February 2014
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Gate lined up for last month's San Diego Cat Fanciers show.  Great PR efforts resulted in a wonderful gate and positive exposure for our hobby.

2013 Registration Statistics


In 2012 CFA had an increase in registrations of 10% over the previous calendar year.  2013 brought an additional 6% increase over 2012. Below are the Top 10 breeds based on 2013 registrations.  The percentages shown reflect what percent that breed is of the total pedigreed cats registered. As you can see, Persians and Exotics comprise nearly 50% of all the 42 breeds CFA registers.


What about Household Pets?  In calendar year 2012 CFA registered 82 HHPs.  In 2013 CFA registered 122 HHPs, which was more than 13 of our breeds.


See the entire list here.



1. Persian (25.8%)

2. Exotic (22.8%)

3. Maine Coon (11%)

4. Ragdoll (3.4%)

5. British Shorthair (3.3%)

6. Abyssinian (2.8%)

7. American SH (2.8%)

8. Sphynx (2.7%)

9. Siamese (2.3%)

10. Devon Rex (2.0%)



Board Meeting Minutes


The CFA Board of Directors met on February 1-2, 2014, in Alliance, Ohio. A summary of the minutes (votes taken and results) are now online.  The full minutes will be online soon.


CFA Staff


A listing of all CFA staff members, their assignments, and contact information is available.  Go to the "Quick Links" above.


Strategic Planning Session       



On Friday, January 31, 2014, the CFA Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning session with an outside consultant. The board reviewed the CFA Mission Statement and conducted an analysis of the organization's strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the CFA Board defined a list of short- and longer-term goals. The goals that were the highest priority were: finish the implementation of a new computer system; continue with positive cash flow and profitability; increase brand recognition; expand upper-level support in Central Office to heighten customer service; and increase the base of core exhibitors and breeders.


Spectator Handout
Here is some help to make your show special for the gate ...
CFA's graphic artist, Teresa Keiger, created a handout for the spectators at the recent CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show.  It's now available for your club's show.  You can download it from the CFA website and make copies.  Take a look.  We think you will like it.
We have also taken the one page from this brochure which explains the ribbons and made it a separate file so you can download it and have  your printer make it into a poster to display in your showhall.  This will help your gate understand what all the ribbons mean.  Both of these items can be found on the CFA Forms page under the "Spectator Handouts" section and also on the Club Media Kit and Publicity Guide page on the CFA website.
2014 CFA Yearbook
The Yearbook is now available.  If you have not already purchased a copy, do not delay.  Last year's book sold out.  In addition to photos of last show season's winning cats, there are interesting articles about the last Annual, the 2013 World Show, some of our larger shows such as National Capital, San Diego Cat Fanciers, and Garden State/Empire.  Monte Phillips' statistical review of last show season is also included and that is always popular.  There are also the many breeder/exhibitor ads with gorgeous color photos.  Let's not overlook the lists of the Top Ten Cats/Kittens/Alters for each of our breeds and divisions.
You can purchase a copy online.  Some Board members will also have copies available for sale at upcoming shows which will save you the shipping costs.

Feline Agility 



Agility is one of the big draws for our cat shows.  The public loves it as does the media.  When attempting to obtain coverage for your show, you have a leg up (pardon the pun) when you mention Agility.   Thanks to continued support from Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter, you can get financial assistance when your show offers Agility.  Any additional costs your show incurs such as for the Agility equipment setup, the Ring Master, Steward, etc. is covered by this sponsorship.  That's a winning arrangement since including Agility costs your show nothing and it helps attract a larger gate for your show (i.e., income).  If you need more information, check out the Agility Website or contact the committee chair, Jill Archibald.  The website includes sample press releases and photos you can use in your show's publicity.


Proudly sponsored
by Dr. Elsey's
Dr. Elsey's Logo


Club Sponsorships


For the past several years CFA has obtained corporate sponsorships to assist our shows.  In 2012 and 2013 CFA itself added its own money to the fund so even more clubs could be provided assistance.


In calendar year 2011, 50 awards were made to 45 clubs for a total of $39,000.


In calendar year 2012, 88 awards were made to 72 clubs for a total of $47,450.


In calendar year 2013, 109 awards were made to 94 clubs for a total of $79,460. 


Clubs interested in receiving sponsorship should contact Ann Caell for information and the application form.


Submitted by George Eigenhauser,
CFA Legislative Coordinator


Agricultural Act of 2014 (the "Farm Bill") and Changes to USDA/APHIS Hobby Breeder Regulation


Thanks in large measure to efforts by the American Kennel Club (AKC) the Agricultural Act of 2014 (aka the Farm Bill) speaks to some concerns regarding recent regulatory changes to the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) by the USDA/APHIS. Previously, on September 18, 2013 the USDA/APHIS had announced changes to their rules implementing the AWA, ostensibly to deal with the issue of large scale breeders selling over the Internet (so-called "sight unseen" transactions). The agency seemingly interpreted "sight unseen" as any retail pet sales which were not hands on, in person, and face to face between the buyer and seller. The new rule, effective November 18, 2013, also increased the number of small, hobby breeders who may now be subject to federal licensing and regulation.


The Farm Bill amends the AWA by providing that a dealer or exhibitor selling pets at retail shall not be required to obtain a federal license the AWA if the size of business is determined by the Secretary to be de minimis. The USDA/APHIS had previously determined that no license should be required for small-scale breeders of certain animals (i.e., those that maintain four or fewer breeding cats and dogs and sell at retail only the offspring of those animals born and raised on the premises for pets or exhibition). The Conference Report suggested this had been done without clear statutory authority. The Farm Bill codifies this exemption, allowing USDA/APHIS to determine that certain small-scale animal breeders selling pets at retail do not need to obtain a federal license if their activities are so minor as to merit disregard.


There are a number of provisions in the Agricultural Act of 2014 that mandate the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture do specific things by dates certain. These have the force of law since they become part of statutes. These use wording, "the Secretary shall..."  


Continue Reading ...

Cat Talk

Submitted by Teresa Keiger


Cover contest!!  April is for kittens and so is our April cover!

We are inviting our readers to submit their kitten photos. You may submit a low res proof; however, if selected we will need the high resolution image. Photos that have been previously used in Cat Talk are not eligible.

Include your name and email, the cats' name, and the breeder/owner information. Send your photo to:


Deadline is March 7th.


Cat Show Publicity


What has your club done to bring in the gate for your show?  We're looking for innovative ideas that have worked which we can share with other clubs. Afterall, if it worked for your show it might work for someone else's show. Every show is looking for effective ways to attract exhibitors and you may have a great idea that is worth sharing.  Send your ideas to submissions@cattalk.org.



Entries in Europe and Asia


Dick Kallmeyer has conducted a number of analysis regarding our show entries.  Here is an example reflecting entries in Europe and Asia ...


This slide shows the growth in entries to shows in  Region 9 and the International Division from the 2005-2006 show season to the 2012-2013 show season.  European entries have grown at a compound rate of over 16%/year and the International Division at 27+%/per year.  Region 9 and the International Division each exceed the number of entries for shows in  Regions 2,3, 5, 6 and 8.  Both accounted for 23% of CFA total show entries for the season.  Region 9 showed a decrease in entries for the 2012-2013 season, but has shown a continuing growth in the first half of the 2013-2014 show season.



National Points Predictions

by Monte Phillips, Numbers Nerd



We' ve arrived at the end of January's point postings, and we're at the 3/4 mark of the show season. I'm not going to analyze the top spots (except for kittens, which has always had the kitten at the end of January as best be the one that was best at the end of the season), as that's not where the most apprehension is. Of most interest is where the bottom will be for the top 25 in championship, kittens, and premiership. So here we go with each category.


CHAMPIONSHIP - Most Likely around 5,590, but get 6,057 to be safe


KITTENS - most likely no more than 0 to four new kittens - max total around - 2,200


PREMIERSHIP - Most Likely around 3,050 but get 3,100 to be safe - really tight race


Read the entire article ...


CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence


The CFA Foundation hosted a reception for CFA board members, breed council secretaries, and Central Office staff on the Friday evening before the February CFA board meeting.  Approximately 35 people enjoyed the chance to socialize and peruse the museum at their leisure.


We have a new exhibit of Harmony Kingdom pieces in the museum.  These quirky collectibles all feature a cat, and have enticing little surprises inside most of them.  Our collection of almost 100 pieces includes Treasure Jests, Roly Polys, Pot Bellys, and Jardinia.  These pieces were donated by Pam DelaBar, the estate of Linda Hilton, and the estate of Wilton E. Wheeldon and Gladys J. Wheeldon.   The Harmony Kingdom collection will be on display until the end of April. 


Manx breeders around the world have been taking advantage of the unique historical references in our library, and we have been helping with research to complete pedigrees through listings in our collection of Stud Books from various associations and magazines.  It's been a challenge to find registration information on Manx cats imported into the United States during the 1930's and 1940's, but through diligent research we have found the majority of the missing data.


We are grateful to have received a donation from the San Diego Cat Fanciers in lieu of gifts to their judges.  We appreciate them thinking of us!  It's only through donations to YOUR museum that we are able to preserve our collection and maintain a museum enjoyed by cat lovers world-wide.

Red Roof Inn
Red Roof
Thinking of getting away?  Want to get out of the cold?
Remember our friends at Red Roof!

Red Roof Inn Galveston Island Beachfront (Texas Gulf Coast) is Now Open!

5914 SEAWALL BOULEVARD GALVESTON, TX 77551 US 409-740-1261 - (RRI817)

The Red Roof Inn Beachfront is located directly across from the beautiful sandy beaches of the Texas Gulf Coast. This Beachfront hotel features 151 elegant, spacious guestrooms and deluxe amenities with city and ocean views available.
Use your CFA discount code 526223. 

Grands of Distinction

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Awards Committee Chair


As we approach the end of the show season, a number of exhibitors are finishing out their cats' requirements for the Grand of Distinction award. Since this is the first season that this award has been available, we want to let everyone who is pursuing it know what they need to do.

There is a claim form for this award, similar to that for Champion/Premier confirmation. You can find it on the CFA website, on the "CFA Forms" page under the "Breeders" tab on the home page, or you can use this direct link. The form has a place to record your cat's information, and which three show seasons are being used to qualify for the award. You then either mail or fax the form, along with the $15 fee (payable by check or credit card) to CFA in Alliance. That's all there is to it!

Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
The Winn Board of Directors and scientific advisors are meeting in Las Vegas, NV, on February 21 to assess 50 grant proposals submitted by researchers from all over the world.  The variety of diseases/disorders being
addressed is considerable, with the usual suspects -- FIP, heart disease, etc. -- well represented.    The task will not be easy.
February is animal dental health month, and it behooves Winn to remind all cat lovers of the important role a healthy mouth plays in the lives of their pets.   Bad teeth and/or gums affect the entire body and are a detriment not only to quality of life, but longevity as well.
WINNIE SEZ:  It's cold out there!   We cats like to be warm -- very warm -- so think twice about taking us on auto trips without considering
weather possibilities.
2014 Annual Meeting
Submitted by Jan Rogers, Chair



The New Orleans annual continues to take shape and we are excited that so many of you are excited!  The hotel bookings are going fantastic and don't forget, you can get the annual rate at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel 3 days before and 3 days after our meeting, so plan on coming down to the Big Easy this year. 


Our delegate booklet is designed for you.  The DELEGATE!  It is important that all of our clubs register for this important part of our business meeting.  Only if the club registers does it have an opportunity to vote on the matters at hand for CFA.  Included in this article is our advertising package for you to celebrate your club, your region, your winning cats or your club flyers.  Please note our FIRST time offering of an early bird special.   You can order via the CFA website or go to the annual site.  We are up and running and Joann will help to create your ad.    Don't be left out!!!


Please visit the annual site often now, as the pages will become more populated with information, things to do, dinner reservations (coming) and important notices about the annual.   


Our Orpheus Crewe Pin Orpheus Krewe donor group is going strong.  This Krewe is limited to the first 100 people to sign up and donate $100.00.  Information is on the annual website.  In addition to getting an incredible collectible pin, you will also be invited to an exclusive reception immediately following the Friday business meeting, along with your own goodie bag, special beads and a table topper designed for you to honor your wins, or someone special to you - at your table Saturday night for you to keep.


Don't forget our Ipad Air raffle (thank you again, southern region) = the winner will be drawn on April 20th at the Mesquite Texas show.  You can buy tickets on line, and of course we will be selling them at the shows.  If anyone would like to volunteer to sell tickets, please contact me and I will send you what you need.  The tickets are only $10.00 each or a book of 10 for $75.00 .  The Ipad Air is valued at  $799.00!!!!!


Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair

Greetings All:


As I check with my regional coordinators and take a gander at what's been on the television, I find that most of my Ambassadors are suffering from possible frostbite! This has definitely been a winter to remember!


Recently, I submitted the 2014/15 Ambassador Budget request. Hopefully, we may again soon be suitably sponsored by a Corporation.   Meanwhile, we will continue to operate on limited funds. Now, I could definitely use additional input from the Regional Coordinators. Please take a look at your supplies and let me know what you need: buttons, stickers, breed pamphlets, etc.


My next question to ALL Ambassadors is what can CFA do to make your job easier, and more self-fulfilling while reaching out to the public?


Don't forget to take your PMCs to local shows! Sport your PMC pennant with pride! Make sure you let the show manager know IN ADVANCE that you need space for your PMC. Enroll those PMCs.


ALSO - PMCs and the World Show: PLEASE!!!! If you received a PMC pennant at the World Show in Novi, Michigan, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY!!! We need the names of your cats as well as YOUR name so that we can keep our records in order!!! Unfortunately, we didn't get enough information in Novi to properly enroll ALL of the PMCs that were given flags. It is important that we have an accurate account of all PMCs as well as our Ambassadors on file. We all know that this program is a favorite and definitely marketable to potential sponsors but to insure that potential we need accurate information and numbers regarding all of our participants.


Hopefully, each of you will be sure to read (link below) Phebe Low's fascinating International Division Report along with several other Regional (1,3,5,6,& 8) Reports, several of which include related photos.  Indeed I remain grateful to these diligent RCs who share their excellent regional Ambassador related information.


Yes, the Ambassadors "Are The Face of CFA" as we proudly display our "Ask Me" buttons and visit with spectators. However, we can always use MORE of you ... please contact Jodell Raymond or myself if you are interested in this most rewarding of programs. Or simply use this link and "sign up" -


Well, that about does it for this issue - Stay warm and have fun.


Read the Regional Reports ...

A Belated Happy Valentine's Day !
Region 1
Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director

This  month, I am spotlighting a new exhibitor to CFA shows in the Northeast,  Tauna Calise.  She showed a beautiful white Persian in the HHP class.  This is part of her story.  Oliver, the cat, also has his own Facebook page.  Check him out! You can see how beautiful he is being shown in Don William's ring at NHFF.

Here is Oliver's story:
We adopted Oliver in January 2013 from the Animal Rescue League of NH. He and 5 other cats were taken out of a neglect/hoarding situation on December 20, 2012 and because we do not know his actual birth date, I use December 20th as his birth date. We also have his brother Ted who is not so social but who owns me and my heart as well. Because Oliver is so social, we have been taking him to the local nursing home monthly for visits. The people love him and he is always happy to sit on someone lap as long as they are willing to pet and scratch him in return. 

From Carol Schwartz .. for your listening pleasure
Frederic Chopin


It was 1838.  Frederic Chopin was living in France with novelist George Sand.  Chopin's lover moved in with her two children, bringing her cat, Valdeck, as well as Marquis, her little dog.  Chopin and Valdeck became great friends.  One day Valdeck walked across the keyboard, and followed that with running up and down the keys and Chopin loved the melody. Immediately Chopin sat down at his piano and  played the melody Valdeck gave him.  Chopin closed his eyes and played it over and over again.  He was so inspired, he wrote the Waltz in F Major, Op. 34 No. 3 which he called "The Cat Waltz."  It is extremely interesting to listen to the piece because it is easy to imagine the cat playfully running up and down the keys of Chopin's piano.  About one minute into the waltz, you can actually hear Valdeck prancing up and down the keys of Chopin's piano.  You can access this on your computer with the famed pianist, Cyprien Katsaris performing the piece. http://wwwyoutube.com/watch?v=3urLopuR9e0       

Region 2
Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director 
Corporate Sponsorship forms are now available BOTH online and thorough the RD. I'd like to encourage clubs to apply for sponsorship money! In looking at last year's statistics, this money help 13 R-2 clubs better handle the economic pressures of show production. Ann Caell continues as coordinator of the program and I'd like to thank her for her long hours spent helping our CFA clubs.
After the February BOD meeting in Alliance OH, there seems to be renewed energy and focus! Please get involved and read the BOD minutes and find out about the issues in your organization.   The members of the BOD went in a day early to participate in an excellent strategic planning session led by facilitator, Dick Petitte.   The session was exciting and productive.
Around R-2, both RD candidates have participated in Town Hall type meetings and hopefully have answered your questions. Both ladies are qualified and will, I think, do a good job for the region. If you still have questions, it is your responsibility to contact Erin and Pam to get the answers you need to make an informed decision.
RD candidates Pam Moser (L) and Erin Cutchen (R) discussing regional issues
...or maybe those wonderful cupcakes a vendor had for sale!
It's that time of year again...Exhibitor of the Year nominations are being taken. As tradition goes, last year's EOY winner, Erin Cutchen, will be heading up this year's nomination/balloting/selection process.   Dennis Ganoe and I will be counting votes. There are MANY deserving people in our region so please look around and pick one of those people you admire and get a nomination in place. Criteria for the award and the forms required are on the Region 2 website.  
Region 2 is still looking or a club to try the experimental format - AB/DSP. The format is being used in R-3 for 2 shows in March and feedback forms will be collected as part of the process.   The specifics of this format are:   Maximum of 4 rings per day. Judges will award both an AB Top 10 final, and a LH/SH top 10 final. No duplication of points. Only cats that make the LH or SH top 10 are eligible for the top 10AB. If an exhibitor makes both, they take the highest final. The reasoning behind this is to hopefully encourage more exhibitors to enter. So many shows today are AB only. As much as we talk about people wanting specialty rings there seems to be some resistance from clubs to schedule specialty rings. Most feel they will not get the entries to justify the extra cost. Using this format will result in some higher costs such as MC fees for listing the additional rings, more final sheets need to be included in a show package and additional rosette/award cost. A club could opt to award something other than a rosette for the specialty rings, such as large flats, certificates etc. They could also use the one rosette per exhibitor with stickers/plaques for the awards. If your club would like to try the format re-licensure for the show is NOT required. Let me know and I will take the request to the BOD for approval.
Entry clerk Linda Ahrens ready to celebrate MARDI GRAS
Call of the Wild Cat Show was held Feb 8-9 in Santa Rosa, CA. This show proved not only to be a highly competitive cat show, it also provided many travel challenges for many residents of R-2....snow (in Portland!), flash floods, icy roads, fog. Did I mention pouring rain the entire weekend?   Our Road Warriors, however, were up to the task and a number of PNW exhibitors were able to make it to Santa Rosa....now we hope they all got home. Some pictures of the show are included for your enjoyment to include the winner of the Margi Gras Cat Costume Contest won by Fullmoon Flasher, a veteran cat owned by Sylvia Cullvan. A highlight of this show is the presentation of the Marguerite Martin Award to the high scoring BSH in show. This year the award went to GC Chelsea Rose Watson and breeder/owners Cyndi Byrd/Andrea Bohren. Congratulations to all who competed for the award.
Kathleen Lawton with the Marguerite Martin Memorial Award, presented to the high scoring BSh in show , with winner GC Chelsea Rose Watson and breeder/owner Cyndi Byrd
Vendors included artist Jamie Perry
This Mardi Gras Cat Costume contest was part of the Call of the Wild Show this last w/e  2/8-9. The winner was a blue point male Exotic, Fullmoon's Flasher breeder/owner Sylvia Cullivan, 7/9 yo showing in Veterans class
COTW Showhall Setup
Santa Rosa costume contest GP Tabbypatch Blue Boy Willie, owner Julie Averill-Martin
Region 3
Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary

February is a busy month in the Gulf Shore Region area. We have 3 great shows this month! The first was held in Wichita, KS Feb. 1-2 and put on by the Wichita Cat Fancy Club. I wasn't able to brave the unusually frigid weather we've been experiencing, so I didn't attend this show; however, we did have a couple of Region 3 cats achieve their titles there!


GC Gulfcats Chotto a black & white shorthair Japanese Bobtail granded at the Wichita Cat Fanciers show.  Chotto is a two-show grand, attending the Cowboy Country CF show and Wichita to achieve her title.  Owners/breeders:  Paul & Toni Huff.


Another cat that granded at the Wichita show was GC Belamy's Matchbox of Elan. Matchbox is a one show Grand and is owned by Beth Grant-Field and bred by M Vowe. Owner/breeder: Dolly Chamness, granded her Devon Rex girl GC Curlydolls Deja Roo on Jan 26 at the Birmingham Feline Fancier's show.

Owner/breeders: Linda Donaldson and Scott Thorniley would also like to announce:

"CH Kiddlyn's Tomitsu of Kurisumasu granded in Premiership at the Poppy State Cat Club Show in San Mateo, CA on 1/18/14 and achieved her DM title at the same time; this DM'ed her mother, CH Kiddlyn's Kokoa Pafu. This represents the 17th DM produced by Kiddlyn cattery and getting it in the form of a double-headed DM was very exciting indeed!"


The second show this month is one from a small club that hasn't been able to put on a show in about 4 years. The Alamo City Cat Club returned to Schertz (suburb of San Antonio) on Feb 8th. The show was held in a new convention center, and although the benching was spread out, luckily it didn't present a problem. This small show has always been one of my personal favorites, and I was very happy to see it return. The club really put their best effort forward. Even though it was a one day show, there were quite a few vendors including the San Antonio Persian Breed Rescue, who also had cats there for adoption. There wasn't a food concession, so the club brought in an absolutely wonderful gourmet hotdog maker, had free donuts and coffee for us in the morning and also offered cupcakes for sale. No one had to leave to pick up fast food. The raffle was one of the largest and diverse that I've seen in a very long time. I sincerely hope the club was able to make up the difference with their raffle sales and healthy gate, because the count was quite short of what I would expect from our Region. If we want to continue to have this great show, we are all going to have to attend it, and that's the bottom line. Many of our Region 3 clubs are in the same situation as The Alamo City Cat Club. They don't have a treasury to make up the difference when exhibitors sit at home because they don't like the judges, so please support these struggling clubs! I promise you will be appreciated by the club and by the rest of us who want to keep our local show scene alive! A couple of the things you missed if you weren't at this show were Pam Bassett's birthday and celebration for her promotion to All Breed Judge, the return of our own Pam DelaBar- always a pleasure to watch judge in the ring, all of all us folks scrambling to buy our Blue Ridge Beef from Carissa Altschul- she sold out! And of course, the wonderful camaraderie that you always find at these smaller local shows.


Our next show is in Beaumont on Feb 22 by The Wildcatter Club, so please don't miss it! This show is known for its ice cream and apple dumplings! Another show not to be missed will be on March 1st in Albuquerque, NM put on by Camino Real Cat Fanciers. I'm making the 14 hour drive, and I truly hope to see all of you there- especially my Colorado friends!



s month also marked the loss of a great lady and friend to many in the Cat Fancy: Mary Ann Sweeters. Mary Ann was a well known breeder of beautiful National Award Winning Chartreux cats. She was a true icon within her breed. She has been active supporter of the region for more years than I could ever know and she will be sincerely missed. Her online obituary can be read here and you can also sign her guestbook and read the many entries from her friends here.

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



Genessee Cat Fanciers offers a ten ring show the first weekend in March in Brockport, New York.


Unfortunately Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers have had to skip holding a show in 2014 due to show hall issues, but don't worry, they will be back in a new venue in 2015! We will miss them and their quality show this year but look forward to having their show back on the calendar next year.


Mark your calendars and save the date - Great Lakes Region Annual Awards Show and Banquet will once again be held the second weekend in June. We are presenting a ten ring show in East Lake, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland). This is a new, spacious venue with an excellent banquet hall nearby. We will hold our traditional high class awards banquet with all the trimmings, including a stage that was missing last year. We always endeavor to make this event special and elegant. Our banquet will remain a class event from start to finish.


The folks in Region 4 are gearing up for the final sixteen months of work to present the 2015 CFA Annual meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The site is the Sheraton Town Centre in downtown Toronto, offering an incredibly inexpensive rate for the location and quality of the venue. For those unfamiliar with Toronto, this site is in the middle of everything! Toronto has a worldwide reputation as a world class entertainment/fine dining city. One can stay a full week, take a short walk on some of the safest streets in North America and enjoy a different cuisine for every meal, see Broadway stage productions and professional sports events, visit museums and shop, shop, shop. Toronto also has a world class zoo.

The Region will be offering a number of different options to help raise the monies necessary for the Annual meeting and want to thanks the individuals who have already pledged support and donated quality items to auction/raffle.


Spring will soon be upon us - we certainly hope so!!! After a bitter cold, snowy winter we can, at least now see the warm weather is not so far away. Thanks to all for supporting our shows and braving the difficult traveling conditions.


Region 5



Aloha Cat Fanciers and Hawai'i Hulacat Club

Submitted by Charlee Abrams/Joan Harris
Show Managers


Aloha, fellow cat fanciers and cat show aficionados! We are very happy to announce the winners of our February 8th Valentine CFA cat show, sponsored by Aloha Cat Fanciers and Hawai'i Hulacat Club:
1. Best Household Pet Division - Dean, a brown tabby, owned by Christine Clairmont.
2. Best Cat in Premiership Division - GRP Kaluamoa Sherman, a seal point Siamese, owned by Ken Cribbs.
3. Best Kitten Division - Kaluamoa Merlin, a chocolate point Siamese, owned by Julie and Steve Prindle.
4. Best Cat in Championship Division - GRC Kaluamoa Kauai Bright Jewel, a seal point Siamese, owned by Charlee D. C. Abrams.
Our dedicated show committee (Elizabeth Ball, Cori Biete, Ken Cribbs, JoAnn DeSimone, Sherlane Dick, Donna and Richard Fujie, Pat Harnish) and exhibitors worked together to present a successful show, enjoyed by all who attended. With a total of 44 entries in all divisions, we welcomed new entries and exhibitors in kitten, championship, premiership, and household pet classes. 


Read the rest of the report ...


2014 San Diego Cat Fanciers' Show

Submitted by Peter Keys


The most important numbers relative to our Show revolve around the well over 300 gorgeous pedigreed breeds and rescues happily "strutting their stuff" for our two day Show.  Secondly, our Show attracted 4000-5000 spectators, with over 1000 redeemed coupons. Our Club show profits were significant, and will be gifted to several organizations at our post-show meeting next week. We had to increase the number of ticket seller/takers almost immediately because of the long lines anxious to enter the Show on each day! We had 44 Vendors who happily expressed their delight at the amount of business they had throughout the Show.


It is important to note that our EDUCATION Ring and the AGILITY Ring had each been highlighted on our Club website. The results of that emphasis were the huge SRO crowds in each Ring. The EDUCATION schedule had SRO audiences of over 100 spectators for each of the varied presentations throughout each day by leading cat breeders and experts.  Our children's (12 YOA and under) Stuffed Animal Contest was a huge hit w/both kids and parents. Every child received a beautiful rosette/ribbon for their favorite stuffed animal. 


How did we create such an event?? Our Show manager, Linda Martino, aided and abetted by Nancy Gott (our Manager for recent years) produced our exceptionally well planned and organized Show. Virtually every Club member made major contributions of time and effort that culminated in a splendidly successful Show.  If we try to acknowledge everyone who "worked their tails off" we would assuredly forget someone, so we'll stick w/our leaders, Linda and Nancy and our Advertising Manager, Sandee Gilbert.  Sandee used every penny of her advertising budget applying her manifold talents to promoting our Show regionally/county and city-wide on TV, radio, billboards, posters, mailers, flyers, etc., etc!!!!  These three outstanding women herded the rest of us, willingly, along. Without their leadership and contributions, success would have been elusive.

Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson

Upcoming shows:  

February 22-23   Lincoln State Cat Club, Palatine IL
March 1-2, Midwest TGIF Fanciers, Indianapolis IN
March 8, Mo-Kan (Trifecta), Overland Park KS
March 22-23, Cat'n On the Fox/Northshore, Wheaton IL
March 29, Topeka Cat Fanciers, Topeka KS



News from the MWR Planning Committee:

The MWR Planning Committee (Kathy Calhoun, Mary Auth, Terry Bierrie, Cathy Dunham, Nancy Hitzeman, Candilee Jackson and Bobbie Weihrauch) meet weekly via teleconferencing. In the works are this year's awards show and banquet, held again at the Illinois State Fairgrounds and the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield IL, as well as some pre-planning for the 2015 regional show.


The committee is currently running TWO raffles! Funds from these raffles will help the 2017 annual meeting coffers.


Available for raffle:

Garfield Lithograph, 20 x 15 numbered, framed and signed by artist/creator Jim Davis. Tickets are $10 and only 200 will be sold. The drawing will be held Sunday, June 8 at the regional show.


Color Nook and $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Tickets are $5 with the drawing held at the America's Heartland Show in St Louis on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

Tickets can be purchased at MWR shows through the committee members as well as Tom Lukken and Robin Bryan.


Shows In Review:

Held in the RiverCenter in downtown St Paul, MN, Saintly City Cat Club has their 38th cat show in the record books, and a great time was had by all. This wonderful MWR show is held in conjunction with the St Paul Winter Carnival, and boasts several MWR firsts, including an agility ring, and hosted trainees from Japan and the Netherlands. The club was the first to do an 8 ring show in the region, and this year, the club hosted it's first ever Veteran's Class. Each year the club crown and cape a King and Queen Cat from the HHP class, and receives a visit from the St Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family or Vulcanas Rex and his Krewe. Club president is David Perez and the show manager was Linda Mae Baker. The 2015 show will be January 24-25, and will feature and 8 ring format and a Veteran's class. Judges include: Jan Rogers, Jan Stevens, Brian Pearson, Jeff Janzen, Walter Hutzler, Barbara Jaeger, Cathy Dinesen, and Jim Dinesen. "Although Blake the Red didn't make King this year, he WAS close! (He was the Peoples' Choice) Everyone made a final, and I had a great time with friends." Gena Garton, Catastery Cattery. Thank you to Linda Mae Baker for her input for this report!


Hawkeye State will remember their 57th cat show in Altoona, IA, as the "show with the snow"! Exhibitors awakened to a surprise snow storm and had them driving to the Palace Theatre in Adventureland Park in low visibility and freezing temperatures. Judges for the "snowball spectacular" were Patti Jacobberger, Gary Powell, Cathy Dinesen, Jim Dinesen, Paul Patton, Brian Pearson, Beverly Wood and Kathy Calhoun. Kay Myers had a great time showing her 7 year old Singapura and was pleased to pick up some points and ribbons. Show manager Steve Brock reported that the REAL credit for this terrific show's organization and smooth running goes to his experienced show management team of Mary Jane Tesdall, Cheryl McConnell, Roseann Davis, Lynn Staker and the awesome club members of Hawkeye State. "I felt like Queen of England ... I had a title, but really didn't do that much ... except walk around and LOOK PRETTY!" Looking forward to seeing everyone next year, Steve ended his views on the show with ... "I am guaranteeing great weather again for next year's show!"


Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


Birmingham Feline Fanciers held their annual show on January 25th & 26th in Irondale, Alabama, and played host to the 2014 Devon Heaven. Devon Rex from far and wide entered the show -- 28 in total, a full 20% of the total entries! The show also attracted an impressive 37 household pets, judged by four CFA judges but in a separate, standalone HHP show. This was a great job by the club of attracting additional entries and making their show fun and educational for the enthusiastic gate!


Miami Florida Cat Fanciers' Mardi Paw 2014 again hosted a birthday party for Judge Jody Garrison. Check out a closeup of the cake. This apparently proves that Jody is truly forever young, a spry 18 this year, according to the cake!


The show also had a photo spread in the local paper, The Ledger, featuring several cats and smiling exhibitors. Although the publicity came a little too late to attract gate to their show, it was a nice positive look at this annual cat show in Lakeland, Florida.


February 8th & 9th saw the Carolina Sophisticats' annual Hearts A'Fire show in Concord, North Carolina. It was, as usual, well attended with great southern hospitality.   A big THANK YOU to the Carolina Sophisticats and all who purchased tickets for the 50/50 raffle at the show; the club donated half of their 50% -- $150 -- to the upcoming Southern Regional show to be hosted by the North Carolina clubs in Raleigh, NC.

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