July 2013
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Grand/DM photos for Yearbook 
CFA's 1st Grand of Distinction!

GC, GP NW Ivy Cat Quarterback, brown mactabby and white shorthair Exotic completed his Grand of Distinction title July 6, 2013. Quarterback was bred by Pam DeGolyer and is owned/shown by Jan and Ed Chambers. To earn the Grand of Distinction, Quarterback had to complete 3 successful seasons of 30 finals. In 2011-2012, he went from open to Grand Premier in just one day and went on to earn a top RW in Region 6. In 2012-2013, Quarterback was shown to a National Win and earned his RW in Region 7. And this season already, he has completed 30 more finals to be the first recipient of this CFA title. It's truly an honor to be a part of CFA's progressive history! We want to congratulate and celebrate with the others that are in various stages of completing their title as well!


We'd like to thank Pam DeGolyer for entrusting this beautiful boy to our home, lives, and hearts! Without breeders placing kittens and cats into pet and premiership homes, many of us would not have a way to enjoy this hobby. In our case (and many others), our cats come into our lives and stay for the rest of theirs. We cannot continue to add additional cats to our home every year to continue showing. We commend the board for their insightfulness in developing this new title that sanctions, promotes and legitimizes the presence of our older "repeat" cats in the showhall. In order for many of us to be able to continue to support CFA and its clubs, we have to be able to recycle the same cat over a span of a number of seasons.


But, very seldom does a cat come along that truly enjoys traveling, staying in hotels, and going to shows. Quarterback is such a cat. He loves to go, he loves to show, even this 3rd year in a row! Not only are these important qualities of a show cat, but we must include things like conditioning and health, in addition to the cat being a fabulous representative of its breed in order for a cat to be successful over the span of many seasons. Cats that are tempermental, hormonal, unable to maintain health, coat and condition, will have a very difficult time completing the requirements. It is up to the exhibitors to know


Thank you, CFA, for allowing us this opportunity to enjoy Quarterback on our show weekends these past 3 years. We would continue to show him past his Grand of Distinction, but Pam has placed another precious little boy in our home and it's his turn. But Quarterback will be back, along with a few of our other older show cats!


Jan and Ed Chambers

Jan Chambers(L) & Jan Rogers(R) with Jan's Best Cat and the final that earned Quarterback his GPD.

2013 Star Awards


"The CFA Star award is intended to recognize individuals for outstanding service to CFA. It is impossible to list all of the types of service that would merit consideration for this award, but may include public outreach, rescue, fund-raising, donation of professional services, etc."
(From the Star Award Guidelines)
Bronze stars are for first-time recipients. Silver stars are for second-time recipients.  Gold stars are for more than two-time recipients.  This year Mary Kolencik received the first silver star awarded.  Star awards were first offered at the 2011 CFA Annual Meeting and Mary was among the recipients that first year.  
Congratulations to all of this year's Star Award Recipients.
(Left to right: Jill Archibald, Kathryn Brady, Presenter President Hamza, Cheryl Coleman and Mark Hannon.   Not included in the photo were award recipients Mary Kolencik, Phebe Low, Julie Keyer, Kris Willison, and Virginia Wheeldon)
CFA Clubs by Region

1 - North Atlantic
6 - Midwest
2 - Northwest
7 - Southern
3 - Gulf Shore
8 - Japan
4 - Great Lakes
9 - Europe
5 - Southwest
Int. Division
 As of July 2, 2013
CFA Foundation 
Submitted by Karen Lawrence

The CFA Foundation board held a productive annual meeting on June 26th in Vancouver, WA.  Long term plans include the creation of a permanent "history of the cat" display at the Feline Historical Museum, expansion of the gift shop area, and establishment of a rainbow bridge corner for memorials.


The museum continues to attract visitors, especially when cats are also visiting.  The week of July 9-13 saw a successful feline agility demonstration.  Our thanks to Jill Archibald for bringing her Egyptian Maus and Japanese Bobtail, and being a great ambassador for this program. The youngsters who visited had a blast playing with the cats - and with the agility equipment, as shown in the photo.


We'll have cats in the museum every Wednesday during the month of August.  We expect to have Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Persian, Manx, Siberian and Orientals.  It will be a great opportunity to introduce the local residents to the various breeds.

Clerks & Judges - Service Awards
20 Years

Marsha Ammons
Cheryl Coleman
Donna Hinton

25 Years
Linda Bartley
Nancy Grandison
Mary Frances Marron Sharon Rogers
Charlene Smith
Kay Wentling

30 Years
Ronna Colilla
Yaeko Takano
Mary Jane Tesdall
Howard Webster
40 Years 
Mark Hannon
20 Years

Kayoko Koizumi

25 Years
Victoria Nye

30 Years
Jean Grimm
Teruko Arai

40 Years
Gene Darrah
Bob Goltzer
Judges' Association Spotlight Award
The CFA Judges Association Spotlight Award is for someone who goes above and beyond in all aspects of the cat fancy, not necessarily just in the judging program.  They benefit not just CFA, but the pedigreed cat breeder as well as all felines.  The 2013 recipient of the award was Joan Miller.  Read more about Joan and this award in an upcoming issue of "Cat Talk."
Joan Miller, accompanied by her husband Peter Keys, accepting the award.
Central Office Report

After multitudes of delays we all finally made it to Vancouver, Washington. What a time many of us had with flight delays. However it was well worth it. The Northwest Region rolled out the red carpet, the delegates strolled in and I think everyone had a wonderful time. It was great fun once again placing faces with names.


Have you tried the Take out Catnip, as well as the goodies from Dr. Elsey, Royal Canin, Pet Partners, Motel 6, Sturdi and Red Roof in that wonderful Delegate Bag? If that wasn't enough, the Northwest Clubs, local businesses and individuals added wonderful goodies and useful items for fanciers. And then, and then Region 3 added all that tantalizing information about New Orleans. We'd only just begun a great adventure and would need to gear up for next year. Cat Fanciers - We do like to work and play hard and have fun doing it.


The News this month is brief since six of us were at the Annual and we are all still trying to catch up in one area or another. The registrars left at home do ask your cooperation with the following:


1. Registration once again (you were doing so well there for a while) asks that you print on your registration applications. Even my handwriting looks great to me but sometimes not so good to others.


2. If you want registrations sent to new owners check the box in section "C" of a blue slip and in Section "E" on a litter application. If these boxes are not checked the work will be returned to the breeder. And on the blue slips you need to double check that the entire slip has printed. We have occasionally seen slips where the box to check has been removed in printing the slip.


3. Signatures are required for the owner of the Sire and Dam on a litter application. There are spaces for your Cattery Name and Number, please complete these lines if applicable. Most important is your daytime phone number or email address, in the event we need to contact you with a question.


Happy trails to you,


Donna Jean 



Submitted by Joan Miller

CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                



Pet Store Bans - what does this have to do with Pedigreed Cat Breeders?


There is a movement in the United States to ban the sale of dogs AND CATS and rabbits, in pet stores. San Diego, California will become the 32nd City in the United States to prohibit retail sales, display, give-away or any transfer of animals in pet shops or other "commercial establishments". The City Council on July 9th unanimously passed a proposed ordinance that started out as a ban on the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits by pet stores unless they came from a shelter or non-profit 501(c)3 rescue group. The ordinance passed in the Public Safety committee a few months ago, with the chair asking for a specific exemption for breeders. Suddenly it morphed into a ban on practically ALL sales of dogs, cats and rabbits.


New language inserted at the last moment exempted only those breeders who have sold "no more than all or part of 3 litters........or 20 dogs, cats or rabbits" in the preceding twelve months. The ordinance would also not apply to the display, offer for sale, delivery, transfer or sale, and even giving away, of animals "from the premises on which they were bred and reared". This means that a breeder who, in the past year, had 4 litters of kittens and sold only one from each litter would be considered a "commercial establishment", defined as "any for-profit business enterprise", including a person engaged in retail or wholesale commerce related to dogs, cats and rabbits. No breeder, other than a casual or novice person with 2 or 3 queens, could sell kittens. Violations would be a criminal (misdemeanor offense) with a $250 fine for first offense, $500 for the second and $1000 for the third and subsequent.  


The new language was not available from the City Attorney until Saturday July 6th and the hearing was on Tuesday July 9th. Several of us went into action working on data, points to make, planning, researching and we tried to muster some supporters to come to the Tuesday hearing. On Monday 6 dog and cat fanciers gathered over 5 hours at a local Starbucks to create a PowerPoint presentation with opposition points. Later I worked until 2:30 am and Kay Henderson, a Borzoi breeder, continued until 4:30 am to complete the PowerPoint. 


Continue reading ... 


Breed Councils
Submitted by Annette Wilson

Breed Council membership application and dues for the current year must be received by Central Office no later than August 1, 2013.  To check to see if you are a current member, click on your breed in the list at the bottom of the Breed Council page (note the first list of breeds is last year's membership):

As this is not an election year for Breed Council Secretaries, the only items balloted will be for breed specific standard or registration rule changes.  These must be submitted to the Breeds & Standards Committee by the Breed Council Secretary no later than September 1; for more information: 

Cat Talk

Submitted by Teresa Keiger


The June issue of Cat Talk featured our latest Cover Contest winner the four runners up. Congratulations to GC Ragtime Cats Arden Forest, a red mackerel tabby & white Ragamuffin bred and owned by Laura Gregory. The staff was taken by the dramatic composition of the red/white cat (with a sweet expression) on a white background and the posture of the cat made for a perfect cover! Our runners up were:

CH Kiwendo's Lady Bronwyn of Pawdancer, a Natural Solid Tonkinese
Breeder: Karen Willis Owner: Candilee and Kirk Jackson

GC Rhamjoge Ants N Pants
Red Tabby & White Bicolor Persian
Breeder: Ronda Fox Owner: Luis Otavio Credie

GC NW Maine Lvrs Phoenix of Abizaq
Breeders: Michelle Chaffee & Anne Jones
Owners: Martha-Norman Auspitz & Beth-Tom Feininger
Maine Lvrs Fire-N-Ice My Kyle
Breeder/Owner: Michelle Chafee
both Red Tabby & White Maine Coons

GC Ghattas Blackjack
Black & White Bicolor Persian

Breeder: Munir & Alexandra Ghattas Owner: Luis Otavio Credie

Thank you to all of our readers who entered the contest! And you never 
know WHERE you may see your cat in a future edition of Cat Talk!

Cat Talk is running a series on cattery name meanings and origins. The 
first two articles were on judges' cattery names. Now its our readers' 
turn! We invited you to share the story behind your cattery name, and 
any naming conventions that you use. Please send them to Cathy Scarborough


2013 World Show

The show is being held November 23-24, 2013, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.  The event will be two 9-ring shows each with a 500 entry limit.  Each Region will select two judges.  Voting for the judges is now taking place.   At the Garden State Cat Club's show next weekend names will be placed in a hat and drawn to determine which judge from each Region will judge the Red Show and which will judge the Purple show.  There will be one judge from each Region in each show.  There will be four Allbreed rings and five Specialty rings.  Regardless of the number of entries received, final awards will be Top 15 for Championship. Premiership, and Household Pets.  Kitten final awards will be Top 20.  HHPs will all compete in one show.  At the completion of judging on Sunday, there will be a Best In Show competition selected from the highest scoring Kitten, Championship Cat, and Premiership Cat from each show (a total of 6 cats)


This year our lead sponsor is Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter.  


Rich Mastin will serve as Show Manager, Ed Raymond and Mark Hannon will be the Assistant Show Managers, Rachel Anger is Show Secretary & Teresa Sweeney is Show Treasurer. There will be a different entry clerk for each show, names to be announced later.  Lorna Friemoth and Seth Baugh will again coordinate sponsorships.  Vendor coordinator will be announced soon.  


Stay tuned for more details ...

Ambassador Program

Submitted by Willa Hawke


Elizabeth Hamill, Willa, Carly Kellogg


Wow, the 2013 CFA Annual Meeting is now history and what a meeting it was!!!  Congratulations to the NW Region, Ginger Meeker, RD and Pam Moser, Annual Coordinator and her entire staff for pulling it all together.  No small task.


Not only was the Vancouver meeting good for Region 2 but it was an absolute delight for the CFA Ambassador Program and for me.  As usual we held an Ambassador Reception on Friday evening and I can say without reservation that this year's was the best one ever!!!  I did the "meet and greet" to so many that I simply lost track of the actual number of attendees but it was easily in triple digits.  Our food and liquid refreshments were simply outstanding.  The  word obviously spread quickly throughout the delegation because our guests arrived  in bunches.  I didn't get out of the suite until well after 10 p.m.   Reception was actually scheduled from 6 to 8.


Speaking of food and drink, we have Carly Kellogg, Elizabeth Hamill, and also Heinrich Kellogg to thank.  They took my very basic instructions and built their shopping into something super grand - yes, they ran a bit over budget but Carly and Heinrich even personally picked up the overage.  I can't begin to thank them enough.


The ambience for the Reception was also outstanding and we have our president, Jerry Hamza, to thank for allowing us to once again use the lovely Suite assigned to him for our party.   Again, Carly & Co. stepped it up a notch and did all the advance set up and special food table layout/decor, organized the extra seating and other needed assistance directly with the hotel staff.  My friends Ernie Dorazio, and Bob Gleason both helped, e.g., Ernie was our private photographer.  He took the wonderful photos you see here.  Bob, currently President of Canadian Cat Association helped me with on hand hospitality.  While neither Ernie nor Bob are a part of our core group they surely helped make the reception a success.  Of course, Art Graafmans and his lovely wife Kristi were there helping us as well.


And last but not least, when the door was closed. the last guest had gone and I was looking at what was left to do, who arrived back from dinner but Jerry H,  Jodell & Ed Raymond, and Lisa & Rich Mastin.  Well I can tell you the left overs, changed decor, extra chairs, etc were soon history and I was able to vacate the premises in less than 30 minutes.   I just can't thank everyone enough. 


So, Yes, the 2013 Ambassador Reception was a huge success and our great program is gearing up for bigger and better accomplishments within the next year.  I am pleased to once again say that the CFA Ambassador Program has been one of the most successful ventures that CFA has ever undertaken,   I am very proud of our accomplishments and to say that I have been privileged to lead it as the Program Chair for these many years under the auspices of two CFA Presidents.  Currently, we have 395 Ambassadors, an ever growing cadre of Ambassador Pet Me Cats with additional signups weekly.  You see the Pet Me Cats and their proud owners with their Flags and Ask Me Buttons and  smiling faces at nearly every show.  They are busy helping spectators and exhibitors whenever needed.  I say Thank You to each and every CFA Ambassador, you are indeed erstwhile assets to CFA.


So in closing, I invite you to enjoy Ernie's great photos from the Reception and to read the Region 4 report(s) recently submitted by our GLR Regional Coordinator, Mariane Toth.  Thanks to Mariane and all and here's wishing you each a really great Summer!!!


Request & Status of Requests for Change of Date/Location
New Request:
January 4 -5, 2014 UK Cat Fanciers would like to hold a 6AB+2SP rings show in (TBA), United Kingdom. There are no other shows scheduled in Region 9 for that weekend. 
Edelweiss CC, 9/29/13 in Winterhur, Switzerland - Approved 


Poinsettia City CC 3rd weekend of November 2013 in Glendale CA - Approved 


Touch of Class/Black Tie & Tails 5/17-18/14 in Groton CT - Approved


Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
The theme for the 35th annual Winn symposium this past June in Vancouver was "New Frontiers for Old Diseases."   The diseases are indeed old, since they include chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dermatophytosis (ringworm).   Jessica Quimby, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, of Colorado State University presented a highly interesting discussion of the potential of mesenchymal stem cells in treating this disease.  Karen Moriello, DVM, DACVD, first discussed the under recognized and under diagnosed malassezia dermatitis (yeast overgrowth), and then addressed ringworm.  There are updated diagnostic tools, treatment regimens, and disinfection strategies for both these diseases.


The symposium is available to the public via Podcast, with different addresses or ways to subscribe or listen.
The Winn Libsyn address for recent entries is


For those wishing to subscribe through iTunes, in iTunes under File, select Subscribe to Podcasts.  The following link will load all Winn podcasts into iTunes.




Vickie L. Fisher joined the Winn board of directors in June as treasurer. A graduate of California State University with a B.S. in Business Administration, she studied accounting at the University of New Mexico and became a New Mexico CPA in 1975.  Following work experience as an accountant, she became Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Albuquerque, 2004-2008.    An avid cat fancier, Vickie bred Maine Coons for a number of years.    She also founded Kennel Kompadres, a 501(c)(3), which is an organization that supports the City of Albuquerque's spay/neuter, education, adoption, and volunteerism activities.   Since 2009, Vickie has been president of The International Cat Association (TICA).




Our ever-vigilant Winnie, who wants ALL cats to enjoy a privileged life as she does, reminds all cat owners to consider their pets' needs carefully as they plan their vacation.  Some might find a boarding kennel a real hoot; others, not so much.    Could he/she go with you?   Would a live-in caretaker be better?   Or, how about a family member or neighbor to monitor life on a daily basis?   Obviously, Winnie brings it up because it requires careful thought.


2014 CFA Yearbook

Submitted by Shelly Borawski


The deadline for advertising in the 2014 Yearbook is August 15, 2013. Don't miss out, send your ad in now.


2014 Yearbook advertising packages are available on the CFA website at the following link: http://www.cfa.org/Portals/0/documents/2014YBAdpacket.pdf

Don't know how to design your ad? Let Shelly Borawski do it for you. Simply send your photo(s) or high resolution digital images and text along with your payment and Shelly will design your ad for you, at no additional cost. If you have any questions please contact Shelly Borawski at Sborawski@cfa.org or call 732-492-7216.


2014 CFA Yearbook Grand Champion or Grand Premier Deadline - August 15, 2013.

If your cat has become a Grand Champion or Grand Premier during the show season, May 1, 2012 - April 28, 2013, you are invited to picture your Grand in the 2014 CFA Yearbook ($15.00) and/or Cat Talk Almanac ($15.00). If a grand photo is featured in both publications ($30.00), it will also be featured, for FREE, in the Breed Profile section of the CFA website.


To feature your grand, please email a vertical high resolution (300 DPI) electronic image to Shelly Borawski at: sborawski@cfa.org. Proofs will not be accepted. Or mail a vertical photograph to the Central Office. Please pay the appropriate fee, $15.00 per publication, online at http://catalog.cfa.org/photos.html or mail a check/money order (payable to CFA) to the CFA Publications Office, 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH 44601.


2014 CFA Yearbook Distinguished Merit Deadline - August 15, 2013.

If your cat has become a Distinguished Merit during the show season, May 1, 2012 - April 28, 2013, you are invited to picture your DM in the 2014 CFA Yearbook ($15.00)


If you are unsure whether you sent in a photo and/or payment, please email the cat's name and registration number to Sborawski@cfa.org so it can be researched. There were many photos received directly from the photographers with instructions that payment would follow, and there were many payments received from owners with instructions that the digital image/photograph would follow.




Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


One of Region 1's premium events is happening next weekend - GARDEN STATE CAT CLUB. I hope to see lots of people from all of CFA there.

The famous Siamese actors from Canada are back with a new episode. Enjoy - very entertaining.

Special thanks to Kristin Nowell & Carolyn Jimenez for presenting highlights from this year's Region 1 awards.



Regional Awards Show / Banquet Report

by Kristin Nowell / Photos by Carolyn Jimenez


Lorraine Rivard & Russell Webb

The North Atlantic Regional Show and Banquet were held in Stamford Connecticut on June 2013. The Judges for the 6 Ring Show, all representing the NAR, were Lorraine Rivard, Sharon Roy, Gary Veach, Russell Webb, Iris Zinck, and Jeri Zottolli. Each judge took time to interact and educate spectators and engage with exhibitors.


The Banquet featured a Casablanca Theme and had a terrific turnout. Sophia Staples did an outstanding job with video presentations honoring those we lost over the past year, "Awww" inspiring kitten pictures, and the ever popular "On The Road" feature.


Numerous outstanding members of the North Atlantic Region were honored and recognized:


2013 Clerks of the Year - Dan and Michelle Beaudry

2013 Humanitarian of the Year - Robin Smith Poirer


Lew Lewellyn received the newly re-named Norma Roy Exhibitor of the Year Award for his exceptional contributions to CFA in general and the NAR in particular.


All of the judges did a great job as rotating MC's for the presentations. During their portion, Russell Webb very adroitly handled a single, easily pronounced name, while leaving Lorraine Rivard to wrap her exquisite accent around the rest. The highlight was the spontaneous lift of Isabelle Marchand as she posed for pictures while accepting the Cat of the Year Award.


Gary Veach, Isabelle Marchand, Dominic Lemaire

This year's Top Cats:


Championship Cat of the Year        

GC, BW, NW Burmania Firenze of Eclypse

BR: Isabelle Marchand

OW: R. St-Pierre/D. Lemaire/I. Marchand


Kitten of the Year                            

GC, NW Mikkat Donatella

BR: Kathy and Mike DePietro

OW: K.-M. DePietro/Y.-S. Staples


Premiership Cat of the Year            

GP, NW Syracoons Sizzlin Spectacular Salvo

BR: Alexis Mitchell

OW: Winnie Owens and Alexis Mitchell



Continue to see more photos of the banquet and show.

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker 



Region 2 would like to thank all of the Fanciers that attended the 2012-13 CFA Annual Business Meeting and Awards Banquet.  We enjoyed having you as guests and hope you thoroughly enjoyed this part of our country.


July shows are limited in Region 2 - we have "Love Letters in the Sand", Sunkat Feline Fanciers, the third weekend in Seaside, OR ... another wonderful vacation spot.  I hope you've entered and also taken some extra time to visit the beaches, boutiques and art galleries. August shows for the Region include: Second weekend- Poppy State Cat Club in Roseville, CA  Third weekend- Pacific Rim Cat Fanciers in Portland, OR .  Please support all the shows you can.  Also, please be reminded that HHP and Veteran Class entries are being scored in both Region 2 and Region 5 to help promote these classes and enable those people living in the Northern California portion of R-2 with their showing possibilities.


Clubs are encouraged to share show plans and needs with Regional Scheduler Jay Collins.  Jay can be reached at jay50@concentric.net .  If your club is needing to change a date, cancel a show or request a date please let Jay know.  It is very important that if your club needs to cancel that we have the time to post the open date to the club list in case another club would like to step forward and provide a show for the exhibitors.  Soon, we will be posting a show schedule to help clubs more easily determine what dates are available for show production.  These will be posted to the club list for reference.


While its WAY early, plans are underway for the 2013-14 Regional Awards show and banquet to be held in the Portland, OR area.  More details to follow.


Our Region has space in each monthly newsletter and if there is anything you would like to see included please forward to Ginger Meeker.  


Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director



The 2014 Annual will be in New Orleans and we know you all are very excited to join us down here in the Gulf Shore Region.  The website with information for the Annual has already been launched for those of you who like to plan ahead.  Please visit often (as we'll continually be updating with new information.)  The website is http://2014cfaannual.org/.  


We also sold many of our Supporter's league Annual pins in both Vancouver and the Stars & Stripes Tabby & Tortie Cat Club show in Conroe, Texas.  Don't wait; order your pin today before they are all gone (we won't be ordering any more of this pin!)  You can order the pin off the 2014 Annual website.  Or you could visit the Gulf Shore Consortium show in Cleburne, TX on the weekend of July 27th!  This is the old "Waco" show in a new improved show hall with air conditioning that can keep up with the Texas heat!  The incredible potluck is still going to part of this show. We hope to see you in Cleburne!  
The voting for the 2013 World Show judges from the Gulf Shore Region is complete.  We are proud to announce our selections (with 52 out of our 57 regional clubs participating):
  • Betty White
  • Pam Bassett  
And our alternate is Jeff Janzen.

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



Congratulations to the many National winners and Breed Winners from Region 4, including CFA Premiership Cat of the Year - GP, NW Zehnder's Roger Vivier of Nudawnz, a Blue Abyssinian Neuter born on July 29, 2011. Roger was bred by Monica Zehnder and Sue VandeSande and is owned and beautifully shown by Monica Zehnder, Lorna Friemoth and Seth Baugh. He is the first blue Abyssinian to earn a CFA Cat of the Year Title.


Sincere condolences to Wilma Van Scoyk on the passing of her husband, Donald, on May 31, 2013. Wilma is a brave lady with a huge heart who works tirelessly for the Great Lakes Region. She soldiered on at the Regional show and banquet barely a week after her loss. Wilma we will always hold you and all you do for us in the highest esteem. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Congratulations to LH judge Teresa Sweeney on her advancement to Approval Pending Status. Teresa is a delight to watch in the ring - she so totally enjoys her 'job' behind the table. Keep up the good work!


Please join us at our upcoming shows:


July 27 - Melvindale, Michigan - Motor City Jazz ; one day/six ring 5 AB, 1 Spec.


August 17 - Melvindale, Mi - Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers; one day/six ring 5AB, 1 Spec.


August 18 - Brockport, NY - Monroe SH Club; one day, six ring, six AB


August 24-25 - Medina, Ohio - Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers; 2 day, 10 rings - 8AB, 2 Spec


August 31 - Sept, 1 - Brockport, NY - National Siamese Cat Club; 2days, 10 AB CH/ 8AB, 2 Spec K & P


Come and enjoy Great Lakes hospitality. Our exhibitors and shows live up to the GREAT in our name!

Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson


Clerking School


With the number of clerks and master clerks on the decline in the Midwest, Frontier Felines Club decided to try to do something about it.  Joyce and Ed Kempf spearheaded the effort by asking Judge, Brian Pearson if he would be the instructor if we could get the school approved.  He graciously said he would be glad to help. 


The first attempt to get the clerking school off to a start was rejected by CFA because their request timeline didn't give CO enough time to process the paper work.  So Joyce and Ed persevered and made another request.  This time the date was approved.  On Saturday, July 13th, the Frontier Felines Club put on a Clerking School.  With Brian Pearson as the instructor, everyone learned the process of being a clerk plus had FUN doing it ! ! ! !






Point Books For Sale!


Midwest TGIF's yearly fundraiser, sale of the point book for the show season, is now on sale.  If you catch Beth at Garden State, TGIF/AMB or Hidden Peak shows, the books are $11, or $16 priority mail. Beth can be reached for orders through email bcpurrtek@swbell.net.  Checks can be made out to "TGF."


Midlands Cat Fanciers, Inc. has gone Global!


Maybe not global, but the club has redefined their club meetings, and a new constitution is being written which will allow cat fanciers outside of the Omaha/Lincoln to join.


MCF is now online with all news updates, and voting and business is conducted via the Internet.  With members dwindling in so many of our Midwest clubs, MCF hopes this change will open up Midlands Cat Fanciers to others who would like to belong to this awesome club, but are unable to be at meetings due to geographical logistics. Midlands has been a part of CFA and the Midwest region for over 30 years!


While club officers know this is not a new idea by any means, they are hoping more folks will join (dues only $10), with the goal of having a show each year in the Nebraska area.


All exhibitors, fanciers, HHP owners and cat lovers in general are welcome to contact MCF for more information. Contact person, Debbi Northrop Wicks, can be reached through coonhusker@aol.com for more details and an application for membership!


Region 7

Submitted by Charlene Campbell



Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers (PCCF), based in Fort Myers, Florida, has been involved in Community Service work for the past decade.  We help and support all our Southwest Florida Rescues through donations, helping at fund raisers, lending breed advice and hosting them at our PCCF Cat Show.  This work has garnered us a good standing in our community.  


At each PCCF Cat Show we pay for between 8 to 10 Rescue organizations to attend, 2 sales cages and HHP Rescue Exhibit (we invite about 20; not all have volunteers to attend each year, as volunteers are a fluid resource).  Our Rescues always advertise our PCCF Show in their News Letters, which also helps us to receive FREE TV/Press interviews.  Now the Rescues' Volunteers are sponsoring rings and buying catalog ads! 


Due to space limitations we bench the Rescue Groups together with the Exhibitors.  Rescues receive an Entry, and 2 sales cages for their adoptable kitties (following the same show rules we follow for sales, we suggest a grooming table for literature, etc.)   Our Club Members mentor the Rescues from start to finish, i.e. cage decorating, grooming, including help with nail trimming, Club calls and faxes in their Entry last minute (due to adoptions), getting them to the Rings on time and checking to see if kitty is getting tired and should be pulled (just like you mentor a Newbee). 


Rescues enjoy decorating their cages, and yes, they get bit by the "Show Bug" too.  They love those Rosettes and become quite competitive!  They speak highly of the CFA Judges and express their experience in their News Letters about how much "fun" they had at the CFA Cat Show and high adoptions.  We usually have about 45-50 Rescue cats adopted from the show hall, and I am sure many later, as I get calls after the show like "what Rescue had the white cat?" etc.  Our Spectators enjoy the HHP rings as much as the Pedigree Rings.  Rescues love to visit with the Exhibitors and learn about their cat breeds.


In addition to the show, our PCCF Club members are always ready to jump in to help with a large CFA BAP-BRP rescue in Florida.  They have transported, donated, fed, shaved, bathed and cleaned Rescue Cats to get them ready to enter Rescue (It is expensive for many Rescues to get Persians shaved).  At first the members were worried about germs, but after I showed them how "no germs have to travel home with them", they now are eager to help out. 


Our PCCF Club worked the distribution and donated funds to get the CFA BAP-BRP "CATS HELPING DOGS" Royal Canin Dog Food donations to many SWFL Rescues who have struggled through this difficult economic downturn, holding dogs longer than anticipated.  Again, this has helped our relationships with SWFL Rescue Community, which is very helpful to CFA BAP-BRP when we need to pull cats from animal control facilities around Florida and get them to safety. 


If you'd like to learn more about how to integrate community resources and involve rescue groups in your cat show, or just support a great group already doing so, join PCCF at the 20th Anniversary Cat Show on July 27th and 28th in Fort Myers, where you can see for yourself the good works that our small club provides and have fun showing your cat too!


Charlene Campbell, PCCF


Some folks make a vacation out of their trip to the Annual and spend a few days playing tourist.  Mary Kolencik did just that and took her camera along.  Here is a great shot Mary took while in the Upper Northwest for last month's Annual.  She set a timer and was able to capture hundreds of stars.  When asked what mountain it is, she responded, "That is Mt. Hood. The lights on the mountain are the Timberline Lodge, as well as the ski slopes getting repaired and prepared for the next day. The lake is Trillium Lake."



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