May 2014
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Aug. 1 - Breed Council Membership Applications due


Aug. 1 - Breed Council Secretary declarations must be received


Aug. 15 - Yearbook Grands, GD, and DM photos due


Aug. 15- Yearbook advertising must be received.


It started out in July 2010 as an e-Newsletter for the Southern Region and at the request of CFA President Jerry Hamza it expanded to the CFA eNewsletter in January, 2011.  Three-and-a-half years later it is time for me to step down as the Editor and hand it over to someone else.  With my new duties as CFA President there simply won't be time for me to do the newsletter justice.  Teresa Keiger has agreed to take over.  I want to thank the many people who have contributed articles and photos which made my job as editor so much easier. Please be as generous to Teresa.


-- Mark Hannon

CFA's Largest Shows 2013-2014 Show Season



Total Entry Present


  1 (368) CFA World Show - Purple

  2 (351) CFA World Show - Red

  3 (304) National Capital Cat Show

  4 (281) Garden State Cat Club

  5 (267) Cotton States Cat Club

  6 (245) International Division Benefit

  7 (220) San Diego Cat Fanciers

  8 (220) Crab & Mallet Cat Club

  9 (216) Phoenix Feline Fanciers

10 (206) Ice City Cat Fans Club (Dec)





  1 (178) CFA World Show - Purple

  2 (161) CFA World Show - Red

  3 (152) National Capital Cat Show

  4 (115) Ice City  Cat Fans (Dec)

  5 (107) Cotton States Cat Club

  5 (  96) Phoenix  Feline Fanciers

  7 (  93) International Div. Benefit

  8 (  91) Midwest  TGIF Fanciers(8/3)

  8 (  91) Garden State  Cat Club

10 (  90) Greater Lancaster  Fel. Fan. 





  1 (127) China Int. Pedigree (Mar).

  2 (121) CFA World Show - Red

  3 (119) China  Int. Pedigree (Feb)

  4 (118) CFA World Show - Purple

  5 (113) Garden State Cat Club

  6 (112) Cat Friends of Germany  (Nov)

  7 (105) Chatte Noir Cat Club (04/26)

  7 (105) Crab & Mallet Cat Club

  9 (100) International Division Benefit

10 (  98) North Texas Cat Club (Apr)





  1 (77) Garden State Cat Club

  2 (72) CFA World Show - Purple

  2 (72) Cotton State Cat Club

  4 (69) CFA World Show - Red

  5 (63) National Capital Cat Show

  6 (61) Carolina Sophisticats

  7 (60) Sushi Cats Cat Fanciers

  8 (57) San Diego Cat Fanciers

  8 (57) Cleveland Pers. Soc. (Oct)

  8 (57) Kittyhawk Felines


Numbers compiled by Monte Phillips based on

CFA's official counts of cats present.


"Tara" the Hero Cat

Photos by Chanan

It was an internet sensation .... a 4-year old boy was attacked by a dog, his cat came to the boy's rescue and chased the dog away.  The rescue was miraculously caught on tape and has been viewed around the world.  The boy, his cat, and his parents have appeared on television and been the topic of numerous newspaper articles. 

CFA selected "Tara" for its first CFA Hero Cat Award and it was presented to the Triantafilo family at last weekend's CFA Southwest Regional Awards ceremony.  The family also were guests at the show that weekend and are shown here in one of the judging rings with Ellyn Honey & Wain Harding. The cat was very amendable to handling and did not seem nervous at all.

Miranda Warning
Submitted by Ed Raymond, CFA Attorney

If you've watched a police drama on television in the U.S. in the last 20 years, you've heard an arresting officer inform a suspect that "anything you say can, and will, be used against you..."


While CFA doesn't arrest people, those words, which are part of the famed Miranda warning, also hold true in a CFA disciplinary proceeding.  Statements made by a person verbally or in writing, including statements made in all forms of social media, can be used against that individual in a disciplinary proceeding.  While CFA does not actively monitor the social media activity of those involved in the Fancy, self-incriminating statements and posts live on forever and may come back to haunt the person who made them.


To paraphrase a character on a popular police drama from a few years ago: "Let's be careful out there."

Central Office

Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson, Director of Operations


Talk about busier than the proverbial one armed paper hanger - that would be CFA Central Office gearing up for Regional and National Celebrations while in the midst of a computer system conversion. Also Murphy's Law (If it can go wrong it will) is alive and well here. Still I think for the most part we have made it all work. Time will tell but we have already heard of joyous Regional celebrations.


And the excitement continues to mount as we head towards the Annual itself. It is our yearly get together where we work and play hard, meet and greet friends new and long standing from around the world, then CELEBRATE the outstanding Cats that make us the CFA Family. And what an exciting City New Orleans is for those lucky enough to add a bit of vacation. There is something there for everyone.


PAYPAL users PLEASE be sure to put your name in the "note" section when you pay for services with your Paypal account. This may be vital information if we are trying to check something for you and need payment verification. This will often help enable us to answer questions and solve problems much quicker.


Have you Moved, changed your Email address or day time phone contact numbers? Let us know! The "CFA List" is not official. If I am able to catch it, I will pass it on but the "list" is no guarantee your change(s) will be made. And do not forget to pass the information to your secure account as well. And be sure the address is complete: Full location address with City, State, Country and Zip code.


While I send Major KUDOS to Regions 8, 9 and the International Division for the quality of work they have been submitting there remain a few who do not include their complete addresses or carefully write their email address. It is very frustrating to have a quick question and have email after email bounce because it does not exist simply because it was poorly written.


Whether driving or flying, travel safely and we will look forward to seeing you all in New Orleans.


Donna Jean 

Central Office - Giving Back
Submitted by Verna M. Dobbins,
Business Development Liaison/Human Resource


Hello - it has been a while since I have had the pleasure of sending out news on behalf of Central Office and it gives me great pleasure to pass along the following information.


The staff in Central Office will be giving back to our community in different ways; we will be taking on a civic affair charity during the months of September to July. June was our first month and we were able to supply the Alliance Area Domestic Shelter with some much needed items. We put our donations together with the Alliance Women's Chamber Division and I know the shelter was appreciative.


Central Office is proud to represent CFA in our community.

Thank you,
Verna M. Dobbins               

Factoids About Catteries of Distinction
Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer


Some things to think about the impact of Catteries of Distinction

  • Catteries of Distinction represent only 0.7% of CFA catteries (1,783 catteries)
  • Catteries of Distinction accounted for 72.6% of all CFA grands (since 1978)
  • Catteries of Distinction accounted for 85.8% of all DMs


Show Rules - Confusion On Obtaining Grand Of Distinction
Submitted by Monte Phillips, Show Rules Committee Chair
There seems to be some confusion on the rule change allowing you to claim the title grand of distinction for a cat whose first show season was in 2005-2006.  Specifically, that last show season MUST be completed within 90 days of when you apply for the title.   That means you can't use any season that is before the season that just ended (2013-2014) as the third or last season, and you can only use THAT season up until the end of this July.  During each of the three seasons claimed, the cat must have made 30 finals in the top 10/15, with at least 20 of those finals being allbreed finals.  If you have any questions on this or any other show rule, send me an e-mail and I will get back to you.

Pay Pal Payments


You can use Pay Pal to pay for many CFA services and products.  If using it, please be sure to add your name to the payment.  It is often difficult for staff to track you down by your email address.



Delegates, just for checking in you will be entered in a drawing to win a great prize donated by Falls Vacuum.


The prize is a wonderful Eureka Hand Vac with on board tools, on/off switch for the brush roll, a riser viser for stairs and upholstery and 23 feet of cord!   Wow - what we could all do with a cleaner like that!

Be sure to check out Falls Vacuum in Cat Talk featuring the Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum and give them a call, mention CFA and receive a 20% discount and free shipping!

Falls Vacuum, serving all of CFA's cleaning needs!




Grand of Distinction Photos


We've already told you that if you submit your Grand Champion or Grand Premier photo to both the Yearbook ($15) and to Cat Talk ($15), you will have your cat's photo placed on the CFA website for free.  We have extended the same offer to the Grands of Distinction.  Submit your cat's photo and the $30 fees and your Grand of Distinction will also be added to the CFA website for free.  It can all be handled online. 




By: Carol C. Schwartz


Ford's Theatre Society created a multi-year project through The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Campaign including a grand reopening of the historic Theatre and Museum as well as the completion of the Center for Education and Leadership dedicated to our 16th President.


The culminating action was going to be the installation of the sidewalk outside of Ford's Theatre lined with engraved bricks. The Tenth Street Campus, devoted to President Abraham Lincoln, would recognize the generous supporters of this great vision.


Abraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States to have a cat as a pet at the President's home in Washington, D.C. "Tabby" was his pet's name. Abraham Lincoln loved cats and Mary, his wife, often said they were his hobby.   Lincoln stated, "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being."


In March of 2011, I purchased a brick for myself as well as a gift for the Cat's Fanciers' Association, Inc. However, the final sidewalk was not completed until much later. Pictures taken last week by CFA'er, Niki Feniak, are shown here for your enjoyment.  







By: "Tabby"

Abraham Lincoln's cat


Mr President,

The love of my life.


My heart felt

It was slashed by a knife

I loved him so.


From head to the twitching tip of my tail,

Heavenly God help me to stop my wail.

Giving him the calm power of my purr,

Made me happy to have solace transferred.


Sitting with him in his office real close,

Kept him comfy and cozy when he dozed.

Many times I licked the hair of his beard,

It was showing him affection, not weird.


Numerous gifts, I put them at his feet,

He picked me up and told me I was sweet.

Kneading his sleeve in cabinet meetings,

He was cool, collected and stayed seated.


Always rubbing in and around his legs,

Telling him of my love, more than a keg.

I adored him, giving daily head bumps,

Taking away his sadness and his grumps.


With my belly displayed, he would scratch me,

Turmoil and stress, it was a bit of glee.

My trills and chortles were a great relief,

When trying to get back the states was grief.


Rubbing his cheeks each time he picked me up,

Never again will these things fill my cup.



Good night,

Dear friend of mine.


I will say a prayer.

Sleep tight,

Until I get there.

I loved him so.

CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence 


During 2014, the Havana Brown breeders are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the acceptance of their breed into CFA. We're taking part in the celebration through a breed display in the Feline Historical Museum. Two cases in the museum are dedicated to memorabilia about the breed, including a copy of Famous Cats by Alan Simmons (1958), which shows a photo of LAURENTIDE BROWN PIPER, one of the earliest of the new Havana Brown breed in England.  We have also included numerous award and breed trophies, as well as articles on the breed.


The CFA Foundation will be going on the road this fall, with a booth at the September 6-7 National Capital show in Chantilly, VA.  Our plan right now is to bring part of the Persian exhibit, in addition to some Havana Brown and Korat memorabilia, but if there is anything in particular you'd like to see on display, please drop an email to






MYTH: Food fed to a lactating queen has no impact on the milk quality and quantity. 


Find the truth here. 

Judging Program Rule Changes 


The newly revised Judging Program Rules (May, 2014) can be located at:

The newly revised Judging Program Applications Guide can be located at:


Note: Having a current Master Clerk License has been re-instated, effective October 1, 2014, for the February, 2015 board meeting.


The newly revised "Applying to the Judging Program" information form can be located at:

YFEP Congratulates Our Regional Winners

By: Cathy Dunham, Program Co-Chair


Our young people completed a full show season in style by completing a variety of activities. The support shown by the fancy has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated by the kids as they have shown their feline companions, worked alongside show committees to produce shows, made presentations in the community, hosted fund raising events for orphaned animals after a storm, stewarded, clerked, or hosted food drives for a local shelter. All these activities show the cat fancy in a very positive light to general public.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the regional winners for YFEP.




Region 2


Division One

1. Ahren Wallace


Division Two

1. MacKenna Goldsbary

2. Hailey Goldsbary

3. Malia Wallace



Region 4


Division Two

1. Rebecca Gibson

2. Carly Gaffier


Division Three

1. Hope Gibson



Region 5


Division One

1. Payton Gomez

2. Ethan Wright


Division Two

1. Connor Wright


Region 6


Division One

1. Aiden Bartol


Division Two

1. Lilly Swanson

2. Joseph Brickey


Division Three

1. Richelle Hanes


Region 7


Division One

1. Elizabeth Burchfield


Division Two

1. Nautika Buterakos



 This year these kids were recognized for their accomplishments at regional celebrations across the country. During those celebrations we asked the Regional Directors to also award the national placements as well since many of our youth are unable to attend the annual in New Orleans. The exception to the national awards being presented is the award for the Highest Overall Achievement in the YFEP program, which will be presented at the delegates meeting to a very deserving young person. When you see these youth, please let them know you support their activities and achievements.


The committee would like to extend a huge Thank You to Royal Canin for making the program possible and to all the supporters of the program for making it a place in which tomorrows exhibitors/breeders can explore the cat fancy at their own pace and find the areas in which they excel.





$5,000 on the line to crown the Animaltarian of the Year


At PetPartners, we care for animals and love those who care for them too.  Do you know someone who helps wrangle lost pets on the streets?  Do you work for a group who saves animals when natural disasters occur? Do you know a no-kill shelter that helps animals in the community?. What about a therapeutic horse ranch for kids with disabilities?  Maybe your veterinarian is notorious for pro bono medical care?


That person or group has a chance to win $5,000 and be crowned the Animaltarian of the Year - presented by PetPartners.

/an-uh-muh l-tair-ee-uh n/

1.  A person who seeks to support animal welfare.
2.  An animal who assists to advance human welfare.

Check out this video for more information on how to get involved: 

If you know a person, organization, veterinarian or a grass roots group that fits this bill, tell them to shoot a video of their story and submit it to  Are you a video novice? You can submit on the group or person's behalf.  Once the video is submitted, call everyone you know and get them to vote for it and get them to share the video with people they know too.

The contest started early June and rolls through the dog days of summer. The Animaltarian of the Year will be announced on October 1st.  What would a $5,000 check do for your cause? We know it will help a lot and want to give it to the person or group that proves they care for animals as much as we do.
Important Contest Dates:

* June 2nd- July 15th - Submission Round - Share Your Story. View Other Submissions.
* July 15th-- August 31st - Round 1 - Share Your Video.  Get Lots of Votes.
* September 5th - September 30th- Round 2 - Top 5 Finalists Selected.  Voting Starts Over.


Submitted by George Eigenhauser,
CFA Legislative Coordinator



Notes from the HSUS ANIMAL CARE Expo 2014......


The annual HSUS "Animal Care Expo" is the largest Animal Rights conference in the United States. This year it was held on May 20-23 in Daytona Beach, FL with nearly 1,800 participants from over 40 countries. Our CFA presence there helps us gain insight into the current thinking and upcoming initiatives of the HSUS, as well as other animal rights and animal welfare organizations. Our participation allows us to network with shelter staff, volunteers, rescue people, veterinarians and others so they can learn CFA and cat fanciers do care. Cat fanciers are working toward solutions and are not part of the problem.


The featured speaker this year was Jackson Galaxy, host of the television show "My Cat from Hell." Galaxy, working without a script, talked about how he learned cat behavior through his work with rescue cats with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Colorado. His message was positive and upbeat, focusing on the ability of one person to make a difference.

Cat Talk

Submitted by Teresa Keiger


We've created a survey regarding various aspects of Cat Talk and we want to know what you think! This survey is available online at: and you will also have the opportunity to express your opinion about these pieces and about the magazine.

Our new feature "Fancy That!" made its debut in our June issue and we hope that you enjoyed it. Remember that anyone can submit their tips to about living with and exhibitor their cats to Cathy Scarbrough at

The August issue of Cat Talk is our Year in Review article and one of our most popular issues. Be sure to place your ad celebrating your cattery's success in the 2013-14 season or subscribe now so you don't miss out.


Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
Maine Coon fancier Molly Maynard Killmeyer (Purrmayne) died in December, and many of her friends have memorialized her with contributions to the Foundation.    Particularly, Winn thanks Pioneer Valley Cat Fanciers.
Memorial contributions ae among the most appreciated at Winn, whether it be a person or a cat.  We at Winn understand loss and the desire to assuage grief in a tangible way.  It is a way to remember the past while hoping for a better future for "every cat, every day." 


Last Call for the Symposium!
If you are quick, you can still join us to learn the latest information on FIP and HCM at the Sheraton in New Orleans on Thursday, June 26.
Information is at the website,
2014 Annual Meeting
Submitted by Jan Rogers, Chair




The CFA 2014 Annual is now in the final stages of preparation.  We are waiting for you.  We welcome you and once again remind you of the following.


  Hotel block at the special pricing has filled.  If you need a room, or want to cancel a room, please contact Pat Zollman at  for those changes.  She is working closely with the hotel to make sure all are accommodated.  Please take a moment and review your reservations at this time.


  TICK TOCK - MONDAY .. June 16th is the last day you can order banquet tickets.  You can do this through the CFA website and pay on line for these tickets, as well as lunch tickets or breed council breakfast tickets.   If you do not pay for your lunch ticket by the deadline, and wish to purchase at the annual the cost will be $30.00.   Some will be available.


  Check out the annual website and you will find information regarding the airport, transportation to and from the hotel, and rental car information.  Keep in mind that the regular hotel valet parking charge is $38.00 per day, and if you identify yourself as part of our group the discount is 40%.  Per the hotel there are no in/out privileges.  The annual website contains parking information at nearby facilities as well, if you elect to park elsewhere. 


  The annual website also contains information about the hospitality suites on Thursday and Friday nights, and more importantly the fun you will have if you participate in the Mask-Purr-Ade Ball on Friday night.   The different categories for competition are listed, the GRAND PRIZE is a 3 day cruise along with a multitude of other prizes.   We have an illustrious panel of judges, and you will be very surprised!!!  There are also two costume shops listed on the website, but you can certainly "google" for additional possibilities and places to go if you are so inclined not to bring your very own garb. 


We would like to thank all of the wonderful folks of Region 9 that have volunteered to help on Friday night, and throughout the annual, they truly are taking this partnership seriously.  The region 3 clubs have come together to insure that true Gulf Shore Region Hos-purr-tality is extended to all our cat fancy friends.  Look for the 3-9 Region Buttons on our region members.


Last but not least, our goal is for you to have a great time and we will be seeing you soon.  Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!


The 2014 Annual Krewe


Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair

  Ambassador Button

Welcome to summer, everyone! The view out my window is MUCH different that early spring as I see many of our Lake Kiowa golfers, a riot of colors, flowers, squirrels and birds all visiting in their early summer glory.


June finds our Ambassadors gearing up for the new show season and anxiously looking forward to the wonderful time to be had in the Big Easy, New Orleans   As regional reports trickle in, I am seeing Ambassadors on the job in the show halls and hearing interesting stories of the adventures they have with spectators, a very gratifying feeling, believe me! Along those lines, I have included in the RC reports a heartwarming post from Donna Isenberg concerning their regional show. It was actually a heads up for SWR Ambassadors but it is very informative for all.


We continue to recruit new members, and the Pet Me Cats program is expanding as well. Spectators are thrilled to be able to be up-close-and-personal with a real show cat! Most are amazed to see a show cat strutting its stuff on a harness and leash!


The upcoming annual meeting promises so much fun and excitement. Among the good times the committee will host another Ambassador Reception in Jodell Raymond's suite on Friday, June 27th directly following the close of the delegate meeting. No reservations are needed.  Just drop by for some delicious snacks and "liquid" refreshments compliments of the CFA Ambassador Program.   Room number will be available before, during, and after the delegates meeting. Looking forward to seeing all of our Ambassadors and friends there!!!


GC QT-Tonks Midori of Pawdancer, a PMC, was very popular with the spectators!
Besides having a chance to "meet 'n greet," and to have some refreshments, there will be a short training session for all regional coordinators as well as anyone interested in becoming or assisting with the Ambassador program.


Please be sure to read the excellent reports and additional input included below from several of our RCs. They are quite uplifting and I thank each of you RCs that submitted them.


As we look forward to this new show year, the core committee has plans to re-work publicity and handout materials as well as brainstorm ways to increase our overall program, and expand same to the Europe and Asian theatres. There will be an Ambassador Core Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 25th to set these ideas in motion. We remain, truly, the Face of CFA!



Continue Reading ...

International Division Awards Banquet

Submitted by Danny Tai


The International Division Awards banquet will be held on 31 August 2014 in Guangzhou China. Guangzhou is the 4th biggest cities in China. It is a city with mixtures of western and traditional Chinese style. The banquet hall (Langham Place Guangzhou Hotel) is located in the centre of Guangzhou and with a modernized style.


Passion Feline Fanciers, Hong Kong International Cat Club and Pearl River Cat Clubs are cordially organizing the banquet this year. This is the first year to present the new DW (Division Winner) awards for the International Division. Nine countries in the ID will receive DW awards including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Rep of republic of Korea, Kuwait and Isarel. Some countries willhave their first DW awards.


This year is the 9th ID banquet. Our theme will be "Hollywood night" and the main color of the banquet is "Purple, Gold and Black". It will be our "Union" party.


We have already 15 tables reserved and it is expected this year will be the biggest banquet of all.   For the event page, please visit . For enrollment, please send email to 


For those who have not yet enrolled our banquet, please do it at once. If you don't want to regret and miss this big party in International Division, join us at once!!!





Region 1
Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director
These are my final two weeks as Regional Director for Region 1.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Region for all the help they have given me over the past 3+ years. I hope that whoever is the next Regional Director will also have the same support.

No one person can do it all.  I am very thankful for all the talented people who helped to make our regionals and the 2012 Annual a success. I would also like to thank the Central Office Staff for all their help as well.  Any time, I needed anything, any information,  Donna Jean and her staff were always willing to go the extra mile.

Finally, Congratulations to all of this year's Region 1 Regional and National Winners.  It was a Great Group of Cats!  Hope to see many of you this coming weekend at the NAR Regional. 


Region 2
Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director 
RD Ginger Meeker with her gift from the Region, a Jamie Perry print

June is a very busy month for the Fancy. R-2 has one of the first Regional Awards Show and Banquet and we had such a good time this year. Our banquet awards were fully sponsored for the 6th year in a row! While we are not a wealthy region we are a generous one. Speaking of generous, thank you to Terri and Dan Zittel for providing a coffin full of Voodoo Donuts for the exhibitors. I now know why this place is a "destination" when you visit Portland and people stand in line around the block to get these donuts.


This year, the show that accompanies the awards banquet was sponsored by Seattle Cat Club and Grandview Cat Fanciers. The show was very well done - thanks to Kendall Smith, Neil Quigley and their teams. Some of our judges put in a very long day as they also participated in the awards banquet. Special thanks to Wain Harding, Dennis Ganoe , Brian Moser, Vicki Nye, and John Webster. Both events were held at the Portland Doubletree Hotel. Multiple events were also being held at the same hotel so we were able to watch lots of handsome naval officers in their dress whites as they participated in the Rose Festival Weekend. Many ships and their Admirals from the 7th Fleet are invite to Portland annually to participate. Many in Renaissance dress, also as part of the festivities associated with the Portland Rose Festival. On Friday night, as we sat in the bar, we were able to watch a parade of monks, friars, damsels and knights head to a ballroom at the hotel for dancing....nice armor! Portland had a wonderful number of events the same weekend so Fanciers had many things to enjoy including a Naked Bike Race on Sunday morning. No, I'm not kidding. I saw pictures of last year's check in and the bikes were fully dressed....


Tammy Roark and Kathy Durdick continued their tradition of putting together a fantastic evening for all involved. I'm pleased to announce that Tammy didn't kill anyone in the process. We did come up with a new axiom for R-2 after working to "bench" the banquet. "11 is NOT 10" and any of you that have worked on this portion of a banquet will know exactly what we mean!!! Also, special thanks to Gary Sapp and Guy Frazee for giving the ladies a helping hand with the stairs to the stage.


Directors Awards - with generous sponsorship provided by Kim and Fred Hirsch, I had the joy and honor of presenting Northwest Regional Director's Awards to the people in the region that have worked hard with me for the last 6 years. I was able to present a check for $500 to the club that had put on my favorite show during my 6 year tenure as RD. Director's Awards were presented to:


Carly Kellogg - Ambassador Program - PNW

Mary Sietsema - Ambassador Program - Northern California

Maureen Clark -Youth Feline Education Program

Diana Nelson -Mentoring/New Bee Program - PNW

Mary Sietsema - Mentoring/New Bee Program - Northern California

Carroll Muck - Animal Rescue & Welfare/BAP

Linda Osburn -Scoring - Veterans Class

Kendall Smith - Scoring - Household Pet

Patricia Decano   and Nancy Jo Bueno - Regional Publications/Advertising          

Kathy Durdick - Regional and National Webmistress  

Tammy Roark - Treasurer

Jay Collins - Show Scheduler

Erin Cutchen - Secretary


Gary Sapp, Favorite Show

"My Favorite Show Award" went to the Utah Cat Fanciers for their November, 2012 "Alice in Wonderland" CFA show. The show was held in a small but charming show hall with a wall of small paned windows. Snow fell during the show and it was a truly lovely environment. The club has done some excellent cooperative work with the local TICA club and the TICA folks were there to help set-up when they learned the SLC club was short-handed. When the TICA folks heard the entry was a bit down they responded with about 35 CFA registered cats for the entry. Problems always arise and this groups works with humor and goodwill to solve them. The picture that will forever be burned into my brain was Bobbi Irie dressed as the White Rabbit and Vicki Nye dressed as Alice. While it snowed during the day, by the end of the show the snow on the roads was totally melted.


Erin presenting Exhibitors of the Year

Carroll Muck, Erin, Robert Roseberry, Megan Antijunti

EOY - Nominees for our R-2 EOY were Megan Antijunti/Robert Roseberry, Pat Decano, Jeff Hempe, Bobbie Irie, Carroll Muck and Juanita/Jerry Walker. Any of the nominees would haverepresented the region well! Congratulations on the nominations as that acknowledges your contributions to the Region by your fellow exhibitors. For the Exhibitor of the Year awards we had a TIE this year. Carroll Muck tied with the team of Megan Antijunti and Robert "Bob" Roseberry for the honor.   Carroll is well known for her animal rescue, vending and exhibitor functions in the PNW aspect of the region. Megan and Bob, from the Northern CA part of the region, are a staple at shows providing set up and vending services, participating in Agility, HHP and general exhibition activities.


Continue Reading ...

Region 3
Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary

The last show in Region 3 until August has held at the Lonestar Expo Center in Conroe, TX by the Stars & Stripes Cat Club on May 31st, and there were plenty of Region 3 regulars, newbies and some folks we haven't seen in a while attending. The weather that week had been stormy, but the day of the show remained relatively dry, and predictably hot and humid. Summer is upon us like a heating blanket and it is doubtful we will come out from underneath it until October. Luckily, the Expo Center has a good air conditioner, and we had it running full force.


At the beginning of the show, exhibitors were treated to a "Grand Party Breakfast" by Tracey Whittenberg in honor of GP Jcatlyn Indy Sunfire Rouge and RW GP Front Range Urrocco of Jcatlyn and then later that afternoon, there was a wonderful traditional Grand Cake Party in honor of GC Calitonk R Reagan. There were only two vendors attending the show, but they were two of the region's best- Fandango Furniture and Cats Unlimited, Inc. Thank you Camille for coming! You always manage to bring the very thing I forgot at home!

The local online magazine, Woodlands Online sent one of their reporters to cover the show and there is a wonderful write up that can the read here: 


One correction that I probably need to make for those who go to read the article, is that the black smoke I'm pictured holding is obviously not a Maine Coon, but the publicity was free and the write up is entertaining.


I enjoyed seeing some of our former winners at this show, particularly Donna Hinton's majestic Maine Coon boy and former Region 3 Best Cat/National Winner, GC BW NW Nascat Cruise'N. Cruiser was in fine form, and it is really awe inspiring to see a fully grown Maine Coon. I have to admit Region 3 has some of the best in this breed- at least in my opinion! I also enjoyed meeting a relatively new Region 3 exhibitor, Melody Venatta of Retro Kitty Sphynx. Her two girls, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball were adorable and I hope to see more of her and her nakeds at future shows!


 GC,BW,NW Nascat Cruise'n


Retro Kitty Sphynx


GC,GP,RW Rare Earth's Sympathy-of-Destruction


Teresa Schroeder


Don Yoder, former CFA Allbreed Judge and early Exotic breeder (Docia Dao Cattery) passed away on June 7, 2014. A link to his online obituary can be found here.

Willa Hawke had this to say about Don: 
"Don Yoder was one of my very first friends in the cat fancy.  I am very sorry to hear of his passing. Don started in the Kansas City area back in the late 50s.  He went on to become an officer in ACFA where he was also a judge.  In 1966 he resigned from ACFA and came over to CFA and was immediately accepted as an AB Judge.  He served as GSR Regional Director from 1973 until I believe 1979.   In the early 60s he married Barbara Bond, a cat fancier from CA and they both eventually settled in Houston.  Barbara died some years back. Don was definitely an asset to the entire Cat Fancy and loved by all that were lucky enough to have known him. May he rest in peace."


Before you know it, the Annual will be upon us and I truly hope you all take the opportunity to attend. Not just because it's important to get involved in your organization, beyond just showing your cat, but because it will be fun! New Orleans is like no other city in the world and one that I know very well. Please look me up if you need a restaurant recommendation or directions to Caf Du Monde. Wouldn't it be great if we could get a big group of crazy Cat Fancier's together for a night of dueling pianos at Pat O'Brien's and a couple of Hurricanes?

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



By the time you read this our Great Lakes Regional Awards show and Banquet in Eastlake, Ohio will be history.  The Great Lakes Region wants to thank all who attended for your continued support of our region and our shows.


If you came to the show you had a taste of the truly GREAT hospitality and friendship that is a trademark of events in the Great Lakes Region. Keeping that in mind, don't forget to make your plans, get your passports or passport cards, and join everyone at the 2015 CFA Annual Meeting being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada July 2-5, 2015. The Sheraton Town Center is downtown in the theatre district and a short walk from numerous restaurants, shopping and events. Toronto is considered one of the top three entertainment centers in the world so there is much to do.


Book your tickets and rooms well in advance. This is the Independence Day holiday in the US and comes on the heels of Canada Day so it will be a true celebration time.


Upcoming shows:

July 5, one day show in Columbus, Ohio hosted by Sternwheel Cat Fanciers 3 AB, 3 AB/Specialties (Super Specialty format.


July 26, Taylor, Michigan another 6 ring show hosted by Motor City Jazz/MidWest Persian Tabby Fanciers 5 AB, 1 SP.


August 16 back to Taylor, Mi for another 5AB 1 SP show hosted by MidWest Persian Tabby Fanciers.


Save the last weekend in August to attend the Sacred Cat of Burma show in Medina, Ohio, This is a 10 ring show with 8 AB and 2 SP


Have a GREAT summer! Travel safely!

Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson


As we all look to the new season, the MWR has a great deal to be thankful for: precious friends, lovely cats, and exciting times in the show hall. June 7-8 saw the MWR award its best and brightest at the lovely Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Illinois. Not only were cats recognized, but special people as well. Many congratulations to Cathy Dunham, recipient of the Rothman Exhibitor of the Year, Bobbie Weihrauch, recipient of the Spotlight Award, Cindy Willoughby, recipient of the Humanitarian Award. Another special award was presented to Rochelle Hanes, in absentia, as the Junior Fancier. This award was accepted on Rochelle's behalf by her grandmother. Probably the most often spoken comment at the banquet was, "Wow!We clean up pretty darn good!"


The Awards show was so much fun: the awards flats were handmade, and exhibitors as a whole, said they were rosettes to be kept as mementos! Managed by Nancy Hitzeman of Lucky Tom Cat Club, St Louis, with tons of support from Terry Bierrie and Sueann Spinder of American Gothic, Peoria, the show came off literally without a hitch, and a great time was had by all.

In upcoming MWR news, regional director, Kathy Calhoun, appointed Cathy Dunham as chair for the 2017 annual meeting slated for Chicago ("the windy city with big shoulders") beginning framework plans are currently underway as her committee explores logos, theme ideas, and expenditures. More news as available!


In closing, the MWR wishes several of its exhibitors get well wishes for swift recoveries: Mary-Margaret Richardson who has undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and Robin Bryan whose viral infection has her in the hospital. You were both dearly missed at the show and banquet.



Show Manager Nancy Hitzeman &

Banquet Chair Cathy Dunham

Candilee Jackson & Cindy Browning,



             Best Cat owners Rick & Pam DeGolyer


Sharon Rogers, Norm Auspitz, Jane Manley, Michael Larkins, Stephanie Stump-Larsen




Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director



Southern Region celebrates its 2013-2014 winners


The beautiful Renaissance World Golf Center in St. Augustine, Florida was the site of the 2014 Southern Region show and awards banquet on Saturday, June 14. The show was hosted by Cat Club of the Palm Beaches and Gasparilla Feline Friends, and the banquet put on by Cat Club of the Palm Beaches with decorations and flowers provided by members of Cotton States Cat Club. The evening recognized the new awards for Catteries of Distinction (381) and Grands of Distinction (7), as well as best of breeds in kittens, championship, and premiership, Top 10 Agility and Household Pets, and of course Top 25 Kittens, Championship and Premiership. Congratulations to all the SR winners!















The Southern Region would also like to congratulate the Gulf Shore Region for turning an $850 donation of an iPad Air into an outstanding $3985 towards their Annual in New Orleans. They did an awesome job leveraging that donation. Thanks to everyone who helped them out by purchasing tickets for the raffle. Great job, GSR, and we'll see you in New Orleans!


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