November 2013
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December 1 - Submission of info for CFA's White Pages

December 16 - Breed Council Ballots Submitted or received in CO  at 5:00pm

Happy Thanksgiving !
Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Cotton States Cat Club

Show Manager Joanne Hardeman
Highest Scoring Cat with some of her 'Diamonds'
GC Belamy Desiderata of Cinema

Cat Talk magazine will have an article on this show in an upcoming issue.

Welcome !

Welcome to CFA our newest advertiser - Pet Air!  Please be sure to check out the Pet Air ads in our CFA newsletter, Cat Talk and the CFA Yearbook!
Submitted by Joan Miller,
CFA Legislative Information Liaison

Update -USDA/APHIS Webinar.

November has been extremely busy for the CFA Legislative Group. On the Federal front we continue to analyze materials put out by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and respond to questions and concerns from cat fanciers about the USDA and Final Rule changing the definition of "Retail Pet Store", which goes into effect on Monday, November 18th.


Watch for a comprehensive article in the December Issue of CAT Talk Magazine. This covers background on the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and details about what a breeder can expect should they choose to be USDA licensed or find they must become licensed, including costs for fees, record keeping, animal identification, veterinary plan, facility construction and cleaning needs.   Information was obtained from the Animal Welfare Act, The AWA Regulations, the Federal Register, the APHIS Regulatory Impact Analysis, the APHIS Regulatory Flexibility Analysis, the Compliance for Commercial Breeders PowerPoint Series, the USDA/APHIS Policy Manual (as of 3/11) and the 371 page Animal Care Inspection Guide. The CFA Minimum Cattery Standards are based on USDA standards. However, several examples of differences are outlined. Parts of the AWA, regulations and policies are clear but there are many unknowns. There are policy gray areas that will be determined later or through individual assessment by inspectors.


The Agency has now presented two of four planned webinars to answer submitted questions by concerned dog, cat and rabbit breeders who may be licensed depending on how many "breeding females" they maintain on their premises or their method of selling animals. The schedule is as follows:


▪ November 7 - Am I regulated under USDA's Retail Pet Store Rule?  

▪ November 14 - How will USDA implement the Retail Pet Store Rule?   

▪ November 21 - What is USDA's inspection process in a home?

▪ December 5 - How will USDA enforce the Retail Pet Store Rule?

CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show

The show closed on November 7th as advertised.  We are delighted to have an incredible entry.  Check out the Breed Summaries.  Thanks to all who entered and to all who provided sponsorships.

Check-in is from 4:00pm - 8:00pm on Friday (hall will be locked at 8:30) and from 6:30 - 8am on Saturday.  Judging is scheduled to begin at 8:30 both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

On Saturday, the Royal Canin booth will feature two Grooming Seminars presented by Donna Isenberg at 11:00AM and 2:30PM.  Donna will groom two cats per seminar.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up in the Royal Canin booth early on Saturday morning as space is limited and reservations are on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Parking is free for those staying at the Hyatt hotel which is connected to the showhall.  For those not guests at this hotel, parking is either $5 each day or you can get a special pass for $5 for the weekend by completing and submitting this form.

Scooters are for rent.  Today is the deadline for making arrangements. Get further information here.

Information on transportation from the airport to area hotels is here.

Here is a copy of the Floor Plan.  Benching was completed last weekend. Benching starts with the Abyssinians in the lower right corner and works its way to the left.

We need help with the Raffle which is an important part of this show. We need both workers and donated items.  If you can spare some time to work the booth, please let us know.  If you can donate something special for the Raffle, please notify Bob & Doreen Mathis.

Joan Miller has again coordinated our Education Ring.  Check out the schedule.

We have five wonderful feline photographers attending the show so come prepared to have your photo needs taken care of.  We have Richard Katris (Chanan), Larry Johnson, Tetsu (Japan), Audra Mitchell, and Preston Smith.

We have been working hard to insure a successful show and we are anxious to see each of you in Novi, Michigan next week !!!

Banner on back of Showhall viewed by thousands of commuters

Cat Writers' Association Awards 

Submitted by Jodell Raymond


CWACongratulations to the following talented individuals for Cat Writers' Association Awards!  Cat Talk was well represented at this year's CWA Awards.  We look forward to participating again next year!   If you would like to write for Cat Talk Magazine, please contact Editor Teresa Keiger at




2013 Certificate of Excellence Winners:  


Newsletter Article - Any Other Topic: Mary Kolencik  Cat Talk Magazine, "Chestnuts Roasting at an Open Show"


Newsletter Column: Lauri Henry Cat Talk Magazine  "Excruciatingly Correct"


Humor: Lisa-Maria Padilla Cat Talk Magazine "A New Wool Toy" and Cat Talk Magazine, "Abyssinian Corporate Promotional Service"


Color Photograph (Single): Larry Johnson Cat Talk Magazine Cover "Looking at You"


Teresa Keiger won the In the Spotlight Award for the "CFA-We're Waiting for You" brochure. The award is sponsored by the Jacat Cattery, home of award-winning, pedigreed Japanese Bobtail Cats, is presented to the entry that best advances the protection, preservation and promotion of pedigreed cats and/or the pedigreed cat fancy.


Lisa-Maria Padilla won the Muse Medallion in the Miscellaneous Humor Category for her Cat Talk  Magazine Article Abyssinian Corporate Promotional Service.  The Judge's comment: "Picture a dignified cat sporting 3 Chiquita banana stickers on her coat. This writer's choice of words, tempo and storyline brought a big smile to my face. Her humorous final paragraph made me laugh out loud."  Great job Lisa-Maria and thank you for making us laugh!


Central Office Report
 Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson



We're makin' our lists and checkin' em TWICE in readiness for the CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show. Stop by the CFA Booth to meet James, Donna Jean, Brian, Shelly, Mariane, Jodell, Verna and Teresa. This spectacular event is a great opportunity to meet and greet CFA's behind-the-scenes workers. I know we are all looking forward to putting faces with names.


The excitement mounts with the excellent entry and opportunity to see up close and personal CFA's finest from Around the World. Take a moment to visit our sponsors and thank them not only for their support of CFA but also for their products that enable our felines to maintain pristine potty habits, dine on the finest Feline Cuisine and travel in First Class luxury as they tour the globe. And then.........


"Here comes Garfield, Here comes Garfield" to the World Show soon to be followed by "Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus" and the Holiday season. Our many vendors will have available wares to satisfy any feline loving friend. AND, AND to be good to yourself, a friend, your Veterinarian don't forget to order the 2014 Yearbook at the $40.00 pre-publication price (does not include shipping). Books ordered after December 25th increase in price to $45.00 (does not include shipping). Yearbooks are scheduled to be shipped January 2014.

Need CFA Stuff? Do you have your Garfield poster - now in very limited supply? They will be available at the CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show. We'll have Show Rules, Show Standards, the new combined Clerking Manual as well as the 2012 Yearbook available for purchase. Yes, you read that correctly as the 2013 Yearbook is sold out. A limited supply of prior years' yearbooks at reduced prices will also be available. SUCH A DEAL - NO postage costs and you can reminisce with your friends as you browse cover to cover and see the past "greats" in your cat's pedigree.


If you want to be sure we are able to fulfill your order or bring enough "stuff", just send an email to Donna Jean on or before Tuesday November 19th.


We WELCOME ABOARD! Kathryn McClelland to our Staff. "Kitty" will be opening our mail, pricing the contents, balancing work with payments and distributing it to the appropriate section. She has three cats, Frankie, Sissy and Jessie. Kitty is fascinated with all our different pedigreed cats and the work we do here. Outside of the office she is a member of her Church Choir and serves as a Guardian Angel to two Senior Citizens in a nursing home who have no family.

ONLINE ORDERS: Please give a COMPLETE address if ordering online. If no shipping address is provided, the address of the cardholder will be used. If this is in error, there will be a $10.00 correction fee. Double check, before you submit.


Contact Information is vital whether ordering online, via snail mail or fax. Daytime phone number and/or email address will help us and you if there is a problem or question.


You have your paperwork perfectly completed with correct address, contact information, ordered your Yearbook ($40.00 plus shipping prior to 12/25/2013) but do not know how much money to send??? This link will take you to the CFA Price list. Tally it up and submit with complete payment information.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the CFA /Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Show. Travel safely and be sure to come say "Hello!"


Donna Jean 


CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence



They give us love and comfort throughout each and every year. Now it's your turn to show them a little appreciation.


Have the names of your cats, past and present, memorialized on a Christmas tree at the Feline Historical Museum. The names of up to three cats may be placed on a single ornament that will decorate our tree. Your donation of $5.00 will purchase an ornament.


Ornaments may be purchased by check to the address below. Be sure to incude the names of up to 3 cats for each ornament purchased.  Go to our website and you can pay by PayPal. Complete this form and mail it to:

The CFA Foundation, Inc. 
PO Box 2155 
Alliance, OH 44601 

Ambassador Cats
Submitted by Karen Lane
CFA I-Cat gets more than one million hits on YouTube!!!!!


CFA I-Cats bring the CFA Pedigreed Cat message to spectators in many different ways.  Dinky, one of our California I-Cats, was videoed at the Santa Barbara cat show.  This video has been on "YouTube" and Dinky is now known as the "Oh Hai" Cat to more than one million viewers.  Tracey Dalton, Dinky's owner, now finds that lots of people visit with her, at the shows, and ask if Dinky is the "Oh Hai" cat. 


Certainly the I-Cats touch and reach out to hundred and hundred of spectators every weekend at CFA shows across the country.   In addition our I-Cats, and their great personalities, are visiting folks in their living rooms and offices.


Please see Dinky, the "Oh Hai" Cat on "You Tube".
GP Sunsoar David "Dinky" Dinkleman
4 year old exotic black male neuter


YouTube SENSATION ...  1,291,390 HITS!!! 


If your show would like to invite one of these marvelous cats to attend, please contact Karen Lane at for information.  We will be at the World Show in Novi.  "Hope" and Shirley Peet will be welcoming all of our spectators near the front door.  Our other I-Cats will be bench within their respective breeds.  If you see one of our dedicated members, please thank them for all that they do for CFA and Pedigreed Cat Ownership.
CFA Website

For the past two years we have had a special offer.  If you submitted your grand photo for both the Yearbook and Cat Talk, we added it for free to the website.  Our hard working webmistress, Kathy Durdick, reports that all those grands from last show season are now online.

Cattery Organization System (COS)

Submitted by Ginger Meeker


John Bierre was a passionate man.  He loved his family, his cats, CFA and helping people in any way he could.  CFA was blessed to have John serve as the Breeders Assistance Program (BAP) chair and Food Pantry Coordinator for many years.  These 2 arms are distinct parts of our Animal Welfare and Rescue activities in CFA.   John passed in April 2013 and we are still feeling the loss of his passion for our CFA Family.

Raising funds for these projects and programs is an integral part of the job.  In the course of funding raising, an idea emerged and eventually became known as the Cattery Organization System.  The system was designed by Ginger Meeker,PhD and tested in the CFA Breed rescue and Breeder Assistance programs by its members.  As the product was developed and refined, John and Ginger worked together to accomplish a finished product to be sold to raise funds for all the activities and aspects of the Breeders Assistance Program and CFA Breed Rescue Committee.  John passed before the final order of binders could be distributed for sale and these binders are now being offered to members of the Cat Fancy.


Binders will be available at the World Show in Novi, MI and Regional Directors have an opportunity to order the binders by the case and sell in their region.  There are 12 binders in a case and the binders are priced at $15.00 with all proceeds going to the BAP/Animal Welfare.  Each binder contains the paperwork with plastic sleeves and a CD of forms required for organizing your cattery. The simple is simple and complete.  The CD can also be used to complete an electronic system for your cattery organization. 


John's wife Terry , has offered to ship these cartons of binders at no charge to aid in this effort to its goal.  Please consider the purchase of a COS binder to support /Rescue and pay tribute to John's 

Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo


November has been declared Feline Diabetes Month, and it is certainly fitting.    This disease has been on the rise for some time, and it is high time for a hard look at its probable causes and treatment.  It can be as simple as obesity, or as complex as a variety of underlying conditions.  Whatever the causes of this devastating disease, it is characterized by four tell-tale signs:  ravenous appetite, weight loss, increased urination, and increased water drinking.  It is definitely life-threatening, and should be clinically evaluated.    Winn suggests two websites to learn more: 


WINNIE SEZ:  Pay attention to your pets!  Cats are notorious for hiding sickness.  Any unexplainable departure from usual behavior in your cat is cause for attention.  This may be a signal of illness before more pronounced signs manifest themselves.
Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair

Ambassador Displaly at 
Cotton States Show

The CFA Ambassadors are geared up and ready for their biggest show of the year:  The CFA World Show in Novi, Michigan, November 23-24.  All Ambassadors have been asked to spiffy up their "ASK ME" badges and be on their toes for this huge weekend that will prominently feature some 1,000 oops!  Sorry Garfield!  Make that some 1,001 cats on display to the general public at the Suburban Collection Showplace. 


Ambassador guided show hall tours will be given, and will feature eight of our hard working ambassadors plus two YFEP members as tour trainees.  Tours will begin at the CFA Ambassadors Booth near the front of the show venue.   This year I will be joined in the booth by Pierre Rivard (thanks Pierre) and we will be available throughout the weekend to help exhibitors and spectators enjoy our show.  Remember our slogan - just  ASK ME!!!


Saturday Tours are scheduled for 10:00 a.m;  12:00Noon; 1:30 p.m.; and 3:30p.m.  

Saturday Tour Guides are:           

Susan Rzyczycki,  (Nautika Buterakos and Rachelle DeVoe, our YFEP trainees),  Kenny Currle,     Sally Ryckman, Brian Tripp and Rose Wheeler                    


Sunday Tours are scheduled for: 11:45am and 1:30 p.m.


Sunday Tour Guides are:

Jane G Ramey,  Cyndy Byrd,  Lauren Castle-Flynn and  (Nautika Buterakos and Rachelle DeVoe, our YFEP trainees)


Our heartfelt thanks to all of these hard working exhibitors/ambassadors who have so graciously agreed to conduct our  very important tours this year.. 


Throughout the show hall, on display will be Pet Me Cats (PMCs) which will be groomed and ready to strut their stuff for a lot of petting.  From all reports, the PMCs are indeed a big hit and I will say once again that they are a rapidly growing and successful addition to our CFA Ambassador Program.  Remember - To enroll a new CFA Ambassador PMC just go here to  sign them up.  It's real easy!!!


(Note - Attention - Owners of Officially Enrolled PMC's -You may want to check in with us at the Ambassador Booth early on Saturday ... there are rumors of some possible SURPRISEs!!!!   (Psst' -your beloved PMCs don't have to be present in World show for you to be eligible) 


I am sorry to say that we still haven't found the much needed RC candidates for Region 2, (upper NW) and R1 (in and about the Boston area).  Also we are,  as always, on the lookout for additional CFA Ambassadors throughout CFA as we strive to grow the program throughout the World. Just click here. Then simply complete the pop-up form, submit it and you will be enrolled!!


Following are some very interesting reports, stories, and photos, from several of our hard working RCs  including Geri, Donna, Candilee, Karen, and Takako & Masanari.  They are each reviewing recent regional and personal Ambassador activities in their areas.  I know you will enjoy reading them.  My Special thanks to these dedicated RCs.


OK - That's it for now.  Hope to see many of you in Novi!!! 


Continue reading ...


Ambassador Cat "Raptor" with a visitor at a show in Japan



Once the queen has been bred, the breeder is often anxious to know whether she is pregnant. There are traditional means of pregnancy detection in the queen. The failure of a queen to come back into heat after breeding is one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy, but a pseudopregnancy will produce the same effect. However, queens experiencing a pseudopregnancy will not usually return to heat until 50 to 60 days after the last estrus.  Read more ...

CFA White Pages
For those of you not familiar with the term, that is what we call our telephone directory.   We automatically include those of you who are judges, clerks, club secretaries, and breed council members.  If you do not belong to one of those groups and want to be included in this publication, or if you need to update your current information, just complete this form by December 1, 2013.  Yes, the form states the deadline is November 1st but we have extended it a month. If you do not belong to one of the above groups, you need to submit a new form every year since we do not carry them over from one year to the next.
Breed Council Ballots
Submitted by Annette Wilson
If you are a member of one of the Breed Councils listed below, you have received an email with your pass code for voting on line.  These were emailed to BC members Oct. 21.
American Shorthair
Devon Rex 
Maine Coon Cat 
Norwegian Forest Cat 
Persian-General and BiColor Division 
Turkish Angora

If you did not receive your on-line voting pass code (and wish to vote on-line), contact Kristi Wollam at CFA CO. 

You can also vote by printing the ballot from the CFA website and mailing your marked ballot to Central Office; here is the link.
Voting deadline is Monday, December 16, 2013 (ballots received in CO or on-line voting completed by 5pm EDT).
Kristi Wollam at Central Office can be contacted if there is any question about the voting process. 
Taiwan Cat Fanciers
Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer
Poster for the Show

The Taiwan Cat Fanciers club had their show on November 10, 2013 in Tainan, Taiwan (Republic of China).  The judges for this experimental format show were Larry Adkison, Wain Harding, Kenji Takano and Yaeko Takano.  For the experimental format, judges first presented their top 10 Longhair and 10 Shorthair cats, then the judge selected their top 10 Allbreed cats from the LH and SH awards.  (Cats finalling in the Allbreed portion did not receive points for their specialty final).


Tainan, a city in Southwest Taiwan, is considered the oldest city in Taiwan and was the capital of Taiwan until 1887.  It is the 4th largest city in Taiwan with a population of over 750,000.  Tainan is  major high-tech industrial hub with optoelectronics, integrated circuits, green energy and biotechnology companies as well as agriculture.  Tainan has several sister cities in the US, including: Carbondale (IL), Columbus (OH), Fairbanks (AK), Huntsville (AL), Kansas City (MO), Oklahoma City (OK),  Orlando (FL), Monterey (CA), San Jose (CA), Snohomish County (WA) and Laredo (TX).


The Apple Daily news agency has a video clip on the show.  See it here.



Judge Yaeko Takano









Judge Larry Adkison
Siam Cat Fanciers' Club
Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer

The Siam Cat Fanciers' Club held their 6th show in Chiang Mai, Thailand on November 2-3, 2013.  The club secretary, Nuttarinee Satirasilpin (Rung), and show manager and manager of Breeder-Care products, Paphunkkorn Kuslopakorn (Watt) staged a 6x6 show sponsored by Royal Canin in the largest shopping center in Northern Thailand.  The CFA judges were Rachel Anger, Carol Fogarty, Rick Hoskinson,  Wakako Nagayama, Allan Raymond, Lorrain Rivard, Diana Rothermel and Irina Tokmakova with guest judges Allan Davies (Australia), Chris Merritt (Australia), Cheryle U'Ren (Australia) and Nadejda Rumyantseva (Russia). The show had 45 kittens, 69 in Championship and 14 in Premiership. 

Best Cat Winners

Chiang Mai is the largest city (population around 1,000,000) in Northern Thailand and was the former capital of the Lanna kingdom.  About 500 miles north of Bangkok with Thailand's highest mountains, it is the site of over 300 Buddhist temples, many dating back to the 13th century.  It offers many eco-tourism activities including visits to the Tiger Kingdom, elephant camps and monkey village as well as spectacular scenery.


Chinag Mai will be the site of the 2014 International Division awards banquet August 30-31.


See more photos ...


Royal Canin Award Winners

The Great West China Cat Fanciers

Judge Chloe Chung

Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer


The Great West China Cat Fanciers Cat Club had their first 2 shows ever in Chengdu, China,  since being accepted for membership by CFA earlier this year.  Their 1st show was held on June 10-11, 2013 with judges Kayoko Koizumi, Edward Maeda, Wayne Trevathan, John Webster, Cheryl Uren, Rod Uren, Carol Fogarty, Chloe Chung, Wain Harding and Yukiko Hayata.  Their 2nd show in Chengdu, China on October 19-20, 2013 with judges Carol Fogarty, Wain Harding, Chloe Chung, Allan Raymond, John Webster and Melanie Morgan.

Kai Gao (on right)

Kai Gao (Gavin) is the club's secretary. Gavin had worked in Canada for over 10 years before moving to Chengdu.  Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in western China, is the 4th largest metropolitan area in China with a population of over 14 million people.  Chengdu is also noted for being the home of the giant pandas and the largest free-standing building, The New Century Global Center.


See more photos ...

The Hong Kong Shorthair Club

Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer


Adilah Roose Scoring the Show

Adilah Roose and her Malaysian show consortium presented the Hong Kong SH Club show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 5, 2013.  This was the 2nd time for the "Mini-show" concept that is revitalizing CFA in Malaysia. Jan Rogers and Jacqui Bennett were the judges.


The "Mini-show" idea was developed by Adilah and several other Malaysians with the key being that cat shows should be fun again.  Malaysian shows were getting too big and too expensive for locals to attend: judge's airfares are US$1,600-1,800; large show halls are expensive; vendors wanted exclusivity, could not afford to sponsor a large show hall; exhibitors did not want to pay US$150-200 entry fees per cat;  large shows are stressful to the exhibitor, to the cat resulting in stressful conduct to other exhibitors.

Judge Jacqui Bennett


With that in mind, the committee approached a food sponsor with a proposal: (1) Sponsor ONE large show a year; or, (2) sponsor a few SMALL shows a year.  The sponsor said "let's try one small show and see how that goes, we only have limited amount of money to sponsor shows".  The plan was to provide a show that would:


  • Bring in local exhibitors.  The financial breakeven point was 80 entries.
  • Eliminate 'judge fatigue' - bring in new judges that are not usually judging in Malaysian
  • Education for everyone: show committee, exhibitors, clerks, public.  Adilah conducted a 'putting on a show' class.
  • Happy sponsors.  The show had 112 entries (over 25% were newbies).
  • More HHP entries as a way to produce more pedigreed cat exhibitors
  • HAVE FUN at the show!


It's STILL a CFA cat show.  The points COUNT.  And for a country/area where we DON'T get 100 rings or more per season, every single point matters!


Food Is Part of the Fun

Adilah writes:


"At the first show (Mini I, the Cat Lovers Show, June 9), instead of door gifts, we gave all exhibitors a local Malaysian Breakfast, Nasi Lemak and a bottle of water.  One for each entry.  We also had Mrs. Hashimah Roose's famous curry puffs for snacks. Pam Delabar and Michael Schliessner were the judge


The second show (Mini II, The Beach Party!) continued the Nasi Lemak breakfast, Since it WAS a beach party, we had fresh coconut water for everyone.  Once again, one of each for each entry.  Of course, Mrs. Roose's sought after curry puffs were on offer again.  The show hall was decorated appropriately (since the budget was limited) of course!


Finals Are Fun !

Since it was a themed show, we were delighted by the exhibitors response to it.  Everyone came dressed for the occasion, we had a bunch of happy, smiling (from the beginning to the end of the show) exhibitors and sponsors.  Once again the rosettes were sponsored by catteries and as a special, Best of Breed, 2nd Best of Breed, and Merit Award mini rosettes were sponsored and given away.  For the first time in many years, "senior" exhibitors actually took the BB/2BB mini rosettes home!  Even our judges, Jan Rogers and Jacqui Bennett (her first overseas assignment) came dressed for the occasion.  And once again, the judges rose to the occasion, making the time to explain the breed standards, occasionally commenting on the grooming requirements and expectations.  What really surprised us, the show management team was the sense of "ownership" of the show by most of the exhibitors.  We had an excess of FOOD, picnic food.  Sandwiches, samosas, cupcakes galore and a queue for the curry puffs which disappeared in an almost instant!


From the responses we've had, Mini Show III, slated for March 2014, will be fun once again, and coming in at the END of the season, perhaps a small respite for the "seasoned" campaigners."


See more photos ...


Region 1
Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director
Not much to report from the NAR this month.  Good Luck to all NAR
exhibitors attending the World Show next weekend.  We are all praying for
great weather!

The NAR is not hosting any shows in November this year, so I hope there
will be a lot of support for the two December shows coming up.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hannukah to everyone.  This year the first
day of Hannukah falls on Thanksgiving. 

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director 



Wow, it's November already and that means the World Show and multiple Holidays are just around the corner! Please let me know if you are interested in a Cattery Organization System binder.  I have a case of them.  There is a bigger article on this project elsewhere in the newsletter that further explains the project.


To all those traveling to Novi, MI for the World Show, travel safely and enjoy the show!  This is an exciting venue and process and I wish each and every one of you safe travels and multiple finals!  Best wishes to our two Regional Judges officiating at the red and purple shows - Brian Moser and Dennis Ganoe.  They are excellent representatives for our region and I'm sure they will perform admirably. 


At the Holidays, show production slows a little so be sure you support your Holiday season shows.  Use this as an opportunity to share the Christmas and New Year's spirit with your cat family and friends.  Cat based gifts from our vendors might be appreciated by your "other" family and donations to rescue and shelter groups are always appreciated.  Perhaps at this time of year a canned food drive for a shelter would be a nice addition to your show activity.  We share a wonderful hobby and at this time of year its important that we take a deep breath and put some things in perspective...we are fortunate to be able to do what we do.   Lewis and Clark LH Specialty CC show the first weekend in December serves as an excellent example of the Holiday spirit by donating a portion of their admission fee to the Cat Adoption Team, a no-kill shelter.  The club will also be accepting cat food donations for CAT who provide food for the pets of homebound clients and senior citizens on fixed incomes.   For more information visit    The January New Year's weekend  show, produced by Responsible Cat Fanciers of the Northwest, is also centered around fundraising for animal rescue. 


Exhibitor Lisa Lee Jones-Garner's son Keith Jones-Garner an upcoming cat artist, creating his mural at the SLC show the w/e of 11/9-10
Yep, it's for real. Seen in a showhall recently.

Region 3

Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary



On October 26th, the Gulf Shore held its Regional Fundraiser show "Diamonds Are Furever" at the Cleburne Conference Center in Cleburne, TX. This was our last fundraiser show before the Annual this coming June in New Orleans. The ribbons and rosettes were all donated by Regional Clubs and unique to each club. Since it was right before Halloween, you could see lots of exhibitors walking around with festive masks and hats on. The judges got into the Halloween Sprit too and each ring had a different theme. All Breed Judge, Jacqui Bennett was my personal favorite with her "Nature Lover" outfit. Newbies Todd and Michelle Richards of Comix Devon Rex won Best Decorated Cage. They have a "mutant" theme and give all of their cats X-Men names.


The raffle had all sorts of interesting items, including some beautiful handmade bookmarks, and of course who could resist Irene Allen and her bucket of Halloween candy? It was good to see her back in the showhall after her back surgery and also Mary Ann Sweeters.


There were 4 cats owned and shown by Region 3 exhibitors who granded at the Cleburne. GC Caitria's Ciara Dawn owned by Sandi Defoe granded and her littermate brother, GC Caitria's Keegan O'Rouke achieved his Grand title the month before. Sandi said it was the first time she has had 2 kittens from the same litter Grand.


Qt-Tonks is also proud to announce a new Grand Champion and a new Distinguished Merit. GC Qt-Tonks Lilly of Balnamore became a Grand Champion Gulf Shore Regional Fundraiser Lilly is a Platinum mink Tonkinese female bred by Harold and Diane Bourgeois and owned by Marge Hutchins and Diane Bourgeois. She is the first of Balnamore Cattery to Grand.


Lilly is the fifth cat of GC, RW Qt-Tonks Veronica Lake, DM to become Grand Champion. Some of you may remember that Veronica Lake was lost for 10 days in Amarillo. For that reason, some people called her "The Runaway Bride". It was through the help of friends that she was found and returned home!


Russian Blue female GC Valnika's La Vie Est Belle also finished up her last points and Granded in Cleburne. She is owned and bred by Valerie and Willie Williamson and is the 10th Grand offspring for sire GC RW Valnika's Silverstone. (No picture available). Valerie told me she was named after one of her favorite Lancome perfumes.


The last cat to Grand is GC, GP Rare Earth's Cinnamon Twist, owned by me and shown by a new exhibitor I am mentoring, Amber McCoy. Cinnamon Twist will be 9 years old next month. Cinnamon Twist got her first Grand title in Championship in 2005 and she is my very first Grand. She enjoyed showing so much back then, I decided to let Amber have fun showing her while she waits for her other show cat to grow her coat out. Amber started showing in July and her daughter, Natalie has been a steward at several of our shows as well. I am hoping Amber has been sufficiently infected with the "show bug" and I know you will all welcome her into our Regional Family.


The month of November is quiet one, but the shows will be back in December with two of our best: The Brazos Valley Cat Club 5 AB- 1 SP show held at the Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds in Rosenberg, TX and the always wonderful Show & Tell Cat Club 6 AB ring show (formerly held in Waco) that is now at the Cleburne Conference Center, in Cleburne, TX on Dec. 21st. We are once again happy to welcome Brenda Neukircher from South Africa as a guest judge. This show features a not to be missed Potluck Luncheon, gift exchange, best decorated cage contest and a best dressed contest! It is one of my favorite shows of the year.


This month we were greatly saddened at the loss of a very well loved member of the Gulf Shore- Mary Hughes Breusch. The following tribute was posted to Regional List by Kitty D. and reprinted here with her permission:

CFA has lost a particularly loved and loyal member and wonderful voice for all cats! I met Mary when she was showing HHPs and was fortunate to watch her take her beloved "Charlie" all the way to the top; including a trip to New York and TV appearances. She started working with Americans, (still showing Charlie and supporting HHP rings), and we became good friends. Mary never missed a North Texas (Dallas) show, often traveling from Arkansas with Judy. As her health declined, she limited her traveling and I saw her less often. We gradually lost touch, and it was a while before I found her unexpectedly at an out-of-region show. I didn't know many folks at that show, and neither did Mary, so we managed to get our benching changed to end up next-door-neighbors. We had a great time reminiscing, and almost missed a ring, (I was showing a Wire and she had one of her gorgeous Bombays). That was prior to the accident that made it impossible for her to get around for a long time. That was a terrible time for our Mary. She suffered greatly because it was so difficult to care for her cats. But being the dear soul she was, she soldiered on and came out smiling.

Mary Breusch made a great impact on the Cat Fancy, the cats, and the world. I feel blessed to have called her friend and will miss, but never forget her.


Rest well, my friend.


Kitty D.



Irene Allen and her Bucket of Candy
Kathryn Queen at the Fundraiser Show
Chris Willingham

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director




The folks in the Great Lakes Region are hard at work helping promote the World Show and helping with the many duties of such a large event. We hope you have all entered and will come to enjoy our great region.


$$$$$ Please stop by the Great Lakes Region booth at the World Show and buy chances to win $500 cash! The winner will be drawn before the end of the show. The booth will have everything you need to know about the 2015 CFA Annual meeting being held in Toronto - including hotel info (we are in downtown Toronto) - park your car or take the airport shuttle and stay at the Sheraton Town Centre in the downtown theater district. There are restaurants galore, featuring every type of cuisine you can think of, shop till you drop at the many shops in the area and entertainment of all kind is within walking distance of the hotel. Visit the Toronto Zoo, the Royal Ontario Museum, take in a Broadway show or two or just put your feet up, Relax and enjoy great hospitality.


Passport, passport cards and all border crossing material and application will be available at the booth. Put away less than 50 cents a day and you will have time to get that passport - good for 10 years! - to visit Toronto and travel where ever you wish.


We will all 'dust ourselves off and end out the calendar year with two upcoming shows before Christmas:


December 7 - Ohio State Persian is holding a 6 ring, one day show in Columbus, Ohio


Decenber 14-15 CanUsa Cat Club and Just Cat’n Around will be hosting a 10 ring show in Maumee, Ohio, which is a suburb of Toledo.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!


Region 5

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Regional Director


EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA!  Read all about it!  Come to Phoenix Feline Fanciers' "It's Feeling A Lot Like Christmas" show on December 14-15, 2013 and get your chance to win . . . 
Thanks to our generous sponsors, IAMS and PETSMART, we will award our Best in Show winners in ALL classes a fabulous gift basket and one year's supply of IAMS food -- that is best kitten, best champion, best premier, best household pet and best veteran.  No one will be left out.
In addition, every exhibitor will receive a Petsmart branded high value coupon.  Our show is developing into a very special holiday event with the support of our sponsors.
The best in show kitties in championship and premiership will also be noted on our Perpetual trophies honoring the memories of Becky Cotter and Craig Rothermel.  Our best in show Kittens, Household pets and Veteran's will receive a specially designed rosette.
For our creative exhibitors we will be holding two contests -- BEST HOLIDAY KITTY COSTUME CONTEST and BEST HOLIDAY DECORATED CAGE.  The top three in each category will receive a special prize.
Our Maine Coon exhibitors will also be recognized with Best in Show rosettes and special prizes.
Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson



Midwest TGIF Fanciers WOW St Louis!


Newspaper ad
On their traditional weekend in November, TGIF hosted one of the best region 6 shows in recent history. Although the count settled at 128 cats, the show was spectacular: the venue was the elegant Versailles Ballroom of the Sheraton Chalet Hotel, with a gorgeous view of the fountains and duck filled lake. The judges lineup of Larry Adkisson, Loretta Baugh, Wain Harding, Lois Jensen Darrell Newkirk, Sharon Roy Barb Sumner, and Russell Webb made the judging interesting and fun for everyone.



The day began leisurely at 10am, but exhibitors had lots of time to breakfast together and visit before the show began. The relaxed pace gave

Candilee Jackson (L) & Beth Cassely (R) with Sharon Roy
everyone the time to visit, ooh and aah over new kittens, and spend quality time with the gate. And speaking of gate: OMG! Did this show have gate!!!! Thanks to a wonderful ¼ page ad in the St Louis Post-Dispatch, TGIF experienced it's largest gate ever! Many came for the very first time, and CFA Ambassadors were on their toes, giving newcomers directions, explanations and allowing the curious to pet show kitties.



Grand cake was for QT-Tonks Midori of Pawdancer
Two grand cakes were there to celebrate two Tonkinese grand champions, and the hotel provided a varied lunch menu that even tempted visitors to stay and dine! A very special raffle took place both Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday raffle included 8 wine and cheese baskets, one with homemade apple sauce and FUDGE! The BIG prize of the day were two homemade apple pies, still warm from the oven Saturday morning ... the aroma just filled the show hall! The Sunday raffle featured a lot of great items for Christmas gifts and a lovely feline 24 x 36 lithograph which generated a great deal of bidding.


Jeanne Nangle working the Raffle


TGIF invites all who missed this show in 2013 to mark their calendars for 2014: November 1-2, Sheraton Chalet, Westport Village, St Louis:   a terrific show hotel and venue surrounded by classy eateries and lots of things to do for early arrivals! Just park your car in the covered garage at no cost, check into your room, and relax!



Holly McCreary

Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director



Cotton States

Cat Club


75th anniversary



In the grand style that we've come to expect from one of CFA's oldest member clubs, the Cotton States Cat Club put on a 75th anniversary show featuring the amazing decorations they're known for and huge doses of Southern Hospitality for their more than 300 entries! In addition to the 10 rings of competition, the show also held the "Golden Oldies" ring for cats 10 years old and up, as it does every 5th year. This year's Golden Oldies included seven 10-year-olds, one 11-year-old, four 12-year-olds, two 14-year-olds, and two 15-year-olds. Each was presented by their owners while Judge Walter Hutzler read their biographies for the audience.


Every year, the Cotton States show features special awards for the highest scoring cat, kitten, premier, and household pet. This year's winners are:


Mary Kate Carroll Award

- Highest Scoring Cat in Show -

Belamy Desiderata of Cinema

Persian owned by C. Stewart/Adler/Mayes


Lilliput Cattery Award

- Highest Scoring Kitten --

DotDotDot BornintheUSA of Wild Rain

Ocicat owned by Roger/Nancy Brown, D/C Friels


Dorothy & Ernie Otten Award

- Highest Scoring Cat in Premiership -

Leggs Flower Drum Song

Oriental Shorthair owned by Gail/Dennis Rampke


Gert Greenspan HHP Award

- Highest Scoring HHP -

Awesome Amber of Careycats

owned by Al & Tanya Walbrun/Sherry Green






Congratulations to Cotton States Cat Club on 75 years of CFA shows!


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