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Our banner cat for the September, 2014 Newsletter is CFA's Second Best Cat in Premiership, GC, NW Leggs Flower Drum Song.

(Photo by Larry Johnson)


If you have a kitten or cat who competed using a TRN number, and you now have a permanent registration number,  please use this form to let us know. 

Any points earned under the
TRN number will then be transferred  to your new permanent registration 
Mom, please send my photo in!

Do you want to see your cat's picture on one of CFA's Social Media sites?  Send those cute, funny and entertaining pictures to Jodell Raymond at [email protected] and we will make sure to give you photo credit.  Show our Social Media Fans what showing in CFA is all about!  
photo courtesy Joanie Wilson/Ziakatz

CFA White Pages Listing Deadline
December 1

Only Breed Council Members, CFA Clerks, CFA Judgesor Club Secretaries are automatically listed in the CFA White Pages.

Submit or change your listing here

Fall is (finally!) in the air. And if Fall is here, can an increase in cat shows be far behind?

August was a busy month for CFA, and September shows no signs of decreasing activity, especially as preparations for the World Show gain momentum.  


Summer is almost over and things are picking up in many ways.   Now that fall is here we start to see more shows on the schedule and, hopefully, more of you are showing your cats and enjoying the companionship of your fellow fanciers. 

I have been to the CFA Central Office several times this month.  On September 2nd I was on hand, along with Jodell Raymond, to welcome our new Executive Director, Terri Barry.   Read the article elsewhere in this newsletter about Terri.   In just two weeks, Terri has started to get a handle on our association and there can be no doubt that she will be a great addition to our organization.  It has been four years since CFA has had an Executive Director and we are looking forward to benefitting from Terri's wealth of management experience.

CFA has hired an additional registration clerk to help us address the backlog in that area.   I know many of you have been frustrated over the increased time it is taking to process your registrations.  We acknowledge that there is a problem and we are working hard to address it.  We hired summer temps, our regular staff has been working overtime, and staff in other departments have pitched in to help.  If you are submitting your registration requests online, we are turning those around much faster than the snail mail or fax submissions.


Our next Board meeting is scheduled for October 4-5 at the Central Office in Alliance, Ohio.  With so many new Board members, this will be the first time many of them will see our office.  Traditionally, we discuss Show Rule changes at this meeting and they will be effective with the new show season next May 1st.  Mary Kolencik chairs the Awards Committee and she plans to attend the meeting to discuss a number of proposals including scoring Household Pets for titles and awards. 

The World Show will soon be here (Nov. 22-23).   Show Manager Rich Mastin along with his two Assistant Show Managers, Ed Raymond and myself, recently traveled to Oaks PA to check out our showhall.   It is enormous.  Many of you have seen the yearly AKC dog show on NBC television on Thanksgiving Day.  That show is held in the same venue the weekend prior to our show and the television network tapes it for viewing on Thanksgiving.   Our local liaison, Debbie Kusy, is heading up a group that will have a booth at the dog show advertising the CFA show the following weekend.   Mary K and Teresa Keiger have pulled together a Blog for the show with all sorts of helpful information.  It is updated often so keep checking it: .  


As I have mentioned before, your Board members welcome your input.  Feel free to reach out to one or more with your thoughts.

 CFA's New Executive Director

Terri Barry 

By Mark Hannon


When CFA's last Executive Director left in 2010, the CFA Board of Directors opted to leave the position vacant and to create a new position of Director of Operations (DO) which would have fewer responsibilities and receive a lower salary.   The Board hired a DO in 2010 while our Central Office was located in Manasquan NJ.  When we moved the office to Alliance, Ohio, in the summer of 2011 we hired Donna Jean Thompson as our DO.   The understanding was that the job would only last several years and would end when we again hired an Executive Director.  That worked out well for Donna Jean since her goal was to retire in a few years.  It all worked out as planned.  Donna Jean retired on August 1, 2014, and our new Executive Director started work on September 2, 2014.


Some of you may wonder what is the difference between a Director of Operations and an Executive Director.  The DO basically ran the Central Office.  Our Executive Director has a wider scope of responsibilities including recommending short-term and long-term strategies for improving business practices of CFA, developing and carrying out short-range goals as approved by the Board of Directors, and developing/managing an annual operating budget for Central Office functions.


A group reviewed the resumes of the applicants and five of us interviewed the top candidates in person.  We interviewed applicants both from within the cat fancy as well as from outside the cat fancy.  The group that conducted the interviews made a recommendation to the Board of Directors and the Board voted to hire Terri Barry.


Terri served for six years as the Executive Director for a multi-county non-profit in Northeast Ohio and then served for 16 years as its CEO.  Earlier she worked for the Maryland State legislature so she also brings legislative experience to her new job.   Her past experience demonstrates strong leadership, business development, communications, organizational and multitasking skills.  She was responsible for setting the direction, vision and mission, as well as the engagement of all funders and community stakeholders for a multi-million dollar not-for-profit agency.  


Thus, we can expect Terri to not only manage an effective, customer-service oriented staff but to also work with the Board to establish goals through strategic planning.  We can expect her to work within our budget and she has offered to help CFA invest the funds we realized from the sale of our previous office in New Jersey.


While Terri brings a wealth of managerial experience to her new job, she comes from outside the cat fancy and is now busy learning about our hobby.   Terri commented that she thought this job would be a challenge and she is looking forward to moving CFA forward.


Please join me in welcoming Terri to CFA.  She plans to attend the World Show and many of you will be able to meet her there.

By Verna Dobbins


Central Office is still hard at work catching up on all of your requests.  We sincerely appreciate your patience.


We welcomed our new Executive Director, Teresa Barry, this month.  We are excited to have her join our family.


Also joining our family are several new staff members we would like to introduce at this time.

  • Dena Thomas - Dena is our receptionist, she will be most likely your first contact with us. 
  • Anna Bowe - Anna is our Bookkeeping Assistant.  Anna will be processing your payments in order for the Registration department to administer your requests.
  • Kay Chamberlain is the newest member to the team and she will be in our registration department.  Kay will be learning the ins and outs of the entire department.

Please help us to welcome everyone to Central Office.


Central Office has a new tenant! 



Wesley's guardian Richard Harris and caretaker Lisa Widenhofer have allowed Wesley to take up residence here in Central Office. We are very happy that he has decided to join our family.  


Breeders, we need your assistance.  Will you please help us by explaining to the new owners the importance of the date of sale on the blue slips?  Registration cannot process the blue slips without the date of sale.   We have had to delay registrations in order to obtain this information.


Well it is hard to believe it is September already and the holidays will soon be here.  Central Office will be closed the following days

Thanksgiving & Friday, November 28th

Christmas & December 26th

New Year's & January 2, 2015


Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with, all of us in CO are here to help and serve your requests to the very best of our abilities. 


Have a great September and we look forward to updating you on our adventures next month.

IT Committee
by Dennis Ganoe, IT Committee Chair


Registrations are catching up and eCat is your best tool to register your litters and kittens.

· Those registrations submitted via the eCat web application within the first week in September have been processed.

· For registrations submitted by the old web forms ( we have processed those received prior to August 13th (about a 2 weeks delay).

· If you mailed your registration application using postal service, we have processed those received prior to August 3rd.

Please be advised that these dates indicate when the office first processed the registration application. If there were no issues with your registration, you can expect to receive confirmation of the registration (Reg # and/or Certificate) within 10 days of the processing date. If there were issues with the registration application form (incomplete/erroneous data or illegible writing) your actual registration may be delayed pending the resolution of the issue. Most of these occur within the hard copy registrations due to incomplete information or illegibility.

Confirmation Certificates

We recently activated the PDF Confirmation Certificates on eCat. Anyone that confirmed a cat using eCat should see a download link next to their claim(s) that links to a PDF of the confirmation certificate. If you have issues with the download or do not see the data on your certificate, the most likely problem is an older version of Adobe plug-in on your browser. In this case, you should save the certificate to your desktop and open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader itself instead of the browser plug-in version. If you had a "pending confirmation" status for your claim on the old site, those will become available on eCat under your eCat user account automatically.

We are currently testing the printing of Grand Certificates and should have that wrapped up within the next couple of weeks. Once we are sure the certificates are printing correctly, we will start sending them out to all new "Grands".

Scanning Project

The scanning hardware and software has been implemented and we are currently scanning ALL paperwork received. We began storing it electronically on August 6th making the paperwork available at any workstation in the Central Office. This should eliminate the possibility of lost or misfiled paper.


CFA World Showworldshow
submitted by Mark Hannon

The Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter
World Championship Cat Show is being held on November 22-23, 2014 in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  Once again it will consist of two shows with a limit of 500 cats in each show for a total of 1,000 cats.   In 2012 the show filled and in 2013 the show had 995 entries, so it is obvious that this cat show is strongly supported by our exhibitors throughout the world.  Entries will not be accepted prior to 4pm (Eastern) on Monday, September 29th.   Once again we will only accept entries via our online entry form.  We will not accept entries via fax, snail mail, or any other method. 

We welcome Dr. Elsey's back as the show's primary sponsor.  Royal Canin is also on board as a sponsor this year and we are happy to have them return as well.   Jodell Raymond

is coordinating our corporate sponsors so anyone interested in participating as such should contact Jodell.


Mary Kolencik and Teresa Keiger are maintaining a Blog for this show which they update on a regular basis. Check it out  for lots of information about the show and subscribe so you get notified when changes and updates are made.

We are also soliciting sponsors for our judging rings, breed rosettes, Agility Ring, Education Ring, and more.  For additional information on how you can support the show via sponsorship,
check out the show's Blog .  Act quickly since the deadline to sponsor rings and breeds is 
September 24th.  We need the lead time in order to include the sponsors' names on the rosettes.

Want to be a vendor at the show to sell your wares or services?  Kristin and Carolyn are looking for you! We have the application form on the show's Blog.


WE NEED HELP!  We need lots of folks to show up Friday morning to help with many tasks associated with this show.  For example, Eve Russell is again coordinating the rosettes and she needs help hanging the rosettes in each of our 18 rings.  We need help benching, decorating the rings, setting up the Raffle, and lots more.  If you can give us your time the day before the show, please notify Debbie Kusy.  Debbie is our on-site coordinator for the show.

Scooters? Lots of exhibitors have expressed interest in renting scooters.  We will place information on the Blog regarding how to rent a scooter.  Stay tuned, we are still finalizing that information.


This is once again going to be an exciting event for CFA and you won't want to miss it.



World Show Sponsorships
Several Sponsorships Are Still Available
by Lorna Friemoth

We are seeking sponsorships to help us make this a financially successful show. There are a number of ways you can help.  Please contact Lorna Friemoth if you, your club, your breed council, or your business can help. Visit for all available sponsorships.

Current sponsorships available:
Purple Show: 38 breeds, 6 rings, 8 miscellaneous sponsors
Red Show:  37 breeds, 4 rings, 10 miscellaneous sponsors 

All Sponsors will be listed on a poster for each ring sponsored, included in the show catalog, and recognized in Cat Talk Magazine, the CFA E-Newsletter and World Show Blog.

by Teresa Keiger, Editor

Some of our subscribers may have noticed that they had a little surprise in the August issue of Cat Talk - cards reminding them that this was the last issue left in their subscription. Although the mailing label will tell you the number of issues left in the subscription (the last two numbers in the series of numbers after the R are the numbers of issues remaining), the envelope often ended up in the trash as soon as the magazine arrived.

We have a winner for our October cover contest and we think that it fits our Halloween/harvest theme perfectly! Be on the lookout! 

Show Statistics

by Monte Phillips


Have you ever wondered how hard or easier it is to grand cats of different breeds?  The following table looks at the percentage of cats shown that are granded (GC or GP) during the 2013-2014 show season.  The easiest and toughest breeds where at least 50 cats-shows attended are listed below (a cats-shows is the combination of number of cats attending each show, so 5 cats-shows could be one cat going to five shows, or five cats going to one show).




  1.  Ragamuffin - 0.7%

  2.  Turkish Angora - 2.1%

  3.  Balinese-Balinese - 2.4%

  4.  American Curl, Shorthair - 3.6%

  4.  Siberian - 3.6%

  6.  American Curl, Longhair - 3.7%

  7.  Ocicat - 4.1%

  8.  Balinese-Javanese - 4.2%

  9.  LaPerm, Longhair - 4.3%

  9.  Scottish Fold, Shorthair - 4.3%




1.  American Wirehair - 11.3%

2.  Russian Blue - 11.0%

3.  Exotic Shorthair - 9.2%

4.  Persians - 9.0%

5.  American Shorthair - 8.6%

6.  Bombay - 8.3%

6.  Scottish Fold, Longhair - 8.3%

8.  Birman - 8.2%

9.  European Burmese, Havana Brown, and Somali - all tied at 8%



by Betty White

Winn is in the final testing stage of a new website, and the Foundation is exceedingly pleased with the outcome of its "new look" This new online face of Winn has been in the works for some months, and goals have been much like CFA's were when its website was revamped. The wish was to give the website a fresh and attractive appeal with an ease of use that would encourage the viewer to learn more about Winn's endeavors to improve the health of "every cat, every day." There is a wealth of information on the site, not just about Winn Feline Foundation itself, but also about the causes, management, and cures of cat health problems faced throughout feline lives. Winn endeavors to be the prime resource for all questions related to cat health. The new website should be up and running later this week, so do plan to view it then.

Of particular interest to cat breeders is a new podcast in the Winn library of a conversation between Drs. Thayer and Lyons on the 99 Lives Genome Project about the recent findings with regards to cats and mutations. Podcasts can be accessed through the Education section of the new website,
Winnie Sez: Winnie talks this month about her new canine friend, reminding all cat lovers that cats and dogs mix very well, provided owners are careful in their introductions!
CFA Business Management Committee
by Ginger Meeker, Committee Chair

At the August Board meeting 3 programs were authorized to start. This is the current update on those 3 programs.
(a) The CFA Tracking Service Request Form is on-line with program details and fee information. Use
(b) Cattery of Distinction Application Form-Merged Catteries can be accessed at Program details are under the Cattery of Distinction section of the website.
(c) Permanent Cattery Name program is still being uploaded.

We are working on getting all of these programs into the shopping cart for greater ease of payment and greater speed in processing.

To follow up on the March visit to the Central Office with the creation of the Records Retention project, the scanning project for the archiving the pedigree data is underway! The archiving of the pedigree data is a very important project and having it underway is quite an accomplishment in the Central Office.

Some members of the Business Management Committee will be remaining at the Central Office after the October meeting to do further work in the basement to sort and process boxes and boxes of old records to further organize the scanning and archiving process.

More details will be published as projects proceed and are implemented.
Tips For a Successful Show
submitted by Mark Hannon

Your club has invested money in advertising your show and you are now seeing the results with some very interested spectators coming through the gate. They are anxious to learn about our many breeds and want to know what's going on.  "What do all those ribbons mean?'    "What kind of cat is that?"  Lots of questions.   We need to do more than just take their money.   We need to put forth some effort to help them understand what's going on.    CFA has material that you can download from the CFA website  which you can have available at your show.   

For example, there are several Spectator Guides which you can have printed locally to hand to your visitors.   Printing in color is nice if your club can afford it, but black-&-white will also convey the same information at a lower cost.   Remember that Staples offers our shows a discount.  CFA also has a graphic explaining the many ribbons which you can easily have printed into posters such as were on display at the recent National Capital Cat Show.   Try to have folks at the gate who have the knowledge and willingness to explain what's going on.  We want visiting your show to be a pleasant experience for our visitors and CFA has lots of information online for your club to use.

By Joan Miller, retiring CFA Legislative Information Liaison



Conferences and meetings - part of CFA's Legislative Advocacy Strategy


There are conferences, meetings and seminars that may be controversial but we need to be there.  Motivations for laws are often revealed at national sheltering, advocacy or law conferences.  These gatherings help us gain insight into the current thinking and stance of various animal organizations.  More than anything cat fanciers can network at conferences with shelter staff, volunteers, rescue people, veterinarians, writers and others who are aligned with CFA as well as those who may be completely opposed to the breeding of pedigreed cats.  Conferences give us an opportunity to help anti-breeding proponents learn that CFA and cat fanciers do care about and are actively involved in finding solutions to pet population issues.


A few upcoming conferences, meetings and events are of special interest.


1.     Pet Night on Capital Hill,  September 18th, Washington DC.  This is an invitation-only event presented by the Animal Health Institute and AHI member companies, which are all major pharmaceutical firms.   CFA and the Winn Feline Foundation are Affiliate Sponsors and among the original organizations that are included  - the AKC, AVMA, PIJAC, AAHA, American Pet Products Assoc., American Veterinary Medical Colleges, American Feed Industry Association, The Human Animal Bond Initiative and the Pet Food Institute.  This beautiful evening event, with exquisite food and celebrity cat and dog guests, is a unique opportunity to meet and chat with congressional members and staff in an informal setting.  Exchange of personal or business cards often results in media or other contacts later when expertise in cat issues is needed.  CFA has invitations available for any cat fanciers who would like to attend.  It is valuable to have a good representation at Pet Night. Contact George Eigenhauser immediately if you can attend as he must RSVP names by Monday September 15th.

[email protected]


2.      The "No Kill" Conference, always held in July in Washington DC, has been sold out every year since 2010.  This year the conference was postponed until 2015 because Nathan Winograd has been visiting 27 cities all over the country to promote his film and book Redemption - the No Kill Revolution in America.   If you live in or near the 7 cities left on the No Kill Advocacy Center's 2014 "No Kill is Love" tour, try to attend the screening, the after-party and/or seminar. 


 For information and to purchase tickets go to





CFA Foundation
by Karen Lawrence
Director, The CFA Foundation, Inc.
Manager, Feline Historical Museum


In the mid 1960's, the members of Jewel City Cat Club -- founded by Harvey and Roberta Billig of southern California --  donated 150 books to the Glendale Central Library, in Glendale, CA. This was the beginnings of what would become one of the largest collections of cat-related books, magazines and ephemera in the United States. Over the years, the collection grew as the cat club donated additional books and the library supplemented the growth through the purchase of books. Eventually the cat collection consisted of the books and magazines, but also paintings of champion cats, over 400 photographs by Hans Bomskow, posters, cards, stamps and stud books back to the early 1900's ... all housed in a special, by appointment only, room at the Glendale Library. 


Economic times took their toll, and the special collection became a victim of city budget cuts and plans were made to de-assess all of the material and sell it off on eBay.


The CFA Foundation contacted the Glendale Library and expressed an interest in the cat collection.  The library staff were thrilled that someone was interested in taking it all off their hands, and the Billig's daughter, Reggie Perry, was delighted that someone was interested in keeping her mother's collection together - so delighted, that she offered to cover the cost of the shipping from California to Ohio!


On Thursday, August 28th, a truck containing 4 pallets of boxes from the Glendale Library arrived at the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance.   The pallets hold 96 boxes of books, magazines, newspaper clippings, etc., etc., ... over 1700 individual items in total.  It's going to take us a while to sort through all the boxes and decide just where in the museum we will display them. But, we'll find a place!


The CFA Foundation is very grateful to the Glendale Central Library for entrusting this very valuable collection to us. We also owe Reggie Perry a huge thanks for covering the cost of the shipping. Her mother's prized collection has a good home, and soon, it will be once again enjoyed by cat lovers.


The Feline Historic Foundations' booth at the National Capital show



A carnival atmosphere took over downtown Alliance on Saturday, September 6th, during AllianceFest.  Here's a one-minute look at the activities.



National Capital Show
submitted by Mark Hannon

For decades the National Capital Cat Show has been one of CFA's largest and most prestigious shows.  The show is held the weekend after Labor Day in suburban Washington, DC.  Unlike most CFA shows, this one is not produced by a club but simply by a large group of local fanciers, and some not so local, who want to be a part of this exciting production.


Bob Dubit and his "Pet Me Cat" greet a visitor

The show consistently has among the largest entries of CFA's shows all season and all those points attract the best cats being shown each season.  This year was no different.   What makes this show so special are the many added attractions.  At check-in exhibitors received an Exhibitor Bag with snacks and other useful items.  As spectators paid their admission and walked into the hall they were greeted with a booth with Pet Me Cats that rotate all weekend so the cats and their owners are fresh and full of useful information for the public.  There are dozens of breed booths throughout the hall, more vendors than you are lik

Donna Isenberg and Jodell Raymond preparing for a ring

ely to see anywhere else, two education rings with one dedicated to breed presentations throughout the weekend and a second ring set aside for educational seminars from veterinarians and other experts.   There are Ambassador Cats and Pet Me Cats around the hall.  The rings are beautifully decorated with red/white/blue pipe-&-drape to show it all off.  There was an enormous Raffle and the Agility ring had lots of participants.  The hall has lots of space for all these activities and is a well-known event facility in the area so is easy for the spectators to find.


The show invests heavily in paid advertising to attract the public to the show.  Th

One of the many vendors

is year there were dozens of ads on two radio stations, an ad in Washington Post, and online advertising, too.  The stars seems to be aligned just right since the show was fortunate to have a lengthy article on cats and cat shows on the front page of the Washington Post's Style section the day prior to the show.  You can see the article here .  Likely because of this article, ABC sent a film crew to the show on Saturday and ran a feature about the show on Good Morning America on Sunday morning.  Many vendors were shown in the film and they reported brisk online business from customers who saw the TV spot.  The local FOX affiliate also sent a film crew to the show on Saturday and ran a segment about the show Sunday morning.   Even Yahoo got in on it and featured the show on their worldwide site.  You can see that here   All this attention resulted in our best gate in years.   Vendors reported having their best sales ever.  Exhibitors with kittens for sale or adults to place were pleased with the large number of visitors to the show.


Havana Brown Breed Booth

Last year the show started a new feature which they continued this year featuring two breeds.  This year the show featured the Korats and the Havana Brown in connection with their 50th anniversary as a recognized breed in CFA.  The breeders and exhibitors provided strong support for the show with large entries and special attention to these two breeds.


While dozens of people worked hard on the show, we need to single out the two co-show managers: Deb Curtis and Noralyn Heisig.  They worked hard for months and succeeded in showing CFA at its best.

David Mare with the show's Highest Scoring Kitten, Championship Cat,
Premiership Cat, and Household Pet
Region 1

by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 



Karen Godwin judging GP Syracoons Beatnik, Maine-ard
G Krebs

region had only two shows in August, both in Massachusetts and both a lot of fun. The first was held in Boxborough, MA. As usual, Bob Polcaro did a terrific job of keeping the show running right on schedule. Moving several miles south, we had the NEMO show in Sturbridge, another hotel show (gotta love hotel shows). While only its second show and still seeking a permanent "home" in the show schedule, NEMO had a great turn-out in both gate and entries. Perhaps some of that could be attributed to the fun events planned, including agility, spectators' choice and the second Annual Cat and Owner Costume Contest (featuring surprise guest judge, Dave Peet). A photo of some of the participants is attached. So, yours truly went as a martini, while my cat (who was definitely NOT amused) was a can of "Meow Lite" beer. Guess who got first place? Next year, I'll be the MC, so please plan to enter as I will NOT be competing. The buffet dinner in the hotel Saturday night was also a big draw.

Looking forward to the only September show in our region in Cortland, NY. 


Region 2

by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary


Region 2 held their fourth annual "Picnic in the Park!" at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, OR. Each attendee was to bring a potluck dish to share and an interesting article to raffle.
We had about 40 to 50 attendees including surprise guest Mary Auth.

The event started at noon with the potluck luncheon followed by the raffle. Mary brought a basket of items in an Illinois theme. Other auction surprises were the prints that Gloria Cummings had created in various art forms. What talent some of our exhibitors have! Jeff Hempe brought the beautiful cake pictured to commemorate his cat's NW and the support he received from Region 2. 


The auction raised $1523.00 for the club assistance fund. These funds will go in a special account. We are working on a process for clubs to apply for financial assistance to help with show expenses. Toward this goal,we also plan to have a Fundraiser show on April 11th in Longview, WA.


Finally the day ended with Pam's infamous bingo game. Totally fun as usual.!

We are planning a picnic in Northern California in June of next year. Details of this event are in the works and more information will come later. 



Region 3

by Steve McCullough, Regional Director


Region 3 is going to miss another of our retiring judges, Jean Grimm.  Jean showed Scottish Folds for many years, and recently has retired in San Antonio, TX to be near her daughter.  


Our Regional Awards Show and Banquet was held on August 16-17, 2014
Kris Joubert
in Alexandria, LA.  The show hall has been renovated to allow the natural light to pour in from the ceiling to floor windows in the judging areas.  Our raffle was unbelievably packed from all of the donations and was a huge success - thank you Cheryl Dorrell.  Carissa Altschul worked hard to pull the show and banquet together.  Warren and Kris Joubert divided duties for the event and it turned out spectacularly.  Warren had the show hall, while Kris and Carissa worked on the banquet aspect.  Irene Allen and Tracy Bayarena put the finishing touches on the decorations and labeling the rosettes.  Thank you to our fabulous rosette team, Chris Willingham and Donna Hinton for the GOREOUS rosettes!!  


Jody Chambers (left) and Kelli Griffin


What would an awards presentation be without a project manager?  Thank you Adrienne Wolfson for keeping the show running on time and getting us out in under two and half hours.  You put together a great team!!  From Harold's Southern pronunciations, to Jeff Phipps and Jeff Janzen's interpretive cattery names, and the 'new' Jacqui Bennett rounding out the fun, announcing our kittens.  Our presenters this year were judges Carolyn Owen, Willa Hawke, and Marsha Ammons. Trudy Allen let Dennis produce our amazing awards booklet, in color, bound and glossy.  We are all still talking about how great it is.  


I don't want to leave out our unsung heroes, Sheryl Zinc as Entry Clerk and her counterpart Paula Noble as Master Clerk - way to go you all.   Kathy Black wowed us with another excellent OTRA. Typically, what goes up, must come down.  Thank you, to those of you that showed up after the banquet to help 'tear down' and clean up. I apologize in advance to those of you that I have left out by mistake, please let me know who you are so that I can include you in the next newsletter.

Jan Rogers (right) and Adrienne Wolfson

The Region had one National Winner this year,

Best Kitten NW RK Gems Troy Zebra Jasper, owned by Jeff Janzen, Steve McCullough, Randy and Kay Bertrand.

Our Best Premiership Cat went to Trutails Macgyver owned by Trudy and Dennis Allen.

Our Best Cat went to Catcharm Miley Cyrus owned by Warren and Kris Joubert.

Congratulations to our Exhibitor of the Year-AB Judge Jan Rogers!  Your efforts on the Annual in NOLA are still appreciated.  Thank you again, Jan.


Foot of the Rockies Cat Club in partnership with the National Maine Coon Cat Club show in Denver is coming up in a couple of weeks, (Sept 27-28) and I am looking forward to seeing MANY of you region 3 exhibitors there.  They will be featuring Top 5 Maine Coon Cats in Championship, Premiership, and Kittens in each ring.  Trophies for the Best of the Best Maine Coon Cats will be awarded at the end of the show. While we have been a little thin on shows, now is your opportunity to get those points you need and return home with a new Grand.  They are having 9AB/1SP with HHP's in all TEN rings, so get your entries in early.


I would like to see MANY National Winners this year, so this is a great time to get started.



Region 4

 by John Colilla, Regional Director


Regional Growth: 

* Cindy Casper and Greg Stout love our region so much they decided to join our GLR family again. 

 * Ginger and Paul Meeker will be settling in Canton, Ohio soon. 

Two new shows: 

* Royal Canadian will be putting on a show a Rockton, Ontario the first weekend in August 2015.

* Almost Heaven will be putting on a show at Charleston, West Virginia the third weekend in May 2015 after an absence of eight years. We are very excited about this show because CFA will have their foot print in West Virginia again.


 Be sure to mark our upcoming shows on your calendar: 

 * September 20th, Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers is holding a 5 Allbreed and 1 Specialty rings in Melvindale. MI. 

 * September 27th, Queen City Cat Club is holding a 5 Allbreed and 1 Specialty rings in Wilmington, OH. 

* October 11th-12th, Cleveland Persian Society is holding a 6x6 with 5 Allbreed and 1 Specialty ring each day at Parma, OH 

 * October 25th, Great Lakes Great Maines is holding a 5 Allbreed and 1 Allbreed/Specialty ring at Rochester , NY 

* October 26th Hallmark Cat Club is holding. 5 Allbreed and 1 Specialty ring in Rochester, NY We hope to see you all there! 





Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
As summer is winding down, the Southwest Region is gearing up for a string of wonderful shows. We have something for everyone! Looking for two days and eight or more rings in top tourist destinations? Santa Monica Cat Club in Costa Mesa, CA on August 23-24 and Opposites Attract in Las Vegas, NV on September 20-21 are for you. One day, six ring with a fun ice cream social? That'd be Hemet. CA on September, 13. We even have a six by six in Palm Springs on October 4-5. The Santa Monica Cat Club held its 47 annual show the weekend of August
23. One of the premier shows on the West Coast, it saw its longtime, large-scale showhall close with no similar venue in the immediate area available. Intrepidly, the club persevered and found a location on a scale to accommodate the needs of the show. It was a great opportunity to talk with spectators. Several made a point to mention how much they enjoyed interacting with the pet me and ambassador cats in addition to those being shown.

The Hemet Feline Fanciers did their usual fantastic job with their annual show and ice cream social on September 13. Volunteers from Southern California Abyssinian Rescue raised funds by preparing scrumptious baked goods and lunches for sale.

Looking for wonderful weather and fantastic shows? Come to Opposites Attract in Las Vegas the weekend of September 20th or Poinsettia City on November 29th in Los Angeles (Glendale).
Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary
Brian Pearson as an exhibitor in Paul Patton's ring

Lots of exciting things going on in the Midwest Region! September 13-14 saw  fanciers in Peoria, Illinois, for the American Gothic Cat Show at the Expo Gardens.. Many exhibitors came in on Friday to make sure they made it to Jim's Steakhouse in Old Peoria ... the world's greatest steaks!!!

American Gothic put on a terrific pre-fall (brrrrr it was 48 degrees Saturday morning!) 8 ring show.  Nearly 200 cats where shown and the gate was fantastic!  There were numerous folks looking for specific breeds, and  many talking with exhibitors to find just the right breed for them.  There also a number of senior citizens who came through whose main goal was to pet as many kitties as they could!  The show had a great vendor shopping mall with all sorts of goodies from clothing to candles to unique cat furniture.  No one knows how she does it, but Cindy Willoughby's raffle table was spectacular:  with a separate raffle for each day, there must have been over 150 items each day up for bid.  Many congratulations to show managers Terry Bierrie and Sueann Spinder and crew for a job well done!  Can't wait 'til next year!

Up next is the 82nd annual Twin City Cat Fanciers show in Crystal, Minnesota. Always a fun show, and this year will feature "people food" courtesy of Lookout Bar and Grill. October is always the month where the MWR shines brightly, with THREE shows!
The Indy Cat Club meeting at a local restaurant
  • October 11-12 Sandhills has thrown in the Midlands Cat Club to produce a HOTEL show in Omaha, Nebraska. This 10-ring show will "Paint The Show Pink" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • October 18-19 The Illinois Feline Fanciers will produce their 48th annual show at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield Illinois.
  • October 23-26 has the Indy Cat Club in the final stages of planning for their Halloween show in Plainfield, Indiana.
Come join the MWR as we celebrate Fall!!!
Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director
Noralyn Heisig's son Casey shows his National Capital spirit while he was selling raffle tickets
Casey Heisig shows his National Capital spirit while he sells raffle tickets

With the show season in full swing, it would not be complete without a weekend in our Nation's capital, at the National Capital Cat Show. From all the beautiful red, white and blue decorations to vendors galore, you were in awe from the minute you entered the show hall, Breed booths were dotted all throughout the benching area, inviting spectators to view all of our beautiful cats. The history of our cat fancy was proudly displayed with pictures and ribbons of times past. The rings were decorated spectacularly, even with red and blue carpeting in the rings. At check in, I was handed a cute bag that had goodies to eat, a hand-wrapped litter scoop, patriotic cat toys, and other essentials you might have forgotten. What a thoughtful and obvious labor or love!! Show Managers Deb Curtis and Noralyn Heisig and EVERYONE who worked on this show went far above and beyond on this event! They had much to be proud of when film crews arrived for a U-tube video and local TV coverage, which seemed to bring in throngs of spectators! It just wouldn't be a show season without National Capital. And this year, they out-did themselves! Another Southern Region success that I am so proud of!

As cat fanciers, we must always be aware of possible legislation at all levels, which could impact on our hobby, as breeders, and as pet owners. Recently, in Montgomery County, Alabama, legislation was introduced to basically charge a fee for owning pets. Animal rights groups quickly jumped in to support this. But thanks to the good work of one of our cat fanciers, Sharon DeMuth, along with her veterinarian and other concerned pet owners, speaking out against this, legislators were convinced and it was defeated! Thank you Sharon for your hard work! Charlene Campbell continues to fight in Lee County, FL, against pending anti-breeder and pet ownership laws, along with all the great work she does as our rescue coordinator. Charlene - you are amazing!

In recent shows, I have had so many exhibitors and club representatives come up to me and say things like, "would you mind if I, or we.... " (do some thankless job...), offer to help with this event or that, donate time or resources, etc. We have so many amazing people in the Southern Region! I am so proud to be their regional director, and if I have missed saying this to anyone - THANK YOU ALL - for all you do - for representing CFA so well, for being ambassadors for your breeds, and for working so hard to continue our beloved hobby!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
It have been no shows in Japan for the past three months because summer in Japan is too hot and wet to show cats. There are some CFA shows at Osaka and Tokyo but with very small entries. During these months, most breeders are taking care of their babies or kittens.

After my election as director, I thought about the regional staff and region activities. And I appointed Ayumi Ueda as region secretary and Mie Takahashi as region treasurer. They will support me well in this term.

Now, I'm very proud to announce to all of you that the Japan Regional show will hold on coming January 10-11, 2015 at Tokyo Toritsu Sangyo-Boeki Center in Tokyo. This show is 10 ring, 8 Allbreed and 2 Speciality, back to back, end entry limit is 225. Special entry price, the cheapest entry fee in Japan is just 10.000JPY per cat/kitten. Entry closing date is December 25, 2014 and we have already licensed this show. If you are interested in showing, please contact the entry clerk.

Also, the Japan Region will hold a judging school (BAOS) before the regional show on January 8-9, 2015 at Toritsu Sangyo-Boeki Center meeting rooms in Tokyo. Instructors are Patti Jacobbeger, Liz Watson and others. Participants' limit is 25 and enrollment closing date is December 25, 2014.

The Japan Regional Award Banquet will be held at Hotel Granvia Kyoto in front of Kyoto JR station on coming June 21, 2015.

If you have any questions about these events, please don't hesitate to contact the regional director.

The new show season for 2014-2015 begins in earnest in Japan now. To all of exhibitors and breeders, please do your best for showing on your cats and kittens.
Region 9
submitted by Michael Schleissner
Autumn in Europe 

October usually is the month Europe wakes up after the summer vacations; weather cools down a little and some of the clubs put up great shows:

Oct/11&12/14 - GERMANY
Actually it looks like having a great count!!
8 AB - rings with the Cat Friends of Germany in the city of Niedernhausen
Come and Celebrate German " Oktoberfest " time. Close to the Franfurt International Airport, more information is on:

OCT/18&19/14 - BULGARIA
The most comfortable show you can have!
10 AB - rings with the Bulgarian Association Elite Cats in the historic city of Sofia
The show will be held in the beautiful " Hotel Kempinski Show Hall " inside the hotel downtown Sofia. Everthing is close and easy. You can use the Sofia International Airport

OCT/25&26/14 - FRANCE
Variety and points and the French feeling (not to mention the food!)......
5 AB/ 3AB/SH/LH/ 1 LH/SH-SP - rings with the Cats'N Cats club in the city of Neufchâtel-en-Bray
It looks like there are points for everybody!

OCT/26/14 - RUSSIA
Come and enjoy one of the most professional cat shows in Europe.
6AB-rings - with the Cattte Noir Cat Club in Moscow

More information is coming soon......
International  Division
by Richard Kallmeyer, International Division Chair
The International Division held its 9thaward banquet and show in Guangzhou, China on August 30-31 2014.  The outstanding event was orchestrated by Danny (Chun Yip) Tai along with his staff and members of Passion Feline Fanciers, Hong Kong International Cat Club and Pearl River Cat Club. The show was held at one of the largest shopping centers in Guangzhou, a city of 8.3 million people.  The judges were Amanda Chung, Chloe Chung, Darrell Newkirk, Allan Raymond, Diana Rothermel and Cheryle U'Ren.

Judges and show committee at the Guangzhou show

A special breed presentation event was held the next day.  Diana Rothermel presented the cats, with Amanda Chung translating.  Phebe Low talked about CFA and distributed  brochures about CFA and our cats to the audience.

Diana Rothermel (left) and Amanda Chung discussing the CFA breeds
Phebe Low engaging with the Breed Presentation audience

The banquet on Sunday night set a new standard of excellence. The theme was "Hollywood Night". The event reception started with complimentary wine and an opportunity to autograph a display provided by the event sponsor, Kakato. 
Autograph board with Sponsor Kakato representatives, Dick Kallmeyer and Danny Tai.
The banquet itself kicked off with a parade led by the CFA banner followed by the country Best Cat in Championship award winners holding their countries' flags: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand (Brazil, Indonesia, Israel and Kuwait winners were unable to attend)elf kicked off with a parade led by the CFA banner followed by the country Best Cat in Championship award winners holding their countries' flags: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand (Brazil, Indonesia, Israel and Kuwait winners were unable to attend)

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