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Upcoming Deadlines


Oct.26 - Deadline for registering for the CFA Judging School


Nov.6 - Entries close for World Show at 11pm EST

New CFA Video


CFA has a contract with a marketing firm to assist us in spreading the word about our organization.  They did some taping and created a video for the cat loving public in hopes it will attract some of them to our shows.  So sit back and enjoy the two-minute video.



On Top of the World
"On Top of the World"

Cat Talk



Cat TalkCat Talk is celebrating 13 Cat Writer's Association Certificate of Excellence winners in the annual CWA Communication contest! To achieve a Certificate of Excellence, each of the 3 judges for the category had to award the entry 90% or better. CWA will announce the Muse Medallion winner in each category, along with many other special awards, at their annual conference in early November. We hope to have more winners to announce in the November newsletter! Our COE winners are:


  • Cat Talk staff in the Newsletter - National Circulation category
  • Carolyn Jimenez - "Feline Diabetes Mellitus"
  • Mary Kolencik - "Ten Grooming Tips for All Breeds"
  • Joan Miller - "Feral Cat Trap, Neuter, Return"
  • Joan Miller - "High Quality, High Volume, Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services"
  • Melanie Morgan - "The Rise of the Smoke Egyptian Mau"
  • Ann Segrest - "CFA's Veterans"
  • Lauri Henry - "Excruciatingly Correct Exhibitor Manners" column
  • Lisa-Maria Padilla - "A Bird in the Mouth"
  • Lisa-Maria Padilla - "In Nearly Living Color"
  • Lisa-Maria Padilla - "A Danish Sort of Christmas"
  • Mary Kolencik - "Deb and Bo, the Bombay" color photograph
  • Doug Bolton - "CFA National Show" color photograph series
The Cat Talk staff is undergoing a major change. Our layout artist, Kelly Conger, has left CFA for a job closer to her home. Replacing her for the next three issues (and hopefully more) is someone you all should know, Sophia Staples. Sophia is an outstanding graphic designer and many of you have already seen her work in both Cat Talk and the Yearbook, as well as on the North Atlantic region's website. We hope you will have patience while we work through the switch. 





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World Show


Have you made your hotel reservation yet?  Lots going on that weekend so some hotels are already full.  The Westin Hotel tells us they still have rooms available.  Check the Blog for hotel info. 


Some countries require a USDA endorsed health certificate for pets entering their country.  If you are from outside North America and are bringing a cat to the show who will require such a certicate in order to return home, check the blog for info on how to obtain one.


Not entered yet?  Got another cat to enter?  Our entry clerk has a waiting list and as folks indicate they would like to withdraw an entry, he takes an entry from the waiting list.  Get on the waiting list.  Entries close November 6th at 11pm EST.


With all the events taking place at the convention center the weekend of our show, parking in the closer parking lots/garages will be hard to find.  We still have some advance parking passes available.  Check the blog. We do not anticipate parking problems on Friday so passes are not available for that day.  You can unload at the loading dock behind the showhall and then park your car.


Check-in will be on Friday from 4:00-9:00pm and on Saturday morning from 6:30-7:30. You can set up your cages and breed booths starting at 4:00 on Friday.


We are soliciting items for the show's raffle.  Contact Peggy Gyimesi and check the blog for more raffle info.  We are also soliciting catalog ads.  How about a catalog ad for your club's upcoming show? Only $25.  Check the blog for catalog ad info.


You do not want to miss vending at the World show. Get your applications in right away before space is gone. Due to the show doubling in size, the entire floor plan required a redesign. Due to the delay this caused, the vendor coordinators will be placing the vendor booths instead of offering selection of space. Do not wait for a Vendor Floor Plan to be posted, send your applications in now. There are no bad vendor spots. The design directs the visitor gate attendees to walk directly into the vendor area.


In order to start the Best In Show presentation mid-afternoon Sunday, the show is scheduled to start at 8am both days and will likely run until 7pm on Saturday.  Cats may be scheduled for up to 7 judgings on Saturday.  This is a huge hall so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for lots of walking.


Many thanks to our corporate sponsors!  Their support helps make this show possible.  Litter will be provided at the show courtesy of Dr. Elsey's. Thanks also to the many cat fanciers, clubs, and breed councils who have supported the show by sponsoring rings and breeds. While all 20 rings are sponsored as are all the breeds/divisions in both shows, we still have some Misc. Breed sponsorships available and the Stars, too.  Check the blog to see what's available and contact Lorna Friemoth


Lots of good PR for the show which we hope results in a terrific gate.  In addition to posters being put up all over town, there is newspaper advertising and even television commercials. 

TV Commercials


A 30-second and a 15-second TV commercial have been created to help advertise the World Show and bring in spectators.  These commercials will soon be available to all of CFA's clubs for your use in publicizing your shows.  You can have the local TV station add a voice-over about your show and place info at the end regarding times and location.  You will soon be told how to obtain them. Take a look at the ads created for the World Show.


CFA World Championship 30s
30-second commercial
CFA World Championship 15s
15-second commercial


 Subject to change as entries are pulled and added


Ala. - 3

Indiana - 18

Nebraska - 2

R. Island - 0

Alaska - 1

Iowa - 5

Nevada - 2

SCarolina - 3

Ariz. - 14

Kansas - 6

N.Hamp. - 0

S.Dakota - 0

Ark. - 0

Kentucky - 19

N.Jersey - 12

Tenn. - 12

Calif. - 53

Louisiana - 9

N.Mexico - 2

Texas - 21

Colo. - 8

Maine - 0

N.York - 16

Utah - 3

Conn. - 2

Maryland - 21

N.Car. - 25

Vermont - 1

Dela. - 2

Mass. - 7

N.Dakota - 0

Virginia - 15

Fla. - 29

Mich. - 36

Okla. - 6

Wash. - 10

Ga. - 18

Minn. - 9

Ohio - 56

W.Virginia - 7

Hawaii - 1

Miss. - 0

Oregon - 11

Wisconsin - 4

Idaho - 2

Mo. - 15

Penn. - 43

Wyoming - 1

Ill. - 15

Montana - 0


DC - 1





Belgium - 1

Malta - 2

Japan - 7

Spain - 1

France - 2

Nova Sc. - 1

Russia - 6

Malaysia - 2

Germ. - 2

Ontario - 27

China - 1

H. Kong - 8

Italy - 8

Quebec - 2

 Sweden - 1


States without an entry = 8

Central Office Report

Submitted by Donna Jean Thompson


Expecting something from CFA? "The Devil in Disguise" could be your spam filter. Once again your sophisticated computers are recognizing CFA emails with your registration attachments as that "Devil Spam". Check your spam filter frequently. For the majority of people, spam files are routinely purged from their computers on a specific schedule and if acceptable emails are not caught, they are gone. After 30 days if you have not received your paper work, Central Office will replace a certificate for FREE. However we must keep it to one free replacement per order. So avoid paying more and keep a timely eye on that spam filter.


TAG - YOU'RE IT! Central Office does not have a problem for those folks who prefer to give us their Credit Card Information over the phone, it is safer that way. However "telephone tag" is becoming cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating when we cannot reach YOU. The office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST and there are several employees available to take your information. Please CALL US. Lunch time may be busy and cause a delay but for the most part someone will be available to take your information.


Read more ...

HHP Entries


Show Rule 1.18f, which defines the household pet class, provides that, "Wild cats or wild cat-domestic cat hybrid crosses are not eligible for entry."  Bengals, Savannahs, Toygers and other cats with wild cats behind them are not eligible in CFA HHP classes. 

2013 Annual Meeting


The website for the 2013 Annual to be held in Vancouver, Washington is up and running! Although a lot of the information will be filled in over the next few months, all the hotel information is now available.


CFA's Northwest Region looks forward to hosting our CFA family and will be communicating with them through this website.




Youth Feline Education Program

Sponsored By: Royal Canin

Written By: Cathy Dunham, YFEP Secretary


Rebecca Gibson

The 2012-2013 show season is in full swing and the committee is happy to report that the program now has 20 plus young people participating in the program. We are very pleased to announce that the point structure for showing a cat and for stewarding has been amended. Retroactive to May 1, 2012 (beginning of the show season) we will be awarding 10 points per day for showing a cat/kitten/HHP in the competitive divisions. Also, if a youth stewards they will receive 5 points per day for each day they perform their job.   The points are building quickly so keep up the great work and make sure your points are sent in to your regional representative for scoring. The kids are competing for regional and national recognition so please when you see them in the show hall give them your support. These kids are the future of this great hobby whether they are breeders, exhibitors, judges, or board members they will have an impact so let's make sure they get off on the right path with all of us backing them one hundred percent in their activities.  Read more ...

Dr. Elsey's


Dr. Elsey's LogoHelp Precious Cat help the MMRF by taking our Precious Cat Challenge where by saving you give back.


Precious Cat, a leading producer of quality cat litter, has already donated $3.4 million to the MMRF, and with your help they hope to give even more in the future. Learn more about Precious Cat's commitment to the MMRF. 


Use or share this new exclusive $3 MMRF coupon for Precious Cat's 100% premium all natural scoopable Ultra Litter, specially formulated to help cats live longer, happier and healthier lives, and Precious Cat will donate $3 to the MMRF.

CFA Judging School/BOAS

 Submitted by Pat Jacobberger


What could be more exciting than a CFA Judging School/Breed Awareness and Orientation School? And, what could be even more interesting than the fact that there will be yet another of them this year?!?! The last, held in Germany was a great success and the ten attendees who were there had a great time!


You don't have to be on a Judging Program track to attend one of these. There have been many who have attended to learn about the variety of breeds and the judging process and some who have attended "just for fun!"


This school, scheduled to be held in conjunction with the CFA WORLD SHOW on November 17-18, 2012, is going to be especially exciting! The WORLD SHOW is going to be a HUGE show with 1000 entries! Can you just imagine the cats you will be able to handle at the "In the Ring" practical lab on Saturday, November 17, 2012?! This is an opportunity that you shouldn't pass up!


The BAOS is scheduled for Thursday, November 15-17, 2012. Our instructors are Rachel Anger, Carla Bizzell, Nancy Dodds, Pat Jacobberger and Darrell Newkirk. This school is usually our most popular for attendance so get your registration in early! The more the merrier!


Further information can be found at

http://www.cfa.org/client/exhibitorindex.aspx. Scroll down to Judging Program and click on the link for Judging School - November 2012.


Registration closes on Friday, October 26, 2012 so register now at http://catalog.cfa.org/fees.shtml!!!


Info can also be found on Facebook at:



If you have any questions, please contact Pat Jacobberger at [email protected].



Hope to see you in November!


What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



Now is the Time - Meet Your Congressional Members in Their Home Town Offices:


Congress is now on the campaign trail and many Representatives and Senators are back in their home district offices until after the election in November. This is a good opportunity to get a few club members together and schedule a meeting with Congressional District Representatives and your two Senators. Every Member of Congress has an office in Washington, D.C., and at least one home office.  Some in larger states or districts have more offices.


The old adage, "all politics is local", applies to Congressional lawmakers. They know they must please constituents in order to remain in office. It is important for cat fanciers to become more assertive in letting federal lawmakers know about our concerns and perspectives. They need to become more aware of the positive contributions made by breeders, CFA clubs and cat shows to society and in their districts. We have a good opportunity this month to take steps to get acquainted with Representatives and Senators and their staff members. Here is what to do NOW:


Read more ...

"We Are CFA and We Are Waiting For You " Campaign
Submitted by Kathy Calhoun


The Paws Up Committee is pleased to announce the creation of the toll free CFA Info Line. This toll free line will be answered 7 days a week/24 hour a day by an answering service that is supported by our own internal subject matter experts. Not only will we be able to interface with the public by answering questions about breeds, cat behavior, local shows and how to become involved in CFA - we will start to make strong, lasting one on one connections with the public via phone and email. The CFA Info Line is a way to personalize CFA and let the caller know we are there waiting to make a connection.

CFA INFO LINE - 1 888-752 CATS (2287)

In addition, the Paws Up Committee is working to provide materials that will capture the fun, friends and furry antics of CFA! The planned debut is the World Show but with a little $$ support these materials might appear in your show packets to be distributed to visitors. The theme is "We are CFA and We are Waiting for YOU" and the toll free number will be included.

There are more surprises to come so keep your eyes open and paws to the ground!

The committee members include Jerry Hamza, Kathy Calhoun, Teresa Keiger and Carol Krzanowski.   


Traditional Show Dates


At the last CFA Annual Meeting, the Delegates passed a Resolution requiring the Central Office to post an online calendar of traditional show dates.  It was anticipated that such a calendar would help clubs searching for a show date.  That calendar is now online and available to clubs seeking a date.

Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President



Sharing Your Passion for Winn

Winn received a letter recently from a veterinarian who wanted to express her appreciation for the Foundation. Winn has made a difference in the lives of cats, and CFA is justly proud to have been its founder. The letter is below:

To:[email protected]


I am writing this to let you know how grateful I am for the Winn Feline Foundation and its support of cat-related research.


A few weeks ago, I was presented with a kitten that was laboring to breathe and had severe localized pneumonia. As I was treating him, his lung disease was improving but he was getting sicker. His respiratory rate was still high even though his pneumonia was resolving and his body temperature had fallen below normal. My best assessment was that he was dying, his prognosis was poor, and he should be considered for euthanasia. I then searched for information on SIRS in cats and found a Winn-supported publication on the subject. According to the study, this cat had a 56-74% chance of survival and I wasn't doing enough to help him win his battle. Armed with the information from the Winn-supported study, his owner and I decided to fight for him, and with adjustments in his treatment and an adjustment in our attitudes he went home 12 days later off all medications and doing well. His owner, a college student, is profoundly thankful for Winn supporting the research that saved her kitty.


I just thought you would like to know about this case and how much you are appreciated.


Dr. Alice Mills

Lexington Hospital for Cats

Lexington, KY


All of us at Winn thank Dr. Mills for sharing her passion for Winn with us. We are inspired anew to renew our dedication to improve and prolong the lives of "every cat, every day."

The Ricky Fund
Winn is shining a spotlight on the Ricky Fund this month. Steve Dale founded the Ricky Fund in 2002 in memory of his Devon Rex, Ricky. Ricky was trained to do amazing things by Steve, and became something of a media star in Chicago before his tragic death at 4 to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The fund has been responsible for many studies of this dreadful disease.

A wonderful way to show your passion for Winn and for cats lost and suffering because of HCM is a gift to the Ricky Fund To learn more about the fund, click on http://www.winnfelinehealth.org/RickyFund.html.

Winnie Sez: "Trick or Treat for Winn"

Winnie tells us that her assistant is planning to "Trick or Treat for Winn." She's going to keep track of the number of kids that come to the door and donate $1 to Winn for each one!

Breeder Assistance Program

Submitted by John Bierre



Breeder Assistance Program Are You Prepared?




There are four parts to this series. Four parts to a discussion, few of you are going to want to read, fewer still, will read. Already, some of you (if you've even gotten this far) are rolling your eyes and saying to yourselves that you don't need to think about any of this, and others may even be saying, you'll look at it later. Some of you will even think, you've covered things, so none of this pertains to you.


I can't change that fact. I can't force you to read this, or force you to take any actions, for yourselves, that need to be taken. All I can do, is "ask" that you take a few minutes to read what we have written and ask that you think about and act on, the aspects of it that may pertain to you and your situation.


Whether you act on any of it, whether you do any of the things that will be suggested, will be entirely up to you. No one will know if you do, or don't, unless and until, something happens and at that point, everyone will be dealing with what they need to deal with and few people will ever come out and ask...


Why wasn't anything done?


The choice is entirely yours.


Read more ...

Ambassador Committee

Submitted by Cyndy Byrd


Recently at a show, Ambassador Mary Sietsema overheard some spectators oohing and aahing the beautiful cats in a judge's ring and commenting as the judge placed a cat on the judging table. One lady said, "It's so nice to see that all these judges are vets!" Just as Mary was about to engage the ladies in conversation, the other lady said, "I don't know what AB, HHP means, but yes, it's nice to see they are also vets." Mary smiled to herself, but didn't have the heart to inform them that "AB, HHP, Vet" did not indicate that the judges were veterinarians.

Being an Ambassador sometimes means knowing when to allow spectators to ooh and ahh and just be impressed with our judges.

CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence


The Feline Historical Museum welcomed close to 200 people last week ... visiting to get a first-hand look at Feline Agility. Jill Archibald, coordinator of CFA's Feline Agility program spent a week in Alliance with 2 Egyptian Maus and a Japanese Bobtail. The museum's press releases resulted in several newspaper articles, photos in area papers, and videos on newspaper web sites. The videos, which have already been viewed over 400 times, can be seen here - http://bit.ly/UFoYzl and http://bit.ly/QFsTdX. There was great enthusiasm from the visitors, as youngsters and adults alike got a turn at taking a cat through the mini agility course set up in the museum's 15' wide x 53' long main aisle. Jill gave instructions on how to coax a cat over a hurdle or through a hoop and many participants had very successful times. Visitors all received free cat toys, made available through the sponsorship of Dr. Elsey. Children who visited were given books about pedigreed cats, courtesy of Enslow Publishing. It was a very successful opportunity to attract spectators to the museum, and to inform them about another of CFA's programs.


Feline agility demonstration


We're Creating a Memory Book in the CFA Foundation Booth at the World Show


The CFA Foundation will be hosting a scrapbooking area in their booth at the CFA World Show. We're asking exhibitor to bring along a photo, business card, info about your cats or cattery, and spend some time creating a special, personalized, scrapbook page. The Foundation will provide all the necessary materials and embellishments - you just need a photo to make the page your very own! After the show, the Memory Book will be on display at the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance.



Learn More ...


VISIT the CFA Foundation at http://www.FelineHistoricalFoundation.org

LIKE us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CFAFoundation

FOLLOW us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/felinehistory





Siamese Oral Compulsive Study


The Animal Behavior Clinic at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is investigating the inheritance of wool sucking behavior in Siamese cats. "Wool sucking" refers to the repetitive searching, suckling, chewing and ingestion of items such as wool, cotton, paper or plastic. Normal purebred Siamese cats that do NOT exhibit this behavior are desired as controls for this study. Owners will receive a survey and at-home DNA sampling kit to obtain their cat's DNA via saliva. No veterinary visit is required.


If you own a purebred Siamese cat and are interested in participating, please contact Ashley Smith.


CFA Costume Contest 


PR DeKattCo's Vince Vaughn, chocolate European Burmese owned by Leanne Frobel
If you are one of the many who are into Facebook, we hope you have been visiting
CFA's Facebook page.  With Halloween coming, we decided to have a cat costume contest.  Check out our Facebook page and submit photos of your costumed kitties. 
Email a photo of your cat dressed in their Halloween Costume with your cat's name, your name and address to [email protected] for a chance to win a prize! The photo with the most "Likes" on October 31st will win a Garfield Print, second place will win a Garfield T-shirt and third place will win a Garfield Mug! 


If you don't want to submit a photo of your own lap cat, be sure to visit the page and check out the costumes and "like" your favorite.

Who Is This?



 Text Alerts



 Want to be the first to know about the latest breaking news in CFA?


Sign up for CFAtext alerts on the CFA Facebook page.






It's easy! Simply click on the Text Alert button and give us your name, address, cell phone number with area code, carrier, and zip code and you'll be ready to receive CFA Text Alerts. 





Purrfect Claw Clipper is a new, innovative product for trimming an adult cat's nails. We designed it because we are deeply committed to the happiness of all cats. There is no need to estimate where the quick starts, as a stainless steel guard allows only the damaging tip of the claw to be cut while protecting the quick. Read more...

Regional News 


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


Lots of shows coming up this month in Region One: 


October 20-21 - National Birman and Fyfe and Drum Himalayan Hatfield Pa.

October 27 - Liberty Trail and Nova Cat Fanciers in Allentown Pa.

November 3 - Maine Coon Cat Club in Hammonton NJ.

Condolences to all the Yankees fans in Region One. I know everyone is heartbroken over losing Derek Jeter. He is a real professional. As hard as it is to write this.....GO YANKEES!

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



The NWR Fundraising show for the 2013 Annual was a great deal of fun and the raffle was VERY financially successful raising $1500. The next regional fundraising event will be the second weekend in November at the SnoCats show in Salt Lake City. Erin Cutchin, Bobbie Irie and Ginger Meeker will be putting on an event to raise funds for the 2013 Regional Banquet. Please attend the show in Salt Lake City and come prepared to have a great time raising funds for the NWR. THANK YOU to all who donated, worked on the raffle and attended the show. You folks really ROCK!


With the loss of her husband, Julie Beeman has asked to step down from the Region 2 chair position for the BAP/Animal Rescue duties. I am very pleased to announce that Carroll Muck has agreed to accept this position. Carroll will do an excellent job in this capacity. Please thank her when you see her for willingness to take on this most important and difficult assignment.


Sue Weitendorf, of Sonoma County's Call of the Wild Cat Fanciers (left, holding Samantha Kate), presents a $1,000 check to Pets Lifeline Executive Director Nancy King (holding Alexandra). The check is part of the proceeds from the annual Santa Rosa cat show (www.srcatshow; FB Santa Rosa Cat Show), held at the county fairgrounds each February, which is a showcase for pedigreed cats and a benefit for shelter animals. Next year's cat show will feature Household Pets in competition, so cats like Samantha Kate and Alexandra will have a chance to compete for rosettes and prizes, too.


It is with great sadness that I report the death of Steve Doster, husband of Julie Beeman-Doster (Crayola Cattery). He lost his courageous battle with throat cancer at the VA hospital in Portland, Sept 20,1912, aged 65. Pictured is Julie with Steve a little less than a week before he passed cuddling his current "favorite kitten".


At the moment, with this very untimely death, Julie has multiple personal issues to solve and will be unable to continue serving the Region as BAP/Animal Rescue Coordinator.


I want to thank Julie for her service to the Region and express deepest condolences to her on the loss of Steven.His big smile and gentle humor will certainly be missed.

Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director



The weather is finally cooling in most of the areas of the region... and a welcome from the summer weather throughout most of the region. We are pleased to announce our regional fundraiser coming up on October 27th, and everyone is cordially invited. The information for the show is found on the GSR website.


The interesting angle that we have for this years fundraiser is to include EVERYONE in our region in this endeavor. Each part of our region has taken responsibility for each ring of the show! We have team leaders eliciting help from every area - and those team leaders are tasked with getting the decorations, rosettes, and hospitality for their respective rings. The response has been awesome and it really is rewarding to see the region pulling together to make the show the most successful it can be!


We have also got a unique twist........ you all have heard of Meals on Wheels....well, it was brought to our attention (thank you, Marsha Ammons) that the MOW folks in the area of the show have found that often the pets of the recipients go unfed, or the MOW foods are actually given to the pets. They wanted to co-ordinate a PETS-ON-WHEELS program, and we are proud to say we believe we are the first area that has embraced this concept. We are asking our folks in the region to participate, and they will be bringing to the show dry food (preferred) for this effort. We will be incorporating this in our advertising as well. We will let everyone know the results, and as you can imagine we are most excited about this event.


We are also pleased that both of our area IAMS Ambassador cats will be at the show, and are proud to feature them in our advertising!

We will also be awarding the area Fire Department a CFA/H.E.L.P oxygen kit (prominently displaying the CFA logo) and hope to endear ourselves to the community even further. This is a whole new venue for us, and we are pleased and proud that they are so welcoming and enthusiastic about have a CFA cat show in the area.


On another note - the GSR would like to salute the many veterinarians in our region! Often their hard work and contributions to the cat fancy are overlooked. We are proud to call our own:


  • Dr.Cindy Rigoni - Houston
  • Dr. Winter Trussell - Metroplex
  • Dr. Karen Rogers - Mississippi
  • Dr. Susan Truesdale - New Mexico
  • Dr. Warren Joubert - Louisiana

These people show their cats, are proud of CFA and are always available to answer a phone call, help at the show, and above all, put the health of our feline friends above all.


Last but not least... please remember that the 2014 annual will be hosted by our great region.....and it will be in New Orleans...A FIRST!!.. Can you all say... GOOD TIME!!! We are in the process of getting our pins designed and have to say - they are pretty amazing! You won't want to miss out on owning one of these gorgeous and unique pins.

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director





The members of Region 4 invite you stop by the Region 4 booth at the CFA/Royal Canin World show in Columbus, Ohio.


The Great Lakes Region is hosting the 2015 CFA Annual meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Rosina McGlynn, event Chairperson, will have a booth at the World Show offering materials and information about Toronto, the Annual hotel and the Annual meeting.


A beautifully framed and matted print of the signed and numbered copy of the 2013 CFA Yearbook cover will be auctioned off at the show with the drawing being held on Sunday afternoon. Proceeds to benefit the 2015 Annual Fund.


Don't miss this opportunity to take a chance on a collector's item, learn about Toronto and ALL the fun in store in 2015, and to experience CFA hospitality Great Lakes style.




Also, mark your calendar to attend the following shows between now and the end of the year:


and of course, we hope to say hi to all at the World Show in downtown Columbus on November 17-18.


Travel safely!

Region 7
Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


A very scary Halloween tale! 


According to the newly published traditional dates show calendar, the Southern Region has four shows in October, one on each weekend, and each long-standing shows. But for various reasons, one show and then another, then another, and then another, cancelled their 2012 show. Suddenly, we were facing a very scary Halloween scenario -- there were no shows scheduled in the Southern Region during the entire month of October, a month when counts are generally building, gate is good, and travel is easy as weather is unlikely to be a factor. Although each club had valid reasons for canceling their established show and the Show Rules even make provisions for skipping a year, this left a big hole in the regional show schedule.


But with every adversity comes opportunity, and two Florida clubs answered when it came knocking. The regular October show in Florida was one of the early cancelations, so Domesti-Katz, an established club with lots of show production experience, put together a show to fill the gap in their state. Partnering with That's My Point Cat Fanciers, a newer club without the funds to put on their own show, they found a show hall and judges to do a six-ring, one-day show in Palm Bay, Florida, which will be the Southern Region's only show this month.


So what's the moral of this story? It's this: There are still opportunities for new shows available. It might not be a permanent date on a particular weekend, but a traditional show that is not taking place for whatever reason is an opportunity for a new club, a small club, a breed club, or several clubs to put on a one-time show without the ongoing obligation of continuing year after year. For clubs without a traditional date, be prepared for the opportunity. Build up some seed money and stay in touch with your show hall so they know you are interested and so when you contact them, even on short notice, you can get things rolling quickly; that's not the time you want to start negotiating your contract. And established clubs need to keep their regional director or show scheduler informed if they decide to cancel for a year so that one-time shows can have as much advanced notice as possible if they're needed to help fill out the schedule. Don't feel threatened by letting another club use your weekend for one year; it's still yours until you miss two years, so that's completely in your control. In fact, if your show hall is available for the weekend, consider offering it to a one-time show to keep your show's momentum going while you sit out a year. After all, most exhibitors and all of the spectators are less concerned with what club puts on a show, as long as there is a show.


A safe and happy Halloween to all!


Region 9

Submitted by Pauli Huhtaniemi, Regional Director



For the past decade Novices have been a hot potato in CFA. Are Novices the biggest fraud ever or a great marketing plan? What are the Novices anyway?


Some of you might remember that the Novice class existed quite some time ago in CFA. Originally it used to be a class where you entered your cat when s/he turned 8 months old but had not gained any Winners Ribbons yet. After receiving the first Winners Ribbon, a cat could be entered into the Open Class. That is ancient history and more than a decade ago the current Novice class was added into the Show Rules. By that time - and we still do - CFA was expanding into new areas in different parts of the World. The Novice class gave an opportunity to non-CFA registered cats to be entered into CFA-shows and try to it before being registered with CFA. Owners could claim, if their cat gained 6 Winners Ribbons from a show, the Champion or Premier title for their cat when the cat was registered. In June 2012 it was again a time to change the Novice rules and the CFA Board of Directors introduced two different Novice class optionsRead more ... 


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