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Our banner cat for the November 2014 Newsletter is CFA's Fourth Best Cat in Premiership, GC, GP,  NW Calivan's Tuff Tiger, a brown mackerel tabby Exotic neuter.

(Photo by Chanan)

Cute Christmas Cats

Who DOESN"T have a photo of their cat during the holiday?

We would like to feature them on   one of CFA's Social Media sites?  Send those cute, funny and entertaining pictures to Jodell Raymond at and we will make sure to give you photo credit.  
photo courtesy Sharon Murphy
2015 CFA Annual

The Sheraton Centre, Toronto has opened the block of rooms available for the 2015 Annual. Perfectly situated in the centre of Toronto, and providing first-class services and amenities, the Sheraton is offering CFA the staggeringly low rate of $121 CDN !!! This is amazingly good value!! Booking details are available at: Visit this same website to stay informed of updates on topics such as transportation and entertainment.

PASSPORTS: The cost of a US Passport Card for first-time applicants, allowing them to drive to Canada, is $55. The Passport Card is, like the Passport Book costing $135, VALID FOR 10 YEARS. The Passport Book is however, necessary for those who have to fly. 60% of the US population live within a 90 minute flight of Toronto. Thousands of daily, direct flights make the flight easy.

The Annual Sponsorship Pin will be available at the World Show. A pledge of $100 will carry special benefits and acknowledgements. Please visit us at the 2015 Annual Booth while at the World Show to, learn of the benefits, make a pledge, and receive your pin.


Jan. 1, 2015
- Club fees and membership lists and due into CFA Central Office to be considered in good standing

Feb. 1, 2015 - Club fees and membership lists and due into CFA Central Office to be able to vote for Director at Large

March 15, 2015
- CFA Director-at-Large declarations due in to Central Office
November 14 banner

There's so much to be thankful for this month and the fellowship within the community of The Cat Fanciers' Association is one of my top things to be thankful for. I'm certain that it holds a similar position on many other people's list as well.

Autumn is also the time for homecomings, and for CFA the CFA/Dr. Elsey's World Show provides a venue for breeders and exhibitors from all over the world to come together and make or renew friendships. Safe travels to all of our exhibitors and personnel from all over the world as they travel to Oaks, PA.

Mark at Cotton States
As I write this, I am in Oaks PA attending a dog show where CFA has a booth promoting the World Show in the same hall a week later.  This is the dog show televised on NBC Thanksgiving Day. We are working hard to bring in a good gate for our big show next weekend.   As I drove in I saw several billboards advertising our cat show.  We will be on several local radio and TV shows before our show and we have lots of paid ads to let the locals know there is going to be a huge cat show in town.  The show committee is working extra hard to make sure this show is a success and I hope you are entered.


Southern Regional Director Jean Dugger and I held a Town Hall meeting at the Cotton States show earlier this month.  It was well attended.  We shared information about CFA and the Region and answered many questions.  Rosina McGlynn was present and chatted about the upcoming Annual in Toronto which sounds like it will be lots of fun.


Lots of discussion about the Board's recent decision to mandate the use of Specialty rings starting next show season.  I encourage you to share your ideas with one or more Board members.  We were elected to look out for CFA's best interests and it helps to have your input. 


We continue to make progress with registrations.  If you register your litters and individual cats online, you are seeing very quick turnaround.  The backlog of snail mail registration requests is improving and our Executive Director tells me she expects the backlog to be eliminated soon.  I know the move to the new computer system has been painful for both our staff and our customers but there seems to be relief in sight.  I continue to be impressed with the dedication of our staff.  While they are still learning the many quirks that make up our assorted rules and requirements, they truly are trying hard to provide you with excellent service.  


On behalf of our Board, I wish those who celebrate it a Happy Thanksgiving.  Don't forget that the Central Office will be closed the Fridays after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. 

featureCFA Business Management Committee

By Ginger Meeker, PhD  - Committee Chair

Committee Members: Pam DelaBar, Jean Dugger, Dick Kallmeyer, Jodell Raymond

Corporate or CFA Sponsorships 


Attention all clubs:  All clubs that have received corporate or CFA sponsorship funds are required to send the follow-up documents, as outlined in the request form, to Central Office.  


When clubs provide the required documentation that enables us to work without corporate partners to ensure on-going sponsorship opportunities.  Show-producing clubs, receiving those sponsorship monies, have been provided with guidelines for both feedback and needed statistics to document the success of the investment.  


Clubs should forward this information to Verna Dobbins at the Central Office ASAP after the completion of the show.  Any outstanding documentation from shows held so far this show season would be appreciated.  Our success this year may well influence further investment from our corporate partners.


I was at Central Office for parts of 2 days about 2 weeks ago and was able to spend some time with the ladies in registration.  Going through the various systems and procedures, illegible handwriting remains a significant problem.  About 10-15% of the scanned documents had information that was not easily understood.  Please print clearly whenever possible and this will help the staff process those documents in a timelier manner.  While I was observing the registration process, I also noted that our CO staff do extra work to get needed information to complete a transaction so the transaction does not have to be returned to the customer for that needed additional information.   In one case, the registration number for a sire was not fully readable so the staff member took extra time to go to another program to look up the sire and determine the registration number.  While this is not always possible, in this instance the maneuver worked! 


Emails that are automatically sent out from Central Office in the registration process are often sent from the "no-reply" address.  Customers need to be on the look-out for emails from for their needed documents and information.  In some systems these emails will be routed to a spam folder. 


While I was at Central Office, I kept seeing the folks in registration writing additional emails to people requesting needed information.  I asked them to put together a list of needed information in each email requesting help so they could more efficiently and effectively process requests.  The following list was designed to help customers supply needed information:

  • 1.  For order status:  (A) cat's registration number or name (B) name of person that is on the credit  card or check (C) date of order
  • 2.  For new orders:  credit card number, expiration date, security code, name and billing address of card holder
  • 3. For problems with completed work:  cat's registration number or name and breeder or owner's name.  Clearly describe the problem and the desired resolution.
  • 4. IMPORTANT FOR ALL COMMUNICATIONS:  the customer needs to sign their emails with a name.  "Many times we do not know who we are communicating with."  If a customer is requesting a cat's number, issue date, or any other information, we need to know if they are the owner.  In some cases non-owners are trying to access information and, for confidentiality reasons, Central Office employees cannot give that information out if the person contacting us does not own the cat.  The staff works hard to protect your security!
Regarding Central Office Complaints
It seems that some people are choosing to discuss their complaints/issues with the Central Office on various social medias.  While this is certainly their right, this approach does NOT solve the problems! Central Office does not follow the threads on the list or have "friends" on FB.  These are not official channels for CFA operations.  Issues with Central Office should be directed to the Central Office for solution.   If you are unhappy and have not received satisfaction please contact Verna Dobbins or Executive Director Teresa Barry,  Both of these able women will be more than happy to help you get your problem solved.  

As chair of the Business Management Committee I sometimes call CO and ask about these issues and find that is some cases (a) the person discussing the alleged problem on a social media site is not presenting the whole picture and CO has followed rules and procedures - the complaining person just didn't get their way or like the appropriate answer (b) the person(s) loudly complaining about CO not doing something have never contacted CO to discuss the problem - therefore CO cant solve the problem!  

Also know that Central Office has no way to come back and say publicly ..."Your registration didn't happen because your credit card was invalid"  "We cant't give you that information because you are not an owner"  "Your items were sent in the mail on October whatever and the address we have is XXXX"

To say it as clearly as possible...IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH CENTRAL OFFICE THEN CALL CENTRAL OFFICE.  If a friend complains about a problem, let your first question be "Have you called Central Office?"  As friends and members of this community, we often lend credence to loud voices that are giving our CO a black eye when they've done nothing to deserve it.   

Specialty Rings
In watching the email conversations regarding the mandatory SP rings, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that EVERYONE is right - from their perspective. As a business, we must begin to figure out how to grow in multiple areas and the show format is only one of these areas. How to we attract more people to the hobby? How do we keep our current exhibitors happy? How do we develop products and services to expand in those areas? If you haven't read Monte Phillips statistics PLEASE take the time to do so. Numbers and trends are important to our understanding of the whole CFA growth process.

In Closing
If you have ideas for growing CFA in any area - show production, products, services - contact your RD, a DAL or CFA officer. In the upcoming months we continue to work on the Strategic Plan for CFA. We need your ideas and input.

It's hard to believe that by the time you read this we will be just days out from the World Show.   Central Office has been in full "World Show mode" for well over a month.  They were already working pretty hard when I started in September.  I can't believe the work and support that staff here at Central Office provides for the World Show in addition to their daily workload.  You have many dedicated staff members trying hard to provide the best support available. 


This will be my first World Show but second cat show.  I experienced my first a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I learned a lot and experienced even more.  I can't believe the distances you all travel and the experiences many of you have had.  Everyone was extremely nice and informative.  I really enjoyed seeing and learning about the many breeds of cats recognized by CFA.  I was quickly on overload.  I am really looking forward to my first World Show and meeting many of you.  I'm sure is will be an outstanding experience.  I have already been warned that just as enjoyable as it is, it's just as exhausting and plan the next week to recuperate. 


Well then its Thanksgiving with Christmas following close behind, I can't believe it.  My first day seemed like it was just yesterday.  I am getting better with blue forms, yellow forms, understanding registration, etc., but show rules, scoring, as well as a few other "rule" areas are still part of the learning curve. 


See you all shortly at the World Show


Last month when this newsletter came out Registration was processing the requests received by the US Postal System dated August 12th, we are happy to report we are now processing requests received the first week of October! 

We still have much to accomplish but we are finally making some headway, despite power outages and fine tuning the computer system. ECats and Secure CFA on line are both current. To help improve our process we would like to provide you with the Top 10 Reasons your requests could be delayed. 
  1. Paperwork is not signed 
  2. No cat name 
  3. No transfer date or date of sale 
  4. No signatures on litters or transfers 
  5. On litter registrations missing registration numbers and/or names for sire and/or dam 
  6. Incorrect cattery numbers 
  7. Be clear on what you are requesting - requests sent in for correction but not telling us what is wrong 
  8. Emailing your request to everyone in the office - ONLY send your request to ONE person 
  9. Color listed is not a CFA recognized standard 
  10. No contact information. 
If any of the above items are missing or unclear your requests will be delayed or returned. 

We are making changes and improving the skills of our staff every day, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Central Office will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday, November 28th. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Verna Dobbins


by Teresa Keiger, Editor, Cat Talk

You worked hard to achieve your cat's Grand title - don't forget to celebrate it! When you submit your grand's photo for this show season to both the Yearbook and Cat Talk, and YOUR kitty will be included on the CFA website next year!   Send your photo submissions to  Make your payment via   Deadline for photos is one month prior to the publication month.

We would like to encourage all of our non-US fanciers to subscribe to the digital version of Cat Talk. It's the same price as the US print version, so you save the cost of those high postage fees.
see:  for details.  And for $10 USD more, you can purchase the Cat Talk/Online Almanac combination pack!

A-Cats Coming to World Show
by Karen Lane, A-Cat Chair

Our number of A-Cats is expanding. We have now added another 3 new members; Eve Russell and her Burmese from Region 4, Virginia Noblit & Donna Brown and their Somali from Region 1, Joel & Camile Chaney and their Maine Coon from Region 4. Each of these three new members will join eleven other A-Cats at the World Show.

Hope and Shirley are going to be our "World Show Official Greeters" and will be right at the front entrance. And we will have our Somali at the raffle table to help sell tickets and make change!

More exciting news: most of our members now have their trading cards and will be sharing them with our spectators this month.

To go along with out new logo, our new cage cushions will be purple and or lavender and should really be attention getting for the public. Thank you to Bonnie Searles, who is working on our cushions and other purple accessories.

We are still waiting for our new logo patches for our show displays, hopefully will have them in time for the World Show. This is an exciting event for all of us and CFA!

If your club wishes to have an A-Cat in attendance at your show, please contact Karen Lane at for information.

See you at the World Show!

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director


Get in the holiday spirit early and participate in Winn's Best Holiday Cat Photo Contest! Send a photo of your cat in a holiday setting and/or holiday attire to us. Visit for details and contest guidelines.


November is National Diabetes Month for humans and pets. Cats are at risk, similar to humans, for Type 2 diabetes with symptoms including increased thirst, urination, hunger, weight loss, and lethargy. A search of the Winn Feline Foundation website,, in our new search box brings up over 50 items of information and references to diabetes plus a newly updated cat health article on Diabetes Mellitus in Cats. A recent meeting and discussion by veterinarians about feline diabetes was held September 18 in Indianapolis. The focus for the group was evaluating and managing expectations of feline diabetes. Winn's Executive Director, Dr. Vicki Thayer, was in attendance. Further details from this roundtable discussion can be found online in this article:

Giving Tuesday
Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, December 2 is Giving TuesdayWinnie Sez, "Make Winn Feline Foundation your charitable giving choice for the holidays!" Our goal is to add 50 recurring donors for $25 per month. You can help support cat health studies for less than $1 per day. Our website and donation page are mobile-friendly. Please Give Now

Please make note of our new contact information:

Mailing address: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Email address:

Website address:


Winn Give Now

By Kelly Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison


Mandatory Spay/Neuter is coming to town


On October 27th Pasadena, CA joined the ranks of jurisdictions that have passed some form of mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) law. Sometimes these laws are passed on the mistaken premise they will somehow eliminate the woes of the government's animal issues whether it is reducing shelter intake, protect its constituents from unscrupulous breeders, or protect animals from abuse. Sometimes governments pass these laws solely because they feel they need to be seen as doing something, not because the legislators truly believe these ordinances will help achieve the stated goal.


Regardless of the rationale, when these laws take hold all fanciers bear the brunt of the law. Fanciers worked hard to be the voice of reason but while reason took a direct hit in Pasadena, we cannot allow it to be a fatal blow. In time even battles lost will add weight to the voice of reason. The tide can be turned but it is up to us all.


The MSN bandwagon has been busy elsewhere as well.


Cat fanciers in Lee County, Florida are in the trenches fighting side by side with dog fanciers as their City Council revisits the Lee County Animal Ordinance for the second time this year.  The County Commissioners are considering repealing the restrictive ordinance passed earlier this year that included mandatory spay/neuter, breeder licensing and inspection provisions.


Residents in Tippecanoe County, Indiana also saw MSN and breeding permits rear their head last month. Per, the county tabled the ordinance at the second reading due to opposition (, however, the minutes are not yet available to verify this action by the county Commissioners.


The Chattanooga, TN City Council considers restrictive ordinances that would, among other things, require MSN for all pet owners except dealers and hobby breeders. Dealers are defined as any person who engages in the business of selling, buying, brokering or bartering animals in any manner (excluding shelters and transporters) and are subject to a $300 permit. Dealers may also be required to have a kennel permit which are only allowed by special exemption in areas not zoned residential.  To be exempt from needing a dealer's [permit, hobby breeders would have to be active members of recognized breed organizations, would be limited to two litters per year, and must be prepared to prove they are not a dealer upon request. Every dog and cat sold, bartered or even given away must have certain vaccinations and treatments for parasites. If sold "for profit" then microchipping and associated reporting become mandatory. The first reading was on November 4, 2014.


And in Augusta, GA the Augusta Commission is considering changes to its animal control ordinance. The ordinance states that the Augusta, GA Commission finds that unintended or uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats within Augusta-Richmond County is the cause of the pet overpopulation problem and must be abated. The proposed ordinance requires any person owning, keeping, harboring, or having custody of any dog or cat six months of age or older is required to have said animal surgically sterilized unless said person holds an unaltered animal permit. While there is an exemption for registered service dogs, working police dogs, and actively competitive show or hunting dogs; the only exemption available for cats is in the event of a serious health condition. On October 21, 2014 referred the proposed ordinance back to the Public Safety Committee.


Tomorrow will it be your town?





Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -

CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show

Submitted by Mark Hannon


Yep, later this week is the big event.  With nearly 900 cats entered plus Ambassador Cats, Pet Me Cats, Education Ring cats, etc. it's going to be one helluva show.  For those who plan to attend, we have some last minute reminders.


First, it's an enormous building and we are using two of their largest halls.  You can save yourself a very long walk if you use the entrance for Hall B. 


 As you can see in this photo, Halls B & C have the same entrance and there is parking right outside this entrance.  Check-in takes place very close to this entrance, in front of Rings 10, 11 & 12.  See the map of the showhall.   This map also shows the location for each breed.   Exhibitors in the past have preferred to have the judging rings as shown on this floor plan but be advised it is a long walk to some of the rings no matter where you are benched.  You need to plan ahead and be ready to head off to your rings when called so our judges are not standing around waiting on cats.  


Check-in takes place on Friday from 3:00 - 8:00pm and the building will be locked at 8:30.  You can also check-in on Saturday from 6:30 - 8:00am.  Judging is scheduled to begin promptly both days at 8:30.


We have a large number of vendors.  Check out the list here


We are also planning a large Raffle.  Geri Fellerman is coordinating this and will welcome any donated items you can bring. 


Jodell Raymond is coordinating our efforts to attract a large gate.  We have ads on four billboards on a very busy highway near the showhall.  We have been asked to participate in both a local TV show and a radio show the Friday prior to the show.  We have invested heavily in paid advertising for newspapers, radio, and the internet.   We also had a booth at a large dog show the weekend prior to the World Show in the same facility.  This is the dog show you see on NBC each Thanksgiving.  Since many dog lovers are also cat lovers, we hope to see many of the spectators at the dog show returning for our cat show.


Come prepared to have a great time!

YFEP Program To Have Booth At World Show
by Cathy Dunham, YFEP Chair

The YFEP program will be well represented at the world show later this month. For the first time, the booth will actually be in the benching area with all the exhibitors. Please visit the booth, it will be located in the British Shorthair aisle. While visiting the booth, you may just want to know the answers to a few questions such as:
  • Name the locations of all the of all the big CFA sponsored show?
  • Give all the different name of this show over the years?
  • Give the name of the person or persons who have attend all the big CFA sponsored shows?
  • Name the three main corporate sponsors over the years?
  • When did the qualifiers end?
Visit the booth with answers to the above questions and get a special gift from the youth working the booth. The kids have had fun putting this together and making the gifts for the winners. Hopeful the exhibitors will have fun finding the answers and talking with the youth in our booth.

CFA Judging Program
CFA Judging Applicants
The following people have submitted their applications to the CFA Judging Program

Danny Tai - Yeun Long,  Hong Kong - Longhair applicant 

Wendy Heidt - Vancouver, Washington - Longhair applicant 

Fung Chun Kit (Kit Fung)  - Kwon Tong, Hong Kong - Shorthair applicant 

Letters or recommendation or concern regarding an applicant may be submitted to: 
Beth Holly
5735 Tibet Drive
Huber Heights   OH  45424

Deadline for receipt of letters is December 15, 2014
see: for additional information regarding CFA Judging Program Applicants

Leaves of Absence

Donna Jean Thompson until January 1, 2015

Breed Orientation and Awareness Schools
Breed Awareness and Orientation Seminars planned for 2014-2015:

CFA World Show - Oaks, Pennsylvania:
The next Breed Awareness and Orientation School is scheduled to be held in conjunction with CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter show on November 22-23, 2014 in Oaks, Pennsylvania. The school will be held on November 20-23, 2014. Our instructors are Pat Jacobberger, Barbara Jaeger, Wayne Trevathan and Jeri Zottoli with a number of CFA Allbreed Judges assisting with "In the Ring" handling. Further information can be found here. Registration closes on November 2, 2014 and attendees can register now at Info can also be found on our Facebook page

The CFA BAOS goes to Tokyo, Japan! This school is to be held in conjunction with the CFA Region 8 Regional Show to be held on January 10-11, 2015. Instructors are Pat Jacobberger, Edward M. Maeda, Yaeko Takano and Liz Watson. "In the Ring" handling will be done on Sunday, January 11, 2015. The flyer can be found  here. Registration closes on December 28, 2014. Information can also be found on our Facebook page
ambassador by Candilee Jackson


The Ambassadors set up an information table at the Hong Kong International Cat Club's show


Lots of excitement as the revitalized Ambassador Program takes baby steps to get moving again.  Fingers and pawpads are crossed that the new Ambassador brochures, pins and stickers are printed and delivered in time for the World Show in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  Jane Ramey, welcome booth hostess, is geared up to send out tours into the show hall, vendor, education and agility rings.   Still on tap, vinyl Ambassador banners are being designed and should be in regions by January (or sooner!), and the Ambassador handbook is still in the editing processes.  The biggest project facing the Ambassadors is the online training module ... the script is partially written, pictures are being collected, musical underscoring search underway and the voice over personnel has been selected.  Timeframe is hopefully early 2015. 


Continue reading reports from all regions and divisions here


Garfield helping some Girl Scouts who were working on badges
Vicky Nye was one of the "stuffed animal judges"

by Karen Lawrence

Director, The CFA Foundation, Inc.
Manager, Feline Historical Museum

Among the items on exhibit in the CFA Foundation's booth at the World Show will be an very early piece of North American cat fancy history  - an engraved pewter trophy from the 1883 cat show held in Boston. The CFA Foundation is exceptionally proud of this recent acquisition!


Some of the earliest organized cat shows in North America were held in Boston, as early as 1878. Cat shows held in Boston tended to take place over several weeks, each week having its own show and individual catalog. The 1883 show opened on October 15 and was held at the Horticultural Hall in Boston. A pewter trophy, actually a large nut bowl, was First Prize during the third week of the show. News reports indicate that A.M. Robinson's entry was a cat named 'Dick'. According to an article titled "The Feline Congress" printed in the November 4, 1883, Boston Daily Globe:

"The third week of the great cat show at the Horticultural Hall closed last night, and judging from the crowded attendance during the day and evening, the fourth week, which begins tomorrow, will be as great a success as the past weeks have been.


The principal prize of last week's exhibition was awarded to Mr. A.M. Robinson, Jr. Bangor, Me, for a magnificent specimen of Angora cat. This cat attracted much attention during the week."


An obituary in the Boston Daily Globe shows that A.M. Robinson, Jr. was the son of the Hon. A.M. Robinson, a well-known Maine figure who passed away on October 15, 1898. Mr. Robinson Sr. had been one of the prime movers in the building of the Bangor & Picataquis railroad, as well as serving as a member of the legislature as representative and senator.





Region 1

by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 


Two really fun shows took place during October - the National Birman Fanciers' show on October 18-19 and the Liberty Trail Show on October 25, setting the scene for Halloween. The Birman breeders really got their act together once again with an outpouring of beautiful Birmans that you just don't get to see often in one place. The kittens were really outstanding and were well recognized in the finals.

Liberty Trail is a show I always look forward to and it did not disappoint. The raffle table was just amazing, and I went back more than once for more tickets and managed to come home with a few treasures.

While there are no Region 1 shows scheduled for November, we are proud that the CFA World Show will take place in our region this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Region 2

by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary



At the Emerald/Steinbeck Country Cat Clubs show on October 18th & 19th in St. Helens, Oregon our Regional Director, Pam Moser, held a meeting to discuss some of the highlights of the October Board Meeting.


Discussed were the securing of sponsors for the National Winner's trophies. The Maine Coon situation with the Ticked and Spotted Tabbies was explained. The change in responsibility for the Annual's expenses was discussed. She explained that it cost Region 2 $60,000 for the last Annual. Going forward the regions would be responsible for the optional Thursday night party and the Delegate Bags. She also advised that the Household Pet scoring and earning of points and titles would be in effect for the 2015 - 2016 show season. The exhibitors were advised that the cats would need to have a recorded number. Next in discussion was the show formats and mandatory specialty rings.


There was much discussion about the mandatory specialty rings. Some felt that it would harm shows in more remote locations. Others were in approval of more specialty rings and were brainstorming ways to finance them. Good meeting with lots of participation and opinions.


The show was the second time in many years that it was held in St. Helens. The hall is hexagonal in shape which created some interesting problems. All in all it worked out very well. There were lots of grand parties and other celebrations. 



Deana Zittel and Kendall Mar celebrating their newest grand, CasaDecano's Mr. Lucky's Sol. That is Katie Lucas in the background. Katie has returned to showing Russian Blues after a long absence from the show halls. She is joined by her daughter Ariel Bartelmes. 





Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director




October brought another slow month in the Gulf Shore Region.  The warm temperatures made it seem like summer was here for a while.  That faded quickly the second week in November. Cold weather and earthquakes had us off to a rumbling start.  Region 3 exhibitors could be found around the country at various shows. 

Vicky Edwards with the first Russian Blue Grand of Distinction, GC, GPD, RW, Pavlova Jaguar XKR


A BIG congratulations goes out to Vicki Edwards and Leaper on becoming a G.O.D!!!  Way to go guys.


The World Show is next on the agenda for November, then TWO shows in Region 3.  Our first show is in Wichita, KS being held the first weekend in December (6&7th) and is a 6AB 2SP and 8HHP show. Our judges doing AB are Jeff Janzen, Willa Hawke, Carolyn Owen, Kathy Black, Kathy Calhoun, and Liz Watson, with Karen Godwin and Jimmy Thompson doing double Specialties.  The gate will be phenomenal as usual, with a big thanks to Mary Beth Wegerle and the Wichita club for helping out. 


The second show will be in Cleburne,TX on December 20th with 4AB; 2SP/AB; 6HHP, and we are expecting another great turn out.  If somehow you have not attended this show, you have missed out on the great pot luck lunch held every year.  For those of you coming, please contact Tracy Bayarena,, and let her know what dish you will be bringing.

While at the World Show in Oaks, PA, be sure to have a great time, and I will being looking for our great Region 3 exhibitors there.


Region 4

 by John Colilla, Regional Director


John Colilla and Rosina McGlynn are selling lapel pins for the 2015 Annual in Toronto. Please see one of them to purchase your pin and help support the annual. We hope to start seeing more and more people wearing these great pins out there. Also, if you'd be interested in volunteering your services during the 2015 CFA Annual in Toronto, be sure to contact Rosina McGlynn; she'd be happy to put you to work!


Congratulations to Jim Flanik for induction into the National Officials Hall of Fame for his track and field officiating. Please congratulate him when you see him.


We have a Facebook page that provides information to our region. The link is


 Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:

  • December 6th,  Ohio State Persian Club is holding a 6 Allbreed rings in Columbus ,OH
  • December 13-14, Just Cat-in Around Cat Fanciers is holding a 6 AB/Super Specialty (one class in each ring), 2 Double Specialty
Have a great Holiday Season! 



Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
We in the Southwest region are looking forward to the holiday
season--friends, family and cat shows! Poinsettia City in
Glendale, CA on November 29th promises to be a fun show. While no one can
guarantee cloud-free weather, we can say there probably will not be ice
and snow on the ground. Glendale is next door to Los Angeles, a few miles
from the BUR airport and is a shopper's paradise. I'll be holding an open
house at my home the Friday night before the show. All are welcome, we
look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Next up is the Phoenix Feline Fanciers show in Mesa, AZ on December 13-14.
This show is ten allbreed rings, including household pet and veterans!
Take a relaxing mini-vacation and take a break from the holiday rush,
Phoenix is lovely this time of year. Looking for a awesome New Year's
celebration? You can't get much better than LAS VEGAS! Cat-A-Lina Cats
Cat Club will be holding a 10 ring show on December 27-28. Spend a few
extra days taking in the sites and ringing in the New Year!

Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary

In MWR news, the planning committee has welcomed Cindy Browning to its cast of characters working on behalf of the region.  The committee, consisting of Kathy Calhoun (RD), Terry Bierrie (MWR treasurer), Lucy Drury (MWR webmistress), Cathy Dunham, Nancy Hitzeman, Candilee Jackson (MWR secretary) and Bobbie Weirauch, is in the midst of getting the 2015 MWR awards banquet and show under way.   The region recently hosted an "open mic" night for MWR exhibitors to call in to assist with the initial planning stages of the regional banquet and show.  At the moment, three locales are under investigation for the event:  Des Moines IA, Indianapolis IN, and Kansas City MO.  Once all the reports from these areas are in, the region will have an opportunity of voting on locale.


October 18-19 Illinois Feline Fanciers

Held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, in Springfield, IL, IFF hosted a great show on a gorgeous fall weekend.  The highlight of the show was the presence of almost 30 cats and kittens available for adoption.  The fairgrounds was a busy place on this particular weekend as there was a DOG show and a HORSE show going on at the same time:  this truly broadened the gate at the CAT show.  There were lots of curious folks from both dog and horse venues coming for a "look-see" and making comparisons.  IFF even hosted some dog show JUDGES who were amazed at not only the various cat breeds, but also the way our cats are presented and judged.  Undoubtedly, the best part of the weekend had to go to the animal shelter who sent 5 kitties for a forever home!


October 25-26 Indy Cat Club

Members of Indy Cat Club & judges.


Held in Plainfield IN, the Indy Cat Club, show manager Pam DeGolyer headed up a terrific show that bragged of a mega raffle table to end all raffles.  The highlight of this show was the homemade rosettes and handmade free gifits for everyone including breed banners and magnet cat page markers.  A lot of fun was had by all!

Relaxing between rings at the Indy show









November 1:  Tiger's Lair, "Tails of Terror"   (Nancy Forrest, reporting)

On behalf of the club, I would like to say, "THANK YOU" to all who attended the Tiger's Lair

Garfield really is "Best of Breed"

show this past Saturday (November 1).  I cannot tell you enough how much your support of our show is appreciated and your friendship valued.  Thank you to those of your who assisted with show setup and tear down, and thank you to all who participated in the raffle...lots of great items were claimed!  A special thank you goes to Garfield, who was a BIG hit!  He even purred for us!  We collected food for the first annual Gail Rothman food drive and Dr. Leslie Lyons collected lots of swabs for her genetics studies.  Candilee Jackson presented exhibitors with a new grand and a delicious grand cake was enjoyed by all.  We also had a Halloween birthday to celebrate...Roger Dunham turned 21 (again)!  A yummy cake was presented by his wife, Cathy for all to enjoy...and that we did!


Editor's Note:

Tiger's Lair traded weekends with TGIF this year, and the club selected a new location for its show:  Missouri State Fairgrounds, in Sedalia MO.  This new locale also had an incredible show hotel:  the Hotel Bothwell was built in the early 1920s and still retains its old world charm and elegance.  It was truly a step back in time.  The Halloween costume contest was a riot and had over 15 entries:  1st place went to a true KC Royals fan, 2nd place to a Singapura dressed as a lion, and 3rd place to "the devil with the blue dress on"!    Honorable mention was a Bombay as a pirate, complete with eye patch!

In other show news and accomplishments, Nancy and Roger Brown are pleased to announce GC Calumet Cats Oxbow of DotDotDot was named Best Championship Cat in Show at the Cotton States Cat Show held November 1-2.  This is the second year in a row the Brown's cattery has won a Best:  2013 GC NW DotDotDot BornintheUSA as Best Kitten.  Many congratulations to DotDotDot Cattery!


Upcoming MWR shows:

November 29-30                      Frontier Feline Fanciers         Gardner KS

January 10-11                          Lucky Tom Cat Club                 St Louis MO   HOTEL SHOW!

January 1/24-25                       Saintly City Cat Club                St Paul MN

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

The Southern Region held another premier show this month - the Cotton States show in Atlanta. Ga. And lest I may seem prejudice as a club member, I can tell you as an insider that an incredible amount of work goes into the production of this show. Starting at our February meeting, we bounce show ideas amongst the members, and then vote on an overall theme for the show. The members volunteer to work on a ring, and from there take literary license to create elaborate "toppers" as their part of the show theme. The rest of the ring decorations include sequins, tinsel and lots of twinkling lights, transforming the event hall into a fantasy land - this year of sweet confections. Set up for the show hall begins bright and early on Thursday, with incredible attention to detail.

This year Cotton States crossed the threshold as the first show to have top 15 in all three - kittens, champions and premiers! Exhibitors came from all over the country. The show was a special event and I am so proud of ALL of my fellow club members -- it is always an honor to work with them. Special appreciation goes to show manager Joanne Hardeman, Cyndi Lewis, and Connie Wardlaw --- their talents never cease to amaze me!

Mark and I held a town hall meeting during the show, and I received a lot of good feedback regarding my show formats project!

I hope everyone enjoyed our Southern hospitality!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director

After October Board Meeting, Osaka Philocat Society held their yearly Show in Osaka on 18-19 October. And also the Royal Allbreed Cat Club held their yearly Show in Tokyo on 25-26 October. Before the start of judging at both shows, the clubs gave me some time for a Region meeting. I reported about the past October Board meeting. The ticked tabby and spotted tabby patterns of Maine Coon Cat, Household Pets scoring and Global winner.... This reporting to exhibitors before judging started at show hall had lapsed for several years.

Ms. Yoko Imai, who is a Allbreed Judge and has left from judging for these years to take care of her husband, showed herself in good health at this show hall after a long separation. Many exhibitors in show hall were very glad to see her face.

At Royal Allbreed Cat Club's show, many exhibitors decorated on their benching cages with Halloween decorations, and of course at judging ring were also decorated.
This show had the largest entries in this season in Japan Region. Almost of exhibitors enjoyed this Halloween show.

Region 9
submitted by Michael Schleissner

Oktoberfest in Germany

Michael and Brigitte Schleissner


We are proud and happy about having once again on this this years "Oktoberfest" show such a high count. All in All we had 191 cats entered; 38 of them silver & golden Persians! This high count is the result and a kind of reward and recognition for a planing in smallest details and high quality rosettes and gifts. Cat Friends of Germany is well known for always new ideas. Every single exibitor is welcome as a guest and handled like a friend, this gives the great feeling. Another reason for the high count for sure is the optimal place of the show hall. Niedernhausen is in the center of Germany. You can reach it easyly by the german "Autobahn", but best is, its so close to the international Frankfurt airport; just 25 kilometers/20 miles away 
from the show hall.
Frank Duecker, Melanie Haendel, and Makus Birl

Cat Friends of Germany was so proud about all the guest at the Saturday night banquet. Everything in "Oktoberfest" style. Live music and the "bavarian olympics"made the feeling just "wunderbar". There was lots of laughing faces, great food and dancing. Like on all shows of this club a various buffet was
Irina Tokmakova and Aljona Litzbarski

offered; sitting together and having fun gives a great feeling of belonging to the CFA family. Cat Friends of Germany goes this way and all the posive feed back from all over the world is the redonance. Cat Friends of Germany is happy and says thank you for the encouragement and loyalty.

The whole Cat Friends of Germany team is happy to announce its next show on March/28&29/2015; same city same location. The motto will be "Springtime Cat Show", an 8 rings AB show and everybody can be sure it will be once again a great event. If the CFA shows in Niedernhausen/Germany will go on this successful, Nidernhausen will earn the title "The Little German Cat Capitol". 

Exhibitors in a  Silver Persian specialty ring
International  Division
by Richard Kallmeyer, International Division Chair

The excitement is building for the upcoming World Show - the International Division will have more attendees than ever!


Clerking school attendees

The Cat Fanciers of Korea Club held their first show on October 19th in Incheon, Korea.  The activities started with a clerking school attended by 13 students, taught by Dick Kallmeyer.  The show was well attended with many young families exhibiting. 


Show Committee, Judges and Clerks.



Siam Cat Fanciers Club had their 7th show in Chiang Mai, Thailand  November 1-2 with a brand new sponsor in Asia:  the Purina Company.  


Judges, show committee and Halloween decorations


On the same weekend, Passion Feline Fanciers presented their themed Halloween show in Hong Kong.

Happy Halloween (Photo from Allen Shi, Shanghai, China)

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