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August 1 - Join or renew Breed Council membership

August 1 - Submission of ballot items need to be received by BC Secretaries

August 15 - Receipt of Ads,
Grand/DM photos for Yearbook 
Garfield Signs

CFA now has available a number of show hall signs featuring Garfield which clubs can download and print for use at their shows!!  Go to the CFA website to download and print as many signs as your club needs.  



Thanks to the Phoenix Feline Fanciers club and Robin Robinson for this great idea!


Cat Talk
Submitted by Teresa Keiger, Editor

CFA's publication "Cat Talk" is looking ahead to its August issue and the "2012 - Season in Review" an overview of the previous show season's cats and events.

Was there something significant that happened within your breed? Did someone achieve a "first ..." Were there major shows were your breed was particularly well represented? Did you lose someone well known within and outside of your breed? Was there a 'breed first?" Some interesting or unusual connections? 

Please send any submissions to  tkeiger@cfa.org. Deadline for submissions is July 1.

Cat Talk begins its 3 part series on the origin of cattery names. Our upcoming June issue contains a revision of a previous Yearbook article on the origin of many judges' cattery names and the August issue continues with the cattery names of our judges who later entered the program. October concludes the series with the origins of many of our exhibitors' cattery names. We would love to know how you came up with your cattery name! Send your story to submissions@cattalk.org.


Next, we're looking for "CatNip." Those little tidbits of feline folklore, original insights, tips, stories, historical factoids from the cat fancy, original poems and prose. Send you "CatNip" to submissions@cattalk.org


Finally, have you seen our "Transitions" feature? Cat Talk would like to keep all members of our cat fancy family informed of important milestones in fellow fanciers' lives - retirements, births, passings, and the like. You can send a notice to transitions@cattalk.org


Regional Clerks of the Year
Region 1 - Michelle & Dan Beaudry
Region 3 - Paula Noble
Region 4 - Brad Newcomb
Region 5 - Lisa Marie Kuta
Region 7 - Kay Wentling
Region 8 - Yukiko Yoshida


2013 Exhibitors of the Year/Spotlight Award Winners
Each show season our Regions honor someone within their Region who has worked hard for the Region and deserves special recognition.  Here are this year's winners:
Region 1 - Lew Llewellyn 

Region 2 - Erin Cutchen 

Region 3 - Chris Willingham 

Region 4 - Seth Baugh & Lorna Friemoth 

Region 5 - Cynthia Byrd 

Region 6 - Bobbie Weihrauch (Exhibitor of the Year)
                Cathy Dunham (Spotlight Award) 

Region 7 - Cheryl Coleman 

Region 8 - Yukiko Terashima 

Region 9 - TBA

Int.Division - TBA

Thank You
From Jodell Raymond,
Communications, Special Events, P.R.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for CFA's social media pages.  Over the next several months we will be posting your photos on our various social media pages: CFA Blog, Facebook and Pinterest pages.  Jodell will do her best to email you and give you an idea as to a time frame of when she will be using your cat's photo!  If you have not done so already, be sure to check out:



CFA's Best Cat in Agility
Congratulations to GC GP AG Ra'sAbi's Elijah (aka Eli)
Eli is owned by Robert Weller & Carol Babel
  • Highest scoring cat in agility
  • First cat to earn AG (Agility Grand Master) title in 10 consecutive shows!
  • One of only five cats that has earned the highest agility title of AG
  • Fastest run time 8.0 seconds for the 10-obstacle course
  • #1 agility winner at the World Show in Ohio with fastest run time of 8.0 seconds 
  • #1 Nationally in Agility with 7218 points
  • #1 North Atlantic Region in agility
  • Started running agility in July 2013 at Garden State Cat Show at the age of 2+ years old where he finished First
Precious Cat Receives 2013 Colorado Excellence Award 
Dr. Elsey's Logo - June 13th 2013 -  Precious Cat has been selected for the 2013 Colorado Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC).
Each year the SBIEC conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that Colorado is renowned for.
Precious Cat has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values which is a trait seldom found in its industry. It's recognition by SBIEC marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within its competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow.
As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of Colorado.
Central Office
Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson


There, their, they're my Pretties, you ARE paying attention. My grammatical error received the most attention in the May Newsletter. I'm even better at minor dyslexia. I may send you links to Litter Registration "froms" you can download "form" the web site. Some of you are far more creative than I and I promise not to tell as it might be two much for too of you. On to some great news:


Central Office welcomes the addition of a new graphic artist and we are sure that you know her - our very own Teresa Keiger! Most of you are familiar with her work for the Southern Region as well as special projects for CFA. We have contracted with Teresa, who will be taking over for our former employee Kelly. Teresa will be handling CFA's graphics work and Online Almanac duties.  We are pleased to have Teresa on board beginning June 1. 


Central Office was asked if we could "somehow" share the Household Pet Finals with the various Regional HHP Scorers. Somehow fairly quickly turned into reality and beginning with the new show season all Regional Scorers were on board with receiving HHP show results. Special thanks to the RD's and Regional Scorers for helping us get this project on the road in a timely manner. NOW, HHP exhibitors get those entries on the bus and leave the reporting to us.


We are pleased to announce that returned mail problems due to incorrect addresses are lessening. Yet there is still room for improvement. Interest in CFA and our cats around the world is so exciting and from all four corners. Consequently it is a MUST we have full and correct addresses with country and any applicable zip/postal codes.


On another note, nobody likes to make a mistake and the staff continues to work very hard to minimize errors, but they still happen. Whether it is our error or yours, we understand the upset and frustration. However it is not necessary to resort to screaming and name calling to facilitate a solution. Please, be cordial to our staff.


"North" Westward Bound! Central Office will be well represented with Donna Jean, James, Jodell, Shelly, Kristi and Julie in attendance for the Annual. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone and placing faces with phone and email names.


Travel safe, 


Donna Jean


Submitted by Joan Miller

CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                



The second PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) Top to Top Conference was again an excellent and stimulating experience. The conference addresses legislative and animal rights issues that face those in businesses involving pets.


This year the number of attendees was almost double that of last year. Everyone enjoyed being in Napa, California on April 23-25, 2013 for the premier pet "industry" gathering. Sessions discussed human demographics, pet population trends and legislation that is shaping the future for pet sellers and others in businesses dependent on cats, dogs, birds, fish and other animals.  


CFA participants included George Eigenhauser, Roeann Fulkerson, Sharon Coleman (for The Animal Council) and myself. We had an opportunity to network with top executives from pet food companies, pet product manufacturers, pet stores, pet dealers, pet sitters, pet magazine editors and publishers. There were a few media people present, at least two rescue group representatives and the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA). The PIJAC staff did an excellent job.


One of the highlights of this conference was an interesting talk about "Shifting Demographics and Pet Preferences". Continue Reading ...

CFA's Largest Shows

2012-2013 Show Season



1 - World Show Red - 398
2 - World Show Purple - 382
3 - Cotton States Cat Club - 284
4 - Garden State Cat Club - 264
5 - Freestate Feline Fanciers - 232
6 - Santa Monica Cat Club - 231
7 - San Diego Cat Fanciers - 230
8 - Hidden Peak Cat Club - 216
9 - International Division Benefit - 209
10 - Straight & Curl Cat Club - 203
10 - Great Lakes Regional Show - 203
12 - Cat Club of the Palm Beaches - 202
12 - Mid Ohio Cat Fanciers - 202
12 - National Birman Fanciers - 202
15 - Japan Regional Benefit - 201


Based on cats present/competing
Numbers courtesy of Monte Phillips based on data submitted to him by the CFA Central Office 


The Wright Brothers

YFEP Congratulates Our Regional Winners

By: Cathy Dunham, Program Co-Chair


Our young people completed a full show season in style by completing a variety of activities. The support shown by the fancy has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated by the kids as they have shown their feline companions, worked alongside show committees to produce shows, made presentations in the community, hosted fund raising events for orphaned animals after a storm, stewarded, clerked, or hosted food drives for a local shelter. All these activities show the cat fancy in a very positive light to the general public.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the regional winners for YFEP.  Continue reading

The CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence 



The Feline Historical Museum continues to have special collections on display.  Beside the Maneki Neko collection, the cat dolls, and teapots, we now have a room dedicated to a Manx breed display, and a collection of Empire Cat Club memorabilia in commemoration of their 100th anniversary this year.  


We continue to bring cats into the museum to show residents of the local communities the beauty and personality of the different breeds of pedigreed cats.   Egyptian Maus will shine on the Feline Agility course in the museum from July 9th through July 13th.  Wednesdays during the month of August will highlight a number of different breeds - Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Persian, Siberian, Manx and Orientals.


Stop by and visit us if you are in the area of Alliance, Ohio!



Part of the display commemorating Empire Cat Club's 100th anniversary is the Certificate of Incorporation from the State of New York


Ambassador Program

Submitted by Willa Hawke


GP Marvel Little Tiger Lily - 14 year old Tonkinese, at her second show as a Pet Me Cat
Hello Again - We CFA Ambassadors have been busy as always with t
he beginning of the new  show season, many regional shows, banquets etc.  Probably the most pressing thing for this office has been preparing for the upcoming trip to Vancouver to attend the 2013 CFA Annual Meeting. 


Our Core Committee will be meeting on Wednesday evening to work out plans for our upcoming Ambassador needs and activities. I am pleased to announce here that our newest committee member, Chris Willingham, was awarded the GSR Exhibitor Of The Year award this past weekend. Congratulations to Chris.


Also, once again, here is a reminder to all Ambassadors  - be sure to join us for our yearly reception immediately following the delegates' meeting on Friday. We will have yummy treats and liquid refreshment for all. Stop by and get acquainted!! You will enjoy it. Carly Kellog is doing the shopping this year, and she promises that it will be very special. 


As always, we are looking for additional Ambassadors as we continue in our efforts to grow the program throughout CFA. It is easy to sign up and become an enrolled member of the CFA Ambassador Program. Just go to CFA Web site and click on http://www.cfa.org/AboutCFA/AmbassadorProgram/AmbassadorApplication.aspx.


For this month's issue, in addition to our normal RCs' reports,I have added a couple of delightful messages including one from "Mr. Peabody" - (our celebrity Hawaii Ambassador Cat). Mr. Peabody reports to us about his outing at the big Hawaii Pet Expo recently held in Oahu. You will enjoy his musings and some great photos of him and some other of our Hawaii-based CFA cats and friends who were there delighting the masses that attended the Expo where some 12,000 people visited over that weekend.  Also, I have included a delightful report and photos from one of our newest Ambassador Pet Me Cat Owners: Chris June from Connecticut. She introduces us to her GP Marvel Little Tiger Lily. Be sure to read and enjoy meeting Lily and Mr. Peabody along with excellent regional show reports from three of our RCs: Mary Siestema (2) Sheila Haskins (3),  and Candilee Jackson (6).
Status of Requests for Change of Date/Location
5th weekend of November, 2013 - Southern Dixie, Richmond VA
February 22-13, 2014 - Golfo Dei Poeti Cat Club, Rome Italy
1st weekend of April, 2014 - Gasparilla Feline Friends, Florida
1st weekend of April, 2014 - Cats of Wisconsin


Submitted by Betty White
Winn Logo
There is promise of a new drug treatment for feline cancer, and Winn is helping to fund the research. The Bauer Research Foundation in Vero Beach, Florida, is researching an innovative vitamin B12-based anti-cancer drug, nitrosylcobalamin (NO-Cbl), developed by the Foundation's founder, Joseph A. Bauer, PhD. The drug capitalizes on the fact that cells cannot divide without vitamin B12, and rapidly growing tumor cells have a high demand for it. B12 is transported through the bloodstream by a protein which gains access to cells by a protein receptor. Because of the higher alkaline environment of the bloodstream, as opposed to the acidic environment inside cells, the NO-Cbi remains stable in the bloodstream. Once inside the cells, it separates from the B12 and causes cell death.
[A fuller discussion of this important research is reported in the Purina ProClub newsletter, Vol.12, No. 1, Spring 2013.]

Want to honor someone you consider a tireless advocate/worker in supporting the health and well-being of cats, while also securing a donation to Winn? HomeAgain(R) Pet Recovery Service just announced a nationwide search for companion animal "Heroes" to find the HomeAgain Hero of the Year. Details of the nomination process can be found in the press release online, and the Wall Street Journal URL is listed below. Nominations can be made online at HomeAgainHeroes.com.

 ...And Winnie wants to remind you.... "Please remember: a hot car is NO place for a cat, a dog, or a child!"

Breed Awareness and Orientation Seminars planned for 2013-2014:


  • July 18-20/2013
    The next BAOS is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey show on July 18-20/2013 in Somerset, NJ.  Our instructors are Ellyn Honey, Rick Hoskinson, Pat Jacobberger, and Darrell Newkirk with Walter Hutzler and Jeri Zottoli joining us on Saturday for "In the Ring" handling.  Further information can be found here.  Registration closes on June 30, 2013 and attendees can register now here.  Info can also be found on Facebook
  • August 29-30, 2013
    The CFA BAOS goes to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia!  This school is to be held in conjunction with the International Division Awards Show on August 31, 2013.  Instructors are Rick Hoskinson, Pat Jacobberger and Gary Veach.  Since the show on August 31 is a one day show, there will be no handling offered. Further information can be found here.  Registration closes on August 11, 2013.  Information can also be found on Facebook
  • November 21-23, 2013 
    The third school is set to be held in conjunction with the CFA World Show in Novi, Michigan on November 23-24, 2013.  Instructors are yet to be confirmed.  The flyer should be completed soon.  Registration closes on November 3, 2013.  Information can also be found on Facebook.
  • January 23-25, 2014 
    This school will be held in conjunction with the San Diego Cat Club Food and Water Bowl in Del Mar, California on January 25-26, 2014.  Instructors are yet to be confirmed.
Phebe Low put on a fundraiser show in Hong Kong.  The students helped at the show.  Suki Lee had certificates of appreciation printed up and these photos are from the awards ceremony.




Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


Exhibitor of the Year 

Lew Llwellyn

Lew Llwellyn was chosen as this year's Spotlight Award Winner.  Every Region has that special person  that does a lot of little things to help that seem to go unoticed.  Lew has always been such a person.  He and his wife Timi support Region 1 and all Region 1 shows.  Lew was so instrumental in last year's annual.  He raised and donated money to the Annual.  Most importantly, it was his donation of time and talent in developing the theme , the logo and the backdrop for the annual awards. Everyone knows when they see him with his  cats how much he loves them and is proud of their accomplishements.  Region 1 is proud to call him one of our own.



Clerks of the Year 
Michelle and Dan Beaudry
This year, our  Clerk of the year award was a two-for.  Dan and Michelle (Robitaille) Beaudry were chosen as a pair.  Michelle has long been a clerk in Region one and often in Region 4.  She attended shows since she was a teenager with her mother Chistine.  She has been an excellent, efficient clerk for many years. Dan, while new to the Cat Fancy, took to Clerking and Master Clerking  and soon became a sought after clerk.


Humanitarian Award 
Robin Smith Poirier
New to Region 1 this year is our Humanitarian award.  I asked the HHP exhibitors in the Region to make nominations and we received several very worthy candidates.  Chosen was Robin Sith-Poirier.  Robin has worked since 1995 with the Rutland VT Humane society.  She is an adoption counselor. Sometimes her job has called for much more.  Two years ago, with massive floods and road destruction in VT, she spent countless numbers of hours walking through the area, rescuing pets left behind.  She also has been called in to help with hoarding cases in the area.  Robin is an avid shower of her HHP in Region 1 and has brought us new exhibitors through her adoptions.










Seacoast Cat Club

Submitted by Chris June


The Seacoast Cat Club celebrated the life of the late Norma A. Roy, of Shanfoo Tonkinese, at our show on May 4-5, 2013, in Concord, NH. Norma passed on February 27, 2013 and was our club's matriarch.  In tribute and honor of her many dedicated years in CFA and Seacoast, several celebrations were held during the show that included decorating her daughter, CFA Allbreed Judge, Sharon Roy's ring in Tonkinese brown and aqua  and displaying a large photo of Norma with Garfield the cat which was taken at the 2012 National.  On Sunday, an ice cream and cake social was held in her honor which was enjoyed by exhibitors and spectators alike.  Also on Sunday, special Tonkinese rosettes were awarded to the top three Tonkinese in each class from Sharon's ring on Saturday.  Many loving messages from Norma's friends and club members were included in the show catalog and a video displaying photos from her amazing life and family was played during the celebration.  We love and miss you Norma.  Your spirit and strength continue to encourage us to make the Seacoast show a fun show for both exhibitors and spectators for many years to come.







Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker 



Best Kitten 
GC, NW Wild Rain Let's Dance  
of Dotdotdot
 Best Cat
  GC, RW Anona Manhattan  
of Dreem Weever
 Best in Premiership 
GP, NW Castlkatz Luna Lovegood  



Best in Agility 
 AW Tomiss Ashley
 Best HHP 



Best Veteran 
CH, GP, RW Castlkatz Xanadu Skye 
of Starbeam 

 See photos from the banquet here.


It appears the Northwest Regional Banquet was a resounding success. One highlight of the evening was Dr. Leslie Lyons, UC Davis, joining us at the banquet. She had been collecting DNA samples at the show and then came to have dinner with us. She was quite surprised when awarded a trophy from Region 2 for all her genetic work on behalf of our cats. This will be the last time she's living in the area at the time of a CFA event. Late June, her household and her lab leave sunny CA and relocates to the University of Missouri. At the dinner, Dr. Lyons assured us her genetic work, started at Davis, would continue as she will also hold an Emeritus chair at that University. We certainly wish her well on her new adventure.


Our Best Region 2 YFEP is Ryan Watson from the Senior Division. We wish him lots of luck in the competition for the Royal Canin savings bonds. He's truly a delightful young man. We had 7 participants in the various divisions of the program this year.


Cubs Division (7-9): Best Hailey Goldsbary

Lions Division (10-12): Best MacKenna Goldsbary, Second- Jaden Taylor, Third- BriAnne Ireland

Cats Division (13-15): Best-Sean Blair, Second- Kyle Torgerson

Seniors Division (16-18): Best-Ryan Watson


I send a special thank you to Chair Maureen Clark with the help of Peggy Smith and Linda Osborn for making this program work in our region. 


With 2013-14 being the qualifying season for the new GCD/GPD title, there were 35 cats qualifying for the award this first season- 8 of those cats are from Region 2 and I wish all of them much success in achieving this new title.

For the 2012-13 season:


Best Agility: AW Tomiss Ashly owned by Nicole Davidson

Best HHP: Addi, owned by Cassie Pedersen who was also the winner of the Karin Jackson award given to the high scorer novice exhibitor in HHP

Best Veteran: CH, GP,RW Castlkatz Xanadu Skye of Starbeam owned by Dale and Erin Cutchen

Best Kitten: GC, NW Wild Rain Let's Dance of Dotdotdot owned by R&N Brown and D&C Freels

Best Premier: GP,NW Castlkatz Luna Lovegood owned by Paul and Ginger Meeker

Best Cat: GC,RW Anona Manhattan of Dreem Weever owned by Carl Cacho, John Criswell, Bev Stobbe and Noelle Giddings.


The banquet team, lead initially by Kathy Gumm was taken over by Erin Cutchen when Kathy needed some surgery. Both ladies did a magnificent job and all details were carefully attended to.


The one SECRET that is tightly kept until the banquet is the winner of the "Exhibitor of the Year". Our nominees this year were: Erin Cutchen, Dee Johnson and Connie Roberts, Carroll Muck, Gerald and Juanita Walker and Linda Osborn. While any of these folks would well represent our region, the 2012-13 Exhibitor of the Year is Erin Cutchen and she joins a list of talented and deserving people. Please congratulate her when you see her! Erin , like many others in the region, has worked very hard for many years in a variety of capacities - regional secretary, ring-clerk, Master clerk, show production, regional representative to the Annual balloting committee and this was her second time heading up the Regional Banquet Committee. She exhibits in multiple classes and was also part of the Veterans Committee that provided guidelines for the Veteran class to the region.  

We had a great accompanying cat show sponsored by High Sierra Cat Club led by Carol Freels. The show had great count and strong competition. Since this was a new venue for both the show and the banquet we all met multiple challenges head-on and had a great time doing it. The gate was super and Mary Auth (again) brought out some marketing magic! Mary, would you consider being an honorary R-2 person???


Speaking of creative, this year Kendall Smith came up with an idea to help people pay for their banquet dinners. At each show she attended, Kendall set out a box, covered with hearts, into which people tossed spare change. In April people could nominate folks for a " your banquet dinner" award. At the end of the show season, I picked numbers and those corresponded to people on a spreadsheet. I'm really hoping this becomes a tradition! Through the generosity of many, at least NINE people had a credit toward their banquet dinners. Nice job, Kendall!

This year the R-2 people accomplished 100% sponsorship of all rosettes and trophies AND sponsorship of the banquet booklet. Our folks support the region very well and I thank each and every one of you. We now look forward to greeting our "guests" as we host the 2012-13 CFA Annual Business Meeting and Awards Banquet. Please join us! The committee chaired by Pam Moser and the membership of the region have all worked very hard to welcome you and provide you with a most enjoyable experience. 



Thanks to all who helped in any part of the show or banquet- exhibitors, judges, vendors, show committee members, photographer or banquet committee member.....to again use our theme...you folks are "Simply the BEST"


Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director







Mandy Moesch (a very happy GSR exhibitor proudly displays her wins)

The GSR Awards Banquet and Shows are now over and we are glad to take a breath.  More importantly...with that breath, the Gulf Shore Region would like to say thank you to our many sponsors, incredible donors, fantastic cats, fun exhibitors, great judges and awesome hospitality hosted by a multitude of folks. 


First would like recognize our Clerk of the Year, Paula Noble.  Well deserved by a lady that is our master clerk for many shows, as well as clerking and holding clerking schools, and helping out wherever she can. 


The GSR Exhibitor of the Year goes to Christine Willingham.  Chris is always cheerful and always willing to help.  She has hosted an Iams Ambassador cat for this past year, is active in many clubs, and is supportive of the region throughout the year. 


Our sponsors have our eternal gratitude for their generosity, and many thanks go to Jack Nichols who worked very hard to get those sponsorships and co-ordinate our awards booklet.  Although not a region 3 resident, we have now officially adopted him. 


George Snell our hardworking webmaster kept the website updated and current and will have a lot of new content as soon.  He did a super job and our thanks go to his hard work.


The hospitality team was aptly handled by Janet Altschul, with Marlene & Darlene Knight, Susan James, Jody Chambers, Anita Merhyari and a whole bunch of volunteers as needed.  Thank you also goes to Sheila Haskins who decorated the show hall and the banquet room beautifully as always.  Thanks go to Kathy Black who graciously agreed to judge due to the unexpected emergency surgery of our own Marsha Ammons.  Marsha is recovering well and we wish her a speedy recovery!


Also, Steve McCullough, who did a great job keeping the show running Saturday and Sunday, and Toni Huff who worked with the region clubs for nice items for the raffle and helped wherever needed.   


Our photographer Audra Mitchell from Atlanta also will be providing some photos and will get everyone that information to you asap. 


The winner of the Ipad Mini was Suzanne Baker. Our thanks to all who participated in the raffle and we look forward to having new and exciting raffles in the coming year as our fundraising for the 2014 Annual in New Orleans continues. 


  Generous donations by many of the clubs in the region for the raffle were much appreciated.  Foot of the Rockies Cat Club and North Texas Cat Club generous financial contributions went to the show sponsorship and we thank them deeply.  Fond appreciation goes to Cheryl McKay-Dorrell, who not only sponsored a ring for the show, she also has provided the region with an exquisite pair of earrings, exclusive to Neiman Marcus, which will be raffled off at the annual to benefit the 2014 New Orleans Annual.


The banquet was celebrated with a catered meal and a new program- that although had some glitches a lot of credit goes to Jim Rogers for getting it together.   Patti Oehler was the banquet seating manager, and had a nifty system to "bench" the banquet, and identify the meals for the servers.  No surprises!!!   Kathy Black did the on the road again program, and was enjoyed by all.  We got all of the awards awarded, and we had a wonderful grand finale celebrating our top three cats, produced by Karen Godwin - complete with photo presentation/video/music.


Donna Hinton and Chris Willingham handled all the rosettes, and I was told by some out of region folks that they were the most spectacular rosette awards they had ever seen- they were truly gorgeous.  They organized all of the award plaques, certificates and rosettes, and helped to get them to the right people.   Chris also handled Saturday rosettes for the show, and Paula Noble and Jacqui Bennett did the Sunday show honors.


Thanks go to all our presenters and the help of our floor shepherds, and hosts.  Everyone loved the 3 huge wall screens on all sides of the banquet hall so no strained necks!


No show, no banquet, and no accounting would be done without the incredible amount of work that Sheryl Zink did on the show- the banquet - the sponsors - she was able to keep track of everything and was amazing to watch, and can only believe she was very sleepy today!!!!


Thanks go out to John Chapman that not only did the raffle for the show (quite profitably I might add) - he also opened and closed the banquet festivities.  Paula Noble made her debut as MC and did a great job.  AND .... We finished before 10PM!!!!  


Thanks to all who participated.....  And congratulations to all of the well deserving Gulf Shore Regional Award Recipients!!


The Gulf Shore Region is enjoying the rest of June off, but we'll be back with two shows in July.  Both one day, 6 ring format shows.  The first is the Stars & Stripes show in Conroe, TX, on the first weekend of July.  This is a super convenient show to fly into!  The second is back in Cleburne, TX for the Gulf Shore Consortium show.  Formerly held in Waco (at that "hot" show hall) we will now enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning air-conditioned show hall!  This show is becoming quite famous for the insanely delicious potluck brought together by the exhibitors, so we hope to see you all there with your favorite foods.


Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The Great Lakes Region held its annual awards show and banquet the weekend of June 8-9 in Canton, Ohio. The show committee worked very hard to make it a fun event. The show featured the traditional 'Mega-Potluck' organized by Eve Russell. Anyone who went hungry on either day had no one to blame but themselves. The usual GREAT cooks in the region came through once again with a wonderful meal.


The show ran smoothly and efficiently, had a great raffle, wonderful friendship and fellowship and lived up to our high expectations. Thanks to Seth Baugh, Show Manager and the crew of hardworking individuals who gave of their time and unlimited talents to make it great.


The banquet, held this year in the stately McKinley Grand Hotel in downtown Canton was a relaxed but elegant event that was thoroughly enjoyed. The food was great, the friendship warm and the good spirits abounded. Chaired by Joel and Camelle Chaney, who worked for many months securing a location and planning the event, with the help of Bob Mathas, Ron Dylewski, Wilma Van Scoyck and many, many others it became another of those 'GREAT" evenings to remember.


Seth Baugh/Lorna Friemoth

Congratulations to Brad Newcomb, voted 2013 Great Lakes Clerk of the Year.


Special congratulations to all our DM's, Breed Winners, Regional Winners and National Winners, and to Zehnder's Roger Vivier of NuDawnz, Blue Aby neuter who earned Best Cat in Premiership in CFA!!!


As well as to Roger's proud owners Seth Baugh and Lorna Friemoth, voted recipients of the Spirit of the Great Lakes Award (CFA Spotlight Winners).


If you haven't experienced Great Lakes Hospitality, think about coming to some of our upcoming shows:


July 6                 COLUMBUS, Ohio       Sternwheel Cat Fanciers

July 27               MELVINDALE, Mi       Motor City Jazz Club.

August 17          MELVINDALE, MI       Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers

August 24-25     MEDINA, Ohio         Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers

Aug 31-Sept 01   BROCKPORT, NY     National Siamese Cat Club


You will find the clubs and exhibitors warm and welcoming. Come and experience our GREAT hospitality.


Region 5

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Regional Director



The Southwest Region held its annual Awards Show and Banquet, An Evening in Purradise, on June 8 in Palm Springs. The Southwest Japanese Bobtail Fanciers put on a great show (their first!) at the Palm Springs Convention Center, followed by the Awards Banquet that evening in the adjacent Renaissance Hotel. The banquet celebrated the winners of the 2012-2013 season, including the region's 13 National Wins and 7 Breed Wins. The top awards went to our Best HHP--Padraic (owned by Margaret and Julie Benzer), Best Kitten--GC, NW Latin Lover Danube of Jiang Nan (Connie Stewart and Xin Ye Chen), Best in Premiership--GC GP NW De Bears Kara Janx (Art and Kristi Graafmans) and Best Cat--GC NW Parti Wai Ex Jackpot (Penni Richter). We also honored our Clerk of the Year Lisa Marie Kuta, Spotlight Award winner Cynthia Byrd, and awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award to Joan Miller. 
It was a great finale to a very successful season for the exhibitors of Region 5, and the beginning of what will hopefully be an equally successful 2013-2014 season.


Region 6
Submitted by Cathy Dunham

Midwest Regional Awards Banquet



Our Regional Director, Kathy Calhoun, inspired a small but ambitious group to host the awards show and banquet for the Midwest region on June 1-2, 2013. I was asked to chair the banquet portion, which included all aspects of the evening from awards to dinner and everything in between. During the planning stages the committee decided to locate the weekend's events in as central a location as possible within the region. After weeks of research and discussion, Springfield, IL was chosen. Once the location was selected, it was easy to start looking at the local attractions and state in general for inspiration. Abe Lincoln and violets (the state flower of Illinois) provided the backdrop for this wonderful event.



Keeping with the theme of the night, the entertainer wore a top hat.

The banquet was held in the gorgeous ball room at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, IL. The evening's theme was "Midwest Regional Cats Are Tops" with decorations of black top hats filled with purple and cream florals with gold accents and feline silhouettes. The rosettes were purple, black, and gold with the regional and CFA logos taking center stage on the button and center streamer respectively. Our awards showed off photos of the regional winners and cats of Distinguished Merit in style on a crystal plate. The graphics for the awards booklet and presentation slideshow featured cats/kittens playing in top hats along with our beautiful felines. The tables were also adorned with table favors from Cat'n On The Fox Cat Club, who graciously sponsored the decorations for the evening, the Best Cat in Premiership, the Best Kitten, and the Best Cat.


Leah Sturn, Doug & Kathy Von Aswege, owners of Best Cat

After hospitality hour, we sat down to dinner and our On The Road Again presentation composed by Cheryl McConnell with the help of all our regional photographers. With dinner concluded, we moved on to an evening of fun, laughter, and tears as the awards presentations began.


The evening started by recognizing the Youth Feline Education Program participates for a great season. Congratulations to Amanda Leibrock, Lilly Swanson, Joseph Brickey, Richelle Hanes, and Taylor Bonsworth. Our Regional Director then presented the Junior Fanciers Spot Light Award to Alex Emory, the Earl Rothman Memorial Exhibitor of the Year Award to Bobbie Weihrauch, the Spot Light Award to Cathy Dunham, and the Humanitarian Award to the late John Bierrie (Terry Bierrie accepting). All award winners were surprised and honored to receive their awards as nominated by their peers, congratulations to all the winners on their wonderful achievement.


This year, instead of asking the judges to announce the winning cat's names, we asked them to have fun presenting the awards while a pre-recorded presentation slideshow did all the hard work. Fun was had by all receiving their awards from judges who supported thier cats all during the year and then recording the moment with photos by Preston Smith. We ended the evening with music by our regions own Kirk Jackson.


Thank you to all who helped make the awards show/banquet such a success. 


Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director



CFA's Southern Stars were shining brightly at the Hunt Valley Inn just north of Baltimore, Maryland for the 2012-2013 Southern Region Awards Banquet on Saturday, June 1st at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, Maryland.   Lyn Knight led a cast of dozens to get the presentation ready a week earlier than usual, and the evening was a great success! The banquet was held in conjunction with the regional show hosted by Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers and Maine Street Cat Club.


Southern Region Cat of the Year honors went to a sable Burmese female, GC, NW Ahava-Burms Baby T-Ruth of Calcat. Connie Wardlaw, Cyndi Lewis and Jennifer & Michael Herr received the Best Cat award from Bob Goltzer.


Best Kitten in the Southern Region is GC, NW Seder Rennes Estee Lauder, a female blue tabby & white Persian and owned by Peggy Huffman and Noralyn Heisig shown receiving their award from Ellyn Honey.


Best Cat in Premiership went to an Oriental - Shorthair Division, GC, GP, NW Oyate August Rush of Avec Joie, an ebony ticked tabby & white neuter owned by Betsy Dark and Cindy Crenshaw presented by Jan Stevens.


Photographs of the top 25 cats, kittens and premiership cats, top 10 household pets and top 10 agility cats, as well as lists of the best through third best of breeds for kittens, championship and premiership are available on the Southern Region website. Stop by and check out the 2013 Southern Stars!


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