August, 2014
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Our banner cat for the August, 2014 Newsletter is CFA's Second Best Kitten, GC, NW Chelsea Rose Watson.

(Photo by Chanan)

Yearbook Advertising Deadline - ends today!

Hurry, before it is to late. Do not miss the opportunity to place an ad in the 2015 Yearbook. The deadline is August 15, 2014. Don't wait any longer, send your ad in now.  If you have any questions about placing an ad in the Yearbook, please contact Shelly Borawski - or 732-492-7216

Advertising information and specifications are here





If you cat became a Grand, DM or Grand of Distinction during the show season that just ended - May 1, 2013 - April 27, 2014, you are invited to picture it in the 2015 CFA Yearbook ($15.00) and/or Cat Talk Almanac ($15.00). If a Grand/Grand of Distinction photo is featured in both publications ($30.00), it will also be featured, for FREE, in the Breed Profile section of the CFA website.


The deadline is this Friday, August 15, 2014. Don't wait any longer, send your Grand, DM or Grand of Distinction now. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Borawski - or 732-492-7216.


Wake up and send in our photos!

Do you want to see your cat's picture on one of CFA's Social Media sites?  Send those cute, funny and entertaining pictures to Jodell Raymond at and we will make sure to give you photo credit.  Show our Social Media Fans what showing in CFA is all about!  
photo courtesy Leanne Stables

Deadline for Comments on Proposed Show Rule Revisions

(see article right)

CFA White Pages Listing Deadline
December 1

Only Breed Council Members, CFA Clerks, CFA Judgesor Club Secretaries are automatically listed in the CFA White Pages.

Submit or change your listing here

Happy August to you! Even though these are the "Dog Days of Summer" and cat fanciers have had fewer shows to attend in the past month (as usual) things are still a whirlwind of activity in CFA (as Mark notes in his Memo below).  New programs, new activity in established program, and even some new faces.

Things are not slowing down for CFA this summer. We are making progress in a number of areas.


Our Director of Operations, Donna Jean Thompson, retired on August 1st, had hip surgery on August 5th, and is recuperating nicely. Several friends have taken turns staying with her to provide assistance so she can be at home rather than recovering at a facility. 


Our new Executive Director, Terri Barry, is scheduled to start work on September 2nd, the day after Labor Day. Jodell Raymond and I plan to be at the Central Office that day to welcome her to CFA and spend some time chatting with her about our organization. Between Donna Jean's departure on August 1st and Terri's arrival on September 2nd, Verna Dobbins is Acting Director of Operations. She's doing a great job and deserves our appreciation. 


We are seeing improvement with our new computer system. If you register your cats through our new ecats system, customers are posting that they receive their registration number within days which is a big improvement over registrations that come in via snail mail or the old online system. Try out ecats for yourself and see how quickly our staff processes your registration. 


At this week's Board Meeting I appointed a committee to develop a proposal for a revitalized, re-energized Ambassador Program. Pam DelaBar and Candilee Jackson are heading up this initiative and are joined by committee members Kathy Calhoun and Geri Fellerman. They expect to have a report for the October Board Meeting. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them with any committee member. 


At the Annual the delegates passed a proposal to have a committee develop a program to recognize Household Pets that is equivalent to our Kitten, Championship and Premiership cats' awards program. CFA's Awards Committee is working on this and will have a proposal for the October Board Meeting. 


Plans for the November World Show are coming along. We will start accepting entries on September 29th at 4:00pm Eastern time. The show flyer is being worked on and should be available very soon. There is no hotel nearby that can house all of us, so we will be listing a number of nearby hotels that have agreed to take pets and provided us with a discounted rate. 


The Board directed Show Rules committee chair Monte Phillips to develop a set of proposed Show Rules that will require every show in North America to have some Specialty rings. Exhibitors really like the experimental Super Specialty format due to the availability of Specialty rings so at the October Board Meeting we are going to discuss requiring Specialty rings. Share your thoughts with one or more board members prior to that meeting. 


Every Board member is available to listen to your ideas, comments, complaints, and compliments. Take the time to share with board members when you see them or send them an email with your thoughts. We each want to do our best representing our constituents. A list of CFA's board members is available on the CFA website at


Business Management Committee Report

By Ginger Meeker


As Chair of the Business Management Committee it seemed only fitting that I be at the Central Office to wish Donna Jean Thompson "Farewell" on her last day, Friday 8/1/14.  Another issue caused me to be in the area so I timed that trip to coincide with Donna Jean's retirement. 


Donna Jean and my committee have worked on multiple projects and she is as loyal a "CFAer" as you will ever find. 
I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank her for her service to the Central Office and for her help to my committee on an on-going basis.  I look forward to working with Verna Dobbins in the month of August as we prepare to greet our new Executive Director early in September.


The Business Management Committee is an active committee and we are currently working on a number of projects that, hopefully, will make your lives easier as breeders and exhibitors.  The Committee is starting some of the "grunt" work necessary for the scanning project that was written about in the report placed in the Delegate bag.  We plan to do all we can to take much of the burden of this project off the CO employees so they can stay on task with their daily jobs and projects.


We are looking at some exciting things for this year and I will keep you updated as things happen and the projects, once approved by the BOD, can be announced. 


We have a choice at this point in time - we can either focus on and complain about the glitches that need to be found and fixed - as with any new system being implemented...OR we can focus on the positive and exciting changes that we will be seeing in CFA's future.  One major focus will be working on issues in a more comprehensive way that includes best practices for Europe and the International Division.  Please continue to notify me or any member of the committee of any Business Management issues you may want to suggest or improve and by working together we'll continue to grow and develop!


Ginger Meeker, Chair Business Management Committee

Committee Members: Dick Kallmeyer, Jodell Raymond, Dennis Ganoe, Pam Delabar and Jean Dugger.

TreasurerCFA Registration and Payments 

Barbara Schreck, CFA Treasurer


Paying via on line methods but submitting related registrations or other documents in the mail may result in a delay in processing. The on line payment needs to be matched with the hard copy mailed. Depending on what information is transmitted with the electronic payment, it is sometimes difficult to match up,  particularly for payments made on behalf of another person.


Also remember that all payments are required to be in US dollars.  Some of our valued Canadian members are sending in checks that are not in US funds.  When these checks are drawn on a Canadian bank, we incur an additional charge plus the adjustment between the US and Canadian Dollar exchange rate.

Payment and registration methods are available on line and operational.  Payments made via credit card or PayPal can be specified as US dollars.

Central Office Report
submitted by Verna Dobbins

Fall is fast approaching and Central Office is still hard at work adjusting to our new systems and we are looking forward to meeting our new Executive Director.

Our civic charity for the month of July was the Stark County Humane Society. Central Office was able to provide the Humane Society with items off of their summer wish list. They were happy that CFA was able to help this year, thanks to the staff for all of the donations.

Alliance, Ohio, home of Central Office is known as the Carnation City and every August they celebrate. This year CFA is proud to sponsor a local young woman in the Carnation City Pageant. Our candidate, Skylar Busche, attends West Branch High School and plans to go on to work in the medical field. One of her goals after high school is to one day own a pedigree cat; a Persian is her cat of choice. Skylar attended approximately 28 events around town and on her sash she wore was emblazoned with The Cat Fanciers' name. We thank Skylar for representing us so nicely. CFA wishes her the very best in all of her future endeavors.

Just a few housekeeping notes. Please make sure when you send your information to us that your information is complete. We need complete names and addresses. Please print and print clearly. Cursive writing is hard to decipher. Please provide an email address and/or phone number to contact you should there be a question. Last but not least, please understand we are working hard to get your registrations out to you just as soon as possible. We do understand and want to provide you with the best customer service possible and we are taking steps to improve our skills here also.

Have a great August!

Do You Have the Right Stuff to be a CFA Ambassador Cat?


The CFA Ambassador Cats program is expanding and looking for some great cats and some great people.  Of course it takes great dedication and hard work.  This is an opportunity for you to show the public your cat and your breed, and an opportunity to reach out to the public and share the joys of pedigreed cat ownership and to introduce the public to CFA. 


Our cats provide a great service to our show-producing clubs by being in attendance and allowing clubs to advertise their presence and invite the public to pet, hold, and have the experience to learn about cats in general.  Clubs have learned the value of having our CFA Ambassador Cats in attendance and are inviting these cats to attend their shows.  Clubs have had great spectator feedback when CFA Ambassador Cats are in their show hall.  In many cases the attendance of our Ambassador Cat has helped bring extra spectators to our shows.


Our cats may appear at Pet Expos, education seminars and may be asked to be involved with our corporate sponsors by being in attendance in their area at shows and other CFA functions.


The CFA Ambassador Cat Program is the premier out-reach program for CFA.

CFA Ambassador Cat Requirements 

  • The Ambassador Cat must be a CFA registered cat/kitten or a cat/kitten seeking CFA championship status.
  • The Ambassador Cat must be of a friendly nature and be willing to be petted and handled by the general public.
  • The Ambassador Cat handler must be knowledgeable about every aspect of feline care and grooming and be willing to devote time to greet the public and answer questions about cats and CFA. 
  • The Ambassador Cat cannot be entered in any show in the championship, kitten or premiership class where it appears as an Ambassador Cat. *
  • The Ambassador Cat and its owner must commit to attend 10 shows within each 12 month show season.
  • The Ambassador Cat must be displayed and presented in the Ambassador security shelter and display area.  No other cat other than the A-Cat can be benched in the area provided to the A-Cat by the club, unless the second cat is in training to be an A-Cat and the cat is not entered in the show. *
  • The Ambassador Cat must be willing to wear a harness or bandana.
  • The Ambassador Cat owner must be willing to report to the program director; shows attended and other information that may be needed.
  • The Ambassador Cat owner must be will to provide a professional high- resolution photo of the cat and be willing to let clubs use the photo in their show advertising. 
  • The Ambassador Cat owner must submit information about their cat so we can produce media documents for advertising shows and the A-Cat program.  The documents would be trading cards and breed banners for use by the A-Cat at public events.  And PR documents for print, Internet and television advertising.
  • If the Ambassador Cat owner is going to clerk at a show a second person must be available to be with the A-Cat.  Agility clerks are exempt from this provision if the A-Cat is benched near the Agility ring.

*Unless the club requests that the cat be entered.


All CFA Ambassador Cats will receive an orange and white Ambassador Security Shelter and Display set-up with appropriate skirting and a carrier for the Cat.  All products are custom made by the Sturdi Products Company.

All CFA Ambassador Cats must provide their own bedding for inside of the security cage and on the display area.  A-cats must be responsible for the cleanliness of the security cage and the display area at all times.  


Our program plans to produce custom Trading Cards for our Ambassador Cats to distribute to the spectators.  These cards will have a photo of your Ambassador Cat, breed description and information about your Cat and CFA information.


Do You Have the Right Stuff??


If you think you and your cat have the dedication to be part of this special program, we invite you to apply.  We will be choosing cats from every region and in some areas cats will be chosen because they live in areas that have many shows that are a drivable distance. We will limit the cats chosen to one, or possibly two, representative(s) per breed in order to show a diversity of cat breeds to the public.  Special concession will be given to breeds that are not presently in the program.


Please Apply By September 15, 2014

Download Application Form

Cat Talk Cover Contest
by Teresa Keiger, editor "Cat Talk"

Appropriately for an October issue, Cat Talk will be featuring black and orange (red) cat(s) for it's October cover. So we're calling all red, red tabby, black, calico and tortiseshell cats to submit your photos in our cover contest. Winner(s) will be selected by the Cat Talk staff.

- Must be a current regular Cat Talk subscriber
- You can submit a low res photo, but MUST have a high resolution photo available should your photo be selected
- Not open to Cat Talk staff members

Send your submission to:
Deadline: September 1

Not a subscriber yet?  Learn about subscribing to the print or digital magazine AND the Online Almanac

We are also trying to make it easier for our readers to remember that their subscriptions need to be renewed. Starting this month, we're beginning to put insert cards in the copies of Cat Talk readers whose subscription expires with that issue.  Remember you can always look at the last digits on your mailing lable to see how many issues you have left.


Show Rules
by Monte Phillips

Just a reminder that comments are due by the end of this month (August 31st) on the new revamped show rules if you want us to fix anything. We are specifically looking for the following:

1 - Are there any terms that are not defined that need to be? If so, let us know the term.

2 - Are there any rules in the wrong article? The articles are listed in the order of the process of putting on the show, followed by a responsibilities section for everyone that has anything to do with putting on a show or scoring it. Is there a rule you believe should be moved from where it is to somewhere else? Let us know the rule number, where you think it should be, and why.

3 - The rules contain a responsibilities section for everyone involved in a show, and that lists in those sections every rule that applies to that individual. Do we even need this section?

Send your comments to by the end of this month. The committee will get back to you with the resolution of your comments.

You can download a copy of the revamped rules here
by Betty White

If you missed the Winn Symposium in New Orleans in June, not to worry! Transcripts of "HCM and FIP: Glimmers of Hope" are available from the Winn Feline Foundation office. It was an exciting, informative evening with news of a global study of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that discussed new perspectives on survival, as well as the groundbreaking discoveries emanating from the Whittaker Laboratory at Cornell University.
Contact Lisa Salvaggio at for a copy.

Thanks to generous support from Zoetis, Winn was able to fund three special research grants this past June. Dr. Duncan Lascelles of North Carolina State University will study pain relief for degenerative joint disease associated with chronic kidney disease. Researchers at the Dept. of Veterinary Sciences and Public Health in Milan, Italy, will search for biomarker levels to aid in the early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. Along those same lines, researchers at the University of Melbourne will investigate biomarkers for the early diagnosis of osteoarthritis. More information concerning these grants will be forthcoming soon at the Winn website, Winn eNewsletter, and via press release.

By Joan Miller, retiring CFA Legislative Information Liaison


 Welcome to Kelly Crouch - the new CFA Legislative Information Liaison!


Please join the CFA Legislative Committee in welcoming 

Kelly Crouch as the newest member of the CFA Legislative Group.

The CFA Board, at its teleconference on August 12, 2014, has approved her as the person who will take over the job of CFA Legislative Information Liaison.


Kelly has already begun her training and phase-in period to get her ready to assume responsibility for the various functions of this job within the next few months. These include writing articles for
the CFA e-Newsletter on timely issues and regular in depth articles for Cat Talk Magazine. She will monitor many legislative lists to be aware of issues and what is happening in local jurisdictions
around the United States as well as the State and Federal legislative/regulative proposals. Part of her work will be to keep track of epidemiology studies and shelter/animal welfare activities in order to provide factual information and guidance to assist our grassroots teams. Kelly will also provide updates on lobbying materials and more to those of you on the front lines addressing laws detrimental to the breeding and raising of pedigreed cats and proposals harmful to pet ownership or the free-roaming/unowned feral community cats.


Her job includes regular communication on strategy with the other two members of the CFA Legislative Group - George Eigenhauser, CFA Legislative Coordinator, and Sharon Coleman, CF A Legislative Legal Analyst. One of Kelly's best assets is that she has worked with the CFA Legislative Group for many years as an important Grassroots Network contact near Austin, T exas.

Soon after the CFA 2014 Annual meeting we started to review several contacts with whom George, Sharon and I have worked. We had a teleconference with the Legislative Committee to discuss potential candidates and contacted a few to determine their interest. I also published an article in the July 2014 CFA e-Newsletter, "Are YOU The One For This Job? - CFA Legislative Information Liaison", which outlined the job description, and provided the opportunity for fanciers to contact George if interested in the position. In his report to the CFA Board George said "the candidate with both the essential qualifications and who stood out from the others is Kelly Crouch." Kelly has most recently been the TICA Representative for federal APHIS matters and the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) proposed federal legislation. From 2003 through 2008 she held the position of TICA Legislative Committee Chair, as well as serving as TICA's South Central Legislative Liaison from 2001 to 2012. She is eminently qualified with 13 years of experience reviewing legislative proposals, communicating positions to legislators and providing guidance to TICA fanciers. She has worked well with the CFA Legislative Group and others, including RPOA -Texas, and the North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance. Kelly was voted "Humanitarian of the Year" by the TICA South Central Region in 2011 for her legislative efforts. Kelly began showing Maine Coons and Orientals in the Altered Class in 1999. She then started her cattery, Xcalipurrz, and retired from breeding in 2009. Her non-cat fancy professional accomplishments are impressive. Her educational background includes a Juris Doctorate, a Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts - Communications.

Much of Kelly's work experience gives her an excellent base for the CFA Legislative Information Liaison position. Her skills and experience include creating press releases, negotiating agreements, web related issues and trade show support. As a Manager for Legal Affairs she councilled clients on business negotiations and legal issues, drafted and negotiated agreements, terms of sale and managed trademark activities. She also developed training materials on legal issues. She has writing skills and the ability to communicate, mentor and advise. All of her experiences will be wonderful assets to the CFA Public Affairs efforts.

Kelly is in the process of becoming familiar with our pending issues files and will gradually become known to our many contacts. I will certainly miss communicating with the hundreds of hard working fanciers, both in the dog world and cat fancy, who volunteer their time for the sake of preserving our cherished pedigreed cats and purebred dogs. Thank you for your dedication and the inspiration you have always provided that has kept me enthusiastic in this job for over 17 years. I intend to remain a member of the CFA Legislative Committee and the CFA Outreach and Education Committee and will continue writing about cats. I am happy to see a highly qualified person succeed me in the day to day job and I wish Kelly all the success she deserves . Contact the CFA Legislative Group when you hear of detrimental laws proposed in your town or county. You are our eyes and ears.


CFA Foundation
by Karen Lawrence
Director, The CFA Foundation, Inc.
Manager, Feline Historical Museum

The 'Cat House' Returns to Ohio

The Cat Fanciers' Association Foundation, Inc. announces the acquisition of the 'Cat House' originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Gerald B. Tonkens family of Cincinnati. The 4-foot square piece was designed in 1954 specifically for a cat belonging to Mr. Tonkens' daughter, Nancy. The design rendering by Thomas Olsen, the home's site supervisor, was created under the direction of Frank Lloyd Wright who described his vision of the design during a phone call with Olsen. Today, Wright (1867-1959) is recognized as the greatest American architect of all time, and the cat house is considered as one of his more unique designs.

The cat house, a unique example of mid-20th century ultra-modern design, is painted in one of Wright's signature colors, Cherokee Red. The structure is accompanied by the original Olsen rendering, titled "Residents [sic] for Felis Catus", which shows a color illustration as well as the elevation and specifications for the project.

Thomas S. Monaghan, co-founder of Domino's Pizza, purchased the cat house at a Christie's auction in December of 1987, and it became a part of The Domino's Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. In 1993, Monaghan sold the cat house to a private collector in Wisconsin. The CFA Foundation has recently purchased the cat house and it has now been returned to the state of Ohio, and we are very proud to have it on display at the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance.

Fiber Art Show Planned

The CFA Foundation is planning a 'Fiber Art Show' at the Feline Historical Museum. As our special interest is cats, we are most interested in displaying fiber arts that feature the domestic cat. We are seeking items to be included in this exhibit, ranging from lap quilts, baby quilts, quilted bags/purses, cross-stitch, embroidery, needlework and assorted other types of stitching, rug hooking, knitting, etc. Our plan is to have the fiber art works, whether they be donated or on loan, on display in the museum from January 1 through May 31, 2015.

We would like to enlist your help - if you are interested in participating, we will accept items to be included at the museum, located at 260 East Main Street, Alliance. The deadline for receipt would be December 15, 2014. Items on display will include a card that identifies the item title, if any, type of fiber art, and the name of the creator of the work. Those items not donated to the museum will be available for pickup, or returned as per prior arrangement, after the show closes on May 31, 2015.

All items on loan will be given sufficient care to ensure their safety, plus will be covered by the foundation's insurance policy. Items donated will be gratefully accepted and added to our growing fiber art collection. If you need additional information, please contact Karen Lawrence (

CFA Judging Program
submitted by Annette Wilson, 
CFA Judging Program Chair
The Judging Program Committee would like to commend the clubs that have given permission to trainee judges to work at their shows and also those clubs that invite advancing single specialty and double specialty judges. Thank you!
Donna Davis Passes

Longtime CFA Allbreed Judge Donna Davis passed away July 18th. Davis joined the Judging Program in 1971 and although she had requested a brief leave of absence just prior to her death, she was still actively judging.

A former fashion model, Donna and her ex-husband bred Siamese under the Thaibok cattery name.  GC, NW Thaibok Teriyaki, DM was CFA's Cat of the Year in 1976, while  GC, NW Thaibok Tyrone was Third Best Cat.  These were only a few of the nationally-ranked cats that the Thaibok cattery produced. Siamese breeders even today count both Donna and her cattery as major influences in the Siamese breed. 

"Cat Talk" will run a article on Donna and her cats in its October issue.

CFA Ambassadors
submitted by Candilee Jackson

Midwest Ambassadors had a very COOL show the first weekend in August in St Louis!  Held in a dry ice rink, the temps have long-time St Louis exhibitors wearing winter clothing in August!  The show was exciting and was a real haven for Ambassadors:  there were 6 brand-new vendors and a large gate with lots of friendly, curious folks to meet and greet.  The show had kitties for adoption from Sangamon Animal Control, and 2 went home with forever families, bringing Humanitarian Winner Cindy Willoughby's total adoption count up to 491 in 3 years:  WTG Cindy!  Additionally, the show hosted National Honor Society students as stewards, working to complete community service goals.

Spectators shared many stories that touched Ambassador hearts: many had just lost a beloved pet and were looking for a new companion. Several families were doing their homework to find just the right breed to fit their family's lifestyle. One spectator was a double mastectomy survivor who's life-long cat had taken care of her during the worst of times during chemotherapy, and had just crossed Rainbow Bridge. It was wonderful to counsel with her and help her make the right decision for her new life companion! 

Tops on the list of Ambassador evidence was the educational opportunities for the new vendors! Three ladies were educators vending "at home party" items and had never been to a cat show before. As educators, they are life-long learners, and they were glued to the rings with judges who communicated the importance of cat behavior training and breed background information and history. They came away from the show with a strong understanding of why CFA does not de-claw.

What this writer does as an Ambassador goes beyond the show hall. Having just retired from 44 years in education, this writer's school district is keeping open her district email address so that the faculty and staff could continue to reach their "crazy cat lady" with questions and concerns about their cats and to receive notification of St Louis area cat shows.

Ambassadors in Japan, Region 8, are also busy in the show hall. They proudly display the Ask Me Banner, distribute materials, and have Pet Me Cats at the ready for everyone to love on in the show hall. Arigato, Masanari and Takako Kojimo!

Region 1

by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 

Sharon Roy (above) and John Adelhoch (below)



JULY 19-20, 2014


For those of you who weren't able to attend, I have to say you missed a really fun weekend. Garden State was pleased to be able to celebrate not only the 9th Annual Ragdoll Congress which brought together Ragdoll breeders from all over the world, but also the 50th Anniversary of the acceptance of the Havana Brown in CFA. The theme for the show was "Guys and Ragdolls" with decorations reflecting the gambling theme of the movie and including handmade ragdolls dressed in colorful playing card garb. On Friday, the Ragdoll Congress hosted a lecture by Dr. Neils Pedersen that was open to all attendees.


In addition to an increase to ten judging rings this year, the show also offered an agility ring, Breed Showcase, the very popular Cats in Cars exhibit, veterinarian and grooming discussions, face painting for the kids, an outstanding raffle table and vendors selling every imaginable product. The shelters reported a total of 21 adoptions with another 22 "hot" applications (some of the shelters do not permit cats to be adopted right from the showhall proper). Reporters, including some from Verizon and The Village Voice were everywhere shooting video and interviewing exhibitors.


Exhibitors and spectators alike enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. At one point, the line for admission stretched out the front door and a number of happy new kitten owners were seen clutching carriers containing their new babies.

Region 2

by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary



Pam Moser, our new regional director, held meetings at the Sunkats show in Seaside, OR on 7/20/14 and the Poppy State show on 7/9/14.

She asked that exhibitors check the website for the list of all officers and committee members. She has also put together a committee that will meet quarterly. The committee consists of Bobbie Irie, Dee Johnson, Carol Freels, Heidi Murphy and the officers. She asked if you have any concerns and ideas that you can talk to any of these committee members as well as herself.


The show schedule was addressed and clubs that do not plan to hold a show this show season should let her know. The show dates for both region 2 and 5 can be found at the regional website under show calendar. This should aid the clubs in finding a show date for their shows.


A reminder was given to be sure to request confirmation of Championship or Premiership. This can be done at the shows by filling out the form, or doing it online at You can also prepay the $15.00 fee and the Championship/Premiership will automatically be claimed when the 6 rings have been confirmed at CFA Central Office.


Region 2 judges for the World Show are Wain Harding, Vicki Nye and Brian Moser. Congratulations to these fine judges.

The theme for Sunkats Cat Fanciers' show was "Cats and Hogs"


 Ideas for increasing the attendance at the cat shows in our region were asked for at both meetings. One idea was to put together a newbie package to be given out at the shows. Other ideas were to share rides, talk to the clubs not putting on a show to donate or sponsor a ring. Bring a friend with a cat to the shows was another great idea.


The region is hosting the annual picnic at Hudson Park on September 6th. This is an Oregon location and Pam said that she would be happy to attend such an event in the Northern California area if someone wanted to put one on there. She realizes that the Oregon location isn't convenient for many of the region's exhibitors The region is also selling Sturdi Products. If you need anything let any of the officers know and we will order for you. All the money will go to the region.


Lynn Boelter
Lynn Boelter


On a sad note, we lost one our longtime exhibitors this weekend. Lynn Boelter lost her battle with the health issues that have plagued her over the last few years. She raised Ocicats under the Tribal and Ah-C-Spots cattery names. Lynn was a very kind person who was very supportive of the region by exhibiting and helping with regional functions. She also was active for many years in Cat Purebred Rescue in the Washington State area. She will be sorely missed. 

Region 3

by Steve McCullough, Regional Director


Our Gulf Shore Region will be missing one of our favorite judges, Norma Placchi, due to her retirement.  Norma was very instrumental in developing the Havana Browns into their beautiful show confirmations that we see today.  We will miss you Norma!!


July was a no-show month here in the region, so there isn't much to report on that front.  However, we are all in a buzz about our Regional Awards show the weekend of August 16-17, 2014 in Alexandria, LA.  Our slate of judges will be exciting as well as the program that has been put together by Carissa Atlschul.  Thanks to Warren and Kris Joubert for being our Show Managers as 

well as Dennis Allen for the wonderful awards booklet. 



Gary Shubert  at the Awards Banquet


Congratulations to all of the Regional and National winners, new Grands, new Household Pets, cats achieving Distinguished Merit, Cattery of Distinction, and our Grands of Distinction.


Our Best Kitten is NW, RW RK Gems Troy Zebra Jasper, owned by R-K Bertrand, Jeff Janzen and Steve McCullough

Our Best Premiership Cat is GC, RW Trutails Macgyver  owned by Trudie and Dennis Allen

Our Best Cat in Championship is GC, BW, RW Catcharm Miley Cyrus, owned by Warren and Kristine Joubert

Our Best Household Pet is Stormy of Gulfcats, owned by Toni Huff.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of increasing counts and regional activities.


Region 4

 by John Colilla, Regional Director


A Facebook account was created for the Great Lakes Region; and it looks like it is well received by people in other regions also. 


GLR would like to welcome Mandy Moesch to our region. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky (38.22 parallel). 


Be sure to mark our upcoming shows on your calendar: 

 August 23rd & 24th, Sacred Cat of Burma is having a show in Medina, OH with 8 Allbreed rings and 2 Specialty rings. 

 August 30th & 31st, National Siamese Cat Club is holding a 10 Allbreed rings show in Brockport, NY. September 20th, Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers is holding a 5 Allbreed and 1 Specialty rings in Melvindale. MI. September 27th, Queen City Cat Club is holding a 5 Allbreed and 1 Specialty rings in Wilmington, OH. 

We hope to see you all there! 



Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
As summer is winding down, the Southwest Region is gearing up for a string of wonderful shows. We have something for everyone! Looking for two days and eight or more rings in top tourist destinations? Santa Monica Cat Club in Costa Mesa, CA on August 23-24 and Opposites Attract in Las Vegas, NV on September 20-21 are for you. One day, six ring with a fun ice cream social? That'd be Hemet. CA on September, 13. We even have a six by six in Palm Springs on October 4-5. 

CFA's Hawai`i Division celebrated with their annual awards luncheon on July 19. 25 local fanicers attended. Thanks to emcee Cori Biete and awards presenters Ken Cribbs, Donna Fujie, and Honey Justman. They also thank the organizing committee, especially Cori Biete, JoAnn DeSimone and Donna Fujie. CFA's Hawai`i Division's 2014-2015 show season will begin with a Halloween show on October 25, 2014. They are also planning shows on December 6, 2014 and Febuary 14, 2015. Many thanks to Charlee Abrams for the update.
Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary

After a slow start to the 2014-15 show season, the MWR is ratcheting up for a fabulous, fantastic, phenomenal FALL!!!

On August 2-3, Midwest TGIF Fanciers and Abyssinian Midwest Breeders put on a terrific show where the show nearly hit 200 entries! This St Louis-based show is always the "coolest" show in the summer because it's held in an ICE RINK (no ice, of course) and there are few places in the midwest where you can wear winter clothes and be comfortable during an August St Louis weekend! The raffle table was beyond belief: there were over 100 items that ranged from the whimsey to the sublime, and that didn't include the 2 tables FULL of hostas that were on the silent auction block. Additionally, the show was proud to host many new vendors with unqiue items to show off: Ruthie's Candle Kitchen, Origami Owl, Thirty-One, Pink Zebra and Cat Clams!
This show is dedicated to the memory of Beth Newkirk, a long time Abyssinian breeder, and winners in her memory included:
Top Scoring Cat  -  Annette Wilson, Russian Blue
Top Scoring Kitten   -   Bethany Colilla-Clark, Maine Coon kitten
Top Scoring Premier   -   Beth Holly, Bi-color Persian

Kirk Jackson

The next traditional summer show was held at the KCI Expo Center in Kansas City, MO, and was hosted by Mo-Kan Cat Club. Named "The Cat Days of Summer," this show was such incredible fun with it's tropical beach theme, but the highlight of the show was the CAT BIKINI CONTEST judged by Kathy Black! There were beach bikinis, speedos, Hawaiian shirts, hot pink grass skits and a real live MERMAID! Needless to say, it was the Mermaid that broke hearts and won the "Crazy Cat Lady" action figure prize!
Many thanks go to the hard working members of this show and first time show manager, Juli Clark! Mo-Kan is very excited to have 6 new members who are full of fire and ready to put Mo-Kan back in stride: together, they raised nearly $3000 to cover show expenses! Each ring was sponsored and they had a HUGE vendor shopping mall with over 20 vendors! WTG Mo-Kan!!!!

Looking to the start of school and fall, Midwesties will be on the road in droves:
September 13-14   -   American Gothic Cat Club Peoria IL
September 27   -   Twin City Cat Fanciers Crystal MN
October 11-12  -   Sandhills/Midlands Cat Clubs Springfield IL
October 25-26   -   Indy Cat Club Plainfield IN
November 1   -  Tiger's Lair Feline Fanciers Sedalia MO
November 29-30   -   Frontier Feline Fanciers Gardner KS

To entice you to join us, Indy Cat Club just had a spectacular bake sale and garage sale this past weekend and they are socking money into their war chest to put on a great Halloween show, complete with a costume contest. Tiger's Lair has "borrowed" TGIF's traditional weekend this year and has moved it's Christmas show to Sedalia, MO where their "Spook-taclular After Halloween" show promises a visit from GARFIELD and a Preston Smith photo-op!!!! Frontier Felines is excited to host their first 2-day show in a long time and it's exciting to see this club revitalized!

The Midwest Region is just waiting to host you! Come to the land where mushroom soup, Jell-o, barbecue sauce and duct tape holds us together!
Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

This month I would be remiss if I did not highlight the fantastic job done by the Foothills Felines Cat Club and their Ice Cream Social anniversary show held in Spartanburg, SC the first weekend of August. It was an exhibitors' dream -- convenient show hall and parking, paypal for entries, free ice cream and cake, beautiful rosettes, the list goes on. Early that morning a club member had confided in me, " it's just gotten so expensive - I hope we can keep doing this...." But just like a miracle, the doors opened and throngs of spectators poured in, along with local reporters and photographers. They clustered around for a glimpse of Cain Haley's (the club president) movie star cat, from "The Hunger Games - Catching Fire", who was content to lie on a table and be petted and admired, just as he did in his movie role as "Buttercup".

I found myself explaining to a local Channel 7 reporter about how we decorate our cages and the show hall with "bling and fru fru" to highlight our beautiful cats for the enjoyment of the visiting public. It was a wonderfully exhausting day, and I will never not be grateful for all the spectators who took the time to exclaim over my cats! Those simple words "your cat is beautiful" reminds me why we do all this....

Lastly I must mention that the club did a beautiful tribute to one of their members, Kris Ballentine, who recently passed away. Pictures of her and her cat Max brought a tear to my eye, as I remembered sharing with her at so many southern region shows. The club also presented a highest scoring in premiership award, in honor of Kris. Members of Kris' family were also on hand to enjoy the show with us.

There are so many success stories for our clubs around the region, as they continue to put on shows, year in and year out. So many work tirelessly to make this happen and I am amazed by their commitment and dedication to the cat fancy and CFA. I am so proud of all of our breeders, exhibitors, judges and clubs in the Southern Region, and am honored to be a small part of it! The Southern Region ROCKS!!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
Japan Region held Regional Award banquet for 2013-2014 show season at Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu in Yokohama on past 13 July. Hill's-Colgate Japan Ltd. supports Japan Award banquet every year. Thank you very much to Hills-Colgate Ltd.

Around 130 persons dressed up and attended this banquet.

Mrs. Kayoko Koizumi recognized Mrs. Ikuyo Takase, P-Sepia Cattery for Spotlight award for this season. She then recognized Ms. Keiko Mutoh for Best Clerk in Japan.

Ms. Yuko Nozuki and Mr. Toshihiko Tsuchiya then presented the Best-3rd Best Breed winner awards to the owners. 

All of the Best Cat, Kitten, Premiership, and HHP winners, along with current and former Regional Directors
Many of the region's judges presented awards for 2nd-10th Best HHP, next 2nd-25th Best Premiership, 2nd-25th Best Kittens and 2nd-25th Best Championship. And finally, previous Regional Director Mrs. Kayoko Koizumi all of the Best Cats' award.
Region 9
by Pam DelaBar, Regional Director
CFA Region 9 held our regional show and awards banquet in Bremen, Germany on 2 & 3 August 2014. The show was held in conjunction with the large pet fair which not only included the cat show and a large dog show, but a wonderful open display of birds of prey. Doerte Handel handled the dual responsibilities of show manager and awards banquet coordinator. Doerte has also accepted the responsibility as regional secretary.

Pictured is our Spotlight Award winner, Frank Dueker from Germany. Frank is known not just for clerking, showing lovely cats, and show production, but is a phenomenal cat photographer. 
Also well deserved recognition went to Tuija Aaltonen of Finland as Clerk of the Year. Pauli Huitaniemi presented the awards for the 2013-2014 show season as his last official act as the first regional director for CFA Region 9. We conducted our first regional meeting and set some policy and direction for the upcoming year. Looking forward to our remaining shows in August: Cat Fanciers of Finland in Riihimaki, Finland, and Edelweiss Cat Club in Moscow, Russia.
International  Division
by Richard Kallmeyer, International Division Chair
The Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand (CFCT) had their Royal Canin-sponsored 6x6show at the The Mall Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand on July 26 and 27, 2014. The venue was large and beautiful with a very large attendance. Club secretary Pattinee Tangkawattanakul ("Patti") and the CFCT did an outstanding job. Not only were adoption animals available at the show, but also an on-site spay/neuter clinic. The judges were very involved with judging and engaging with the visitors. CFCT had an international slate of judges: Yayoi Satoh, Yukiko Hayata,
 and Ayumi Ueda from Japan; Pam Delabar and guest judge/partner Satu Hamalainen from Finland; Peter and Yanina VonWonterghem from Belgium; Irina Tokmakova from Russia; Barbara Jaeger, Becky Orlando and Wayne Trevathan from the United States; and, guest judge Alan Davies from Australia.

The judges were also able to do some sightseeing, especially a visit to the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi to get their pictures taken with the 'big cats'.
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