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March 15 - Deadline for CFA Board candidate declarations


April 15 - Submission of Amendments & Resolutions for consideration at the Annual.

60th Anniversary Show !

Submitted by Becky Carazzone



The Houston Cat Club, founded around 1922 and restarted after the war in 1949, celebrated its 60th show on January 5 and 6, 2013. Houston's first show was in 1951 at the famous Shamrock Hotel.


It was a wonderful weekend for the club and included a Proclamation from the City of Houston proclaiming January 5 and 6, 2013, as Houston Cat Show Days. Our show hall at the George R. Brown Convention Center was decked out in our traditional colors of green and white and the rosettes were all glitter and diamonds to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee.


Houston had only 2 or 3 ring shows until 1965. Shows were held at the Shamrock Hotel until 1969, when the show was moved to the Albert Thomas Convention Center and then on to the George R. Brown Convention Center in 1985.   Members of the Houston Cat Club ran the 1963 Annual at which the Gulf Shore Region came into existence with Mrs. Leslie Garrison as the first regional director.


Houston shows were the largest in the country for many years.   Shows in the 1950's typically had about 250 pedigreed cats entered. Beginning in 1965, entries increased rapidly until 1977 where a record 608 pedigreed cats were entered in competition. David Mare judged Best of the Best at the only Congress of Specialties show in 1977. The 1980's often had more than 500 pedigreed cats competing and in the 1990's 350-450 entries were typical.


For many years every cat that made a final also received a prize. Sometimes they were very elaborate, like a silver ice bucket, bowl, or tray, sometimes cash, as much as $50 for Best Cat, and sometimes very simple, a few dollars or a Houston Cat Club logo mug. In 1964, the Best Cat received a $25 War Bond. Continued ...


From Our President

Hello Fellow Fanciers,


I am pleased to inform you that the February board meeting was our best meeting yet. It was wonderful from the fact that it covered a lot of ground and also highlighted the completion of long-term, strategic goals. The results of the meeting illuminated this board's dedication to CFA and the constant, hard work which is bearing well-deserved fruit. One of the first things that you may have noticed is the new website. I love it and hope you do, too. Its intuitive design will serve CFA for years to come. A big "Thank You" to Kathy Durdick for all of her hard work and dedication.


The financial picture of our CFA continues to be healthy and stable. At the February board meeting the board voted to pay off the remaining balance of $156,507.25 to the City of Alliance. I would like to thank the City of Alliance for their help in providing us a new and welcoming home for CFA. The payment that will be made on March 1st signifies the end of CFA's debt. I am pleased to say that we will be debt free and this status will go a long way to having a solid foundation for our organization.  Continued ...


CFA Hybrid / Wild Blood Report
At the February Board Meeting a report was provided concerning the possible registration of cats with wild blood in their background, such as Bengals.  The Board is interested in starting a discussion on the possibility of registering such cats.  Read the report here.
Redesigned CFA Website 
Submitted by Kathy Durdick

The new CFA website design went live on February 7th - hopefully everybody is enjoying the new look!

There was a small hiccup with the breed pages for Korat thru Turkish Van, which even our hosting provider couldn't figure out...  after recreating all the pages early Sunday morning, they were up and running again.  Other than that, the process went quite smoothly and easily....


Automatic page redirects are in place, so if you had a bookmark to one of the pages on the old site, it should automatically bring you to the comparable page on the new site.  If you happen to run across any where that is not happening, please let me know, at 

San Diego Cat Fanciers' 2013 Food & Water Bowl

By Joan Miller and Peter Keys




Kids under 10 yrs brought their
 stuffed animals to compete

San Diego Cat Fanciers has been in existence since 1946. For as many years as members can recall the club has produced CFA licensed shows in downtown San Diego and later at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Our goals are to provide a venue for the highest quality pedigreed cat competition, educate the public about cats and to fund projects that benefit the welfare of all cats. We also provide household pet competition, feline agility, a large variety of vendors and the opportunity for rescue groups, animal services and non-profit shelters to adopt cats. In addition over the last 7 or 8 years the education program has been an important feature of the show.


This year's San Diego "Food and Water Bowl" show was a smashing success. We are often asked "how does the club do it?" In the interest of benefiting other show producing clubs this outline reviews the most recent show and reveals our club's strategy. To get a flavor of this year's show go to Birman breeder and club member, Alain Lescart's wonderful photo montage/slide show on the SDCF Show website home page at:  www.sandiegocat.org


Read more ...

Numbers Nerd Predictions
Submitted by Monte Phillips

Throughout the show season, Monte looks at the points being earned by the campaigners and puts out his predictions at various points in the show season.  
We hit the 3/4 mark for the current show season at the end of January and Monte has crunched the numbers.  He has his predictions for how many points it will take to make a national win.   Check it out.
CFA Foundation
Submitted by Karen Lawrence

The Feline Historical Museum is the home to a number of unique cat dolls, donated by Glenna J. Moore as well as the estate of Wilton E. Wheeldon and Gladys J. Wheeldon. Many of the dolls are original artist proofs that were later put into production by companies such as Goebel. While some of the cat dolls are special order, one-of-a-kind dolls created from owner photographs, others are antiques.  The dolls are all dressed in a variety of period costumes, and make a wonderful standalone collection in the museum.




QR Codes to Promote Breed Awareness

Submitted by Kris Willison



"QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional bar code) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Recently, the QR Code system has become popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes." ~Wikipedia


Last December a friend brought a QR Breed Tag from another registry to a local show with the suggestion that they might make a nice exhibitor handout at the upcoming Houston Cat Club Diamond Jubilee. A QR Code can be read by any smart phone to deliver additional information, such as the URL for that breed's profile or standard. The tag was shown to the HCC club president and I volunteered for the project.


The next day I used the QR Code Generator located at:  http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ to create and download the codes for each of CFA's 42 recognized breeds.

The next step was shopping to determine the most economical way to complete the project. I found the best price for business cards at Sam's Club. The other supplies I purchased online at Amazon.com




Owning several business card programs of varied antiquity, I finally settled on one that would allow me to create a single file with multiple designs. I then worked on a suitably special design for the back of the tag.


Using the BREED SUMMARY for counts, business cards were printed front and back then laminated and badge clips added. I used an exhibitor listing that included breed of cat(s) entered to generate address labels to sort and bag the tags for pickup at check-in.


Exhibitors were thrilled and there have been emails from all over. With a little help from CFA Publications I have since created a MS Office 2010 Publisher file that can be made available to the clubs for printing the breed tags. Here are QR Codes for each breed.  Custom reverse side to commemorate a special show - optional.


Central Office Report

February is the short month but it seems January and early February flew by with resounding CFA recognition and success. As I have traveled about locally, Alliance is excited about the CAT being chosen as the new Monopoly game piece and truly impressed with the early mortgage payment completion. It is an honor to represent CFA and the cats I so dearly love and be so warmly welcomed. One gentleman stated we are an asset to the community and they are honored to have us here.


MASTER CLERKS: We have a new "Unofficial Count" form that will be appearing in the Show Box Packages once our current supply is depleted. In the meantime the new form is available on the web site and may be printed for your immediate use. Unofficial Count Form:


Forms, we love forms especially when they help our customers as well as our Registration department. Below is the link to our Registration via Pedigree form:



Those of you using this form have learned how helpful it is. Be sure to include your email address as this will enable us to contact you if any additional information is needed. Once completed, we will email your registration paper to you enabling us to save time, paper and postage as we will not mail via the postal service.


Again, please type or carefully print your work. Many of you heeded last month's request and errors are decreasing. Thank you so much, keep it up and encourage your friends to be extra vigilant with their handwriting.


TRN EXHIBITORS you are doing a great job with your paperwork. However many of you remain unresponsive when contacted via email for additional information. We may have a simple question or need additional pedigree generations. Monique has a stack of paperwork waiting for a response. She has emailed as many as 4 or 5 times without a response. Please routinely check your spam filters. You also need to remember if your cat is able to be registered there will be an additional #25.00 fee to complete the process.


Registration Help 4 U: Those of you who work with Tabby patterned cats need to be very careful when registering your cats/kittens. If you submit "Brown Tabby" as the color, it is assumed to be a Classic Tabby. If patterned otherwise, you need to state patched, mackerel, spotted or ticked in your color description.


Hope you all had a fine Valentine's Day and for your furry (or not so furry) family you were able to substitute Tuna or Chicken for Chocolate treats.


Donna Jean

Global Pet Expo

The new CFA Media Kit is being finished and ready for Global Pet, held February 20-22, at the Orlando Convention Center. 

Global Pet Expo, the pet industry's largest annual trade show, is presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA).

Global Pet Expo is open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers, and other qualified professionals. CFA will be there checking out new companies to represent our Brand.

CFA White Pages




You may not recognize it by that name but it's familiar to many of you. It's the CFA Directory with the names of many of your cat fancy friends. It includes phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses. This annual publication is bundled with the next issue of Cat Talk.  It is free to all the magazine's subscribers and proves to be a useful tool for many of us.  Look for it. 


Upcoming Clerking School
Submitted by Cheryl Coleman
Mad Catters Cat Club Clerking School
Friday, March 29, 2013 
Francis Scott Key Holiday Inn 
Frederick, MD 
Waiting for that Clerking School on the East Coast? Are you a new exhibitor, or would like some education on what really goes on in hanging all those ribbons? Well, it's HERE!

Join Allbreed Judge Jeri Zotolli, and assistant Perry Coleman, as they instruct new potential clerks on how to properly run a ring. Learn what all those ribbons mean- & have a better understanding of clerking from a Judge & a Clerk's perspective!

Lunch will be provided!

Don't wait-space is limited! So RSVP no later than March 23, 2013!!
Send $20 fee (checks made out to: Mad Catters Cat Club) to the Clerking School Entry Clerk:

Cheryl Coleman
18900 Lindenhouse Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1818

NOTE: you can also hand deliver at any show Cheryl is at. DO NOT send this to the official show entry clerk! 

CFA's Pet Passport Program


Pet Passport was introduced to the CFA Board at the June 2013 Annual. This program for shelter cats has been successfully in place with the American Kennel Club (AKC) for a number of years and has been adapted for felines. Each passport will be provided by the shelter to a newly adopted cat and will provide Household Pet recording, a complementary 60 day trial of CFA's pet health care program, Dr. Elsey's cat starter program, an option of DNA testing and Pet I/D card, and lifetime identification through a deeply discounted Microchip and lost pet enrollment alert.


The Pet I/D card is the size of a credit card. It contains owner information, pet picture, medical records as well as emergency contact numbers.


CFA's Pet Passport program is reaching out to an additional number of Animal Shelters and Rescue groups.


Mike Isaac and Brian Donovan (the Pet Passport team) are traveling to New York City in February, 2013 to meet with officials of the Mayor's Alliance to assist in the inclusion of the Pet Passport program in their adoption process. Major's Alliance has already mailed a letter to all shelters in the New York City area endorsing the use of CFA's Pet Passport, and while Mike is there, he and officials from Mayor's Alliance will visit a number of shelters in the area to encourage this use of our program. Mike and Brian, representing CFA's Pet Passport, will be assisting the Mayor's Alliance with highly publicized major adoption event in June, 2013.


Roger Brown, DVM

CFA Director at Large

CFA Scientific Committee Chair


You can now place a link to CFA's show schedule on your web site! 

Just save this image and link to:  http://www.catshows.us 

Women in the Pet Industry Network
This group is currently voting to select the cover for their Spring Biz Book.  After more than 1,000 votes were cast, the choices have been reduced to only three left in contention and CFA's submission, art by Laura Seeley, is one of the top three! Among Laura's other works of art is the cover for the 2011 CFA Yearbook.

Speaking of the CFA Yearbook, the 2013 edition is now available and you can purchase it online. Cost is $40 for the book plus $10.95 postage. The book was delivered from the printer two weeks ago and those who have seen it are full of praise. Lots of great memories from the last show season with photos of all the national winners, Top 3 breed winners for each breed/division, articles and photos from the Annual and the November 2012 World Show, lots of ads with gorgeous photos, etc. Get your copy before it sells out.
 Sturdi Products To Feature Racy Mooner

Global Pet Expo is a gathering of attendees from around the world representing the leading retail chains, pet superstores and mass-market retailers, distributors, wholesalers and independent retailers. This year's Global Pet Expo will take place from February 20th-22nd at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Lisa-Maria Padilla will be joining the Sturdi Product Inc. crew at their booth #2982, accompanied her well-known and award-winning Abyssinian cat: Racy Mooner. This extraordinary feline is leash trained and sure does enjoy performing for the crowd!  Read more ... 
Clerking Etiquette    
Submitted by Cheryl Coleman 
Clerk Frank O'Connor
Clerking Etiquette comes standard with being a clerk. Not only are you perceived as someone in the ring who is knowledgable in all things "CFA," but you are a representative of the "Club" that is putting on the show, as well as the individual who is running the ring in an efficient manner. Some shows are more challenging than others, but your actions and behavior in any situation, could long be remembered.
RESPECTFUL: please be respectful of not only spectators asking you questions about cats, but to Judges, Exhibitors and Show Management. Clubs these days are under a tremendous amount of stress to have a successful show so that they continue to have shows, and treating everyone with respect is a great way to be respected yourself!
PERCEPTION: how you behave in a ring is observed by everyone. While in a clerking capacity, if you are consistently talking to a Judge while they are judging, you are giving the 'perception' to exhibitors of telling the Judge what you think of a specific entry on the table. If you 'threaten' a steward with withholding their monies if they don't do a good job, you are giving the 'perception' to the steward and those in the ring of being a bully. If you 'snap' at a spectator for asking a question, you are giving the 'perception' that we are ALL like that. These 'perceptions' all go along with being respectful.
MICROPHONE USAGE:  We all know it is irritating when you're making multiple calls to an entry to get to a ring. The exhibitor might be talking to spectators; they might be in the restroom; they could be part of Show management - or they may not be paying attention. It is up to the Judge (or Show management) as to how many calls you should make to an entry. Getting on the microphone and 'threatening' people to get up to the ring not only gives the PERCEPTION of you being aggressive, it is very DISRESPECTFUL of your fellow exhibitors. Keep your cool - stay calm - and overall, be professional.
We should all start the day with a positive attitude, and take these occurences at cat shows in stride, not blowing them out of proportion. Remember, we are all here to showcase our cats and promote our breeds - and we are professionals at what we do. Lets give everyone (spectators, exhibitors, show management) that perception and respect.

2013 CFA Annual 

You're invited.


Before long it will be time to take the journey west - to 

Vancouver Washington for the 2013 CFA Annual.  I extend to you a personal invitation to enjoy the hospitality of the Pacific Northwest, its lush towering evergreens, crisp fresh air and historical sites.  The Region has some special activities planned - all intended to add fun to the annual amidst the business of CFA. 


Even if you are not a delegate, you can enjoy the scenery and make it a vacation getaway.  The Columbia River Gorge is spectacularly beautiful, with a number of stops along the way to see high waterfalls.  Or, you can venture west along the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean through historic towns and magnificent sites.


In the coming months, we will be posting information on the web site dedicated to giving you all the details about Vancouver, Washington and the CFA Annual.  Remember, the airport is Portland, just a 15 minute ride from the hotel.  I encourage you to book your hotel room soon.  Information is available here


Pam Moser

2013 CFA Annual Chair

Corporate Sponsorships Available for Shows
Diane Bove's Ambassador Cat in the Iams display at Star City
Clubs sponsoring shows can request financial assistance to help them advertise the show and bring in spectators.  Royal Canin, Dr. Elsey's, Iams, and CFA itself have all made funds available for this purpose.  If your club is interested, have them contact Bob Johnston to obtain an application form.  Clubs receiving the funds need to provide a display of the products produced by the sponsor and to include that company's ad in their show catalog.  Bob will explain all the requirements to clubs requesting these funds.
In calendar year 2011 $39,000 was provided to 45 clubs.  In 2012, 72 clubs received a total of $57,450.   For the first four months of 2013, 31 clubs are scheduled to receive $22,550.   It is expected that 100 clubs will receive sponsorships in the current calendar year.  
Clubs are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

 The Iams display at Star City Cat Fanciers show
with GP Heida Diageo's Ciroc of Remember
CFA Youth Feline Education Program 
Sponsored by Royal Canin 
Submitted by Cathy Dunham

For the second year, we extend a huge Thank You to our corporate sponsor Royal Canin. We are proud to partner with Royal Canin to engage our youth in the hobby we love. The kids are the future exhibitors and breeders of our beloved cats. We as exhibitors and breeders can also support our participants by answering questions about each of our desired breeds, sharing a kitty with a child to show or use in breed presentations, take a youth with you to a show, or just be the ring while a child gives their presentation to show your support of what they are doing.


YFEP participant Nautika Buterakos

YFEP currently has 25 participants who are completing varies activities from showing their beloved cat to taking therapy animals in hospitals and long term care facilities to reading cat related books to working in shelters. Our kids are sharing CFA and Royal Canin with everyone they come in contact with.


These 25 kids would not be participating in such a wonderfully fulfilling program if it had not been for the dream of Jo Ann Cummings to develop a program where all youth could compete at their own speed and comfort level. It is hard to say good bye to such an inspiring individual, but that is exactly what we are doing as of February 20, 2013. Jo Ann is closing as she puts it Chapter two of her life in CFA and opening Chapter three which will include family, travel, and checking some items off her bucket list. Even though we are very sad to see her leave the program that has come to life under her guidance we are happy to say job well done and have fun in your future endeavors.


As you watch YFEP move forward, please extend your thanks to the Royal Canin Representatives for their support of YFEP and all CFA events and remember dreams can come true under proper guidance and with selfless work. Without both Royal Canin and Jo Ann Cummings this program would not be what it is today.


The Youth Feline Education Program committee members and participants extend our heartfelt Thank You to Royal Canin and Jo Ann Cummings your support and generosity which is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten.

Breeder Assistance Program 
Submitted by John Bierrie

Breeder Assistance Program Reminder...


The Breeders' Assistance Program was developed to "assist" breeders in times of need.


One of the most important aspects of the program, other than our strict adherence to confidentiality, is that the program was developed, specifically, to allow assistance to be provided, while permitting the breeder to continue on with their breeding program, after assistance is received. This is a stark difference to what other programs require.


To be sure, there are and will be situations where a breeder will not be able to continue breeding (permanent disability, etc.), but for those "temporary" situations, you can receive assistance and then resume your breeding program, after the situation is resolved.


In order for the program to work, YOU need to ask for assistance.


Reasons for a request for help may include:

  • Number of cats are beyond care capacity
  • New legislation in the area affects the number of cats
  • Illness
  • Disability, either temporary or permanent
  • Loss of home or housing
  • Unforeseen change in personal family situation
  • Temporary financial hardship
  • Death, without provision for the animals
  • Acts of nature
  • Normal retirement

The Breeder Assistance Program is able to help with advice, food, physical assistance, and placement of cats, if requested.




please email breedersassistance@comcast.net.


All emails received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Staples CFA Discount

Now it's easier than ever.  You can download an icon to your desktop and with a click of the button you can print your club's show flyer, catalog, signs or anything else.



A submission icon is available to download and install.

Downloading and installing is a three part process:

1. Clicking the link below displays a web page containing two buttons.
2. Click on the appropriate button to download the installer for the desired Operating System; PC or Mac.
3. When download is complete, you will be prompted through the installation process.

Once finished, the submission icon will be on your desktop and ready for you to drag and drop files to send them. If this is the first submission icon to be installed on this workstation it may take several minutes to complete. Please retain this e-mail for future reference in case you need to contact the sender of this submission icon for any assistance.


If you would like additional information on Submission Icons before installing, please click the following link:


To access the installers please click the following link:

Download Submission Icon

For Technical Support please contact us at http://support.wamnet.com.


CFA's Account Manager is:


Angel Richardson
Senior Account Manager
Staples Business Discount Program
Phone: 888-224-3684 Ext.1196
Fax: 888-229-0287
Submitted by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison

Cats Under Attack ! Blamed for Wildlife Mortality !!


"The Impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife of the United States" was published in Nature Communications on January 29, 2013. No one interested in cats could have missed the media-created sensation surrounding this paper, which is based on selected existing studies reporting cat predation of wildlife. The wildly inflated news that cats kill billions of birds and mammals was blasted over television and in mainstream newspapers. It is puzzling why the media chose to promote, without reasonable scrutiny, such an unscientific and biased gathering of "estimates" condemning domestic cats in the continental U.S. Responses were immediate from organizations like Alley Cat Allies that called the article "sensational, distorted science that relies on old or discredited research." Of concern is the reaction of media writers, whether they support or are critical of the findings, who now call for more "cat ownership laws". The Los Angeles Times says we need cat licensing, spay/neuter, owned cat confinement and must get feral cats "off the streets".[1] The media attention has diminished the publics' respect for all cats.


The principle article writer is Scott Loss, post-doctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Migratory Bird Center.   Peter Marra, a contributor, is a research scientist at the Smithsonian Institute. Tom Will, another contributor is with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Migratory Birds. Funding was provided by the USFWS through the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.


This is not a "study" per se, but rather a gathering of other studies along with "estimates" manipulated to come up with shocking numbers. Several well known references include exaggerated extrapolation debunked years ago. Many go back to the 30s, 40s and 50's or cover predation on islands or countries such as Australia, West Indies, Sweden, England and elsewhere. These locations have little relevance to cat populations in rural or modern urban America. The writers seem to have selected only those references intended to show that cats are THE major threat to wildlife in the U.S and globally. Based on flawed information, the authors "estimate" cats, both owned and un-owned, in the U.S. annually kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds and between 6.9 and 20.7 billion mammals annually. These numbers are so exaggerated and divergent they become meaningless.  Continue ...


DNA Testing

Submitted by Roger Brown, CFA's Scientific Advisor


PKD testing will be available soon


CFA's DNA program will be offering Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) testing when website changes can be made to allow purchase of the test.


The cost of adding PKD to the testing panel will be $10. PKD testing must be run as part of our present testing panel. The cost of the present array of tests including PKD will be $65. PKD can not be ordered separately.


We are extremely pleased to be able to offer PKD, and an additional announcement will be made when orders can be placed. At this time, the link for DNA testing is only on the drop down list under breeders.


The $55 panel (identity, disease, color) that does not include PKD is still available for those not needing a PKD test.

Photo of the back window of Ed & Jan Chambers' van (Click photo to see larger image)
Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke
Nancy Bueno's Ambassador Cat "Danny"

The presence of the CFA Ambassadors continue at CFA shows. CFA Ambassador Nancy Bueno reports that the February 9 & 10 was the Call of the Wild Cat Club show in sunny, but cold, Santa Rosa, California. The club worked diligently with the fair ground personnel to get the heat to work, but the persistent cold did not dampen the spirits of the exhibitors.


There were perks for exhibitors and spectators alike! Perks for the exhibitors included Valentine candy at their exhibitor benching spots, good food in the show hall, a large venue with plenty of space in the aisles, a wonderful raffle, hourly Agility Contest and demos, a fun cage decoration contest in the Valentine theme, and the Spectators Choice Award.. John Webster judged on Saturday, but he devoted Sunday to leading Show Hall Tours.  Continued ...

Submitted by Betty White
The Winn board of directors met in Houston with its scientific advisors on February 9, 2012, for the Foundation's annual grant review. A record 59 proposed feline health studies were submitted by researchers from all over the world. They were examined for benefit to all cats, clinical relevance, efficacy, and realistic cost. After an intense session discussing many worthy projects, nine (9) proposals were selected for a total of $176,758. Details will be announced after all researchers have been notified, but breeders will be interested to know that many of their major concerns for cats were addressed.
Don't be fooled by all this "hearts and flowers" talk this month. It's really CAT HEALTH MONTH on the Internet! What the Internet is recognizing -- and YouTube in particular demonstrates -- is that it would be a shell of its former self without us. Whether or not you follow Japan's Maru, Henri Le Chat Noir, or Simon's Cat, you don't have far to search for a bevy of other adorable felines who are captivating cyberspace!
A dog's world, it ain't! All of which is why they want to keep us healthy! I'm for that....
Club Requests for Date/Location Changes
As you no doubt have noticed, when clubs do not wish to use their Traditional Date, they request approval to move to another location and/or date and we are now sharing those requests via CFA-News notices.  We will publish the results of those requests each month in the CFA Newsletter rather than fill your In Box with this info on an individual basis.  Below are the results of the requests that have been submitted for the past month.

Date Change: Platinum Coast move to 7/27-28/13 (Approved)
Date Change: Las Vegas to 7/6-7/13 (Withdrawn)
Date Change: Sushi Cats to 3/16/13 (Approved)
Location Change: Cat Club of the Palm Beaches from Orlando to Ormand Bch (Approved)
Date/Location Change: RRR & Americans West to 4/13-14/13 in Las Vegas (Denied)
Date Change: High Sierra CC to 6/01/13 (Approved)
Date Change: Tonks West to 4/28/13 in Palm Springs (Approved)
Location Change: Damn Yankees from Groton CT to Boxboro MA (Approved)
Red Roof Inns
Red Roof Inns Loves CFA Travelers ~ Be sure to use your CFA Discount #526223 when booking!

Red Roof Inns is 40 this year! Be sure to sign up for our '40 & Fabulous' Sweepstakes here for many wonderful prizes: 

Photo of the Day

Heinrich Kellogg sent this photo of one of his kitties' new favorite places to sleep.


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director



NAR Logo Congratulations are in order to Region 1 new Approved AB judges, Lorraine Rivard and Russell Webb. Both were advanced at the February Board meeting.


Region 1 also welcomes our newest judge, Steve Joosteema. Steve was an ACFA judge for many years. Steve will be completing training classes in both LH and SH.


Keep this date...Saturday June 8th. That is the date of our Regional show and Banquet. It will again be in Stamford Ct. More details will be coming soon. Please check the NAR website for updates. Our judges for the one day 6 ring show will be Gary Veach, Sheila Mizzi, Iris Zinck, Russell Webb, Jerry Zottoli and Lorraine Rivard. Remember to send any candid photos to Sophia Staples for the NAR - On the Road Again.


One more date, again more details to be coming. A Clerking School is being scheduled for Friday May 5th, in Merrimack NH. As information is complete, we will post it to the NAR list and Website.


Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



And the winner is.....PAM HILL


A drawing was done at the SD Food and Water Bowl Show for the Laurel Burch needlepoint picture.  Needlepoint artist of the canvas and CFA judge Vicki Nye drew the winning ticket.


The beautiful framed piece will go to PAM HILL of Region 2who purchased one of hte last tickets sold at the Poppy State show the prior weekend.


Viicki called Pam from the ring after the drawing and she was quite surprised and pleased to have won.


This project raised $1000 for the 2013 CFA Annual.  Congratulations to Pam, thans to all those who purchased tickets and deepest thanks again to Vicki for her generosity to the region.  


The fundraising Chinook salmon may show up at a show near you!  Please support this fun project and be assured of a place in the OTRA presentation. 


On Friday February 8,2013, CFA Webmaster Kathy Durdick took the new CFA website "live".  Comments have been positive and problems few.  We in Region 2 want Kathy to know how proud we are of her!   She has been a valued member f Regin 2 for many years and now all of you can appreciate Kathy and her work as much as we int eh region do.  Thanks again Kathy for an outstanding job o teh website for CFA.  Please remeber to send your comments to webmaster@cfa.org .


End of year activites are starting...Wendy Heidt, last year's EOY, will soon be starting this years oprocess to elect our next EOY.  Watch the list and R-2 website for forms and details.  Sponsorships will again be available this year for our kittens, cats, premieres, DMs, veterans, HHP and agiility cats - information and forms will be on the R-2 website.

Erin Cutchin, prior co-chair with Kathy Gumm, will now be chairing the R-2 Regional Awards.  Kathy Gumm has done a great deal of workt on the project and will soon be having surgery so unable to continue in a co-chair capacity.  We hope that Kathy will be able to attend the event and we all wish her a rapid and full recovery.  Plans are in place for the banquet event and details will soon be posted.  The Lionsgate Hotel in the Sacramento area is a period structure and quite lovely!  You are encouraged to get your rooms in the club block and enjoy all the amenities this facility has to offer.  The Regional show is being hosted by High Sierra Cat Club and all events will be in the same location.  The planning is now taking place for Dr Leslie Lyons to be at the show to collect DNA samples of your cats ONE LAST TIME.  Dr Lyons will be relocating to the University of Missouri in July and this will probably be our last chance to get "close and personal" with her.  She is a valued citizen of Region 2 and while we will miss her, she will remain in Emeritus status at UC Davis and the cat work projects will go with her to Mizzou.


Region 3
Submitted by Carissa Altschul


The Gulf Shore region has been busy putting together an awesome regional awards banquet!!!  It is going to be one giant party and we hope you will join us for our 6x6 show, June  8-9, 2013.  The show hall is new and the banquet will be in the conference center of the show hall!!!  The hotel is within minutes of the facility.  We invite everyone to taste our Texas hos-purrrr-tality that weekend in Cleburne, Texas. Visit the Gulf Shore Region website for the flyer and details.
The Gulf Shore Region would also like to thank Dr. Elsey's Litter Products, Iams, and Royal Canin for generously sponsoring our shows in the Gulf Shore region.


It is time to salute our incredibly hard working rescue/foster folks throughout our region.  Our hats go off to each and everyone of them, including Dru Milligan, Caroline Fraila, Joe Edwards, The Houston Cat Club (and all their members), Front Range CF who donate an incredible amount of profits from their shows to the area rescue groups, Foot of the Rockies who invite their rescue/foster groups to the show for adoptions, and many of the other clubs in the area that do similar good works. There are many in this region that give so much to those that are less fortunate, and we are proud of every one of them!!!
However, our folks in the GSR do not turn a blind eye to other animals in need, and thus I would like to share the story of FRANKIE.  A very special dog that was rescued by our own Gail Bercher in the Houston area.


Gail reports: 


This has been ongoing for over a month. I found a dog in my garage. The smell was horrible. Then I saw his wounds. Had been shot in his neck and hind leg. It was not "new" wounds, it was rotting flesh. Continued ...

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The Great Lakes Region is proud to have a new Approved Allbreed Judge - Hope Gonano from Wexford, Pa. Hope advanced quickly through the program and has proven to be well respected, having judged in many areas of the world. A recipient of the Spirit of the Great Lakes award, Hope has been a great supporter of the Region, the clubs and shows and CFA as a whole. Her lovely Laureden Persians, especially Himalayans, as well as her Exotics have been the recipient of numerous national and regional wins. We are very proud of Hope and her accomplishments.


We are delighted that Hope finished her journey to Approved Allbreed as a Great Lakes exhibitor. The Region gives best wishes to Hope and her husband, Eddie, as they move their primary residence to Florida this month. Region 7's gain is indeed our loss, but we know Hope will keep her support in Region 4 as well as 7, as she is also maintaining her home in Pennsylvania. A healthy and happy retirement to Eddie and Hope!


Please join the members clubs of the Great Lakes Region at our upcoming shows. March 3 join the Genese Cat Fanciers at a six ring, one day show in Brockport, NY, and the Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers at a six by six in Canonsburg, Pa on March 16-17.You will find our hospitality to be first class.


From a recent guest at a Region 4 show : "We had an enjoyable weekend at the show. Region 4 people, Exhibitors, Judges, Clerks, Show Management etc. are a great example for the rest of CFA to follow."


Come to visit and see what GREAT lakes hospitality is all about!


Region 5
Submitted by Mike Shelton

Joan Miller in the Education Ring
The San Diego Cat Fanciers held their annual Food and Water Bowl in January. This show is traditionally the largest CFA show in the western US, and this year's show lived up to its reputation as a can't-miss event. In addition to over 300 of CFA's finest cats, there were numerous other activities going on throughout the weekend. The club put on a stuffed animal contest for kids (and their parents), supplying stuffed animals to some children who didn't bring their own. Joan Miller presided over the many talks in the Education Ring, covering topics ranging from grooming to explaining what the ribbons mean and the history of many of our pedigreed breeds. In between talks, spectators got the chance to get up close and personal with the cats that were benched in the Education Ring. CFA's Ambassadors were well represented, giving tours of the show throughout the weekend. And the show played host to several local rescues and shelters, who placed dozens of cats into new forever homes.

Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director



Miami Florida Cat Fanciers' show in Lakeland, Florida had another reason to celebrate besides their annual Mardi Paws theme. They also had a cake and party for Jody Garrison to celebrate her 80th birthday on February 3rd! Jody grew up and started showing cats in Texas and moved to Florida in 1998, though she frequently travels back to Ft. Worth to visit her handicapped daughter in a nursing home there. She entered the judging program at the age of 53 at the urging of Jeannie McPhee, and loves traveling and working with the cats. Between shows she paints, photographs wildlife, does all the yard work and even projects around the house. She just finished re-grouting the tile in the house and painting the kitchen. Next project: installing wood floors in her art studio.

You need only talk to Jody for a few minutes to learn that her children and grand children are important parts of her life, followed closely by the love of the cats she handles on the weekends. Will she be retiring any time soon? She says she'll think about it when she runs out of judging invitations or discovers her name in the obituary column! Here's wishing many more birthdays for one of CFA's true Energizer Bunnies!


On a sadder note, the Southern Region lost a very active fancier last month when Ande DeGeer passed away on January 25th, 2013 at the age of 66. She and her husband, Gar, were very active in CFA exhibiting beautiful American Shorthairs with great success, including CFA's 1984 Cat of the Year, Hedgewood's Greatest American Hero. Ande loved and helped promote the bi-color American Shorthairs' acceptance in CFA. More recently, she was active behind the scenes, using her computer skills to design the Southern Region website, and her artistic ability to design and draw the "Capital Idea" logo for the 2011 Annual Meeting in Reston, Virginia. Ande is deeply missed by so many in the Region that she helped. Memorial messages may be left at an online guestbook at http://www.byarsfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Andra-Degeer/



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