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June 2 - Ballots for CFA Officers & RDs must be received in Central Office.
June 2 - Clubs Fees/Membership Lists must be received in Central Office for a club to remain a member of CFA.

Betty White Announces Retirement Effective June 30, 2014 

Submitted by Valere Hull


After 25 years in the judging program, one of CFA's most popular judges has decided to retire. Betty White and her late husband, Bob, started showing in CFA in 1967. Their cattery was Angkor Rose, a name inspired by the fabulous temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. They started with a redpoint colorpoint shorthair, a blue point and a seal point Siamese, which they had bought from Bob Zenda, another longtime judge. Betty bred mostly chocolate point and seal point Siamese, and her cats were known for their elegance and incredible color. She was definitely prejudiced toward these two colors, but she showed a lilac point or two, and one of her favorite cats was her Abyssinian from Wain Harding. Another one of her favorite cats was Baby Dear, aka GRC/NW/BW Angkor Rose Dream Away, a beautiful sealpoint Siamese.

Betty has been active in the Winn Foundation for many years. In 2002, she was named the Chairperson of the CFA Health Committee and began a drive to raise money to fund mammary cancer research since this cancer is not only one of the largest killers of felines in general, but one that takes an exceptionally heavy toll on our Siamese. She has worked on behalf of the Winn Foundation to raise funds for many kinds of research. Like most of us, she has lost a beloved cat to one of the feline diseases and she has been active in helping to further research. Back before Feline Leukemia testing and vaccines, she lost the feline love of her life, Choctaw, at a very young age and the devastation she felt nearly resulted in her getting out of the cat fancy. Instead, she followed her heart and continued to work with this breed that is part of so many hearts and souls and funneled her energies to promoting health through better husbandry and medical research. She has served as Winn Foundation President, Secretary and on numerous committees.


Perhaps Betty's own hallmark is her integrity and sincerity. No matter whether we agree with her or not, we don't question her motivations. When she is wearing her judge's hat in the ring, her admiration for and appreciation of all the breeds is evident. She does what she thinks is right in making her decisions in the ring, whether it is the "popular" thing to do or not. She is as close to apolitical as it is possible to be. Some of us have kidded her that when she gets ready to hang ribbons "her way," she "moves faster" than normal-we decided that was her way of saying with body language, "THIS is the way I see it!" I think this attitude on her part gains respect from those of us who want our cats judged independently of who we are.


Betty has always been an ardent traveller and still has quite a few exotic places yet to visit on her bucket list. CFA exhibitors and her fellow judges will miss her knowledge, style, grace, and integrity, but we all wish her well and bon voyage!


GC,BW,NW Belamy Desiderata of Cinema
Calico Persian
Breeder: Monika Vowe
Owners: Connie Stewart, Blake Mayes, Dennis Adler


GC, NW Dotdotdot Bornintheusa of Wild Rain
Chocolate Spotted Male Ocicat
Breeders/Owners: Roger & Nancy Brown
and David & Carol Freels
                   BEST CAT IN PREMIERSHIP                   
GP,NW Sandesox Justsweetness of Whitesox
Blue Point Neuter Birman
Breeders:Karen Lane / Sandy Faust
Owners: Karen Lane, Sandy Faust and Yvonne Griffin






CFA Congratulates Hero Cat

and Extends Invitation to Receive CFA Hero Cat Award

Submitted by Jodell Raymond


By now, you have most likely seen the video with Tara, the cat that comes to her owner's rescue by fighting off an attacking dog? An edited version of the attack video has been viewed more than 7 million times since it was posted to YouTube. Several national news media outlets including CNN, NBC, ABC and Fox ran the video which caused a world-wide sensation. The family was also interviewed on Thursday morning on the Today Show. Both the young owner and the cat are fine. While there is no guarantee that the family will attend, CFA has extended an invitation to the Triantafilo family to come to the Southwest Regional Awards Banquet to accept the CFA Hero Cat Award on behalf of Tara. Keep your paws crossed and we will keep you posted!

New Computer System Status Report

Submitted by James Simbro, IT Support, Systems Administrator



1)      Registration is slowly catching up with the work. We seem to be past most of the major issues and are now refining the process and getting comfortable with the system.

2)      Online litter registrations are processing, and users have been claiming their existing accounts or signing up for new ones. Please be aware that if you had an old email address on file before March 31st, the system is looking for that address when verifying your old account. You can always contact<> if you no longer have access to an old email account associated with your account. We have alternative ways to getting your old account setup on eCat.

a.      Note: Users may see litters they register online go into a "Pending Review" status. This is due to anti-fraud measures we have enacted and will continue to refine. Typically the litter will be processed in 48 hours or less after staff has reviewed the information submitted.

3)      Show Scoring and Grand Points. We have the show data for the May 3-4 Weekend shows entered into the new system. We ran into a problem with the Grand Points calculations that did not show up in prior testing. The programmers have this as a TOP PRIORITY issue and we expect it to be resolved very soon. Once we can post Grand Points to all the cats records, we can then have Herman show the current points.

4)      Herman: The online version  of Herman will be getting an update as soon as the Grand Points issue in scoring is rectified. Since Herman is working with the new system, we also had to wait for the end-of-year awards to be posted on the HP. We are working our absolute hardest to have Herman updated before the weekend.

5)      Dial-A-Grand (Herman). Sadly the phone in version of Herman uses some very old hardware that is not compatible with the new system. This means that the ability to call in to Herman via telephone has been discontinued. We are exploring the option of bring this back, but the cost of new hardware may make this prohibitive. With the popularity of smartphones, and easy access to the internet, we believe exhibitors can still find quick and easy access to Herman.

6)      E-Points: Again this depends on when we can finish scoring shows (May 3-4). We are doing our best to have them up for the weekend along with Herman.



CFA Foundation                      


Submitted by Karen Lawrence 



The Feline Historical Museum opened its new Persian Breed Exhibit on May 1st.  Joining us for the opening was Gene Darrah, Evelyn Prather, and Susan Cook Henry as well as Angelspur Juicy Fruit of Ladiluck, our Persian feline guest for the week.


The exhibit covers the evolution of the Persian breed - the origin of cats imported into Europe from Turkey and Persia (Iran), through travels into other parts of Europe and the eventual rise of breeding programs in England, and importation of Persians into North America.  The exhibit room is filled with artifacts, awards, figurines, photos and historical documentation illustrating Persian breed history, such as:

  •  Illustrations of early Persians by Harrison Weir 
  • A photo showing gentlemen and their cats at the 1913 Westminster show in England
  • The rosette and photo of a Persian winner from the 1917 Vancouver Exhibition
  • A 1918 press photo of Red Shadows II of Rose Cottage, a red tabby,  taken at an Empire Cat Club show
  • A 1925 photo of Silverland Mint Briar, a silver Persian, with his owner
  • The 1950 illustration of the "ideal" Persian body and head by Richard Gebhardt
  • Photos taken in 1958 of white Persians from the Francine cattery
  • Late 1950's photos of Lillias Bloem and Persians from the Bloemhill cattery
  • A timeline showing all the Persians who have achieved the Best Cat title in CFA


The walls of the exhibit room are covered in artwork by artists such as J. S. Perry, George Summerville, Bob Bryan, Robert Kuhn, Gladys Emerson Cook, and Ellen Recknor.  A special wall is dedicated to the Best Kitten, Best Cat in Championship, and Best Cat in Premiership awards of Jadon cattery, the only cattery to have achieved "Best" in all three classes. Included are photos, rosettes and National Winner trophies.


Numerous of the Persian pieces in the exhibit, and in the list above, have been past donations to the museum from donors such as Gene and Patti Darrah, Patti Jacobberger, and from the estates of Grace Lawrence, Lois Weston and Wilton Wheeldon.  We are grateful to members of the Persian Breed Council for their generous support of this project.  Specific Persian items were donated, or loaned, by Linda Acomb, Kathy Durdick, Beth Grant-Field, Mark Hannon, Susan Henry, Karen Lawrence, Tracy Petty, Evelyn Prather, John Smithson, and Mary Jane Tesdall.


Our sincere thanks to photographers Richard Katris, Larry Johnson, and Preston Smith for donating photos to be used in this exhibit.


Stop by and visit the "cat" museum if you are in the area near Alliance, Ohio! The museum is open 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday, and 9am to noon on Saturday.  If those times are inconvenient for you, give us a call at 330-680-4444 and we'll be happy to make alternate arrangements for you to visit.

2014 World Show


Yes, we're doing it again.  This year the show will be held on November 22-23, 2014.  That's the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The show will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.   That's the same facility used for the North Atlantic Region Coalition show in August.  It's also the location of the dog show which is televised on Thanksgiving Day.  Like last year's show in Michigan, we will have one large room.  No small side rooms. We have even more space than last year so lots of space for vendors, agility, an education ring, breed booths, spectators galore, wide aisles, etc.


We are excited to finally bring CFA's major show to the North Atlantic Region.  Neither the CFA International Cat Shows nor previous World Shows have been held in this region, the birth place of CFA.


We are planning two shows, Red and Purple, with a limit of 500 entries each. The Board has not yet discussed the method of selecting judges, format, etc.  We are busy negotiating with hotels in the area and with a decorating firm to provide tables, chairs, pipe/drape etc.


Rich Mastin has agreed to again serve as the show manager and Ed Raymond & Mark Hannon will again serve as assistant show managers. 


Show Sponsorships
Again this show season we have sponsorships courtesy of our corporate partners Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter and Royal Canin.  CFA has also contributed a significant amount of money to help our clubs produce shows.  We encourage clubs to contact us if they are interested in assistance.  There is a form to be completed and some requirements, both of which you can obtain from Verna Dobbins in CFA's Central Office.

Clerking Program

Submitted by Cheryl Coleman, Committee Chair


If you've paid your biennial dues, then you probably received your clerking test online link thru email, with an attachment of the test in PDF format. If you have not received it, several things could be happening:
1.  Shirley did not have an updated email address for you and it was not listed in the file I received
2.  The email I did have, came back undeliverable. Which means, Shirley doesn't have an updated version of your
      email address.
3.  You haven't paid your biennial clerking fee, or you paid it after Shirley sent me the list.

Do not fear: all of the above can be remedied. If you have changed your email address, make sure Shirley has the new one. Please realize, that in order to not miss any email addresses or payees, Shirley sends me a new list either weekly, or every other week. Shirley also will not send me email addresses, or your name, unless you've paid your biennial dues - which also goes along with #3 above. So do not fret:  you will get your clerk via email; just have patience.
If you have not already received it, please know that Central Office WILL be sending all currently paid clerks a package that includes the new Show Rules, a copy of the test, a Scantron sheet (if you should decide to take it that way) and a sheet outlining the major updates to the Clerking Manual. Yes, there is an updated copy of the Clerking Manual. If you want a hard copy, there is one of two ways to get one. You can download a copy from the CFA Exhibitors page under Clerking on the CFA website. Or send a note to Shirley and ask for a hard copy. 
The new Clerking Manual corrected errors that were missed the last time, modified verbiage that has changed due to Show Rule changes, added verbiage from changes recently approved by the CFA Board, and it cleared up some text that was not clear. Here are some of the updates:
* Number of Assistant/Solo Master Clerk assignments (to become a Master Clerk) was rewritten
* Judges wanting to teach a Clerking School, must now take and pass the Clerking exam at the Ring Clerk level 
* Clarification of Lapsed clerking licenses, and number of assignments needed
* Clerking schools may be approved within the 30 day notification with an associated late fee and shipping charges
* Ring management list enhanced
* General Master Clerk guidelines modified
* Updated chart of what is needed to advance in the Clerking Program

If you are copying over your answers from your hard copy version of the test to the online version, please make sure that the answer you are putting into the online version reads the same. Questions 17, 19 and 26 do NOT match what is on the hard copy test, so please make sure you mark the correct answer! The best thing about having the test online, is that if a test has a missed answer, or worded incorrectly, it is easy to change. When it is hard copy, it's a lot more difficult. 
As of May 11, 2014, approximately 30 tests have been taken online with an average grade of 93%. While I have received questions concerning several of the test questions, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to respond. This is an open book test; feel free to discuss the questions with your fellow clerks if you are confused or unsure about a question. Don't over-think the test questions, trying to read something into them which is not there. Many have commented that this is an easy test, and the large number of clerks with high test marks support that belief.


Submitted by Joan Miller,
CFA Legislative Information Liaison



This is the time of year when most State Legislative sessions are starting to wind down and bills are either suddenly pushed through or else they die in committee. There are several pending bills that could impact cat fanciers now or eventually in the future. One example is a bill to amend and add to the Illinois Animal welfare Act.


Illinois House Bill 4056 is a contentious proposal that started as a "spot" bill or "place saver" (one word was changed). It sailed through the House as a minor bill having to do with swine. It was then recently amended in the Senate to become a full blown pet store ban on the sales of dogs or cats unless they come from shelters or animal control agencies. On May 1st Governor Quinn announced his support of the legislation saying it would "end 'Puppy Mill' sales at pet shops". This would make Illinois the first State in the U.S. that bans the selling of dogs, and cats, in pet shops unless they are from an animal shelter or animal control facility. HB 4056   (Amendment 001) is being heard on May 14th in the Illinois Senate Executive Committee. The bill has been put on the Senate calendar for a final reading, and is expected to be signed by Governor Quinn, unless opposition can persuade the committee and/or the Governor otherwise.


Our concerns - 

  • HB 4056 does not allow pet shops to sell any cats or dogs acquired from a breeder; only animals from a shelter or animal control facility. According to Kristen Strawbridge, Illinois State Director for HSUS, this bill "will drive the market toward responsible breeders and adoptions of homeless animals from shelters and rescues instead of puppies produced in puppy mills". In actuality - Many pet stores are equipped to cage and handle kittens and puppies who are cared for in the store for a short period. Dealing with adults who may not be adopted/sold for a long time would be impractical for most small, independent stores. The demand for purebred dog and pedigreed breeds cannot be met by "responsible breeders" who are being forced by national USDA regulations and the Illinois Animal Welfare act to keep their numbers of females to 4 or 5 in order to avoid federal licensing or State "Cattery Operator" requirements.
  • Animal activists behind this bill, and concept, assert that stopping the retail pet shop market for pedigreed cats and purebred dogs, which they claim are produced by large commercial breeders, is the way to end what they call "puppy mills. In actuality" - it appears from various websites that pet store bans are a step toward eventually preventing ALL purposeful breeding and selling of pedigreed cats/purebred dogs. This will give a monopoly to the growing and powerful "Animal Protection" industry. Shelters, and their pet shop locations, eventually may be the only above ground place where a person can acquire a cat or dog in the future. Many of these proposals include an "exemption" for "hobby breeders" of cats and dogs. But, the unrealistic restrictions and limits on animal numbers end up negatively impacting dedicated fanciers with a good breeding program.
    Continue Reading  




Cat Talk

Submitted by Teresa Keiger



Want to share your end of season standings with the rest of Cat Talk's readers? Submit a cattery ad for half price in our August  "Year in Review" issue. Read our ad guidelines and submit your ad payment online at   Send your ads contents including text, images and special instructions to:

Speaking of the "Year in Review,"  the August issue also features an overview of the previous show season. If you have news of cattery or breed achievements or interesting facts on the 2013-14 season, please send them to Teresa Keiger at

Cat Talk is beginning a new/old column titled "Fancy That!" featuring tips and tricks from our readers. (you may remember its forebear, the popular "Great Ideas From the Cat Fancy" that ran in the old Almanac and in the first few issues of Cat Talk). Cathy Scarbrough will be editing this column. Have a tip to contribute? Send your tip along with your name and cattery name to Cathy at

Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
Winnie Hopes to See You!


Don't be left out!   Reservations are climbing for the 36th annual Winn Feline Foundation Symposium.   Billed as "FIP and HCM:  Glimmers of Hope," the place to be on  Thursday, June 26, 2014, 4-6 PM, is the Sheraton New Orleans.  FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) and HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) are significant feline diseases that plague the world of cats.   The two presentations will be:


  • The Whitaker team at Cornell University, represented by Beth Licitra, DVM and PhD candidate, will present "Updates on Recent Studies on FIP."
  • Philip R. Fox, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVIM, ECVIM (Cardiology), ACVECC of The Animal Medical Center will present "Updates on Groundbreaking 5-Year Study on HCM in 1000 cats."


Snacks will be provided, as well as a no-host bar.   The cost is $30.   Reservations are open and can be made at the Winn website or CFA website.   The Winn Symposium is authorized for continuing education credit for veterinary professionals.


On another note, Winnie reminds all cat owners that while catnip is temporarily life-changing to many cats, it is thoroughly boring to others!   Be prepared for any reaction or none at all.


2014 Annual Meeting
Submitted by Jan Rogers, Chair



The annual is quickly approaching and New Orleans is waiting for you!   A quick update shows that the hotel is now oversold to our commitment, but there are still rooms left and they will honor our contract price through June 6th.   It is amazing that the annual committee has had to increase the room numbers TWICE and we still made our contracted nights.  Thank you all!  If you haven't made your reservation, however, you really do need to do so as soon as possible,  since we have reached our quota (and then some) they will continue giving us additional rooms only as long as they have them, and they are filling up!!!


Congratulations to John Colilla who is the winner of his very own brand new Ipad Air, generously donated to our annual effort by the Southern Region.  The drawing was held in April and the overall response to this raffle was outstanding.  Thank you all for making this one of our most successful fundraisers!!!!    John is already enjoying his new gadget and we wish him well.


Please visit the NOLA website frequently now  for updated information.   We will have a new parking grid on the site this week as well as some additional information about the various events.  The CFA website can be used to order your dinners, luncheons, and special bc breakfasts as well as WINN Foundation event, so don't delay on that !!!

Our friends at the convention bureau have giving us a lot of informations and  this  is a great site that has driving/walking maps of NOLA, and you might want to bookmark that now.


Additionally, they have provided a great restaurant link so that you might start looking at your culinary adventures during your stay!!!!  Check out the site for coupons and information.


We are still accepting ads for our Delegate Book.  Please contact JoAnn Lamb if you are interested.  She can give you all the details and she can even design the ad for you!


The Mask-Purr-Ade Ball is solidifying this week, and we will be giving you more information on costume rentals, links to sites that have "fun" things, and a list of the wonderful prizes and categories of competition for the Friday night extravaganza.   So do start thinking about  YOUR plans for the most fun party you have ever seen!


We are waiting for you......





Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair


Greeting All,


As the 2013/2014 show season has ended I am sending a great big THANK YOU to all of our CFA Ambassadors, our Ambassador Pet Me Cats and their owners, to the Ambassador Regional Coordinators (RCs) and special thanks to our Core Committee members for their tireless efforts in providing services, ideas, and support to me and this great program during this past and previous show seasons.
Now, a very exciting piece of news!!!  I am pleased to announce that Candilee Jackson has graciously accepted an appointment to the CFA Ambassador Program's Core Committee.  She will be joining Art Graafmans, Jodell Raymond, Chris Willingham and me as a member.  Candilee is not only a first class Ambassador as well as a truly stellar RC but she brings to this committee some extra special experience and exciting talents: 
Candilee is retiring from teaching later this month after 44 years in education- musical theatre, speech/debate, at-risk English.  She holds a BA in musical theatre; MFA in musical theatre; MPH in health education.  I just learned that she entered into a Broadway career at age 3 and continued to her mid-twenties;   this venture included LA Civic Light Opera, Long Beach Civic Light Opera, and Disneyland entertainment and production.  (I understand we will be able to enjoy a taste of her musical abilities during some special productions next month in New Orleans.)


She has been with CFA since 2001; established Pawdancer Cattery in 2010; has held the position of  MWR secretary since 2013; CFA Ambassador since the program began; MWR ambassador coordinator (RC); Member of the Tonkinese Breed Association and Breed Council; Tonkinese Breed Association MWR editor/coordinator;  A BIG WELCOME TO CANDILEE!!!


As the show season 2013-2014 comes to a close, we are awaiting the closing financial statement from central office.  We are in hopes it will be ready for us prior to the annual meeting.  Additionally, due to budget cuts, the Ambassadors will not have a reception at the annual meeting.


It should come as no surprise that the Ambassador Pet Me Cats continue to be a big hit in show halls across CFA!  Spectators are excited to get to actually TOUCH a show cat, and enjoy the playful attitudes of breeds never seen before.  Interested exhibitors should contact Jodell Raymond  or me at directly for sign up information.


I offer sincere apologies to Region 8 for the photo captioning errors in our last two online newsletters!  Fortunately, Yuki, your region's NL person was able to make corrections within the Japanese edition/translation.  The Ambassador Program says - Thank you  Takako and Masanari Kojimi, (and Raptor) for all of your hard work ... please know that you are much appreciated for what you do!
The Ask Me Cat is Raptor and the owner is Masanari Kojimi who is an Ambassador RC in Japan.  He and his wife Takako are both our Region 8 RCs and they do a great job for the program and CFA.
Attention Region 9:  We are aware there is much activity in Europe, but very little reporting of our Ambassador activity is reaching us here in the States!  Please make sure that you take time after each show to let me know what's going on in your part of the world.


Attention Ambassador Core Committee:  please mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 25 for a meeting in New Orleans.  More information specific to time and place is forthcoming.


Attention Regional Coordinators:  Following the delegate meeting on Friday, June 26,  we will offer a short program briefing and training update session for our Regional Coordinators and any interested ambassadors.  Time and place is forth coming.


I received show input from RCs in Regions 1, 5(HI), 6, and & 7(FL & DC Areas).  I say Thank You to each of you and the reports are included below.


OK That is it for now - Remember "WE ARE THE FACE OF CFA"  See You Next Month!

Passion Feline Fanciers
Submitted by Danny Tai
Showhall Entrance
Passion Feline Fanciers ("PFF") is a Hong Kong cat club which has held CFA cat shows in different countries in ID Asia. On 26 & 27 April 2014, PFF held its 10 rings CFA show in a shopping mall in Guangzhou China. This was the 4th cat shows held by PFF in 2013 - 2014 show season. The president of PFF is Danny Tai, secretary is Vera Chan and treasurer is Chris Wong. Pearl River Cat Club is a co-sponsor club for this show.
We had Diana Rothermel, Loretta Baugh, Wain Harding, Darrell Newkirk from USA, Cheryle U'Ren and Allan Raymond from Australia, Wakako Nagayama, Edward Maeda and Ayumi Ueda from Japan and Chloe Chung from Hong Kong judged in the show. Dick Kallmeyer was our master clerk. We had experienced ring clerks from Hong Kong, Philippines, China and Malaysia. As China does not have many well-trained CFA ring clerks, we arranged each experienced ring clerk to lead a China local assistant ring clerk. This was good for training up more China ring clerks.
The Breed Wall
PFF had two main sponsors which were China Mobile and Kakato (a premium pet food supplier). Apart from the cat show, PFF was a big CFA ambassador. PFF is proud of setting up a "Breed Wall" in a public open area with all CFA breeds introduction written in Chinese. Moreover, the "Breed Wall" introduced what the CFA is, what pedigree stands for, how to register a pedigreed cats, color and pattern of cats. It also educated the public in the proper way in taking care of cats.
PFF invited judge Chloe Chung to hold a cat talk on 27 April which was a good platform to introduce CFA to China visitors. China is a fast growing country and a lot of people in China are interested in CFA and pedigreed cats.
This show attracted over 20,000 public visitors. Moreover, at least 10 media including TV, radio and newspapers came to interview. It was a good channel to make CFA well-known in China.
This was the last show in the ID Asia in 2013 - 2014 show season. Most of the top placing cats in the DW list attended this show. This show changed a few top winning placements in the DW list at the end.

Show Committee Members

Highest Scoring Cats
Hawai'i Pet Expo
Submitted by Ken Cribbs
The Hawai'i Pet Expo, the largest pet-related event in the 50th state, celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 10 and 11. Although the event was predominantly dog-centric, the cat fancy was also well-represented with a large CFA Hawai'i Division booth, a separate booth for the Aloha Cat Fanciers club, and a third booth featuring Maine Coon breeders and several of their striking cats and kittens. Over two days the Expo welcomed more than 14,000 human visitors and almost as many dogs (on leashes, and mostly well-behaved). Our CFA booth displayed most of the breeds available in Hawai'i -- including, for the first time, a gorgeous Sphynx, a dramatic flame-point Javanese, and an impressive Egyptian Mau in addition to our more numerous Persian, Siamese, Oriental Shorthair, Maine Coon and several flashy Household Pets. I gave "Cat Facts" talks from the main stage on each day, followed by extensive Q&A sessions where visitors asked some very appropriate questions about cat behavior, management of community cat colonies, feeding, grooming, declawing, health issues, and other topics. All of our cats handled the noise, crowds and stresses exceptionally well. We all left tired but grateful for the opportunity to share our cats and facts about CFA with so many people.   
Region 1
Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


The North Atlantic Regional Awards show  and banquet will be held  on June 21, 2014, at the Sheraton  in Stamford CT. We  are hosting a one day 6 ring show.  Now we have a BONUS.. Capitol Cat Fanciers will be hosting a show on Sunday in the same location. Information on the show is available on .  Entry clerk for both shows is Shirley Peet at

This year's choice of  Banquet meals include:
Sliced Beef, Salmon and Chicken San Remo. 


We will also have a Cocktail hour with free appetizers before the meal.  Contact person for the banquet is John Adlehoch, Cost is 67.00 for all meals. Sophia Staples is again coordinating the PowerPoint  Presentation for the Dinner.  Please send her pictures of your Award winning cats or  for OTRA .  Her email is
The Award Booklet this year is being Coordinated by Julie Keyer,  Please send pictures and ads  to her at

Special Congratulations  to Keith Kimberlin.  His Burmilla, Kitzn's Ariell  was a  one show grand  at the Seacoast Cat Club Show , the first weekend of the show season. What a great start for a newly accepted breed.

Region 2
Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director 



Taking a DEEP breath!!!   The 2013-2014 season is completed and the standings have been announced. Region 2 has much to be proud of on a regional and national level.


I hear from Jill Archibald that R-2 is the second highest participating region in CFA Agility with 28 cats! Way to go Agility Cats! With this kind of participation in the "sport", perhaps the time has come to expand regional recognition, next season, from 5 to 10 slots. Input on this idea is welcome!


Region 2 can proudly claim 12 NW's this season! The Region's top 3 winners in Championship achieved a NW, our top 4 Premiers made the cut and our top 5 Kittens took this honor. A "first" in NW history is coming out of region 2 with one cattery accomplishing Second Best Cat and COTY in the same year - Congratulations to Dennis Adler and Blake Mayes of Cinema Cattery. Noelle Giddings has her first National Win- with TWO black/white bi-color Persians- one in PR and one in Kitten Class. To round out the NW wins in Championship, Kay Bertrand exhibited to the title with a LHSF and Carol Allen did very well with her Maine Coon "Charlie". In the PR class, Gerald and Juanita Walker took another NW with their black Exotic "Ice Breaker"; Richard Ashton and Noli Limjoco showed a lovely Exotic to the title while Jeff Hempe made the grade with his MC, Aslan.   In the kitten class additional winners are Kathy Gumm with her Manx, Bobbie Irie with a brown patched tabby/white Devon; a blue/white Persian shown by the owners Busselman/Valencia/Pelletier; Carol and David Freels made the NW landscape with their Oci kitten and they will also take home KOTY awards AGAIN this year as they continue their partnership with Roger and Nancy Brown of Dotdotdot. Congratulations to all the fine exhibitors in R-2 who took a "win" in any area of competition!


A special GET WELL SOON message goes out to Gloria Busselman who recently had a stroke.   Current status - home and recovering! We hope to see you soon Gloria!


One of our finest R-2 traditions is working to accomplish 100% sponsorship of our regional awards. At the time of this writing we are about a month out and 80% of kittens, champions and premieres have been sponsored. Veterans Class is 100% sponsored and a special thank you to Linda Osburn for cheer-leading this effort. While we are doing well, opportunities to sponsor your favorite agility cat or your favorite LH or SH breed are available. Perhaps you have lost a special cat this year - sponsor the breed in honor of that cat. Just got a new kitten? Let the breeder know how happy you are by sponsoring those breed wins. Sponsoring a cat, in any capacity, is an opportunity to say thank you to a fellow exhibitor, breeder, or special animal in your life...and it helps the region. Take the time to check out the R-2 website and see what opportunities remain available.


Can't talk about end of season without mentioning the NWR Show and Awards Banquet to be held this year on the first weekend in June in Portland, OR. All the details you need are on the website- banquet information, show flyer, final cat placements - everything you ever wanted to know about these events. Two clubs Seattle Cat Club and Grandview Cat Fanciers are putting on "The Northwest Region's Cat Garden", a six-ring one day show to coordinate with the NWR awards. Please support this show and get those entries in. Closing date is 6/2/14. All events are being held at the Doubletree in Portland with everything you need in one lovely location!


Also, get those orders in for duplicate awards as there is a cut-off date for ordering for receipt at the banquet.


With end of season also comes all the great opportunities for advertising your wins! Ads in the NWR Awards Banquet book at available and welcomed as another way to support your region. Should you want to put an ad in the NWR book, Pat Decano and Nancy Jo Bueno will be happy to help you with layout. You might also consider that ad for the Annual Delegates' book and the CFA Yearbook. 


Please join us for the show and the awards banquet - find out the identity of the new Exhibitor of the Year, celebrate with your friends as we award 2 new awards this year - the Grand of Distinction and the Cattery of Distinction in addition to the regular awards that are presented. Come find out who the new Karin Jackson Award winner is!  Should be a packed evening of fun and surprises- you may get an award you didn't expect or even know about!


So here's a check list:

  • Sponsor a regional winner or breed winner group ______
  • Provide pictures for Regional win/award_____ OTRA______
  • Show entry _____   Banquet reservation______ Hotel reservation______
  • Order duplicate trophy/rosette_____
  • Advertising - NWR Banquet book _____ Delegate book _______ yearbook_______
  • Book the pet sitter______
  • Buy that new dress, practice walking in those heels, rent the tux or get the suit to the cleaners
  • Call a friend and encourage them to join you!


Region 3
Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary
CFA's 2013-2014 Season officially came to an end on April 30th. I want to congratulate the Top 25 Gulf Shore Regional Winners, and also the Region's Breed and Color Winners! I hope to see all of you at the Regional Awards Banquet and Show being held this year in Alexandria, LA at the Best Western of Alexandria Inn & Suites and Conference Center. This is the same location that the Cenla/Bougalie Rebels Cat show in September was held at- and everyone gave the venue rave reviews. The hotel rooms are very nice and reasonably priced. The show hall is large and has natural light coming in from the windows that show our cats off well, and best of all is the made to order breakfast that comes free with your room! I really can't say enough good things about this place, just don't forget that this year the Banquet and Awards show is being held on August 16-17th, rather than its usual June date in order to give everyone working on and attending the Annual at the end of June time to recover a little!

Memphis Show Manager

Alvin Green

As the new season begins, we all can look forward to bringing out our new show hopefuls, or maybe continuing that "Grand of Distinction" you started last season? Memphis was the perfect place to do that, and I was very happy to see many of you there. The Mid-South Cat Fancier's put on a fabulous show and we got to see what the new "experimental" show format was all about. Since I didn't attend the show in Mesquite, TX on Easter weekend, it was my first time to experience it. As with anything new, there were a few burps and bumps, but all in all I think things went well. The judges took the various schedule changes and finals that bottle necked in stride and everyone enjoyed themselves. The club brought in McAllister's Deli who served an assortment of wraps, salads and sandwiches. I had the chicken salad on a croissant bun!
One of the stand outs from the show was the incredible amount of spectator gate that attended. Show Manager extraordinaire, Alvin Green did a wonderful job advertising the show and his efforts really paid off. For those who like to sell kittens or retired cats at shows, take note- the Memphis show is a good place to do that. Many spectators there were looking for pets. Another plus, was photographer Larry Johnson, who was there with a nice set up to take pictures, which was really convenient for those who had last minute winners photos to do. Larry was looking healthy and tanned as he had just returned from spending several weeks on in Jamaica on vacation.
Warren, Larry & Carla at Memphis Show
Hotels in Memphis tend to be either hit or miss, so I elected to stay at the show hotel- Comfort Inn & Suites in Germantown. The hotel was just down the road from the show, had a nice breakfast that was free with the room and a very friendly staff. When I go back next year, I will make sure I stay here again!
Grand Announcements this month include: Front Range Urraco of JCatLyn and JCatLyn Indy Sunfire Rogue, owned by Lynn Ellis. Both achieved their Grand Premier status at the Mesquite show. Bounding Maines Gilded Age, owned by Kandy Smith of Babble Cats granded at Rebel Rousers May 3 in Lawrenceville, GA.
We have one more show to look forward to this month: the Stars & Stripes, Tabby & Tortie being held on May 31st in Conroe, TX. This date was changed from the club's usual July the 4th weekend date. After that, the Gulf Shore turns into a barren wasteland with no shows on the horizon for several months, so do not miss this show! It will be a 5 All Breed with 1 Specialty Ring. Judges are: Jim Dinesen (AB), Cathy Dinesen (AB), Jeff Janzen (AB), Brian Pearson (AB), Pam Bassett (AB), Karen Godwin (LH/SH). The Lone Star Expo Center is nice and right off of Hwy 105, which feeds into Interstate 45. All of this makes it extremely easy access for spectators and for you! If you want to fly in, George Bush Intercontinental Airport is only about 30 minutes away and there are plenty of pet friendly, moderately priced hotels in the area. Texas weather at the end of May is a lot more bearable than it is in July, so please come join us!
Sadly, this past month saw the passing of one of the Persian breed's most iconic breeders- Maurice D. Ruble, Jr. of Budmar Persians. I didn't know Maurice personally and from what I understand, he was sometimes reclusive, but his beautiful Bi-color Persians attest to the impact this cattery has had on the breed. Maurice was only 63 years of age and is survived by his two siblings, Mike and Marsha and his parents. He was a hairdresser by trade and lived in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Irene Allen, of Comesee Persians in La Porte, TX described Maurice as her "best friend".
"Maurice had a 6th sense about things and he was my sounding board through life's ups and downs". Irene first met Maurice when he called her in the mid 80's looking for an outcross stud to breed with. He loved dilutes and ended up using Irene's blue male GC Rambo's Rebel Rouser of Traum, DM." Maurice always shared what he had with good people" Irene told me. "He had a good sense of humor and was a great cook!" Bud Hammond , was Maurice's partner and was the other side of "Budmar". In later years, Maurice, who didn't like to travel, was seen out less often.
The first National Winning Budmar Persian was GC BW NW Budmar Beyounce' of In the Wind, a high white dilute calico female shown by Linda Fisher in 2004-2005- she was 3rd Best Cat in the Nation that year. Another notable National Winning cat was GP NW Budmar's Art Deco, a black and white neuter shown by DeLinda and Matthew Pearson, also in 2004-2005. "Deco" was 4th Best cat Nationally in Premiership. You can read more about Deco here:
Maurice will be missed by the many friends whose life he touched but his legacy will continue to live on in the pedigrees of the beautiful cats he produced. Maurice's online obituary and guest book can be found here:

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



Welcome to the start of the new show season.


Region 4 invites you to our upcoming shows.


Louisville, Ky - May 17 Kentucky Colonels and GLAD invite you to a 6 ring, 1 day show. 5AB; 1 Spec.


Cambridge, Ontario - May 24 Golden Triangle is offering a 6 ring, one day show - all Allbreed




We then take a breath and gear up for the Great Lakes Regional Show and Awards Banquet in Eastlake, Ohio. A new facility for us in a suburb of Cleveland. This is a 10 ring show featuring 7 AB, 3 Spec.


Info for all of these shows is available on the Great Lakes Region website.


We will be honoring our award winners, Catteries of Distinction, as well as our two cats who have qualified for Grand of Distinction: and earned 'first' bragging rights:




And Flame Lynx Point Himalayan Spay GC, GPD, NW LAUREDEN BUNNY OF KITTRIK, BR: GONANO-ISENBERG-WARDEN   OW: TOM BAUGH   CFA's Himalayan Grand of Distinction


We also congratulate Jim & Rosina McGlynn, breeders of GPD, RW TICKETYBOO KATSUDO, CFA's first Japanese Bobtail Grand of Distinction.


Please join us for a fun time in Ohio.


Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson

The MWR closed the 2013-2014 show season with a wonderful show and a gi-normous (yes, that IS a word!) after show party, with a buffet that could have fed the 7th Cavalry! Held in it's traditional location, the Kennedy Sports Complex, in St Louis, the show featured not only MWR cats and exhibitors, but brought in friends from all over.


The after-show glow, dubbed "the food orgy," featured brisket, tortilla soup, pulled pork, grilled hamburgers and brats a la Sue VandeSande, Hawaiian meatballs, baked beans a la Hitzeman, and tons and tons of sides and desserts. If anyone went away hungry, it wasn't AHL's fault!!! There were enough leftovers to feed everyone AGAIN for Sunday lunch!


Probably the neatest thing about the MWR, besides being "the best," was the ability for folks to fill in and take charge as needed. With Nancy still in the hospital, Beth just out of the hospital and Candilee just out of surgery, both troupers sorta-kinda overdid on Saturday, and were side-lined for Sunday. Everyone just literally jumped in and put on a wonderful luncheon of left-overs and then cleaned up without hesitation: that is true friendship and the down-home spirit that is the Midwest. A gracious thank you to everyone who "stepped up to the plate and finished up the game!!!"



And now, a few words from our constituents!



I spoke with several people from outside the region and they all said it was delightful to see such hospitality (the food orgy) and when I explained it was a consortium of clubs that did this show, they were impressed by the camaraderie - a proud moment for the Midwest Region.  I was thrilled to be part of it.

--Mary Auth


This show has always been about providing a place to come together as cat fanciers to have a good time closing out the season.  Our Saturday evening "food orgy" has been steadily growing in size and number of culinary delights over the years.  This was the best to date. 

Although both of our show managers were under the weather this weekend, they both deserve many kudos for their organizational skills and preparatory work that made this show and party come off without a hitch more or less in the hands of others.  Thank you very much Beth Cassely and Nancy Brown.


 I'll not start naming names of all who helped make this celebration weekend possible for no doubt due to shear numbers I'd leave someone out.  Just let it be known that MANY prepared and transported food, acted as on-site serving organizers and food servers and manning the all important clean up crew.  All the entrees were exceptional as well as many well prepared and some out of the ordinary side dishes plus plenty of fresh accouterments and condiments.   Desserts . . . let's just say no sweet tooth went unsated.   To all who donated money, time, and talent, thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and tummies).


On the show side, we had a goodly number of grands (especially on Sunday) and had the opportunity to see many season-long favorite cats potentially for the last time.  Bittersweet for judges and exhibitors alike.  Personally, there were three significant cats to me that I especially enjoyed sharing the weekend with along with their owners.  Dare I say a bit of closure for me as well as they?  I'm sure the same scenario played out all over the show hall.  Thanks to all the people who make the show go.  We had a great group of judges, clerks, and stewards. 


I hope everyone in attendance this year (as well as others) will avail themselves of the opportunity to enjoy this special weekend next year.  Same weekend in April, same consortium of clubs, but the show will be held in Springfield, IL. in 2015.  Mark your calendars.   

 Show managers Mary Auth (Illini) and Terry Bierrie (American Gothic) no doubt will execute a grand experience for all in Springfield.
Mark McKenzie, defacto floor manager


We want to express our agreement with all everyone has so elegantly said already. It was the best ending to a wonderful year to be able to spend time with all of our region 6 friends as well as so many of the other friends we have made this year. It is always an exciting as well as sad time when one show season ends, especially if it is a year when you have had the blessing and luck to have a great cat to show. Thank you all for such a great show to end the season. We know there was not a better place to be, and we could not stop talking about it all on the long drive home. It is such a great tradition to have this show, and even more fun to hear of other traditions such as the glitter and sticky string that used to be thrown at the winners in Brian Pearson's ring - although we think the imaginary glitter and string was almost as much fun.   Timbavati and his lucky parents,

Lauri and Mike Henry, Singita Cattery (Rochester MN)


Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


Join us in St. Augustine, Florida for the 2014

Southern Region Awards Show and Banquet


Com e and experience some southern hospitality at a resort hotel in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. The show and awards banquet will take place in the Renaissance hotel on June 14 & 15, so you don't even have to step outside unless you want to. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, and Starbucks inside, and Bill Murray's Caddy Shack restaurant just a short walk from the door.


But if you want to experience this amazing area, the Renaissance World Golf Center is right next to the World Golf Hall of Fame and features two unique golf courses. The historic city of St. Augustine, the oldest continually occupied settlement in the U.S., will entice you with historic sites, great tours, and a wonderful array of restaurants. For those shoppers, the St. Augustine Premium Outlets offer some of the best deals in the southeast.


Click here for more information on the show, hotel, awards banquet, and historic St. Augustine. Then come to Florida to help us introduce CFA to this new location!


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