August 2013
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August 15 - Receipt of Ads,
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Stan Barnaby Retires

At the August 13, 2013, meeting the CFA Board of Directors accepted Stan Barnaby's retirement from CFA judging. The Board bestowed on him the Judge Emeritis status. Stan's letter read:

Karen Lane wrote:

I remember the first time I saw Stan Barnaby; it was in 1989, in Jacksonville. He looked so serious and stern, was wickedly funny and made everyone laugh. I was a very new exhibitor, I am sure Stan did not remember me, but new people remember everything. It was my first year showing in CFA and it was Stan's twenty-fifth year as a CFA judge. I would have never guessed that Stan, some years later, would become one of my best friends. In 2001, Stan moved to Florida and was invited to join Cat Club of the Palm Beaches. His expertise and knowledge of CFA has been invaluable to our club. Stan was a willing worker and always found time to help when asked. He also brings a different perspective to the club's decision making. Due to our working relationship, I had the privilege of knowing Stan away from the structure of the show hall and I saw him as so many others have; a kind and genuine person, who cares deeply about his friends, and the value of friendship. For me, in some of the darkest moments of my life, Stan is always there; as he has been for so many others. Stan has so many work and life experiences that it is easy to spend an evening with Stan completely devoid of CFA conversation. Stan is a fantastic cook and fortunate are his friends who are invited for dinner. My life is better because of Stan's friendship.

Continue reading ...
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 Don Williams writes:


I remember meeting Stan in 1965 when we both started in the judging program. We judged together at some shows, and we were also exhibiting at various shows at the same time. There was a large group of exhibitors from the Midwest and the Great Lakes Regions that would get together at many shows. We would go out to dinner on Saturday evenings and solve the "problems of the world".


When I first met Stan, he was living in Milwaukee. In 1980, Stan moved to Savannah and we had the opportunity to spend more time together. From the beginning we became friends both within CFA and outside CFA. Besides judging together, Stan and I spent many years on the CFA board together.


When Stan moved to Palm Springs, California, in 1998, we continued our friendship by phone or when we were lucky enough to be at the same show. In 2001, Stan moved to Ocala, Florida and stayed with me for a time until he purchased a home in Silver Springs. During this time many of our friends called us "The Odd Couple". Even after moving to his new home Stan and I would go out to dinner almost every night; Stan is a great cook but we preferred to make reservations.


In 2007 Stan moved to Sarasota area and now resides in Nokomis. We are still in constant contact by phone and spend holidays together. Not many friendships last forty-eight years. 




In 1957, Stan attended his first cat club meeting, Long Island Cat Club, it was at Jean Singer's home. Stan's first show cat was a seal point Siamese, in 1958. This cat started Stan's love for the Siamese breed and for CFA. 


In 1962, Stan registered the cattery name Mata-blu, cattery number 3753, and bred some of CFA's loveliest Siamese, with those wonderful blue eyes.


In 1964, Stan applied to the CFA judging program, and judged his first cat show in Gas City, Indiana as an Allbreed judge in 1966.


Stan was elected Mid-West Regional Director, in the early 70s, and served several terms.


In 1997, Stan was elected to the CFA Board as a DAL.

Stan has served CFA for eighteen years as a Board Member and forty-eight years as a CFA judge.


Although Stan will no longer judge our beautiful cats, he will remain active in the American Wirehair International Club, North Central Florida Cat Club and Cat Club of the Palm Beaches.


We will miss seeing Stan behind the judging table, but for many of us in CFA, Stan will remain our caring, "Best Friend".


Karen Lane & Don Williams


Thank you Stan, for your dedication to CFA.........

Notes from the Board Meeting
Check out the highlights of the August 13, 2013, meeting of the CFA Board of Directors. 

2014 Elections


Next Spring our clubs will vote for CFA Officers and Regional Directors. While it is early, some candidates have already declared.  Check it out.


Candidates for President: David Mare & Mark Hannon
Central Office Report
 Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson

It's raining, it's pouring, Kitten Season is roaring... We are still within our 10 business days response but not quite as quick as we have been before the storm. While a few of you are competing for "Procrastinator of the Year," keep in mind we do provide an expedite service for a fee: $25.00 for two transactions, $35.00 for 3-4 transactions and an additional $5.00 for each additional transaction past four. The work will be completed within 24 hours. Same day expedite after 2 p.m. is $50.00


Requests from the FRONT LINE - those ladies who actually register and assist you with problems helping any way they can. If you have received an "automatic response" for work submitted to CFA, PLEASE do not follow up with emails asking if we received your first email. When this is done repeatedly and often with different staff personnel, your work is delayed along with that of others.   Continue Reading ...
Submitted by Monte Phillips, Show Rules Committee Chair

A TEMPORARY REGISTRATION NUMBER (TRN) is provided to listed cats who wish to compete at a CFA show and earn awards in any competitive category, e.g., points earned and qualifying rings will be credited to the cat. The temporary registration number is obtained for the exhibitor from the CFA Central Office via the Entry Clerk. Temporary Registration numbers will be issued by the entry clerk upon receipt of the appropriate TRN fee (which is in addition to the club's entry fee), application form, anda four-generation pedigree (or whatever is required for registration of that breed if fewer than four generations are required) issued by a cat registering body recognized by CFA, with all cats on the pedigree being acceptable for that breed per current registration requirements. This would include longhair exotics shown as Persians (see rule 2.04). If both parents of the entry are registered with CFA, the CFA registration numbers of the parents are acceptable in place of a pedigree. The fee, application form, and pedigree (or CFA registration numbers, if applicable) must be provided to the entry clerk no later than the beginning of judging for the show and these will be provided to Central Office in the show package. The Entry Clerk will not issue a TRN until they are in receipt of the application, fee, AND pedigree (or CFA registration numbers, if applicable). Upon review, the registration number will either remain valid for 30 days from the first day of the show, or be voided if CFA registration requirements are not met for the breed being registered. Central Office will notify any exhibitor whose temporary registration number is voided with the basis for such decision. . Note: wins will also be voided if a cat competes in a competitive category not otherwise eligible based on its permanent registration, e.g., offspring of a "not-for-breeding" cat competing in Championship. Temporary registration numbers will be listed in the catalog as if they were permanent. Cats may compete and continue to earn points for 30 days from the first day of the first show where they have obtained a temporary registration number. That number should be used on all subsequent entries after the first show for the 30-day period or until the cat obtains a permanent registration number. At the end of this 30-day period, the cat may not be shown without a permanent registration number.


2013 World Show

This year's World Show is being held in Novi, Michigan on November 23-24, 2013.  Entries open at 4pm EDT on September 2nd (Labor Day). There will again be two shows with a limit of 500 entries per show. Entries will only be accepted via the online entry form.  No Fax, email, nor snail mail   Double-entries will not be permitted.  Flyers will be available within the next few days.  More information can be found on the CFA Blog.


Submitted by Joan Miller

CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                


State Legislation - a pretty good year for pedigreed cats!


The CFA Legislative Group is always glad when late summer is here because almost all of the State legislative sessions have finally ended. We are relieved that this year no anti- breeding laws were passed that would be seriously detrimental to cat breeders. There are only 9 States that have not yet adjourned and 4 states that have adjourned but the executive action deadline is still open.   All of these States have two year sessions ending in 2014. Therefore we will most likely see a few of these bills defeated this year coming back in January 2014.


Here are several highlights of what is happening in State legislation around the country:




HB 5027, Sales of dogs and cats, is dead - for now.....

The bill would have banned the sales of dogs and cats by pet stores or breeders who were not in compliance with certain rules and standards, and would prohibit any importing of dogs/cats into Connecticut without a State permit. The bill was close to passing the full House, but the opposition was able to achieve a substitute House Bill (5027 A) an ACT establishing a task force to "study the proliferation of dogs and cats sourced from inhumane origins and sold in Connecticut pet shops". We have been in contact with, and provided materials to, the appointed representative for dog and cat breeders, who is a veterinarian and board member for the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA). He will be certain to watch for any inclusion of breeders should there be another bill introduced. PIJAC played a large roll in opposing HB5027 and also has a spot on this Task Force, which we believe may be comprised of many proponents of a retail sales ban on dogs and cats by pet shops and breeders.
Grands of Distinction

This new award is for cats who have achieved 30 finals (20 must be AB) in three show seasons, starting with the 2011-2012 season.  The Online Almanac has a list of cats that achieved the 30 finals for the first two show seasons.  Thus, it is possible that these cats may complete the requirements in the current (3rd) show season. Check it out.

New Ideas

With the dwindling entries at our shows, we need to put on our thinking caps and come up with some creative ideas on how to attract more people and more cats to our shows.  Diane Castor has come up with one and surely many of you can develop equally innovative ideas.  Here is what Diane wrote:
At our show, F&D NBF, I  plan on offering a Special Award, given by me personally, don't want to step on any show rules,   as a welcome to the Ragamuffin and the Siberian kittens  if they will come with four or more of their Breed.  I think this will   not only help to promote the breeds, but bring in entries also. Brings up the kitten count.  There is a method to my madness. LOL


I think other Clubs might like to give something like this a try.  It is good PR and makes these people in the new breeds feel like someone cares.  Sooner or later these new breeds will catch on if the other breeders are made more aware of them.
CFA White Pages

The CFA White Pages will be included in the Online Almanac and a hard copy will accompany Cat Talk. This is your chance to BE INCLUDED! Even if you filled out a form for the 2013 White Pages, you must still fill out this form to be included in the 2014 White Pages. Listings are not automatically carried over from the previous year. You will be listed automatically ONLY if you are a Breed Council Member, CFA Clerk, CFA Judge or Club Secretary (if your information has changed, fill out this form to guarantee that we have your most current address, phone number, email address, etc.)


Deadline for submission is November 1, 2013.  


Ambassador Program

Submitted by Willa Hawke



A 90-year old visitor to TGIF, who recently lost her cat, cuddles with an Ambassador Cat
Here it is nearing mid August --  Summer is winding down and many are starting to gear up for Fall.  I have enjoyed a very busy Summer "recruiting" for the CFA Ambassador Program.  I am happy to report that there have been some top flight additions brought on board.  Many of you have noted that we are saying farewell and thank you for a successful tenure to Sheila Haskins who was our very first Region 3 Ambassador RC.  While Sheila will indeed be missed it is my pleasure to welcome our newest recruit, Harold Bourgeois who has agreed to step up and fill her position. He will be working with Janis Walkingstick in the GSR.  Welcome aboard Harold.  Also, I am happy to say we finally have a new RC for Arizona.  Robin Robertson has accepted the position and will be working with Donna Isenberg in Region 5.  I am expecting great things from both of these recruits.  Meanwhile, the search goes on for a couple more good RC candidates in other regions.  Also, I am happy to be able to announce an official board liasion for the Program.   A hearty welcome to Sharon Roy.  We are very happy to once again have this slot filled. 


As always, we are looking for additional CFA Ambassadors as we continue in our efforts to grow the program throughout the entire CFA.  It is easy to sign up and become an officially enrolled member of the CFA Ambassador Program. Just go to the CFA Web site. Then simply complete the pop up form and you will be enrolled!!


Following are some very interesting reports from several of our hard working RCs depicting their recent regional Ambassador activities.  I know you will enjoy reading each of them. 


See you next month!!
Check out the Regional Coordinators' Reports ...


Request & Status of Requests for Change of Date/Location
Clubs having comments on the two below requests should send them to their Regional Director by Auagust 22, 2013.
Motor City Jazz held their first ever show the last weekend in July, in Melvindale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.  The show was successful and the club would like to hold the show on the same weekend in 2014.  This would be the second show for that date and would make it a traditional date for this club. The location will either remain in Melvindale or will be in Taylor, Michigan, just down the road - depending on show hall availability.
Mid-South Cat Fanciers would like to have a show in Memphis TN on the 2nd weekend in May in 2014.  This show formally had a date on the 1st weekend of April, but has no intention of returning to that date.  Format not yet determined.  
Status of Previous Requests
Stars & Stripes, Conroe TX, 5/31/14 - Approved


Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
Scholarship Winner:  This year's winner of the Winn/AVMF (American Veterinary Medical Foundation) scholarship hails from the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, where she will be a DVM candidate in 2014.    Yuki Nakayama grew up in a household of many pets, but once she encountered cats in humane society shelters as a teenager, she was thoroughly smitten.  Working as a volunteer in such shelters as an undergraduate at Wellesley College, she was deeply affected by the constant outbreak of severe respiratory tract disease.  She determined to embark on a career of research and feline health.


Winn Feline Foundation and AVMP join together annually in presenting two awards designed to promote and encourage feline health studies by both established scientists and by those entering this field of study.   The "Winnie" and $2500 cash are awarded to a distinguished researcher in feline medicine selected by the AVMF, and a matching cash award from the AVMF is selected by Winn from a large group of student applicants.


New Board Members:  Eric Bruner, Partner Spectrum Consulting Group, LLC, will lead Winn's Development Committee and will be focused on growing the foundation and expanding the Foundation's donor base.  He brings more than 35 years service as a consultant and educator.


Vickie Fisher joins Winn as Treasurer, bringing extensive finance and accounting experience as a CPA and VP of finance in the insurance and legal sectors.  She knows the feline world intimately, both as a breeder of Maine Coons, and as having served as president of The International Cat Association (TICA) since 2009.

Youth Feline Education Program

Submitted by Cathy Dunham, Committee Co-Chair



YFEP congratulates our youth on their national achievements this season. Their successes are the foundation on which a very bright future will be built. The program was designed to let the young people of CFA determine their own path through various activities in hopes that they will find themselves in the hobby they love and in life in general. All our kids have accomplished a great deal this year from showing their feline companion to raising money for a feral program to promoting CFA in the most positive light to the general public.


The positive attitudes these youth people have exhibited all year have given us some great moments and wonderful memories to be shared with family, friends, and the cat fancy in general. Please click to enjoy a few of the seasons moments. The contributions made by each of them will be felt for years to come, it gives the program great pleasure to recognize our national award winners.  Continue reading ...



Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


Calling all Region 1 Ambassadors.

We would like to step up the Ambassador Program in Region 1. Our Region Coordinator is Geri Fellerman. We currently have four
people in Region one with "official" Pet Me Cats. These are Nancy Frank, Melissa Harris, Liz Blanc and Joy Yoders-Day. If you would like more information on having your cat become an Official Pet Me Cat or would like to be an Ambassador and Coordinator in another part of Region 1, please contact Geri Fellerman or me for more details. The spectators at most of our shows "love" to have a pet me cat available. At the Seacoast show in May, we had a HHP exhibitor with a LH cat available and a brush and comb for the cat. She had people all day with her cat. Last weekend at The Hidden Peak show, I watched from my ring a Tonkinese exhibitor interacting the same way both days with several young children. At Garden State, Diane Bove and Lisa Maria Padilla enthralled the spectators with their cats wandering the show hall. So if any of you in Region 1 has a cat that just loves the attention, please consider contacting me or Geri.

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker 



After the dust settled from the wonderful 2013 Annual in Vancouver, WA, the region determined that more money had been raised than was spent!   While most of the money will stay in the regional account it seemed fitting to do something special with part of it.


To say THANK YOU to the show producing clubs, in our region, that helped make this Annual possible through extra regional show surcharge, raffles, 50-50's etc....the region will reimburse a show producing club for the show license and insurance portion of their show license fee ($200) for the 2013-14 show season.


Procedure:  contact Tammy Roark, region 2 treasurer, by email after the show has been held and let her know  (A) the name  and address of the club  treasurer and (B) how the check should be made out.  Tammy will then send your club a check for $200 to help defray those show fee costs.


THANK YOU to each individual, club, vendor etc. for making this profit possible.  Each time you purchased something or donated something you helped make this surplus possible. 


You were generous and the team planned well....2 halves of a winning combination. 


We are not a rich region and a portion of this money will remain in an Annual account...yes, it happens every 7 years and everything done now will take some stress off the folks doing the event in 2020.

Congratulations to all for a successful took ALL OF US.


Facebook Region 2 is on FACEBBOK!    As previously announced, we have launched a Facebook page for the CFA Northwest Region . If you have not already, we again encourage you to "Like" it for up to date happenings around the Region. Please also consider sharing the page with others. 


The mysterious administrator behind the CFA Northwest Facebook is Mollie Shutt from Salt Lake City, UT.  Mollie is new to the CFA world but does come from the world of horse showing. Her first CFA show was last fall in Salt Lake City.  She was "hooked" on CFA after having the experience of a one show grand! Due to having a young family, she's not able to travel much for shows, but plans to again show in the fall.  Mollie is a professional in social media and  actively blogs about her personal cats at The House of Meow , and regularly write articles forShowCatsOnline .  Mollie has spent many years working full time with social media and online community tools, both in development and administration. Currently, she manages several other Facebook pages, in addition to the CFA Northwest page.  If you have any news about upcoming shows, club fundraisers, new "Grands"  or DMs, etc. that you would like posted, please feel free to contact Mollie either through email ( or by sending a message to the CFA Northwest Facebook page.

Region 3

Submitted by Jan Rogers




July heat can really be felt in Texas, and the Gulf Shore Consortium show on July 27th was no exception to the rule. The show moved from steamy Waco after 12 years to the new air conditioned facility closer to the metroplex. Although the count was abnormally low, GSC would like to say a big thank you to the exhibitors who did come, and the wonderful donors who supported the club financially- it was most appreciated.


Jim Rogers shown with Jacqui Bennett after she made his Eastern Box turtle, a rescue no less, best in show. Found on the highway, this little guy found a permanent home with Pat Idleman who has many turtles - but she does not breed them she was quick to report.


In order to conserve financial resources, the club theme of Beach Party was continued into the rosettes, made with flip flops! Much fun was seen as people were trying to get "pairs" in the right size!


Continue reading ...

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The Great Lakes Region invites you to 'come on up, over or down' and enjoy Great Lakes Hospitality. We are known for our hospitality, quality shows and excellent cats.


Congratulations to the Motor City Jazz Club for holding their very first show on July 27, in Melvindale, Michigan. There were many helping hands and the club is delighted to report a successful event!!


Upcoming shows:

August 24-25 - Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers - 10 ring show in Medina, Ohio

August 31 - Sept 1 - National Siamese Cat Club - 10 ring show in Brockport, NY

September 21 - Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers - 6 ring one day show in Melvindale, Mi

September 28 - Queen City Cat Club - 6 ring one day show in Wilmington, Ohio

October 12- Cleveland Persian Society - 6 ring one day show - Parma, Ohio

October 13 - Great Lakes, Great Maines - 6 ring one day show - Parma, Ohio


Tom & Loretta Baugh are thrilled to announce the birth of their second granddaughter. Quinn Ellen Baugh born on June 20th, 2013, is the second child for Jared & Michelle Baugh. Big sister is Brenna, loves to come to the cat shows, loves her very own cat, "King" (a British SH) and absolutely LOVES being a big sister.


The Region is saddened by the death of long time Great Lakes exhibitor and clerk, Sue Ernst of Miamisburg, Ohio. Sue suffered a massive stroke the end of July and passed away August 8th, just a few days shy of her 75th birthday. Sue will be remembered as an individual who always had a smile, seemed to vibrate with energy, and was always willing to help. She was a successful exhibitor and recent years would find her ring clerking at any shows in Ohio. We will miss the little lady with the big heart and ready smile. Our condolences to Sue's family.


The Region also mourns the passing on Sandy Kinsey from Northridge, Ohio, who along with her husband Bob showed Devon Rex and Sphynx. Sandy died on July 28 after a short illness. Our condolences go to Bob and their family.


Region 5

Submitted by Mike Shelton, Regional Director



The Southwest Region is pleased to announce a wedding in the cat fancy. Fanciers getting married is not that unusual, but two fanciers marrying each other is an event we don't see very often.
Jennifer Reding and Mark Campbell tied the knot in July in a small family ceremony, followed by a reception at a Las Vegas resort. They are both long time California exhibitors; Mark in Region 5 and Jennifer in both Region 2 and recently in Region 5. We wish them both a world of happiness in their new life together.



Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson


Visitors to the show included the Testen family who are from Slovenia.  They have Ragdolls & Japanese Bobtails
(Photo by Mary-Margaret Richardson)
Abysinnian Midwest Breeders and Midwest TGIF Fanciers banded together to put on a whopper of a show in St Louis MO, August 3-4, at the Kennedy Sports Complex.  A large and chilly show hall, there was room for everyone in the 10 ring show. The combined show had the highest count in the nation to date!   Nearly filling, the show hosted judges from around the US, including Lois Jensen, Wain Harding, John Webster, Barb Sumner,  Ellyn Honey, Darrell Newkirk, Pat Jacobberger, Gary Powell, Jim Dinesen, and  Rachel Anger.  
Great advertising efforts netted a terrific gate on both days.  Ambassadors were in evidence, and worked with many first-time spectators, explaining what was happening in the judging rings, leading folks to their favorite breed, matching up others with breeders so they could decide on a kitten, and leading more to see the "unusual" breeds most people don't hear about.  
On of the great things was the show's gigantic and UNUSUAL raffle are probably wondering what could be unusual about a raffle table.  This one boasted choice wines in decorated baskets, fresh beefsteak tomatoes, peaches and plums from Tennessee (Thank you, Cam!), and .... (drum roll, please!)  freshly baked streusel peach pies and chocolate chip cheese cakes!  These baked items caused quite a stir:  in fact, on spectator hassled Beth Cassely over one of the peach pies that Beth was finally persuaded to sell it, for a mere $43!!!!


Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty


The Southern Region congratulates the three newest Grand Premiers of Distinction!


GPD, RW Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn, a tortoiseshell and white Ragamuffin, became the second cat to complete the requirements for the Grand of Distinction title at the Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers show in Fort Myers, FL the last weekend of July. As if the achievement weren't difficult enough, Autumn, bred by Laura Gregory and owned by Laura Gregory and Judith Morrison, finished her GPD on a sweltering day in the middle of summer in Southwest Florida, fully coated and without breaking a sweat!


The first weekend of August saw two more outstanding cats join the exclusive ranks of the new title. GC, GPD, RW Beeblebrox Blairyummy Witcherryatop, a calico Sphynx spay bred by Desiree Bobby and owned by Angela Gentry, completed her requirements at the Midwest TGIF Fanciers/Abyssinian Midwest Breeders show in St. Louis, MO; and GPD, RW Tirion's Ros An Fhomhair, a brown tabby & white Manx neuter bred and owned by Mary Davin and Sande Willen, achieved his 30th final at the Hidden Peak Cat Club show in Timonium, Maryland.


Congratulations to these beautiful cats and their breeders and owners!


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