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Our banner cat for the December 2014 Newsletter is CFA's Ninth Best Kitten, GC, NW Morado' Sodapopshebop of Joycat Ex, a brown tabby and white Exotic female.

(Photo by Chanan)


Jan. 1, 2015
- Club fees and membership lists and due into CFA Central Office to be considered in good standing

Feb. 1, 2015 - Club fees and membership lists and due into CFA Central Office to be able to vote for Director at Large

March 15, 2015
- CFA Director-at-Large declarations due in to Central Office
Winter Cats Needed

Cute photos of cats in the winter - who doesn't have them?  Well, Jodell Raymond would like yours so that she can feature them in CFA's social media outlets. Send those cute, funny and entertaining pictures to Jodell Raymond at and we will make sure to give you photo credit.  

Photo credit: Mrs eNil / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The holiday season is upon us - the time when we reflect on those in our lives (two and four-legged) and those who are left only in our hearts.  We then look towards the coming New Year and wonder what the future holds.

To all of you in my cat fancy family, I wish you peace, joy, and love in the coming New Year. Be good to each other, and hug your cats.




Last month's World Show was a big success and I hope if you attended you had a good time. We had lots going on. In addition to 18 judging rings, we had a lively Education Ring, more competition in the Agility Ring than ever before, the Breed Awareness and Orientation School had their own ring in the showhall, three shelters adopted numerous cats to forever homes, a face painter and caricaturist entertained the spectators, breed booths for over 40 recognized breeds educated the visitors, dozens of vendors tempted many of us to spend money, and Garfield was present and bigger than life. With nearly 900 entries, it was once again CFA's biggest show of the season. Thanks to everyone who helped including Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter who was our major sponsor, our other corporate sponsors, the many clubs and breed councils and individuals who sponsored rings and breed ribbons, and everyone who pitched in with their labor and talent. Thanks to the many exhibitors who flew in from around the world. Congratulations to the winners. We are returning to the same facility next year and it will once again be held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

We are making great progress with registrations. Those who are utilizing our new Ecats system are thrilled to report they receive their registrations quickly, often within minutes. Central Office management anticipates eliminating the backlog of snail mail registrations within the next few weeks. Staff is putting in overtime in order to bring things up-to-date. Many thanks to our staff for their hard work and to our customers for their patience. Installing a new computer system never goes smoothly and we certainly have had our share of headaches with our new system but we are seeing great results after some bumpy months. Thanks to Ginger Meeker who coordinated an effort from several staff members to return Epoints to a familiar format. Many had requested it. We recently signed a new contract with a computer firm to help us expand our capabilities which will in the coming months include end-of-season scoring and some services we have not been able to offer lately such as ring-by-ring reports for your cats and cattery reports.

As I have mentioned a number of times already, in order to deal with the issues encountered with the new computer system we hired temps, brought on an additional full-time employee in the registration area, and a number of employees have been working overtime. All of that is expensive and none of it was anticipated last March when our current budget was prepared. We project that we will end the fiscal year (April 30th) reflecting a loss. I thought it only fair to share that with you so you are not surprised at the end of the year. At the six month point in the year we were showing a loss of less than $11,000, so a loss but not one to be overly concerned about in a budget of nearly $1.5 million.

Our new management team in the Central Office is making some changes. Staff are being cross-trained so when someone is out we are not at a stand-still in their area. Some tasks are also being reassigned within the office so don't be surprised if you call your usual contact and are told that is now being handled by another employee.   CFA is a business and we are instituting good business practices in our Central Office. We want to be efficient and offer you the best service possible.

Let me close by wishing each of you a happy holiday season filled with joy and lots of love.


featureCFA PAWS UP Promotion Committee

Announces Online Videos

The CFA Paws Up Committee is pleased to announce the debut of the CFA Video Series. As part of CFA's Marketing and Branding initiative, we have partnered with Knowlera Media of Great Falls, Virginia to produce videos about cats and cat showing and promote CFA.   Topics for the videos include cat breeds, different aspects of cat showing, kittens and other cat topics.  Most of the footage for the videos was shot at the National Capital Cat Show in September.  The videos are under two minutes each in length and are designed as "edutainment" videos which are appropriate in length and content for today's viewer.  Thank you to committee members: Carol Krzanowski, Teresa Keiger and Jodell Raymond for their help with the videos. Thank you also to National Capital for allowing us to shoot the footage at this year's show.  A special Thank you to Joan Miller who referred us to Knowlera Media.  Perhaps some of you who attended National Capital will recognize yourselves or your cats in the video!   CFA has perpetual rights to use the videos on our You Tube Channel as well as guaranteed long-term distribution on premium sites including the Huffington Post, AOL, Yahoo, Daily Motion, Media General, Answers, Lycos, Monkey See, MonkeySee Pets, Verizon and others. 

To view all of the videos, please go to  We hope you will enjoy the videos as much as we had producing them.  



Central Office will be closed


December 25th and 26th

as well as

January 1st and 2nd.

We have created a video comprised of more than 150 photos taken at last month's CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show. If you were there, this should bring back some memories. If you missed the show, this should give you a clue as to what you missed. Just click on the image below.

Well another interesting month has passed for me at CFA.  I had the opportunity to experience my first World Show as well as to meet many of you.  I'm not sure even were to start with my impressions of the show but to say how extremely impressed I was.   First, I want to thank all of you for the very warm welcome I received from you at the World Show.  I'm sure for some of you that were exhibiting it could have been a very stressful time.  I couldn't get over the sheer number of cats as well as all the different breeds.  Thank you all for taking the time to talk with me as well as to answer my many questions.  Slowly but surely I'm learning the life of "the fancy".

It was obvious the Show Committee work very hard to carry off such an impressive event.   Since we will be at the same show hall next year I'm sure 2015's will be even bigger and better.   The amount of work by the committee as well as staff from C.O. to carry off an event of such magnitude is unbelievable.   I was shocked what was necessary to transport to the show hall from Alliance.  When you have the opportunity to see this unfold up close and personal it's only then you see all the little things or in this case not so little things that goes on.   There was such things as the rental of a truck, insurance for it as well as the event, bring in and set-up of a phone system, chairs, office supplies, walkie-talkies, signs, first-aid kits, I could go on and on.  With just the necessary small items we completely filled a cargo box truck.  Then there's all the larger items to be transported in and the time consuming duties before, during and after the show.  I saw the show set-up and breakdown of the hall, transportation for those working the show, hotel block rental, food ordered, advertising and banking arrangements.  I could go on but I'd be tired all over again and this was just my first year.  I'm positive I didn't see it all.  Thank you all who exhibited and a big thank you to the Show Committee, all of the volunteer's way too numerous to mentation and the C.O. staff of Verna Dobbins, Shelly Borawski and Brian Buetel.  


To all Happy Holidays and a Happy, Safe and Healthy 2015!


Club Dues and Membership Lists

Just a reminder your club dues and membership lists must be received in Central Office by January 5th for your club to be considered in good standing.



Our new E-Cat system is working well and registrations are current as is our old on line registration and pedigree requests.  Snail mail is being processed as of November 17th.    The registration department has processed 2800 registrations in the last 4 weeks.  We are working hard at closing the gap with the snail mail part of registration. 



Please remember Central Office will be closed on December 25th, 26th and January 1st and 2nd so that the staff may enjoy the holidays with their loved ones.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Verna M Dobbins


2014 CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter
World Championship Cat Show
~ Top Winners ~ 


GC,GP,NW Velvetkist Pack N'Heat of Krimpurrs
Cream & White Persian Neuter

Br: Noralyn Heisig
Ow: Beth Holly - Norayln Heisig






GC,NW Wynterwynd Clair De Lune

Russian Blue Female


Br/Ow: Annette Wilson





Second Runner-Up

GC Tombrock's Chopin
Black Exotic Male


Br/Ow: Cuccu/Bertello/Giordano



Coupari Dustin of Kitties Land

Tabby/White Scottish Fold Longhair Male

Br: Melody Mathis

Ow: Wenwei (Allen) Shi

(Shown with his wife Charlene Jin)



Kitties Land Main Event

Blue British Shorthair Female

Br/Ow: Wenwei (Allen)  Shi

(Shanghai, China)


(Purple Show)

GP Chome Chai Tomoshibi of Newdawnz

Black-&-White Japanese Bobtail Longhair Neuter

Br/Ow: Seth Baugh/SJLK Friemoth


CFA World Show Exhibitor Base Breakdown

by Monte Phillips


Have you ever wondered where the 466 exhibitors come from that make up the World Show exhibitor base?  Here's this years breakdown:



Alabama - 3

Illinois - 4

Missouri - 2

Pennsylvania - 53

Arkansas - 1

Indiana - 5

Nebraska - 2

South Carolina - 5

Arizona - 5

Iowa - 2

Nevada - 1

Tennessee - 3

California - 29

Kansas - 6

New Hampshire - 3

Texas - 9

Colorado - 7

Kentucky - 8

New Jersey - 35

Utah - 3

Connecticut - 3

Louisiana - 1

New Mexico - 2

Vermont - 4

District of Columbia - 1

Maine - 2

New York - 29

Virginia - 14

Delaware - 3

Maryland - 26

North Carolina - 13

Washington - 5

Florida - 13

Massachusetts - 15

Ohio - 28

West Virginia - 3

Georgia - 11

Michigan - 13

Oregon - 3

Wisconsin - 5

Idaho - 2

Minnesota - 4




Nova Scotia - 1

Ontario - 19

Quebec - 7






Belgium - 1

Germany - 4

Russia - 14

Sweden - 1

Finland - 1

Italy - 7

Spain - 2

Ukraine - 1

France - 2






Brazil - 2

Hong Kong - 4

New Zealand - 1

Thailand - 1

China - 3

Malaysia - 3

Tasmania - 1







by Teresa Keiger, Editor, "Cat Talk"

The February issue of Cat Talk celebrates the "month of love" with a section of articles regarding feline reproduction. With that in mind, we are announcing a cover contest again featuring "Couples." 

Submit your "cat couple" to
You may submit a low res photo for consideration, but if selected, you will need to be able to provide a high res photo. 

1-3 winners will be selected by the Cat Talk staff. Must be a Cat Talk subscriber to win. Not open to members of the Cat Talk staff. Deadline: December 31, 2014

2015 Yearbook


The Yearbook was sent to the printer on December 15th and if all goes as planned it should be in the mail to advertisers and those who purchased a book in late January.  If you have not yet ordered your copy, it's not too late.  You can order online.  Price is $40 plus $12.95 shipping in the US if ordered prior to 12/25/14 and the price goes up to $45 after that.  Shipping prices are higher outside the USA.  To order and to get more information go here.

Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

Winn recently announced the 2014 Miller Trust Grant recommendations for 7 grants for the total amount of $111,392. The projects are:

Assessment of an imaging chamber for handling cats in respiratory distress

(MT14-002) Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Riedesel, DVM DACVR; Iowa State University; $3133

Comparison of two treatment options for a tick borne blood parasite

(MT14-005) Principal Investigator: Leah A. Cohn; University of Missouri; $23,023

Improving the quality of the feline reference genome


(MT14-009) Principal Investigator: William J. Murphy; Texas A&M University; $25,000
Development of a genetic test for silver coat color 

     (MT14-010) Principal Investigator: Barbara Gandolfi, PhD; University of Missouri; $10,000

Improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy on feline injection site sarcomas

(MT14-013) Principal Investigator: Kelly Hume; Cornell University; $12,969

Improving the safety of a drug used for sedation or pre-anesthesia, Phase Two

(MT14-017) Principal Investigator: Bruno Pypendop; University of California-Davis; $12,479  

Changes in bacterial and fungal flora on the skin of cats with skin allergies from normal cats

 (MT14-018) Principal Investigator: Aline Rodrigues-Hoffmann; Texas A&M University; $24,788

Read the complete press release here 


November Monthly Donor List, $100 or more


Michelle Chui

Kathleen Elkins

Robert Adler

Sofia Tomase

Robert and Dr. Vicki Thayer

AIG Matching Grants Program

Arnold Plotnick

Debra Patterson

Diane Castor

Sue Dalangin


The San Francisco Foundation

Frank Rowley

Deborah Christensen

Kelly and Renate Garrison

Susan Goodman

Bonnie Carl

Dorothy Chao

Claus Wehnert

Valerie Ware

David and Virginia Wolfe Estate Trust


Winn recognizes two special donors for their unique gifts this month. Winn thanks the David and Virginia Wolfe Estate Trust for their bequest to fund research that benefits the health of Abyssinian cats. Winn also recognizes a young donor who asked 9 people to donate to Winn in lieu of receiving her birthday gifts. Jackie Houghtaling of Glen Ellyn, IL offered a memorial donation in memory of her Maine Coon. Dr. Daniel Watson of College Station Cat Clinic of Wheaton, IL, a long time Winn Pet Memorial Hospital program participant, recommended Winn Feline Foundation as the charity for her donation. Winn thanks Jackie, Jackie's birthday donors, and Dr. Daniel Watson for their support!

 Special owners can remember special cats with a memorial donation through Winn's  "Remember Your Cat" program:

Recent cats remembered by their special families are - "Tigger" (Sofia Tomase), "Sammy" (Michelle Chiu), "Cleopatra" (James Hoopes), "Meow-Meow" (Paul and Fu-Min), "Harmony" (Cathy Raker), and Boo" (Kevin, Diana, Adrian & Felix Santiago-Kiley).


There is still time to get in the holiday spirit early and participate in Winn's Best Holiday Cat Photo Contest! Send a photo of your cat in a holiday setting and/or holiday attire to us. Visit details and contest guidelines. While you are at it, enjoy all the other cats who have joined in the holiday festivities and are showing off their finery!

Winn Give Now

Please make note of our new contact information:

Mailing address: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Email address:

Website address:

By Kelly Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison


Lee County 14-04: Voted in on a whisper, repealed with a ROAR!


Quietly, stealthily, 14-04 was passed in February 2014 with little advance notice or opportunity for fanciers to oppose. A few dog fanciers and a single cat fancier got wind of the legislation, attended the meeting, and despite the bill's passage, were able to obtain a couple of concessions that left the door open for changes.


And, so, the Lee County Alliance for Responsible Dog and Cat Owners (LARDCO) was created by dog fancier Ann Meyer, who along with CFA cat fancier Charlene Campbell, organized the opposition. Linda Alexander, another CFA cat fancier, helped pull together the information binder which was used to organize information for LARDCO in their fight against 14-04. Joan Miller from CFA, Sarah Sprouse from AKC and Patti Strand from NAIA provided information and guidance throughout the long months of opposing 14-04.


LARDCO began working on their message of opposition and alternatives. Charlene and Linda prepared a folder for the Commissioners to educate them on cat issues. LARDCO worked hard advocating for changes in the ordinance and demonstrated how a great grass roots effort works. They researched and analyzed the effects the ordinance would have on both the county and their shelter, created documentation to hand out to government officials, maintained a binder of research, economic impact and other community solutions to help people discuss the opposition points against the ordinance, met with officials, and were prepared to answer the question "if not this ordinance to promote animal welfare, then what do you propose?"


"It takes a village as they say," said Charlene Campbell. "When fighting these ordinances we need numbers - the amount of people speaking in favor of our position makes a huge difference. Teaming together with the cat fanciers organizations, AKC, and NAIA all made a difference as they all sent letters, contributed research, and members from each came in person to speak at the Public Input meetings."


Without that concerted effort to repeal an oppressive ordinance fanciers would have been left with an ordinance that required mandatory spay/neuter unless a breeder was willing to comply with the complicated provisions of the Breeder Certificate. Provisions that included proof that the dog/cat was registered with a recognized registry, agreement to unannounced inspections, mandatory microchipping if cats are not collared, record keeping and quarterly reports to Animal Services. A violation of non-possession of a Breeder Certificate could mean the impoundment of any intact animal over the age of six months by Animal Services. The owner would have to pay all fees including sterilization for redemption if a Breeder Certificate was not obtained or approved within 5 consecutive days of impoundment. And any city in the surrounding area would find themselves facing similar ordinances in a domino effect.


On December 2, 2014 the efforts of these dedicated individuals was rewarded. The Lee County Commissioners voted to repeal 14-04 and replace it with the version of the ordinance pre-existing 14-04 modified by LARDCO to include anti-tethering provisions suggested by a Commissioner. No Breeder Certificates, no MSN!


The battle has indeed been won! The war is not yet over. The Lee County Commissioners will implement an Animal Advisory Board which could be good or bad for breeders. Fanciers need to stay involved during this process to ensure they will continue to have a voice. Continuing her efforts, Charlene Campbell is hoping to win a seat on the Citizens Advisory Board and have input on future AC ordinances.


Fanciers also need to stay on the alert for a resurgence of 14-04. Those behind the repealed 14-04 were extremely upset to have their work completely undone - at least in Lee County.  Fanciers in Lee County need to be prepared to see this agenda raise its ugly head again as it has done repeatedly across the country and around the world. Not only do we need our current breeders and fanciers to help fight detrimental legislation but as Charlene says "fighting legislation is a great opportunity for our members that have retired or semi-retired from breeding, but still active in Judging or show production etc."


Fanciers need to keep track of city and county council agendas to ensure this legislation is not being proposed in their area. If these are not posted on a website, then ask to be placed on the distribution list if one is maintained for public distribution. Or better still develop a relationship with the Councilmember or Commissioner representing you. Forewarned is forearmed!



Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -

Wesley Recommends...

Wesley (CFA Central Office's Somali) received an early Christmas present this year from our friends at White Cliff Pet Products, LLC.  The Breathe Free Litter Box Mate was an excellent choice for Wesley, CFA's resident office cat. Easy to use and easy to store!  The best thing for the office staff is that there was no odor!


White Cliff is the manufacturer of the Breathe Free Litter Box Mate which is a revolutionary litter box system that is guaranteed to eliminate litter box odor for 30 days or more!Also included were Breathe Free Litter Box Mate™ Pads to complete the system.  According to the company,the pads are filled with an "inert organic mineral from Mother Nature" that absorbs moisture and gasses like ammonia and prevents bacteria growth (such as E. Coli) in the box.  


The system retails for $34.95 which includes one pad.  Pads can be used to line litter boxes as well.  Additional pads are also sold separately.  For more info go to:  Available in most retail stores in 2015



CFA Judging Program
by Annette Wilson, CFA Judging Program Chair

From the Dec. 9, 2014 BOD Meeting:

Carolyn Lyons-Prisser, retired effective 12/31/2014
Yoko Imai, retired effective 12/31/2014

Pat Jacobberger, leave of abscense extended to 12/31/2014

Amanda Cheng to APP LH (from Apprentice LH)
Suki Lee to APP LH (from Apprentice LH)
Breed Orientation and Awareness Schools
Breed Awareness and Orientation Seminars planned for 2015:

The CFA BAOS goes to Tokyo, Japan! This school is to be held in conjunction with the CFA Region 8 Regional Show to be held on January 10-11, 2015. Instructors are Pat Jacobberger, Edward M. Maeda, Yaeko Takano and Liz Watson. "In the Ring" handling will be done on Sunday, January 11, 2015. The flyer can be found  here. Registration closes on December 28, 2014. Information can also be found on our Facebook page
ambassador by Candilee Jackson
New Ambassador Banner


What's New!

The Ambassadors is proud to announce their brand-

new banner!  This 2 x 4' banner is made of vinyl and has grommets in each corner for easy display.  At the moment only one has been made, and we are asking region coordinators if they want one or two before having them created.  We don't want expensive materials gathering dust in the CO basement!


The revised handbook should be to Art Graafmans by the end of December and will be in Ambassador hands hopefully by January.  Once completed, the focus will be shifted into the development of the Ambassador training webinar.  This is a creative but long process, and pictures are needed to augment the training dialogue.


Also in development is a record-keeping tool Ambassadors can use in the show halls to help document and keep track of the numbers of people talked with, topics under discussion and difficult questions an Ambassador may have had.  This tool will be field tested at the Lucky Tomcat Show in St Louis in January.  If this tool is easy to use, the tool will be emailed to all Ambassadors so they can keep track of their interactions with the gate and this tool can then be emailed by to the Ambassador chair for board reporting purposes.


World Show News:

Hosting on behalf of the Ambassador Program, Jane Ramey held court in the CFA booth, right up front, where she had high visibility for those entering the show hall.  On hand were the brand-new Ambassador brochures, stickers and buttons, printed just in the nick of time.   


Though keeping track of everyone she spoke to, over 75 people stopped by to ask questions and pick up a brochure.  Everyone was open to learning about cat shows and many were first time visitors to a cat show hall.  Nearly everyone was interested in Feline Agility!   Three tours were directed by Jane, and the most questions dealt with the meanings of the ribbons the judges hung on the cages.


Those visitors with children were surprised and very interested in the Youth Feline Education Program.  One person, who did not have children, was extremely interested in this aspect of CFA because she was a child psychologist.  As many know, animals are integral to therapy, and CFA has several breeds where this aspect is ingrown in their natures.


Regional Reports

Region 1:  Meghan Noecker

The Upper NW part of Region 2 had a show in Portland this past weekend and welcomed over 200 spectators to the doings.  The spectator's choice favorite cat was a Maine Coon named Sam, owned by Ambassador Sande Kay. Clearly, she and Sam interacted with a LOT of spectators. As a vendor, I was benched against the wall with the outside windows. We noticed a family outside, and the father was holding his daughter up to see inside. I pulled out Regulus and lifted him up to the window. Her reaction was wonderful. She clearly wasn't expecting to see a kitty in the window!


Region 2:  Mary Sietsema

No shows during this reporting period


Region 3:  Janis Walkingstick

The Gulf Shore Region held its annual fundraiser show in a new venue this year, Wichita, KS. The show was well advertised, so there were a lot of people flooding through the gate. In addition to a lot of helpful exhibitors (we're a nice and good group here in the GSR) answering questions, the judges took their time to each represent CFA in a professional way. They took time to talk to the audience members and show off the cats. The show let out a full hour earlier than advertised Sunday which led to spectators showing up when there was no judging going on. GSR coordinator, Janis Walkingstick, stayed a bit longer and spoke to some of the late gate, showing them cats and answering their questions. She even took two carriers out of her car to show the cats off to some latecomers in the parking lot.  A fun time was had by all and the GSR exhibitors are looking forward to a show the week before Christmas in Cleburne, TX. We're also looking forward to expanding our Ambassador numbers in the new year. See you in 2015!

Region 4:  Mariane Toth

Ambassador Kathi Hoos has been busy this last reporting period:  she's been to Gaithersburg MD, the World Show, Oaks PA, and Parkville MD!  She has been very busy welcoming spectators and explaining the goings-on in the show hall.  Kathi is very much into feline education, and tries to steer questions in that direction, covering spay/neuter, declawing, and purchasing from reliable breeder issues.


Sharon Kremsreiter was so excited to attend the Maumee Ohio show to show off her Maine Coon Pet ME! Cat, Vincent.  The show management was wonderful about allowing her special space for Vincent to strut his stuff.

Region 5:  Donna Isenberg, Ken Cribbs


Honolulu Magazine, the oldest magazine in Hawaiʻi,sent Diane Lee, one of their staff photographers, to Hawaiʻi Hulacat Club's 2014 Happy Holidays show in Honolulu on Saturday, December 6, 2014. She spent about four hours at the show, shooting constantly. Honolulu Magazine will be running a feature article on the show and CFA in Hawaiʻi. It's the best slick, glossy publication in the state, focusing on news and features aimed at an affluent residential audience. Ambassador Cat Kaluamoa Mister Peabody posed for photos and greeted visitors at the show with kisses, snuggles and paw-bumps. Kids and adults alike were eager to collect his A-Cat trading cards.


Read more about the Hawai'i Hulacat's show (and some misadventures) in this article.


As CFA shows are few and far-between in the Hawaiʻi Division, Ken and Mister Peabody have also been promoting CFA and the cat fancy by visiting residents of  retirement homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care centers. They have also been guests at pre-schools and kindergartens, where youngsters were delighted to meet and pet a "celebrity cat." (Unfortunately, privacy concerns prevent us from photographing those visits.)

Upcoming plans include visits to state legislators at the capital in Honolulu once the next legislative session opens in January, in conjunction with the Pacific Pet Alliance's legislative education campaign on pet-related laws and ordinances. PPA has been recognized as the American Kennel Club's legislative voice in Hawaiʻi. Mister Peabody and Ken will add their voices to PPA's efforts to promote pet ownership and stop intrusive regulation of responsible breeders of companion animals.

Region 6:  Candilee Jackson

Since the last reporting period, the MWR has hosted only one show.  Frontier Felines and Tornado Alley went together for a day show over Thanksgiving weekend in Gardner, Kansas.  This well attended show had a wonderful gate, with lots of folks asking questions, petting cats and watching the action in the show rings.  The number one question from spectators concerned the awarding of ribbons!

Region 7:  Jayne Wood

Although Jayne hasn't been to a show recently, she is heading up the decorating committee for her club's show in March.  She is in the process of designing an Ambassador Welcome Center and will have it stocked with our program's new buttons, stickers and pamphlets.  She will also roll out the welcome mat for the Ambassador's new banner!

Region 8:  Takako Koikimi and Masanari Koijimi

No show report during this reporting period

Region 9:  Natalya Gnatyak, Ulrike Kneupple

No show report during this reporting period

Asia:  Phebe Low

While there have been no shows during the current reporting period, Phebe is extremely busy with the preparation of a March show, "the largest cat show ever held in Asia!"  Look for more news later this winter!



by Karen Lawrence

Director, The CFA Foundation, Inc.
Manager, Feline Historical Museum



Meet OTTO - the cornerstone of The CFA Foundation's new Rainbow Bridge Memorial Corner.  Otto comes from Catskill, NY and was designed by Nancy Whelan. 


The new Rainbow Bridge Memorial Corner in the Feline Historical Museum has been developed as a program that allows pet owners to recognize a special pet in their lives. What better place for a permanent memorial than in a museum dedicated to cats!


For $25.00, you can have your personalized message, with photo if you so choose, included in our "Memories are the Timeless Treasures of the Heart" book for all museum visitors to acknowledge. You can find complete details at



The CFA Foundation had a 600 square foot booth at the World Show in Oaks, PA.  We exhibited a number of our historical trophies and medals, dating back to 1883, as well as a selection of items from the Feline Historical Museum. We also unveiled a new 24 panel display that explained, indepth, the history of the emergence of the pedigreed cat and cat fancy in both England and North America. This display is now a permanent addition to the museum.  Thanks to those exhibitors who visited with us and expressed their support of our mission. 



The Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, OH, is all decked out in its Christmas finery.  Our four Christmas trees, decorated with over 300 cat ornaments, give us a very festive look.  Do stop by and visit if you are in the area.  The Christmas decorations will be on exhibit until January 30, 2015.  Here's one of our trees and some of our favorite ornaments.
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Discounts Available to You!

Region 1

by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 


The only show held in this region during November was the CFA World Show. Since show reports and photos have already been spread far and wide, let's talk about our one December show. This year, Straight & Curl and Rainbow Plumes have combined to bring us a 6x6 on December 20 and 21. Now, we can discuss the judging line-up and other things, but, hey, it's the holidays so let's talk food and fun! Every year there are tables filled to the groaning with all manner of goodies, both savory and sweet. Almost everyone brings something yummy to share. In addition to this, this show also boasts one of my favorite food vendors and I always go home with a small bag of authentic whoopee pies - and they have healthy stuff as well such as freshly made bacon or ham and eggs sandwiches, fresh fruit cups and raw veggies. Santa always shows up for the annual gift exchange which is always fun - you never know what you're going to get. There is also a Christmas ornament exchange and, a perennial favorite, the pickle contest (which I never win). Hope to see all of you there - I'll be baking!
Region 2

by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary


Pam Moser, Region 2's director, organized a clerking school to be held in conjunction with the 43rd annual Lewis and Clark Long Hair Specialty Club show held in Portland, OR on December 6th and 7th at the Double Tree@Lloyd Center Hotel.

Eighteen exhibitors attended the December 5th day long school directed by Alice Juan, master clerk and Dennis Ganoe, allbreed judge and director at large. This is the first clerking school held in our part of the region in a very long time.

Alice Juan and Mary Francis Marron Master Clerking the Lewis and Clark show

The shows are always struggling to get clerks for our shows. This was a wonderful opportunity to ensure that we have licensed clerks and a cadre of assistant clerks. A good show is only as good as the clerks who assist our wonderful judges.



Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director
Kat Queen



We were off to a great start in November at the World Show. I got to visit with most of our Region 3 exhibitors and we all seemed to have a good time.  Following that event, we had a good turnout at the show in Gardner, KS and got some pictures of those of you that I don't see often.  We FINALLY had a show in Region 3!!!! Yeah!!!  The Gulf Shore Regional FUNDraiser was held in Wichita, KS and had as many out of region exhibitors as in region.  For those exhibitors that knew in advance they weren't going to make it to Wichita, they generously donated to the Regional Fund, and for those I gratefully say, THANK YOU!!! 


Jami Robinson & her NFC

The next show in the region is in Cleburne, Jan Rogers is having her annual pot luck luncheon with the Show and Tell Cat Club event. Go JanRogersProject!!  The show format, 4 AB; 2 SP/AB; 6 HHP will be a fun time.  If you have missed this show in the past, I urge you to attend, it is one of those shows that you will be talking about the hospitality all year long. 


January we have TWO shows for everyone to attend.  First up will be Houston Cat Clubs "BIG HOUSTON" show.  Due to the Super Bowl in 2017, the GRBrown Convention center is under renovation, and therefore had to move.  This year it will be in HUMBLE, TX.  PLEASE get the word out that the show location has moved this year. For those of you that fly in every year, it is literally at the end of the runway (well a few miles east) of Intercontinental Airport.  Who hasn't had a great time at a BIG HOUSTON show?? 

Karen Willis


Next up will be Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers and Colorado Cat Fanciers joining forces to present Just Cats at the Ranch in Loveland Colorado at the Larimer County Fair Grounds.  It is a 6 AB 2 SP/AB 8 HHP show. 


Congratulations to all of our GoD cats and newest Grands!!! Looking forward to seeing 'ya'll in the hall.'


Region 4

 by John Colilla, Regional Director


John Colilla and Rosina McGlynn are selling lapel pins for the 2015 Annual in Toronto. Please see one of them to purchase your pin and help support the annual. We hope to start seeing more and more people out there wearing these great pins.


Also, if you'd be interested in volunteering your services during the 2015 CFA Annual in Toronto, be sure to contact Rosina McGlynn; she'd be happy to put you to work!


We have a Facebook page that provides information to our region. The link is


Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:

  • January 17th,  Cleveland Persian Society a 5 Allbreed rings and 1 Specialty show in Parma ,OH
  • January 18th,  Cleveland Persian Society a 5 Allbreed rings and 1 Specialty show in Parma ,OH
  • January 24-25, Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers a 2 Allbreed, 2 Specialty and 6 Allbreed/Specialty show in Monroe, each ring), 2 Double Specialty

Have a great Holiday Season!

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

Poinsettia City in Glendale, CA on November 29th had two brand new, first time exhibitors, a "Cats in Hats" contest and even a celebrity sighting or two. The new exhibitors were welcomed into the showhall by having cages with curtains set up for them and friendly exhibitors benched nearby. The "Cats in Hats" costume contest was one by Bobbi Irie and her Devon Rex, clothed in an adorable Wizard of Oz munchkin ballerina hat. 

Don't yet have New Year's Eve plans? There's no place better than Las Vegas to celebrate! Cat-A-Lina Cats Cat Club will be ringing in the new year with 10AB/3 super specialty rings on December 27-28 at the Rivera Hotel.

Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary


Frontier Feline Fanciers and Tornado Alley had a wonderful show November 29 and 30, 2014 in Gardner Kansas.  Saturday was a picture perfect day highs in the 60's; along came Sunday with typical Kansas weather highs in the teens.  Despite the count being small we had exhibitors from Quebec, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, California, along with our Midwest folks.


The club decided this year to have door prizes instead of a raffle; every cat number was entered for these prizes.  The prizes were donated by local businesses and club members their support is appreciated.  


The highlight of Saturday was the traditional cat costume contest.  We had 10 entries this year; the contestants were judged by Pam Moser who did a great job.  Congratulations to the winner (Birman) GC, GP, RW Kittablu Imperial aka "Bruiser"  Breeder/Owner Charli Ann Stevens.   True to his hometown Bruise costume was St. Louis Cardinal, Bruiser won a trophy, his name and his owner name will go on the perpetual trophy.  He also won a drinking fountain which was donated by MAYONAKA CATTERY


Thanks everyone for making our show great, hope everyone had a wonderful time

Donna Zimmerman, Pam Degloyer, and Jan Chambers (left) organized a "Chocolate Party" at the World Show. Exhibitors from all over the world brought chocolate from their country.  It was "the Sweet Tooth Heard Round the Show Hall."
Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

It hardly seems possible to me that the World Show is in the record books. December and the holidays are in full swing, and it will be 2015 before we know it. Thank you to everyone who returned the survey that I passed out at the World Show. My survey, originally to poll my Southern Region exhibitors, has taken on a life of its own, and I have received responses from all over the country. My intent was to compile some additional statistics to supplement my analysis of the "super specialty" rings, so I could present the Board with a better picture of what the goals and desires of a large portion of our exhibitor base are. When we compile show statistics they are AFTER the fact, as they show us numbers of entries, number of rings, etc. What they can't show us is what MIGHT have happened, had the show format or circumstances been different. Based on that, I began compiling a poll asking exhibitors questions such as what factors they consider when choosing a show to attend, the number of cats they enter and bring, and what would or could change their decision(s). It is my hope that this information can better serve us as a Board, to make CFA the best for all of us! If you would like to complete a survey, please email me at Thank you to everyone for their input! 

The Southern Region has two exciting shows coming up in the very near future - The Nashville Cat Club on December 27-28, in Nashville, TN, and Absolutely Abyssinians on January 3-4, 2015, in Jacksonville, Florida! Visit for details and please join us! 

From the Southern Region - Wishing everyone in CFA the Merriest Christmas, Happiest New Year, and the best at all your shows!!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director

The Japan Region will hold a New Year Regional show on coming January 10-11, 2015 at Toritsu Sangyoboeki Center, Hamamatsuchokan in Tokyo. It is an 8 allbreed and 2 speciality, back to back format. Entries have already begun coming in. The entry price is the cheapest, 10.000 Japanese yen per each entry. Please join with this show if you are interested in. Closing date is on January 5th, but with the Christmas and New Year holidays, please send in your entries soon.

Also BAOS (Judging School) will be hold on coming January 8-9, 2015 before New Year Regional Show. The entry closing date is on December 28, 2014. Please review show flyer and BAOS flyer.

Yoko Imai

This time I must report some bad news to all. Ms. Yoko Imai, who had been an allbreed judge as you know, retired from the CFA Judging Program. She visited at Osaka Philacat Society's show on past October 18-19. She is president of this club and she established it long time ago. She is one of greatest persons for CFA in Japan. She was awarded for 35 years of judging last year. She introduced CFA to Japan 53 years ago . In these years, she had supported CFA Japan Region for long time. But several years ago, she had to leave from judging at show to take care of her husband in the hospital. She lost husband last year. Then she hoped to judge at CFA show again, but she considered about her age and decided to retire from the judging program. After then she hope to enjoy with her cats. I wish her good health and to enjoy her life.


Region 9
submitted by Michael Schleissner
Richard Maignaut

Cats'N Cats held his 4th show in Neufchâtel-en-Bray (Normandy) France, October 25&26, due to become one of our 2 traditional dates. We had 9 rings, 5 allbreed and 3 experimental format AB/LH/SH and a new format : a split ring with a SH/SP in the morning and a LH/SP in the afternoon to help a new judge applying for the judging program in CFA : Richard Maignaut


Entries count was great : 113 cats, and the count was a miracle : 64 LH cats and 49 SH cats, including 45 kittens, 15 premier and 53 championship. A lot of happy exhibitors had a chance to grand their cats and Exp rings, held by experimented judges, where a true success . Thanks to them. 

Our President Guy-André Pantigny and his beloved clerk Mo


Our judge wonderful line up was : 

-Jeri Zottoli (USA) AB -Kenny Currle (USA) AB Exp. 

-Gary Veach (USA) AB Exp. 

-Barbara Jaeger (USA) AB 

-Sylvie Lamoureux (Canada) Guest AB
-Peter Vanwonterghem (Belgium) AB Exp.
-Yanina Lukashova-Vanwonterghem (Ukraine) AB 

-Claude Seignot (France) Guest AB
-Guy-André Pantigny (France) SH SP
-Richard Maignaut (France) Guest LH SP



 We had a few partners but mainly the MFR of Neufchâtel which is a breeding school also training new vet assistants or groomers etc... they where ring stewart and a great assistance for setting up the show. The city of Neufchâtel, famous for her hearted shape cheese (the eldest cheese of Normandy), was also very proud to welcome this event and assist us, we had 29 different breeds from 14 countries around the world and all local hotels where full. I hope the Saturday evening diner in a nice cosy hotel with « foiegras » was appreciated.


Jerry Zottoli and her clerk

We are looking forward to do it next year. The weather was clearer and for once, it was not raining in Normandy. Our next show will be in 2015, April 11 & 12th in Aumale, Normandy, for those who came already, they know how cute the city is and typical of the area style.

The show hall (we had 2800 visitors during the WE)

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