December 2013
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December 16 - Breed Council Ballots Submitted or received in CO  at 5:00pm
January 1 - Club dues / membership lists due  
The above photo of Robert Hallead was taken at the World Show by Preston Smith.  We're holding a contest to see who can come up with the best caption.  Submit your caption to Mark and we will publish the winner next month.  No special prize; just your name in print!
CFA /Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter
World Championship Cat Show
Show Manager Rich Mastin
The show was, according to those who attended, a major success!  With 990 entries, it was by far the largest CFA show of the season.  Exhibitors attended from all over the world: Europe, Asia, South America, and North America ... making it truly a "world" event.  Judges were delighted with the depth of quality in the classes.  The large gate took it all in and learned a lot about pedigreed cats and our exciting hobby.  The gate made the sponsors and the vendors happy since they were getting a great return on their investments.  Exhibitors got to see cats they had only heard about and to visit with fellow breeders they seldom get to see.  Many thanks to everyone who helped make this show such a success.
Finals results are available on Scoreboard in the Online Almanac. Here are updated breed results:
Central Office Report
 Submitted by James Simbro

A New Year is quickly approaching and I'm very excited to be leading Central Office into 2014. We have a hard working staff that is always looking for ways to improve, and I'm looking forward to working with them to make our customers' experience as trouble free as possible. Central Office is here to serve you.


The World Show was a great experience and a chance to see the results of all the hard work the show committee and volunteers put forth. Everybody I spoke with at the show was friendly and excited to be there. I heard nothing but high praises from both our exhibitors and vendors.


Here is Donna Jean's note on her show experience:


I was amazed at the phone calls received in C. O. People interested in other Michigan shows, showing HHP's, possibly vending at cat shows AND several who simply called to say how much they enjoyed the show and certainly hoped we would be back! What a compliment that a casual visitor and in this case plural - visitors - would take the time to find our office number, call us and invite us back saying how nice and friendly all the exhibitors were.


Thank you everyone who had a hand in the World Show. Great job!

Donna Jean Thompson has transitioned her role from Director of Operations over to assisting the registration department. Her years of judging and knowledge of the breeds are of great assistance to the department. She is also helping improve the flow of Registration-via-Pedigree work and TRN's. This area of registration has seen huge growth due to the growing International interest in CFA, and we have been struggling to keep up with the demand. Our wonderful employee Monique Van Eijk has been processing your requests night and day, and we thank her for all her hard work.


Speaking of paperwork, please, please, please include contact info with your orders. Email addresses need to be printed or typed out legibly. The quicker we can contact you with questions, the quicker we can process your work. Also, be detailed in your emails when making inquiries. We deal with 100's of emails a day and it is hard to always keep track.


It's not too late to get your order in for the 2014 Yearbook at the $40.00 pre-publication price (shipping not included). Shelly Borawski is hard at work pulling together another fantastic edition! Books ordered after December 25th increase in price to $45.00 (shipping not included). Yearbooks are scheduled to be shipped January 2014.


Everyone here at Central Office wishes you Happy Holiday's and a Happy New Year!


James Simbro

Director of Operations / Systems Administrator


Breed Council Ballot Deadline Is Almost Here

The online balloting process is in full swing, with a good turn-out being reported for the 13 breeds involved in this year's breed council ballot cycle.  All ballots must be submitted online or received in Central Office by Monday, December 16, 2013 at 5:00pm.

For the purpose of this balloting, you will have three options to submit your vote:

1. Online (see appropriate link) OR

2. Download a PDF of the ballot (same link as in #1 above) and return it by mail to Central Office; OR 

3. Request that a paper ballot is sent to you from Kristi Wollam at Central Office

Please note that you will only submit your vote by ONE of the three methods. 

Online ballot step-by-step instructions are on the website, as well.  Kristi Wollam is the contact for membership questions, or to request a paper ballot. Contact her at or 330-680-4070 ext 17.

Submitted by Joan Miller,
CFA Legislative Information Liaison


Mandatory Spay Neuter - Ventura County, California.


The hearing was on Tuesday December 10, 2013. For weeks a small group of dog and cat fanciers communicated through daily emails. We wanted to stop the County of Ventura from passing, on second reading, a mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) ordinance similar to what was enacted by the City of Los Angeles several years ago.In spite of sloppy language, as well as being punitive and expensive, after 3 -1/2 hours of testimony the ordinance passed by a 4 to 1 vote of the County Board of supervisors. Only Chairman Peter Foy had any real understanding of how intrusive this legislation was.


The ordinance, which affects the unincorporated parts of the County, includes some outright ridiculous exemptions. Breeders who register their dogs, AND CATS, with the American Kennel Club, AND are an AKC "Breeder of Merit ", will be able to breed in the unincorporated County. Everyone else must obtain a permit allowing them to "whelp" one litter per year/per animal costing $100.00 for each intact animal 4 months of age.   A person will be given 60 days from the time the animal reaches 4 months of age to comply. In addition there is only one litter allowed per household in a year without special permission from the Administration of Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS).


In spite of several alerts to the CFA Southwest Region list and forwards to the TICA lists we only had a few cat breeders respond and attend the hearing. Supervisor Steve Bennett, the Ordinance primary Champion, intends to push this ordinance in every city In the County. I want to thank those cat fanciers who did come to the hearing and especially those who were willing to speak out - I was a speaker along with Peter Keys, Dennis Giannoni, Mary Thorsness and Sandy West. I believe we made all the necessary points regarding cat issues.


Supervisor Bennett early on said he wanted to know if the ordinance will be effective and details concerning ways in which it would impact breeders.   Dog and cat fanciers attempted to answer these two questions. We immediately stated that cat fanciers could not be exempted.   We stated why MSN leads to more pet relinquishments, cat abandonment and how pregnant un-owned cats who produce litters in people's back yards will be ignored out of fear of penalties. Reasons given for breeders finding the ordinance intrusive were mainly that they did not want government inspectors coming into their homes and bedrooms. Some objected to the cost of the permit being unfair taxation. We gave examples of programs that have worked in other communities saving Counties money and leading to less intakes and euthanasia.


Dog fanciers covered the list of national organizations that oppose MSN. They spoke about drops In dog licensing and avoidance of rabies vaccination. They emphasized the concern for intrusive animal control inspection that would be allowed when one had a permit. There was testimony that some breeds are predisposed to cancer when altered too young.   Bennett countered that a person can have an exemption if they provide a statement from a veterinarian that the animal's health would be at risk and this would cost only an office visit.   A clear point was made that breeders were concerned that the exemptions in the ordinance could be removed at a later time by another Board of Supervisors and that there was no sunset clause. They reported that the local newspaper poll showed that over 70% of community respondents were opposed to the ordinance, and they showed a graph demonstrating that dog intakes and euthanasia has gone down steadily with education and without coercive legislation.


In spite of the sound opposition statements, most of the Supervisors preferred to listen to Dr. Novi a veterinarian who works closely with Animal services and offers low cost spay/neuter services especially in Oxnard where they do surgeries for $10.   He said they needed a "tool" and the ordinance would mean the county could be "no-kill" by 2017.


The day before the hearing Peter Keys and I visited the offices of three Supervisors and talked with their aides providing CFA folders full of information, including copies of the CFA letter sent by George Eigenhauser several days before, and lots of back-up materials including photos of pedigreed cats and copies of testimony. We left folders with the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board for the other two Supervisors who had offices out of town.


We were confident at the beginning of the hearing that reason and data would prevail. Unfortunately, though we claimed many jurisdictions had escalating costs for enforcement and showed increases or else little further improvement in animal intakes and euthanasia after passing MSN, it is not possible to prove conclusively that MSN is responsible for positive or negative changes in shelter data. Most communities have other programs initiated concurrent with their ordinance making it difficult to know exactly what is responsible for a gradual drop in shelter animals.


In the end Bennett convinced all of the Supervisors, except for the Chair, that doing "something was better than doing nothing" and that this was a good "tool" and a step toward "no-kill". All of the rhetoric was very familiar and reminiscent of San Mateo in 1991. He said ordinances are rarely perfect and If several years down the road they review the situation they can always make changes.


Lessons learned:

  • We need to have fanciers willing to become involved with the shelters and willing to be on the Animal Commission or at least attend open meetings. The first hearing on this ordinance caught both AKC and CFA completely by surprise.
  • We need to have meetings with the key political supporters and with the person in charge of Animal Services before a first hearing if possible, as well as meeting with the aides of all County Supervisors or City Council members. Three minutes of testimony is not enough to get our opposition clearly understood.  
  • We must show empathy for the euthanasia of cats and dogs and display our interest in providing more reasonable alternatives.      
  • This ordinance had no indication that there was any particular animal rights activist origin. This was a case of language copied from Los Angeles and poor understanding on the part of the County Council. The shelter concocted the idea and brought it to Bennett who is on the Ventura County Animal Commission. They included not only the breeder permit but a pet store ban on selling any dogs, cats and rabbits, except those from shelters and rescue groups, similar to other ordinances recently proposed in California. There is no commercial retail selling of animals In stores in the unincorporated parts of Ventura County, but they want to prevent these pet stores.


Cat fanciers seem motivated to reach out to Donna Gillespy, from the VCAS shelter. She admitted at the hearing that she was responsible for the error in not having any exemptions for cat breeders. After the hearing several of us spoke with her and she is willing to work with cat fanciers to make changes.


I believe we need to get ready for a similar ordinance in Oxnard and the City of Ventura next and hope cat fanciers will contact the CFA Legislative Group at if you hear anything about pending ordinances.

Cat Talk

 Submitted by Teresa Keiger



World Show Winners

Cat Talk will be running a feature on the World Show in its February
issue. Part of this coverage will be a list and photo gallery of the
breed winners for both shows. If you would like to submit your winner,
please send a high resolution photo to
Include the following:

* Full name with current titles
* Placement, Category, & Breed (for example: BEST of BREED PREMIERSHIP
* Which Show? Red or Purple
* Breeder
* Owner
* Region
* Your email address

Deadline: Jan. 3.



Cat Talk - Cover contest for February "Cat Couples"

Cat Talk will be featuring 1-3 couples of cats on its February issue and
we would like to invite our readers to submit their photos. You may
submit a low res proof; however, if selected we will need the high
resolution image. Photos that have been previously used in Cat Talk are
not eligible.

Include your name and email, the cats' name, and the breeder/owner
information. Send your photo to:

Deadline is January 3.


Project Ronan's Big Heart

by Jeanne O'Donnell (Donegal Cattery)


Making The Case for HCM Study in Persians


When I accepted the challenge in 1996 to breed for a show quality lilac point Himalayan, little did I know the road blocks I would come across in my quest. Oh, I was educated about FIP (Feline Intestinal Peritonitis) and warned about Ringworm. If you breed long enough, bring in new breeding cats, or simply attend a cat show, you will eventually meet the task of addressing these issues in your cattery. But it all seemed worthwhile to achieve a goal that few had attempted, and even fewer attained.


It was common knowledge that cats that lived to a mature adult age would die from either kidney failure or cancer. We, as breeders, in our quest for producing healthy Persians, backed the research to find the genetic marker for the most common form of kidney disease, PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). We can now genetically test our breeding cats for this disease and eliminate it from occurring in offspring. So that's one less heartache.


As of 2013, I had been breeding for seventeen years, and throughout those years I never heard a Persian cat breeder speak of heart disease. So I assumed that it was uncommon in cats. It wasn't that heart disease didn't exist in Persian cats. It was that no one was revealing its existence. It could have been ignorance, but not for the experienced breeder. No, it was the Ostrich Syndrome.  Continue reading ...

CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence



The Feline Historical Museum has a new presentation on permanent display - The Origins of the Cat.  This 19-panel display covers the domestication of the cat in Egypt, travel throughout the middle east and Asia via trade routes, the cat in Asian culture, the resurgence of the cat in Europe, the development of breeds and cat shows, and the cat fancy in North America.  Colorful panels, containing both text and illustrations, plus several artifacts, make this an enjoyable walk through history.


The presentation was a collaboration between Karen Lawrence, our museum manager, and Amber Rohr, an intern from Kent State University who has been working in the museum for the past several months.


Our library has more than doubled in size!  The inventory of books on our library shelves indicates over 1,800 volumes currently in the library. A recent  - and very generous - donation of close to 3,000 cat books has been arriving over the past three weeks.  It will take us some time to inventory these books and add them to the library shelves, but once that is done, the CFA Foundation  will have the largest public collection of cat books in North America.  Our most sincere thanks to Danny Crew, Florida, for the donation of his book collection.


CFA Annual 2014



 The 2014 CFA Annual in New Orleans is right around the corner!!! We have the hotel reservation up on the annual website. Make plans now to attend!

                Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

                500 Canal Street

                New Orleans, LA 70130



You may book your reservation with the following link:

The Cat Fanciers' Association Annual Delegates' Meeting


(OR copy and paste the following link into a web browser)

  • Main House Single or Double  - $139.00
  • Club Level - $169.00
  • One Bedroom Suites - $299- $1600.00 as available


We have arranged for the delegate pricing to be available three days before and 3 days after the event, so please plan on staying a few extra days to experience New Orleans




The planning krewe has also has a special discount program with American Airlines which flies to New Orleans regularly.  Please use promotional code: AN*9364AD for an additional 5% off your lowest fare. The region will get credit for your bookings, and you will get a better price!




The New Orleans Convention Bureau is also on board now, and we have our own link tied to the annual website so you can get a feel for what is available and things you might want to do!


We are so very proud and pleased to announce the partnership our region has with region 9 in putting on this annual.   They will be hosting and organizing the Friday night party to beat out all other parties -

It is our unique Mas-Purrrrrrr-Ade ball!!!   Grand prize will be announced later for the best costumes. We have on board a professional costumer as well if you don't want to carry your costumes with you!!


The Thursday night event will be a Taste of New Orleans, and you will be able to sample mini muffalatas to shrimp creole into the late evening.


The region would also like to thank region 7 for donating an iPad Air, 128gb tablet. Wow ... that will be our next raffle kicking off right before Christmas with the drawing to be held the third weekend in April.


Our current raffle is still going on and if you would like to participate one more time you still have time. Our plan was to draw at the World Show, but we discovered there were still ticket stubs out that had not been turned in ... so we will draw on December 21, 2014.


The prize, you ask - a 32" Opera Length BIWA pearl necklace. Unique star shaped pearls are accented by luminous crystals, and a large magnetic crystal clasp. The tickets are only $10.00 and all of the money is going to the 2014 annual fund. You can send a check or pay via paypal and we will fill out your stubs, scan and email you your chances, and put you in the large drawing jar. Don't miss out on this glamorous prize, generously donated by our own Dr. Roger Brown, and handmade by him.




Caring For The Pregnant Queen

Presented by Royal Canin


There are no significant changes in the queen's behavior for approximately the first three weeks of pregnancy, although some breeders have reported a form of short lived morning sickness with loss of appetite. A specially adapted, complete and balanced diet must be offered freely to the queen during pregnancy and lactation. Diets formulated for pregnancy and lactation have higher levels of protein and other nutrients than maintenance diets. She must also have access to clean water at all times. There is no need to restrict the queen's activity due to the pregnancy. However, it is best to avoid unnecessary exposure to other cats, to reduce the risk of stress, fighting or contracting an infectious disease.  Read more ...


Breed Awareness and Orientation Seminars 

San Diego Area - January 2014


January 23-24, 2014 - The next BAOS is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the San Diego Cat Club Food and Water Bowl in Del Mar, California on January 25-26, 2014.  The school will be at the Holiday Inn Express in Encinitas, CA.


Our instructors are Donna Isenberg, Pat Jacobberger, Gary Powell and Gary Veach.  Note that there will not be any handling offered at this school but attendees can handle cats at any ensuing BAOS.


Further information can be found on the CFA website.    Info can also be found on Facebook.


Registration closes on January 12, 2014 and you can register here now. Hope to see you there!

Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo

Winn takes an in depth look at its president-elect this month, Glenn A. Olah, DVM, DABVP (Feline), a distinguished research physicist in his first career, and now an equally renowned veterinary practitioner and scholar in his present career.    Glenn reports on current veterinary research for the Winn blog.  


 Kudos also to Susan Gingrich, founder of the Bria Fund for FIP research.    Susan and her team of enthusiastic friends have raised nearly $250,000 for research into this scourge of our cats.


null Winnie Sez:     Be mindful of poisonous plants this time of year,   While not usually linked with fatalities, poinsettias can cause nasty gastrointestinal upsets.   More dangerous are lilies, Christmas and English hollies, and mistletoe.    For a good survey of poisonous plants, check out
Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair
CFA Ambassador Holiday Greetings to All!!!


The CFA Ambassadors were a "tour de force" at the World Show held in Novi, Michigan, November 23-24th.  Although the Ambassador's booth was a bit out of the way, the tours were a huge hit with spectators, especially those who were experiencing a cat show for the first time.  Our annual guided tours were led by Susan Rzyczcki, Sally Ryckman, Kenny Currle and Jane Gramey.  Additionally, the weekend had two very special tour guides, Nautika Bauterakos and Rachelle DeVoe, 13 year old cousins who are working through the CFA Youth Education Program.  Not only did they guide a tour, but also assisted Joan Miller during a sequence of the Education Ring.  We thank all the tour guides for doing a wonderful job.


Ambassadors were in great supply throughout the huge hall and 12 new CFA Pet Me Cat pennants were handed out to let spectators know the where-abouts of beautiful kitties they could actually touch.   


Very special kudos to Mr. Pierre Rivard who did a stellar job as the Ambassador Booth's right hand all weekend.  Additionally, thanks to the Central Office Staff and other CFA Booth helpers in attendance and special congratulations to Rich Mastin and Ed Raymond for their show management skills, the marvelous set up and absolute flawless flow of the show itself. You all were great!!!


CFA's Ambassador Program remains proud to be known as "The Face of CFA" and to have been a visible part of  the  2013 World Show which was indeed a First Class event with a multitude of spectators and great vendors.  Job Well Done!!!


Since this is such a very busy time for all, no RC show input will be included in this issue but watch for many show reports in January!!!  For now to everyone:


See You Next Year,
Willa K. Hawke, Chair
CFA Ambassador Program     
"We Are The Face of CFA"


Note -  Those PMC owners who received the pennants in Novi need to contact Donna Lewis at the Central Office for proper FLUP/inclusion, and then after she has all the info needed and  they are completely enrolled, Donna will send out welcome packets

The Beijing International Cat Club 

Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer


The Beijing International Cat Club had their first show in Beijing, China on November 30, December 1, 2013.  The hotel show had judges Wain Harding, Becky Orlando, Jan Roger, Diana Rothermel, Bob Zenda, John Webster and Bob Zenda.  En (Wayne) Xie, club secretary, did a great job as first-time show manager, along with club President Xuan Wang, ensuring that everything went smoothly.  Beijing weather was cold, but luckily no smog in sight. The show was large by Chinese standards with 66 kittens, 57 in championship and 5 in a slowly developing Premiership class in the country.

Judges/Exhibitors with Highest Scoring Cat, Kitten
BICC President Xuan Wang & Show Manager Wayne Xie
See more photos ...        
Corea Cat Clb/ Korean Pride Cat Club
Submitted by Kim Chun Sub/Shin Jung JiN
Corea Cat Club Secretary 
Corea Cat Club and Korean Pride Cat Club held a very wonderful and gorgeous 2 ring cat show with a K-Pet Fair at KINTEX in Ilsan, Korea on November 3rd. It was the biggest CFA cat show held in Korea.
Showhall  Entrance
There were over 200,000 visitors who came to our show. We had 68 pedigreed cats and 22 House hold pet cats in the show. The K-pet Fair is one of the largest event for all kinds of animals and lovers. Also, it makes the CFA cat show much more attractive to join and cat lovers do enjoy the show. Also The President of Corea Cat Club, Jung Jin Shin prepared and emceed a variety of events to spice up the cat show. Many Galleries were dumbfounded by this turn of her events. She distributed galleries gifts for their cats proficiently. Her events always have fun and are interesting.  


We invited two wonderful judges, Betty White and Carolyn Owen from U.S.A. And also we had perfect team of ring clerks and new assistant clerks. (for 1 ring : Geun-seon Lee, The President of KPCC, Seo-yeong Lee, for 2 Ring : Se-won Kim and Jeong-yeop Kim). These fantastic jusdges and their teams showed us professional judging and perfect handling for the show. All the breeders and guests were touched by their love for cats and enjoyed our Korean CFA cat show.



The Korean CFA show is organized in collaboration with Corea Cat club and Korean Pride Cat Club. Thanks to Chun-sub Kim(the secretary of CCC), Jung-jin Shin (The president of CCC) and Geun-seon Lee (The President of KPCC) who made the beautiful and professional CFA cat show in Korea, All the Galleries and exhibitors always love this cat show. Special thanks to our main sponsors and many cat companies who joined us.



Jung-jin Shin, the president of Corea Cat Club

The Cat Fashion Club


The Cat Fashion Club held their show in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 2, 2013 with judges Yanina, Lukasova, Jan Rogers, Peter VonWonterghem and Russian guest judge Anna Nazarova.  Club officers, President Eden Ostrovsky, VP Yakov Danchenko, Secretary Roman Durovin and Treasurer Maria Kostiuk put on a successful show with an emphasis on happy winners, judges and children.  Maria writes, "We are trying to do a lot of entertainment for children at our shows. There is a picture of the judges watching Handicap cats presentation. We had a presentation for the cats that were found in the streets with different injuries and we wanted to show that they are not worse than other cats. And if they are not always beautiful, they have wonderful nature and can be good friends and even help people to solve human problems!"


                                                       See more photos ...


Region 1
Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director
Congratulations to all of the Region 1 participants at the CFA World Show.
Region one had a great showing and several top winners.  Everyone I spoke
with seemed to have really enjoyed the weekend and are looking forward to
next years show.

 I want to thank everyone in the Region for all the hard work and support
for this past year.  I could not have done it without you.

Wishing Everyone a Happy  Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year."

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director 


Region 2 would like to thank Mark Hannon for attending the Lewis and Clark show in December!  The Town Hall meeting was very appreciated and we all appreciate the effort it took not only to get here but to get home!  Flights were weather-delayed and Portland was exceptionally cold!

Lewis & Clark Workers
December is a quiet month in the Northwest Region.  I'd like to take this opportunity to extend Seasons Greetings and Holiday Wishes, whatever Holiday you celebrate, to all judges, exhibitors, vendors and families in Region 2.  May 2014 bring you abundance in all areas of your life!  Please look ahead and support all the January shows that the clubs have worked hard to provide!


Blessings to all this Holiday Season.

Region 3

Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary



The month of November was a quiet one in the Gulf Shore Region, but even though there weren't any shows in Region 3 during November, we did have some cats owned by Region 3 exhibitors achieve their titles at out of region shows-


GC, GP, BW NW Janvier's Baguette was a one-show Grand in Premiership at the Cotton States Cat Club show the first weekend in November. Breeder/Owner: Donald & Mary Ann Sweeters.


Three cats owned by Region 3 exhibitors granded at the Utah Cat Fanciers held in Salt Lake City show on November 9th:

  • GC Rainingrexes Jubilee of Curlydolls Devon Rex owned by DollyChamness
  • GC Altaris Chaos Persian owned by Mandy Fick
  • GP Dollhowse Purrchance to Dream Ragdoll owned by Jill Adams


December brings back two wonderful traditional shows: the Brazos Valley Cat Club show which was held on Dec. 7th in Rosenberg, TX and the Show and Tell Cat Club show held on Dec. 21st -formerly held in Waco, but is now going on its second year at the Cleburne Convention Center.


Exhibitors driving from the Oklahoma/Dallas areas of the region had to drive through very heavy ice on the roads in order to attend the Brazos Valley Cat Club show, so unfortunately, there were some exhibitors who simply couldn't make it. However, for those who were able to safely attend, a fun time was had! There were quite a few nice vendors at the show and of course a very good raffle that included a Sturdi-Shelter set up. The Rosettes were festive and the decorations for the judging rings were equally nice. There was one cat that achieved its Grand Champion title at this show- GC Cacao Like A Boss, a Persian owned by Carissa and Janet Altschul .


The Show and Tell show held on Dec 21st is famous for its massive Pot Luck Lunch which usually fills up two rows of tables, and the always popular mystery Gift Exchange. There will also be a best holiday theme decorated cage contest and a best decorated "elf"- exhibitor in holiday dress. Both winners of these contests will receive a gift card. The pearl necklace raffle, supporting this year's Annual in New Orleans will be drawn for and Jan Rogers, who is in charge of fund raising, will announce some exciting new opportunities to support the 2014 Annual.


As if this wasn't enough reasons to make you want to attend, the Show and Tell Club will also be honoring Premiership Cats with a low $35 entry fee for any cat being shown in Premiership and they will also be welcoming back guest judge, Brenda Neukircher, from South Africa.


In January there will be two big shows here in Region 3 so we would like to invite everyone to come out for the Big Houston Cat Club show held at the downtown George R. Brown Convention Center on January 6-7 by the Houston Cat Club and the Cowboy Country Fanciers Cat Show held in Loveland, CO on January 18-19th.


On behalf everyone here in the Gulf Shore Region, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The holiday season is, as always, a busy time. Take time from the hustle and bustle to think about supporting our shows with your entries. Region 4 clubs are done with 2013 shows and are gearing up for 2014. It promises to be a great year!


We start off the year with a 6 ring, one day show in Columbus, Ohio hosted by Sternwheel Cat Fanciers on January 4.


Then we have a 6X6 in Parma, Ohio hosted by Cleveland Persian Society on January 18-19.


Round out the month with a 10 ring show in Monroe, Michigan, south of Detroit on January 25-26.


We are excited to be planning our Annual Regional Awards Show and Banquet in e NEW location, East Lake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Save the second weekend in June to join us for a spectacular event. This show always attracts great cats. Our Awards Banquet is always one of the best with food, friendship and ambiance.


The member clubs of the Great Lakes Region want to extend our thanks to all for their support of our shows, raffles and fund raising events, as we gear up toward 'Toronto -2015...United we Stand'. Each and every club needs the support of its region members and the many friends out of region. We pride ourselves on friendliness, fun and great hospitality.


From all of us to all of you the very best wishes for a joyous holiday season and the very best of everything to you and your treasured felines in 2014.


Photo courtesy Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

Region 5

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Regional Director


The Poinsettia City Cat Club hosted their annual "Cats 'n' Hats" show in Glendale, CA on November 16. The show drew a full 225 entries, with cats from all over CFA, and they put on quite a performance for the large number of spectators.

One of the highlights of this show is always the "Cats in Hats" costume contest. It has progressed from where it started several years ago with just a few cats, just wearing hats, to where it is today, with a large number of entries in full costume, sometimes matched by their owners! The winner this year was Payton Gomez, with her Household Pet Jack Jack, who was dressed as Captain Jack Jack Sparrow. This may be the beginning of a dynasty for Payton, who also won last year with her HHP Jeffry Doofenshmirtz.
It was a well-run show with something for everyone - lots of great cats, lots of points available, fun activities, handmade rosettes, and lots of spectators to enjoy the show.
Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson

Frontier Feline Fanciers' Cat Club held their annual Cat show November 30, 2013 in Gardner, Kansas. This was the first year for the show at this venue; the club was pleased with the results.


132 Cats were entered including 6 household pets. The judges were Norm Auspitz, Brian Moser, Beverly Wood, Jim Dinesen, Cathy Dinesen and Brian Pearson. The club also held the annual cat costume contest, not as many entries as in the past but each contestant was wonderful. The winning cat was Pearl, owners John and Jill Sullivan.


All members of the Frontier Feline Club were active in planning and putting on this show. We had 5 vendors present at the show. The food vendor was fabulous, such as a sandwich meal for $6.00.


The club wants to thank all the judges, ring clerks, ring stewards, vendors Tom Wiggins, cage service and the other wonderful help we had during and after the show. You all made this show a success.


The club plans to hold a show, November 29, 2014, in Gardner, Kansas. Please come next year and enjoy the great show.

The general atmosphere of the Frontier Felines Show was very friendly and relaxed. The exhibitors were met with free doughnuts (yum!) and smiling faces from the club members. The show ran smoothly and pretty much on time. They had wonderful sandwiches for lunch and little individual pies that got good reports from those who ate them. While the count may not have been high, I heard every judge comment on the wonderful quality of the cats there.





Celebrating 25 years, Tiger's Lair Feline Fanciers presented "Catch the Spirit" cat show at the Plaza Event Center in Columbia,  Missouri, Saturday, December 14. The show was extra special because it enjoyed a surprise visit from old St Nick!  The show began with a snow storm that had exhibitors slogging through 4" of powder to get to the show hall.  Next on the agenda was honoring Gail Rothman for her many years of  service to Tiger's Lair as it's president.  To mark her presidential retirement, Gail was crowned Queen for the Day.  In coming president is Susan Norbury.  Tiger's Lair is known for its holiday atmosphere but especially for its buffet luncheon put together by the exhibitors.  This year's feast was not a disappointment: four huge pans of Gail's veggie pizza seem to disappear in an instant!  The rosettes certainly kept the spirit of Christmas:  each ring's  rosettes featured pictures of each judge in a Santa hat!  Very clever & well-received by all.  Many thanks to the Tiger's Lair committee & exhibitors who made this wonderful show extra special.  Oh! And thanks to Santa Claws for stopping by for some great photo ops with photographer Preston Smith!  It's interesting how much Santa sounded a lot like our own Kiek Jackson... Hmmmmmm....


4 inches of snow !!

Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


The Southern Region will be donating two fun items to help raise money for the Region 3 Annual coming up in June. Watch for the iPad Air and Sturdi Products raffles to begin soon.  Be sure to get tickets for a chance to win a great prize and support the New Orleans Annual.
Nashville Cat Club will hold its 3rd New Year's Celebration show December 27 & 28 at the Sheraton Music City.  Join them for a fun hotel show and celebrate the holidays with friends and 10 rings of competition in a two-day New Year's Eve party!


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