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Upcoming Deadlines


Dec. 17 - Breed Council Ballots due


Jan. 2, 2013 - Club Fees and membership List must be received in the CO for a club to be considered in good standing


Jan. 4 - Submission of World Show Breed Winner photos

Jan. 7 -Submission of photos for February Cover Contest


Feb. 1 - Club fees and membership list must be received in CO for a club to be eligible to vote for Directors at Large


March 15, 2013 - Deadline for CFA Board candidate declarations

Central  Office  Report




WOW! The world Show has come and gone and what an event it was. Beautiful cats from around the World and all in Columbus, Ohio. It was great fun to finally place faces with the names of many of our customers, especially those who traveled half way or more around the World to be with us. It is amazing how the mutual love of our fabulous felines has made it a small world we live in.


The Christmas Season is upon us and we here at CFA will be taking some time to be with friends and family. The office will close at noon on December 24th on Christmas Eve and re-open the 26th. Our Christmas Luncheon will be the 21st from noon to 1 p.m. Keep in mind we have ten business days to process your work and will keep that time period as short as possible.


And then, and then - the New Year is upon us. Have you made those resolutions? 1. Don't wait until the last minute to register your new show stopper. 2 Write legibly and carefully on your paper work. 3. Double Check that online submission for correctness. 4. International Folks, take the time to write the full name of your Country with any zip code. Many of you made those resolutions very early on and are doing an admirable job permitting us to quickly and accurately process you work.


Let us hope our International Postal Services have made it their priority resolution to deliver the work we send you in a timely manner. We still have Countries that are painfully slow. Once we mail your registrations and pedigrees the delivery is out of our control. We are documenting our mail dates and will re-create work not received within 30 days.


And then, and then it is almost tax time - ouch. While you are rooting through that mountain of paper for deductions, keep an eye out for CFA credit slips and/or Gift Certificates. These items do have an expiration date that will be enforced. Expiration date just around the corner and no cats or kittens to register? - consider ordering your 2012 CFA Yearbook. Save $5.00 if ordered prior to December 25th.


We here at CFA Central Office wish all of you a Joyous Holiday Season and the very best 2013 ever!


  Donna Jean 


Mrs. Claus with CFA Ambassador Cat
GRC,GRP,BW,NW Mowl Sima's Jaded
 owned by Cheryl & Perry Coleman
(Ellen Pons Photography & Design)

Cat Talk

Special World Show Coverage


Congratulations to all of the participants at the 2012 CFA World Show! Cat Talk has a special reward for those with breed wins. Our February issue will feature up to four pages of photos of those cats that received breed awards (Best through 3rd Best of Breed in Show) in either of the shows in any category. Best through 3rd Best  HHP in either show may also participate. Best of all, it's free!


Please submit your photo to [email protected] and put "Cat Talk World Show Photo" in the subject line. List all of the following information in the email:

  • Full name with current titles
  • Placement, Category, & Breed
  • Which Show? Red or Purple
  • Breeder
  • Owner
  • Region
  • Your email address
These photos should be the same resolution and size as those for the Parade of Grands. If you do not have a professional photo, you can submit a good candid but Cat Talk reserves the right to reject candids based on photo quality. If you are waiting on a photo from a photographer, go ahead and submit your information as soon as possible to reserve your space and send the photo by the deadline.

Send your photo soon because we can only include the first 95 submissions!  Deadline for submission is January 4th, 2013


Cover Contest


For most of our covers, we pick a photo at random out of your submissions. Our library of photos is getting low and we really need your help restocking the shelves. All subscribers are eligible (except for Cat Talk staff, CFA board members and employees). Visit here for more information and submit your photos today!  The deadline for our February cover is January 7th, 2013.  You can submit as many photos as you want.




Cat Talk has a new column for Transitions in the life of the Cat Fancy. If you or someone you know in the CFA family has had a special event, such as a significantly-numbered birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby, or sadly a death in the family,  please let Cathy Scarbrough know. 

Feline Agility

Agility Logo
Thanks to program sponsor, Dr. Elsey Precious Cat, for their generous support of CFA Feline Agility program which is growing in leaps and bounds!  At present, there are 22 shows, which include CFA Feline Agility Competition for 2013, that number is double the amount of shows in 2012, which had a Feline Agility Competition.  
Clubs booked for 2013 include: New Hampshire Feline Fanciers, Tarheel Cat Fanciers/Carolina Sophisticats, Lincoln State Cat Club, Atlanta Phoenix Cat Fanciers, Sign of the Cat Fanciers/Oriental Shorthairs of America, and the Midwest Regional Show.  In addition to the shows, there are also demos and pet expos planned including: a five day Demo at the CFA Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, a demo at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons- New York,  a 4-H Demo in Somerset, New Jersey and a three-day Pet Expo Demo and participation in Philadelphia, PA.
The increase in exposure for the program means not only that clubs can gain the ability to attract more spectators to the shows, but that there are additional ways for spectators to participate as well.  To find out more about how your club can have Feline Agility at its next show, contact Coordinator, Jill Archibald and 
visit for more details. 


Submitted by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                       

 Los Angeles - More Spay/Neuter and Breeder Permit Changes 



The City of Los Angeles seems intent on ending the breeding and selling of dogs and cats altogether. On October 31, 2012 the City Council passed an ordinance to prohibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits, other than those from shelters/rescue groups. The City Council also passed a new animal transfer permit requiring a fee of $120 to sell a kitten or puppy younger than 6 months old "who was bred (born) outside the city limits". The City Council has recently approved recommendations prepared by the Department of Animal Services (LAAS) for amendments to the city's breeding permit and spay/neuter ordinance. When final language is developed it is likely that these amendments will be voted on and approved by the City Council adding more barriers to any breeding of pedigreed cats in this City.


Los Angeles is a prime example of the "camel's head under the tent". For many years dog fanciers, CFA fanciers and the CFA Legislative Group have vigorously opposed the restrictive anti-breeding laws that have been relentlessly proposed in this City. There is a strong contingent of animal extremists in Los Angeles. They are closely aligned with the Animal Commission, the Mayor, several Council members and the various LAAS General Managers. They attend all the Commission and City Council meetings. The LA Municipal Code has had a breeder permit requirement since 1977. In conjunction with LA zoning laws the ever changing animal code has resulted in few if any breeders left to fight the latest recommendations that will go before the City Council. Already several neighboring Cities have started to copy LA ordinance language. How long will it take for the LA ordinances to spread further?   Read more ...


 CFA Pet Healthcare Plan


Ensure a safe and happy holiday for your pets!  Here are some tips...



Be Aware of These Holiday Dangers

The upcoming holidays can pose special health dangers for our furry, four-legged friends.  Each year, thousands of cats and dogs become seriously injured or ill during the holiday season while their owners busy themselves with shopping, baking and entertaining. 


Protect your pets from these potential health hazards:


  • Candles and hot wax
  • Candies, chocolate and foil wrappers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Electrical cords (uncovered or untaped)
  • Ribbons and strings
  • Metal ornament hooks
  • Fireplace flames and color salts
  • Tree tinsel and confetti
  • Carving and kitchen knives/blades
  • Outdoor fireworks and other loud noises
  • Rich, fatty foods and table scraps
  • Stagnant tree stand water and chemicals
  • Intricate or fragile ornaments
  • Rock salt and antifreeze
  • Poultry bones and hot meat drippings
  • Small holiday lights
  • Angelhair (spun glass)
  • Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe and greens
  • Rich food stocks and seasonings
  • Artificial snow and snow flock
  • Toys, especially those with small parts
  • Slippery outdoor ice and snow


The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan Web site has a new look!  Check out our revised site at . .  while you're there, consider a year-round holiday gift of a pet insurance plan for your cat(s). 


Like the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan on Facebook. Please post a photo of your favorite cats on our Facebook page, we'd love to see them!


The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan wishes everyone at the CFA a safe and happy holiday season!


Breed Council Ballots


They are due in the Central Office by next Monday, December 17, 2012. 



CFA's Facebook Page
Our current contest  ... caption  this  photo.  The caption with the most  "likes"  will be the  winner.  Head on over to our Facebook  page to  join in the fun.


Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President




Be on the lookout this month for Winn's press release announcing this year's George and Phyllis Miller Trust grant awards. Partnering with the San Francisco Foundation which manages the trust, Winn selects research awards annually that investigate feline health issues. The full text of the awards will soon be available at the Winn website,

Winnie reminds us all to be alert to the dangers of one of the Christmas season's loveliest plants -- the poinsettia. The poinsettia is gorgeous to look at, but tasty to cats? Not so much! For a complete listing of plants poisonous to cats, click on the CFA website at


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director



This month Region 1 is featuring some of our "celebrity cats" for your viewing pleasure.


First Congrats to Diane Bove, whose Selkirk Rex, Kitykarekurl Lorenzo Rascurleone (Larry) has been chosen as the Christmas Mascot for HOME DEPOT Stores. Here is the link to his Christmas Adventures


The Eticats, featuring Deb Kenny's Himalayan's. Here is the video..

and here is the blooper


The adventures of two Siamese from Canada are featured here  .. !


Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and a Very Happy and Healthy 2013.



Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



Vicki Nye donated a piece of her needlepoint for raising 2013 Annual funds.  There are about 27 tickets left, $5 each.  Folks can contact Ginger Meeker privately with any questions.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you the happeist of Holiday Seasons. There is much for which to be grateful. As you practice the traditions of your faiths and beliefs, my sincere hope is that each of you finds riches and blessings in this Holiday Season. May 2013 be the best year ever for you, your families and your beloved animals.


Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director


The Gulf Shore Region has enjoyed the luxury of 3 shows in a row!  We have gotten used to months without shows, so it's very nice to get 3 in a row.  Rosenberg (Brazos Valley) is always a delightful show that is very exhibitor-oriented.  The club did their usual amazing job of hosting a show that was both spectator and exhibitor friendly!  Next up was a new show on the schedule, Bluff City in Memphis.  Another club that is exhibitor-forward, including coffee and donuts in the morning for exhibitors to enjoy.  While it was a smaller show, exhibitors were still already in the Christmas spirit, as evidenced by the decorations on their cats (including one black Persian that seems to be accepting of reindeer antlers.).  Last on the schedule for the year, but certainly not least, is the Show And Tell show in a new location, Cleburne, TX.  This is a new wonderful venue for cat shows discovered by Marsha Ammons!  The facility management is very easy to work with and have really welcomed the cat fancy with open arms.  The famous Christmas potluck is still continuing, with so much food we never know what to do with it all!  
After enjoying the holidays, the Gulf Shore region celebrates the return of "big" Houston (Houston Cat Club) at the fabulous George R Brown convention Center on their normal January date (first weekend).  This is their "Diamond Jubilee" show and they are planning a fabulous event for all!  This venue always draws a large gate and is a great place to bring your kittens or retired cats to in order to find loving homes.  With shows coming up in Colorado and Kansas as well, the Gulf Shore exhibitors will no doubt be putting lots of miles on their cars in the coming weeks!

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



The members and clubs of the Great Lakes Region wishes to thank everyone for their support of our clubs and our region with your attendance at our shows in 2012.


We are looking forward to a great new year in 2013. Please join the Sternwheel Cat Club in Columbus, Ohio at their 6 rings one day show January 5th. January 19-20 you are invited to attend a 6X6 in Parma, Ohio hosted by the Cleveland Persian Society and the Stones River Cat Club. The last weekend in January come to help the MidWest Persian Tabby Fanciers their celebrate their Golden Anniversary at their new facility in Monroe, Michigan. This is a 10 ring 6/4 format with 6 rings on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. This is the final leg of the "Great Lakes Quartet". The members of MWPTF would love to have you join the celebration.


There is loads of information about these shows and about the Great Lakes Region at our website,

Please take time at this special time of year to extend thanks to all those club members who spend long hours presenting and managing shows, to the folks at the Central Office who keep everything running smoothly and efficiently and to all club, regional and association officers whose efforts keep us on track and moving forward.


Lastly thank your fellow fanciers and friends in the fancy. This is a hobby and the fun and fellowship we share and enjoy is what we make it. Be kind, supportive and friendly. We extend the very best wishes of everyone in the Great Lakes Region for the merriest, GREATEST of holidays and a healthy, happy and successful New Year.


Region 5

Submitted by Mike Shelton, Regional Director


Poinsettia City Cat Club held its annual show on November 24 in Glendale. The show included their traditional "Cats 'n' Hats" costume competition. PCCC has been holding this event for many years now, and it's developed quite a following in the region. This year drew over a dozen entries. The overwhelming winner, as judged by audience applause, was Payton Gomez, one of our youngest exhibitors, and her Household Pet Jeffry Doofenshmirtz, named for the character from Phineas and Ferb. This was Payton and Jeffry's first show, and we hope it's the just the beginning of Payton's experience with the cat fancy.

Phoenix Feline Fanciers held their 20th anniversary show at a new location in Phoenix on December 8-9. The American Royal Palace venue is a new show hall for CFA, and the reaction from exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive. The hall was spacious, with wide, carpeted aisles and plenty of room for 250 cats, ten rings and numerous vendors. The show drew an impressive amount of spectators, who were treated to some of the best cats CFA has to offer, from all over the country. The hall includes a kitchen, so the club was able to offer exhibitors a hot lunch without having to leave the building. We're looking forward to returning next year and for many years to come.


Region 6
Submitted by John Bierre

On September 8, 2012, Regi and Regina (Reginal & Regina Banque) were introduced to the Midwest Region at the American Gothic Cat Club show, in Peoria, IL.


Regi and Regina are "pigs", piggy banks, to be exact and they came to us to help with our need to collect donations for the Midwest Region.


In this day and age, getting people to donate to something like the "Region" is rarely an easy task, but by making it fun, if not a bit silly, helps to make it easier. People respond to "fun" and they react to a bit of light-hearted silliness with fewer inhibitions to donating. We found out pretty quickly that Regi and Regina are both natural hams when it comes to entertaining people and their grunts and squeals of delight, as they are fed the coins, are a hit with people of all ages. Read more...


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