September 2013
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Nov. 7 - Closing Date for World Show
Lisa-Maria Padilla with some of National Capital's ring decorations this past weekend. 

After their absence in 2012, National Capital returned in 2013 with a better show than ever. Their entry was the largest so far this show season and they had a whopping 152 kittens present.  Show Managers Tracy Petty & Deb Curtis, along with a large and talented group of workers, showed the cat fancy what a cat show is all about with not only a large entry but with more vendors than seen at most shows and an enviable gate shopping with those vendors and enjoying the fabulous cats.  
Read more about this year's show in an upcoming issue of "Cat Talk" and in the CFA Yearbook which will be available next January.



CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show

Entries opened on September 2nd and they are coming in very well.   Our Entry Clerk reports that we have over 800 entries and we do not close until Nov. 7th.  Please be sure you pay for your entries within 10 days of entry, per the CFA Show Rules. You can mail a check to our Entry Clerk or send payment via PayPal.  See the flyer for mailing address and PayPal info.

All 18 rings are sponsored!!  We still have some breeds that need sponsorship and the deadline for signing up for this is September 20th. The early date is to permit printingt the sponsors' names on the rosettes.   We can also use additional sponsors for Misc. Ring Sponsors, Agility, Education Ring, and more.  The names of these sponsors will be printed on signs hung in the hall and included in the show catalog ... the deadline is November 7th.   Check the CFA Blog for a listing of what sponsorships are still available and the cost.  If you have questions or want to sign up for a sponsorship, contact Lorna Friemoth.

We have been asked if breed councils and breed clubs can sponsor breed rosettes for Agility.  Best of Breed can be honored if the club or breed council orders/purchases the rosettes on their own and provides them to Jill Archibald at the show.  Jill will score the competition and present the awards on Sunday afternoon.  Be sure to let Jill know on Saturday morning of your sponsorship so she can score your breed's contestants.

Hyatt Place at the Suburban Collection Showplace, the hotel attached to the showhall, is sold out.  For those who were able to get a room there, the special rates for our group are good through Sunday night.  They only have 124 rooms and our event has almost all of them.  There are other nearby hotels.  Check the show flyer.

Parking is free for those staying at the Hyatt which is attached to the showhall.  For all others parking is $5 per day OR you can get a special price for the entire weekend for $5 if you complete and return this form. There is no charge for parking on Friday.  

We are working to get special rates for transportation to/from the airport as well as for scooters in the showhall.  We will make this information available when we get it finalized.  

We have five terrific feline photographers who plan to attend the show: Chanan, Larry Johnson, Tetsu, Audra Mitchell, and Preston Smith.  Come prepared to have your cat's image captured for your future needs with your website, Facebook, and hopefully end-of-season grands and other awards.

We still need volunteers to help with many tasks related to this show.  If you can help out, please notify our show secretary, Rachel Anger, who will pass the information along to the right people.

Mary Kolencik is doing a terrific job keeping the CFA Blog up-to-date with lots of news about the show.  Got questions?  Check, the Blog!


Catteries With Most Grands


This is the data CFA has on file from 1978 through July, 2013. 









Central Office Report
 Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson



The World is coming, The World is coming, The World Show that is, and Breed Booth requests are arriving on a daily basis. Linda Peterson sent out the Breed Booth information and request sheet for your reply to be submitted to It's gonna be a reeeeally BIG show and you do not want to miss the opportunity to showcase your breed. Deadline for receipt of your request is October 15, 2013!


Club Special: Raffle, Raffle wonderful Club Raffles! Have we got a deal for you. The Garfield posters have been well received and the supply is limited. We are offering Garfield posters to domestic clubs for $12.50, shipping included. The poster is to be a Raffle Table item. There will be an additional shipping charge for Europe, Japan and International Division clubs. Contact Central Office


For those of you registering a cat via pedigree, it is necessary for you to submit the certified pedigree for the cat you want to register with the number of generations required by that breed. If more generations are required than you have on the initial pedigree, it may be necessary to submit pedigrees for the parents or even grandparents. This is becoming a problem and delays the completion of your request.


Emails, we get lots and lots of emails. Once again, please do not send emails to multiple recipients. This may greatly slow down your request or even have you charged two or three times for the same request. We try not to let this scenario take place but it has happened due to one email sent to multiple recipients.


Please also when emailing, use your full name on each email whether new or in response to a question from us. If we are working with you and there is a delay in a response it can be very difficult at times to match a response to a particular question and using your full name would be very helpful.


Those who handle our mail and registrations have twice dared me to tackle this problem in the newsletter. Having seen a recent submission, it has to be done. I know some kitties have bad potty habits. And I know we may let mail lie around but if you have a bad boy or girl and they have to potty, please direct them to the litter box and not the mail box or those papers that will go in the mail box. Unfortunately the journey between your house and ours does not eliminate offensive odors or stains.



Submitted by Joan Miller

CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                


(The Legislative Committee is currently reviewing the recent USDA Ruling and its effects on us as breeders.  We will soon distribute a CFA-News Notice with their analysis and recommendations for us.)


Upcoming CONFERENCES of Interest


- CFA participants can learn about issues concerning the welfare of cats.

CFA Grass Roots Legislative Liaisons - There are several interesting events and conferences coming up this fall that you should know about. Try to attend if possible. Network with those in the animal protection field and make it known that CFA fanciers do care about all cats.


ACES (Animal Center Education Services) International Conference


WHEN: September 26,27,28, 2013


WHERE: Hyatt Regency, La Jolla, California (near San Diego)


This will be 2-1/2 days of presentations, " on the most innovative strategies to increase adoptions, bring in more revenue, and move the animal welfare Industry forward".    


Speakers include Becky Robinson, Founder of Alley Cat Allies, Jane Hoffman of the New York Mayor's Alliance and Steve Dale, Winn Feline Foundation Board Member. Attendees will come from all over the country and international locations.  I will be there. 


For Information, speakers, schedule, registration and a brochure -


 Read More ...


Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke, Chair
Ken Cribbs & his Siamese Mr. Peabody appearing on TV in Hawaii to promote "Cat Video Art".
Finally this Summer of 2013 is nearly ended and we are definitely gearing up for Fall.  Both yearly bell ringers, the Santa Monica and National Capital shows have happened and they were each reported to have been great successes.  Santa Monica was small scale this year but hopes to be back to normal size in a larger facility next year.  National Capital sounds to have been a "howling success" in every aspect.  Special thanks to Tracy Petty, NC co Show Manager, for her help to us with the distribution of the Ambassador Pet Me Cat (PMC) Flags on Saturday.  From all reports, the PMCs were a big hit and I will say right here that they are a rapidly growing and successful addition to our CFA Ambassador Program.  JFYI - To enroll a new CFA Ambassador PMC just go to here and sign them up.  It's real easy!!!


Mary Sietesma, (R2) sends a great review along with photos from the recent Livermore show where they added an entirely new concept for children called Pet Kitty.  Short but lively report from Marianne Toth, (R4).  Harold Bourgeois, (R3) and Robin Robertson,(R5) our two newest RC recruits, have each shared heart warming stories relating to their personal activities as CFA Ambassadors.  And as expected and counted on, our ever faithful Donna Isenberg R5 and Candilee Jackson R6 didn't let us down.  Also, I included a delightful letter from a PMC exhibitor who attended NC.  Oh yes, also you just  must see the great video sent from Mr. Peabody (HI) depicting his latest "Photo Op."  Please don't miss any of these!!!


Meanwhile, the search goes on for a couple more RC candidates in other regions.  We need some additional help in R2's upper NW and in R1 in and about the Boston area.  And as always, we are on the lookout for additional CFA Ambassadors as we continue in our efforts to grow the program throughout the entire CFA.  It is easy to sign up and become an officially enrolled member of the CFA Ambassador Program. Just click here.  Then simply complete the pop-up form, submit it and you will be enrolled. 


Following are the very interesting reports, stories, and photos, (most I have mentioned above) from several of our hard working RCs depicting their recent regional and personal Ambassador activities.  I know you will enjoy reading each of them. 


See you next month!!
CFA Foundation
Submitted by David Mare, President, The CFA Foundation, Inc. 


null The Foundation Museum continues to evolve with many new donations - particularly in the cat doll collection which always attracts visitors to the museum.  The Maneki Neko exhibit which had been scheduled to be dismantled still draws tremendous public interest and we have opted to make it a permanent exhibit.  If you haven't seen it yet you're missing a real opportunity.


The Foundation Museum continues to evolve with many new donations - particularly in the cat doll collection which always attracts visitors to the museum.  The Maneki Neko exhibit which had been scheduled to be dismantled still draws tremendous public interest and we have opted to make it a permanent exhibit.  If you haven't seen it yet you're missing a real opportunity. 


We are in negotiations with the Glendale Library in Glendale, CA, which currently houses the largest cat library in the country, to acquire the majority of their books, magazines and manuscripts.  If we are successful in acquiring these items, it would make our library the largest cat library in the United States with over 5000 books and make us one of the best resources for research.  The biggest obstacle is the shipping cost from California to Ohio and if any clubs or individuals are interested in sponsoring any portion of the shipping costs please contact me directly by email (

No donation is considered too small and we are ever grateful for your continued support.  Remember, too, that donations to The CFA Foundation are 100% tax deductible!


We are about to launch a program requesting clubs to consider donations to the museum in lieu of judges gifts to cover things like the shipping mentioned above - stay tuned for more information as it develops.  


As always we invite all of you who haven't seen the museum to please come to visit us and to those who have been there -- we'd love to see your smiling faces once again.


Club Sponsorships Available
nullThere is money available from Dr. Elsey's, Royal Canin, and from CFA itself to help clubs advertise their show to the public.  We need to draw the public to our shows for a variety of reasons and all of them benefit the cat fancy. Gate provides customers for your vendors, potential new homes for kittens and adults retired from your breeding program, and helps educate the public to the benefits of our hobby so they support us against activists.
We estimate that we have sufficient funds to sponsor 100 shows this year.  For more information contact Ann Caell
Winn Feline Foundation
Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo


Winn Feline Foundation and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation were pleased to honor William Murphy, PhD, Associate professor of Genetics, the Department of Integrative Biosciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University, as the winner of this year's Excellence in Feline Research Award.  The award was presented at the Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Symposium by Winn Past President and Board Member, Susan Little, DVM, on August 3, 2013, at Michigan State University.  The award includes a cash prize of $2500 and a crystal cat statue, the "Winnie."


Dr.Murphy is widely respected for his contributions to feline genomics, addressing feline species phylogeny and developing comparative maps by radiation hybrid analysis.  He has authored a long list of articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. 


Winn's Blog


One of the best ways to keep abreast of cutting-edge health research is to check out the Winn blog.  Managed by webmaster Susan Little, the reviews of health research are written by Winn Veterinary Committee null members, Drs. Melissa Kennedy, Glenn Olah, and Vicki Thayer.  They not only survey and report on Winn-funded research, but also report on research sponsored by others on important projects worldwide.  The url is:


Winnie Sez:  Take your cats on fun trips with you, not just to the vet.   They will learn that carriers offer a variety of experiences other than the necessary medical ones.
New Children's Book
null Yasmine Surovec loves kitties!  She is the artist behind the popular comic blog and book Cat vs. Human.  In addition to her blog, Yasmine's first picture book, I See Kitty, is now available.  The book tells the story of a young girl who is so desperate to have a cat that she starts to see them everywhere! As a bonus, there is a wonderful, downloadable activity guide for children ages 3 to 6.  Parents and clubs can download, print, and make copies of the guide to extend the book experience!  Check back on CFA's Facebook page later this month for a chance to win your own copy of I See Kitty! 
Who Knew?
Submitted by Roseann A. Davis
Steve with his homemade finger back in the 70s.
What do the "foam finger" and the cat fancy have in common? 


If you answered Steve Chmelar, of Celestrail Ragdolls,  you're right! 


Steve Chmelar invented and built the prototype of the foam finger in 1971 as a way to show support for the Ottumwa (IA) High School Bulldogs.  He made an oversized hand from paper mache, wire and hardware cloth with a finger measuring 20 inches high.  It was a hit.  After the championship game, Chmelar put the finger away in his parent's attic.  The finger came out of the attic when he married his wife Lynn, and moved to their basement, where it lives peacefully today. 


Steve and Lynn have bred and exhibited beautiful Ragdolls for many years.  Cats being cats, I'm pretty sure the Raggies believe they're number one! 


For more about Steve and the "finger", see this article from The Des Moines Register.  Also, check out this entry in Wikipedia.


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


Not a lot to repost on right now in Region 1.  I would like to announce 
our upcoming  late September and October shows :

September 21 and 22
Syracuse Cat Club and Alouette Cat Club- 6x6 in Cortland NY. 
October 5th
Greater LancasterFeline Fanciers - 1 day ,6 rings in York Pa. 
Octoner 12 and 13
N.E.M.O. - 4x4 in Sturbridge Ma.  
October 19 and 20 
National Birman and Fyfe and Drum -  6x6 in Hatfield Pa. 

October 26 and 27
Libety Trail and Nova Cat Fanciers -  6x6 in Eastfield PA.  
We hope to see lots of exhibitors and cats at all these shows in Region 1.

Heads up if you are looking , there are no shows scheduled for the Month
of November in Region 1.  The two shows that have run in November have both decided that they cannot have a show this year.

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker 




This last month, two more cats from Region 2, met criteria for the Grand of Distinction Award.  They are  GC/GPD Syracoons Aslan the Lionhearted owned by Jeff and the late Linda Hempe and GPD Castlkatz Luna Lovegood owned by Paul and Ginger Meeker.


Of the 37 cats eligible for this new award, nine were listed to region 2.  We wish all those cats going for this new award the best of luck!


Club members have asked me to be sure and publicly thank our CFA sponsors for the monetary sponsorships received by many in the region.  If any club has questions on how the program works or needs help with the process, please contact Ann Caell  


Region 2 mourns the loss of long time fancier George James.  George and his wife Bonnie bred Cornish Rex under the cattery name Kimo.  George was an active member of multiple clubs in the Portland area and served in many capacities in his career with the Fancy.  When treasurers changed in the region, we could always depend on George to graciously review the books for the region.  George passed August 22, 2013 and the region sends condolences to his wife Bonnie and their family.


OCI Celebrates a Golden Anniversary

Submitted by Kim Everett-Hirsch



null This show for Oregon Cats, Inc, marks its 50th Anniversary- a feat that deserves our recognition. The show was well run and offered not only a great raffle but also an opportunity for exhibitors to do the "sticker hunt". The stickers were then redeemed for that ever popular CASH. A total of $500 was possible through the sticker hunt.  Every year this club seems to come up with a new and appreciated way to say "thank you" to their customers- the exhibitor.


null To continue with tradition, OCI names its Exhibitor of the Year and this year Kim Welch, affectionately known as "Kim Jr." took the honors. Our congratulations to Kim Welch! She has served in multiple capacities with the club and is an excellent show manager.


Some shows have a "Parade of Grands"...this show did a Parade of Grand Cakes and there were multiple cakes of all sizes and flavors to meet anyone's preference! What a fun way to not only honor OCI but the "grands" that were partying that weekend.


OCI is known for its community service and again this year will be donating part of the profits to Oregon Cat Shelter and FIDO. Hats off to OCI for their on-going support of those less fortunate animals in our society! This club exemplifies the fact that there is more reason than just "points" to do a cat show.


Press coverage was excellent.  Check the video and print media.


Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul




null This past month, Region 3 has suffered the loss of two important members:  C' Anne Chavaneau-Ellis and Dick Levitan.  C'Anne and her husband Vincent bred and showed British Shorthairs under the prefix Divine Design.  C'Anne loved showing her Brits, spending time with friends at the cat shows and celebrating everyone's accomplishments.  Her greatest pleasure was to talk with spectators, new exhibitors and first time visitors. She would spend hours talking with people about CFA, all of our beautiful cat breeds, our judges, and introducing them to other breeders and the world of the Cat Fancy. CFA has lost a true ambassador.  C'Anne was overjoyed to be able to achieve two of her goals as a breeder recently: producing a National Winner and obtaining a DM for her beloved Bi-color boy, Regatta Red. Outside of the show hall, C'Anne devoted her life to her 5 children and their families. She also ministered to the homeless, battered women and really anyone who was in need. She will be greatly missed by her Region 3 family and beyond. C'Anne and her husband Vincent have been a welcomed sight at nearly all of Region 3's shows and we send our sincere condolences out to her family.  Vincent intends to downsize the Divine Design cattery, but he will continue showing and breeding the wonderful cats that C'Anne loved so much in her memory.


Although Dick Levitan had been retired from the Cat Fancy for some time, the importance he and his wife Barbara played in the early development of the Oriental breed cannot be understated and still continues today. Their cattery, Felitan, was instrumental in the early days of this breed, due to the generosity displayed by Dick and Barbara in sharing some of their best cats with other breeders.  If you are interested in reading more about the Levitan's and the early history of the Oriental, click here to a reprint of a 1992 article published in the CFA Yearbook.


Things have been quiet on the cat show front here in Region 3, but September marks the return of cat shows to our area.  The Cenla Cat Fanciers and the Bougalie Rebels will be pairing up for their annual cat show in Alexandria, LA. September 14-15. This is a 10 AB ring Hotel show held at the Best Western Inn and Conference Center. The convenience of having the show in the hotel's adjacent conference center is fantastic, not to mention the free, made to order breakfast that the hotel includes with their already discounted rate! Alexandria also has a couple of local restaurants that should not be missed- Cajun Landing for authentic Cajan seafood, which is located right next to the show hotel and Eddie's BBQ for drive thru barbeque that you can take back with you. The clubs offers a discounted 4-pak entry, so come on down and enjoy some Cajun hospitality for their event next year.


Later on in the month, The Foot of the Rockies Cat Club partners with the National Maine Coon Cat Club to hold their Maine Coon Jamboree cat show in Brighton, CO. on September 28th and 29th. This is a 9 AB 1 SP ring extravaganza and a good excuse to escape the heat most of the rest of the Region is feeling at this time of the year. The Top 5 Maine Coons in Championship, Premiership and Kittens in each ring will be featured and there will be special trophies awarded to the Best of the Best Maine Coons at the end of the show. The clubs are also offering a special 4-pak entry special and an even cheaper one for Maine Coons!


Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The hot weather is abating and the Great Lakes Region is entering one of the prettiest times of the year as fall slowly spreads it's colors across our Region. This is a great time to visit our shows and enjoy our GREAT hospitality.


We have several shows for you to attend and enjoy the Fall season:


September 21 - 6 ring one day show in Melvindale, Michigan sponsored by the Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers

September 28 - another 6 ring one day show in Wimington, Ohio sponsored by Queen City Cat Club

October 12-13 come to Parma, Ohio for a 6X6 sponsored by Cleveland Persian Society and Great Lakes, Great Maines

October 26-27 - Round out October by attending a 6X6 in Brockport, NY sponsored by Hallmark Cat Club.


The Region is also the site of the 2013 CFA World Cat Championship being held in Novi, Michigan. This is west and slightly north of Detroit and is an easy drive from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Entries are still open, so don't forget - it will be a great experience.


We are very proud of CFA judge Anne Mathis of Fowlerville, Michigan for achieving the coveted status of Approved Allbreed Judge. Anne is a very active participant in all shows in Michigan as well a s a club officer in several clubs. She has worked hard and developed into a first rate judge, and is well deserving of her new status. Congratulations, Anne!


The Region is host to the 2015 Annual meeting to be held in Toronto, Ontario July 2-5, 2015. The event is being held at the Sheraton Town Center in the heart of downtown Toronto, with access to all the delights, both cultural, and gastronomic, that this great city has to offer. Mark your calendars and get your passports to join us in Toronto for a great experience.


Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson


Midwest is Best!  The midwest family of cat fanciers offers heartfelt congratulations of Jim Dinesen of Leewood, Kansas, on his advancement to Approved Allbreed Status. Kudos for a job well done!
Best wishes to the American Gothic Cat Club as they enjoy their  37th annual show in Peoria, Illinois, this weekend!
Upcoming MWR shows include:
September 28 - Twin Cities Cat Fanciers, Crystal MN
October 12 - Sand Hills/Midlands Cat Clubs ,Seward NE
October 19-20 - Illinois Feline Fanciers, Springfield IL
October 26-27 - Indy Cat Club, Plainfield IN
November 2-3 - Midwest TGIF, St Louis MO
Looking to see you there!


Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director



Pet-Me Cats Help Set Welcoming Tone at National Capital


nullWhen spectators arrived at the National Capital Cat Show on September 7 & 8 in Chantilly, Virginia, they were treated to something just about everyone visiting a cat show wants to do -- pet a show cat! More than a dozen teams of Pet-me Cats and their owners took turns welcoming visitors to the show. Two or three cats were available at the front gate at all times, taking shifts so that cats stayed fresh and their owners could still partake of other aspects of the show. Bright "Pet Me" pennants also dotted the show hall to identify where cats were available for supervised spectator interaction.


null Many breeds as well as household pets participated, helping to introduce the concept of showing HHPs to guests. A few "Pet-me's" were entered in the show, but many were retired show cats who loved the attention they received without the nuisance of being summoned to a judging ring. They were there strictly to be adored, a job description just perfect for a cat!


In addition to the best cats in show, National Capital had two featured breeds, one longhair breed, the Maine Coon Cats sponsored by the CFA Maine Coon Breed Council, and one shorthair breed, the Burmese sponsored by the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders. In return for their ring sponsorship, these breeds were used in show advertising and received special entry discounts, benching space, and top cat awards.




Featured LH Sponsor Breed - Maine Coon Cats


Best Kitten - Cuzzoe Bahram of Versus; Owner Noguchi- Pellitier-Valencia

Best Cat - GRC Maine Lvrs Pheonix of Abizaq; Owner M-N Auspitz & T-B Feininger

Best in Premiership - GRP Syracoon Aslan the Lionhearted; Owner Linda & Jeff Hempe


Featured SH Sponsor Breed - Burmese


Best Kitten - Acrocats Monticello of Maikiki; Owner Lynn Thompson & Marie Denoyer

Best Cat - GRC Caricature's Giada De Laurentiis; Owner Sharyn & Sig Hauck

Best in Premiership - GP Bear Country Chill Factor; Owner Roseann & Timothy Wheeler


Top Cats in Show


Best Kitten - Kit's Magic Bullet of Richson; Owner Rick Hoskinson

Best Cat - GRC Bellamys Desiderata of Cinema; Owner C. Steward, B. Mayes, D. Adler

Best in Premiership - GRP Leggs Flower Drum Song; Owner Gail & Dennis Rampke


Region 9 

Submitted by Pauli Huhtaniemi, Regional Director



Europe Awards Banquet



The very first Region 9 - Europe Awards Banquet was held at Helsinki, Finland in mid August. Over 100 exhibitors were present at the Awards Ceremony, Buffet Dinner and After Party on Saturday evening. Awards Banquet was hosted by Cat Fanciers of Finland.



Spotlight Award Winner


null Elena Kalinina, President of Chatte Noir Club, was receiver of Spotlight Award 2013. Elena Kalinina is the driving force in the development of CFA in Russia. Russia is one most growing areas in CFA and CFA is the most respected cat organization in Russia. Elena's club organizes high quality shows all over the Russia, but Elena and her club organized the very first Breed Awareness School in Russia spring 2013. BAOS attracted a very high attendance level and I believe it is one of the most successful Judging Schools in CFA's history. Elena is also behind the appointment of the first two Russian based CFA judges, Irina Kharchenko and Irina Tokmakova, and she did everything in her power to ensure that these two judges received the relevant training at her shows. As a person Elena Kalinina charms everyone she meets - exhibitors, judges, breeders and the visitors at the show hall. She always has a big smile on her face, which makes you feel comfortable around her. She is polite and fair and takes care of other people - you will love her from the first sight! Elena Kalinina's dedication and determination to CFA, her sweet character and outgoing personality is something what CFA needs.


Clerk of the Year


Emira Khalili, Momo's partner as she received award on behalf of Momo
Mohammed Rahim, United Kingdom, was receiver of Clerk of the Year 2013 Award. Momo is a brand new clerk who has been clerking only about a year - he is still not a certified clerk but working for it. Momo is well known about his organization skills in judging rings, calmness and focusing. Several people nominated him as a receiver of Clerk Award and they all mentioned his microphone voice, which is said to be sexy & calm with perfect English accent.

Accepting Best Cat Honors

Region 9 Top Winners




Best Cat


Bombay Male

Br/Ow: Mireille Sicart


2nd Best Cat


Black Persian Male

Ow: O. Grin & A. Dergachovs

Br: Aleksejs Dergachovs


3rd Best Cat


Sable Burmese Male

Ow: Elena Korotaeva & Vladimir Korotaev

Br: E. Korotaeva & E. Lahtionova




Best Kitten


Black-White Sphynx Male Paolo

Ow: Paolo Carnevaletti & Dee Dee Cantley

Br: Dee Dee & Bryan Cantley


2nd Best Kitten


Silver Tabby-White American Wh Male

Br/Ow: Frank Dueker


3rd Best Kitten


Silver Ptch Mac Tby-Wh Exotic Female

Ow: Teo Vargas & Oscar Silva

Br: Teodoro Vargas Huesa




Best Cat in Premiership


Ruddy Abyssinian Neuter

Br/Ow: Tina Grumme


2nd Best Cat in Premiership


Tortoiseshell Exotic Spay

Ow: Alexandra Bogomolova

Br: Pascal Lassero


3rd Best Cat in Premiership


Tortoiseshell Persian Spay

Br/Ow: Pauli Huhtaniemi & Marika Lahti



Accepting Best Cat in Premiership

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