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April 15 - Submission of Amendments & Resolutions

May 1 - Delegate Forms must be postmarked by this date

May 9 - Club fees & membership list must be received in CO by this date for a club to be eligible to
vote at the Annual Meeting.

June 3 - Club fees & membership list must be receiveD in CO by this date for a club to remain on
CFA's membership roster.

June 3 - Receipt of ballots for Director At Large

August 15 - Join Breed Council 

August 15 - Receipt of Ads,
Grand/DM photos for Yearbook 
Joan Miller Retires

On March 28, 2013, Joan Miller submitted a letter announcing her retirement after judging for 32 years.  At it's April 2, 2013 meeting, the CFA Board of Directors accepted Joan's retirement with regret and at that same meeting the bestowed on her the title of "Judge Emeritus."
Joan (right) with her husband Peter Keyes and her Best Cat with owner Donna Fuller in Boise
Joan judged her last show on March 16th in Boise ID.  After serving on the CFA Board for 25 years, Joan opted not to run for re-election last June.  Joan served as a Director At Large for many years and more recently as CFA Vice-President.

Joan plans to continue participating in the cat fancy.  She is currently chair of CFA's Community Outreach/Education Committee and in that role she often speaks to groups about cats and the cat fancy, gives educational talks to animal shelters on how to identify breeds and other interesting information, etc.  Joan will also continue to participate in education rings at CFA cat shows and other venues.  Joan serves as the CFA Legislative Information Liaison. You will see  her legislative articles in future CFA eNewsletters.
We are sad to have lost Joan as a CFA Board member and as a CFA judge; however, we are pleased to have Joan continue as a valuable contributor to the cat fancy.  As Joan stated, when one door closes, another opens. Read Joan's retirement letter and see more photos here.
Joan in the Education Ring at the 2012 CFA/Royal Canin World Champ. Cat Show


Upcoming Deadlines

2013 Delegate Forms
must be submitted in the envelopes provided postmarked no later than Wednesday, May 1, 2013.   Check here to see if your club's form has been received. The Annual meeting is being held in Vancouver, Washington, on Friday, June 28, 2013.

Ballots for Director At Large
must be received in the CFA Central Office by June 3, 2013. Check here to see if your club's ballot has arrived at the Central Office.

Central Office
Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven Six and the countdown on the 2012-2013 season is upon us. Two weekends to go and yet another season of phenomenal cats comes to an end. While there may be some spots still in contention, many of you are safely within your goal. We're ready, are you?


Whether it be NW, RW, DM, Gr. Ch., now is the time to prepare to "Toot Your Horn" to the CFA World of your accomplishment(s). NW and RW Awards booklets as well as the Delegate Booklet, Cat Talk and the CFA Yearbook are all places to share your success. Gather your pictures now to be ready. Watch the CFA and Regional Web sites and newsletters for the deadlines for all opportunities. Don't be left out.


Deadlines, did I mention deadlines? WEDNESDAY MAY 1, 2013 is the POSTMARK deadline for your club's Delegate Form. To be sure your club has submitted their Delegate form, you will find a current listing of forms received at 



REGISTRATION HINTS: Faxing is the safest and most secure way to submit credit card information for services requested. However, placing that information too close to the top or bottom of the faxed page makes it difficult if not impossible to read. This can be a time consuming problem if you have left off contact (email address preferred) information. Be sure to place your credit card and email information within an approximate one inch border to be safe rather than sorry. And print, please print all letters.


PRINT, did I say print? The ladies in registration have asked that you please print your information. Several letters are difficult to distinguish if using cursive writing - especially N's, M's, R's and S's.


Good luck these last two weekends. Travel safe and enjoy your friends from near and far, who but for the love of cats, you might not know. 


Ambassador Program

Submitted by Willa Hawke



Ambassador Button There have been a lot of great things happening in the Ambassador Program with the addition of a new core committee member, planning of the Ambassador reception at the Annual, and continuation of our program with CFA's support. While we were sad to learn that IAMS would not be continuing their sponsorship of our program, we do hope that in the future they will revisit the possibility of sponsoring the CFA Ambassadors. We thank IAMS for their past support and all they have done to help our great program become a success.


We welcome our new core committee member, Chris Willingham, who will be joining our other committee members, Art Graafmans, Karen Lane, Jodell Raymond, and yours truly. The committee will gather for our annual planning meeting in Vancouver, where we will plan for next year's needs and activities.


Our Regional Coordinators (RC's) have been busy working and we thank them for their tireless efforts. Please be sure to read through their sometimes deeply moving, often delightful individual reports and stories included below.


Perhaps also of interest may be how Karen Lane and the I-Cat group are continuing on with their efforts. We admire their dedication! Phebe Low, Takako Kojimi and Chris Willingham also have shared some delightful stories concerning Ambassador Cats and how each of them has helped CFA.  Be sure to read and enjoy ALL of the reports and stories.  I promise that you will be glad that you did!


We are always looking for Ambassadors as we continue in our efforts to grow the program throughout CFA.  It is easy to sign up and become an enrolled member of the CFA Ambassador Program.  Go to CFA Web site . 


Be sure to start planning to attend our annual Ambassador Reception which will be held as usual in the President's suite immediately following the Delegate's Meeting in Vancouver.


See you there if not before!!


CFA Yearbooks
Submitted by Shelly Borawski & Mark Hannon
Some copies are still available from the CFA website for $40 plus shipping.  Some Board Members also have copies for sale.  Check with them when you see them at a show and you can save the $10.95 shipping cost. 
2014 Advertising Deadling - August 15, 2013
2014 Yearbook advertising packages are now available on the CFA website.  Don't know how to design your ad?  Let Shelly Borawski do it for you. Simply send your photo(s) or high resolution digital images and text along with your payment and Shelly will design your ad for you, at no additional cost.  If you have any questions please contact Shelly at Sborawski@cfa.org or call 732-492-7216.
2014 CFA Yearbook Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Distinguished Merit Deadline - August 15, 2013
If your cat has become a Grand Champion, Grand Premier, or DM during the current show season, May 1, 2012 - April 28, 2013, you are invited to picture your cat in the 2014 CFA Yearbook ($15.00) and/or Cat Talk magazine ($15.00).  If a grand photo is featured in both publications ($30), it will also be featured, for FREE, in the Breed Profile section of the CFA website.
To feature your Grand or DM, please email a vertical high resolution (300 DPI) electronic image to Shelly Borawski at Sborawski@cfa.org. Proofs will not be accepted.  Or mail a VERTICAL photograph to the CFA Central Office.  Please pay the appropriate fee, $15.00 per publication, online at http://catalog.cfa.org/photos.html or mail a check/money order (payable to CFA) to the CFA Publications Office, 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601.

Submitted by George Eigenhauser, 

CFA Legislative Coordinator


Texas Supreme Court Rejects Sentimental Value Damages for Death of a Dog


On April 5, 2013 the Texas Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling affirming that dogs are property and owners are not entitled to emotion based damages for death of a dog. The decision in Strickland v. Medlen reversed a lower court decision that would have changed 120 years of Texas legal precedent by allowing recovery of "sentimental value" damages for a dog inadvertently killed by animal control.


The case attracted a great deal of attention from Animal Welfare and other groups who submitted amicus curiae[i] briefs. A brief in support of the appeal and to deny non-economic damages (pain and suffering) for loss of a pet was submitted by the American Kennel Club, Cat Fanciers' Association, Animal Health Institute, American Veterinary Medical Association, National Animal Interest Alliance, American Pet Products Association, and Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council[ii].


Written by Justice Don Willett, the court's opinion first quotes Lord Byron's "Inscription on the Monument of a Newfoundland Dog" and then begins with the words "Texans love their dogs." What follows is a detailed analysis not just of the law but of the close relationship between dogs and their owners. The court recognizes the close emotional attachment between people and pets, noting that: "Even the gruffest among us tears up (every time) at the end of Old Yeller[iii]."



Pet Passport Program

Submitted by Roger Brown,  CFA Scientific Advisor


CFA's  Pet Passport program has been embraced by the Mayor's Alliance of New York City.  The first seminar was held March 27th for sixty shelters in the Metropolitan area, and forty-three signed up for the program.  A total of three hundred shelters will be introduced to Pet Passport after two more seminars.


Each passport will include a CFA pet recording certificate registration and literature introducing them to CFA.  This is the perfect way to show each person adopting a cat that CFA has a strong interest in the welfare of all cats, and will be a passive tool to use when fighting legislation by animal rights groups.


The states of California and New York do not allow the sixty day complementary insurance package that is included in our Pet Passport; however, the underwriters for our pet insurance are seeking an alternative which may resolve this issue. We are also working to develop a Veterinary Hospital Link that will honor free first physical examination certificates that could be included with all Pet Passports.  Negotiations with a large nationwide chain of veterinary hospitals accepting this certificate is underway.


We also hope to soon add a coupon for a free bag of a unique food soon entering the market.  The food will be introduced by a major cat food company. 


Pet Passport introduces CFA to new pet owners in a very helpful way and at the same time produces a revenue stream via the CFA Pet Recording fee, as well as other CFA services offered on an optional basis.



Banner in Manx Display

The CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence 


The Feline Historical Museum is preparing to open its first breed exhibit in early May.  The Manx was one of the breeds recognized by CFA when it was formed in 1906, and it has a long history even prior to that date.  Manx cats are indigenous to the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England, where they are found in both the shorthair and longhair variety.  Along with the history of the Manx breed, our exhibit contains numerous artifacts, photos, memorabilia and collectibles. We've even included a rosette awarded to Daisy, a three-color Manx, at an 1896 show in Northampton, England.   Our thanks to members of the American Manx Club and CFA Manx Breed Council for sharing their treasures and offering us the opportunity to highlight their breed.


The museum is located at 260 East Main Street in Alliance, Ohio.  We are open to the public 10am-4pm on Tuesday through Friday, and 9am to noon on Saturday.  If you have any questions about the museum, or the Manx breed exhibit, please call 330-680-4444 during museum hours, or email info@FelineHistoricalFoundation.org.

Mad Catters Clerking School
Submitted by Cheryl Coleman
Mad Catters Cat Club held a Clerking School on Friday, March 29, in conjunction with their show. A total of 17 people signed up, and they had a final count of 14 attendees. The school was taught by Jeri Zottoli and assisted by Perry Coleman. This school was the 'test' environment for the new structuring of Clerking Schools. The presentation materials were originally created by Dick Kallmeyer, and modified for this class. The materials were very well-received, and the feedback given will be utilized towards the upcoming on-line clerking school to be implemented in the VERY near future! A workbook to go along with the slides is also being developed as well.


Here's a listing of the attendees, who are looking forward to fulfilling the rest of their requirements to become new clerks! Welcome!!


Jean Clark; Ryan Crass; Donna Ensor; James Flanik; David Fry; Robert Graves; Vangie Hendl; Sue Howland; Sheila Osborne; Kaitlyn Pritchard; Kathryn Stokey-Dillon; Joseph Swithenbank, Jan Warner and Cheryl Windsor.



Submitted by Cheryl Coleman


Last month, a survey link was submitted via email to all licensed clerks and the clerks list, in regards to perceived difficulties in the clerking program in regards to being or getting licensed. It generated a lot of email traffic on the Clerk's list, so it gave everyone some time to think of their specific reasons for being licensed - or not. Or clerking - or not. The results were extremely informative, and I want to share those responses.



The Mentor and NewBee Programs - Alive and Well!

Submitted by Carol Krzanowski & Teresa Keiger


Both the Mentor Program and the NewBee Program are going strong and have been very active in recent months.


CFA's Mentor Program was revitalized several years ago, and our network of regional/divisional mentor coordinators and their teams are consistently helping new breeders get a good start in their breeding programs. Mentor requests from all regions and the international division have increased, which is great news! That means word is getting out that the Mentor Program is here to provide guidance and advice, but it also means we need more experienced and knowledgeable breeders to join our mentor teams.


Are you interested in helping new breeders and/or exhibitors? Do you readily offer advice about grooming techniques? Are you always available to help guide a newcomer? If so, then the Mentor Program wants YOU!


Consider making your mentor activities official by signing on as a mentor to help newcomers learn and succeed. If you are up to the challenge, please email the Mentor Program at mentoring@cfa.org or complete the Mentor Application on the CFA web site.


By now, all clubs should have heard of CFA's NewBee Program for new exhibitors. We are a team of veteran exhibitors answering questions and giving support to new exhibitors. We do this both online via our Yahoo Group and in the show hall. We're happy to say that we've have grown steadily over the past 5 years. In fact, some of our first NewBees are now some of our veteran exhibitors!


What is the biggest challenge that we face? Letting brand-new exhibitors know about us. Are you currently mentoring someone or know someone who is brand new to CFA? Send them to us!


Entry clerks: a lot of you send new exhibitors who have entered your show to us before they come to the show. That's a GREAT way to get a NewBee off to a good start.


Clubs: don't forget to put an ad in your catalog so that your new exhibitors finds out about us. There should be one with the electronic show information you receive. And you can always download one from our website


Submitted by Betty White

The Winn grants for 2013 have been announced, and the diseases to be studied include asthma, FIP, cardiomyopathy in Norwegian Forest Cats, ringworm, pain management, kidney disease, and tear disorders of the eyes. Investigating institutions will be the University of Missouri, University of Tennessee, Kansas State University, University of London, Tufts University, University of California-Davis, University of Saskatchewan, and Louisiana State University. This year's total is $176,752; total of Winn's awards over the years is over $4 million.


Winn's podcast page offers a great opportunity to learn more about feline health research. Audio recordings of feline research presented at annual Winn Feline Foundation Symposiums can be found at http://winnfelinefoundation.libsyn.com/webpage.


Winnie Sez:

Spay and neuter those spring pet kittens! Both you and their new owners will be glad that you did.

2013 Annual
Submitted by Mary Auth,Marketing Coordinator

Chapter 2 - the continuing journey of Lewis & Clark (and Chinook) as they make their way across the U.S. in search of the CFA Annual.

Chinook was heard to say "Water be damned. Bring me your drowned rats. Let's find the Pacific!" Obviously someone was excited about the trip to the Pacific Northwest. The Lewis and Clark Expedition mission, as outlined by President Thomas Jefferson, was to discover a practical route to the Pacific Coast through the Louisiana Purchase and to gather and document specimens of plants and animals. The scientific aspect was intended to establish an American presence before the Europeans could claim the Pacific Northwest and Oregon territory. While that all sounded well and good from a political standpoint, Chinook had other ideas. His mission was to .... What was Chinook's mission?


Chapter 3

In Chapter 2 -- While that all sound well and good from a political standpoint, Chinook had other ideas. His mission was to search the west for the lost civilization of the Anasazi. His mission was a direct result of secret negotiations between these North American "Indians" and the fledgling US Government. As an avatar of peace, he was to find the lost civilization and persuade that cat loving people to assist the United States and protect the Northwest flank from invaders from Asia or Europe.


Meriwether Lewis brought many supplies he had purchased with the $2500 that Congress had allocated for the trip. During a short encampment in St. Charles, the men were discussing the coming days and the next destination. Chinook took (as only cats can do) his own inventory of provisions. While he was hoping to find bags of Royal Canin and Iams, what he found were crates that includes a surveyor's compass, two dozen tablespoons, mosquito curtain, 12 pounds of soap, thermometers and Dr. Rush's patented "Rush's Pills." Chinook had really hoped somebody had packed... What did he hope would have been packed?


Continue to follow Chinook (along with Lewis and Clark) to get a snapshot of this historical expedition that ends near Vancouver, Washington. Become part of the story and finish each chapter and others already have. All entries will be shown at the Annual's Thursday night's hospitality room with an appearance by Lewis and Clark themselves. New chapters coming every ten days.

CFA Website
Submitted by Kathy Durdick

Updates and new information on the CFA website:

- Nominations for Directors-At-Large have closed, and all candidates are listed, and have candidate fliers available to learn more about them.  Find these under About CFA > Board of Directors > Director-At-Large Candidates

- New registration prefixes for the cinnamon/fawn colors in the Orientals have been added - see Breeds > Breed/Color Prefix Chart

- The 2013-14 show rules and combined breed standards are online.  Find them at Publications > CFA Manuals

- Job descriptions for the Board of Directors have been created and added to the site.  Find them under About CFA > Board of Directors > Job Descriptions

Cat Talk 
Submitted by Teresa Keiger & Jodell Raymond

A special thanks goes out to Mary Kolencik our first editor. We wish her the best! We are pleased to have Teresa Keiger as our Editor. Teresa and the staff are working really hard to keep the standard of excellence set for Cat Talk. Below you will find Teresa's comments about serving as the new Editor of Cat Talk. Congratulations to Teresa and Welcome to our new staff members - Ronna Collia, Marianne Clark, Judy Webb Gunby, Kathi Hoos, Kristan Ballantine, Claire Wolfe! ~Jodell

What can one say about becoming the editor of a magazine that is already wonderful and has some of the best folks ever to work with? Three things come to mind: 
1. What a great foundation this publication has! 
2. What big shoes to try to fill! 
3. Let's keep this momentum going! 
The first several issues of any publication are spent building and defining what it is. It's rather like a child in the formative stage, that has to be carefully led and trained. And that's the legacy that Cat Talk's first editor, Mary Kolencik has left us.

Now we've reached an age of growth and expansion. Cat Talk has added (and will continue to add) more writers and more content. But we also want to be the exhibitors' magazine. And by this, we mean exhibitors of ALL stages - from NewBee to well-seasoned veteran. To do this, we need your input. Tell us what you would like to see, what articles you are interested in. (and yes, if a feature is booooorinnnng we want to know that to!) So reach out to us! Contribute an article, an idea, or a thought. Our thanks to everyone for your support.
Dr. Elsey's

ColoradoBiz magazine features products made in Colorado.  The latest issue features Dr. Elsey's Prescious Cat Litter which is made in that state. 
We are delighted to see our own long time national corporate partner Dr. Elsey of Precious Cat Litter products featured in this magazine


Take a look at the article


Please keep in mind that when you use a professional photo of your cats, the image belongs to the photographer and you normally need to add their signature to indicate copyright.  If Chanan, Larry Johnson, Preston Smith, Tetsu, or any of the many photographers we use to capture our cats beauty for a Yearbook ad, Grand photo, on your web site, etc. you are usually required to include their signature on the photo.  Too often our photographers are finding the images they own being stolen and used on watches, pins, etc. that are found For Sale throughout the world.  Don't make it easy for these folks to steal images.
Youth Feline Education Program
Submitted by Cathy Dunham, YFEP Co-Chairman & Secretary

Season Coming To A Close


YFEP participants I am sure you are all aware that the season is coming to a close very quickly.  This is a reminder to the youth and their parents to finish those last minute projects and presentations so you can get your activity sheets turned in to your regional representative for scoring.  If you do not have a regional representative, please forward your activity sheet to me at brtzohny@mchsi.com I will be happy to work with you.


To our regional representatives, please make sure you send all scores to me at  for national ranking.


This has been a great season for all of you and I look forward to hearing great things from the regional banquets and the annual as the awards are presented.


The YFEP committee and Royal Canin are very proud of all of you.


CFA Top 25 Articles
The show season is almost over and we will soon know who are CFA's Top 25 Kittens, Top 25 Cats in Championship, and Top 25 Cats in Premiership.   If you own one or more of these winners, you still have a bit more work to do.   That includes writing up your story of the show season so the rest of us can read about your exciting show season. This has become a tradition and one to which we all look forward.  The articles will be on the CFA website and a CFA-News notice will be sent to alert everyone when they are up and ready for us.  One person in each category has agreed to coordinate the articles.  Shortly after the show season wraps and the Central Office knows the winners, the three will be notified and provided with contact information for the owners.  If you own any of these winners, you will be hearing from one of these three with what they need, the deadline, etc.

Red Roof Red Roof Inn
Our corporate affiliate Red Roof Inn announces that it's time to "Track the Truck."  Read how you can win $40,000.
Red Roof is also celebrating National Pets Month in April with 15% off your stay.  Read how here.


Pearl River Cat Club

Submitted by King Fok, Club President



The second show of Pearl River Cat Club successfully completed, the show was planning to invite eight judges, but one judge was in a car accident and could not be present, resulting only seven rings left. But this did not affect the enthusiasm of the audience. A total of 108 cats were entered in the show, and our show attracted nearly 150,000 visitors in two heavy storm days, we are very pleasure to have so many people involved. In addition, we also use LED screens on live, where most of the audience could see the show, which created a precedent for cat shows.

Worth mentioning is Chloe Chung, the Hong Kong judge who presented the highest score awards for three classes. Her beautiful posture, professional judges were appreciated by the majority of the participants.  See more photos ...


China Phoenix Cat Club/Chocolate Heart Cat Club


This was China Phoenix's 9th show and the first show for Chocolate Heart Cat Club.  The show was held on March 16-17, 2013 in Beijing, China. 



See more photos


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director



Just a reminder...


The NAR regional awards and Banquet will be held on Saturday June 8th in Stamford CT at the Sheraton Stamford. Show and Banquet information will be available soon on Catshows.US and on the NAR website. Here are a few needed contacts.


OTR & Visual Presentation, Sophia Staples sophine.design@gmail.com


Awards and Duplicate ordering, Terri Smith purrmatix1@aol.com. Terrie is working on a very tight deadline with the awards company. The sooner you can get her pictures and order duplicates the better. As long as you know you have a top 25 win, you can send in the picture. Do not worry about the placement.


Awards Booklet, pictures and ads Iris Zinck purrformer@gmail.com.


Awards sponsorship, Dan and Michelle Beaudry horuscattery@gmail.com. Last year we had almost 100% sponsorship.


I am still looking for nominations for Clerk of the year and Exhibitor of the year. I have already received some excellent nominations for both but it is not to late to nominate.


Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



On Friday night, June 28, 2013, all of those attending the CFA  Annual are invited to a wedding reception to honor Mr and Mrs Peter (Joan Miller) Keys.  Please do come by and sign the guest-book while enjoying some delicious cake and champagne.  Time has not been set and will be announced as soon as it is determined.  Hosts of the event are Fred and Kim Everett-Hirsch and Paul and Ginger Meeker.  The event will take place in one of the suites at the Annual Hotel.



As a way of helping fellow exhibitors in this rather tight economic time, Kendall Smith came up with the idea of the "Region-2 Slush Fund".  She's been collecting "spare change" in the show hall in a heart-covered box and all change will go to help exhibitors pay for their dinners at the Regional Banquet.  Dinner cost is $50 and each of 8 winners, with the current funds collected, will get half of their meal paid for.   If more funds are collected, more people will be eligible for the "prize".


As Kendal explains it, "At least 8 people can win half their banquet dinner costs. Once each full week throughout April (1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28), each person in the region may enter the contest OR nominate someone else to be entered. This gives everybody 4 chances to enter themselves or nominate someone else. The only rule is that all people involved must live in the Northwest Region. It has been especially nice to see how many people are nominating someone else."  To date, we have 16 nominations and 12 of those 16 were nominated by other people...most gratifying!


Just email the name you want entered into the drawing to Kendall Smith  privately. Kendall will write the names on a list in the order they are received. At the end of April, Kendall will have Ginger Meeker choose 8 numbers (or more) between 1 and the total number of entries. By April 30, we should know the winners.  THANK YOU Kendall for your thoughtfulness and generosity!



If your club is considering having "Pet Me" cats as part of your show, two clubs have these banners available for loan to your club.  That saves your club the cost of recreating them - the only rules are - treat them gently and return them home in a timely manner.  If your club would like to borrow the banners and you are in the upper NW part of the region, please contact Terri Zittel for Puget Sound Cat Club.  If your club is in the Northern California area, please contact Linda Ahrens (Poppy State CC).



Thank you to all exhibitors that have participated in Region 2 this year.  To coin a phrase, "We know you have many options for choosing a show ... and we appreciate your business".  While most of us don't think of our hobby as a business, it is indeed a business.  Clubs need entries to keep up show production.  Vendors need sales to make their show investment worthwhile.  As each of you set your goals for the rest of this season and the upcoming season, please know that R-2 appreciates your support and hope to have that support continue. 

Sometimes the competition gets tough ... sometimes things seem very unfair ... we all get very tired AND we are all involved in the Fancy based on a sincere, deep love of our cats - whether they are pedigreed or not.  Each class in the show provides something special for exhibitors, judges and spectators alike ... its so exciting to see that 4 month old struttin' its stuff or that 14 year old LOVING the attention in the Veterans class. 


Clubs, as you prepare for the new season please consider adding a Veterans class, or Pet Me cats ... or agility.  This may be the way we get more people through the doors to appreciate our wonderful cats and help support our hobby.  At a show this season, one spectator at TNT was on her cell phone to a friend "OMG, I just touched a SHOW CAT! You've got to get here" ... THIS is advertising we cant begin to buy.


Each spectator is a potential kitten buyer, adoptive parent for a rescue cat, product purchaser, new exhibitor .... the opportunity to involve this new person is in OUR hands and is greatly enhanced by how this person is treated as they wander throught the show hall mistaking the BSH for a Russian Blue or announcing that they have a cat "just like that" at home (and sometimes they really do!).  We ALL love cats and taking a moment to look at "baby pictures" may just make that new person a new exhibitor at your next show.  


This really has been an exciting year for R-2 as we are hosting the Annual (just in case you havent heard).  Pam Moser and her committee are doing an excellent job and I look forward to this event.  I'm very curious as to the saga of the Lewis and Clark cat as he makes his way to the annual ... Attending an Annual is exciting and gives one a feel for the operations behind the hobby.  If you've never attended before, please come and enjoy the hospitality of our region. 


I'd also like to thank Erin Cutchen and her Regional Banquet team ... I think our time at the Lions Gate hotel in Sacramento will be wonderful.  Information on both of these events are on the R-2 website.  Sponsorships for the Regional Awards are still available and going nicely.  Please consider this option as a way of supporting your favorite cat/exhibitor/region.  Any photos you have for OTRA need to be submitted soon.  Regional Photos for OTRA go to Donna Bass and Annual OTRA photos are to be sent to Cheryl Coleman.  


For those attending R-2 shows I think the Chinook salmon will be swimming to 2 more shows ... For a $5 donation to the Annual fund you, too, can have your photo with the fish submitted to the regional OTRA ... or your cat might like to be photographed with the salmon!  A fantasy come true!


Nominations for Exhibitor of the Year are stil being accepted so please look at that process, also on the R-2 website.  Lots to get done before the end of the year and tensions over those pesky points crop up ... take a deep breath and come have fun in R-2 shows!



Those participating in the Veterans class can now earn points in both R-2 and R-5.  As these 2 regions share an exhibitor base in the Northern California area, this just seemed to make sense!  Each region will develop their specific criteria for regional recognition AND cats from both regins will be scored in the neighboring region shows.  To make this more clear, R-2 cats can earn points in R-5 shows but will be scored for awards only in R-2. R-5 cats can earn points in R-2 but will only be scored in R-5 ... same as in any other competitive class.  It is the exhibitors responsibility to get the show finals to the Regional Scorer.  The regional scorer in R-2 will remain Linda Osburn and the scorer in R-5 is Shari MillarLinda Osburn will also continue to assist with silver flats and rosettes for clubs wanting to promote the class in R-2.  


More R-2/R-5 Cooperation!
Starting May 1, HHP exhibitors from R-2 and R-5 can earn points for their cats while attending shows in the neighboring region. It will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to get the scoring information to the regional HHP scorer and each region will maintain their separate criteria for regional recognition. We are hoping that this encourages folks to show their HHP in shows in the neighboring regions and increase scoring opportunities for this class of competition. It is hoped that by expanding the point opportunites, we can attract and accomodate members of both regions while drawing more entries for all our shows. The Region 2 HHP scorer is Kendall Smith.   The Region 5 HHP scorer is Julie Benzar.

Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director


Once again, April is upon us and the last minute scramble is on for placements in the region and in the world.  Remember that the last show of the show season in region 3  is coming up this weekend in Mesquite, TX.  Easy to get to from DFW airport, this 6x6 will be a great show.  Beautiful show hall, and most of all a wonderful party like atmosphere, complete with champagne!  Enter now and enter often (before it fills!) 


There are no shows in the Gulf Shore Region for the entire month of May- the first time in decades.  Perhaps it is because we are saving up for the best regional awards banquet ever on June 8th, 2013 and we invite everyone to come and celebrate the evening with us.  All the information is on the region 3 website and we are also having the first 6x6 show of our season that weekend.  Awesome judges, and a lot of fun!  Check it out at cfagulfshore.org  


The snow storm that dumped 2 feet of snow on Denver last weekend did not damper the enthusiasm for a great 10 ring show.  April in the Rockies is no stranger to late snows, and it was mostly gone by the weekend.   We also had a great show in Oklahoma City, with a truly native american theme of "Catching the Dream" featuring lovely dream catchers for the finalists.    


Watch for some awesome raffles coming up to help support the upcoming 2014 Annual in New Orleans.  Our first raffle is featuring an IPAD Mini!


Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director


Region 4 invites you to come to Canton, Ohio the second weekend in June to attend the Great Lakes Regional Award show and Banquet. The Region is proud to say we have one of the best banquets in CFA, equal to many national events. We hold a two day show at the Canton Civic Center that features a great entry and our famous 'mega potluck'. Saturday's Award Banquet, to be held this year at the stately McKinley Grand Hotel in downtown Canton, features great food and fellowship. Please join us. Details can be found at the Great Lakes Region website.


Before that event, don't forget to attend:
  • May  25-26: come to Cambridge, Ontario to join in a 6x6 sponsored by the Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers, and the new face of a former club, Royal Canadian Cat Club. There are very few CFA clubs in Canada - these folks need your support to keep CFA alive in Canada. Enter early, enter often!

Region 5

Submitted by Michael Shelton, Regional Director



Sushi Cats stepped up and put together a show in a hurry on March 16 to fill a hole in the schedule, and it was a resounding success. There were great cats and judges, and fun little extras to make the day enjoyable for everyone. The highlight were the Sushi Races, a tradition from a few years back that was resurrected for this show.
How do you race Sushi, you ask? These races are between wind-up toys, shepherded down a track by our illustrious judges. The warm-up event was a small rocking cat tree and plastic cat figurines, which had to be placed on the tree using chopsticks. Pat Jacobberger showed a particular knack for this.

Then came the actual races. This isn't as simple as it seems, since many of the toys don't go in a straight line, and they all have to be rewound repeatedly. David Mare eventually came out the winner, and is pictured with his prize (and an envious(?) Barbara Jaeger).

This was a great show for this time of the year. It was a time to get together and have fun with our friends and their cats, and get a diversion from the end-of-the-season madness. I hope the club can do it again next year. 


Region 6
Submitted by Kathy Calhoun, Regional Director

Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club brings CFA BACK to Wisconsin


The Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club was founded in 1981. After many years in Madison, WI, the shows moved to Stoughton and then to Manitowoc in 2008. Scheduling conflicts and increasing facility costs led to less than successful shows. Other Wisconsin clubs suffered similar fates until there were no longer CFA shows in Wisconsin.


COWS didn't give up. In 2011, they joined forces with Twin City Cat Fanciers for a 6 x 6 show in Minnesota. The club had raffles and book sales to raise funds and was finally ready to again produce a Wisconsin show. Because of attrition, new members were recruited. The show was a great training ground for those without show production experience. The challenges of a geographically diverse membership were overcome as all pitched in and helped where they could.


Show entry was not large, but was certainly respectable. There were 38 breeds/divisions represented with 33 Kittens, 63 in Championship and 37 in Premiership. This provided lots of opportunity to earn points.


Thanks to Dr. Elsey's and IAMS, there was money available for various forms of advertising. The many spectators enjoyed the show and had the opportunity to vote for their favorite cat.


The club members sat back at the end of the show with the feeling "Now that was a fun show!" It is likely that the bottom line will show that it also was a very successful show. Plans are already in place for a repeat performance in 2014.



MWR Announces AGILITY At Awards Show


The MWR's blow-out awards show is slated for June 1-2, 2013, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, Ore Building, and will feature an agility ring! Excitement abounds as exhibitors wonder how their breed will do when placed in a ring full of rings, tunnels and stairs.


Adding to the excitement, the show boasts a dynamite line-up of judges: Larry Adkison, Lois Jensen, Darrell Newkirk, Paul Patton, Brian Pearson, Gary Powell, Cathy Dinesen and Pat Jacobberger.

Entry Clerk Sharon McKenzie can be reached through email.


Midwest Cats Are Tops!


The MWR extends an open invitation to CFA breeders and exhibitors to attend their awards show and banquet, June 1-2, 2013. The show will be held both Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, Ore Building, in Springfield, Missouri. The glamorous awards banquet is slated for Saturday evening, June 1 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Springfield.


The evening will begin at 6pm with a cash bar cocktail hour with the musical magic of the MWR's own Kirk Jackson. The sumptuous feast will begin at 7pm with scrumptious dining selections, On-The-Road, and the fabulous lineup of awards, according to banquet chair, Cathy Dunham. The entertainment will continue after the awards ceremony including a cash bar, more music and dancing. You don't want to miss this!


Entrée selections include:


Prime Rib - $50

Porterhouse-cut Pork Chops - $45.00

Chicken Masala - $40.00                                                

Vegetarian Pasta - $35.00


Dessert selections include: Lemon Mist Cake; Cheesecake Supreme; and Red Velvet Cake


Reservations will be accepted by Jo Cornwall through email: truebsh@msn.com


Checks should be made out to MWR and mailed to: Jo Cornwall, 12825 Mary Sue Lane, Highland IL 62249


Table reservations for groups AND dessert selection should be made at the time of reservation.


If preferred, PAYPAL made be used by visiting the MWR website.


Area Hotels:


The Crowne Plaza is located at 3000 So Dirksen Parkway, Springfield IL. This hotel does not allow pets.


The Holiday Inn Express, 3050 S Dirksen Parkway, Springfield IL, is directly next door. This hotel is pet friendly and a block of rooms has been set aside for $89 per night. Reservations can be made through: 800 992 2694. Please ask for the rooms set aside for the MWR when making your reservation.


The LaQuinta Inn, located at 2535 So Campbell, Springfield IL is also pet friendly and reservations can be made through 417 890 6060.


On-the-Road slide show:

submissions can be made to Cheryl McConnell at VanirCats@aol.com.    Because of computer system limitations managing large files, please DO NOT send jpgs. Cheryl would prefer pictures on a flash drive or a CD. Contact Cheryl for her mailing address. As an alternative, you may email photos to Cathy Dunham and she will transfer files to Cheryl.


Photography for the evening will be provided by Preston Smith.


Sponsorships: Coordinated by John Bierrie (email: bstreetcats@comcast.net)    


Photos for the Awards Booklet and the Slide Show:

Contact Cathy Dunham at brtzohny@mchsi.com. A high resolution jpg is required to showcase your cat. Please provide two pictures - a head shot and a full body shot are preferred.


Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


After not holding a clerking school in the Southern Region for quite a while, two events have been scheduled this spring. The first was held in conjunction with The Mad Catters' Easter weekend show and was a huge success (see article above.) The second clerking school this spring will take place in conjunction with the Rebel Rousers show the first weekend of the new season in Lawrenceville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. This is a rare opportunity to attend a clerking school without taking a weekday off, as it will be held on Sunday following the Saturday show. There are still spaces left. For more information and registration, contact Karen Thomas


The Southern Stars will be out a week earlier this year, as Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers and Maine Street Cat Club team up to host this year's Southern Regional show and awards on June 1 & 2, 2013. The 8-ring show will take place in Tall Cedars Hall in Parkville, Maryland. Click here for a show flyer and entry information. The awards banquet will be at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, Maryland, about 15 miles from the show hall. Information on photo submissions, banquet information, banquet reservations, award sponsorships, and hotel information, are available here or through the Southern Region website (click the "2013 SR Awards & Sponsorship Information" link just above Garfield).


Region 9

Submitted by Pauli Huhtaniemi, Regional Director


Spring is in the Air!


George Cherrie, new President of DPC
Excellent lineup of judges. Great show format. Perfect show hall location. What else do we need to have a great weekend at show? The last and the most important spice for enjoyable weekend is exhibitors with big smile on their faces. There really was spring in the air feeling at Dutch PurrPuss Club & European Shorthair Club show at Wijchen, The Netherlands on March 2-3, 2013.


The Dutch PurrPuss Club (DPC) is the oldest show producing club in Region 9 - Europe. DPC, like many other CFA clubs today, has faced difficulties during the past couple years because of lower entries and rising expenses of show organization. Therefore, club had to make a hard decision and cancel their traditional show in November last year. Board members were also no longer actively breeding and showing and they were ready to close down the club. Hard actions were needed and it was time to a new generation to take over the club and do some strategic planning to save the club, have a successfully show and make sure there will be more shows in the Netherlands in the future, too.  


Instead of traditional a 6-ring one day show, DCP decided to extend the show format to 10 rings. Seven of the rings were all breed rings and three LH/SH specialty rings. You hardly ever see any specialty rings in European shows as they have had a bad reputation being too expensive to organize due the duplicated rosette expenses. It is not only the global warming that changes the world but also attitude towards specialty rings are changing. Clubs are starting to realize specialty rings are a great way to attract local exhibitors and they are the key for a successfully show. If you manage to get into the finals, you are going to be hooked and you are coming back to the next show. Another decision what was made was to organize a show together with another club and DPC partnered with the European Shorthair Club. This gives more ideas, organization powers and, of course, more secure if eveything is not going as planned. The third decision involved with special ring sponsors and ultimate goal was to have all the rosettes sponsored.  


Lots of hard work behind the scenes, positive advertising and promoting. It did work well and the club gained one of the highest counts this show season in Europe and exhibitors all over the Europe, some even from he United States, entered into the show. There were some last minute problems with the cage service and some plans needed to modified but, in the end, the show was a real Cinderella story with a happy ending. Both clubs were very satisfied and the long history of CFA shows in the Netherlands is going on in the fure years as well.

Did we had fun at the show? Yes we did have fun at the show and we saw lots of happy faces among the exhibitors. Since they had fun, I am sure they are going to enter the next show as well... 


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