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Our banner cat for the October 2014 Newsletter is CFA's Eighth Best Kitten, GC, NW Mystic Rose Magic Man of Purrcasso.

(Photo by Chanan)

CFA White Pages Listings

The deadline for inclusion in the 2015 White Pages is November 1, 2014. To be included you must fill out the form which can be located here.

or email your information to [email protected] You will only be listed automatically if you are a Breed Council Member, Clerk, Judge or Club Secretary (if your information has changed, please fill out the listing form to guarantee that we have your most current address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) Listings are not carried over from year to year. You must submit a form if you wish to be included.


Do you want to see your cat's picture on one of CFA's Social Media sites?  Send those cute, funny and entertaining pictures to Jodell Raymond at [email protected] and we will make sure to give you photo credit.  Show our Social Media Fans what showing in CFA is all about!  
photo courtesy Ginger Meeker
2015 CFA Annual

It's not too early to begin making your plans for the 2015 CFA Annual Meeting in Toronto!

The Annual website is now up at www.2015cfaannual.org and will be listing information information about the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet as it becomes available. 

The Sheraton Toronto has set up a personalized reservation site for CFA here and this link is also on the website.
Central Office Contacts

Trying to determine who in CFA's Central Office can best answer your question? The most current listing of CFA's Staff is available for download here

November 1 - White Pages listings 
November 5 - World Show Entries Deadline

Temperatures are dropping and kitten counts are rising - both are sure signs that fall has finally arrived! We're hearing all about plans that exhibitors (and visitors!) are making for the World Show in Pennsylvania as well.

Over on its Facebook Page, CFA is celebrating Black Cat Month during the month of October. Do be sure to "like" it and share some of the photos posted there. You'll help others learn more about pedigreed cats and CFA.

Ten days ago we held our first Board Meeting in the CFA Central Office.  This was also the first two-day meeting for our new Board members.  As you may have heard, we accomplished a great deal.  


Starting with the new show season next May, Household Pets will be scored by CFA and can achieve titles such as Grand and Regional Winner.  This is a significant step and one that has been long awaited by some of our more serious HHP exhibitors.   Awards Committee chair Mary Kolencik has an article elsewhere in this newsletter providing more details.   Many thanks to Mary and her committee for developing this program and answering questions from the cat fancy about it.


The Board also approved a requirement that starting next show season there be LH/SH Specialty rings at many of our shows.  If your club has already licensed a show next season without the required number of Specialty rings, the club needs to amend the license to be in compliance with the new Show Rules.


The Ambassador Program has a new lease on life.  Pam DelaBar, Candilee Jackson and their committee have revamped the program to make it more exciting and offer more to our shows' visitors.   It's much more than simply wearing an "Ask Me" sticker.  Participants in this program will be provided training and the program will be much more visible at our shows.


Last winter the Maine Coon Breed Council approved the registration of ticked and spotted tabbies.  It was tabled in February when the Board normally deals with Breed Council ballot issues and brought back up at the Board meeting earlier this month.  This has been a controversial issue within the breed but the Board voted to support the 60% of the Breed Council that approved these two tabby patterns for registration and, in the case of the ticked, to show them as AOVs.


The next big event is our World Show, which is scheduled for November 22-23 in suburban Philadelphia.  Entries are coming in well and we expect a terrific entry.  We are working hard to attract a good gate and those attending should experience another exciting and enjoyable event. 


Please feel free to contact any of our Board members with your comments or concerns.

Household Pet Scoring and Titles

in CFA

By Mary Kolencik, Awards Committee Chair


Congratulations to CFA's HHP exhibitors! 

Beginning with the 2015-2016 season, recorded HHPs will be scored by Central Office and will be awarded titles. The board passed a proposal from the awards committee at the October board meeting in response to a resolution from the New Orleans annual. Our full report will be in the board meeting minutes; this article is about the basic parameters of the HHP program.



Central Office will begin scoring the HHP class in the 2015-2016 season. All scoring services offered to registered cats will be offered to recorded HHPs (e.g. epoints, scoreboards, etc.).


Since the computer needs a unique number to track each cat, only recorded HHPs will be scored. Unrecorded HHPs may still be shown, but they will need a recording number to be scored.


HHP owners will be able to submit recording applications at a show and keep those points, and will be able to recover points from past shows for 90 days for a fee (the same fee as pedigreed cat owners pay to recover points).

Scoring for HHPs will be similar to scoring for Regional points for pedigreed cats. Finals will be scored in 5% decrements, cats will retain the top 100 rings. The number of final spots for HHPs remains the same. 


Only those rings where HHPs are judged by a CFA licensed judge, approved guest judge, or CFA judge trainee will be scored. Celebrity judges such as a local vet or radio/TV personality will not be scored. Since some clubs use celebrity judges for advertising, the show flyer must state which HHP rings will be scored for CFA HHP points and awards. The reason for this is that the judge must fill out certain paperwork, and often clubs do not have celebrity judges do this. Clubs can certainly petition the board for exceptions.


HHPs will have the same requirements for in-region competition and for counting points earned in other geographic areas as the K/C/P classes. HHP kittens will continue to compete in the same class as adults (i.e. no separate season for HHP kittens & adults).

article continues here

Grand Photos Are Up!
CFA webmaster Kathy Durdick says that she now has the 2013-14 show season Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, and Grands of Distinction are now on the CFA website.  Each breed has a gallery of its previous seasons' grands on its page. 

Remember to submit your grand for this show season to both the Yearbook and Cat Talk, and YOUR kitty will be included on the CFA website next year!   Send your photo submissions to [email protected].  Make your payment via http://catalog.cfa.org/photos.html 

Trick or Treat from Central Office

Central Office is still working hard on your requests, we has mastered some of the new computer system and are still struggling with other areas of the system. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Currently the backlog received by the US Postal system date being processed is approximately
August 12th.

Secure CFA on-line registrations is October 8th

E-Cats is October 8th

A few housekeeping reminders: 
*  Every Monday morning we have our staff meeting, should you leave a message during our meeting time every attempt will be made to return your call before the end of business on the same day. 
*  Please be sure to fill in all required information on you blue, yellow and litter requests. 
*  Central Office will be closed Thanksgiving Day & Friday, November 28th Christmas Day & December 26th New Year's Day & January 2nd, 2015 

Have a Great October
 Happy Black Cat Month!

A Note From CFA Executive Director,
Teresa Barry
I would like to thank everyone for the very warm welcome. I have felt welcomed by the Board members, staff and have had the opportunity to meet or speak with some of you in the Fancy. I have now been here for a month and it's hard to believe but the time has flown by. I have been spending a lot of time getting to know staff and the contributions of each. I realized quickly that staff is hard working and want to do a good job.

My first 30 days have been concentrated on over-all management of our operations as well as facility management. By the time you read this an entire new HVAC system will be ready for installation. This also includes heating and cooling the removal of a boiler as well as units located on our roof. A portion of the roof will also be repaired at that time. Those of you who may have visited C.O. over the last few weeks quickly realized we have had neither air condition nor heat. It made it interesting for our October face to face Board meeting.

Yes, I have now experienced my first and I must tell you, very interesting Board meeting. I will have to admit at times I found it interesting, confusing, but an over-all outstanding learning experience.

Again as you read this, I will have experienced my first (lots of firsts for me) cat show. I will have attended the Parma show put on by the Cleveland Persian Society and The Tonkinese Breed Association the weekend of October 11th & 12th. It goes without saying that this too will be a learning experience. In closing, I again would like to thank the Board, staff and the members of the Association for it's very warm welcome and willingness to help.

Teresa (Terri) Barry


We're Baaaaaak!

ambassador by Candilee Jackson

Ambassador Linda Osborne at the Seacoast Show in California


On behalf of all the CFA Ambassadors, many thank yous to those on the board, especially Pam DelaBar, for understanding the need for this very special and important marketing tool!

So, what's next? TONS of things! First, all our brochures, handbooks and signage are in need of a facelift, and it's currently underway. Hopefully, we can have some things ready for the World Show in November.

Probably the most exciting component of the "new" Ambassadors program will the the certification webinar! This 30 minute online webinar will give online training to all Ambassadors, both new and returning. Besides "getting us all on the same page," the training will help us answer those difficult questions concerning declawing, and why CFA doesn't show Bengals et al, a bit of CFA history and our association's goals, and what the Ambassador program is exactly. The online training will also address the difference between the Ambassador Cats and the Pet Me! Cats, and hopefully there will be less confusion among all. My "pet" section of the training is "Grief Counseling 101." Without going into a huge amount of psychology, my hope is that this section will better arm us to handle those spectators who come to the show hall looking for someone who truly understands what it means to lose a beloved companion. At the end of the webinar will be a short quiz, (10 questions, I promise!), and will have a printable training completed certificate.


Ken Cribbs with Mr. Peabody at a show in Hawai'i

Completion date for the webinar? I'm not sure on this as there is sooooooo much involved in its preparation. So far I have the script started, I have some pictures (I need more!), Kirk (my hubby) has agreed to do the voice overs and he is looking for suitable music as the underscore. Following this preparation, we need to forward the package to an appropriate IT person so it will do what we want - quiz, certification print out and recordkeeping of who took the seminar and when. Basically, don't look for it before 2015!

In the meantime, I will be getting information out to the regional coordinators with regards to the ambassadors within each region, and try to get an assessment of what each region needs. Then we'll be printing, packaging and mailing out ambassador materials just as soon as we can get them printed.

PLEASE!!!! Take pictures of kids and spectators interacting with your cats! Catch scout troops in action; Pet Me! Cats being loved on; any homemade welcome booths you have created (I know these are out there!) With smart phones everywhere, pictures should be easily

Kristi Graffmans shows her Burmese to a young visitor at the Seacoast show
taken and then forwarded directly to my email: [email protected]

Before I close for this month, please allow me the space to say "THANK YOU" to Willa Hawke for her years of service and leadership in her promotion and belief of the Ambassador Program. Her guidance moved this program into the 21st century, and her wisdom has allowed me to step into her very large shoes. Yes, Willa, we ARE the Face of CFA!

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

At the most recent Winn Feline Foundation grant review and board meeting in Chicago, Winn welcomed two new

Winnie sez: Welcome aboard Drew and Lorraine!!

board members, Dr. Drew Weigner and Lorraine Shelton. Drew is a board-certified feline specialist who owns and operates The Cat Doctor in Atlanta, GA. He has authored numerous scientific and consumer articles about cats and is part of the WebMD pet health community.  Lorraine, a noted author and cat fancier, has lectured on the scientific aspects of companion catsfor TICA, CFA, FIFe, and the World Cat Congress.  She lives in Eastvale, CA and also maintains the largest and oldest on-line feline health information for cat breeders, the Fanciershealth Yahoogroup. Winnie joins the rest of the board in welcoming Winn's two new board members.


Winn has learned in the past few weeks of a number of planned bequests committed to the Foundation. You can learn more about Winn's Planned Giving Program at http://www.winnfelinefoundation.org/programs/estate-planning. There you can download a newly updated Planned Giving brochure or a donor profile information form. We will connect you to the excellent estate planning attorney, George Eigenhauser, who does dual duty as both a CFA and Winn Feline Foundation board member.


In addition, you can consider a recurring donation to Winn for any amount and by selecting one of any number of time options. Just click on the Give Now button on Winn's new website home page and while you are there be sure to bookmark the page, http://www.winnfelinefoundation.org.


Please take time to view the newly added Winn Policy on Humane Use of Animals in Grant Studies, http://www.winnfelinefoundation.org/grants/grant-process.


By Kelly Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison


Pasadena Poised on the brink of MSN


On October 6, 2014 the city council of Pasadena, CA voted favorably (5-3) on the first reading of a mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) ordinance proposal. The newest proposed legislation is a slightly modified version of the ordinance we told you about last year and shows how cat fanciers are affected by legislation by the addition of two simple words: and cats.


This round of legislation in Pasadena was brought about by a dog mauling a young boy. Protection of its citizens is a valid and legitimate concern of government. The proposal at that time mandated the mandatory spay/neuter of all dogs 4 months or older with a few exemptions, operating under the theory that fewer dangerous dogs would be roaming the streets of Pasadena. It was also hoped that it would reduce the numbers of Chihuahuas and "pit-bull" dogs in the shelter. "And cats" was added due to the large number of cats and kittens being killed in the shelter each year.


At that time dog and cat fanciers worked hard to get the council to allow 6 months for the initial round of dog licensing canvassing to be completed rather than focus on proposed legislation. City Councilmember Madison then suggested that the possibility of breed specific legislation be examined more closely.


In January 2014 the City Council considered a MSN ordinance for pit bull cross breeds but chose to table that ordinance until July 2014 to determine if more comprehensive MSN requirements for all dogs and cats should be required. In July, the City Council once again decided to pursue a comprehensive MSN ordinance despite all the evidence provided last year that MSN was bad policy.


The current proposal, as it affects cats, requires that all owned or harbored cats must be sterilized by six months (there are more provisions for dogs which can be seen on the American Kennel Club's site at: http://www.akc.org/press_center/article.cfm?article_id=5706 ). 


Exemptions to sterilization for cats are:

1. health reasons prevent safe sterilization;

2. the cat is used to show, compete or breed and is a breed recognized by CFA, TICA or other approved cat registries provided: 

a. the cat has competed in at least one show sanctioned by a national registry or approved by the Pasadena Humane Society (PHS) & SPCA within the last 365; 


b. the cat has earned a conformation title from a purebred cat registry referenced above or PHS & SPCA; 


c. the owner of the cat is a member of a PHS & SPCA approved purebred cat breed club which maintains and enforces a code of ethics for cat breeding that includes restrictions from breeding cats with genetic defects and life threatening health problems that commonly threaten the breed.

The proposal also requires sterilization upon the first impound of any cat or dog regardless of the circumstances of the animal's impoundment or the owner's adherence to animal laws regarding their cat or dog. Furthermore, there is no provision for an appeal prior to sterilization. The proposal also fails to recognize no fault impoundments such as when a pet exempted from MSN gets loose due to natural disasters, burglars, etc through no fault of their owners.


Neither will the proposed ordinance reduce cat numbers in the PHS and SPCA. Owned cats do not significantly contribute to the number of kittens and cats killed in shelters as several studies show 88-94% of household sterilize their cats. As cats that are unowned /feral or loosely owned comprised a large percentage of cats found in shelters, programs such as low/no cost spay/neuter that specifically target that problem are needed. Regulating pets owned by responsible owners accomplishes, at best, nothing.


In order to have a chance to defeat this proposal, residents need to contact their councilmembers about their opposition. It is currently unknown when the proposed ordinance will be read a second time so residents need to speak up as soon as possible. To determine what district you are in go to http://www.ci.pasadena.ca.us/map/ and use http://ww2.cityofpasadena.net/councilagendas/council_agenda.asp for city agendas.





Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -   
[email protected]

CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show

The show is being held November 22-23 in Oaks, Pennsylvania which is outside Philadelphia.  Closing date is noon (EDT) on Wednesday, November 5th.  Check the show's blog to find lots of information about the show such as copies of the show flyers, links to the current breed summaries, and much more.


Our benching team reminds you that all benching requests must be submitted to the entry clerk and the deadline for such requests, including groom spaces, is the same as above.


All fees must be paid within ten days of entry or penalties will be imposed as described on the show flyers.  PayPal payments are accepted ([email protected]) but please mention that you are paying entry fees for the Red (or Purple) show. 


CHANGE OF JUDGE:  Aki Tamura has had to cancel the show (Purple).  She is being replaced by Yaeko Takano.  You may recall that when the votes were tallied these two judges tied.  We are sorry to lose Aki but delighted to welcome Yaeko.


The Expo Center has a number of entrances.  The entrance marked outside for Hall B will be your closest entry and save you from making a long trip through the building to reach check-in and the benching area.  Check-in will take place on Friday from 3:00-8:00pm.  The building will be locked at 8:30pm.  There will also be check-in Saturday morning from 6:30-8:00 with judging scheduled to start at 8:30.


Although the deadline for sponsoring rings and breeds has passed, we still have sponsorship opportunities available for the Education Ring, Agility, and more.  Check the Blog  for more information or email Lorna Friemoth


Don't forget that we also have catalog ads available.  Special low rates for show flyers which will save you from passing them out at the show.  More information is on the Blog

We are planning a terrific raffle at the show and are soliciting your support with donations.  Contact Geri Fellerman to let her know what you are bringing or to ask questions.

CFA Business Management Committee

Ginger Meeker, Chair


One decision made at the October Board meeting was to plan a full day Friday before the February 2015 meeting for the next phase of our Strategic Planning process.  Dick Kallmeyer presented some very complex statistics about all 9 regions and the ID.  The February discussions will focus on how to grow CFA, attract new exhibitors and maintain our current exhibitor base.   All ideas, thoughts and observations for improving CFA are helpful in this process.  If you have any ideas on these subjects, please share them with your Regional Directors so they can incorporate your ideas in their planning.


The Board approved the idea of organizing and producing the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Event primarily out of the Central Office.  Jodell Raymond serves as the Projects manager for this event.  To accomplish this project volunteers are needed for a National Annual Committee.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Jodell by email  [email protected]  Starting with the R-5 Annual in 2015-16 season, Central Office will be responsible for the majority of the event.   At that point, the Region hosting the event will only need to do the delegate bags and a hospitality night (optional).


Having a face-to-face meeting in October gave members of this committee a chance to talk in person about business ideas and plans that we are currently working on.  A meeting with Verna and Terri will happen next week to discuss multiple projects that will make CO work better for YOU.


As we plan and work for CFA please remember that YOU ARE CFA.  We are all in this together and all ideas are welcome...do you have an idea for a new service or product? Please let me know at [email protected] or contact any other member of this committee - Jodell Raymond, Dick Kallmeyer, Jean Dugger or Pam DelaBar. 


The Central Office staff wants you to know that they are working hard to get ALL systems caught up.  These delays are frustrating for them too.  As was mentioned at the Board meeting as part of the Business Management Committee report, please treat our office staff with kindness and respect.  It was reported that these hard-working people deal with some rather negative behaviors on a daily basis.  This is OUR office and YOUR business....please be kind.

CFA Judging Program
submitted by Annette Wilson, 
CFA Judging Program Chair

At the October CFA Board of Directors' Meeting, the BOD took the following actions to the CFA Judging Program.

Judging Acceptances & Advancements
Jennifer Reding was accepted as a SH (First Specialty) Trainee
John Hiemstra was advanced to AP LH/APT SH
Teresa Sweeney was advanced to  AP LH/APT SH
Karen Godwin was advanced to APP LH/AP SH

Leaves of Absence
Pat Jacobberger until December 1, 2014
Donna Jean Thompson until January 1, 2015

Breed Orientation and Awareness Schools
Breed Awareness and Orientation Seminars planned for 2014-2015:

CFA World Show - Oaks, Pennsylvania:
The next Breed Awareness and Orientation School is scheduled to be held in conjunction with CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter show on November 22-23, 2014 in Oaks, Pennsylvania. The school will be held on November 20-23, 2014. Our instructors are Pat Jacobberger, Barbara Jaeger, Wayne Trevathan and Jeri Zottoli with a number of CFA Allbreed Judges assisting with "In the Ring" handling. Further information can be found here. Registration closes on November 2, 2014 and attendees can register now at http://catalog.cfa.org/fees.shtml#baos. Info can also be found on our Facebook page

The CFA BAOS goes to Tokyo, Japan! This school is to be held in conjunction with the CFA Region 8 Regional Show to be held on January 10-11, 2015. Instructors are Pat Jacobberger, Edward M. Maeda, Yaeko Takano and Liz Watson. "In the Ring" handling will be done on Sunday, January 11, 2015. The flyer can be found  here. Registration closes on December 28, 2014. Information can also be found on our Facebook page
Board Members and others exploring the museum

by Karen Lawrence

Director, The CFA Foundation, Inc.
Manager, Feline Historical Museum

The CFA Foundation hosted a reception in the Feline Historical Museum for CFA Board members and guests at the conclusion of the October 4th board meeting. This gave the new board members an opportunity to explore the museum for the first time, and others who have been here before got the chance to see what was new in the collection.




The CFA Foundation is planning a large booth area at the World Show in November.  We're bringing along some new (actually, old - really old - but new to us) trophies and medals to have on display, such as an awesome pewter, engraved, trophy from an 1883 cat show in Boston. In addition, we'll be introducing our new 24-panel History of the Cat Fancy ... plus a whole lot more, so look for us in Oaks, PA!



Region 1

by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 


September was the perfect time to travel up into New York State for the combined Salt City/Copper City 6x6 shows. Leaves were just starting to turn which made the drive through the mountains especially nice. As always, exhibitors were met with a welcoming show crew and a really outstanding raffle. Several vendors that we don't often see were there as well - one had really adorable hand-made bibs, and I'm saving one for my new kitten. We were lucky to find a great place for dinner on Friday night and enjoyed it so much we went back on Saturday. I'm always happy with a show that runs efficiently - particularly when I have a long drive home. This did not disappoint, and I look forward to enjoying next year's show.


Alas, I missed the York show this year to travel to the Board meeting but understand from those in attendance that it was very enjoyable as usual - sure missed those apple dumplings. Two more October shows on the horizon for Region 1 - first is the NBF show next weekend and there promise to be some outstanding Birmans in attendance. Finally, one of my favorites, the Liberty Trail "Halloween" show on the 25th - don't miss out on either of these fun shows.
Region 2

by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary


Tammy Roark at the Portland Pet Expo

CFA was well represented at the Portland Pet Expo by Meghan Noecker, Tammy Roark, Karen Stenlund and seven cats that braved the dogs and a pet skunk. It was a fun and busy day as hundreds of people stopped by the booth, learned about different cat breeds and cat shows. They were amazed at how well the cats handled the noisy event. There were two Egyptian Maus, two Somalis, a Siberian, a Persian, and a Ragdoll. Two petting stations were set up for the

Sweetheaven Royal Regulus

spectators. Sweetheaven Royal Regulus, the Ragdoll, was the only cat entered in the costume contest. He came in second amongst 22 entries! It was a great day, representing the cat world as our group of CFA region 2 exhibitors and their cats were the only felines present at this event.


In other region 2 news, we will be having a clerking school on December 5th at the Double Tree Lloyd Center from 10 am to 5 pm in conjunction with the Lewis and Clark Cat Show on the 6th and 7th of December. Pam has to order the kits for the clerking school so she will need an exact count. The will be a $25.00 nonrefundable fee which includes your material from CFA, lunch and parking. She will need your payment by October 23rd. You can mail it to her or give it to her at the Emerald/Steinbeck Country show this weekend.


If you are even thinking that you might want to clerk someday, this would be a great opportunity to take the class. Clerking Schools are few and far between. We haven't had one for several years.




Region 3

by Steve McCullough, Regional Director


Trudi  Allen, Jan Chambers, and Eve Russell

Our show for the month of September was put on by the Foot of the Rockies Cat Club in partnership with the National Maine Coon Cat Club at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO.  It was great seeing all the many exhibitors from around our different regions supporting another wonderful show.  Kudos goes to Eve Russell for being transportation captain for the exhibitor/clerk from Russia!!!  Now THAT'S a hike even for Colorado.  The Grand cakes were as outstanding as the raffle, and everyone was having a great time.  Thanks to clubs for making it seem so effortless. 

Rachel celebrated her 39th birthday at the show.






Our next shows in the region will be December 6-7, 2014; The Gulf Shore Regional FUNd raiser in Wichita, KS and Show and Tell on December 20th, 2014 in Cleburne, TX.


As usual, be sure to send in your Grand pictures to me so they can be included in the newsletter.


If you haven't read the Board meeting agenda, be sure to do so.  If you have any questions or constructive comments, send those to me as well.

Region 4

 by John Colilla, Regional Director



John Colilla and Rosina McGlynn are selling lapel pins for the 2015 Annual in Toronto. Please see one of them to purchase your pin and help support the annual. We hope to start seeing more and more people wearing these great pins out there. Also, if you'd be interested in volunteering your services during the 2015 CFA Annual in Toronto, be sure to contact Rosina McGlynn; she'd be happy to put you to work!


Congratulations to The Tonkinese Breed Association and Cleveland Persian Society for filling their back-to-back show in Parma on October 11-12. A huge thank you to all the exhibitors for supporting this Great Lakes Region show!


Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows: 

  • October 25th,  Great Lakes Great Maines is holding a 6 ring show with 5 Allbreed rings and 1 Allbreed/Specialty ring in Brockport , NY
  • October 26th Hallmark Cat Club is holding a 6 ring show with 5 Allbreed rings and 1 Specialty ring in Brockport, NY
  • November 1st, Butler Cat Fanciers is holding a 6 Allbreed in Pittsburgh, PA
  • November 8-9,  Dayton Cat Fanciers is holding an 8 ring show with 6 Allbreed rings, 2 Specialty rings and 2 of the experimental rings in Dayton, OH 

We hope to see you all there and have some more full counts!

The next Regional meeting will be on October 25th in Rochester, NY at the show. 

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
While it may be starting to feel like fall in most of the rest of the US,
it is still summertime hot here in the Southwest. As we move into
November we look forward to cooler temperatures and two one-day, 6 ring
shows. The Santa Monica Cat Club saw an opening in the show schedule on
November 15 so are stepping up and putting on a show. It is in Ontario,
California and all rings are allbreed. The showhall is near the Ontario
airport; LAX, SNA and LGB are also within an hour or so drive.

Fantastic shopping opportunities and a cat show? Poinsettia City in
Glendale, CA on November 29th is for you! Glendale is conveniently
adjacent to Los Angeles, super-close to the BUR airport and home to shops
and restaurants galore. Everything from boutiques to Target to Barney's
and Nordstrom are all in the center of town. Come for the cat show, stay
for the holiday shopping. Also, I'll be holding an open house at my home
the Friday night before the show. All are welcome, we look forward to
seeing old friends and making new ones!
Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary

The Midwest Region is totally jumping into FALL! October is the region's most active month, with a show every weekend, so there's lots of opportunities for grand points and staying in touch with CFA friends.
Brian Tripp & Troy Weir at the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers' show

September 29th saw the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers host their 82nd show in Crystal, Minnesota. This wonderful show was a great opportunity for those Midwesties who reside in the upper midwest. Great people food was catered by the Lookout Bar and Grill, and no one went away hungry!

Next up is the hotel show presented by Sandhills/Midlands cat clubs who joined forces to "PAINT THE SHOW HALL PINK" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pre-show publicity had vendors, judges and exhibitors alike decking themselves, rings, vendor sites, benching areas and cats in all shades of PINK to honor those working thro
Signing the board at the Memory Ring
ugh cancer and to honor those, especially those among us, who are survivors of this terrible disease. Besides giving every exhibitor a pink ribbon pin, the show had 2 special rings: the MEMORY RING was for everyone, exhibitors and spectators, to write the name of a loved one who had passed due to cancer or who is a survivor. These memories were posted for all to see. 

The other special ring was a place to draw attention to MENS Breast Cancer, an area of CA most often overlooked. Debbie Northrop donated a lovely pink bracelet in honor of her aunt who is a surivor and in memory of her mother, who had passed due to breast cancer. Proceeds from this item will go to the American Cancer Society. The show also featured as silent auction for a lovely piece of art, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Saturday night, exhibitors and judges were hosted at a lovely cocktail hour complete with hors d'oeurves and a cash bar.

Midlands Cat Fanciers also presented the "Paula Boroff award" in memory of Paula Boroff, a long time CFA judge.  This award is given to the highest scoring kitten and this year the award went to Robert Rosas of Astral Charm Cattery in Kansas, for their kitten Astral Charm Top That.  Congratulations to Robert, Debbie, and Top That. 

Future fall shows include:

*  Illinois Feline Fanciers: October 18-18 Springfield IL (IL State Fairgrounds)

*  Indy Cat Club: October 25-26 43rd Show, Duke Energy Event Ctr,
Metropolis Mall (PAYPAL!!)

*  Tiger's Lair: November 1 "Tails of Terror", Sedalia MO
(MO State Fairground **
** Special Note: GARFIELD will be present at the Tails of Terror Show!!!! Photographer extraordinaire, Preston Smith, will be taking appointment for not only photo sittings, but with Garfield as well!

*  Frontier Feline Fanciers: November 29-30 Gardner, KS
Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

The Southern Region held more successful shows after National Capital in September, by Cat Club of the Palm Beaches in Ormond Beach, FL, and Freestate Feline Fanciers in Gaithersburg, MD.   Both clubs worked very hard to make these shows successful, and all involved are to be commended!!

The Southern Region continues its planning stages of our Regional Awards Show and Banquet, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, the second weekend of June.   Talent all over the Region will come together to make this a success and a great event in Southern Region history.  Everyone who would like to be involved is welcome

And though all eyes are on the upcoming World Show, don't forget one of the biggest shows of the season happening in the Southern Region - Cotton States Cat Club - Nov 1-2, 2014, as they present "Sweet Confections".   You can register for this show on catshows.us.

Last but certainly not least, we rolled out the NEW Southern Region website last month!  Thanks to the graphic talents and tireless efforts of our own Teresa Keiger, we have a beautiful banner depicting all that is the Southern Region.   We are still updating and adding features - trying to incorporate the many suggestions given by our exhibitors.  So  far, I have gotten extremely positive feedback.    All of y'all are invited to visit us - and stay a spell!  ( www.cfasouthern.org )

Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
Otaru Harbor

On past 27-28 September 2014, Mt. Fuji Northern Cat club held CFA Show at Marine Wave Otaru near the Otaru Port in Otaru, Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the large, most northern island of Japan and Otaru is old port and the most popular port for sightseeing.


The show had 76 entries, including 4 household pets. Almost all shows in Japan recently have been small, and this show got comparatively good entries.

Exhibitors were from Tokyo and Kansai area. The show staff showed good hospitality to the exhibitors.  I appreciate their making efforts to make the exhibitors happy. The show format was 7 AB rings and 1 SP ring.


The feature of CFA cat fancy in this area is many Longhair cats because this is the colder area in Japan. At this time, biggest entry was the Norwegian Forest Cat. Next was the Ragdoll and the next one was the Maine Coon Cat. Longhair entries were total 49 cats, which is a good count for longhair.

Exhibitors at the show


Ragdoll entries were second largest entry in this show, and almost of them were nice grooming and good quality cats. There were well-groomed and nice high quality Persians, but the Ragdolls were of especially good quality. Mrs. Nozuki who is a Longhair Specialty judge and Ragdoll and Russian Blue breeder has been in Hokkaido for long time and she has made many efforts to familiarize this breed for long long time. In this show hall, I could find her to lecture CFA show system to new bees near her benching cages.... Good attitude!!


I believe exhibitors enjoyed this show because of not only showing but also because there is great seafood available in the area and it connects fellow CFA cat fanciers.


Region 9
submitted by Michael Schleissner

Infokot 2014 Show Report by Edelweiss Cat Club, Region 9

August 23-24, 2014 - Pavilion 75 - Mir Prospect - Moscow

Written by Alla Ipatova, Edelweiss Cat club

Entrance to exhibition area 



Michael Schleissner (Germany)
Kenny Currle (USA)
Li Ling Chung (Hong Kong)
Irina Tokmakova (Russia)
Galina Dubrovskaya (Russia)
Anna Nazarova (Russia)

Official website:  www.infokot.org and www.infokot.info



The event is called InfoKot (InfoCat), the setup is made like meet the breeds event where different cat breed are presented to the audience with breed booths. This visitor friendly concept is surrounded with 2 cat shows; a TICA show organized by Crystal Cat club and a CFA show organized by Edelweiss Cat club both major cat organizations on one event in the center of mega city Moscow.

This year Infokot attracted around 15000 visitors during the weekend where Edelweiss Cat club proudly represented the Cat Fanciers Association. Visitors and CFA exhibitors meet on popular ground to share common interest and exchange information. An extra effort for the breed booths comes from local breeder, mostly Moscow area. The breed booth representatives organize them self there are TICA as well CFA breeders present.

Infokot is customer-oriented for exhibitors and for visitors a wide range of professional pet supply stores are present as well special workshops. For the children attraction there is a famous plush cat judge competition hosted by a local professional & well known person. The location is one key success factor that Moscow families can attend the Infokot event with public transport no additional costs and no time consuming hurdles.

Pavilion 75A of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (AREC) is located in the heart of Moscow very close to the major transport highways of the capital. It is the most modern exhibition pavilion of Moscow. The location is outside the second but well inside the third ring road around Moscow city - this is really in the center of Moscow!

CFA Entries Total 96 entries [26 kitten, 62 Championship, 8 Premiership]
CFA Exhibitors Total 65 exhibitors [64 from Russia (92 entries), 1 from Italy (4 entries)]
Edelweiss Cat Club looks forward to offer this exhibition next year again in-conjunction with Crystal Cat club (TICA) and welcomes all CFA exhibitors to this great event.

The unique design and the layout of the hall without supporting columns allows to use the space of the pavilion for the realization of the most courageous design fantasies. Excellent lightning and modern equipment of the pavilion allow to carry out events of any level.

International  Division
by Richard Kallmeyer, International Division Chair
Nicholas Pun, new judging trainee with instructor Larry Adkison
Persian and Exotic Cat Club and Hong Kong Cat Club had a mini-"World Show" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 20-21, 2014 with judges from every CFA region and the ID.  Judges came from 4 continents around the world to officiate at the show.  Exhibitors came 7 countries

Before the show, Norm Auspitz and Edward Maeda (with Nicholas Pun assisting) conducted a clerking school.

Melanie Morgan presenting a cat at the Malaysia show

In September, CFA held shows in two new cities in China:  Wuhan and Xi'an.  Both shows had many first time CFA exhibitors who expressed an interest in forming new CFA clubs.  The shopping center owners were extremely pleased with the visitor turnout and invited the CFA show to return-in fact, competing shopping center owners showed up and also wanted CFA shows in their venues!

Wuhan show venue.

The Wuhan show (China Phoenix Cat Club and China Southern Cat Club) was held in a remodeled 1930 building converted to a shopping arcade.  Wuhan is the capital of China's Hubei province and is the most populous city in central China (10.2 million people).  Wuhan is 3,500 years old - older than Beijing, Xi'an and Nanjing

The Xi'an show (Great West China Cat Fanciers and China Phoenix Cat Club) was also held in a shopping center with 1,000s of visitors. Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi province and is located in NW China and was home of 17 of China's ruling dynasties including some of the most important: Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, and Tang.  Xi'an was the beginning of the Silk Road and is most noted as the location of the Terra Cotta soldiers.  Xi'an has a population greater than 8.5 million people.  CFA will return to Xi'an in early 2015.

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