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Shh! Don't Wake the Cubs

Hidden under the vast whiteness of an arctic winter, polar bear mothers with very young cubs wait out the cold in snow dens, perfectly concealed from the outside world. Mapping these den locations will help protect polar bear families from industrial disturbances--but finding them has long been a challenge.


A PBI team is testing out new technology in Alaska that could make the process easier, working in collaboration with Dr. Tom Smith of Brigham Young University and the U.S. Geological Survey. Best of all: The process is so unobtrusive that denning families won't even know their secret has been found.

A Polar Celebration


We're counting down the days to International Polar Bear Day on February 27th! Once again, we're celebrating it as a worldwide day of action to reduce carbon emissions. Please join us by taking our Thermostat Challenge and making it a habit.


For greater momentum, invite your workplace or school to take the challenge--or reach even wider with our Thermostat Challenge Community Action Toolkit. And don't forget: Make additional commitments and share photos of your actions on our Save Our Sea Ice Community Page.


The Thermostat Challenge is the first of a series of events in our Save Our Sea Ice (SOS) campaign.

Guest Blog Post:

Behind the Scenes on Alaska's North Slope

Q & A with BJ Kirschhoffer


As the wind howls across the frozen plain of the North Slope, PBI's director of field operations, BJ Kirshhoffer, is preparing for his trip to Alaska to look for maternal polar bear dens. He's ready to brave the cold to locate (but not disturb) polar bear moms and cubs that are snuggled in their dens beneath the snow and ice. We caught up with BJ before his trip north to find out what it's really like up there. More

Arctic Species of the Month: Thick-billed Murre

Among the wonders of an arctic summer are the great colonies of thick-billed murres that nest on rocky cliffs above the cold arctic waters below. Inelegant fliers, the stubby-winged birds take off like torpedoes once in the water, chasing down prey including small fish and squid.


But scientists are concerned that these seabirds are at risk, partly because of egg predation by landlocked polar bears, and party because the birds have to fly farther from shore to reach productive hunting grounds on the ice edge. Biologists are closely monitoring murres and other arctic birds to see how they are faring.


Fun fact: Murres sometimes use guano to glue their eggs to precarious cliff edges.

Volunteer Spotlight
Dr. Randi Meyerson
Curator of Mammals, Toledo Zoo


Have a question about 

dental care for polar bears? Menu plans? Enrichment ideas? 


Dr. Randi Meyerson is one of our favorite go-to people when it comes to expertise on polar bears in zoos. A long-time advisor to PBI, she's also the chair of the AZA Polar Bear Species Survival Plan. She gives generously of her time to help with projects from care guidelines to homes for orphaned cubs.


Join us in a big hurrah for her invaluable contributions

to our team!


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Don't Wake the Cubs!
A Polar Celebration
Guest Blog Post
Arctic Species
Volunteer Spotlight
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Raise money to support projects like our maternal den study with a crowdfunding campaign! Studies show that people are more likely to support a cause when their friends and family ask them to. Some of our favorite sites? Crowdrise, Razoo, and Indiegogo are just a few of the available platforms.
It Ain't Over 'til It's Over!

You still have plenty of time to impress your honey for Valentine's Day--and help protect the environment--with one of our new eco-adoptions!

And with International Polar Bear Day right around the corner, we can't think of a better way to support a great cause and raise awareness than with any of our six different levels of symbolic adoptions.
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Featured Sponsor
Year after year, Volkswagen Group Japan continues to support polar bear conservation. Not only do they
provide a steady Platinum-level sponsorship, but they also conduct awareness campaigns and strive to create greener technologies to increase the efficiency of their vehicles--and ensure a future for polar bears in the Arctic.
Thank  you for your support, Volkswagen Japan!

Video of the Month

Clash of the Polar Titans

Clash of the Polar Titans

In honor of International Polar Bear Day, immerse yourself in this wintry celebration of polar bears. But be forewarned: You'll find yourself watching the sparring bears

again and again.

Teaching Tool

Trio in Blizzard Shadow

 Our Climate Connection Unit Plan is the perfect inspiration for action. It explores how teachers and students can become part of the momentum to make a low-carbon lifestyle the norm, not the exception.

Arctic Seasons

February is Koo rhu Auk Toek Vik
 in the Inupiat calendar, the month of surviving snowstorms. It's a time when the days are getting longer, the hunting is good, but storms can be sudden and fierce.
What does the name mean?
The sun is high enough
so the snow is being melted by the sun and the water is now dripping from the tree branches and from the high river banks, and then it is frozen into icicles towards evening.
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Conservation through research,
education, anaction.

Photo Credits:
Thick-billed murre, banner bears, IPBD bear, Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures.com;
Triplets, Dan Guravich;
BJ Kirschhoffer, Courtesy BJ Kirschhoffer;
Red Rose, 123RF Stock photo Russ Witherington

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