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Upcoming Deadlines


Feb. 1 - Club fees and membership list must be received in CO for a club to be eligible to vote for Directors at Large


Feb. 7 - Sign-Up for BOAS in Moscow


March 15 - Deadline for CFA Board candidate declarations


April 15 - Submission of Amendments & Resolutions for consideration at the Annual.

Name This Art

Artist Laura Seeley, who created the cover for CFA's 2011 Yearbook, has created this exciting piece of art and she writes: 
We need your fabulous ideas to name this piece.  


This is an Egyptian Mau, FYI.  I don't usually put the breed name into the title, but it certainly can be good material for inspiring creativity.  


The name will be decided in time for the big San Diego Cat Fanciers show in Del Mar CA on January 25th and 26th.


1st place, a signed (and titled!) 11x14 double matted print. 
2nd place, an 8x10,
3rd and Honorable Mention, a 5x7.
We look forward to your titles!

You can send your entry/suggestion to this email and you can see this and other entry/suggestions in both Laura's Facebook pages...
PERSONAL-  http://www.facebook.com/lauraseeleystudio
ART PAGE-    http://www.facebook.com/pages/LAURA-SEELEY-STUDIO/192163102682

Club Dues



Are you LATE?  LATE for an IMPORTANT DATE?  For your club to remain in good standing the dues AND current membership list  should have been received by January 2, 2013. It is not yet too late to be eligible to participate in the Annual election of Directors at Large. Club fees and membership list MUST be received in the Central Office by February 1, 2013 for your club to be eligible to vote for Directors at Large. If you haven't already sent your dues and membership list, do it now to avoid being left out.


Cat Talk
Submitted by Mary Kolencik
Our 6th issue from volume 2 is at the printer and should be in the mail soon, and we hope to be back on track for our February anniversary issue. Can you believe we're starting our 3rd volume? It seems like just yesterday we were picking the cover of our first issue. We have some great ideas for keeping the content fresh and are putting the finishing touches on a plan to help you help us, expect an announcement soon.

Response to our request for photos of your breed winners from the World Shows was fantastic! We decided to print all of those received and not limit the layout to 95. If you still owe us a high-resolution photo, please get that to Bob Mathas as quickly as possible.

Our June cover will once again be reader's choice where you will vote for your favorite photo. Be sure to enter your cat's photo by February 1st to be considered for the June cover. Details on entering our cover contests are on the CFA website under Publications and the Cat Talk tab.
Central Office Report

Happy New Year! Here in Central Office we all wish you a prosperous and successful New Year filled with furry (or not so furry) little show stoppers to fill your life with joy.


The Yearbook is Coming, The Yearbook is coming! As we rejoice in the New Year, let us not forget the good times and beautiful cats from the past. The 2013 Yearbook will soon be in the hands of those who ordered it. Didn't get around to it? Forgot? How about a delayed New Year's Resolution you can keep right now! The link to purchase is: http://catalog.cfa.org/yearbook.shtml#2013

 Don't delay - Do It Now!


It would not be a CFA Newsletter if I didn't mention correct, complete addresses on all work sent to Central Office. You may take pride in the fact addresses have improved and I suspect that is due to our loyal CFA News readers. However, if you have friends who do not subscribe (tell them they should subscribe) and mention to them the address problems, remind them to carefully complete addresses with the Country in the last line. Incomplete addresses are the major cause of delayed and missing work.


FAX Requests - Please include your day time phone number and/or email address. It is very frustrating to need to contact you and not have sufficient information to process your request. Without contact information, your work could sit here until we hear from you delaying its completion.


Errors - have greatly decreased, but still happen and one of the problems is penmanship. Many of you complete your work online or carefully type the information needed. However there are still some who write in cursive style which at times is difficult to decipher and may result in errors. Please carefully print your information enabling us to reduce errors, then check and double check prior to clicking "send", faxing or snail mailing. I've asked our Registrars to "take five" to double check their work and now ask you to join us to "TAKE FIVE".


Those of you submitting Pedigree registrations need to use the Via Pedigree Registration form. The form may be found on the Registration Forms Listing at: http://cfa.org/client/formsindex.aspx.

The direct link to the form is: http://cfa.org/documents/forms/registration-via-pedigree.pdf.

The use of this form enables us to more quickly process your requests and/or reach you if we have questions or need more information.


Working together we will create a more efficient CFA.


Donna Jean 

Ohio's Extreme Weather
COLUMBUS, OHIO (January 15, 2013) - In 2012, at least 75 record-breaking extreme weather records were set in Ohio. Nationwide, 3,527 monthly weather records for heat, rain and snow were broken by extreme weather events that hit communities throughout the US, according to an updated interactive extreme weather mapping tool and year-end review released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council. 2012 tallies reveal even more monthly weather records set than the 3,251 records smashed in 2011, with record-breaking extreme events that occurred in every state.
In 2012, Ohio experienced:

* Record-breaking heat in 26 counties with a total of 55 new heat records
* Record-breaking rainfall in 9 counties with a total of 10 new rainfall records
* Record-breaking snow in 9 counties with a total of 10 new snow records 
* 1 large wildfire

Breed Awareness & Orientation School
Submitted by Pat Jacobberger 


There are now 20 people enrolled in the CFA BAOS in Moscow February 28 - March 3, 2013.  This looks like it will prove to be an excellent school.  Registration closes on February 7, 2013 so if you are planning to attend, now would be a good time to sign up!


Further information is available on Facebook and on the CFA website.


See you there!

Breed Council Renewal

Time to renew your Breed Council membership for 2013--or apply if you are not currently a member and meet the qualifications.  The link to Rapid Renewal:


A link to the 2013 Breed Council Membership Application:


Upcoming Board Meeting 

The next meeting of the CFA Executive Board is being held February 2 & 3 at the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, Ohio.  You are welcome to attend. Come watch your Board in action and check out the museum, too.

As mentioned in a recent CFA-News notice, the folks who bring you Monopoly are planning to bring out a new token/game piece and one of the options is a CAT.   They are asking folks to vote on which of five options they should add to the board game and you can only vote on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook, be sure to vote.  You can vote every day between now and February 5th.


Submitted by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                       



Los Angeles - The Spay/Neuter and Breeder Permit Ordinance is Moving to Committee !


Last month I reported that the Los Angeles City Council had approved recommendations for an ordinance that would amend the City's spay/neuter and breeding requirements

in Section 53.15.2 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC). I also provided a complete background of the progression of anti-breeding steps taken by LA over the years that have made it impossible for cat breeders to legally have a breeding program in this city.


A new City Attorney's report, dated January 2, 2013, now includes language for the draft ordinance. City Council File # 12-1147 means tighter regulation of any cat and dog breeders still remaining in the city. For the complete report and draft ordinance go to: http://tinyurl.com/a3p6ve4


This ordinance has been scheduled for a meeting with the City Council Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee at 3:00 PM on Tuesday January 15th.


Los Angeles

City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, Room 1050, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Committee members are:



 (213)473-7005  paul.koretz@lacity.org 


213)473-7007 Councilmember.alarcon@lacity.org

(213) 473-7003 Councilmember.zine@lacity.org


(Maria L. Espinoza - Legislative Assistant - 213-978-1078; e-mail maria.espinoza@lacity.org)


There are several areas of major concern for cat breeders -


To be exempted from mandated spay/neuter by 4 months a cat must be a breed recognized and registered by a registry accepted by LA  The cat also must compete in at least one show "

unless it is too young to compete". "The owner shall provide verified proof to the satisfaction of the General Manager of the

Department with each application for a new or renewal license". In addition, the

Board of Animal Services Commissioners may issue further guidelines Once cats are used for breeding they are not usually competing in shows.


Only national registries with rigorous recordkeeping requirements will be deemed acceptable to Los Angeles. CFA would have to keep data records on breeders beyond pedigree information and transfer records. CFA would have to include records on the deaths of cats. Read more ...

CFA Pet Healthcare Plan

Submitted by Linda Crandall




News from the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan



The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan has made these recent changes in our coverage benefits:

  • Fecal Exam - Now covered twice a year, under Wellness Plans (Previously, only covered once a year).
  • Deworming - Now covered twice a year, under Wellness Plans (Previously, only covered once a year).
  • Chronic Renal Failure - Now covered under Illness and Wellness Plans (Previously, only Chronic Renal Disease was covered; now both are covered).
  • Euthanasia - Now covered under all of our Plans (Previously, euthanasia was not covered at all).
  • Cremation/Burial - A $75 credit given, under the Accident Plan and Wellness Plans (Previously, cremation and burial were not covered at all).


For more information on CFA annual insurance plans, visit:  www.cfaphp.com  (The CFA receives a percentage of every plan sold.)


Breeders - Remember this CFA Health Benefit for your new Kittens!

One of many benefits included with CFA membership is 60 days of complimentary pet insurance for all newly registered CFA cats (registered and recorded).  The CFA Pet Healthcare 60-Day Trial Plan covers unexpected accidents and illnesses.  Enroll your new kittens in the Trial Plan -- in the new owner's name -- when they come to pick them up.  There is no cost to activate the Trial Plan (and no credit card is required).  After 60 days it simply expires. Get your kittens off to a healthy start as they leave you!


For more information on the complimentary 60-Day Trial Plan, visit: http://www.cfapetinsurance.com/plans/trial_plan.aspx

(The Trial Plan is not available in all states, as dictated by individual Department of Insurance Laws.)

Staples Discount


Get Your Club's Copying Done Using the Staples Discount Program


Go to here to get Staples discount information. It is a good idea to call your local Staples store well in advance to schedule your printing needs. Remember, all your club needs to do to receive the CFA discount is to contact Angel Richardson at 888-224-3684, ext. 1196, or email her. If Angel is unavailable, you will need to sign up for a Staples Rewards Number here.  Or you can sign up for a rewards number at the nearest Staples store. The CFA Corporate Staples number that you will need to give your local Staples store is 2818011005. If Angel is not available, you would need both the CFA Corporate Staples Number and your Staples Rewards Number to present to the store at the time of pick-up to receive the CFA discount. 


Ambassador Program
Submitted by Willa Hawke
2012 was another very productive year for the CFA Ambassadors and we are excited about prospects for 2013.  The World Show in Columbus was a "howling success" and we were so pleased by the many children and their parents that joined us in playing "Kitty Search" and I would recommend that clubs consider ordering a supply of these brochures to use at their own shows.  And special thanks to Barbara Jaeger for handling the guided tours which were well attended as usual.  Its a great way to help the public understand what is happening around them. 


Listed below are messages posted from several of our dedicated Regional Coordinators reporting on Ambassador Activities at some of their regional shows. I highly recommend that you each take the time to link on to the video from the TNT show addressed in Mary Sietsema's report.  


As always if you have suggestions for improvements to our program we really appreciate your individual or club ideas.  Thanks to everyone in the program who do so much for us and if you aren't already, please consider joining us by contacting your Regional Coordinators or me directly.  Lets make 2013 an even better year than last year was and I look forward to seeing many of you "down the road" wherever that may be!   Read more ...
Happy New Year to one and all.



Royal Canin Offer
Get a free case of Baby Cat or Kitten Instinctive Wet Food when you buy one bag of Babycat or Queen dry food.   Check out more information.


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director




It is never too early to plan.....

North Atlantic Region Awards Show and Banquet will once again be at the Sheraton Stamford CT.  This year we will be the 2nd weekend of June.  It will be a one day 6 ring show on Saturday June 8th with the banquet to follow.  More details to come.

There are several exciting shows and different formats coming up in NAR over the next few months.  There is still plenty of time to work toward a coveted  Regional Win.  Please check out the calendar on Catshows.US

Please support all your local shows.


Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



Mary Auth was spotted at the Responsible Cat Fanciers of the Northwest show 1/5/13. She was doing a special fundraising project for the 2013 Annual to be held in R-2 this June in Vancouver, WA. Thank you Mary for your help and support...fun project! The show committee tells me this show was successful and they will be able to put funds toward their primary function (Cat Purebred Rescue) and even some extra funds to support All Parrot Rescue. This club exists to rescue pedigreed cats and the show is their annual fundraiser. For those who don't know, January 5 was held on National Bird Day. The Chehalis venue often has sparrows living in the rafters...some of us were waiting for the birds to land in the rings and partake of the birdseed used for table decoration. Didn't happen!


There are a few tickets (under 20) still available for the beautiful needlepoint piece done by Vicki Nye. The tickets are $5 each. Drawing for a winner will take place at the Board of Directors Meeting the first weekend in February. If you want a ticket please contact Ginger Meeker privately to arrange that castlkatz@qwestoffice.net   To remind those who may have forgotten, this is an original handpainted Laurel Burch canvas and is beautifully matted and framed. A giant "thank you" again to Vicki Nye for her talents and her generosity to the region.

A reminder to all clubs and individuals...if you have an item you think should be in this newsletter, please let Ginger Meeker know.


The Regional Awards Banquet will be held the first weekend in June in the Sacramento area. High Sierra Cat Club will be holding a show in conjunction with the awards with all events taking place at the Lions Gate Hotel. The show will be a one-day 6 ring event and you are encouraged to make a wonderful weekend of it with us in Sacramento! This facility is a period structure that is quite elegant. The location has been turned into a park with very limited traffic flow. Should you wish to "tour" please go to www.lionsgatehotel.com/Sacramento.  Donna Bass is coordinating the "On The Road Again" slide show for your enjoyment at the banquet so be sure to send her any appropriate photos.

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director




Chanan Photo

The Great Lakes Region is proud to congratulate Anne Mathis, from Fowlerville, Michigan on her advancement to Approved Specialty, Approval Pending Allbreed.


Anne is a hard worker in Region 4, very active in show production and regional activities, She has served as a club officer, show manager, bencher for local shows as well as the National and World show, and many other myriad duties undertaken willingly and successfully..

Way to go, Anne. The region is proud of you!


Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers is celebrating their 50th CFA Show this month, held at a new location in Monroe, Michigan, not far from the Ohio/Michigan border. This is a 10 ring show - 8 Allbreed and two Specialty rings. The club is going all out to make this Golden Anniversary show special in many ways. Come and join the celebration.


There is just one show scheduled in February the Grear Lakes Region. Steel City Kitties is presenting a 6X6 show on February 9-10 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Both days feature 4 Allbreed and 2 Specialty rings.


If you are the in the Akron/Canton Ohio area it's just a short drive to Alliance. Stop oin at the CFA Central Officer and take a tour on as well as visit the Museum. There are untold treasures to be seen there. The Great Lakes Region is proud to be the new home of CFA.

Region 6
Submitted by Candilee Jackson


Region 6 began 2013 with a bang! Cat out of the bag, members of the Lucky Tom Cat Club put on a spectacular hotel show in St Louis. With almost 240 cats and exhibitors in attendance, the show ran smoothly thanks to entry Clerk Cathy Dunham and show managers Nancy Hitzeman and John Bierrie. Ambassadors were busy with answering questions, locating looked-for breed to see, and giving short tours. The atmosphere was upbeat and everyone had a great time.


Trifecta for HHPs

The Lucky Tom Show was also the first "leg" of the Winter 2013 Household Pet TRIFECTA. The next two shows, spaced four weeks apart, are the Hawkeye State Cat Club show on February 9-10 in Altoona, Iowa, and the MO-KAN Show on March 9th in Overland Park, Kansas. To qualify for the trifecta, HHPs must be exhibited at two of the three participating shows. Exhibiting at all three is encouraged, but is at the exhibitor's discretion. Scores from all three shows will be totaled, with awards for the three highest scoring HHPs overall in the three participating shows. HHPs competing in the trifecta are not required to be recorded with CFA or enrolled in the MWR HHP award program. Cats must meet CFA Show rules pertaining to Household Pet cats.

Awards will be presented to the three overall highest scoring HHP cats at the close of HHP judging Saturday, March 9 at Mo-Kan. The three overall highest scoring HHPs will receive rosettes, with a trophy for the highest scoring overall HHP. There will be other prizes, to be determined later.


Tonkinese Therapy Cats

Outside of showing, region 6 member, Candilee Jackson (Pawdancer Cattery) , has been busy with her certified therapy Tonkinese.   Harness and voice trained to commands, Gainsborough, Roxanne and Midori work with high school age children with behavior and attention deficit disorders. It's amazing to see the kids who are normally visibly unable to concentrate begin to settle down and produce good assignments when the cats are in the room. "Somehow, Tonkinese can detect which students "need" their calming influence the most, and those are the kids they go to first," stated Jackson. If a student is agitated, the cat will sit on his/her desk and just purr. If not a student is not working, the cats will go around the room and visit, stopping at desks of students who "need" their attention. Many students stop by during passing periods and at lunch to play and pet the playful Tonks. Midori, the busiest Tonk the Jacksons have every owned, adores her high school visits. She seems to know when it's a school day and she's in her crate, ready to go, before Candilee is ready to leave!


Candilee's Tonks visit her high school classes once a month, on early out days.


Region 6 !st Quarter Shows


January 26-27                Saintly City Cat Club, St Paul, MN

February 9-10                Hawkeye State, Altoona IA

February 16-17              Lincoln State, Palatine IL

March 2-3                      Midwest TGIF, Indianapolis IN

March 9                         MO-KAN Cat Club, Overland Park KS

March 23-24                  North Shore Cat Club / Cat'in on the Fox,                                            Wheaton IL


Region 6 Awards Show and Banquet

Lots of wonderful surprises in store for region 6 exhibitors as Cathy Dunham takes the reins of the banquet committee. Slated for June 1-2 in Springfield, Illinois, colors for the show rosettes will be purple, gold and black, and table decorations will carry at State of Illinois "Land of Lincoln" theme. Both a before dinner and after dinner "dance" is being planned, and TGIF member Kirk Jackson will be entertaining dancers and dinner guests.


The show itself will be held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, in the "Orr" Building, and will be under the management of Nancy Hitzeman and John Bierrie, a team well-known for their excellent command of the show situation.


The banquet will be held at the show hotel, the Crowne Plaze, also in Springfield. Banquet information and reservations will be taken in early spring.


On the Road Again

Everyone looks forward to seeing themselves on the big screen for their 15 seconds of fame .... so, if you don't want to feel left out, send in those pictures!!!! Pictures can be sent to John Bierrie at email bstreetcats@comcast.net.




Region 7

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club held its 24th Annual cat show in Jacksonville, Florida the first weekend in January. While this is always a fun show in a great location, show manager Ray Cherrington took extra measures to bring back some of the fun that has been hard to find in recent years as we've added rings and subtracted a day from so many shows. As usual, Absolutely Abyssinians was a two-day, eight-ring show, which afforded exhibitors time to catch up in between rings and remember the social aspect of showing cats that was what got so many of us hooked in the first place. The judges had lots of time to spend with the cats and were able to present all the cats in all their finals -- a rare treat! Saturday night, Ray hosted a pre-dinner wine and cheese party in the hotel, which was well attended and enjoyed by all, again renewing some of the fun we've opted out of with the quick, one-day show format.


At the end of the show, the top scoring cat, kitten and premiership cat were each honored with the Mona Cherrington Award in honor of Ray's late wife. Mona, one of our brightest Southern Region superstars, is a past Southern Region Exhibitor of the Year and truly one of the nicest and hardest working people the cat fancy has known. There was even a touch of nostalgia in these awards as a black Persian and two sable Burmese took the top honors in the show. If you're missing some of the camaraderie in the show halls, or if you're new enough that you didn't get to know that part of the cat fancy, be sure to plan to attend next year's 25th annual Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club show.


Speaking of nostalgia, Star City Cat Fanciers is rolling back the years with $37 entry fees for their show on January 26 & 27 (another two-day show -- and in a hotel!) This early bird entry fee is good until Thursday, January 17, so don't wait until the last minute to enter.

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