October 2013
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Nov. 7 - Closing Date for World Show
Breed Poster

Looking for a fun and sweet guide to all of your favorite breeds? Download this new breed poster from author/illustrator Yasmine Surovec! In her signature style, Yasmine has created a poster that is perfect for clubs to download and share with kids. The poster depicts 42 breeds with the name beneath each illustration.


Yasmine's first picture book for children, I See Kitty, published in September 2013 by Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Children's Publishing Group. You can find more of Yasmine's wonderful artwork on her blog, which humorously documents the life of a modern cat lover.


To download go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Click Above for Show Info
Breed Council Ballots
Submitted by Annette Wilson

Breed Council ballots will be available for on-line voting beginning October 21.  Only those Breed Councils listed below have a ballot this year and only current Breed Council members (membership status active on 8/1/2013) will receive voting information and an individual 'code' for on-line voting--via email--on October 21.  The Breed Councils with ballot items are:
American Shorthair 
Devon Rex 
Maine Coon Cat 
Norwegian Forest Cat 
Persian-General and BiColor Division 
Turkish Angora
Members of the Breed Councils listed above will have three options to submit a vote:

  • Online voting through Classmarker (BC members will receive instructions, the link to the proposals and an individual pass code beginning Oct. 21)
  • Download a PDF of the ballot from the CFA website and mail it to Central Office
  • Request a paper ballot via US Mail from Central Office.

Only Breed Council members as of 8/1/2013 will receive balloting information beginning Oct. 21 via email (to the member's email address on record) or, if no email address is on record, via regular mail.    You can find your current BC Status at this link; click on your breed to see the membership list--but please use the list of breeds at the very end of the web page:

The deadline to complete on-line voting is midnight (Eastern Time) December 16,2013 (or postmarked December 16 or earlier if mailed).

Kristi Wollam at Central Office can be contacted if there is any question about the voting process.

CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show

Check out the floor plan!

Entries are still open.  The show has nearly 900 entries with a limit of 1,000.  We will close on November 7th at 11pm Eastern.

While all the rings and breeds are sponsored for both shows, we still have sponsorship opportunities available.  Check out the Blog for specific info on what you can do to help.  Many thanks to the CFA Southern Region for their $1,000 donation to sponsor both Agility and the Education Ring.  How about the other Regions?   Encourage your Region to make a donation.  Contact Lorna Friemoth to make a donation or to ask questions.

We still have room for vendors.   Contact our vendor coordinator Mariane Toth and check the Blog.

Doreen & Bob Mathis are coordinating our fabulous raffle and we need lots of donations.  See the Blog for more information.  If you can help, contact them prior to the show.

We have five terrific feline photographers attending the show.  Be sure to come prepared to have your cat's photo taken for your end-of-season, grand, and other photo needs.  We have Richard Kartris (Chanan), Larry Johnson, Tetsu, Preston Smith, and Audra Mitchell.

Parking is free for those staying at the Hyatt which is attached to the showhall.  For all others parking is $5 per day OR you can get a special price for the entire weekend for $5 if you complete and return this form . There is no charge for parking on Friday.

Need a scooter while at the show?  We have a source on the Blog who charges $104.20 for the weekend. 

Information about transportation between the airport and hotel is available on the Blog.

Bringing one of the official Ambassador Cats?  Please be sure to let the entry clerk, Monte Phillips, know so he can add it to the list of benching requests.   If you tell someone else, not Monte, you may find yourself without your cat being benched.
Just a reminder about check-in times:  Friday from 4:00 - 8:00 PM and Saturday morning from 6:30 - 8:00.  Please note that we are locking the hall at 8:30 Friday evening so be prepared.

Cat Talk

Submitted by Teresa Keiger


1. Does your club's show give out special awards, such as to the Best Cats in each class, or bests of a specific breed? Cat Talk wants to help clubs share that news. Do submit your clubs' special awards to us at submissions@cattalk.org. High resolution photos also welcome and we will print as space allows.

  2. The holidays are coming up and we all have had our share of 'interesting' holiday experiences with our cats. The December issue will include some of those memories and we would like our readers to share them with us! Please send any holiday stories that you'd like to share with our readers to Kris Ballentine. Deadline: October 18. 

3. Cat Talk would like to give 10 of our readers' veterinarians a copy of the December issue of Cat Talk.  It's our way of saying "thank you for being a Cat Talk reader" and showing your vet a bit more of the cat fancy hobby.  Send 1. your name 2. your vet's name and address to submissions@cattalk.org.  You must be a Cat Talk subscriber to enter. One entry per subscriber, please. Entries close Nov. 21 and we'll announce our winners Dec. 1.


Central Office Report
 Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson



WOW! Have you seen it? The October issue of "Cat Talk" that is. The cover is gorgeous and there is content for everyone - historians, hobbyists (there really is life after cat shows), art lovers, animal behaviorists (your cat does what? My Jeremiah does shoulder physical therapy), show hints for the Newbie and Pro as well as other good stuff! AND rumor has it that the December issue will have Book Reviews just in time for Christmas gifts. You won't want to miss that especially if you have a child or grandchild and give a gift that is an investment in the future of CFA. Here's the link so you won't miss out: http://catalog.cfa.org/cattalk-almanac.shtml


SOLUTION for a RARE occurrence. While it does not happen often, I know some of us have had a lovely little lady (cat) who may have overdosed on catnip and acted out her secret desire to become a "lady of the evening" with more than one gentleman friend, at a most inappropriate time. And on occasion this indiscretion ("oops" pregnancy) may wind up with kittens having different fathers in the same litter. Thanks to DNA testing here is the solution. No more " Just Pick One."


"CFA allows for the registration of litters with more than one sire. Parentage must be determined using an accepted DNA testing facility prior to registration. The procedure for the registration of a multiple-sired litter or for any litter with questionable parentage is as follows:


Once the DNA test results have been received and parentage has been determined, submit the DNA test results for the sires, dam and all kittens to CFA along with appropriate litter registration applications. Regular registration fees apply. If the litter has two or more sires, complete two different litter applications, listing the different sires on each application."


I always ask Registration for input to be shared in the Newsletter and thank each and every one who has stepped up to the plate to make sure your work is readable and properly submitted. Sold that kitten? Please be sure to complete Section D on the blue or yellow slip. Add that email address and/or daytime phone number and all will be right with the world in the event of any questions regarding the registration.


PEDIGREE REGISTRATIONS - Use the Registration via Pedigree form: and be sure to include a pedigree with the required number of generations.http://www.cfa.org/Portals/0/documents/forms/registration-via-pedigree.pdf Not sure how many generations - call or email and we will check for you or visit the show rules for guidance.


LITTER APPLICATIONS: Be sure to include your Cattery Number in the space provided and use your full address on all paperwork submitted. This is most helpful and greatly cuts down on the "I didn't get my stuff" calls. If you do have to call, please have a ready explanation for "stuff".


Nobody likes to make mistakes. To err is human and some days are more human than others for all of us. We're glad to help solve problems and working with folks who are calm, cool and collected makes those solutions much easier. Try to register your cats & kittens in a timely manner. We do have expedited service, however after 2 o'clock on Friday for tomorrow's show is tricky. Screaming, yelling, nasty epithets and 4-letter plus name calling makes it very difficult for those here who truly want to help you.


Hope to see you all at this years' World Show in Michigan. Travel safe.



Submitted by Joan Miller

CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                


All of us who have been keeping up with the USDA and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Final Rule discussions continue to have numerous questions and concerns. Ever since the rulemaking decision was announced in September dog and cat fanciers have expressed anger, frustration and confusion concerning the Rule's definitions of terms and the uncertainty of how it may impact the future of pedigreed cats/purebred dogs and those who are dedicated to preserving their chosen breed. For background and other information on the Final Rule, go to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) website Legislative Alert Page.   The article, "Don't Panic", describes the ways in which pedigreed cat breeders can be exempt from federal licensing.   The new rule goes into effect on November 18th, however APHIS has stated this will be a gradual process to include education and phased-in enforcement.


The CFA Legislative Group, in collaboration with The International Cat Association (TICA), has prepared a simple-to-understand flow chart for breeders of pedigreed cats and cat rescuers to help them determine whether they need to be licensed and regulated by APHIS, based on their current selling activities.


See the flowchart.


The Animal Welfare Act authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to promulgate standards and other requirements to ensure the humane care and treatment of animals by research facilities, transporters, intermediate handlers, exhibitors and sellers of animals. Administration of the AWA is delegated to APHIS. Dealer licensing is required by the AWA for persons who sell animals for any of the six purposes shown on the chart.


Read more ...    


Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter and MMRF

When Kathy Elsey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009, the Elseys wanted to do everything they could to attain a cure. It did not take the couple long to understand the singular focus and tremendous value of the MMRF mission and to become actively involved through generous contributions. As part of this transformative commitment, they sought creative ways to effectively channel their ongoing assistance and simultaneously inspire as many others as possible to get involved.


The answer came in the creation of a collaborative business model that supports the MMRF by matching a portion of purchases by supporters towards curing cancer. Through their generous contribution and this creative model, the Elseys and Precious Cat have funded nearly $6 million for discovering and advancing new drugs to help cancer patients.


Read more about this collaboration.


CFA Foundation
Submitted by Karen Lawrence



The Feline Historical Museum participated in AKC's Meet the Breeds in New York City on September 28-29.  We took along a number of historical items that were all much admired by the spectators.  With a gate of over 45,000 people, all with the opportunity of a "hands on" greeting from the abundance of dog and cat breeds in attendance, this venue was an excellent chance to spread the word about the museum.


In early October, a 6-month old Korat named Bobby accompanied the history of her breed across the country to the museum in Ohio.  Ann Segrest, Bobby's owner from Oregon, and Bobbie Weihrauch, of Minnesota, drove to Alliance. This was quite an accomplishment, considering the stormy weather in the northern part of the country lately. They delivered a multitude of boxes of historical paperwork related to the Korat breed, some personal treasures and 4 boxes of books.  Much of the historical material came from Daphne Negus who is correctly credited with much of the early work in this breed. We are deeply grateful that they have entrusted us with this fascinating history of one of CFA's most unique breeds.


Recently, we have been providing a great deal of assistance to pedigree line-chasers, utilizing our collection of donated cattery/pedigree records, plus magazines containing studbook listings from various registering bodies. 


We are still in the process of collecting and scanning breed articles. We currently have identified and recorded close to 1,000 breed articles printed in numerous magazines. Over half of these articles have been collected and scanned. This remains an ongoing project.  We are also starting to scan magazines and yearbooks, as well as show catalogs dating back to the 1930's.


The September issue of Cat Talk contains a chronological history of the 100 year existence of The Empire Cat Club, Inc., written by our curator, Karen Lawrence.  This is a fascinating look at the growth of a club from its early beginnings to prominence within CFA and the cat fancy. 


Be on the lookout for a 3-page article about the museum in the December issue of Cat Fancy!  

The Feline Historical Museum
Submitted by Mark Hannon
I recently attended a Board Meeting in Alliance and took advantage of my trip to visit the museum.  As always, there were new additions to check out. The Manx exhibit, the first of the breed exhibits, has been open since May and will soon close.  Karen Lawrence is already at work preparing for the next breed exhibit which will be Persians.  Some new cat dolls have been added to that exhibit.  There is a new display honoring Empire Cat Club's 100th anniversary.  If you are in the area, be sure to drop by to meander through the many fine displays at this feline treasure.   Even if you have been before, there are new additions which make a repeat visit worthwhile.
Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo


Our message to you, our loyal supporters, is neither very new or especially newsworthy this month.    However, it impacts our relationship with you since we want to respond to you promptly--always!


Please note Winn's mailing address:   


355 Cornell Street
Wyckoff, NJ   07481


Phone:  1-888-963-6946


The deadline for grant applications for Winn's 2014 grant review is fast approaching -- December 9!  

Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair
Japanese Ambassador Cat "Raptor"

The CFA Ambassadors are armed and ready for the onslaught of visitors to the World Show in Novi, Michigan!  The Ambassador booth will be hosted by Willa Hawke and Pierre Rivard, but more volunteers would be most welcome.  There are the usual plans for games aka Kitty Search along with prizes for the spectators.  Kitty Search is aimed at helping the public  navigate the show hall and has always proven to be a very helpful tool as well as great fun for spectators and especially the kids.  Additionally, Ambassador Guides will conduct tours of the show hall benching and judging areas:  (We still need more Tour Guides for this project)  If you are interested, please contact me at Willa2736@aol.com. 


The main activity for the Fall thus far has been the CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cats (PMCs) drive: Our Ambassador Regional Coordinators (RCs) have been tasked to "pitch" this wonderful idea to clubs and exhibitors so that more Pet Me Cats will be available for the visiting gate at shows throughout CFA.


GSR Webmaster George Snell has helped us develop a new Ambassador Web page:  which at the moment is only available on the GSR website.  Many kudos to George and also to Candilee Jackson for her masterful composition assistance in the re-writing of the mini Ambassador job description and explanation of the PMC Program!  I urge each of you to visit the GSR web page and to see our new site it will afford you a renewed and updated review of the CFA Ambassador Program and the how to's for our PMCs. The direct link to our page is:    http://cfagulfshore.org/petme-cats.php


Judging from all of our feedback, the PMCs are a big hit wherever they go and I can only add that they are proving to be a successful addition to our CFA Ambassador Program.     To enroll a new or PMC just go to the following link and sign them up.  It's real easy! http://www.catscenterstage.com/ambassador-cat-application.shtml 


We are still in need of another RC candidate and additional help in Region 2's upper NW and in Region 1 in and about the Boston area.   As always, we remain on the lookout for additional CFA Ambassadors as we continue working to grow the program throughout the entire Association.  Remember, It is easy to sign up and become an officially enrolled member of the CFA Ambassador Program. Just click here.

Then simply complete the pop up form, submit it and you will be enrolled!!


Check out an engaging report including photos from Region 8's Regional Coordinators Takako and Masanari who are doing an outstanding job for us in Japan. There is also a report from Phebe Low in Hong Kong.  Phebe works very hard for the entire International Division.


Well, that's it for this one -   See you next month

Staples Discounts

Get Your Club's Copying Done Using the Staples Discount Program


Go here to get Staples discount information.


It is a good idea to call your local Staples store well in advance to schedule your printing needs. Remember, all your club needs to do to receive the CFA discount is to contact Angel Richardson at 888-224-3684, ext. 1196, or email her at Angelina.Richardson@Staples.com. If Angel is unavailable, you will need to sign up here for a Staples Rewards Number

 Or you can sign up for a rewards number at the nearest Staples store. The CFA Corporate Staples number that you will need to give your local Staples store is 2818011005. If Angel is not available, you would need both the CFA Corporate Staples Number and your Staples Rewards Number to present to the store at the time of pick up to receive the CFA discount. 


Vetstreet.com - Agility

Vetstreet.com is an online magazine which recently included an article and video on CFA Agility.  They interviewed  CFA Feline Agility Coordinator Jill Archibald and Lisa-Maria Padilla, an agility trainer, and taped assorted felines running the obstacle course at last month's National Capital Cat Show.   It's a great interview.  Take a look.
Clerking Program
Submitted by Cheryl Coleman, Chair

Clerk Deb Metz
The Clerking Committee is alive and well! Just to let you know of a few things going on:


1. Online clerking school - yes, it is still 'under construction'! We are trying to make this as accurate and easy to use as possible. We don't want to be too quick to put something out. We sincerely appreciate everyone's patience, and thanks to those MCI's who are still putting on schools!

2. Clerking test - it's that time again. We'll be gathering information and test questions for next Spring's clerking test. PLEASE BE AWARE:  the show rules will be in a different format, so Show Rules we used to quote, will more than likely be a different number. The test will still reference show rules - you just won't be able to use older Show Rule numbers.

3. Clerking Manual - with new Show Rules, will come an UPDATE to the Clerking manual. The manual does reference Show Rules, so it will need to be updated, and ready in time for the Clerking test.

China International Pedigree Cat Fanciers
Penni Richter being interviewed on Chinese TV
China International Pedigree Cat Fanciers Club held their first show in Pudong, Shanghai on October 12-13, 2013 with a large contingent of CFA folks from Japan and the US including visitors Penni & Jon Richter, Cyndy Byrd, Andrea Bohren and a number of USA judges.  The local Shanghai TV station filmed the opening ceremonies and interviewed Dick Kallmeyer, Penni Richter and Chloe Chung.  

Allen Chen ('Allen 1') &  Allen Shi ('Allen 2')
Passion Feline Fanciers / Pearl River Cat Club 
Submitted by Danny Tai

Passion Feline Fanciers and Pearl River Cat Club held a very successful and professional 12 ring cat show in Foshan, China, on October 5th & 6th. This was the largest CFA cat show held in the southern part of China.

There were over 100,000 visitors who came to our show. In this show, we proudly had 
Chloe Chung who held a CFA pedigreed cat talk to promote our CFA and pedigreed cats to the Chinese. We had 144 pedigreed cats in the show.

Our show attracted 10 different Foshan and Guangzhou TV media and newspapers to interview judges, cat clubs and exhibitors. All publics and media appraised our show very much.

Our success goes to our 12 professional judges (Ayumi Ueda, Yukiko Hayata, John Colilla, Wayne Trevathan, Wakako Nagayama, Chloe Chung, Edward Maeda, Russell Web, Walter Hutzler, Sheila Mizzi, Cheryle Uren and Douglas Myers). We had a professional and happy team of ring clerks ( Chris Wong, Chrissie Chan, Clarence Lai, Ball Fu, Doris Luo, Irene Lau, Evan Yang and Kit Fung) 

It was a sparkling co-operation for both cat clubs. Many thanks to King Fok, Ben Ma, Wilson and Tiger.  Mulin Yang made the beautiful and professional rossettes. All the judges and exhibitors loved it. Special thanks to our main sponsor 1056.

Check out the photos... 

SSpectators at the Show
Spectators at the Show
Tianjin Cat Fanciers
Submitted by John Webster

The Tianjin Cat Fanciers Club had their first show in Tianjan, China on September 21-22, 2014.  The show was small with 81 cats but the exhibitors, club and judges had a great time.  The judges were Edward Maeda, Becky Orlando, John Webster, Carol Fogarty, Brian Moser and Pam Moser.  Tianjin is China's 4th largest city (8.9 million population), only 71 miles from Beijing.  Tianjin has offices/facilities for 285 of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Jiang Nan CF, Shanghai Cat Lovers Society, Katnip KK
Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer

Three clubs combined to put on their first show in Shanghai China on September 14-15, 2013Jiang Nan Cat Fanciers Club, Shanghai Cat Lovers Society,and  Katnip Kat Klub.  The show venue was the Shanghai South Railway Station shopping mall.  John Chen (co-owner of CFA's 2013 5th Best kitten and his wife Jin Jun represented the Jiang Nan CF club;  Howe Gao, Co-winner of the 2013 CFA International division Clerk of the year represented the Katnip Kat Club.  Jerry Won (not pictured) represented the Shanghai Cat Lovers Society.  CFA judges were Wain Harding, Diana Rothermel, Tracy Petty, Pam and Brian Moser, Melanie Morgan, Liz Watson and Douglas Myers. 


Shanghai is the largest city in China (24 million populationa) and is also one of the top financial centers in the world.


See more photos ...


John Chen & His Wife Jin Jun





Howe Gao & His Wife Winnie

Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


Congratulations to  Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers.  CFA has received some wonderful comments from spectators attending the show and one of them sent a beautiful picture of judge Patty Jaccoberger.  The show also was one of the few this year to "fill".  

Congratulations to Salt City Cat Club.  The club had a great gate attendance.  From that attendance came Region 1's first Youth Feline participant.  She is Sarah Pulverenti.  She will be attending shows soon with her favorite cat, a Black British SH in Premeirship.  Salt City also had new HHP exhibitors.  A family, with three children all showing  their own favorite HHP.  All three HHP made several finals.  At the end of the day, the father came to me expressed his thanks for how well his children had been treated by everyone there, including all the judges.  His comment was that it was one the the best family days the family had ever had.  I am sure the local shows will be seeing this family again.  Great job Salt City Cat Club!
Join me in congratulating Doreann Nasin on her acceptance as a Shorthair Trainee.  


Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker 



Hats off to the Steinbeck Cat Club presenting a one day 6-ring show on October 19.  They are offering a "Newbie Package" for those attending their first CFA show.  The package includes a free double cage, 10 free raffle tickets and special benching with a mentor or other helpful exhibitor.  Great job Steinbeck!!!


Also a reminder to clubs sponsoring shows this season- remember to apply to Tammy Roark for the rebate of your show license fee ($200).  This rebate is being offered to say THANK YOU to the show producing clubs that worked so hard to raise funds for the 2013 CFA Annual.  It truly "takes a village" to raise this kind of money and no one person or group can take credit for the achievement.  We actually raised more than was spent so a thank you to the clubs seemed to be in order.  To get your rebate, after your show is held contact Tammy Roark and give her the name of the treasurer for your club and the information on how the check should be made out. 


November sports 3 shows in R-2.  Please do all you can to support these clubs.  First weekend there will be shows in San Mateo (Golden Gate CC) and Emerald CC holding their show in St Helens OR this year.  Both of these shows are one-day 6 ring and include veterans class.  Second weekend in November will find the Utah CF in Salt Lake City UT producing a 2 day 10 rings show also to include veterans class. Please do all you can to support all of our shows! 


Region 3

Submitted by Tracy Bayarena, Regional Secretary



September was a crazy month here in the Gulf Shore Region. During this time, we're usually on high alert, as it is the peak of Hurricane season. Even though we didn't have a hurricane in the Gulf to worry about, the weather still managed to play havoc for some in our region.


Lots of natural light in the showhall

One of the nicest cat shows of the year is a sleeper show in Alexandria, LA on Sept 14th and 15th. This 10 AB ring show is put on by the Cenla Cat Fanciers and the Bougalie Rebels Cat Club. For the last two years it's been held at the Best Western Conference Center which is adjoined to the Best Western hotel - making for a super convenient hotel show! The club has negotiated an awesome rate for the exhibitors, and the best part is the free, made to order breakfast that is

Home baked goodies on the raffle table

included. For lunch, everyone enjoyed a club prepared lunch of homemade red beans and rice, Cajun gumbo, beef brisket with potato salad or sausage dogs. I always look forward to any show in Louisiana because I know the hospitality is going to be way above average. The raffle was filled with various treasures, including some homemade baked goodies and the gate was good enough for kittens to be sold by the exhibitors who had brought them. We like this hotel so much, in fact, it's being considered as a possible location for the Regional Awards show and banquet. Once everyone sees how nice the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center is, I doubt Alexandria will be a "sleeper" show much longer. Plan to attend this one next year! 


Read more ...

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The Great Lakes Region is gearing up to be the location of the CFA World Show next month, with many regional fanciers volunteering to help in a variety of ways. From working at the Pet Expo the weekend before to make all who attend aware of the opportunity to see the world's best pedigreed cats being judged by judges from all over the world, to meet Garfield, experience Cat Agility and visit a great group of vendors, to setting up, helping with judge transport, hospitality, and the many events that make this show unique.


Entries are still open, with new ones coming in on a daily basis as the show approaches the fill mark. Don't delay - you don't want to miss this!

Region 4 has three shows being staged prior to the World Show and invites you come to attend one and see what fall is like in the Great Lake states.


October 26-27 the Hallmark Cat Club is holding a 6X6 event in Brockport, New York. There will be 5 allbreed and 1 specialty ring each day.

The next weekend come to the Pittsburgh, Pa area to join the Butler Cat Fanciers at a 6 ring, all allbreed one day show. Finally the last show in Region 4 before the World Show is that put on by the Dayton Cat Fanciers in Dayton, Ohio featuring 7 allbreed and 1 specialty ring.


All of these shows are staples in Region 4 and need your support. They are well run and managed, in excellent show halls, and offer the chance to fanciers to experience the great hospitality and friendliness in the GRRRREAT Lakes Region.


The 2015 CFA Annual meeting will be held in Toronto, Canada. We encourage all fanciers to get a passport, passport card, or, if living in a border state, to procure an enhanced driver's license. Both the passport and the passport card (valid for land crossings and sea travel from many areas in the Caribbean, in addition to being HALF the cost of a regular passport!!)- are valid for 10 years from the date of issue.


Visit the Great Lakes Region booth at the World Show to obtain information and applications for the passport or passport card, to obtain information about the great city of Toronto, and to participate in our Fundraising event.  


Region 5

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Regional Director


The cat fancy in Hawaii has a long history, dating back to before World War II. However, fanciers there have faced extreme challenges over the last few years. In addition to the problems most clubs have to deal with, they have difficulties due to Hawaii's strict quarantine and being targeted by animal rights groups. Also, the Oahu government has started enforcing a little known regulation which prevented clubs from using one of their traditional show halls. 


But recently, through the concerted efforts of a number of Hawaii fanciers, the tide is turning. A few weeks ago, the mayor of Honolulu granted an exemption to the regulations concerning animal events in government facilities, so that Hawaii clubs can again have access to their longtime venues. Even more remarkably, officials have asked for CFA's help in dealing with the feral cat population on the island.


This demonstrates what we as fanciers can accomplish when we put forth a concerted effort to show that we are willing to work with local officials for the benefit of all concerned. We have gone from being on the verge of losing the fancy in Hawaii altogether to cultivating a positive working relationship with the government, to the benefit of both the cats and the cat fanciers of the islands.


Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson


American Gothic truly put on a show to remember: everything was letter purrfect from the people food, fellowship, gorgeous furkids, and the raffle of all raffles! Here's some of the wonderful compliments following the show:


What a wonderful show. It was great to see all of our friends, exceptional cats and new grands. Congratulations to Brian Tripp and his Bombay boy. The show was so well run we were able to get home in good time yet not feel rushed from ring to ring. Terry and SueAnn did a great job and though we all missed John it was a tribute to him and the club to see all of the entries. We will see you all next year!

Lauri and Mike Henry


Ditto all of these remarks! What a super show this was. I know how much work goes into putting on show, and to have the added burden of doing it without the one wonderful person who had been in charge, speaks so highly of the determination and dedication of this show committee! Thank you everyone involved for a job well done! 
And, YES, see you next year!

Janice Pitelka

Thecatgarden and Foxtrot Somalis


I absolutely agree - job truly well done! From beginning to end the attention to detail was unbelievable. A great show! Thank you for being a part of the Mid-West!!

Kathy Calhoun


I concur!! What a great weekend. Terry & Sueann, Cindy, Jan, Janine, and the Webers (and others I may be forgetting) did a spectacular job. The exhibitors came through with a wonderful number of beautiful entries. The gate was amazing which shows that there was some good advertising done! The food vendors provided some yummy grilled options and scrumptious pies too. The show ran very smoothly and we were all on the road in record time...thank you judges for that! All in all, it was a rockin' good time. I'm so pleased to know that the show will be back again next year. And yes, John would be so proud. 
 Robin Bryan





Since Midwest IS Best, what's up next? Tons of fun in Springfield, Illinois with the Illinois Feline Fanciers show on October 19-20 at the state fairgrounds. This lovely venue promises to have an incredible gate as there are at least six huge events going on there, including a DOG show!!!


Coming up in November is the Midwest TGIF spectacular at the Sheraton Chalet Hotel in the Westport Village area of St Louis. Not only does this show have the grand ballroom venue, but the area boasts of a minimum of 10 classy eateries to tempt the feline exhibitors' palate! Naturally there will be a raffle and it's rumored some very special baskets are planned including some hone-canned applesauce that is to DIE FOR!!!!


Region 7

Submitted by Joanne Hardeman



Cotton States Cat Club Celebrates 75 Years!



This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Cotton States Cat Club both as a club and 75 years of consecutive shows.  It was Mary Kate Carroll (Kohinoor cattery) who gathered a group of cat lovers to form the club in 1938.  That same year, they held their first show at the Atlantan Hotel with 118 entries.  Mary Kate's life included over 30 years in the CFA judging program and 50 years of breeding; her enthusiasm and love for cats continues in the club today.


The Cotton States Cat Club has been known for producing spectacular shows through the years.  In 1985, CFA presented their last prestigious "Show of the Year" award to Cotton States.  In 1999, it became the Friskies Lead Show with over 300 entries.  Since that time, Cotton States has continued to produce shows averaging 350 entries.


November 2nd & 3rd, the Cotton States cat show will be a celebration of the past 75 years -- a "Diamond Jubilee".  This show special will be extra special with dazzling decorations, a presentation of Golden Oldies (10+ year old cats), special "rosettes" for all finals, gifts for exhibitors, incredible awards for highest scoring cats in each category, beautifully decorated champagne bottles for all new grands, and an anniversary party with live entertainment following Saturday judging.  Everyone is welcome to join the celebration.    It will be held at the Gwinnett Center, 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA.  Detailed information about the club, this year's show and past shows is available at the club website.

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