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Upcoming Deadlines


Dec. 17 - Breed Council Ballots due


Jan. 2, 2013 - Club Fees and membership List must be received in the CO for a club to be considered in good standing


Feb. 1, 2013 - Club fees and membership list must be received in CO for a club to be eligible to vote for Directors at Large


March 15, 2013 - Deadline for CFA Board candidate declarations


Central Office Report

Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson

Director of Operations





We're makin' our lists and checkin' em TWICE in readiness for the CFA-Royal Canin World Show. Stop by the CFA Booth to meet Donna Jean, Shelly, Donna and Julie. Mariane will be toiling away as a ring clerk. Over the weekend office visitors will include Shirley, James, Catie and other hopefuls who will visit during the weekend for this spectacular event. I know we are all looking forward to putting faces with names.


We were saddened to read of the passing of Shawn DeLeon October 12. Some of you may remember Shawn who worked with Foreign Pedigrees for us. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends at this sad time.


Need CFA Stuff? Do you have your Garfield poster - now in limited supply? They will be available at the CFA Royal Canin World Show. We'll have Show Rules, Show Standards, the new combined Clerking Manual as well as the current 2012 Yearbook available for purchase. A limited supply of prior years' yearbooks at reduced prices will also be available. SUCH A DEAL - NO postage costs and you can reminisce with your friends as you browse cover to cover and see the past "greats" in your cat's pedigree.


We WELCOME ABOARD! Linda Scharver and James Simbro to our Staff. Both are working to meet your CFA needs. Linda receives your Show Packages and handles the Regional and National Scoring as well as learning other in house activities as she waits for show results. James is our new IT Support - Systems Administrator. He keeps our computers humming, gets us out of "pickles" and averts IT disasters. James will also be instrumental as we transition from our old system to our new system. Join us in welcoming James and Linda to our CFA Family.


The dedication to CFA of its New Jersey employees remained undaunted as Hurricane Sandy left unimaginable devastation in her wake. Shelly, Carol Ann and Connie were all affected by Sandy's wrath. Homes were secure but all without electricity for days. These ladies
opted to move to plans A, B and C. Shelly would re-charge her laptop at a Barnes and Noble in Pennsylvania to work from home, then moved in with her parents until the snow curtailed their power and finally moved in with her Sister. Carol Ann set up her command post in a spare room with long-time family friends. Connie works when she can from her "day job" which was moved to an overcrowded, noisy work place.These ladies traveled the extra mile for CFA as did our Ohio Central Office staff who accepted the challenge to keep us purring along. Ohio was not untouched as the wrath of Lake Erie affected the Greater Cleveland area and Mariane also was without power for several days. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this horrendous event.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the CFA Royal Canin World Show. Travel safely and be sure to come say "Hello!" 

The office will be closed Friday, Nov. 23, the day after Thanksgiving.

World Show


The show is this coming weekend! Just a last minute reminder that vendor check-in starts at 10am on Friday and exhibitors can check-in on Friday from 4pm until 9pm and on Saturday morning from 6:30-7:30.  Cats not checked in by 7:30 will be marked absent. The show is scheduled to start promptly at 8:00 both mornings.


The Board approved Top 15 placements in all finals regardless of the number entered.  The Board approved up to 7 judgings on Saturday.  The judging schedule has 300 cats on Saturday and 200 on Sunday.  Be prepared for a late evening on Saturday.


We are planning a great raffle.  Please bring items to donate to the raffle.  Remember that proceeds from this show is split among the Regions.


Check out the list of vendors attending the show.


Check out one of the ads the show placed to attract gate.  Teresa Keiger designed the ads.


Also, check out this 22-second animated commercial starring Garfield.


Cat Fanciers' Association - 2012 World Show
Check out the schedule of seminars being
offered  by Royal Canin at the show.


Individual Breed Brochures


For many years CFA provided individual breed brochures to help the public understand the unique features of our many breeds.  For financial reasons, three years ago it was determined to cease producing them and to go with one brochure that featured all of CFA's breeds.  At the request of the Breed Council Secretaries, CFA is happy to announce that we have once again produced a brochure for each of CFA's breeds. The individual breed brochures complement the all-in-one brochure as well as the breed profiles on the CFA Website. Breed Council Secretaries were instrumental in updating the profiles and their dedication to these projects is commendable.  The new brochures will make their debut at the World Show this coming weekend.  Look for them.

Cardiac Health Screenings provided at the CFA/Royal Canin World Championship Cat Show

Drs Kate Meurs and Joshua Stern of North Carolina State University will be offering reduced rate cardiac evaluations for breed screening

at the upcoming CFA show in Columbus Ohio. The screenings include both auscultation and echocardiogram for a $125 donation and all 
proceeds return to the research fund to investigate cardiomyopathy in pedigreed cats. Dr. Meurs and Stern study the genetics of inherited 
heart disease and would be happy to discuss their research and ways that cat breeders can help to move the research into hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy forward. In addition to the auscultation and echocardiographic evaluations, swabs will be available to collect DNA 
for available cardiac genetics testing (Maine Coone HCM test / Ragdoll HCM test) and future study enrollment. 

Feel free to contact Dr. Kate Meurs and Dr. Joshua Stern to pre-schedule your cat's evaluation on either 11/17 or 11/18 at the CFA show site in Columbus Ohio or with any questions about the screenings. 

Kate Meurs, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology) 
Joshua Stern, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)


919.515.3277 or [email protected]





CFA Blog for General Public


As a part of our social media outreach efforts to embrace our target audience of the casual, cat enthusiasts, CFA has a new blog! Topics include: All Things Cat, Cat Grooming, Cat Shows, Celebs and Their Cats and More! Adding another blog will make it easier to streamline our communication efforts and differentiate audiences. Our other blog, will continue to provide information for the active breeder/exhibitor. If you are interested in writing a guest post for the new blog, we'd love to have you! Send an email to [email protected] to reserve. Check it out!



I have a correction to an item that was published in the last Newsletter. Shirley pointed out to me (correctly) that the kitten scoring fee pursuant to Article XXXVII, Eligibility, Item 2 requires the kitten scoring fee to be $25. I had reported that for kittens whose registration numbers were not in the catalogue but were supplied to Central Office by 5:00 Eastern Time on the Tuesday immediately following the show, would be able to be scored for $25 for up to two kittens. Since the fee is set by the Show Rule and that Show Rule is still in effect, the fee should remain as $25 per kitten scored under this Article.


Carla Bizzell, CFA Treasurer

CFA Facebook Costume Winners


We held a Halloween Costume Contest on our Facebook page and we were delighted with the many who submitted photos of their cats in their costumes.   There were some really great ones.  The winners were determined by the number of "Likes" each received.   


First Place Winner with 177 "LIKES", Nacha the Pumpkin, an Exotic owned by Nancy Brennan & Ronan Oliver.


Second Place Winner with 127 "LIKES", GC BW Kitykarekurl Salvatore Curleone, a Selkirk Rex owned by Diane Bove.
Third Place Winner with 89 "LIKES", Jobara's Snow Sprite, a Devn Rex wearing her Wizard of Oz "Lullaby League" owned by Jade Kleider.


Breeds and Standards Committee

Submitted by Annette Wilson


The Breeds and Standards Committee would like to remind breed council members that instructions for this year's ballots have been mailed. We'd like to encourage you to vote on-line; however, you may also print and mail your ballot or request that a ballot be mailed TO you to complete and return. Your ballot must be completed on-line or received in Central office by midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) on December 17, 2012.

If you have any questions about the on-line voting or your breed council membership status, please contact Kristi Wollam at Central Office: [email protected]

Where is Cat Talk?


Due to staff changes and editorial staff losing power for Hurricane Sandy, the publication of the magazine has been delayed. We are working hard to get it to your mailboxes soon! Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

CFA Healthcare Plan / PetPartners


Living without health insurance is a game of risk that some humans play. Some also lack health coverage for loved ones in the family - their pets. And that often leads to a situation where pet owners choose death for their animals over paying for expensive treatments, Stephen Popovich says. Popovich, CEO of PetPartners in Raleigh's Brier Creek, calls it "economic euthanasia."  Check out this interesting magazine article on Mr. Popovich.

Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President




Winn is receiving proposals from faculty veterinarians, post-doctoral fellows, practicing veterinarians, and veterinary students for research projects to be awarded at its February 2013 grant review meeting. The deadline for receipt of applications is December 10, 2012.
While projects are awarded that demonstrate relevance or benefit to all cats, the Foundation is also interested in studies that address issues in individual breeds, nutrition and behavior. In addition, Winn has    dedicated funds for research in feline infectious peritonitis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. More information ...

Winnie Sez that owners must be aware of the dangers of the cord that trusses turkeys. She relates her own experience with this flavorsome adjunct to a Thanksgiving feast, and it was not pretty! Be ever vigilant!


How many times have you seen a practical new product and

thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" The RighTime Company did!

After a lifetime of worry and frustration about the possibility - or

probability - of hurting our cats while trimming their nails, we

designed Purrfect Claw Clipper.  Read more ...   

Ambassador Committee

Submitted by Willa Hawke


The CFA Ambassadors remain hard at work and gearing up for the World Show where we are expecting many Ambassadors with their Ask Me Stickers in attendance and also helping out in the official CFA Ambassador Booth where we will have various information, handouts, etc. for the public. We are continuing the ever popular "Kitty Search" (specially designed for spectators and their children). This has always been a popular endeavor and very well received by all who participate. In addition, several of our volunteers will be conducting guided tours through the show hall at designated times both Saturday and Sunday. Barbara Jaeger has been our mainstay director for this particular activity for many years and we all appreciate her efforts. Read more.

Cat Writers' Association Awards

Submitted by Mike Shelton


CatTalk wins big!


Joan Miller and I attended the Cat Writers' Association annual meeting and awards banquet in Los Angeles on Nov 2-3. CFA was instrumental in the founding of CWA 20 years ago, and is their only sponsor that goes back to the beginning. CWA is very appreciative of CFA's support, and during the recognition of their longtime sponsors during the awards banquet, CFA received a standing ovation.

As a Gold Level sponsor, CFA was given some time to address the attendees on Friday, and Joan spoke of the importance of cat "communicators" that now include not only book and article writers, but bloggers, photographers, videographers and websites. The work of CWA members to educate the public is criticial to CFA's mission to preserve pedigreed breeds and enhance the well-being of all cats. 

In all, CatTalk contributors earned eleven Certificates of Excellence:

  • Lauri Henry - "Excruciatingly Correct Exhibitor Manners"
  • Carolyn Jimenez - "Feline Diabetes Mellitus"
  • Mary Kolencik, editor
  • Mary Kolencik - "Ten Grooming Tips for All Breeds"
  • Joan Miller - "Feral Cat Trap, Neuter, Return"
  • Joan Miller - "High Quality, High Volume, Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services"
  • Melanie Morgan - "The Rise of the Smoke Egyptian Mau"
  • Lisa-Maria Padilla - "A Bird in the Mouth"
  • Lisa-Maria Padilla - "In Nearly Living Color"
  • Lisa-Maria Padilla - "A Danish Sort of Christmas"
  • Ann Segrest - "CFA's Veterans"
These honorees were then considered for Muse awards and other special awards, and multiple CatTalk contributors were honored. Carolyn Jimenez was honored with a Muse award in the category of "Best Newletter Article - Health and General Care" for her article on Feline Diabetes Mellitus, and Joan Miller won in the category "Best Newsletter Article - Any Other Topic" for her CatTalk series on High Quality, High Volume, Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services.


CatTalk editor Mary Kolencik won the special "In The Spotlight" award for the entry that best advances pedigreed cats.

We should all be proud of the quality publication that the CatTalk volunteers produce for CFA and the cat fancy.

Breeder Assistance Program

Submitted by John Bierre


 Are You Prepared?


Breeder Assistance Program In Part I we discussed the fact that few people have taken the necessary steps to prepare themselves, or their loved one's (including their cats/pets), for the possibility of an accident, job loss, illness, disability, or even death.


We also covered the first steps necessary to insure that your cats / pets are properly cared for should something happen and that was by ensuring that some form of "Emergency Notification" could take place.


An "Emergency Notification Card" should be carried on you and in your car, at all times. On it should include the fact that you have cats at home that will need care, along with contact information for people who you have entrusted with that care.  Read more ...

CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence



As you are gearing up for the World Show, remember that the CFA Foundation will be creating a Memory Book in their booth and the foundation would like you, the exhibitor, to be a part of it.

Bring along a photo, business card, info about your cats or cattery, and spend a little bit of time creating a special, personalized, scrapbook page. The Foundation will provide all the necessary materials and embellishments - you just need a photo to make the page your very own! We've started off the book with a page highlighting the Central Office and Feline Historical Museum.


If you want to make a 12" x 12" scrapbook page at home and bring it along, feel free to do so. After the show, the Memory Book will be on display at the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance.

Join us - and be a part of creating the Memory Book!





Learn More ...


VISIT the CFA Foundation at

LIKE us on Facebook at

FOLLOW us on Twitter at


2017 Annual Meeting

Submitted by Kathy Calhoun


Fairmont Hotel Chicago


CFA's 2017 Annual in Chicago, a city to satisfy all. The business of CFA will be well conducted in the board rooms and ball rooms of the Fairmont Hotel. The Fairmont is considered a "destination" hotel with magnificent views of Lake Michigan, Grant Park, Chicago's Magnificent Mile and more. Within minutes you will be able to enjoy the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, the Art Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo, Water Tower, the beach, Broadway in Chicago Theatre, music, and restaurants to satisfy every palette and every wallet. If sports is your pleasure, take in a baseball game at US Cellular home of the Chicago White Sox or Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs. Or how about a little shopping? Shop Neiman Marcus to the New Maxwell St Market and everything in between - the choice is yours.   All this just beyond the doorstep of the Fairmont.  Read more ...

What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



The NAIA Annual Conference - Highlights!


The National Animal Interest Alliance is dedicated to "promoting animal welfare, supporting responsible animal use and strengthening the bond between humans and animals". NAIA is also an organization that boldly exposes environmental and animal rights extremism. The focus of this year's conference was to reveal the myths, lies and stereotypes that contribute to the public's misunderstanding of animal issues. We heard from representatives of many different animal factions under assault by the well funded animal rights movement. At the same time several speakers presented a positive picture of animal welfare efforts and successes. Everyone felt the urgency to find better ways in which our side of the animal welfare story can be brought to the public's attention. As one speaker said by the time anti-pet ownership or anti-breeding legislation is proposed it is too late. The propaganda machine has already determined the outcome.


Many of the speakers reiterated similar messages. The public is concerned with animal welfare but is often poorly informed on specific issues. The media is dominated by what is "exciting" and often public reaction is shock. They are then ready to go along with proposals for more legislation or regulation. We must focus on the 94% that represent the middle ground and not the extremes. Consumers (beef, port, eggs, etc.) do not want animal mistreatment. They don't like close confinement. They generally don't care about the science. They do have a strong emotional response to negative images. Animal rights organizations exploit these realities and are defeating industries with emotion, not science.  Read more ...


This is a recent WORLDWIDE FIRST TIME VENTURE using CFA pedigreed cats.   It has already been well received worldwide.




Follow the hilarious adventures of two Siamese cats, Alibi (aka GP Sa-Shai Lavender Lace, Lilac Point), and Decoy (aka GP Sa-Shai J-Lo, Chocolate Point),  as they broadcast the news they deem important for fellow cats, like neighbourhood gossip, exercise, a product review of the Apple iPhone 5 (or so they think), etc.  Reporting from parts of the house and live on location from various cat shows they compete in, check out an episode and you just might see some familiar feline faces from the show circuits. Visit the Fe9News website at and select "episodes" or go directly to their free YouTube channel at   If you like, you can also subscribe for free and get new episodes automatically sent to you. It is news FOR cats BY cats (but humans are welcome too). 


Producers of Fe9News: Alibi, Decoy and cat owners

Cat Owners: Steve and Julie Neilson

Breeder: Pauline Bratt, Sa-Shai Siamese Cattery


Regional News 


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


November is the month of Thanksgiving and as Cat Fanciers perhaps it is
time to reflect on all the good and wonderful time and friendships we have made throughout the years. We tend to reflect on our differences and disagreements more often than on everything we have in common, mostly our beautiful feline pets.

This past month most of our Region felt the devastating effects of
Huricane Sandy. Many are still coping with the destruction. I know for
many years I watched other parts of the country deal with similar
disasters and probably just did not realize how life changing these storms could be. I am proud to say that many people in Region 1 stepped up to help each other. Sometimes that help was no more than a virtual hug across the pages of Facebook but it was appreciated, knowing someone was there.

So to everyone in CFA, Happy Thanksgiving.

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



A big snowy thank you to the Utah Cat Fanciers for raising over $300 this last weekend at the Snocats show. Proceeds are donated to the region to help cover banquet expenses for the 2013 regional awrds banquet. With about 11 inches of beautiful big really wet flakes in the valley everyone seeme to enjoy the first snow of the season and it added a truly festive touch to the weekend. I'm told next year the Snocat theme will continue..Snocats-Let It Snow...Somewhere Else! Cats from Regions 1,2,3,5, and 6 participated at the show and everyone seemed to be having a really great time.


Our newest one-show grand is inbred

The newest one show open to grand premiere in the region is Potterkatz Limelight, a 6 year old BSH spay. Her owner, Molly Shutt, is a brand new first time exhibitor at the SLC show and wants to show more after this last weekend. Gee, I wonder why??? If you'd like a birds eye view of our hobby through the eyes of a first time exhibitor, please visit her blog at



We received news from Karen Talbert that Bill Talbert (Carquinez Somalis) passed away November 7th. Bill had recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. At this time, the family is not planning any services. If anything changes the region will be notified.  Bill and Karen we both very active in R-2 both exhibiting and vending. Bill was always so helpful and generous to new folks in the fancy. Bill will be missed.

Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director



The Gulf Shore Region really put together a show stopper of a fundraiser at the end of October. This is a new venue for the region and we are thrilled that Marsha Ammons found it while attending her Iris Society event. Every part of our region took responsibility for one ring, which included taking care of their judge, the rosettes, the ring decorations and drumming up some donations to take care of the expenses for the ring. You would not have believed how many people were there to set up the show on Friday- from all over the region!


Now the real excitement was the connection with the local Meals On Wheels (MOW) group in Johnson and Ellis county. The director approached us to see if she could have some space at the show, and let people know that MOW was in need of pet food. Many of their elderly charges have pets but don't always have enough money for food, so the MOW rations were being shared with the pets. We let our exhibitors and friends know of the need, and asked for donations. The response was overwhelming and as you can see from the photo, Lisa from MOW was just amazed. Our generous region collected over 100 bags of food, translating that into almost 1000# for both cats and dogs. We were honored to have been able to provide the help they needed.


Additionally, we were able to donate a set of pet oxygen masks (sponsored by Jan Rogers) to the Cleburne Fire Department. They were very grateful to have the masks to provide oxygen to pets rescued in fires.


We were blessed with both of our IAMS ambassador cats in attendance, thank you Donna Hinton and Chris Willingham! Thanks also to IAMS for sponsoring our show. Needless to say that our more than average count helped a lot, and we welcomed exhibitors from regions 2, 5, 6 and 7! Our raffle was incredible, and the pirate chest donated by Carol Sue Hale was really intriguing. She would not let anyone look into tickets were pouring into the cups! The winner had a nice surprise of a variety of jewelry and some precious stones, well worth the gamble!


The bottom line of the show : we were able to put several thousand dollars into the annual treasury, and we had a really good time with a whole lot of folks working together to make this an unforgettable show.


See more photos.

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director



Welcome to the Great Lakes Region, the new home of CFA.


The Great Lakes Region is very proud to be the host region for the CFA/Royal Canin World Cat Championship show in Columbus, Ohio.


Please stop by and visit the Great Lakes Region booth at the show. Rosina McGlynn, chair of the 2015 CFA Annual meeting in Toronto, has lots of information about all that Toronto has to offer. We are raffling off a beautifully matted, framed and signed print of the cover of the 2013 CFA Yearbook cover featuring Garfield. The proceeds from the raffle will be used to support the 2015 Annual meeting.


Come visit the booth at the World show and see what the Great Lakes Region has to offer in Toronto and support the Annual by purchasing tickets for the print.


Region 4 offers several shows in December. The first weekend in December the Ohio State Persian club is hosting a 6 ring one day show in Columbus, Ohio. On the second weekend you will find CFA back in Maumee, Ohio att he newly renovated facility at the Lucas County Fairgrounds where a ten ring show is offered. The show is co-sponsored by the Just Cat'n Around Cat Club and the CanUsa Cat Club.


Please come and support these shows and experience Great Lakes hospitality. Our region is known for it's friendly and welcoming nature, We'd love to have you visit.



Region 5

Submitted by Mike Shelton, Regional Director


Region 5 is holding a fundraiser raffle for a complete Sturdi cage set!

This includes:
1 Double Show Shelter
1 Grooming Station
1 Grooming Skirt
1 Shelter Skirt

The lucky winner will get all this, in the color of their choice. Tickets are $10, and they will be for sale at the World Show. We are only selling 100 tickets for this great prize, so buy yours early!
Region 7
Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director

Cotton States "Rings of Color" show pulls out all the stops


For those who remember the fierce competition amongst the large shows for "Show of the Year" in the past, Cotton States, often a contender for that award, reminded us of the amazing themes and decorations that we used to be able to see several times a year. The rings, each with a color and design theme, were decorated in lavish fashion by teams of Cotton States' members. Some of the decorations included a wedding dress and miles of pearls in the white Viva Las Vegas ring, hundreds of rubber ducks in the Yellow-Ducky, You're the One ring, a fiery arch over the table in the red Play with Fire ring, wood nymphs and fairies in the green Mid Summer Night's Dream ring, and a Rainbow Bridge ring honoring special cats and people who have passed on but are not forgotten.



Of course, Show of the Year was not just about decorations, but about making a show a wonderful experience for the exhibitors and spectators. A special lunchtime performance by "Elvis," aka Dave Lopez of Legendary Memories, made this show a very unique experience! The club also had beautifully decorated bottles of champagne for cats that granded and a special drawing on Sunday morning for any cat that had not made a final on Saturday. And, of course, the highest scoring cat, kitten, cat in premiership, and household pet were awarded the perpetual trophies given out each year for the top cats at the Cotton States show.


Saturday's show closed with a wine and cheese tribute to Allen Scruggs. In attendance were Douglas Myers, Michele Cooney, some members of Allen's family living in the Atlanta area, and many, many exhibitors sharing memories of Allen, surely one of the Southern Region's and CFA's most colorful personalities. You can see the tribute put together by Ande DeGeer that played during the reception here.


Cotton States' efforts were rewarded with a fantastic entry and a well-attended show, reminding us that attention to detail and making sure everyone feels welcome are qualities that are still alive and well. Although there is no longer an official CFA Show of the Year, this one will long be remembered by all who were lucky enough to be there. Congratulations to Cotton States on an exciting, fun, and very successful show!

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