January 2014
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Upcoming Deadlines

Jan. 1 - Clerking/Judges Dues
Feb. 3 - Club dues / membership lists due  in order to be eligible to vote for Officers and RD.
April 15 - Proposed Amendments & Resolutions for Annual
May 1 - Delegate Forms Must Be Postmarked
Who's In There?
DeeDee Cantley's Sphynx checks out Garfield! Dee Dee Cantley's Sphynx Checks Out Garfield

Happy Birthday!




The first issue of the CFA eNewsletter was distributed on January 15th, 2011.   So we are now three years old!  Seems as if this Newsletter has been around a lot longer than that.  Thanks to the many who have contributed articles over the past three years.   We have tried hard to provide you with information regarding what is going on in CFA and tried to make it attractive and appealing.


Want to Vote This Year?


Club dues ($120) and current membership lists were due on January 1st.  Clubs must be current as of February 1st in order to be eligible to vote in this year's election for CFA Officers and Regional Director.


Dues can be paid online and membership lists can be emailed to the Central Office.  Check here for information.

Here is a list of clubs that are current.
February Board Meeting
Breed Council Secretaries and anyone else interested are invited to attend next month's meeting of the CFA Board of Directors.  The meeting will be held on Saturday and Sunday, February 1 - 2, 2014, starting at 9:00 in the morning in Alliance, Ohio at the following location.
Alliance City Courthouse
470 E. Market St.
Alliance, OH
(This is 2 blocks from Central Office)
Hotel information:
The CFA rate at the Holiday Inn Express is $89 (plus tax) for two queen beds or 1 king bed.  Address:  2341 W. State St., Alliance, OH 44601.  PH: 330-821-6700
CFA also has a rate at the Comfort Inn:  $63 (plus tax) for two doubles or 1 king bed.  Address:  2341 W. State St., Alliance, OH 44601.  PH:  330-821-5555.
There is also a Super 8; no CFA discount.  Address:  2330 W. State St., Alliance, OH 44601.  PH:  330-821-5688.



Show Rule 16.03 - The show secretary must file a copy of the show announcement with the Central Office as soon as printed.


Show Rule 16.04 - The show secretary must send a copy of the show announcement to the officiating judges and the Regional Director.


Failure to comply with these two show rules puts the club in violation of the show rules.

2014 CFA Yearbook
The Yearbook is at the printer and is expected to be mailed later this month.  If you have not yet ordered your copy, you can order one online for $45 plus shipping.  This edition includes photos of our national winners, our breed/division winners, photos and stories about the 2013 Annual Meeting, the recent World Show, Empire Cat Club's 100th anniversary and about some shows held in 2013.  Of course, there are the many wonderful ads with gorgeous photos of cats ... and so much more. 
Some Board members will have copies available at shows in February.  Buying from them will save you the shipping cost.  Check with your Regional Director to see if he or she will have copies for sale at a show you may be attending.
Central Office Report
 Submitted by James Simbro

It may be 2014, but the registration department survived the Polar Vortex and has worked hard the last few weeks to catch up with the remainder of the 2013 registrations, transfers and corrections. Our normal 3-5 day turnaround had stretched to 7-9 days, but we are now back up to speed. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we wrapped up 2013.


Welcome aboard Erica Minich! Erica is our newest employee here at Central Office. Erica has been getting up to speed very quickly and has helped immensely with pedigrees.


Contact Information - Most forms have a place for a phone number or email address in case we need to contact you with questions. Please fill them out clearly so that your work isn't delayed. If you can't find a place on a form for an email or phone number, feel free to write it in the margin where we can easily identify it.


Those of you submitting Pedigree registrations need to use the Via Pedigree Registration form. The form is very important in aiding us in reviewing and tracking the submissions. It can be found on the Registration Forms Listing at: http://cfa.org/client/formsindex.aspx.


Yearbooks - Hopefully you got in your order for the 2014 Yearbook. If not, it's not too late! The early order discount deadline has passed, but you can still order a copy for $45+Shipping: http://catalog.cfa.org/yearbook.shtml#2014 . They are currently at the printer and are due to be finished at the end of the month.


White Pages - If you are a subscriber to Cat Talk, the newest version of the CFA White Pages will arrive with your February issue.


The February Board meeting is scheduled for the first weekend of the month here in Alliance, OH. This year it will be held at the Alliance Municipal Courthouse just a few blocks from Central Office. The City of Alliance has been a great friend to CFA and is letting us use their facilities for no-charge. We thank them for their continued generosity to CFA! The Courthouse is located at 470 E. Market St, Alliance, OH 44601. Those planning on attending and staying in Alliance can reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Express - 2341 W. State St, Alliance, OH 44601 Phone:(330) 821-6700 or the Comfort Inn - 2500 W. State St, Alliance, OH 44601 Phone:(330) 821-5555. Both places offer a CFA discount, so be sure to mention it.


The Central Office staff wishes everyone a great 2014!


James Simbro

Director of Operations / Systems Administrator


End-Of-Season Predictions

by Monte Phillips, Numbers Nerd


We'Numbersve arrived at the end of December points posting, and we're 2/3 of the way through the show season. Of most interest is where will the bottom be for the top 25 in championship, kittens, and premiership. This is always the prediction with the least amount of accuracy (the predictor program in March having the most). I was especially disappointed with the prediction at this point concerning kittens, where the drop in counts made it look like hardly any new kittens would come in, but in actuality 8 new kittens came in. Given that, I'm really going out on a limb with the kitten predictions, but here goes.


CHAMPIONSHIP - between 5700 and 6400


KITTENS - 2200 to 2436


PREMIERSHIP - 2950 to 3200


Read more ...

Luggage Tags            


You saw them at the Houston show in 2013, at National Capital, and at the World Show, now we have them online.  You can find the link on the Media Kit and Publicity Guide, on the page for CFA Forms/Spectator Handouts, and on the pages for each breed.


Download the graphic for your breed and insert it into a luggage tag.  Clubs and Breed Councils can create them as fund-raisers and exhibitors can download them for their own use.  Display it on your cage so the public doesn't have to wonder, "What breed is that?"  Anyone with a smart phone can scan the QR code and link to the CFA Breed profile for your breed. (Thanks to CFA's graphic artist, Teresa Keiger, for creating these for us.)


Submitted by Joan Miller,
CFA Legislative Information Liaison


Heads up - New York State Fanciers  !


Governor Cuomo signed NY AB 740 into law on Friday, January 10 2013.  
This bill now means every jurisdiction in the State of New York is allowed to pass their own ordinances to regulate pet dealers.  A Pet dealer in this State is defined as:


"Any person who engages in the sale or offers to sell more
than nine (9) dogs and/or cats per year to the public
Any person who engages in the sale of more than twenty
five (25) dogs and/or cats, (born and raised on their
premise) per year to the public."


If you hear of a proposal or see an article please contact legislation@cfa.org.  You are our eyes and ears.

Cat Talk

 Submitted by Teresa Keiger


A recent inside encounter with a possum had Cat Talk staff writer Cathy Scarborough wondering if any other fanciers had had a little of the outdoors unexpectedly in their indoors - and how their cats reacted. She's collecting these stories for a future compilation in Cat Talk. Send her your story to Carictor@aol.com.

Sometimes it really IS all about the rosettes! Those unusual not-a-silk-ribbon awards that clubs have created over the years. Do you have a high resolution photograph of a unique rosette that you've received? Send it to Cathy at Carictor@aol.com. Deadline: February 28.


Submitted by Cheryl Coleman, Clerking Committee Chair
Yes, it's already been 2 years since our last test! This is an update to let you know what's new, and what's the same!
You probably have already received an email from Central Office (Shirley Dent) reminding you that your Clerking Fees are due for the 2014-16 timeframe. Please note that you will not get a test unless your dues have been paid. For clerks who have just taken the test: yes, you will be taking the test again, since it is for the next 'cycle'. You always have the option to wait until the new test comes out, but please make sure you've paid the dues prior to that time, in order to get the test.
The test will continue to be online. However, this year you will also receive a hard-copy version of the test to work on first, and then enter your answers online. Please make sure that Central Office has an update email address for you to avoid delays. The online system is based off your email address. Also, if you have moved in the past 2 years, please let Central Office know this as well, or you may not get any information.
This year's test will be based off the newly reformatted Show Rules. Hopefully, this will get clerks acquainted with the new format, and new locations of many clerk-related show rules. 
Finally, I am asking for 4 volunteers to assist with creating questions for the test. You need to be willing to commit time to working on this, and there will be strict deadlines as to when information needs to be submitted. If you are interested and have available time to do this, please let me know. You can be a clerk or a Judge that is a certified Master Clerk/Master Clerk instructor in order to help. Please send me an email at:  cherylcoleman.2006@yahoo.com.


CFA Chinese Website


Submitted by Dennis Ganoe



A website for our fanciers in China has been completed. The website established a sub-domain and is located at http://chinese.cfa.org  This site can be easily navigated to by clicking on the Chinese Flag icon in the upper right corner of the main site (www.cfa.org).


The site contains the following points of interest:


  • The site uses Traditional Chinese characters as that was found to be more universal than Simplified Chinese
  • There are options to fill out current forms for mailing to Central Office for Litter Registrations, Litter Registrations, Cattery Registrations and Champion/Premier Claiming.  Instructions for completing the forms is also available (in Chinese)
  • The current show schedule is reprinted (in English) as that is what is most readily recognized in China.
  • The top cats from the last three years are publicized (as any other region/country)
  • Additional information about the most popular breeds (currently) are available as translated power point presentations from the BAOS.


CFA Foundation

Submitted by David Mare, CFAF President


Glazed tiles are today considered one of the hallmarks of classical Chinese architecture. However, despite their popularity in modern times, they were relatively scarce until after the end of the T'ang Dynasty (618 - 907 a.d.). Even then, during the Song (960 - 1271 a.d.) and Yuan Dynasties (1271 - 1368 a.d.) , they were still infrequently used. It was not until the rise of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 a.d.) and the architectural explosion that ensued that glazed tiles became a popular decorative device extensively employed in temples, altars, imperials palaces, and gardens. Beijing became the center of glazed architectural tile production during the Ming period, and colorfully decorated pagodas began to sprout up around this region.
A later depiction, this early 20th century tile features a warrior riding atop a cat covered in a brilliant blue glaze. It is known that such glazed works were most frequently employed on the roofs and along the doorways of imperial or sacred structures. One can imagine a structure elaborately decorated with such tiles prominently displayed along the corners of the sloping roof. Holes in the warriors hands reveal that he would have likely once held a pair of weapons, perhaps swords or spears, fabricated from wood that have deteriorated over the centuries. Images of warriors riding felines are indeed unusual in China which lends more interest to this recent donation from Marilyn Dipboye. When we imagine the entire temple structure covered in such tiles, from the walls to the roof, the glory of Ming Dynasty China becomes apparent.
This tile represents but another reason to visit your museum!

Caption Contest



Many thanks to all who submitted captions for the photo of Robert.  We have selected the Top 5 and ask that you vote for your favorite. 




Sturdi Products



Simply shop in January and you are automatically entered to win...


Win a $200 Sturdi Bucks Gift Card. Three runners up win a $50 Sturdi Bucks Gift Card.  For more information ...




Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
Miller Trust Grant Awards


In December, Winn Feline Foundation announced the award of five feline medical research grants funded for 2013 in partnership with the George Sydney

And Phyllis Redman Miller Trust.  Uniquely positioned for 45 years as the only foundation centered exclusively on the support of feline medical research, Winn proudly joins the Miller Trust in awarding $122,066 in grants.  The grants are for studies on stem cell therapy for asthma, wool sucking behavior in Siamese and Birmans, feline infectious peritonitis (2), and feline genome sequencing.


Our Thanks


We at Winn are most grateful for the donations so many of you made during the holiday season.   Your continuing support enables the Foundation to pursue its goal of improving the lives of the world's cats.  With our annual grant review coming up next month in Las Vegas - and a healthy number of promising research projects to evaluate - we are especially thankful that so many of you share our dream of helping "every cat, every day."

2014 Annual Meeting
Submitted by Jan Rogers, Chair


Can you believe the 2014 annual is right around the corner?? We have a lot of exciting events planned for you, so make sure you head over to the annual website  for updated information that will be coming quite frequently now as we add more and more events.


On the opening page you will now find a very interesting, and customized link for our event by the New Orleans Convention Bureau.


Just click on the green letters   let the good times roll , and you will be directed to our newest site!!!!

The Sheraton hotel is waiting for your reservations, again, check our website for the information you need to book your reservations now. Don't wait until the last minute!! Our block is denoted as follows:


The Cat Fanciers'Association Annual Delegates' Meeting



Continue reading ...

Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair
Ambassador in Japan
behalf of CFA and the Ambassador Program, I wish all CFA Exhibitors, CFA Officers, Central Office Staff and everyone associated with our great organization a prosperous and Happy New Year! 


As I look back on 2013, I am reminded of all the hard work and outreach the regional coordinators and ambassadors themselves have put forth to the communities around the USA and the World.  Your efforts are heartfelt and your generosity in the giving of your time IS making a difference although we, who are "up close and personal" may not see it.


As we look to 2014, we are hopeful that the CFA Ambassador Program will grow and gain recognition:  we are working on ideas to help promote what we do as our job is so important.


Congratulations to Harold Bourgeois & Co. for the set up and running of the GSR's  Ambassador table at the recent Houston, Texas Cat Club's show held January 4&5.  It was Harold's first effort at such a large show.  Reactions were positive and rewards, though not evident, were wonderful.  Note special report below from HCC Show Committee member, Becky Galloway,   Also, see the excellent reports from Natalya in Region 9, Ken in Region 5, Geri & Sharon in Region 1, Karen in Region 7, Candilee, (my special helper) in Region 6, and of course the Kojimas, my/our very faithful and special pair of RCs from Region 8.


Special Reminder:  Pet Me Cats owners who received pennants at the World Show in Novi, Michigan, last November, need to check in with Donna Lewis at Central Office or me to insure their enrollment in the CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cats program.


Remember, as we sally forth into snow, ice, and look to spring and show season's end, the Ambassadors ARE the "Face of CFA"!!
Region 1
Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director

Delaware River Cat Fanciers will be host the first experimental show format in the US. The show is April 12&13 in Freehold NJ. It is an 8 ring Back to Back. We hope that many of you will come and experience this new format. More details will be coming soon on Catshows.us.


Carol Swartz, Region 1 exhibitor has a new book being published this spring titled, "ABRAHAM LINCOLN LOVED CATS AND POETRY", VOLUME 2. Here is a poem from this book.



By: Carol C. Schwartz


Jazelle is a beautiful Persian cat,

She has a colored coat of calico.

Her fur is cotton and luxurious,

Something like a true Michelangelo.

Jazelle loves the sun, it does keep her warm,

At home she always keeps watch for a beam.

A ray on the floor, or top of the fridge,

A small, warm, cozy spot where she can dream.

Jacques is her sweetheart, he lives down the road,

Asleep in her sunbeam, she thinks of him,

Maybe someday he will pop the question,

Unlikely, even though this is her whim.

Each day she hunts for a sunbeam to nap,

Today she found a beam on a window sill,

The tepid sun made Jazelle so happy,

Feeling secure, napping gave her a thrill.

She changed positions to follow the sun,

Done many times while Jazelle was asleep.

Being curious, she learned every day,

Napping in the beam, she was counting sheep.

Wherever the sun spilled into a room,

Jazelle would find that spot to take her snooze.

Why does a cat like to sleep in the sun?

The sunbeam seems much better than a cruise.

Before sleep, cats need to feel more comfy.

Like humans, they, too have a ritual,

Needing to feel warm as well as secure,

Jazelle's napping beam was habitual.

There is a warm sunbeam,

Always shining with gleam.

Jazelle loves her ice cream,

So yummy she could scream.

Napping now was her theme,

Cozy, thinking of bream.

Getting Jacques on stream,

Will always be her scheme.

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director 



Clubs in the Northern California have scheduled two town hall meetings so exhibitors in R-2 can learn more about the current candidates for Regional Director.  Erin Cutchen and Pam Moser will both be attending and holding a town-hall format meeting at the Poppy State show this month (January 18 weekend) and also The Call of  the Wild show in Santa Rosa on February 8-9.  Please prepare your questions and get the official answer from the candidates!  Ballots will be sent to the clubs late in April and you will want to be prepared with facts and the answers to your personal questions as you pick your choice. 


Its time to start thinking about The Exhibitor of the Year Award.  last years winner, Erin Cutchen, will be organizing this years nomination  and voting process soon.  Start thinking about who YOU would like to see as the region's next EOY!  Nomination forms and a list of requirements and past winners is available to you of the regional website. There are many worthy people in our region so nominate more than one for this prized award!


Yearbook will be available for me to pick up at the February meeting.  The cost for the yearbook remains the same ($45) but the shipping charge could be avoided.  If you have not yet ordered your yearbook and would like me to pick up one for you please let me know.  I will bring back as many as my luggage space allows.  The books have to be brought to the February BOD meeting so I need to know by January 18th if you want me to pick up a book for you.


There are 8 remaining Cattery Organization Systems left for our region.  They are $15 with all monies going to support Breeder Assistance Program.  Let me know if you would like a notebook and I'll get it to you.


Region 3
Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary
Kitty Welch wearinng the pearl necklace raffled by the Region
The Gulf Shore Region enjoyed a nice holiday season this year, although the weather was certainly a bit colder in most areas than we are accustomed to seeing. At the Show and Tell Cat Club show on Dec 21st, the 32" opera length BIWA pearl necklace, donated and made by Dr. Roger Brown to raise funds for the 2014 Annual in New Orleans was drawn for. My mother, Kitty Welch, is a fabulous cook, so I invited her to attend the show with me and bring a long a couple of her more popular pies for the Pot Luck. Little did I know, she had bought 6 raffle tickets when we arrived, so I was very surprised when her name was called out as the winner of the necklace! Our next raffle with be for an iPad Air donated by the Southern Region. All proceeds go towards to 2014 Annual Fund. The winner will be drawn on April 20th and tickets are only $10.00!
Region 3 cats who achieved their Grand or DM titles in December were:
GC Trutails Han Solo owned and bred by Trudie and Dennis Allen Granded on Dec. 14 at the cat show in Phoenix, Dm'ing his dam- CH Trutails Ain't Misbehavin', DM.
Barack and Cherry Bomb Pet Me cat booth HCC
One of the biggest shows of the season is put on by the Houston Cat Club and was once again held in the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston on Jan 5-6th. This was the club's 61st Annual Charity show and it had everything and more. It is the only show in the region that has agility, it has a house hold pet cage decorating contest and competition, it has Pet Me cats for the public, local shelters with cat for adoption and over 40 vendors selling cat related items- all in a very nice venue. Though the counts have gone down in recent years, the gate continues to be quite large as evidenced by the lines that formed around the two "Pet Me" cats I brought- GP Rare Earth's Barack Obama and PR Rare Earth's Cherry Bomb. Other Pet Me cats, brought by Donna Hinton, Chris Willingham and Harold and Diane
Bourgeois were all equally busy. The city has expanded the "Discovery Green" which is located directly across the street and this has brought in an influx of people to the area. Several exhibitors who brought cat
Kim Sloan and Tippy Boat HCC show
s/kittens for sale were able to place them, so exhibitors take note: if you didn't attend the Houston Cat Club show this year, mark your calendars for next year and bring your kittens for sale!
Region 3 cats who achieved their Grand or DM titles were:
GC Trutails Han Solo owned and bred by Trudie and Dennis Allen Granded on Dec. 14 at the cat show in Phoenix, Dm'ing his dam- CH Trutails Ain't Misbehavin', DM.
GC Cacao Nights In White Satin owned by Donna Waskiewicz and Ana Picasso and bred by Carissa and Janet Altschul attained his Grand after only 2 shows at the Houston Cat Club show! GC Purrtigers Rockford owned by Becky Galloway also Granded in Houston.
Next weekend, we will have the 8 ring show put on by Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers in Loveland, CO. on Jan. 18-19th. The show is held at the Larimer County Fairgrounds and we hope to see you all out there!
On a sad note, Marian Johnson, Cats of MAOU British Shorthairs, passed away on Jan. 6th in Bandera, Texas. She will be missed by many in the cat fancy. We would also like ask that you extend your prayers to Marianne Sweeters and her family. She is once again struggling with her health and in the hospital. Everyone in the GSR is praying for her speedy recovery!
More photos from the Houston show ...
    Over 40 vendors HCC show                                 
Best decorated HHP cage
HHP Cat decorating contest winner

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director




Region 4 congratulates two of our Region judges:

At the December Board of Directors telephonic meeting John Hiemstra of Northville, Michigan and Theresa Sweeney, Grove City, Ohio were accepted as Shorthair Trainees, 2nd Specialty. The Great Lakes Region is very proud of both of these long-standing members, show producers, exhibitors and judges.


The blizzard and below zero temperatures have gone - now it's time to get back out on the Show Circuit. Upcoming Great Lakes Region shows:

Jan 18-19 there is a 6X6 in Parma, Ohio hosted by the Cleveland Persian Society. This is a traditional show that usually has an excellent entry both in quantity and quality - you may still be able to get an entry in if you act fast!


Jan 25-26 MidWest Persian Tabby Fanciers will host their annual January show in Monroe, Michigan. This is a 10 ring show, featuring two sets of Specialties and 8 Allbreed rings.


Feb 8-9 Steel City Kitties will hold a ten ring show in Pittsburgh, Pa. This is another show that will feature 2 sets of Specialties and 8 Allbreed rings.

February 15 Kittyhawk Felines will host a one day 6 ring show in Dayton, Ohio. This show features Allbreed rings for kittens and Premiership, and all specialty tings for Championship.


Local exhibitors take note: Both of these 10 ring shows have two sets of double specialties, and the Dayton show has championship as all specialty rings.


The CFA Board of Directors will hold it's February Board meeting the first weekend in February in Alliance, Ohio. This is a face to face meeting which you are invited to attend. Come see how the Board functions, meet many Breed Council Secretaries (this is the meeting where Breeds and Standards changes are voted upon), as well as having the opportunity to visit CFA headquarters and visit the CFA Foundation Museum.


Come join us - experience GREAT LAKES hospitality - we are known for it!! Fun, friendship, great shows and beautiful cats.


Region 5

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Regional Director


CFA and the Southwest region recently lost an icon with the passing of Charlie "Tuna" Anderson. Charlie and his wife Lorrie bred and showed Birmans for many years under their Tunacats cattery name, but to many Charlie was best known as the region's more or less permanent show announcer. He always took it upon himself to do so much more than just call cats to the rings, he considered it part of the job to keep exhibitors entertained during the day. He also loved fishing. He would occasionally organize fishing trips for Southwest Region exhibitors, and everyone (both exhibitors and their cats) looked forward to when he would bring his smoked fish to show halls.
Rest in Peace, Charlie, and enjoy your time fishing at the Rainbow Bridge, with all the furry friends who were there waiting for you.
Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson
The first show of the new year for the MWR is the Lucky Tom Cat Show in St Louis, Missouri.  This 25+ year old show is always a MWR favorite, and pulls in CFA folks from around the region.  With judges from multiple regions, this show is a great deal of fun.  Judging this friendly, laid-back show were Rachel Anger, Kathy Calhoun, Donna Fuller, Lois Jensen, Wain Harding, Darrell Newkirk, Paul Patton and Gary Powell.  The show venue was new this year according to show manager, Nancy Hitzeman.  "The Airport Hilton" bent over backward to make us welcome!"  The show's traditional venue, the Sheraton Chalet in St Louis' Westport Village, is undergoing extensive renovation, and its ballroom is closed until late spring, 2014.
To add to the fun and excitement of the show, AND based on the success of the event last year, the Trifecta is again a highlight.  The Trifecta begins with Lucky Tom in January, moves to Hawkeye State in Altoona, Iowa, in February, and completes its three-month run in March with the MO-KAN Show.  This event is for Household Pet entries, with the highest scoring household pet in the Trifecta awarded a lovely rosette at the end of the MO-KAN show.
In other news, the MWR region was surveyed on a variety of topics, and as a result, the region spoke, and the planning committee listened.  The MWR Awards Show has been moved BACK to its original weekend.  The Awards Show will be held June 7-8, 2014, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, and the awards banquet will again be held in the lovely Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Illinois.  The slate of judges, based on the region's choices, has been finalized.  The show will be an 8-ring, back-to-back format, with 6 allbreed rings and 2 specialty rings.  Allbreed judges will be Rachel Anger, Anne Mathis, Paul Patton, Kathy Calhoun, Jim Denison, Norm Auspitz, with Darrell Newkirk and Brian Pearson judging specialty.  The planning committee meets weekly for a conference call, so be on the lookout for Awards Show updates and information.

Next on our MWR show schedule will be Saintly City Cat Club's show on January 25-26 in St Paul, Minnesota.  Everyone is most welcome to join us!
More photo from Lucky Tom ...

Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


Congratulations to the winners of the Mona Cherrington Award at the Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club show in Jacksonville, Florida on January 4 & 5, 2014.


Best Kitten

Aslanspaw Nicodemus Aloysius

Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Male

Breeder: Donna Ensor

Owner: Donna Ensor & Melissa Harris

Agent: David Fry


Best Cat

GRC Thaifong Santorino of Ayuthaya

Chocolate Point Siamese Male

Breeder/Owner: Virginia Wheeldon & Susan Perkins


Best Cat in Premiership

GRP Marcus Mashup

Black Persian Neuter

Breeder/Owner: Mark Hannon & David Raynor

Photo by Kathryn Brady
Larry Adkison & Ray Cherrington with the winners




Two long-standing Southern Region clubs combined to put on a joint show in Roanoke, Virginia on January 10 & 11, 2014. Star City Cat Fanciers moved the date of their hotel show in Roanoke up two weeks to Central Carolina Cat Fanciers' traditional show date, and the two clubs joined forces to put on a combined 8-ring show with lots of fun, southern hospitality, and a little post-holiday cheer to start off 2014 right! This was a great solution for two clubs with smaller membership bases to put on a show and help a few cats ring in the new year in "grand" style. Thanks to both clubs for working together and to everyone who entered and supported the show.



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