were sorry they failed to do so because they didn't think there would be anything significant on the ballot and then, voila, something pops up that really interests them but the deadline has passed and they have no say on the issue that means so much to them.  Don't take a chance.  Join so you know you have a say.  The deadline for receipt of your application or renewal is August 1st and links to the forms can be found on the CFA Website, Exhibitors page.


The Great Lakes Region is working hard to produce a top notch Annual for us.  This year it is in Toronto, Canada, from July 2-5.  I hope you are planning to attend.  There is a Board meeting on Thursday and much of it is open so you can watch your Board in action.  Friday is the delegate meeting where we will hear reports from many of our important committees, votes will be taken on Amendments and Resolutions, and the credentials committee will announce the results of the election for seven Director At Large seats.   Saturday night is the banquet when we celebrate the top cats and kittens for the show season that wrapped up April 30th.  There will be other meetings and some entertaining hospitality suites.


For those of you who are already exhibiting in the new show season, good luck.  Keep the competition in perspective.  This is a hobby, something we are supposed to enjoy.  Cheer on your friends, welcome those new to our hobby, and take both your wins and your losses with grace.



Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director


We are fast approaching the 2015 Annual.  C.O. has been busy assisting the Region with the finial preparations for the upcoming event.   I know the Region has worked very hard to make this special; it goes without saying it's been a difficult task.   From what I've observed, the Region has certainly stepped up to the plate and exceeded all expectations.  As of the Newsletter deadline of June 13    we had 350 Delegate's registered and 240 hotel rooms reserved.   Toronto is an amazing city with a lot to do.  Based on the number of rooms reserved it appears that many of you plan to explore the area either before or after the Annual.


By now, I hope many of you have completed the survey for a chance to be selected to visit and tour the Royal Canin facility.  I would have loved to experience this tour but will be unable to, since our Board will be in session at the same time and it was necessary to schedule this event on Thursday.   For those of you who are unable to make the visit and tour the facility, I hope you will join Royal Canin at their afternoon seminar. 


I'm looking forward to my first Annual so that I can continue to learn what is necessary to put on such a successful yearly event.  C.O is preparing  to step into this role effective with the 2016 Annual.  To do so I have asked all staff involved to assist in the development of a C.O. Annual Manual.   I have heard nothing but great things about past Annuals and I am confident C.O. is up to the task. 


It has recently been brought to my attention that when some of you attempt to download certificates they are not displaying correctly and appear to lack necessary information.  Our system generates certificates to be printed with the latest version of Adobe PDF Viewer.  Many web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox have their own build-in PDF viewer which may not display our certificates correctly.   The easiest way to display, save, view and print your certificate from a PDF file is to first download and save the PDF file to your computer, then open in Adobe viewer.  Instead of clicking onto the PDF link, right click with your mouse on the link to the PDF.  You should now see a menu of options with a "save as", "save files as" or "save target as" select one which will then ask you for a place to save the file to, select you're Desktop or My Document for easy access.  Once saved you should then be able to open in Adobe PDF Viewer and locate the file and open the saved file.  This should allow you to retrieve and print your complete certificate.  I hope this will help those that are experiencing this issue in downloading your certificates.

I look forward to meeting many of you in just a few short weeks.  So it's good bye for now, see you in Toronto and safe travels.



CFA Club Sponsorships

This is a reminder that clubs wishing to receive a corporate sponsorship from CFA MUST fill out and return a corporate sponsorship form. Clubs can download a pdf form here, or contact Verna Dobbins for additional information.

Hospitality suite information for
the 2015 CFA Annual meeting in Toronto


Come one, Come all (or Roll up, Roll up!) to our hospitality circus! Enjoy circus foods like popcorn, funnel cakes and corn dogs
while you clown around with friends! But wait, there's more! You'll have to attend between 8-11 to find out! Hope you will join the fun!


Friday we honor our winners from around the globe. Enjoy international foods and beverages while helping congratulate our top 25 Kittens, Championship, and Premiership
cats. If you are among the top 25, don't forget to stop at our welcome table to pick up a small gift! Again, the hours are 8-11. See you there!


After the banquet, hang around to dance to
music from a live band!
CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School
- coming to Garden State Show!

by Pat Jacobberger

Judging Program Education chair


The next BAOS will be held July 16-18 in conjunction with the Garden State Cat Club show in Somerset, NJ.  This school is open to anyone in CFA who would like to broaden their knowledge about our breeds (i.e. - it's not just for judges and applicants to the CFA Judging Program).


Instructors will be Pat Jacobberger, Annette Wilson, and Liz Watson.  Classwork will be conducted on Thursday and Friday. The practical "hands on" lab will be at the show on Saturday.


For more information and to reserve your spot, please see the reservation form here.

New Breed Article Available
On the CFA Website

A new article on the Siamese is available now: 
From the 1987 CFA yearbook, "We Are Siamese... Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow"

 See it here!

Special Tour of the Royal Canin Facility
AND a Feline Symposium

Royal Canin is offering both a tour of its processing facility and a feline symposium by Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine. Complete details and registration are available here
Registration deadline: June 19

                   IT Update

Dennis Ganoe

Chair, CFA IT Committee 



As of this writing (the second week in June), the Year End award files are delivered and the certificates printed and sent to the regions for their award celebrations.  This was the first time this process was completed with the new computer system and it was not without challenges.  We had several missteps along the way but with the help of Kathy Durdick and others reviewing the files, we were able to identify the errors and correct them as timely as possible. There are several rules that come into play at the end of the year that are not active during regular scoring.  These were not initially communicated to the programmers. Those rules were identified when mistakes were identified in the reports and instead of manually correcting the output we re-programmed the reporting module and re-ran the reports.  Many manual checks were then made to ensure the correct cats were awarded their deserved honors. Through perseverance and effort, CO staff identified the errors and the turn-around with Computan to correct the programming errors was very quick. The good news is this will not re-occur next year as we identified the rules and programmed then as we went.


We have our first month under our belts with House Hold Pets recorded and competing for titles. The scoring module for HHP has been completed and is undergoing final testing prior to producing the first Monthly Scoreboard that includes those results.  This programming took a back seat while we completed the year end reports, but is back on track and will be completed this week.  However, the latest results for recorded HHP are posted in the Online Almanac through manual scoring by Central Office.  Remember, if your HHP is not listed, it is because you haven't recorded your cat with CFA. You can record your HHP and retrieve up to 90 days of past results with an additional fee (similar to retrieving kitten points after registration).


On the horizon is the completion of several internal reports for use by Central Office to facilitate operational commitments. These include cattery renewal notices and streamlining the certificate printing process for faster service.  Also on the horizon are system improvements for better integration of the new system to current web site posting (points and schedules) as well as further programming for the other functions of the Central Office.




CFA Clerking Program
by Cheryl Coleman, CFA Clerking Program Chair
CFA Clerk Mailing- Master Clerks!
All licensed clerks (which includes Master Clerks, MCI's) should have received their copy of the show rules and most recent Clerking Manual thru the mail. Additionally, there was a cover letter and order list included. The second paragraph of this letter deals with 'excessive supplies' (and ordering form) and we would like to clear this up.

The Show Package is not the master clerk's responsibility: it is the Show Secretary (Show Management) responsibility when they license the show. What comes in the standard show package is what is needed for the show (i.e. entry forms, master clerk sheets, judge's sheets, etc.). There are occasions when the Master Clerk discovers when they are at the show, that they may be short a breed sheet, or other pertinent sheets, and need to ask around for one in a pinch. You can order a Master Clerk (only) package from Central Office ahead of time if you would like, just in case. Clubs have the option to order additional sheets if they like.To order YOUR extra supplies, you can use this sheet and fill out the Master Clerking package portion.

The form that was sent to the Master Clerks (and clerks) should not have been sent, because it insinuates that you are the ones responsible for ordering ALL supplies for a show. You are not: it is show management's responsibility should they desire to change the quantities. However, if you - as the Master Clerk - would like additional supplies (keeping a master clerk package for yourself) please order separately.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Clerk/Master Clerk/MCI Status
Thank you everyone for your patience! We will be addressing outstanding issues in regards to your status after the annual.

CFA Judging Program
from Annette Wilson, CFA Judging Program Chair:

Four applications have been received from judges applying for their second specialty; these will be considered at the July 2, 2015 CFA Board Meeting:
  • John Adelhoch - Shorthair (second specialty)
  • Yuko Nozuki - Shorthair (second specialty)
  • Marilee Griswold - Longhair (second specialty)
  • Tomoko Kitao - Longhair (second specialty)

A CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School will be held July 16-17-18, 2015 in Somerset, NJ in conjunction with the Garden State Cat Club Show. For more information, click:
and to make a reservation, click:
**Reservation Deadline is June 28th!**

Teresa Keiger

Our June issue

It took our staff almost 8 months to assemble what we (and our readers, from what we are hearing) consider our best issue to date. We thought that it was time to broach the topic of those "Tough Decisions" that all breeders and pet owners will have to face at some point: how to handle situations involving death and life-threatening illness in our cats, and how do WE cope with those consequences. What we discovered was that it was a subject that so many people responded to and has so multi-faceted that we will revisit it sometime next year. Many thanks to our writing staff and other individuals who made this issue possible.
In the meantime, we will look at issues that our senior cats face in the October issue of Cat Talk.

CFA Year in Review Issue
Cat Talk's August issue focuses on CFA's award winning cats and we have a special advertising opportunity for our readers.  See: http://catalog.cfa.org/cattalk-ads.shtml  Deadline for the August issue is June 1, so get your photos together now!

Gift Subscriptions
Would you like to give a pet buyer, your veterinarian, or another cat lover a subscription to Cat Talk?  It's easy! Go to http://catalog.cfa.org/cattalk-almanac.shtml  , order a new subscription, and specify the address that you want it sent to. NEW! We will send a letter to you recipient announcing your gift.  

CFA Ambassador Cats
Up-Front and in the Center
by Karen Lane, ACats Committee Chair

Many of the Ambassador Cat people are planning on attending our annual Meeting in Toronto in a couple of weeks.

We have a presentation planned for the Delegate Meeting about our year in review. We have expanded our membership and we are supporting CFA in many more ways than just our attendance at CFA shows.

Come to Toronto and celebrate our nation's birthday with us, as we are "Up-front and in the Center" of all things CFA...
Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of donors to the Winn Foundation is available here. Thank you!

The Winn Symposium is bringing the best of the best in clinical research to the CFA Annual. Please join us! 

There is still time to register for the 37th Annual Winn Symposium at the CFA Annual Meeting on Thursday, July 2, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, ON, Canada. Register online through CFA or Winn Feline Foundation  


This year's program includes: 

 * Jody Gookin DVM, PhD, DACVIM from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine "Understanding the probiotic versus pathogenic role of gut bacteria in kittens with diarrhea" 

Dr. Gookin will cover her Winn sponsored research into the role of intestinal bacteria, specifically enterococci and pathogenic E. coli, in causing diarrhea and diarrhea-associated death in kittens. She will also review the progress research has made in developing tests and treatment approaches for such critical infections. 


*  Craig Webb, DVM, PhD, DACVIM from Colorado State University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital "Feline stem cells as novel treatment for cats with chronic intestinal disease" 

While the search for solutions to the common problem of chronic diarrhea in cats continues, Winn research is at the forefront of new potential therapies. Evidence-based treatments of dietary intervention, Vitamin B12 supplementation, and probiotics will be briefly reviewed. Potential beneficial treatment regimens have been identified, as the properties and use of stem cells for various treatments are better understood. 

For more details and to download the Symposium Flyer 


 2015 Winn Media Award - Nashville, the home of country music, was the recent location of the annual BlogPaws Conference. Steve Dale, Winn board member and radio personality extraordinaire presented the 2015 Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award to Fran Pennock Shaw. Fran is an award-winning freelance writer and former newspaper reporter from Lancaster, PA who specializes in covering animal health and research issues. She has published approximately 300 companion animal articles in newspapers, magazines and newsletters and has frequently written articles for the Purina Pro Club (cat version newsletter). She is a past president and former treasurer of CWA and remains active in that organization. 


Patriotic Cats Photo Contest - Feeling Patriotic?, why not send in a photo of your cat in a red/white/blue setting and/or attire, or how about colors associated with your family's country. Why not honor our military by sending a photo of your cat with a person of military or in uniform? Details for submission: Include the cat's name and your name with the photo Photo size maximum is 3 MB

 Categories for prize winners 

 - Best in show    - Most Humourous
 $50 Amazon Gift Card to winner in each category

Selected by panel of judges

Last day for submission is September 1, 2015

Submit your photo today


Planned giving tip for May 

Many employers allow you to make charitable contributions by payroll deduction. This makes donation easy and record-keeping simple. Just keep a copy of your W-2 or other document furnished by your employer that shows the total withheld for charitable donation. You should also keep a copy of the pledge card that shows the name of the charity. For federal workers (civilian, postal and military) you may make donations to the Winn Feline Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign (#10321). For any questions, please contact [email protected]


Winn Give Now

Please make note of our new contact information:

Mailing address: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Email address: [email protected]

Website address: www.winnfelinefoundation.org


Florida's Palm Beach County's Countdown to Zero may bring mandatory sterilization and microchipping to an area that already has restrictive breeder licensing laws


The 2014 Countdown to Zero Program adopted by the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners (BCC) established a ten year goal to end euthanasia of adoptable animals. In 2013 the live release rate for dogs was 71% and 21% for cats according to information provided in the BCC meetings. The rate has improved for the 15,000 dogs and cats entering the shelter per year to a save rate of 80% for dogs and 39% for cats so far for 2015 (Palm Beach County calls for an end to importing dogs and cats, Sun Sentinel, Andy Reid, June 2, 2015).  


The article also reports County Mayor Shelley Vana stated that rescue groups ignored previous requests to stop importing dogs and cats into Palm Beach County and questions "How does this benefit dogs that are going to die here?" One local rescue group went on record stating the county is going too far asking rescues to stop importing dogs.

Ending the importation of animals from outside Palm Beach County is just one focus in the Countdown to Zero program. The BCC intends to focus on several other programs including, but not limited to, high volume, affordable and targeted sterilization, TNVR, proactive adoptions, and rescue networks.  They will also work with other groups to achieve the 10 year goal.


Revising the Palm Beach County animal ordinances is also under consideration. Proposed changes include mandatory microchipping, mandatory spay/neuter (MSN), record keeping changes for breeders, time for redemption in the event of impoundment, and the number of dogs and cats a person may have. Community cat caregivers face changes as well.


Mandatory Microchipping


Under the proposed ordinance every cat 4 months of age or older must be implanted with an electronic animal identification device. CFA supports voluntary microchipping. However, some concerns have risen regarding the safety of the technology. Thus, this should be a choice made between the cat's owner and their veterinarian.


Additionally the cat's owner must keep their contact information up-to-date with the division creating more work for owner and county. There are national databases that are much better equipped for dealing with this information. These national databases also provide a nationwide umbrella of protection for people's pets that no county can duplicate.


Despite the mandatory microchipping, Palm Beach County also proposes mandatory wearing of rabies/license tags for all dogs and cats. There are 2 exceptions. First, cats contained within an enclosure with the tags attached to the outside of the enclosure. Second, a cat contained within the owner's residence. The choice of having the cat wear a tag, be tattooed, or be implanted with a microchip, would be gone.




The proposed changes delete the unaltered license provision. Every cat 4 months of age or older must be sterilized unless it fits under one of the exemptions currently contained in the county code. The proposed exemptions to the MSN requirement are:


  1. The dog or cat is registered with a national or international club, association, or registry recognized by the division, and the owner certifies in writing to the division that the animal is being used, trained, or considered for use in a show(s), sporting competition(s), or other similar competitive event(s) held by one (1) or more national or international clubs, associations, or registries.
  2.  A veterinarian licensed in the state certifies in writing that the specific dog or cat is medically unfit to undergo the required spay or neuter procedure because of a medical condition, including but not limited to age, that would be substantially aggravated by such procedure or would likely cause the dog or cat's death.
  3. The dog is currently used by a law enforcement agency for law enforcement purposes.
  4. The dog is a guide dog or service animal as defined in section 4-2 of this chapter.
  5. The owner wishes to keep the dog unsterilized and certifies in writing to the division that the dog will not be bred or used for stud purposes unless an appropriate breeder permit is first obtained from the division.
  6. (New) The dog or cat is used for breeding purposes by a licensed hobby or commercial breeder.
  7. The dog or cat is being harbored by a pound, shelter, humane society, or similar organization, whether public or private, whose principal purpose is securing the adoption of dogs or cats or offering sanctuary for dogs or cats, provided that the dog or cat is spayed or neutered prior to being placed for adoption.
No intact cats 4 months of age or older may be kept together without a Palm Beach County breeding permit. As written, it does not matter if the cats are of the same gender. Currently, breeders have until the kitten (or puppy) is 6 months of age to place the kitten or determine if the kitten was good enough to keep in the breeding program.


Limit Counts


Another change that may affect breeders is in the dog and cat limits given a certain acreage provisions. Currently under this provision dogs and cats under the age of 8 months do not count towards the limit. The change would count all dogs and cats 4 months or older except community cats. This also shortens the amount of time a person has to determine the quality of the animal for showing or breeding as well as the time to find the puppy or kitten a quality home.


Record Keeping


Breeders face additional record keeping requirements. Currently required to report the contact information of buyers in the county, the changes would require breeders to report the contact information of all buyers located in and out of the county. This invades the privacy of those out of county buyers and may cause a chilling effect on sales. Additionally breeders would have to report when they have no sales at all. For some breeders there could be years between litters. That is a lot of extra work for breeders and county employees responsible for tracking all those "null" reports.


Redemption from Impoundment


Contrary to the intent of the ordinance, the changes to the redemption policy could reduce reuniting cats with their owners. In response to this, the county would change the hold time from 5 to 4 days (3 if space is an issue) if the cat is identified as an owned cat. There is no hold time if the cat has no identification. People who allow their cats to roam outdoors may not even know their cats are actually missing in this short time frame. Even for microchipped cats whose owners are diligently looking for their cats, issues arise: the chip may not scan properly, the information on the cat may not be recorded accurately (the cats erroneously listed as a male when it is a female is one example), and pictures not being posted quickly are just some of the problems that can arise to prevent an owner from finding their cat.


Community Cat Caregivers


The feral cat section is replaced by a Community Cat Caregiver section in the proposed ordinance.  The new section adds care standards for the community cats. Microchipping, sterilization of all cats 4 months of age or older, and ear-tipping are all mandatory requirements. It also adds a requirement that the community cats be maintained on the private property of the caregiver unless there is permission from the owner or manager of the property.


A public hearing is scheduled with the BCC meeting on June 23, 2015. As yet there is no posted agenda for this meeting. If you are interested in attending meetings on this ordinance, agendas can be found at http://www.co.palm-beach.fl.us/countycommissioners/




Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -   [email protected]




Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -   
[email protected]

by Karen Lawrence
CFA Museum Director


Many of us are interested in the development of our breeds, and it's particularly educational to see how the breeds have progressed over the years.  The new GALLERY section of The History Project web site will take you on just such a journey.  Completed are photo galleries for white, black, blue and silver Persians, English (British) Shorthair, Manx and Siamese.  Additional photos will be added as we come across them in our search through historical magazines and books. The photo gallery can be found at http://www.cat-o-pedia.org/gallery


We're also looking for old photos of cats to include in the photo gallery.  If you have historical photos, with an identified cat in it, we'd love to have a scan of it.  Email [email protected] for more info.


Th e latest exhibit in the Feline Historical Museum is a companion piece to The History Project, compiled through our collaboration with John Smithson of the Harrison Weir Collection, New Zealand. . "Feline Faces of the Past" takes a look at photos and information on 44 individual cats, representing Persian, English (British) Shorthair, Manx, and Siamese born between 1888 and 1906. 



by Candilee Jackson, Chair


From Region 2: The CFA Region 2 northern California picnic was held at Land Park in Sacramento, CA on June 6th. Regional Director Pam Moser and her husband, Brian, set up with the help of several exhibitors. The park site was a bit tricky to find but a great place with more than enough picnic tables, lots of shade trees and parking nearby.

The Region donated all the fried, baked and grilled chicken for the Picnic Potluck. Exhibitors and families brought a variety of salads, fruits, veggies trays, pies, cookies and assorted tasty treats!
Pam had organized an auction that was a HUGE hit! Everyone was asked to donate an item and Pam was an excellent auctioneer! We had everything from wind chimes, handmade jewelry, gift cards, wine, lawn chairs, cat items and free groom and entry to some upcoming shows! I think the Region made a sizeable profit! The bidding was fun and they even had bidding paddles!
There were plenty of Bingo games going and I must say Pam is also a great "bingo caller"! The two tables were packed with Bingo players and even in the sun it was fun!
It was so nice to sit and chat with fellow exhibitors and not worry about missing a ring or rushing off to a final. There were lots of laughs and definitely a good time was had by all!

Region 2 will be hosting another picnic in Oregon later this summer. I can't wait to see what Pam and the exhibitors have planned!
Press Release For Your Cat's Award Available
Are you excited to celebrate your accomplishments and let your local community know about your recent CFA win? CFA now has a template that you can download, personalize and send to your local radio, television and newspaper outlets. We also have an example for you to follow. After the Annual is over, go to http://www.cfa.org/News/PressReleases.aspx and download the template and example for your personal use. You may even want to include a photo of your cat. Note that it is always a good idea to follow up your press release with a personal phone call. If you put on a local show, publicizing your wins in the local media will bring attention to CFA and may influence your show's gate.

If you have any questions, please contact Jodell Raymond at [email protected]
Thanks to Mary Auth for this idea and her help in preparing the sample release and template.

Corporate Affliates


Studio 6

Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis



Discounts Available to You!

Region 1

by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 


What a fun but exhausting Memorial Day weekend we had! Our first all specialty show in a long time took place on Saturday, complete with a great raffle and fundraising bake sale (a bit of which spilled over until Sunday). Siamese Alliance held their traditional show on Sunday and we were all on the road home at a very reasonable hour.

This week, the region is gearing up for our regional show (being hosted by Diamond State Cat Club and Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers) and banquet in York, PA, on June 20-21. Everyone is looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. A little downtime after that, but looking forward to seeing everyone in Toronto. 

Region 2

by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary

The highlight of the month of June was the first ever No Cal Northwest Regional Picnic held in Sacramento, CA on June 6th at William Land Regional Park. We had 44 people attend and raised $800.00 for the region.


The picnic features a potluck lunch with chicken, salads and deserts. It was quite a spread of delicious items. Following the lunch, Pam holds her famous raffle. The attendees bring an item to raffle off. We were supplied with paddles for the bids. Dee and Connie want to hire Pam for the Roseville Auction because she is so good at it. Following the raffle is Pam's infamous bingo game. This is always fun with great prizes of gift cards.


The event was very enjoyable and very successful. The attendees are looking forward to the picnic next year. The Upper Northwest will hold their annual picnic/fundraiser in August at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, Oregon. The date is August 15th.


Other coming events include the Sunkat Feline Fanciers show on July 18th and 19th in Seaside, Oregon. The flier is available on the CFANorthwest Regional Calendar.

August 8th the Poppy State Cat Club will hold their annual one day show at the McClellan Center in North Highlands, California. This is also the date of the Regional Awards Banquet to be held at the Lions Gate Hotel in Scramento, CA. Banquet information and Photo requirements are posted on the Northwest Regional Calendar. 

Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director


May got off to a great start wiith the show in Memphis and finished in style with the Stars & Stripes Cat Club show in Conroe, Texas.  While lots of Texas was dealing with (and some areas continue to deal with) flooding we had a window that allowed us to have a really great show to attend.  Yes, I know many of us loaded out in the rain but there were little breaks in the rain that made it not so bad.  A very nice venue, a terrific slate of judges, a variety of vendors, as always a fantastic raffle, and all of you who came and exhibited your beautiful cats and shared information with all those who visited this show.  It all came together to make a great show.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our Region 3 members at the Annual in Toronto, CA in a couple of weeks.  After that, we will be having our Regional Awards Show and Banquet in Mile High Style in Denver, CO, August 15-16, 2015.  Be sure to keep yourselves and pets well hydrated now that it is summer.

See ya'll in the show hall.
Region 4

 by John Colilla, Regional Director



The 2015 Toronto Annual will be at The Westin Harbour Castle. You can find all of the information that you need at http://2015cfaannual.org/


There is an express train called "Union Pearson Express " (UP Express). It is a new dedicated airport express service between Toronto Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto. The journey will be 25 minutes, with departures every 15 minutes. Once at Union Station in downtown Toronto, an enclosed glass walkway can be taken to within steps of the Westin Harbourfront. The cost of the train is around $20.00.


We have a Facebook page and are a member of Pinterest, both which provide information about our region. The links are https://www.facebook.com/cfagreatlakes  and https://www.pinterest.com/carmencitamarie/great-lakes-region-cfa/


We had a great year in 2014-2015 show season. The region gained one more National Winners than 2013-2014 show season for a total of 14.


Our 2014-2015 show season award banquet was held in Wilmington Ohio on June 13, 2015. Our clerk of the year was Ginger Gunlock; and we had a tie for our Spirit of Great Lakes award: Carmen Marie Johnson-Lawrence and Valerie Smith.


Special thanks to co-show managers, Diane Curfiss and Tim Schreck for a great show; as well as our banquet chair, Diana Doernberg, for an excellent awards banquet. Thanks to all the region members who worked on a committee or stepped up to help. There is a reason we are the GREAT lakes Region.


Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:


  • June 13-14 Great Lakes Regional 7AB and 3 SP
  • July 25 Motor City Jazz Club 5AB, 1 SP and 6 HHP



Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
Huge thanks to all that put so much hard work into this past weekend's Southwest Regional Awards Show and Banquet! It truly was a wonderful day. 

The Valley Empire Club labored tirelessly to make sure the show ran smoothly--linda Acomb, Jack Acomb, Tim Murphy, Garret Demarest and Lena Karachun. The awards would not have been possible without Carolyn Osier's determined efforts to collect, organize and order all the photos and trophies. Bonnie Wilson meticulously coordinated the photos and typeset the awards booklet.

Cyndy Byrd, brought her creativity, crafty skills and many other behind-the-scenes-just-gets-it-done contributions to the banquet theme, decorations and awards presentation. I am in awe of what she can do! I knew I wouldn't have to worry about the banquet hall with Cyndy, Penni Richter and Andrea Bohren getting it all set up. John Snedden and Cyndy as Annie and Daddy Warbucks stole the show! 

RoseAnn Wheeler negotiated the hotel and banquet contract, selected the meals and ensured all the details were wrapped up. She knew all the questions to ask and saved me and the region many headaches and money! 

When Art Graafmans stepped up to take on the awards presentation, I knew I wouldn't have to worry. It would be beautiful, run seamlessly and exceed any professional we could have hired. Tim Wheeler, John Snedden and Cyndy Bryd lent their voices to the presentation, a highlight. I know how much time they put into it and and forever grateful. Without Linda and Larry Smith hauling heavy, bulky audio gear across the desert, we wouldn't have heard the awesome presentation.

Region 6

by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary

The planning committee is winding up all the excitement prepared for the MWR Awards
Show and Banquet this weekend in Springfield, Illinois.  The On The Road Again promises
to be very special, put together by the creative hands of Mary Auth.  Mary-Margaret Richardson
has promised a mistake-free pronunciation of catteries and cat names in the voice over, and
Cathy Dunham has done her magic with coordinating all the slides for a memorable awards
banquet.  Be prepared for a surprise at the end of the evening!

Upcoming Shows:
July 18-19                Mo-Kan Cat Club        Kansas City Expo Center, Kansas City MO


Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director


I want to thank everyone for our fantastic show and banquet in the Southern Region this past weekend! The show filled - what a bonus for the Region!  Thanks to ALL of our super Southern Region judges at the show, we still managed to finish on time both days, in time to enjoy our fabulous banquet on Saturday night, and we got everyone on the road on Sunday!  Despite the cramped quarters, the TV crew, and a decent gate, we managed and everyone seemed to have a great time!  

Please know that would NOT have happened without all of you who were a part of the planning and production of this show and banquet.  I don't want to miss anyone, but I have to personally say THANK YOU to Joanne Hardemann, Connie Wardlaw, Cyndi Lewis, Lisa Highlan, Pat Lichtenberg, Leslie Carr, Sallie Smith, Ann Strople, Karen Thomas..... there are not enough words to say....  Teresa Keiger and Sandi Lewis produced the most perfect booklet and Cheryl Coleman, Claire Wolf, and Mary K - the AV production was as close to perfect as we could have - THANKS to them!!  

 Special thanks to Shirley Peet - who donated her entry clerk fees to the SR - and worked diligently to get all the entries in - despite urgent family matters pulling her in another direction!

The trophies (which I have received several inquiries about)  - based on a survey of several of our local clubs I decided that everyone wanted cats.  A local metal fabricator in Loganville, Georgia, produced the cats for me, and another local company put them together at a very affordable price.  If anyone is interested, I'm sure they could make cats for you too!  They are making huge Persians to go on our gates!  

Thank you to everyone who said kind words to me and made me feel good.   My goal was to give y'all a great show and party and celebrate all that is CFA and our love of our cats!  I think we did that - Southern Region style.   I'm going to put our a survey and solicit your input later on to help us do even better.  But, for now I'm going to hug my own kitties and go to the pool!!

Hugs to all of you, Jean
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director

The new show season already started in Japan! The first shows of the new show season were held in Tokyo by the Prime Gemini Cat Club on 10 May, and by Japan Shaded Cat Fanciers on 31 May. Then on June 6th, the Ocicat Trust Japan and British Shorthair Club Japan held their show on June 6th at the newly renovated Tokyo Industrial hall Taito-kan. The show hall was very clean and beautiful and you can watch the nearby Asakusa Temple and the highest sky tree. There were many good cats and kittens entered, and exhibitors enjoyed the show
Both shows were 6 rings, one day shows.

Recently Japan was not in a good economic condition, so most shows did not receive many entries, as you know. But in this season some new club have plans to hold their shows. New young people, new exhibitors will come to show hall, all full of expectations!! I hope to hold more many shows in Japan in this season.

We will have the Japan Regional Award Banquet for the 2014~2015 show season at Kyoto Granvia Hotel next weekend on 21 June 2015!!

Region 9
submitted by Michael Schleissner

Purring and Barking again at Bremen / Germany

on August 1 & 2nd 2015 German Catwalk presents its next CFA show in Bremen / Germany
this show is in conjunction with the Regional 9 awards banquet

The show is a 6 ring show ( 4 AB/ 2 Super Specialties ) with our great judges team
Kathy Calhoun, George Cherrie, Pam DelaBar, Olga Gebneva ( guest ), Arie Groenwegen und Jan Rogers

Show Hotel
Maritim Hotel Bremen
Hollerallee 99
28215 Bremen
Phone: +49 (0)421 3789-0
Fax: +49 (0)421 3789-600
[email protected]

Klassik Single Room: 68,00€ per night, per room. Early-Bird Breakfast* included
Klassik Double Room: 78,00€ per night, per room. Early-Breakfast* included
*Early-Bird Breakfast: Coffee, tea, fruit, muffins, croissants, small yogurts
Cat per night: 9,00€
Parking: 2,50€ per hour / 18,00€ per day
(pls. ask for the Summer Special 9,00 €/ day)
WiFi: Free
Deluxe Breakfast 21,00€ / Person

Free use of the pool, sauna and the fitness area
Please make your reservation directly at the hotel.
Mention "German Catwalk2015" to get special rate!! Special Rates valid to: July 03, 2015

Region 9 Awards Bankett on August 1st 2015 at the Kaisensaal of the Maritim Hotel Bremen

Banquet Ticket reservation
Please make your reservation at [email protected]
Awards Banquet tickets are 37,- Euros each and the payment should receive us by July 24, 2015
Reservations are for tables of 8
Smaller groups may be requested and will be seated with other smaller groups or single persons.
Number of seats is limited to 120
Please inform us until July 20, 2015 if you will be able to join us
Table reservation will be made on first come, first serve!


Swanley, Kent, United Kingdom-30th
May 2015-UK Cat Fanciers-total 51 entries

The UK Cat Fanciers CFA club held their 2nd show in Swanley, Kent, the United Kingdom on 30th May 2015 at the same location as their 1st show last year. Swanley is just at the end of the M20 motorway about 1 hour drive from the EuroTunnel terminal in Folkestone, Kent and less than 1 hour from Central London. Dartford is the nearest train station where multiple train lines pass and a convenient area for multiple hotels. While the main focus of UK Cat Fanciers is to introduce CFA to local exhibitor in the United Kingdom, Swanley was strategically chosen to attract also some CFA exhibitors from the European continent.

─rmelkanal" von Tschubby - Karte basiert auf den Generic Mapping Tools. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA

Even with the EuroTunnel from Calais, France and the car 'drive aboard' train service under the English Channel we must not forget that the United Kingdom is geographically built on the British Isles. The British Isles comprised of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man (origin of the Manx breed) are true geographically isolated from the European continent. While the Eurotunnel made travel to UK more reliable and weather independent - UK keeps extra rules for immigration and border control. UK is active not part of the Schengen area - Schengen area means travel between multiple counties without systematic border control for humans, goods and animals. The Schengen Visa, required for most East European cat exhibitors is especially not valid to enter the United Kingdom and all European citizens needs qualified travel documents.

Very systematic border control takes place for any and all animals entering the UK. To enforce these rules DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), has placed strict controls on animals entering the UK. DEFRA does not allow any animals in cabin on any flights into the UK, nor are animals allowed on passenger trains coming from mainland Europe. The only possible path besides professional animal carrier transport services is to use the EuroTunnel with the taxable service to carry pets on board the own car.

This all turns a journey to UK with cats into a time sensitive, high complex planning & coordinating process with according costs! Before boarding the train at the EuroTunnel terminal all animals precedes a very tight veterinary inspection. The Europe Union Pet Travel Schema will be applied with full power and all details will be inspected: scanning microchips and documents review for 100% compliance. Any missing detail like dates, signatures, stamps or false forms or false place will result in a denied entry. Even for very experienced European exhibitors, this will likely be a new and stressful experience. To summarize: United Kingdom is a group of Isles and the government takes all steps to remind us very well about this with different levels of requirements and control mechanisms. The forced usage of the EuroTunnel car-train service requires a change of vehicle for all distance travellers who starts their journey with a plane at a very high costs to rent a car and buy tickets for all individuals humans and cats (only tickets costs around 300$ for one car with two adults and two cats, round trip).

UK Cat Fanciers offered 4 rings AB and 2 LH/SH speciality rings on one day with CFA judges Michael Schleissner & Peter Vanwonterghem from Europe, Russell Webb from  USA, Chloe Chung from China as well guest judges from United Kingdom. Due to a true very last minute judge exchange there were finally two guest judges Carol Pike and John Hannson from GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) from United Kingdom. Both Carol and Johnexpressed their enjoyment and new experience after the show and were glad to be part of this CFA event.

A great CFA show for new and existing English exhibitors as well established CFA exhibitors from Europe. Many new exhibitors expressed how pleased they were with the atmosphere at CFA show and how much they enjoyed the CFA ring system. UK Cat Fanciers has no time to relax as the CFA club is invited to join the Family Pet Expo in Manchester scheduled for the 3rd & 4th October 2015 - an event with over 15'000 spectators. Manchester will be a total new area as Manchester is located 200 miles north-west of London - a total new demographic area.

International Division

Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair

Judge Diana Rothermel with Trainee Kit Fung from Hong Kong

The International Divisional Division Awards Show on August 22 and Awards Banquet will be held in Beijing, China on August 23, 2015.  Country Division Winner awards will be presented to exhibitors from Africa, Brazil, China, Gulf Consortium Countries (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.  Contact Maggie Kwan in Hong Kong ([email protected]), Awards Coordinator, or ID representative Amanda Cheng ([email protected]) for further information.

Nancy Dodds' clerking staff








Chloe Chung giving a seminar

Cornerpet Cat Fanciers Club and Katnip Kat Klub held CFA's first show in Wuxi, China on June 6 -7 with judges from Japan, Russia and the United States.  Wuxi is an old Chinese city (about 80 miles northwest of Shanghai) and is also noted for being one of the birthplaces of China's modern industry and commerce.




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